Dave, Fist of Odin

As a Man of the People, I'm talking up Greetles. He's got my vote, and as the Fist of Odin that's gotta be worth something. Besides, I buy a LOT of drinks. I mean, a LOT. It helps Greetles' campaign AND it's the kind of thing my God likes done, so it really works out quite well.

How soon is the election? Enough time to level up? Because: "Speak with the dead mayor? I can do that, most definately. However, I shall need some time to research such a powerful application of my God's wisdom. Say, about 500xp worth of time. For now, I will sequester the body in a safe location"

Somewhere in that time we should be able to devise a tricky plan. I mean, maybe not me, of course, since my trickiest plan involves bashing the guy BEFORE he bashes me. I'm just saying a tricky plan seems to be called for here. What we need is . . . an illusionist! Perhaps we could reach a deal with that guy - the enemy of my friend is . . . no wait, the friend of my dead werewolf mayor is . . . Well, you know what I mean.

Of course, as a tricky illusionist, that plan might come back to bite us in the ass, so maybe not. Can we find a potion of ventriloquism or something? Although that seems to be more a Loki thing than an Odin thing - but fuck it. My God helps those who . . . those who . . . well, my God helps ME, is what I know, and He's the kind of God who doesn't really give a fuck about too much.
Well, I guess they seem to have things under control. I will go off to Durth to special train and catch up on the goings on with the priests of Odin and the rla. I also catch up with the temple to grisbane, and the blackwalls there. I tell them about Cinders safe house idea and see what they think, if they want to send someone back with me to talk about things in person with the party that'd be cool. Can I extra super fantastic special training? I have a crap load of money. I also ask around for some magic brass knuckles or something. ya know. Before I go I ask the party if there are any letters or requests they need taken care of in Durth. I will ask the temple of grisbane about the arbiter guy.... I will also see ifthe blackwalls or anybody needs a living breathing pixie in a hat. "it's not looking good for you buddy." I give him a cracker. Hey I also see if greg would like to join me on my journey.
  Grito Fun
Now we're talking.

Okay, Cinder, you with Charles and Mike head out one night to the mayor's house. With the key, getting inside is a snap, and you guys have been in Grito long enough to figure out the sparse guard patrol schedule. He lives in a two-story brownstone in the middle of town next to town hall.

There are a couple rooms downstairs that you loot; a study, a kitchen and such. Cinder, give me an IQ check and a WI check for stuff. In addition, there's some nice china and silverwear you can nab, maybe not all of it, but some of the smaller stuff definitely. Mike stashes a teapot in his tote bag.

Heading upstairs, you make it to the mayor's chambers. Again, give me an IQ and WI check. There's a small safe in the corner... gimme an Open Locks. Then, give me one last WI check. Alertness applies to all of this, so take +4 (or really, -4 I guess) to all your IQ/WI checks.


Meanwhile, Brogg begins his smear campaign. Pretty soon, there are posters of zombies eating children put up around town saying:


Stanislaus is, well, who he seems to be. After the Penetrate Disguise his CHA drops significantly, from 17 to about 9, but it's not like he's really Gregory Vrill or old man Crenshaw or bizarro-Brogg. He has his gnomes throw a cupcake party in the town square, and puts some of his half-orcs to work rebuilding part of the old bridge that was damaged by owlbears. He's surrounded at all times though by three half-orc bodyguards, who don't really give you the necessary props due to a priest of Grisbane. Also, the grounds of the Tower of Illusion are strictly off-limits.

500 gp to the Blackwall Thiefs... hmm, okay. This one is sort of sensitive. Basically, they figure the whole zombie/kobold thing needs to be addressed head on. They stage a series of muggings and banditries

'banditries'? Fuck yeah.

They stage a series of muggings and banditries, and have some of the zombies from Shady Orchards save an old woman and some orphans. Believe me when I tell you that one required expert planning.

Then they start spreading rumors about how some kobolds have recently been receiving rave reviews for a Greyhelm production of My Fair Lady. They round up some kobold slaves, get some Potions of Kobold Command, and bring the 'actors' to Grito for a free show. The peasants of Grito don't really know theatre from when it's slaved and charmed right in front of their face, but they appreciate the artiness of it all, plus the Thiefs pass out free fish and chips.

And everyone loves fish and chips.

