well, I rub my legs and try an stretch out it. Oww.
I'm at 4 hp. Ok.
Does the body look like it was killed by the spider?
I have a little sit down.
  Green Light
Okay Tut, you get to work dismantling the robot spider. You extract the poison supply. Alchemy check (IQ) to do things wth it.

As for the power supply, no good. There's a geode in the center of the thorax, now burnt out and useless.

You take the mandibles as well. With some time, you could work them into weapons you guess.
  King Tut
Green light, yellow light, red light
Rob cockblocked my street sweeper
So now I rock the bow.


Haha, I actually my IQ check with a BR 4! In your face DM. So, tell me the scoop on this robot. I also want to salvage its power source and poison reservoir, and I'll examine its weapons to see if the material can be used to make improved weapons.
You archers are just way too crazy.

Well, at least, one of you three archers. Tut and Theodore, you guys might want to buy some glasses.

Threnody and Thaka, you make swift work of the spider. Thren picks off a couple legs, the thing wobbles and falls over, and Thaka's double damage seals it.

Thaka, you start to feel slow. You're a bit wobbly on your legs, as if your legs 'fell asleep'.


Investigating the dead guy. He's dressed in a simple robe, shaved head. Pale and somewhat gaunt. Not much is left of his shredded robe, but you can make out an odd number which would've been on the front: 712. He had not equipment other than that though.

The spider-bot also has a metal plate, upon which is engraved:
GMI CorpSe
DefTec 001313


The blood is fresh, so yeah, the floor is pretty slippery. All is quiet otherwise. Stairs lead down, past the body, or you could head back up. Lots of locked wooden office doors in between here (the ground floor) and the upper level you were on with the glowing screen.

Thaka falls over, barely able to stand.
  Theodore Koppel
Hmm, this person should have left with Al Sonnel.

Two arrows, BRs:3,5. Can I get a high five?! Tut?! That wall is going DOWN!

If the things isn't dropped, two more, BRs:1, 12. Shit. Break check: 9. Whew.

I wax philosophical...
Round zero: BR 2 and 6. Misses.

Round 1: BR 9 and 12. One hit for 6 points.

Round 2: BR 10 and 4. One hit for 4 points.

Round 3: BR 15 and 11. Two hits for 10 points total.

Yup - four rounds, eight arrows, 20 points damage. Welcome to the glory that is me. Huzzah!

If the thing's still going, I'll pump some more arrows into it: BR 19 and 7 in round 4, for 7 points.

Who just got ganked? And is the floor slippery in here because of blood? Ew. Did we see anything else on the way down?

I think this thing is the part of some sort of automatic defense system, based on what we could read on the glowing box upstairs. I would also suspect that more such defenses exist here, so we'd best be on our guard. Perhaps we should make a quick search for other survivors before doing a thorough search of the premises?
failed and failed.
I'm now ac 2 with my shield, and taken 9 hp.
I will attack again since a parry at my level has no effe ct.
Round 4 I hit, well um nothing.
ok I'll let the rest catch up.
  Qu'est-Ce Que C'est Le 'Metal Spider'?
Tut, damage accrued in round 3. The thing's still going.


Well, it might be easier to figure it out once the thing is 'disabled', and you'll want to make an IQ check also. It's undoubtably some sort of combat-model construct, which is a weird thing to have anywhere, let alone a weather station out on an island near a major city. You shrug and wince as it digs metal teeth into Thaka's calf.
  King Tut
Round 2:
BR 11 and 4--I'm kicking the hell out of that wall.

Round 3:
BR 17 hits for 4 pts.
BR 14 misses by 1!!! curses. I bet that scratches its paint. I continue to question the spider about its origins and reasons for being here.

I use Engineering to try and figure out what its story is...where is it from, what is it typicall used for, etc.
  The Spider Guardian: Rounds 0 to 3
Okay, as Thaka pulls out the spear and rushes, Tut fires two arrows into the wall.

Thaka impales the thing as Tut gets hit in. Thaka switches weapons while the thing goes for her. BR:7 is a miss.

Thaka hits with the flail for 3, dinging the crazy thing. This time Thaka, the spider hits you with BR 14. Save vs poison please at +1, and you take 5 hp.

Next round you can still attack Thaka even if you fail the save. You get a solid whack in. It's starting to look beat up, and I'm sure a few rounds from the others will help too. BR17 is a hit on you for another 4, and another save vs poison at +1.


Tut, that's a great question. The spider itself offers no reply.

Guys, you see where we are, please catch up. Due to the metal carapace and some agility, this thing is AC:4.
  King Tut
Holy shit a pedestrian lance charge...don't see that every day.

I set the lantern down out the way, don't want it to get stepped on, and fire two arrows. BR 8 hits AC 10 and BR 4 misses. I'll assume the 8 misses also.

Round 2 (or Round 1 of actual combat? Did we get a free round?)
BR 7 is a miss, BR 15 hits AC 3 for 5 pts.


Why would there be a robotic spider in a meteorological institute?
I'm still wearing Breastplate. I'm not much for a loan, but thanks.

I will charge the spider. I attack in the first round with my lance, trying to keep the machine back from the party. Second round I'll drop the lance, and will attack with my longsword, and my horsemans flail.

1st round 17 to hit for 5pts
2nd round miss and a hit with the flail on a 16 for 3.
3rd round I drop the flail and pull out my shield. I attack with my longsword a 20 for 8 unless it's size large heh in which case I do 2.
  [Something Probably Not Too Important Or Helpful]
Tut, it looks like the window was broken from the inside. The blood, and there's a lot of it, seems mainly on the inside too, although you see some streaks down the tower outside as well.

So far, papers are not to be found. Theo lifts up the the cloth covering whatever is glowing, revealing a large (3' square) flat-screen monitor on top of a black, steel, featureless control box.

A big warning message periodically flashes on the screen, hence the pulsation. Unfortunately, part of the screen has been damaged, so you can't read everything What you can see reads:

POD[something]ERROR 0xAFF


Tut, given the scream and Theodore drawing his bow, there really hasn't been time yet for a thorough scrounge or search up here.

Should I assume you're all returning to the stairs and rushing down?

[Update: Yes, yes I shall.]

Okay, you all rush back down the spiral staircase. Down past the level you entered on, down past a few more locked doors. The screams continue, then suddenly stop. As you descend a couple more levels, you hear a soft squishy sound instead. Shining the lantern around, you realize you must be on the ground floor (you see the other, internal side of the giant metal sliding door). Another staircase off a bit keeps going down, and at the top of that staircase, you see, uh, nothing good.

