Time to give backstabbing a try.

I hide in shadows: BR 44% no.

And move silently: BR 84% no.

Then I attack with my sword, BR 3... 8 damage if that hits...
Hey Rob If I see any animals about I try to talk to them with my fancy monk ability to do so and get some info about whats going on and who's been here etc. Cha check is a 10 which is my cha. nice and I'm a half-elf so rats like me right?
Fuck this.
I am moving silent and hiding before the swarm drops me. MS 32 HS 36. cool.
Then I attack. I move at 20 now so just assume Rob that I'm hiding whenever I move around since I can keep up with the party pretty easy now.

This round hit AC 2 for 12 pts to some Gargoyle.
Next round hit ac -1 and 1 for 14 points to another and 7 to another.
I spread the Love around on the Gargoyles, moving amongst them attacking them each in turn, trying to keep our new little friends alive and make it so they could more easily drop a gargoyle if they hit it.

Roughly how many gargoyles make up a 'swarm'?
I bandage Gaddianheim (sp?).
Little shitty Imps?

I bring out Dusty. He's got 7hp and likes maritime puzzles. He attacks a Shitty Imp, BR:17, Yay! 3 points of damage! I think that it a Dust Devil first!

On the next round, I swing on an Imp. BR:12, yeah... 15 Points.

Hmm. So Cinder is Ralph? Or is it that Ralph is now Cinder. I am pretty excited about all of this. Maybe Cinder might like hearing about Grisbane...
  You Should Know Better Than To Try To Pick The Giant Magical Golden Padlock By Now
Okay, you fuck around with the gold lock, but sure enough, you can't open it. On the other hand, hey, no Symbol of Death, Glyph of Warding crap like that, so we'll call it a win.

Knights of Armek have been stripped clean. No other ones around here... wait, no, here come six now. No shit. Marivhon, you close the porticullis and hope for the best.

In fact, when the porticullis drops, a big ass blue glowing magical barrier surrounds the castle. Well, that'll keep the Knights out for now.


The Tower of Greyskull, er, GreyHELM looks about six stories tall. Greyhelm Keep is much taller, maybe 8-13 stories? The Chapel looks about three, maybe more your guys' speed. In ya go.

Once, this must have been a cheerfully morose place, like any church of Isaac of the Jug would be. You know, a martyr god, paid for some crimes, died for your sins, that sort of hokey bullshit.

It's been destroyed. Not entirely, but there are what look like a ton of little black imps gleefully shitting all over the main temple here. Sure, a staircase goes up to a belltower, and inside you see a stairs down to the crypt, but for now? You've got to fight tons of little shitty imps.

They sense you, swarm on over. You each have one round before you're swarmed.
ps I close the pordicultice.
If moth doesn't blow up I'll try the lock too..yeah nevermind.
"see the temple? yes I would like to check that out."
"After you sir...."
We go there and check it out.
BTW how tall is the tower of greyskull?
Do we see any Amtrak empolyees around? corpses what not... They had good armor.....swords..wand hands etc..dead nobles you say?...hrm sounds like a thiefs dream...

Anyone want the chainsword? I can't use it, so my vote is let's sell it.....

I meditate on cinders new hairy pecker. well not while actually on it but uh....well.
I give the huge golden lock on the keep door a try.

Open Locks BR 67% is a no, but if nothing happens I'll keep trying...

BRs 78% 61% 68%.

"So... anyone else wonder what's in that chapel?"
  Enter The Dungeon
Okay, I'm back. Lots of stuff to take care of, from email, Table Talk, and here.

Dave FoO: you rolled hp for your level already, check your post of June 14 (or maybe 16). "Better mace" is a Fighter thing and you ain't a Fighter. Clerics in 1E aren't supposed to be all badass in melee. You gotta find a better mace or a potion or some gauntlets or something. Castle Greyhelm has a lot of treasure so you guys should be okay if you don't die. As for your WI point, you've got to do a quest for your god or find a magic book. Freeing the Valkyrie would be nice. Restoring the Church of Odin would be nice. Don't forget Odin's the god who helps those who help thyself, so if you have any ideas, just try 'em out.

