Theodore Koppel
Hmm. I back off into the bushes.

Once there, I cast invisibility on myself.

I am then going to circumnavigate this whole scene, and head over to the Princess and the Retard.

I'll MS if it helps, BR: 14. Indeed!


I sit down with KT.

Hey man, can a priest of Apollo get one of those lemonades?

I watch the battle with interest.
No actions to speak of. I retcon back to the dinner with the master in order to pocket a few bottles of lemonade, and then I pull out the bottles of lemonade, find a little shade, and watch what goes down.
  The Original Four Chums Of Charon Met The Nameless Warrior In Huzzek's Abyssal Fortress Where He Was Chained To An Evil Sentient Sword Named Skylerz
Okay, you sail off towards Mammon's Point on the big island. Avoiding Gorgos, you get there. The Church, however, is closed and sealed. The massive stone doors resist your attempts to open them.

Just when you're about to feel storyline surrounding these doors, just before you take drastic measures like scaling the entire cathedral or grappling up the cliffs or something retarded like that... that's when you see the airship.

It's the unmistakable golden blimp of the Chums of Charon, immortalized in comic books loved the world 'round.

You see it descending a few miles away. Where's there's smoke... you recall the TV show you watched- the Chums were going to save the Princess too! You run all the way (10 miles) and get there to see an interesting scene.


In a sunny meadow, the dirigible has descended. You run down a hill as a the Chums exit their skyship: Rick, Jim, Tom, Dan, and the Nameless Warrior. They all wear Izod shirts of different colors. Except for the Nameless Warrior, who only wears a big cloak and a huge helmet.

The Chums rush out and assume their pre-battle pose. Battle? Indeed, friends.

For down in the meadow below are the mercenaries and the Princess.


The mercenaries happen to be three. No, four. Looks like three Daughters of Hecate- nasty bitches loaded with weapons. Plus a tall retarded man leading a donkey, and on the donkey is the Princess!

The Daughters size you all up. The retard takes the donkey over to a tree for shelter away from the impending battle.

The Chums regard you. "Hullo!" shouts Rick. "Nice day for an adventure, wouldn't ya say?!"

Tom says "Locked and loaded, Chums. Got the sun at our backs!"

Jim says to you guys "Sorry folks, but you'll have to wait to get autographs until we've cleaned up this little mess here. Just stand back and you won't get nicked... Better keep clear, I smell some big explosions in this one! Ha ha!"

Dan says to the Chums "We got margaritas and those Italian chicks waiting back on the Paradise Island boys. Let's do this thing... Chum style!"

The Nameless Warrior does not speak.



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Where is the Flux Capacitor in the GMI? I find it, and smash the FUCK out of it. I am SO done with the time/space bending that goes on within these walls.

Let's go save a princess. I could use some extra coinage...

princess saving time
I'm ready to smash some skulls
battle cleric yo
  Theodore Koppel
Huh. Ok.

We head to Mammon's Point. Tut, maybe you should talk to your man, Stavos. See if we missed anything.

Stupid GMI.
  What A Night. Nights.
Yawn, what a nice night.

You wake up, dizzy, a bit confused.

Sleeping in the GMI quarters.

Out you go.

All quiet outside. No sign of the Master.

But there's Ezekiel. He grins at you, but doesn't say anything.

Huh. There's Thaka Laba Dula or whatever her name is. Was. Decked out in her original gear. No horse though.

Was it all a dream?

No, there's the spiderbot, buzzing as it flies down the hall.

Huh. It flies now. Pretty cool, that.

Nothing more to do here. Up the elevator, is the ship there? Yes.

Same ship you took here. Screwdriver. Looks like all that stuff really happened. Weird about the Thaka thing though.

You get on board. Crew is sleeping. You wake them up. From the looks of it, and from talking to them, whoops, looks like six days have passed. Guess you guys were tired!

Wanna go save the Princess?


(Paul, if you want, you can control Thaka again. Alas, Thaka is 1st level. Feel free to say YEA or NAY and you can always make a new character if you'd rather.)

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I try really hard to wake up.
Sweet, glad I checked in today.

See ya'll tomorrow.

(What Rob's saying is that you were standing watch, but he mesmerized you or knocked you out or something).
  Theodore Koppel

extra cheese on


W T F?


well u



white, no, r

soft buzz of lite7
  Theodore Koppel
Yeah, I'll take shifts with Dag. Meeks freaks me out.

What are we, Parsifal's Angels?
I sleep with one eye open. Meeks was a little too nice to be trusted... I graciously decline any food or beverage offered.

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Sounds good.

Before he leaves: "What modifications did you have in mind? You mentioned that you might know of some that I might be interested in."

Other than that, I'll just wait for the boat.
  God Put Creatures In The Sea, To Salt Them, Naturally
KT: Which is why you never entered the hall and the other station. The Master joins you on the safe side of Ezekiel's line, and you head to a kitchen in the living quarters you explored not too long ago.