It looks like a large metal spider, about three feet high and six feet around. Bladed pincers are in the process of shredding a human(oid) body, and wet, warm blood runs all around. The spider stops when the light hits it. You hear the faint whirring of gears, and the spider advances. You each have an action...
  King Tut
How old does the dried blood look, and which side is the broken glass on (was the window broken outside in or vice versa?)? Does it look like human blood?

I search the workspaces, looking for leftover workpapers or documents. Anything to date when this place closed down, or provide some clues as to why/what they were doing.
  Theodore Koppel
Oooh....blue glow... I have a peek.

Screams?! I draw my bow. -I'll follow you big guys.

Yeah, after you.
  GMI: It's Bloody Near The Top
Tut, great. Thaka, if you want plate armor, it looks like Tut's got the $$. 400 gp+.

Hmm, skill checks for making money have been pretty tough so far. Not trying to discourage you guys- however, the reality is that you happen to be in one of the richest places on the planet, as strangers. That kind of stuff will get easier as you go on.

Thaka, you've got leave. Prince Henry gets pretty excited when he hears about it. "Whoa, you guys are going to Gorgos Meteor Station?! That's really cool! Can I go?" The Ambassador verbally restrains the Prince and wishes you well on your shore leave.

Of course, at that point, you didn't think you'd find the place locked and abandoned.


But so you have. Tut lights it up and you ascend the stairs to investigate the glow.

You go up a few flights, past two locked doors and two open doors, that reveal empty workspaces. You climb, not to the top, but close to it. Here at least the spiral staircase ends.

You stand in a large circular chamber that fills the entire floor: you can see windows along the walls looking out to the sea. The scaffold top is about forty feet below you. You've come up in the center, and a ladder across the room leads up higher into the GMI through a large- very large- trapdoor, currently closed.

This room contains, well, stuff, but it's not clear just what, as large crate-like objects are all covered with dustclothes. Under one of the cloths, one of these crate-like cubical objects is glowing- pulsing- blue.

You circle the room, taking it all in. That's odd. One of the windows is shattered, and bloodstains cover the fragmented glass.

That's when you hear the scream from down below.
  King Tut
---Gold/loan to Thaka ---
The gold was my mistake; I confused the 500xp we got with 500g. I'll go for 300, and I'll loan all of that to Thaka if she needs it for her armor. Druids have pretty light kit reqs.

---NWPs ---
Ok, glad we are set on the NWPs. I'll take Small Biz Mgmt next level to help me with the Potion Guild...I probly won't be making too many IQ checks. Does close-range archery do anything? I don't know what the rules are for using bows in melee.

---How KT spends his city time ---
Also, since I have some spare time, I'll help Thaka with the sign so she can finish in time to go with us. I don't have woodcarving, but I think between Fletching and Engineering I should at least be able to help finish up, even as just an assistant.

---GMI ---
I'll light the lantern and await further action...
you know on second thought the needs of a god outway the needs of a young prince. Perhaps I can help them both out. I write the prince a letter explaining that I will do my best to return in time to leave with him on his trip. I guess that means I don't quite finish the sign for the blacksmith, and I guess it means I don't fail a bunch of checks so no 4 gold credit.

I'm off to try and help out this priest, become a better cavalier, and do my damnedest to return in time to fullfill my obligations to the Prince. I will only go if he gives me leave to do so.

Trying to stay with you guys, and meet my obligations.
If you have the feeling that Thaka is with you, you are mistaken. She is staying with the Prince. Sorry but I am not wandering off, when I have agreed to get the Prince to some destination. the wavering thumbs up I gave was for after we get done with the prince.

I miss my check 4 times in a row. Thats 4 half days of work, if O have your instructions correct. I can only work for the orcs on half days because I am training on my own or with the Prince the rest of the day.

So I get 4 gold in credits to my armor if I am not mistaken.

I spend the 50 gold on the cloak. How much did making the sign cost, if it was needing to be replaced.

Again if it's not clear from my post earlier Thak is not with Azoth. I am honor bound to not enter into dangerous employ while I have an outstanding obligation.
I follow the gnome up towards the blue glow...
  Theodore Koppel
Blue glow... I slip into the shadows. BR:99. Yes, quite perfect. I then move silently up the spiral. BR:34. -Almost.
  The GMI
Alright, assuming you can get some light, you enter the Gorgos Meterological Institute.


Your first impression is that this place has been deserted. Relatively recently. It's not at all clear how many people once lived or worked here. Anywhere between 3 and 30?

You enter into a small workspace with a cot in the corner. Each floor here is rather claustrophobic: small rooms, narrow hallways, all dominated by a central staircase that spirals up and down. Nothing else on this level, except the stairs.

Up or down? You hear a strange hissing sound from the darkness below. You see a faint blue glow up above.
I care to trespass. If Tut's here, I ask him to turn on the lantern. Otherwise... anyone got any light sources? If not, Thaka please take point. You've got darkvision or whatever it's called in this edition, right?

Into the light house! I ready my sword.
Okay, that's a bit more promising.

The gnome scampers up the scaffolding surrounding the huge edifice here. It runs about halfway up... you'd estimate the Institute is a good twenty stories in height, yikes. But once you climb up a story or two, it's fairly easy to navigate the metal rigging on the outside of the tower.

Near the top of the scaffold, you see a broken window. It's fairly simple to reach in and jimmy it open. All dark inside.


It's easy enough to get the party up the scaffold to the window. I'll assume you all head on up. Going in? I took Tut's continual light stone away, but I'll replace it with a lantern, unless someone has other ideas or you don't care to trespass here.
  Theodore Koppel
I would like to climb the lighthouse up to the scaffold. BR:42. Indeed.

I have a look about.
  Somewhat Discouraging
Sorry Azoth.

First order of business, I'm going to assume you're ALL here, unless a player specifically tells me otherwise.

Anyway, calling up evokes no response. No windows are open from where you can see.

It's almost impossible to 'walk around' the building, as the Institute tower takes up most of the relatively small rock it's been built upon. Picture a crazy steampunk lighthouse out to sea. That's where you're at.

Looking around- no, no sea caves, again no room on the island. But that's weird. Just off the island about 30 yards or so, you see a tall metal rod tethered to a buoy (the rod is maybe twenty feet tall or so?). There's another one way out, about 100 yards it looks like.

Finally, despite your nice STR check, a 1 on a d6 would open most normal wooden doors. This door is far from normal. It's a giant metal sliding door- kind of like a barn door- with a big length of chain wrapped around the handle, complete with rusty old padlock.

You'd probably be rolling on the 'wizard lock' portion of the STR open doors chart, and I don't think a 15 has that option.
Okay, so Threnody and Thaka are along. You in, Theo?

I'll try a few things before I try bashing the door.