Brogg: okay, you send the +2 Ring to the Druid Smallwood to get Cinder reincarnated. Cinder by the way, it was just awful. He was going to buy some lemonade at the store when this griffon swooped down and bit his head right off. The body kind of twitched and fell over. Grettin and Shettin can't do much because they left Grito, they're on the paradise fairy island. Greetles comes back and tells you that the Druid ain't your biggest fan, because you kicked his ass and shut down his blog, but he needs the work, took the ring, and Cinder should be back good as new any day now. Alter Self II? Did I give you guys that spell? Cause it's not in the books. Anyway, it's sort of in between Alter Self and Polymorph Self if that helps. You can turn into humanoids or humanoid monsters, like a bugbear, ogre, Frankenstein, etc. Or Greetles, another Brogg, Cinder, anyone really.

Schmektor, you're not 2nd level, you're 3rd level. Says so on your char sheet, ya? You've got 6500 xp and need 8000 total (1500 more) to get 4th level. Should be doable. Okay, tightening up the armor is pretty cheap, just like 10 gp. For 80 gp, you can turn it into full on plate, AC:3.

Other posts: okay, stuff bought. Sounds great.

By the way, Mike the Zombie shows up and gives you guys the chainsaw. It's a +1 Broadsword that can rev up to +1d12 dmg each attack, something like 5 charges left. If you want, you can sell it for 1600 gp.


Okay, yup Castle Greyhelm is right on the lake. The lake feeds into the castle moat. Although the KoA disguise idea is comedy gold, as is a big ass magnet, swimming is probably the most feasible. You can even get a little boat and row out near the castle. Using some ropes, swimming skills, and stuff like that, you all can make your way around to the front, where the entrance to the castle oddly stands wide open. Two destroyed Knights lie smoldering in the front gate. You sneak into magical Castle Greyhelm before any more Knights see you.

There's a porticullis mechanism right inside to close the gate if you want. Other than that, you're standing in a once-magnificent courtyard. Three impressive buildings rise up here- Greyhelm Keep, the Grey Tower, and the Chapel of Isaac of the Jug, patron god of the Greyhelm family. You try the door to the Keep and find it strangely locked. A large golden padlock holds the iron doors shut.

Tower, Chapel, or go back and explore the ruined city? The Tower is rumored to once have been the dwelling of a mighty magic-user while a horrible presence can be felt coming from the Chapel.


Meanwhile, back on the ranch:

Cinder comes back. Except, being reincarnated, he's not exactly Cinder. No, don't worry, it's not a fucked-up "Monkey's Paw" kind of thing. But Gregolas is at first really confused.

"Ralph? Ralph! I heard you died man, welcome back! Gimme love bro!"

Cinder, now in the body of the half-bugbear Ralph, sadly shakes his head no. "Shorry Gregolash," he lisps. "Let me exshplain."

Apparently the only fresh body Druid Smallwood could get was the recently deceased body of Ralph, who succumbed to prostate cancer after a long, courageous struggle. Cinder, nee Ralph, looks like an average dude, just with a freakishly large hairy bugbear head. His head's beachball size, with eyes the size of saucers, so CHA penalties but +1 to Spot checks.

Cinder's a little depressed about the recent (ha) inactivity, loss of life, loss of stuff thing, so he has a seat on the couch. "Mind if I play Xshboxh?"

"Uh, well. You know, I'm kind of playing it right now dude. But Ra... I mean, uh, Cinder, here you can play my DS. It's got this game, you're this Irish beaver or something, you'll figure it out." Gregolas gets back to Metroid Six while Cinder starts to play Beaver O'Malley: Perfect Construction Saga. After a few minutes, Greg's cellphone rings. "Hello? Oh right, shit I forgot. Cinder, it's for you, it's Beaver O'Malley."

Cinder sighs after getting a nice message. "I wonder what the guysh are up to?"
Yes, seeing as these guys are hollow suits of armor, I don't think they are going to buy the whole "Prisoner transfer from cell block 3A" thing.

I like the lake idea. I've got swimming.

Rob, can you tell me what Alter Self II does? I'll look it up at home, but, could it make me look like a KoA?
Squish.... dead cricket.
I've got almost a hundred gp.