The body thing, perhaps surprisingly, comes back to bite you Brogg! The dog digs up the body and it's a huge scandal. The townspeople are outraged, both the nephew and the blacksmith are detained, until some smart guy demands that an impartial priest cast 'Speak With Dead' and get the mayor's side of the story. In public. Brogg and/or Dave, you guys are appointed the official Speakers With The Dead.

The next morning, basically all of Grito, including the two prisoners and Stanislaus, come out to the town square...

What will you do?
Cinder waltzes into Shady Orchards, "Hey Charles, c'mere," and heads into one of the back rooms, tossing the key to the mayor's house on the table. "That's the key to the mayor's house."

Cinder fills Charles in on what happened. "Dog, I know you're down. Let's do this! I'm gonna grab Mike the Zombie for this one too, along with anyone else who wants to come."

So who's down guys? Mike the Zombie is a thief, and Cinder doesn't know any half-respectable thief who wouldn't jump at this. How bout the party? Just a good old-fashioned looting. Who's in? No bloodshed. If we see anyone, we just run, and Charles and Mike should definitely fasion themselves some saps before we go.
Wow, Gregolas, that is an awesome poster. Xena kicks ass, huh?

Ok, I want to take care of a few things around town. I really want to help Ronald with this campaign. This competition seems kind of steep, so I think that we are going to have to go negative.

First off, I want to cast a Penetrate Disguise next time that Stanislaus is making a public appearance. I want to make sure we know what we are dealing with here.

Also, I offer to pay our resident Blackwalls 500gp to rebury the Mayor's body in a shallow grave in Blacksmith Tom's backyard. Along with this note that I write:

Dear Tom,

I fear that my father has become too much for me and this town to handle. Enclosed, please find 50% of the fee that we agreed upon, a down-payment if you will. You will get the rest when the 'job' is complete.
Feel free to relieve him of any personal items that you desire.

See you in the election. May the best man win!


That being done, The next day, I will Speak with Animals with a stray dog. I tell the dog that I will give him a big juicy steak if he will then go to Blacksmith Tom's backyard and dig up the Mayor's body, barking wildly all the while.

I will also use my drawing skills to make some nice campaign posters for Ronald. I put them up around town.

Dave, Fist of Odin, since you are the "Man of the People", why don't you drop some Enthralls while you are at the bar and talk up Greetles a bit?

Let me know if I need to cross off that 500gp for the Blackwalls.

Oh, Cinder, could you also drum up some Guild support for Ronald? Tell the Blackwalls that with Ronald Greetles as Mayor, Grito will be very Blackwall friendly.

Oh yeah, with that special training, I assume that I just get 1 bonus hp, right? I am going to take Accounting as my NWP.
  A Mighty Princess
Okay Brogg, you wake up Gregolas and give him his mail. He opens up the scroll tube revealing a large poster inside.

"Aww yeah. This is gonna be the shit. This is gonna be frickin sweet dude."

He spends all afternoon trying to hang it on the wall:

  A New Mayor Of Grito?
Being a zombie thief, Mike doesn't really want the Chain +1. He'd like some elven chain though, he lets you know. Okay Brogg, Chain +1 taken. Sure, you can trade your chain mail for a mule. Greetles is a little hesitant though, as the last farm animal they had, a sheep, didn't fare so well.

Brogg, you can train in Grito, so go right ahead with that. Marivhon, going to Durth? Special training, don't forget, nets you +2 hp and one NWP.

Cinder, you now have the key to the mayor's house.

Dave, yeah, it's tempting, but you decide that killing all of Grito probably would lead to your having to give up the title of 'Man of the People'. I guess you could then Animate some of them, and change the title to 'Man of the Undead People', but it just doesn't have the same ring, and zombies and skeletons don't make great drinking buddies.

As for the death of the mayor, well, people take it about as well as can be expected. Grito kind of runs itself anyway, the mayor didn't necessarily do too much besides take in taxes, redistribute tax money (e.g., buy 5 new suits of leather armor for the guards, buy two new guards to replace the ones the griffon flew off with, etc), and skim a bit off the top.

Everyone gets pretty excited though about holding an election! You guys will be here eight weeks, so that's enough time for election stuff to play out. We'll let it unfold over a few posts in case you guys want to do anything towards it.

Greetles seems a bit hesitant to accept your nomination, because he's pretty busy running the farm. Plus, there's the whole 'kobolds and owlbears killed our friends' thing that is still a sore point in Grito. However, owlbears take most of the blame- there weren't any Potions of Protection Vs. Kobolds, for instance. And Greetles guesses he could hire an assistant or two if he got the job. Sure, what the heck. Greetles throws in his hat.