I yell up to one of the windows (if there are any...) that I am Azoth, priest of Apollo, seeking entrance.

If that fails, I try walking around the tower to see if there's another entrance. Are there any sea-caves or anything that might lead into the tower from underground?

If all else fails, I try an open doors check. 1d6 BR 1. Sweet. What's inside?
Oops, sorry Tut, my mistake. Carry on with your extant skillset.

However, as a starting character you can't start with magical equipment. No continual light stone there Tut. And 500 gp? I'll allow max of 100 gp starting, plus the 200 gp you got from Ambassador Bekkers, so you're down to 300 gp.

Sorry your guy has been in such flux.

Hope this works for you.
  King Tut
But the Bushi class says 10 profs?

Keep hatin' DM, keep hatin'....you look a little thirsty, why don't you head over to the store and get yourself a bottle of haterade.

G Vrill gives you the 2 finger salute from the grave.
  Those Fuckin Alchemists Don Know How To Act, YEAH
Tut, we still got some problems with your character.

Your IQ is 8. That means you speak common, and you get one (1) NWP at 1st level. According to your char sheet though, you've got 6: armorer, weaponsmith, engineer, alchemy, close-range archery, and fletching.

Please pick one.

If you want to be 'bringing Potionback', I'd suggest Alchemy, but it might be an uphill battle with INT 8. One idea is to put that WIS and CHA to work and hire some dudes with big IQs. Maybe you want Small-Business Management?

One NWP skill.


TK, you swap yer gps for some more manageable pps.


  Theodore Koppel
Nice. I'll make the deposit and exchange what gold I can for PPs.

I think I will avoid this King Tut character and go to Gorgos.
I start researching the Potion Guild again...I'm looking for underground potion-brewers. That's what my scrounge check will be for.

I want to restart the Potion Guild. You know how Justin Trousersnake has that song Sexyback cause he's bringing sexy back? Well my new album is Potionback cause I'm bringing potions back.

I have the Alchemy NWP. What kind of stuff do I need to have to make healing potions? And other potions? I also want to begin researching the practice of distilling Goodberries into a more concentrated (and longer lasting) form.
  Scrounging In The City
So, King Tut, let me get this straight.

You follow Theodore Koeppel into the ghetto, watch him deal some drugs, heckle him, and then 'scrounge'.

So... you're a hobo, then, basically, is what you're getting at there.

Okay, you dig through some dumpsters. You find a half-eaten carton of chicken chow mein, 1d100 copper pieces, and Theo's busted drug deal cut bump of snuff that the half-orc dropped.
  Little Business
The half-orc stares at you. BR:6. "Aah! What the HELL man!" He pockets your snuff and runs off into the streets. Whew!


Okay Theodore, please pay 15 gp for a copy, and 40 gp for a lifetime safety-deposit box. You go to the Gorgos Hall of Goldsmiths, and they take you down into their golem-guarded vault. A strange spindly automaton descends into a well and returns with a strongbox. You place your original 31 flavas inside, close and lock it, and take the key with you. The spider-bot delicately returns to the well, and you leave.

40 gp might be a lot, but golems and a well sounds pretty good. It's safe.

Alternatively, you can pay 1 gp a day for the Chrysanthamum to watch over your personal belongings, insured up to 1000 gp.
I tell the orc to kick the hell out of the Shit McNugget. "He tried to pull one over on you! And your girl saw too!"

Then I scrounge for loot...d% = 69. That's a success in a city. I'm not sure what I'm specifically looking for.
  Theodore Koppel
I turn around and Phantasmal Force a gallon of beetles crawling out of my mouth.

Bleeeaaauueeehh! I then raise my hand and stumble towards him, beetles all over my chest.

  80% Chance Of A Beatdown
Okay Theodore, you made 6/10 checks. You make 129 gp (that's 29% profit, not bad for an afternoon work).

Then you try selling to this half-orc, who looks at the stuff, looks at you, sniffs it, and says "What the hell you pullin here Short Round? What kinda sucker do you take me as?" He's not backing down, and if you excuse yourself, he starts following you at pace, yelling "Come on shorty, you think I'm a sucka? You some kinda new player? Huh? Yeah I'm talking to YOU." The weatherman predicts violence.

[Post corrected below Thaka... 1s are successes, 20s are failures.]
  Theodore Koppel
Wow, 9 more Street Skillz?

Alright: 16,8,17,20,7,10,18,11,8. I guess that's one 20. Damn, that better not be the fuzz.

If things work out, I would like to join my fellows on their trip to Gorgos. That is, however, after I do the following:

I pay for a copy of my 31 recipies, then go to the largest bank, get a safety deposit box, and put the originals there. I also exchange what gold I have for PP.
  The Gorgos Meteorologic Institute
Thaka, 4 points of damage is quite a lot for a 15 year old 0 level Prince. He stumbles around after you clock him soundly on the temple, and sits down. The Ambassador gives you a worried look, but the Prince seems intact, just bruised. He woozily shakes your hand and lies down for a little nap. The kid seems alright though, and you catch him practicing some more feints and thrusts later in the evening, despite a big black-n-blue goose egg above his eye.

50 gp buys a damn good cloak. Sounds like you want some quality work there. It'll be ready on day 5, then, just before you leave. Cash up front please.

The blacksmiths are a pair of orcs. Maybe brothers, as the name of the place is Joon Brothers Steelworks. Joon? Maybe they're Korean? Alright, making them a new sign gets you an 'in', and for every half-day you work as a skilled laborer (successful skill check on a relevant skill), you'll get 10 gp towards your armor. Every half-day you fail a check, you get 1 gp. No money that day if you roll a nat 20, double money that day if you roll a nat 1. Given that you already have 200 gp, you might be able to get a loan from your pals, the ambassador, or maybe you've got enough in $$ and stuff to trade that you could come up with the 400 gp total somehow this week. All that makes my head hurt, so you make the blogrolls and do the math.

As much as Gorgos has to offer, a giant lawn for jousting is not easily available. The place is seriously congested, and the logistics of blocking off a major avenue for the afternoon for jousting... well, the ambassador discourages the Prince from trying to do this. Despite being the Prince of Onze, your net Gorgos clout isn't maybe as high as hoped.


Threnody, the 'mage's guild' is the New Organization of Responsible Magic-users (NORM). They've subsumed the prior functions of the Potion Guild; however, for the most part, potions are no longer in production due to cultural stigma. You're a member of NORM by default, being a hermetic spellcaster; NORM seems mainly to be a regulatory body and PR firm these days.

You swing by the branch office and inquire about things. They give you the standard 'no fireballs in public' kind of thing.

