What are we rolling saves against? Spell? BR 4 and 16 makes one, fails one. Unless it's a save against sleep, charm, or paralysis, in which case I've got some elfy goodness goin' down.
I defend the Prince. I'm not ready yet to give up on the poor bastard.

I attack a priest.
Miss, and a miss.

Next round, miss and a miss. ok.

I keep and eye on the ambassador.
  Three Down, Five To Go
Nice teamwork there Tut and Threnody. Thren, you relax your grip and the guard spins you over, thinking he has you pinned. You smile at him and look off to the side... he follows your eyes, looking to the right, where Tut has an arrow locked. One into the side, one into the neck, and the Holy Warrior's body convulses in death. Threnody leaps up, only to roll two saves...

(Also waiting for Azoth to post saves.)
I roll a 5 and a10. I didn't look them up but I think that's 2 failures.

I think I'm a couple rounds back so I'll post 2 rounds of arrows
BR 19, 1 (8). 1 hit for 6 pts.
BR 15, 17. The 15 will hit AC 3. 7 and 4 pts of dmg.

I'll try to finish off the wounded guard.
I rolled a 13 and a 17... not sure how I save - as a fighter or cleric? and whats with the -1?
  The Tide Is Turned, Then Turned Again
Whoa, that's a nice couple of posts.

Dag, okay, you heal Theo up to consciousness... Theodore, you wake up to 2/5 hp, right as crazy Threnody leaps over your head and sticks a knife in the Holy Guard's stomach.

Thren, you crash down onto the guard, and are engaged in close-quarters combat with him on the stone stairs. He drops his staff but boxes your ear for 2 hp.


As the priests cast and Thaka charges, the Ambassador uses out-of-game knowledge and yells "Not her! Not the cavelier! Target the others!"

Tut, Azoth, Threnody, and Dag, each of you make TWO saves vs. mental spell at -1 each.
CLW on Theo for 8!
Okay. Dex check 4. Is the guard's dex higher than a 14?

To hit 14. Pretty sure that's a good 'un. I've got quickstrike, so if drawing a long sword is appropriate I'll do that - otherwise I'll pull out my dagger and try to gut-shot the guard as we're going down.

Or cut off his ear. Or maybe just right in the eye - I'm kind of an opportunist here for the knifing and the jumping-on and all.
  H1 Final Fight, Round 4 Update
Well, ya. Okay Thren, make an opposed DEX check vs. the guard, and roll to hit.

The situation is thus:

On your side of the door, there were three NPCs: Mr. Duggins a priest, and two Holy Warriors. Of those, both Duggins and one HW are down, leaving one fresh Holy Warrior who's standing above KO'd Theodore.

There's Thren (5/6 hp), Theo (-6/5 hp), KT (11/11), Azoth (9/9) and Dag (9/9). So you guys are mostly in good shape.


On the other side of the door, there are seven people:
Thaka (13/13)
Four priests (all casting)
Ambassador Bekkers (hiding)
Prince Henry (flattened below the waist).
I bum rush the guard threatening Theodore. Yup - I just want to launch and bowl him over. I've got an 18 dex and quickstrike. Should I make some rolls?

And - there are other people in here? Someone's sanctuaried, and there was another named guy who wasn't, except one or both of them went down, and more guards than I expected, and . . .

Can we get a snapshot of the sitch? Actually - I am ABOUT to launch at the guard, but let's see what's going down first.
  Maybe Tut Was Right
Okay Theodore, you take your crit fumb... and fumble. The guard goes- BR:11, he misses.

Er, no, wait. He has spec and you're AC:8. That's actually a hit. BR:4 +2 for spec is 6 pts. You're at -6.

Someone will want to bandage or heal Theodore Koeppel.


Tut, 4 pts will drop the wounded guard.

One guard left on your side.

Thaka grabs the key and unlocks the iron doors to the altar outside. No potions on Duggins, but you didn't do a thorough (boots and all) search, given the time constraints. Let me know if you want to thoroughly search the dead assistant.

This gets the priests' attention. They begin casting. The Ambassador's face flushes with terror, and he goes and hides.


Thaka, I'm assuming you'd open the door and move through it. As you get close to the Prince, he comes to momentarily. He's still under the massive press... it's like someone built a logroll around him. If you want to help him, you can lift the press off of him (or keep rolling it forward if you prefer), but the two cylinders are basically touching, so it's not clear what you'll find underneath. Ugh.

The Prince weakly reaches out to you as you rush up and calls out: "Thaka... don't let them... don't let them finish... please just... end it..." He passes out again.

In any case, the priests move to block.