I like the disguise Dave, Fist of Odin and Schmektor as Knights idea, but I also hear votes for my magnet idea. I don't think we've got the funds for getting a huge magnet, though.

One thing about the disguise idea though... I don't think the KoA take prisoners. I could be wrong, for example, the people trapped in the castle, but I've never known those knights to do anything but chainsaw and throw flames and cause bodily harm to people.

I think utilizing the lake, however we do it, is the most promising route.
I have no money. I have no items that will help. I agree PFE would be good but I don't remember the duration. It isn't very long though I don't think. Invisibility might be good, but I don't think our mages can cast it.....So. We can sell items to get potions, or do something else. I still would like to know if the Castle is near the lake. I don't think the enemy is very proficient at swimming.

Hmm, these are some good plans. I really like the magnet.

I do recall that PFE kept these KoAs away. I mean, there is no doubt they aren't local.

Still, I think we are low on cash. Does anyone have cash?

There may be another alternative. These guys are hella slow. Remember that whole "He's still coming!" episode in that mirror world? -Maybe we can distract them. I bet a few would chase after some bears.

As for me, I think potions of PFE or Invisibility would be best.

You know, Cinder had a Potion of Polymorph and a Potion of Improved Invisibility. Both of which would be very useful. -I am not so cool with what happened to Cinder.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Hey Schmektor - there's TWO of us who are armored here and could pass as KoAs in the dark, at a distance. Maybe. I think that's the best plan so far - except for the giant magnet one - but my role in the party is not exactly as the strategist.

It's as the clobberer, if you were wondering. My name is Dave, Fist of Odin - not the brain, or the mouth, or the big toe. The plan I'm actually most fond of is just walking up to the damn tower and going in, but I'm willing to bend a little on that.

Oh - and Moth? My name is Dave, Fist of Odin. That's not a title, it's my name. Dave, Fist of the Gods might be some other guy, but it's not me. I'm not offended or anything, and your recent discussion with Marivhon shows you're a stand-up guy - I'm just saying.

Okay. I buy a couple of healing potions, and I'm good to go. If there are any plans that involve sneakiness - well, I'm wearing a suit of full plate and carry a large shield, so maybe 'sneaky' isn't one of my core competencies. I can bust out a silence or two, sure - but I'd rather summon some angry badgers and wade right in.

Hey - do we have a battle-cry? 'Fuck you, buddy!' works for me as a temporary thing.
Rob will most likely CRUSH this idea with a "cheese" or an "ewok" reference, but here it goes:

Depending on how much I actually look like a KoA in my new armor... and as long as we're brainstorming... You could all load into the tart and I could bring you up to the castle as if you were prisoners. It might get us past at least one wave of KoA's. What do you think? I don't know how well disguised I am in this suit, but if we can leverage it, it might be worth a try.

Do we know how these guys communicate? Are they similar to the Borg with a signal neural link? We may run into some problems there. but hey, Luke and Han pulled this off just by tapping their helmet indicating a bad transmitter...
Shit, did I forget to mention that I was going on vacation while Moth was training?

Wha? Cinder is dead?! His shit was sold for an XBox360?! Do we have Halo!?

Damn, I bury Cinder. BTW what was the cause of death?

Where is Mike the Zombie 1k? Any sign of him?

Anyway, I buy 3 Po. of Healing. After that, I am good to go.

Marv, Moth, chill brothers. Let's keep this shit together. Ok, we need to work out a plan. We need to get into that Castle Greyhelm, eh? Maybe we rushed things a bit. I mean, what if we had potions of PFE or something? Maybe that could keep these KoAs off our backs long enough to get into the Castle.

That's my first idea. I'll work on some more.
Thanks for the ride in the tart. I couldn't be happier to find myself in the throws of potential battle in a place like Greyhelm. After the beating I took from just two Knights... I'm game for taking the quiet path to the castle.

Rob, if its not too late, I will retroactively pay a blacksmith to tighten up this armor and make it fit a little better before we hit the road. I also purchase a healing potion. Where am I XP wise? were those knights worth anything? I know I was out for the second half... but I put up a HELL OF A [2nd level] FIGHT for the first couple rounds. (tongue firmly in cheek)
"I'm cool."

"I have no idea how to take care of these Knights. If Vrill can get to the Castle we should be able to."