"Well, we've had some were-boar problems up on the main island along the coast, since you mention it. They're usually pretty docile, but something seems to have gotten them stirred up. More interesting is what we're hearing about were-rats these days. One of the fringe islands... er, Piccolo I think, well the Guild of Ratcatchers has been requesting some help for awhile now. But Piccolo, it's a strange sort of place. No money. Lots of garbage." The helpful elf shrugs.

If you want to become an active member of NORM, you have to pay 100 gp and provide one public service (anywhere in the IK). You can then chill in the guild halls, swap spells, attend research lectures, that kind of good stuff. NORM really doesn't care for your CHA checks, they just want your money and your skills.

Silver arrows are 1 gp each. Char sheet changes noted, cool.


Okay Azoth, you hire Captain Stefan and a subset of his crew. They'll take the Bronze Dragon out to Lukros tomorrow morning. Any of the other PCs can come along if you want.

The next day, you and anyone else who chimes in sail out of Gorgos waters. It's another gorgeous sunny day. Sorry Thaka.

Lukros island is about an hour away. It's small. It's essentially a big rock with a glorified lighthouse on it. But damn, what a lighthouse. It's a giant metal and stone tower. Looks like there's construction going on, as metal scaffolding surrounds the tower. A small boat is docked here.

There's no one outside, not that there's anyplace to stand really. The mate and a couple sailors get you in a rowboat and row you to the docks. "We'll wait here for ya chief."

You walk the ten yards or so to the front- and only- door, a massive thing made of iron. Knock knock. No answer. Try the handle- it's locked. Hmm. Aside from the roar of the sea, it's strangely quiet here.

"What's goin on chief?" one of the sailors inquires. Good question.
To Azoth if asked to go with her
I smile and put my hands out and move them in the hold on or slow down motion. I motion to the Prince. I then do that kind of open palm rising and crossing and falling like a speedometer arm and give a wobbly thumbs up.
I don't know if were-snakes exist, per se, but if they do I'm sure they suck. And yeah, I'll head out on a little jaunt. Why not!

But first - we've got a day, right? I'll see if there's a mage guild around, see what's going down there. I want to buy some extra silver arrows, too. Here are some questions I have for the mage guild, if such exists:

a) Anything going on that a mage should know about?
b) Any trouble with lycanthropes around here?
c) How can I join, what do I have to do if I can, and what does it get me?

I've got a 4 CHA, so if there's CHA rolls to be made I'm gonna go down, but I'm a fairly bright elf maiden. Or rather, a fairly bright elf bitch, 'cuz I'm rough around the edges the way that hydrogen's a light element. Which is a lot.

And Thaka - if you need any translating done, let me know, I'm down.

I'm also down for some rapping at the inn, if such is to be had, and won't interfere with my day-tripping.

Also, please note that I have updated my character sheet. Took out the x2 damage at close range, and changed one of my languages (from dragon to weretounge). I'm pretty sure that's a minor change, but let me know if that's not a valid form of communication. I'd rather fill 'em full of silver, anyway. They're a bunch of cock-goblins, if you ask me, or even if you don't.
CHA check 3. Nice. Alright, I hire this Captain Stefan fellow. I'm a little weirded out by the Oracle's prophecy, but that's just how we roll.

I sail to Lukros. Anyone wanna come with?
patchwork and embroidery with the knight on the left shoulder striking the dragon on across the left shoulderblade and the lower left of the back. I would like the cloak done in leather not cloth. I would like it to be of a quality that a 5th level character would not need to replace it.....maybe 50 gold.

I attack the prince subdual a 2 and a 3 nice.
some more attacks on him an 8 and a 20 for round 2 for 4 points of damage.
round 3 is some misses and I will bow out at that point. Literally.
I bow, smile and extend my hand to the prince.

I would like to work at the blacksmiths shop for credit towards a suit of platemail. I have equipment care as a NWP and I would like to learn to smith swords. Does he have a nice sign? If it's not as nice as I think it should be I will spend some money and try to redo his sign out front with my woodblock carving abilities....I got a 9....not sure how much it costs for a hunk of wood for a sign. I don't ask him if I should do it. I do it if I think it should be done, if he wants to help me out after that's up to him. I only do this if he seems like a fine enough gent.

I assume Matilda and I are staying at the Inn paid for by the Prince while we await to depart. I will spar with the prince whenever he wants and if he wants to try jousting we can setup a ring thing and he can give my lance a try at hitting the ring from atop matilda. She's a good horse for the boy, not too crazy or timid, she knows what the rider wants to do most of the time so she's easy to control.
  Azoth Around Town
Azoth, you tell the Oracle Dauphane that you'll get the Eye. As you leave, she smiles and says oddly: "No. I will never see you again."


You puff one of Frank's Wiggas. Niiiice.

Hmm, if you want to go Lukros, well, the Bronze Dragon doesn't have a crew, but you might be able to hire Captain Stefan and some of his droogs to help get you there. Make a CHA check. The Captain will do it for 50 gp if you fail, half that if you make it, for free if you roll a nat 1, and won't do it on a nat 20.


Personally, especially after all the intense crap from last campaign, I'm sort of enjoying this 'guy around town' stuff.
Okay, so I have to get to Lukros. Wish I had swimming as an NWP. I smoke the Wigga thoughtfully.

Is there any way I can make use of the Bronze Dragon? Let me know if I can hire a temp crew or something...

I tell Dauphane I'll do my best to get the eye back.
  Thaka In The City
Thaka, the guy at the armor store is a blacksmith, not a poet, so he can figure out what armor you want when you point at it.

It's the inner island of Gorgos, so you can get platemail for 400-1000 gp (depending on amt of custom work), field plate for 2000-5000 gp, or even full plate for 4000-10000 gp. Just a suit of straight up AC:3 plate is 400 gp off the rack, fitting no extra charge.

The cloak- I'm guessing with the picture embroidered on the back? That'll be 20 gp, two days, good quality.

Equipment cleaned. Your horse appreciates not being on a damn boat anymore.


Ambassador Bekkers is a little wary, but you an elf of honor and promise not to hurt the Young Master. Bekkers pulls out the practice weapons, and hands you each a wooden saber. You enter the courtyard of the hotel, a nice garden with a gazebo and a couple peacocks. Taking your stances, combat begins.

Prince Henry hits you with an 18! He grins with joy as he smacks you across the ribs for 2 pts subdual. (Sabers do 1d6.) Bekkers and Mr. Duggins applaud the Young Master's gusto, for lack of a better word. The kid's 15, bored, and this is basically the highlight of the trip, getting to smack around his guard.
how much is platemail and how long will it take to get it fitted properly. I would also like a cloak with a symbol on it, a knight with a lance killing a dragon while on horseback.