Over the next two weeks, three new candidates emerge. The first obvious choice is the mayor's nephew, Kimber Broderick III. He's sort of a drunken lout but he's rich with lots of friends. Initially, it's just him vs. Greetles, until one of the townspeople steps up saying "A choice between two monsters is no choice at all," which is a pretty good point. His name is Blacksmith Tom and he's one of those generic NPC members of the community, well-liked, long-standing citizen of the town.

The last candidate is a late-comer to Grito. In fact, no one has seen him before the elections were announced. His name is Stanislaus the Illusionist. He's building a big tower right outside Grito called The Tower of Illusion. He's a tall, thin, 40-something guy with sort of a white-trash air of sleaze about him. You definitely get a Vrill, Potions-of-Friends thing off of this guy. But almost immediately, he makes a lot of friends in town, and injects some much needed money by bringing in a workforce of half-orcs and gnomes to build his tower.

What will you do?
650 gold. Great, I got it.

I suggest that Mike, the Zombie 1k gets the Chainmail +1. Or does he want it? He is a thief right? Oh, yeah, he can't use it.

Hmm... As Dave, Fist of Odin has Magic Platemail, and I am the only one that can wear the Chainmail +1, I guess that I take it. Geez, I feel like a real treasure hog.

Ok, can I train here in Grito? If not, I want to go to Greyhelm and see how Arvid, Ralph and the boys are.

How do things play out with the Mayor being gone and all? Are there elections? I cruise by the Mayor's house someday and just have a look. Oh, heck, I toss Cinder the house key and tell him to go to town. -But, Cinder, if you are "a player", then just please keep up on your posts so it doesn't take forever.

OK, Hit Points! BR:1. Oof. Well, I guess that puts me at 22.

I spent the 800gp, and updated my spells.

Oh, can I trade my old chainmail for a mule? I bet that the zombies would love a mule at Shady Orchards. -I tell them not to eat it.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Dispel Magic? Fear my Magical Vestment, bitch! And you KNOW that Mike, Our Zombie Friend is excited for me to get Animate Dead. That's like summon buddies and raise dead wrapped into one, when you're among the undead.

Hokay. While they're training I go kill everyone in Grito for that last 500 xp.

No no - just a joke! I rest and drink and spread the word of Odin, which basically consists of 'He doesn't really care about you, but He likes it when you drink and fight and wench and occasionally write an ode.' Plus, I'm a Man of the People, so I'm tying several on, one right after the other. Consider me tied for a few weeks.
  I Dedicate This Post To Electrum Pieces
Yeah Brogg, apparently you have some sort of bank key. Dave, right, sorry I forgot that you cast CLW, finishing off the Wolfman. Well, you can just do that tomorrow. Basically, you guys rest up back in Shady Orchards for a couple days, let things get back to 'normal'.

Okay, I'll go ahead and figure out treasure type B... thanks Brogg for posting that shit. Here's the rest of the loot. You get... electrum! And jewelry! Dave's 6, no shit, gets magic items.

16 fucking pieces of jewelry. Okay, just to keep things simple, in honor of Hurricaine Katrina you get 16 Mardi Gras beads each worth 100 gp. 2000 eps. Damn, you know, I totally forgot about electrum pieces! Now you have a shitload of electrum pieces. And finally... Chain Mail +1. Not a bad haul guys!

So, the numbers divide well. Let's just forget about Mike the zombie, he's happy enough to just get his arm back. 4 Mardi Gras beads and 500 ep for each of you. See how I put that in bold so there's no confusion. If you want to convert to raw gps, that's 650 gp apiece.

Brogg, you'll need a total of 800 gp for special training to 4th. Marivhon, Durth is a few days away. If Brogg's going to take 6 weeks to train, it'll be no thing for you to go to Durth, train, and come back.

Dave, hp check, everyone will be at full, unless you guys do something weird like decide to fight all of Grito right now so there's more combat. As for xp, you have 12,500 xp, and you need a total of 13,001 to advance to 5th... so close! One more solid adventure, or encounter really, will get you there. 5th level, damn, that's a big step. Your level title will be Prefect, with 3rd level spells. (Although by 1E, 3rd level Cleric spells aren't all that great. Dispel Magic is the big winner.)