Is the castle near the lake Rob? Maybe we could take a boat by night up to the thing. I can't believe everyone is so sensitive. Skullfuckaphobia I guess.
"I'm not sure it's me that needs to chill out, monk man. Look, I realize I'm new and such, and maybe I was a little hasty in grabbing stuff. Still, I'd say I wasn't out of line in a getting screamed at sort of way. I figured we were all gonna need healing stuff, so I took some of Cin's gold to buys some potions. Big deal, I figured, he's got EIGHTY-EIGHT PLATINUM left. I also took some invisibility potions. I'm a thief, it seemed natural. As for the shoes... yeah, maybe a little far with the magic-item grubbing there, but it's in my damn character description that I'm after shoes, it seemed right. Even after what I took, I still think Cinder had a ton of stuff. The "roab", potions, another short sword, boots of movement, the crystal jambox... I figured there was plenty there. All that being said, if I'm overstepping my bounds in this party, you can let me know without the screaming and the death threats.

"Anyway, it's all been retconned at this point, I took the offending items out of my inventory and everyone's square with Zelba. I say we have a quick funeral for Cinder and move on.

"Oh, and about the KoA... there's gotta be some way to lure them all into Lake Greyhelm. Possibly if we use Dave FoO's beatboxing, my Lute skills, Marivhon's dancing or kung-fu or whatever, and maybe some charm magic or something, we could probably pull some sort of crazy trick. Unless that's too Ewoky. I dunno. Maybe we should just try to get a huge fucking magnet and throw it in the lake."
Sweet, Crickets. I put on the shoes I didn't want. I sit down and enjoy the lovely view of Greyhelm and meditate on the beauty of our insectoid theme music.
Marivhon, chill out. Don't be dick.

Ed's clearly not playing anymore, and the stuff can be divvyed up in a more egalitarian fashion, or at least a less overtly hostile fashion. I wholeheartedly think that "to the posters go the spoils". I said that Cinder's stuff is up for grabs. Ed has had more than enough time to come in here and reclaim his stuff. Shit, I got an email from Ed not two days ago about something not game related, so it's not like he's trapped in a cave without internet access. He just ain't playing anymore. This isn't the first time I've said overtly "have Cinder's stuff". Dave, Brogg, and Renwick have had many, many days to step on in and take what they want. I've got a funny feeling Cinder is going to bite it soon. Call it a DM's intuition.

Okay, so you think that most of Cinder's random crap should be sold. Well what should I do? Go with it? Wait in vain for someone to second that emotion? No. I go with it, because chances are no one's going to 1) read your post in the first place, and 2) agree with you. But then you say that you sell his shoes (third to last sentence) but keep the Roos (second to last sentence, before "and Scene"). (Uh, the Roos ARE the shoes.) And when you say "We keep his roos and the polymorph and the improved invis potions", you understand that that DOES NO GOOD, right? Because "we keep" is meaningless. God, that's super important. It means the donkey driving the Tard Cart has them, not any one PC in particular has them, i.e., it means they'll never be used. And who's going to buy and carry what potions anyway? *crickets*

Actually, you know what? Cinder dies. Wills Gregolas all his stuff. Gregolas buys a new TiVo fully loaded, new XBox 360, and kicks back with a few, but pays off your whole temple deal (of which Schmek and Moth were not responsible), with spare change left over, tells ya not to sweat it. Moth, you've got the sword and gloves because that makes sense; Marivhon, you've got the Roos, you wanted 'em. Do whatcha like. Gregolas says "Well sorry guys. Can't come now, I've got a lot of TiVo to catch up on, right Brian?" Brian nods. "Word," say Gregolas. "Anyway, good luck with... uh... yeah, Castle Greyelm or the Knights or that dude Vrill or... riiight. You know, I was talking to Gre... oh, never mind."
"Hey Mothman, why don't you chill the fuck out on stripping Cinder naked. You can have whats left after Brogg, Dave, Renwick, and I take what we want. I think you getting the Sword and Gloves is pretty fucking nice of us. We saved your life but we didn't save it so you could skull fuck us."

"That being said, you're wearing my shoes. You can have my spilt toe ninja shoes if you really want em."