When I buy stuff it can be a problem because I point and draw and gesture, not really into talking. If people don't get it I just leave the store. I have a carving print of what I would like the cloak to look like.

I clean all my equipment from the sea travel, and practice combat with anyone I can find.....Perhaps the young Prince?
  Descent Into Drug Dealing
Well, I'm glad that all that unpleasant nut kicking business is left behind us. For future note, no you can't just go kick a guy in the nads as a free action no save or nothing.


Anyway, Theodore, the first StrSklz roll was to see if you could find another island on your own. 20, hell no. Just having the prof in the first place lets you find the Guild of Flame, that's easy enough as it's near your hotel.

Okay, you spend 100 gp, and spend the afternoon cutting your snuff. With that kind of profit margin, I'm going to want one StrSkillz roll PER BUMP. You've made 1/10 so far. Inform me how many you make, and how many nat 1s or nat 20s you roll.
  Theodore Koppel
Mr. Tut, you seem to have a keen interest in my nuts.

Anyway, my street skillz. BR:20. Is that good or bad? Bad I think. Well, nonetheless, I aim to purchase 90 bumps of shelf snuff, and 1 bump of Grandad. If I have to, I'll give him 10gp extra to smooth things over.

That being done, I am going to mix the two, add the necessary amount of baking soda, and split it into 10 eightballs.

I am then going to sell these for 20gps a pop. Streetskillz BR:6 on my enterprise.
  King Tut
Screw that, even the gnome admitted that he had been kicked in the nuts. The incident is past-tense now, my friend of the bruised nut. I Fairie Fire the gnome's nuts. "Have a good time at the rave, you undersized Shit McNugget."

Then I'll follow him so he can get all cracked up.

I like the sound of the druidic samurai pirate.
  A Change In The Weather
Sad to say, Tut, but a sailor you ain't. Looks like you're a blacksmith. Maybe you're a blacksmith who abandoned his smithing ways for a life on the chaotic seas. Maybe you're a sea druid. And maybe when you gain 2nd level, you can pick up Sailor as your NWP that level. But for right now, it looks like you're a gunsmith in need of a gun.


Theo, honestly, kickin' a guy in the nuts is pretty rough, so Tut's gotta roll to hit or you can make a DX check to dodge.

You head out, pocket fulla change, and try to get some 'blow'. Roll that Street Skillz prof. Your guess is that around here, in the high class district, it could be hard to find on the streetz. But what do you know, there's a Guild of Flame right over there.

The Guild of Flame aren't flame-worshippers like you might guess. The Guild of Flame is a tobaccoist. Pipes, pipeweed, snuff, lighters and matches of all sorts. They got it going on. So if it's snuff you're looking for, well there ya go. This being Gorgos, and Gorgos propa, you can get some damn good stuff. Whoa, there's a bump of snuff for 100 gp! Comes in 1 gp bumps normally, but you can get some 'Granddad' for 10 gp if you prefer. The 100 gp snuff is 'Hercules Snuff', for real men.

Otherwise, you'll have to get a boat outside of the nice island here and head towards the shadier areas. If you make Street Skillz (IQ, WIS, or CHA, your decision, but probably CHA... hey look how useful a CHA skill is!), then you can find some crack for 2 gp/rock, or some PCP for 1 gp/hit, max of 5. Or if you prefer to buy direct, if you make another skill(z) check, you can find a local Procurer's Guild, basically a drug den, and talk to the 'dude himself', Lozzo P.

(Schmektor became king of Greyhelm, but that's another story. What happened to Steve's new guy is anyone's guess. I sent him a new email invite, but not a bite yet.)


Azoth, you set out on a more high-minded quest, after nabbing a Wigga Cigar from Burton's Bronze Dragon. On the way to the temple, you stop in and buy a spear. 1 gp please.

The temple of Apollo is on its own island, Morningstide. That's the name of the temple too, Morningstide on Morningstide Island. The high priestess in residence is the Oracle Dauphane, an elegant older woman with skin of gold. Literally- she looks like some freaky Greekish version of the Metropolis robot.

Morningstide is one big dome open to the air and sky, kind of like the Jefferson Memorial if it had a hole in the top. The Oracle and her three attendants live there, and the island is surrounded by tropical fruit-bearing trees and some helper monkeys that provide assistance gathering the fruit.

The Oracle predicts the future by reading sunspots, so after years of staring at the sun, her eyes are all blue and washed out, and she seems to be basically blind, so it's not obvious to you just how the whole 'prophecy' thing works anymore. Her attendants just sort of lazily lie around, lyres and paintings and stuff, it's a good life. A visiting artist is currently making an obscenely giant abstract painting at the edge of the island, about twenty feet in length.

Anyway, you introduce yourself as coming from Onze, but it seems no one's heard of it. They do welcome you as a priest of Apollo of course.

The Oracle Dauphane stares at you with her blind eyes and says cryptically:

"There's a change in the weather," which of course you have no idea what that means.

One of the attendants, a girl also named Dauphane, tells you that, sure enough, things are a little weird around the temple. Turns out that the Oracle Dauphane had a special Glass Eye for sunspot reading, which she loaned to the Master of the Gorgos Astronomical Society. Alas, the news is that the Master passed away just last week. Could you go get the Eye back? Thanks Azoth.


You ask around about the Gorgos Astronomical Society, apparently part of the Gorgos Meteorologic Institute. It's on a private island, Lukros, a few miles outside of the Gorgos limits, however, and public water transportation doesn't get out that far. As a first pass, no one you casually ask (water taxi drivers and random bums) knows anyone who goes there or works there. Hmm.
  Theodore Koppel
A kick to the nuts?!

Alright Mr. Tut, I can see you are one of those. I can see it in your eyes. You're thinking: "Sweet, short fucking gnome. Bet he lives in a burrow, dances with brownies, and drinks dew from fucking flower petals."

Well, Mr. Tut, I have raved to fucking dawn to the beats of DJ Brownz, but one of those fairies that fucks up your lawn with cute little fucking round-door capped burrows, I am not.

So, I'll let the kick in the nuts pass. -As painful as that kick in the nuts might be. Hm. Yes, I will just write it off to an improper education.

However my friend, a second kick will not be so well tolerated. Not fucking well tolerated at all.

Hmm. I do wonder if a chap could get some blow in a place like this. -I set out with my new street skillz NWP and find out. KT, would you join me on my noble quest?

BTW, what happened to Schmektor?

After some healing, I head over the local temple of Apollo. I ask if there are any quests that need doing (that could be fulfilled in the next, say, 5 days), and, if there is an oracle around, I see if I can get a portent about either my journeys, or the Prince's inauguration. Us clerics of Apollo are very into the whole divination thing.