Just in case you don't have a PH handy, this website has all level advancement tables for 1st edition (there's some lame homebrew crap mixed in too like the Lawyer class or something):
Well, I put the goodberry in my pocket. I guess we go back to the farm. I buy 2 8ths off Greg to get my relaxation on.
"If you guys are going to be busy maybe I should run to Durth to hang out with my Monk buddies and try out some new moves."
"I'll wait around a bit to see how things seem to play out."
Rob how far is Durth?
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Not quite gone yet!

So - I get nothing? Ah, well. I don't care so much about the booty. If a magic mace comes through, though, I've totally got dibs. Same for a shield.

Oh - but we've got random booty! Woot woot!

Here are my 3 d100 rolls: 6, 96, 24. I shit you not.

How close to levelling am I? And can we get an hp check?

Oh - and I busted my cause light on the werewolf, so I don't have it anymore. But depending on the hp check I'll memorize one or two for tomorrow and set Mike, Our Zombie Friend up real good.
Hmm... no family to speak of. Hmm...

Ok, here's an idea: We loot the Mayor's residence and use the money to launch a "Ronald Greetles for Mayor" campaign! With all of the great work that Ronald has done with Shady Orchards, I am sure that the small town of Grito would be no problem. We already have the Blackwall's support. Union support is key. Would the people elect a kobold?

Let's ask Ronnie what he thinks.

Here's my rolls:51,55,79. Crap that can only grab gems if we are lucky.

We do a thorough search of the cave and head back to the Orchards. I grab a couple of zombies and with their help, I bury the Mayor in the garden. Rest in peace, poor guy. May Grisbane guide you in your next journey. -Yeah, us Grisbanics believe in reincarnation.

Oh yeah, I bury those soccer T's and any other evidence too. Sorry, Dave, Fist of Odin, that means that signet ring, too.

Wait, I have the Bank key? Holy shit.
  That Nephew Sure Gets Into Things I'll Tell Ya
Okay, you heard the man. For starters, each of you give me 3d100. I'll randomly assign rolls to lists in the order in which they come in. Goodberries and other misc crap assigned.

Yeah, the mayor is totally dead. Even if he wasn't initially, which he basically was, he laid there for many rounds. Marivhon checked him early though. As for family, on an IQ check you know he's got a trouble-making nephew around town, but the man was an old bachelor.
Stupid druid.

Ok, that's 3 good berries. I keep one and Cinder and Marivhon can each have one. I will also hold the two keys for safe-keeping. Dave, Fist of Odin, take this signet ring, ok? Mike the Zombie 1k totally gets the Celtic rune.

Update those sheets, boys. -This is why we do it.

I am going to deliver the mail to Gregolas. No body likes their mail read. I will also take home the stewpot for our kitchen.

Ok, treasure type B:
Copper; 1-8k: 50%
Silver; 1-6k: 25%
Electrum; 1-4k: 35%
Gold; 1-3k: 40%
Gems; 4-40: 60%
Jewelry; 3-30: 50%
Maps or Magic; Sword, Armor or Misc. Weapon: 10%

I check out the Mayor. Is he totally gone? Would a goodberry do him any good? Does he have family?
  Treasure Type B
Okay, Marivhon says Werewolfs got TT 'B'. This means nothing to me, though, sorry... I need to know % of 1000's of cps, % chance for magic items, % chance for gems, etc...

And uh, Mike's got a NWP in Tailor, so he can stitch his arm back on, but if one of the priests could bust a Cause Lt Wounds, it'll help. Since Dave's out of touch and has it memorized, I'll just go ahead and assume Dave CLWs the zombie.
"fuck that little druid flying away." I kick the mayors dead corpse. "Alright guys whats next?" I go outside the cave and look around at the scenery. I pat Mikes dry shoulder socket "you need some help gettin that back on buddy?"
  Apparently The Spell's Name Is "Fly The Fuck Home"
29 hp total that round? Okay, shit, Druid Smallwood throws in the towel. Or rather, he polymorphs into a sparrow and flies away. The uninjured, two PC-ass kickin' hawk flies away too.

Thus endeth the first encounter with the Druid Smallwood. But something says that might not be the last you'll see of that fearsome druid!

Nice work all. 1600 xp apiece. This levels Marivhon to 2nd Monk and Brogg to 4th Cleric. Remember guys, you need to take town time to train, you can't do it right now. Plus you gotta pay. Brogg, 600 gp for special training to 4th, Mar, 200 gp for special training to 2nd, or you could head back to Durth and get it from the RLG. Lemme know.