"The Roos of Holding aren't going to you pal so just get that idea out of your head before you get a head ache. Somebody else surely wants them, Maybe Renwick so he can carry all his components and his book more easily. If not, then and only then, mention politely that you would like em, got it?"

"If we are stripping the poor bastard down then we should get some healing potions by selling his shit we don't really need."

"Is my point clear, little thief that lectures me on morality?"

"I'm sure some of the people that died in Grito have their shoes on. You can probably dig up Steves, but I'd kill you if you touched his grave. I have plans for him, and Vrill and the little Girl too."

I say we sell his shortsword, jambox, laptop, super nutrients potions, and poisons. I don't really need the shoes and I say we sell them and get some badly needed potions or pay off our temple to zelba fund. We keep his roos and the polymorph and the improved invis potions.

and Scene.
  You Were You're Roab After Washing With Sope And Ty It With A Roap
Wow, look how that shoe thing worked out. Well done. Potions nabbed.

The "+1 roab" is a +1 Robe of Protection. The whole 'roab = robe' thing is a spelling-mistake-related in-joke from our old table top days. Some of us find this funnier than others apparently.
Alright, I help myself to a few more of Cinder's worldly possessions. I've already got his gloves and sword, so I'll try not to be too greedy. That being said, the Roos of Holding are mine. Looks like my long quest for shoes is over. I'll yoink the invisiblity potions, being as I'm pretty much the party thief now. I take 203 gp and spend it (and my remaining gold) on healing potions. I leave the other stuff, tempting as it is... what's a +1 roab?

I look at the knight infested City of Greyhelm, thinking. I don't believe Ewok tactics will avail us this time. Is the tart still in shark-cage modded form?

I ask Marivhon about his tree plan.

"Hey, Dave, Fist of the Gods. Interesting faith you've got. Never really done the church thing, not sure if drinking and clobbering is the right faith for me. I'm more into precision and sneaking, y'know, backstabbing and such. What exactly did Odin command you to do? I hadn't heard of that, but it sounds like it'd make great ballad material. I'm kind of a wannabe bard, you see. Never really rapped, with these guys or ever. Is there a place in your act for a lute?"
  D4: Castle Greyhelm!
Well Dave FoO, Odin really could take it or leave it. Just as long as you're doing your thing, he doesn't really care who owns your soul. Just as long as it's not Loki or the Midgar Serpent or that dwarf who stole the Ring of the Nibelung or someone. Zelba's a'ight.

Nope, Vrill's gone to Greyhelm himself, with a batch of adventurers fresh outta the Tower of Illusion. Word is that he's found a magical means of getting inside the Castle itself, which was magically sealed just after the initial invasion, but fortunately just after the royal family escaped.

Off to Greyhelm. This commences module D4: Castle Greyhelm! The exciting (putative) conclusion not only of the very popular D set of modules, but of the entire Grito cycle! I hope you've all bought enough healing potions, 50' ropes and such, because you're going to be in it for the long haul, people. Also, divvy up Cinder's gear as you see fit. You guys are gonna want magic weapons for this one. Anyone who wants to retroactively buy stuff, you gotta do it soon, but the window's still open.

It takes several days, but you finally roll on up to the Greyhelm environs. At the top of a hill overlooking Greyhelm, Castle Greyhelm, and Greyhelm Lake, you can see that Castle Greyhelm still stands! Across the way, within the limits of the ruined city, you see a strange metal tower that the Knights of Armek have been building. Guys, you get the sense that the place is crawling with the KoA... unless you really want to fight tons of them, you better have a game plan. Constitutive 'plan B': FIGHT, is probably a death wish here.

Whatcha goin' do?
  Dave, Fist of Odin
When I'm getting loaded into the tart - again - I shake it off and say 'I would really prefer to walk this time.'

So, off to Greyhelm? Ummm - yeah! I'm so down with this plan. Why Greyhelm? Are we looking for Vrill and/or Abbey? I'm a little interested in finding those people.

And am I still the Fist of Odin? I mean, if Zelba's got my soul, maybe I'm half the fist of Odin, and half the undead servant of Zelba. That would suck, in my opinion. But I've been riding the tart...