I check out the Brass Dragon, and help myself to a Wigga. I fully intend to kill that pirate bastard some day. I go out and buy a spear.

I suppose I should talk to some of my new associates.

"So... Tut. You're a druid samaurai pirate, eh? Wierd."

"Hey Threnody. So you hate lycanthropes, eh? That's cool. Is there such a thing as weresnakes? Y'see, one time my god killed this huge snake, and we've never really stopped honoring the tradition of eliminating all ophidian monstrosities, so, y'know, let's kill some snakemen some time, huh? That'd be pretty cool."

As a cleric of the sun god, I'm a little skeptical of Drow, even noble looking ones.
  SRSLY Now (The Campaign Begins)
Okay guys, no more stockpiling NWPs. If you want to learn something, save it for the next time you level. SRSLY. You guys need to spend all your WPs and NWPs from 1st level right now, else you don't have them.

Tut, we don't even know what f*in' class you are, let alone that you're actually a sailing master. You gotta choose.


Frank yells at you regardless "Hey pal. Yeah, yeah you. Just so you know, she drifts a little to the left. You just gotta- yeah. You just gotta turn the wheel a little harder. Gilgamesh will take care of the riggin, he's good for it. No, no the other guy. No, the other guy. Yeah, that's Gilg, he's Pure Salt, know what I mean? Straight up born on a ship, old Gilg. Gilg, see ya later. I'm takin' a trip to prison!"

"And feel free to take one of my Wigga Cigars,"

[That's right, 'Wigga Cigars'. Wigga is a small island known for it's delectable tobacco products. It doesn't mean what you might think.]

Frank continues. "Feel free to try one, they're aged in scotch, it's pretty nice. But save some for me- worked hard to get 'em. Don't smoke 'em all son, else when I get out of prison, I'm gonna come kick your ass. Well, actually, I'm sorta mandated to do that anyway, but I'll save a special bitch-done-smoked-all-my-Wiggas beating for you if you opt down that road."


Captain Stefan of your ship, The Spearhead, tells you to get back on deck and help clean up. Actually, all the pirates, 'Gilgamesh' included, are rounded up, chained up, and sent belowdecks.

As I mentioned, you're not far from Gorgos, the shining jewel, the Ivory City of the Island Kingdoms. You can see the massive rusted oilwells sticking up from the seafloor on the horizon. Just a few hours more sailing and you'll make landfall. It's a little slow because you're towing The Bronze Dragon into port as well.

Well (in absence of input), it seems that you're here on official business. Yes, the lot of you PCs have been recruited from your little island kingdom of Onze to escort the Prince of Onze, Prince Henry, to Gorgos. This is as part of his 'grand tour' of all the island nations, before he comes of age to rule. The Prince, you see, is a lad of 15, living cushly belowdecks with Ambassador Bekkers, who hired you lot in the first place. Maybe you came highly recommended from within the courts. Maybe you were recruited at the neighborhood bar. Up to you. Regardless, you're here now, and you've fulfilled the first part of your duties successfully: get the Prince to Gorgos.


Gorgos is massive, and beautiful. Gorgos is a huge set of islands, that roughly form a ring, near the mainland of the 'big island' of the Island Kingdoms. It is not the capital, but it's the 'New York City' if you will of the IKs.

High fashion, art, fine cuisine, people from all over the World, and lots, and lots of machines. Automated cranes for loading boats. Hoverlights following the wealthy as they move from salon to salon at nighttime. Soldiers with rifles and long bayonettes keeping order.

Some of these soldiers meet the Spearhead and the Bronze Dragon at the port entrance, and help shepherd the ships into dock. There's some official proceedings, in which Prince Henry and Ambassador Bekkers meet with minor Gorgos dignitaries. You watch, bored. With more interest maybe as Frank Burton and his degenerate league are led off in chains, and some money exchanges hands. Not to you- to Ambassador Bekkers' secretary Mr. Charles Duggins. Duggins gives you a knowing nod, and you expect to see some of this coin yourselves.

Anyway, as part of the entourage, you're all led across the docks, to a local boat that transports you to the central island, containing a few enormously tall ivory towers and some large cathedrals, among large commercial and residential districts. After another few hours, getting into the evening, you end up at a swank hotel, The Chrysanthamum.

Duggins gives you each 200 gp for services rendered, as spending money within Gorgos. "Sirs, I'll trust you not wander too far. In fact, I wouldn't leave this island (Gorgos proper), as some of the outlying bits are a touch odd."

Mr. Duggins also explains the rest of your mission. "We'll be escorting His Highness up to Mareznoch in five days time. Enjoy your vacation here in town in the meantime." Room and board is paid for, and, with the help of some staff masseurs, you heal to full by the next morning, after a great meal of delicious halibut, scallops, and hearty Durthan beer from the old mainland.


Mareznoch is known more colorfully as 'Mammon's Point', and is the mother church of Plutus, god of wealth, desire, and good fortune. It is there that Prince Henry will be confirmed, as traditional for the Onze royal family. Furthermore, this will conclude his grand tour, beginning his reign, at which point your official duties will be complete.

You just have to get him there. Apparently, the road is up some cliffs and 'fairly safe'.

You're in town with five days. You can do anything you want (mostly), although you're not slaves of the royal family if you think you've got something better to do.

As I mentioned, you're all healed to full, each have 500 xp, and everyone's class, race, eyecolor, and WPs and NWPs need to be decided before your guy can take another damn step.

Let the game begin.
  King Tut
I board the Bronze Dragon and claim it as my own. I am now Captain King Tut. Looks like I should burn one of my NWPs on sailing. I yell back "Thanks Francis, keep it real."

I give him some whiskey though, he's had a rough day.
  The Wit And Wisdom Of Francis W. Burton
You take Frank's flask away from him. He frowns. "Aw, c'mon now. That ain't right."

Inspecting it, well no, you'd have to say it's no 'magic potion'. "What the hell you think was in there? Some sort of super elixir or something? A genie maybe? It's Blackkoon's Original Sour Malt, 100 proof. A man's beverage." Whiskey. Non-magic. Room temp, or a little hotter than, given the weather. Nasty, nasty business. "Hell no I got no potions. You got the wrong campaign my friend."

"Aw damn. A Prince? Well that just figgures. My goddamn luck. What's up yer highness. No wonder there's a freak show of boat guards. Look, I attacked this ship on the basis of one piece of evidence: 1) I'm a goddamn pirate. Pirate captain, really. Or was. That over there is my ship, The Bronze Dragon. I think that answers your first question. Shit, what was the question again? What I'm doing on the high seas? Raping and pillaging my friend, the ol' R-P-G. Raping and pillaging." Frank sighs, reminiscing.