Speaking of gps, you know what? Let's just do this 100% old school baby. Someone dig out a 1E Monster Manual, look up Lycanthrope, Werewolf, and check the treasure type(s). Gimme the stats, then I'll call for blogrolls. You can see what the Mayor as a werewolf has in his cave here, plus there's some other stuff I'll dictate:

(in addition to whatever werewolves might have via MM...)
two dead zombies in soccer jerseys
Mike's arm
dead mailman with some mail: oversize scroll tube addressed to G.H. Elven, at your farm address.
Mayor had a key with a crappy seal of the Great Greyhelm Bank on it
Mayor had a housekey, Mayoral sash, Mayor's signet ring
there's some celtic rune crap if anyone cares, plus a stewpot

Let the treasure types begin. Also, figure out the next move.
plus 1d4 Goodberries, go ahead and roll someone
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Hit point check?

Oh - and a clobbering check? Wait - hold on - that's my get. BR says a 16 - with BR of 3 for 5 more points of damage. So I'm gonna go ahead and say that I pass the clobbering check, but not with flying colors.
Cinder leaps in from the shadow (let's just say he was there, not napping) and stabs the druid.


Uh, Cinder stays in the light and tries not to stay quite so hidden...
Hey, that's cool Abbey.

You are winning Littlestick!?

Yes, it is true that my lifebar is also flashing, but you forgot one thing! It's my two attack round! Taste the Fury of Grisbane twice over! BRs:19,11. Oh yeah! Blogroller loves Brogg today! That's BRs:5,5. Oh, my... 18 points of broadsword loving, Smallwood!

I know that you were thinking Heat Metal, buddy.

If this guy goes down, I am searching for more of those Goodberries.
  And That Spell's Name Is Not "Warp Wood"
Marivhon with a miss and Cinder takes a nap. Next round.

Marvihon misses the hawk. The other PCs kind of look away, look down on the ground, Mike the zombie shakes his head sadly.

Brogg smacks up Druid Smallwood, who retaliates with a Cure Light Wounds, healing most of the damage he's taken so far. "Now we seem to be back to square one... except that I am winning! Indeed!"

Dave up to the plate... swing and a miss. It's a disappointing day for the home team here.

The dog, oh nevermind, right, Brogg killed the dog last round. His little collar falls off and rolls pathetically in a small circle. Somewhere, a rawhide will never be chewed again.

The hawk, with a miss on Marivhon.

Abby can't take on the hawk, because she's just a floating head. Maybe a floating head with oracular powers, as Brogg suspects, but, no, she doesn't get a bite attack.

Marivhon 1s on Druid Smallwood, and glee fills his big brown eyes as he... blogrolls a 12! "Huzzah!" he cries, hitting you for 5 hp total.

Dave smacks Smallwood again... he takes another Goodberry, and attacks back. TONK against the platemail. "Hmm... plate armor... I have just the spell..." he says menacingly.

Hawk on monk, hit for 1, Marivhon you have 1 hp left. Your little life bar starts flashing.

It's getting close people... will the friends of Nature prevail?
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Next round - BR 4 - ah, well.

The round after that - BR 15 - hits AC 3. Damage? Why, BR 6 for 8 points.

Both on the druid, of course. Not really filled with rage here, but one gets to a certain point in one's career where one can just phone it in some days and do all right.
Wait a second, I just got it!

When Abbey said: "A good man will die tonight", she was talking about the Mayor of Grito! Yeah, he's the dead good guy!

I look at the Mayor's body and give a knowing wink to Abbey.

Oh, and Abbey, how about taking that Hawk on?
Who attacks a dog?! Well, I guess that is the same kind of guy that attacks a druid!

Feel the Wrath of Grisbane, Tree-Hugger! BR:11. That hits AC:5 tough guy! What is that, leather armor? Yeah, BR:2, that's 6 points of damage, True Neuter!
I try to do one of those jump spin kicks where I hang in the air for a full round on the hawk.
my next action on the round after is to try and come down on the druid with an elbow on the shoulder.
BR for hawk 5.
BR for druid..... a 1. hrm.
  Hello Next Round
I'm in a good mood today, and coo coo-lain thing made me laugh hard. Marivhon, 100 xp for catching the name, wasn't sure you guys would get what he was trying to get at.

Okay Brogg, you're at 7, thanks for being honest. 10 xp just for that.

Marivhon, okay, hmm. You've got some werewolf blood and fur on your clothes.