And let's just stop for a moment and appreciate that phrase. 'Riding the tart' is the thing we do when - at least in my case - we're too busy to game. Ha!

Anyway. I've been riding that tart around (this is almost as funny to me as having wood for sheep in Catan) so I've missed some stuff. What's up with Vrill, Abbey, Zelba? My home computer isn't doing so well with .pdf files, so I can't go back past when Schmektor and Moth went down. Sigh.

Oh - and hello, brave companions! My name is Dave, Fist of Odin, although I fear there might be some discussion possible about whose Fist I actually am. But gods of the undead aside, I'm something of the high priest of Odin in these parts. Have you heard about the time Odin appeared to me, and commanded a task of me? A task which, I might add, my companions and I completed successfully? No? Well, let me pull out a flask of holy whiskey here and spin you a tale of my faith. A faith which involves clobbering and drinking and, sometimes, talking to people - no, of course I'm not prosyletizing, I'm just talking about MY faith. That's Odin's way - if you like the drinking and the clobbering, you might consider Odin, but if not - hey, we've all got our own paths.

I was a bit out of it, so I missed most of the fight, but the two of you seem like straight Gs - welcome!

Oh, sometimes we rap, too. I personally am the beat-box of the party, so if you're considering laying down some phat rhymz - be it frontin', or mad skilz - maybe we should compare styles so I can see how best to lay down a rhythm for you.

That's it. On to Greyhelm!
Vrill isn't in Grito right? Cha check hrm a 20. Well I have that fancy 10 cha so, well yeah.

Cool, I load everyone into the Tart and off we go to Greyhelm.
Marivhon, potions bought, tree found.

Moth, the special training is +2 hp each time, not +1. Okay, Demonology acquired. You hang out reading a copy of the Monster Manual and looking at some websites. You also learn that the tunnel between Zelba's new temple and the Tower of Illusion goes to a demon temple at the third underlevel of the Tower: a temple to Jubilex.
Alright, special training done. It occurs to me that that +1 to hp thing doesn't help much when you're dividing by 3 everytime. Am I doing it right? I rolled a 9, so +1 that's 10, but I still disreguard fractions so I gain 3 hp, right? Either way, I get a shiny new NWP. I'll take Knowledge (Demonology). That's gotta come in handy sometime.

Anyhow, advice taken, some Pick Pockets rolls: BR 52% (no), 75% (very no), 88% (...). I quit while I'm ahead. I go to Greyhelm with Marivhon, and leave it up to him as to whether or not we bring Cinder.
Cool I get 3 potions of healing. 2 with money and the third from the trade with Stan. "I thought you might be able to find a use for that..."

I then load up the Tart and head off to Greyhelm to see what I can see.

The reason I'm looking for the tallest tree in the woods is because I have plans for it. Very nice lawful good kind of plans.
  Potions And Ringtones
Okay, for the +1 Sword, everyone gets 200 gp each. Moth, that should be enough for training, special training even, so go ahead and do that. Moth, don't forget that you're a thief, darn it man, so if you need gps, just roll some pick pockets. You're dividing your xp by three for a reason, yeah? Shake what you momma gave you and all that.

You don't really need to find a sitter for Cinder. The Shady Orchards gang are happy enough to look after their old pal. Actually, Gregolas will come with you down to Greyhelm when you go, riding in the Tart. He's got one of those new Nintendo DS things. You're not sure where he got it, but he's playing some new game that involves beavers building dams, and it calls your cell phone with special messages when you do really well. Gregolas is pretty good, so you hear his ringtone going off every now and then.

Stanislaus has his bugbears detail your old tard cart, so you'll just ride with that. Free of charge. He's still pretty giddy about the Knight of Armek. "Everyone'll just love this dungeon!" You're beginning to wonder who these other adventurers even are.

Marivhon, Stanislaus will also trade the potion of prot. avians for a healing potion (1d8+2) straight up. "Heh heh," he chortles, rubbing his hands together. "I've got the perfect idea for that one!" He has a weird gleam in his eye that's probably totally inappropriate for a dumb bird protection potion of all things.

If you wanna buy more healing potions, they're now 100 gp each.

And Marivhon, yeah you probably passed by lots of big trees. Maybe not redwood big, but pretty tall.
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