"Well, back to prison. That's cool, I've gotta go say hello to some guys anyway. One of 'em owes me a pack. You know this boat you got here ain't so different than the Big House, with all the trannies you got packin' business."


TK nut-kicked. Living by the 'cavelier's code' he ain't.
  King Tut
I take Frank's hip flask..."no potions for you my friend. What were you doing out on the high seas? Did you specifically intend to attack this ship because of the passengers?"

I kick TK in the nuts when he comes down from the crow's nest.

Okay, with those last two bolts... Frank is down. Frank manages to duck behind a barrel, so one of those misses him. He laughes. "Ha! Nice shooting Rumpelstiltskin! Now you OOF" The second bolt catches him right in the side, and he falls over. Goes to the hip flask while Tut comes over and ties him up with the help of a few sailors.

Hooray! You guys did it. 500 xp each. The fire put out, the Prince safe, the pirate boat is captured and tethered to your vessel. Up ahead, you can barely make out the offshore oilwells that denote the edge of the waters of Gorgos, the White City of Machines.

(With the prelude now over, you all recover some health and consciousness. Some of that damage was subdual anyway. When I can post more later today, I'll start the adventure for real...)


Thaka, no dancing lights on Frank while you're down. That's effectively a combat action.


3000th post! Huzzah DiD!
  Theodore Koppel
Sorry Thak, but I don't have any arrows of subdual.

Two more pointy arrows at Frank. BRs:17,14. Acs:3 and 6 for 6 and 3. Huh.

Take that, O' Captain my Captain!
well, I could really use a heal....then I could charge to help protect his highness.
We should keep Frank alive for the booty if we can.
Were is the other Pirate Boat.....
Perhaps we could use their boarding vessels to move over to their ship and cause some trouble.....

I check Frank, and the others for a healing potion so that I can continue slaughtering these shit-eathing pirates...
  Nice Work Sailor
Sure enough Thaka, there's a lot of rope around. You cut some riggings, and send a giant hook swinging Frankwards. Frank duck-n-covers, but you bought your friends some time. You then tend to the sickly, leaving Tut and Theodore to mop up.

Tut and Theodore, you've each got two rounds of actions before Frank engages Tut2.


Thaka, the captain and crew are busy fighting a few other pirates, trying to put out the fires, and generally trying to reduce the chaos. They're also trying to keep the pirates from getting belowdecks to His Highness.
I'm still awake I just can't fight, if nobody has I will try to get Azoth and myself out of harms way, I give frank a dancing lights in his face just to make him happier, you know set the mood for his capture.

Int Check...made with a 7.....is there a Rope tied up that might be holding some rigging or a sail that I might be able to untie and have come crashing down on Fred, or frank or whatever.

How big is this boat....did we have a captain...?
  Get Ready For A Pimp Slap
Tut2, you've got another round of catch-up before Frank Burton strolls on over...
  King Tut
I surrender and then shoot 2 arrows. BR 3, BR 7 = misses.

let's see if he can resolve that conundrum.

Re: dual classed, I think I have the abilities of my new class, and don't get the abilities of my old class until my new class surpasses my old in level. So I think I can cast CLW right now but I can't use my Scrounge until druid lv 2. What's this about druids having a different spell list? I thought druids had the cleric spell list.
  Theodore Koppel
Hmm. My new friends are in trouble.

I shoot two more arrows at Frank. BRs:4,6.

Well, that's odd. -I hope Frank can't climb.
Threnody, you fire two arrows, and the last pirate jumps in the way, interposing! He takes it in the throat.

"Ha ha!" laughs Frank. "That's what I like to see in my men, some loyalty! Who says CHA skills aren't useful!" The gurgling pirate gives a weak thumbs up before fainting.

Thren, Frank walks over to you, cracking his knuckles. "Damn there's a lotta you she-males up here on deck. Tell you what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna snap your little elfish bow."

Actually, Frank just punches you in the face. You take 4 hp, dropping you -3. "Three down, two to go. Or, you guys could just surrender so your friends here don't die. Upta you." Puff puff on the cigar.
Okay. Two more arrows on the Dread Pirate Frank.

BR 10 and 7 - both hit. Biznatch. That's 8 more points of damage, because BlogRoller loves to give me them ones on a d6.
  You're Fairie Fired
Oh okay, Thaka steps up to Frank. "What's goin' on here? Some kind of Darkie-Trannie thing? That's different. WhatevaOOF." You casually apply 8 more pts of dmg. Frank's still up, lookin' real bad.

Next round, he's Fairie Fired. "Well that sucks." He clocks you good for 4. You never quite get to that crit fumb.

Frank is now AC:9 and the other guy is AC:8. Both low on hp, you'd wager, kinda like yourselves.

Coming into Round 6 we got:
Azoth: -3/9
Thaka: -2/13
Theodore: 5/5
Thren: 1/6
Tut2: 7/13
I would actually prefer to attack the dred pirate in round 4. I think I rolled an 18 -2 for light so I'd hit ac 4, for 8 hps.
I innate faerie fire the Dred Pirate in round 5, as I miss him. His AC is now 2 worse I believe.
I attack him in round 6. I miss.
round 7 will be my fumble attack on him with a Scimitar, well.
So if I take two weapon fighting can I attack with 2 weapons? I'm Drow and all that?
  Theodore Koppel
I got a 13 on that bow check. Whew.

I give Frank the finger. Heee! Two more bizatch! BRs:4,11.

Well, the finger gets him.
  Enter The Round 5
Theodore, yeah, as a house rule, we're playing that if you roll a nat 1 with a missile weapon, it's a absolute miss. Roll again, buddy, and if you get another nat 1, your weapon breaks.

Hear that everyone? Two nat 1s and your precious bows snap.

But whoa, 8 hp is a lot of damage. As you ready your aim, Frank Burton rubs his hands together and says "Check this shit out." You fire and Frank tries to grab the bolt out of the air. Frank grimaces as the bolt goes through his hand. "Ow! You dirty- little- bitch. That worked yesterday..." He's looking okay, though, considering he has a crossbow bolt sticking in and out of his palm.

Thaka, I'm just gonna apply your hit towards the pirate who's on you, actively trying to spear you with a half-harpoon. He drops.

Azoth slips to -2.
on round 4 I hit something, the bigger the better for 8.
round 5 I miss.
sorry at work no time to read.
  Theodore Koppel
Death from above!

Two arrows on that Frank character. BRs:1, 20. No shit. Is that 1 dangerous? For the 20, it's 8.
  Wow That's A Pretty Darn Good 1st Level THAC0
You're 1st level, and your THAC0 is 14? Here are your rolls from below:
16 - 8 - 14 - 16 - 2 - 8- 6 - 4

Let's see, spec bow doesn't do x2 damage, and so it shouldn't cost 3 prof slots. Only 2. That's fine, you use your third and final (4 from fighter, 2 from cleric, round in the middle = 3) to take prof longsword.