Okay, you enjoy some good wine and great fish. The Master asks you all about Twilos- the Houses, the Dustmen, Tut's inventions, and the death of Thaka. "Well that's too bad. We'll just see what we can do about all that."

He also asks what your current plans are. "My friends, rest here the night, and I'll provide you with some provisions for your next voyage tomorrow morning. I'll see what I can do about locating the poor Princess of Onze with some spells or something. Sound good? Great. I'll have everything loaded onto your ship, so when you wake up, you can get right on the adventure. Good luck my friends."

The Master and Melinda take their leave.

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I don't get it, doesn't the demon kill us if we try to pass? Or am I completely stuck in old school D&D?

I'm down for following the guy, I'm not sure what else to do.

I'm not sure if I can even comprehend the ghost rider. I'm going to give it a few days to see if it computes.
  Theodore Koppel
Mr. Meeks. Hmm, that name sounds familiar.

Sure, a drink sounds nice. We do have a schedule to keep, however.

I try to figure out what the hell is going on.

Ghost ride it? Indeed.
"Greeting, Mr. Meeks. I was not expecting you to be so tall. Some sashimi sounds nice, thanks."

Are either of these people lycanthropes?

I throw up the horns to the ghost rider. That's fucking METAL.
  Ghost Ride The Sub
Ezekiel says "Speak of the devil." He laughs at that.

"Well hello there my friends!" You turn to look at a pair of figures coming down the hall- the see-through hallway that leads to the other station that Ezekiel guards!

The first figure is a tall disgusting man, or something like one. Dressed in a white plastic gown, it looks like an older gentleman, who's oozing slime or something all over the place. Running down his pustule-covered face, leaving a nasty trail on the floor. He wears a hood and what looks like a small sombrero.

The figure behind his is a gorgeous woman in a blue bikini, mopping up the slime behind him.

The man says "So good to see you again!" He and Ezekiel exchange a quick look. "No?" says the man quietly. "Ha, I mean, welcome back! So nice of you to drop by! I can't wait to hear all about your voyage. You must tell me all about Twilos."

"Forgive my manners. Allow me to introduce myself- we hadn't met the first time you were here. I am Master Parsifal Meeks. What say we sit down over a bottle of Gorgan Cab and let the beautiful Melinda here whip up some sashimi."

KT, your spiderbot clicks and whirrs.

"Well hello there little fellow! Is this of your design?," he asks you Tut. "Wonderful! Come, let's talk, I can think of a modification or two you might find useful."

The Master and 'Melinda' head into the living quarters to the dining area, and wait for you to follow. Ezekiel grins. Bounce. Bounce.


While you're wondering what is going on and what to do, you see what looks like a small submarine moving about in the sea outside the glass walls! As you watch, you hear a bassline. The captain of the sub gets out of it while it's still moving and climbs on top and starts dancing!

Yeah man, dis is ya boy Mistah SUB man
The yellow sub rider man
The real king of slaps man
Y'all better act like you know who this is man
Let me give you a 101 on how to ghost ride

Look, the seas know what just this is
Ghost ride the sub up and down the seas
The ghost busters, they the PCs
Always wanna pull a nigga over for his Gs
Not me, I get it in a scrapes
Wake on the shores lookin like a figure 8s
Sideshow, you know where I'm sailin
From the coast to the depths just in case you ain't knowin

A town politic
Hit the club late now trying to holla at a chick
Can't get in the club cause I'm in my damn sub
Hey little mama come and get a little rub
What you know about, gettin you a whip
Buy yourself a poncho and then your sub kicks
Ice up ya neck, ya hands and ya whip
Just up the parascope and stuntin with ya click

Chorus x2:
When you get a new sub
Uh huh uh huh
And you feelin like a chub
Okay okay
What you gonna do
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Ghost ride cha sub!

Pull up hop out, all in one motion
Dancing on the sub while the sub still rollin
Shuntin, shinin, flamboostin
Parascope up like you drank the magic potion
Porthole open, feet out of it
Damn that captain high, he- yeah- out of it
Thizzin t' grettin, shit, and gridin
Ice in his mouth you know he big timin
Frigate, rowboat, submarine and dingy
Ghost ride em all and get that blingy
First time I ghost ride I was outta the crib
Dancin on the sub in a diaper and a bib
Ghost ride it, ghost ride it
Get outta the way, let casper drive
Ghost ride it, ghost ride it
Who that drivin? Patrick Swayze!

Chorus x2

Now stop, stop, stop, stop
Now go, go, go, go
Get outta the sub!
Let it roll, let it roll
Tap that rudder
Open up ya porthole
Now that's ghost ridin
Ya know, ya know!

It's not that hard, you can do it
Cha wanna go dumb, just lose it
Bay game, bay slang, it's a bay thang
Just so you know when you come to the Bay
Stunnas is glasses
Thins, torpedos
Rippas is ladies
Bibs is speedos
Hyphy is hyper
Our version of crunk
Thizzin is high
And perkin is drunk

Chorus x 2

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  King Tut
"Who are the bosses? None of us have anything, take a look at my character sheet, chump."

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