A poor round all around for the PCs, let's see how Smallwood and co. fare...

Hawk vs Dave! Miss with an 11. The hawk curses your plate armor and decides to attack someone else next round.
Dog vs Brogg! Miss with an 8.
Druid Smallwood with the flaming cudgel vs Cinder! Miss with a fucking 6. This round just sucked. Mark, Blogroller is broken, please slap it or something.

Next round is a bit more dramatic... I guess that first round you guys were just shadow boxing, you know, feeling out the situation.

Brogg, 12 hp on Smallwood's dog will behead it. The Druid Smallwood stammars in horror: "OMG! How cou... how coul... who attacks dogs?!" He then lunges at you with his cudgel, 16 is a hit! 3 hp of Druid smack, plus 2 hp from fire, 5 hp total, down to 2 hp.

Dave, 20 on Smallwood himself provides a solid 8 hp damage. "Oof. You nature-hater, I'll show you some evolution in action!" Not sure what he means by this. As a free action, he pulls out a small berry and says "Good Berry is healing berry! Well done!" and is healed for 3 hp.

Hawk on Cinder! Pecked for 2 hp, and down to 0 again! At least you're not dropping, that would be embarrasing for you, even more embarrasing than being knocked unconscious by your average bird.

Hello next round, plus Cinder and Mar got prior actions.
Smallwood?! Now that's too easy! -I can't even do it.

Ok, maybe I can.

Ok, Twigdick, let's see what you've got! But first, let me take care of this dog of yours... Taste the Wrath of Grisbane you mutt! BR:7, hmm... that's AC:9, probably not.

Well, if I am still up, next round BRs:11,7. I am thinking that AC:5 should do it. BR:8, that's 12 points of damage!

Smallwood. Is that your given name, or did somebody really hate one one of your ancestors?

BTW, I think that I should actually be at 7, not 18. Not that I mind being at 18...
and I say "it's pronounced (slowly now)coo, coo-lain you fucking moron."
I think somewhere in there I may have gotten healed.
If so BR 8 to hit the druid.
Also during that little intro if I could check the mayor for signs of life that would be great.
And if nobody is looking MS 86 HS 70. I try to get some of his blood wiped on my clothes. I'm not sure I trust Brogg about werewolves being all that bad maybe I can do something with it in the immediate future..... I am evil you know.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
I can best the Druid Smallwood.

I will best him with a . . . (BR 7) . . . with a clobbering NEXT round. Perhaps this round I am stunned by the entry of a druid with a dog and a bird and a firestick.

Next round, BR gives me a 20! Ha! And for damage . . . BR says 2! Ummm . . . well, that's really a 4, doubled to 8, so I guess that's okay. 8 points of besting, clobbering damage!
  Introducing The Druid Smallwood
Nice work Dave and Brogg, you figured out a way to harm the lycanthrope. Between the Cause Light Wounds (and yeah, you have to roll to hit with that spell... pretty silly, but that's a discussion for another time) and the +1 Gauntlets, the werewolf is bested!

Uh oh. Okay, with that, the huge wolf-creature falls to the ground, blood seeping out of its wounds. But as it dies, the wolf transforms back into a human! A naked man! A fat old naked man! That you recognize as being the Mayor of Grito!

As I said, uh-oh. You guys just killed the mayor. But before you have a chance to react, from behind you, you hear a scream!

"No! What have you done!"

In steps a man, tallish, portly-ish, long dirty beard, wearing dark robes. On his shoulder is a hawk and at his feet is a dog and he carries a cudgel.

“I am the Druid Smallwood! You have just slain a proud wolfman, who was helping this community clean up its zombie problem. By the righteous hand of Chu Calu... of Cu Chucha... of... dang.” The Druid sighs, struggling to pronounce something.

"By the gods of the earth I will smite thee and return thee to the earth! Let us begin a first-rate battle!"

The druid casts a spell and his cudgel bursts into flames! "CAW!" yells the hawk and attacks you Dave for... 0. "WOOF!" says the dog or wolf and leaps at your throat Brogg! 3 hp damage!

One combat ends as another begins... can you best the druid Smallwood?
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Hunh. My clobbering powers have failed me, it appears.

Well, when in doubt . . .

I bust a cause light wounds on this motherfucker. I BR a 17, which hits AC 1 - if I need to roll to hit - and BR a 5 for damage, which is really 6 points.

Then I'll go heal Marivhon. BR 6, for 8 points healed.
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