DEX 18 gives you +3 with missile weapons. As an elf, you get +1 to hit, and with spec, another +2. Huh, okay, you're THAC0 14. Maybe I need to hire a few more pirates.

Anyway, your BRs now translate into hitting ACs: -2, 6, 0, -2, 12, 6, 8, and 10. That's two hits the first round, two the second, one the third and one the fourth. Let's revise...

Assuming 5.5 pts of dmg per hit including spec bonus, you'll drop a total of three pirates.

Okay, just to clean up to the present then, it won't matter if Tut2 has spec or not, I'll just retroactively apply damage. There's all of two foes left:

One wounded pirate on Thaka Zulu, and Frank Burton, who lights up a cigar on Azoth's prone boot. "Next! Take a fuckin' number, you demi-human freaks. What the hell is this, the Carnival cruise? Player's Handbook On Parade?"
Threnody misses this round? With an 18? The pirates AC is -5?

I rolled a 6 - which hits AC 8 - and an 18 - which hits AC -4.

I back up out of combat as much as possible, and fire again! BR 10 and 12 - which hits AC 4 and AC2.

If the pirates are AC4 or higher, I do 7 points to a pirate. Sigh.

If the pirates are AC2 or higher, I do 4 points to a pirate.

If the pirates are AC1 or lower, I'm confused as to the trickiness of pirates.
  Round 4 Complete
We are still in round 4, all things considered.

Uh, yeah. Hmm. Forgot ALL ABOUT Phantasmal Force. You see, back when I was like 13 I didn't really understand illusions, thought they were horribly managed in the system, and developed my own set for 2E.

But I guess you're right. Huh. The pirate fails to disbelieve and runs screaming off the edge of the ship. Bloop. Three pirates.

Tut2, you wound your guy. He misses you with his spiked club (BR 7). He's dead if you still have spec though.

One on Thaka and one on Thren (Thren misses this round). Hit on Thren with a whopping BR:18 for 5!

Azoth swing and a miss.

Miss on Thaka with BR:10, hit on Azoth from fearsome fighting Frank! BR:19! Frank hits you so hard, Azoth, you lose 2 rounds of combat and take 4 hp! But it doesn't matter that you're stunned, as you're unconscious.


Time for round 5 guys. It's looking rough! Two of the three pirates are severely wounded, and Frank Burton is fresh as a spring daisy. Or, oddly, there are two pirates left. It hinges on whether Tut keeps his xbow spec or not.

Azoth: -1/9
Thaka: 3/13
Theodore: 5/5
Thren: 1/6
Tut2: 7/13
  King Tut
Rd 4:
BR 18 is a hit for 6 pts. I'm not using the +2/+2 spec bonuses at the moment, I'm not sure what I want to do with my weap profs...I might even drop the whole bushi thing (see table talk--sorry I've been really busy lately).
  Theodore Koppel
Hmm. Perhaps this is your first illusion, my Dungeon Master. It states in PH that Phantasmal Force exists until it is hit, and that it will even inflict real damage if it is believed.
I appear to be confused - what round are we in?

Ah no - screw it. Here's the next round. I fire twice, for (BR 6) a hit for 3 points on AC 8, and (BR 18) a hit on whatever them pirates have to bring for 5 points.

Thanks for the healing, Azoth!
  It's Like Captain (Th)EO
Sorry Theodore. It's your first illusion and all, so it's understandable. But Phant Force is purely visual. The poor guy shrieks like Shirley Temple as the spider leaps onto him, but it's just a hologram. He shakes his fist menancingly, and begins the ascent, dagger in mouth!
  Theodore Koppel

My spider drops down on him! It's not over yet!

Nasty, nasty fangs!!
  AAAH A SPIDE whump
Az, Frank grins at you as you miss. "Your mom bangs better than that, son."


Theodore, the pirate screams in fear of your spider and falls off the rigging. He takes 5 hp, and stumbles to get up on his busted leg.
I take a swing at the Dread Frank Burton. BR 10 hits AC 10, which I'm guessing is no-go. Ah well.

Next round I take another swing. BR 3. Oh my.
  Theodore Koppel

I Phantasmal Force a big gross looking spider. Orange and black with big fangs! I have it crawl down an bite that ascending Pirate!

Ahh Spider!
  Round 4: Enter The Pirate
Theo from the crow's nest, first has one hit and one miss (due to partial cover on the pirate's side). He yells in pain and grunts a curse on your mother.

Thren, we'll go in sets of rounds. Two rounds of fire gives you three hits, and you'll definitely drop your pirate with that. He gets a hit in, for 5!

Tut2, well according to UA, crossbows are supposed to do x2 dmg when spec'd, but we're getting rid of that also. So you're +2 to hit and to damage, and you get one shot each round. You kill your dude in round 2 and don't take any more dmg.

Azoth, 8 hp takes down the pirate ini round 2. Thren could use a cure, and let's say you'll do that right as we get into...


As Azoth cures Thren to full... and by the way, CLW is 1d8, no +1. That was a magic item Dave FoO had.

Anyway, as that happens, a new set of pirates swings on over! A hapless sailor on your ship yells "Hey! Th... th... that's Frank Burton! The fearsome pirate!" Your captain informs you "Take 'em alive, ladies and gents, we'll get a pretty price in the Slaver's Market for these scallawags!"

+5 pirates plus the dread Frank Burton!

Theodore, you shoot down your pirate from before this round. That takes care of the first wave.

Thren, two misses.

KT2, you take out one of the new pirates.

Four pirates. One begins climbing up to the crow's nest... sorry Theo, you can't get a shot on him like this with a bow.

One goes for Thaka, hitting with a 17! You take 6 more Thaka, and then you return and hit him for 4, wounding him.

One on Thren and one on Tut. Tut is hit BR15 for 6, down to 7 hp.

Frank Burton, an extra burly and swarthy guy, watches as Azoth cures Thren. "You know kid, the gods ain't got much use for ol' Frank, so I don't got much use for them." He whips out his cutlass, swings it around, and clocks you with the flat of the blade for 6.

Azoth: 3/9 hp.
Thaka: 3/13 hp.
Tut2: 7/13 hp.


That's it for round 3. Into Round 4, we've got 2 more misses from Thren. Please post up some more stuff.
  Theodore Koppel
I believe I have another round.

2 arrows at a pirate. (The same if he's up, another if he has dropped.)

BRs:18,17. Hot damn. 4 and 6.
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