The final Holy Warrior steps up to where his friend fell, and raises his metal staff above Theodore's unconscious head. "Drop your weapons!" he cries. "Drop 'em or I'll crush your gnome slave's head!"

Gnome slave?


For a low level battle, things have suddenly become very interesting. What will you do?
  King Tut
Ok, if you guys don't think I should shoot the prince then I won't. Put those 2 arrows on a guard.
  Theodore Koppel
What does one do upon a crititcal fumble when he's holding a bow?

How about I just jab him with an arrow? BR:1. Oh my.
I got a 4 for a wis check to notice what Tut was doing and I give him an innate Dancing Lights in his face to distract him.

If Tut looks at me I give him a very concerned look, and it has a little bit of anger in it.

I will grab the key and pop the lock in round 4 if I can.
Ummm .. . . If Tut's trying to shoot the Prince, I want to interpose, or at least interfere.

Dude! What the fuck!

Here's a Blog Roll - 14. Let those chips fall where they may. That makes a Dex or Int check, and hits AC 0, and fails anything else that might come.

If it matters, or if Tut's just freaking out and amenable to reason, I shoot a guard. BR 12 and 8, for one hit, BR 3 for 5 points.

But I'd rather try to keep the Prince alive.
  King Tut
I shoot the Prince. He's pretty much dead, but I don't see why anyone has to suffer. Poor guy.

BR 11, not sure about that...would hit AC 7 I think. BR 19 is definitely a hit, for D6=2+2 = 4 pts of dmg. Head shot on the poor lil guy. Go with God my friend.
  H1 Final Fight Round 3 Update
Okay Thaka, you hurt Duggins a bit in round 2. Then in round 3, you finish him off soundly, hitting him in the face with your sword. You crush his nasal cavity, his face collapses, and he yells in anguish. He, uh, misses on that critical fumble, BR 10, understandably.

Gary yells "Jim! No!"

In round 4, you'll get the key and try opening the big doors. The Holy Warriors look like they'll be trying to stop you.
Duggins it is as he has the key....
I will attack longsword and flail.
Longsword hits ac 9 and flail hits ac 3
for 3.
next round longsword hits ac 1 and flail is a fumble
longsword does 7.
if he goes down, I'm after the key, to get to the prince.
If I find a potion on the guy I'll take it to give to the prince if need be.
  H1 Final Fight... Rounds 1-2 Update, Into R 3
Thren, you don't recognize Mr. Duggins as a combat target (you BR'd a 5 for your save). I'll apply your rolls to the awake guard on Theodore.

Theodore's first two rounds and Thren's first two rounds are accounted for. Thaka tried to make peace round 1, a noble effort, but sadly ignored. Not that I want to discourage such gestures... it's just that these guys think that they need you dead, for some reason.

Theodore, you can split the silver arrows with KT. 16 each.


Anyway, Threnody slept guard 1 and did 11 pts to guard 2. Oof.

Theodore did 8 to Duggins over two rounds, and has a crit fumb on the guard before Theo goes to 0 hp.

Duggins sanctuary'd, healed some of that damage, and woke up a guard.


Into Round 3, Thren does 13 to guard 2. Whoa, that guy is barely alive now. That's where we are, with Thren having one more round of attacks queued up. I'll pause here for more commands.

Reminders that you get one chance to make a save to be able to attack Mr. Duggins. Else you're on the two Holy Warriors, one of whom is on last monkeys. Duggins is AC:7, Warriors are AC:5.
Okay - two arrows at Duggins. BR 18 and 12, for two hits. BR 3 and 6 for 13 points.

Then two more arrows at Duggins if he's still up (if not - then at the 'holy warrior' strokes). BR 4 and 15 for one hit, BR 5 says 7 more points.
  The Great Bekkars-Duggins Reversal
Good questions Thaka. You ponder these things as a brutal fight breaks out around you.

You were hired on as the Prince's Guards back home on Onze. From there, you went around, rather uneventfully, to a few other islands, before finally arriving in Gorgos, where the Prince was to complete his tour by visiting the temple of Plutus- Mareznoch, which is where you are now.

Your understanding was that there would be a formal ceremony, recognizing the Prince as the heir to the House of Onze, and then you'd all return to Onze and live happily ever after. In fact, there was informal discussion of being retaining by House Onze as adventuring persons of leisure, who'd go out and have merry old times, much like those admirable fellows the Chums of Charon.

There was no mention of obscene rituals or prince juice at any time.

There are no signs of previous battle.

The symbols on the priests and holy warriors appears to be the symbol of Plutus: a series of stacked coins, decreasing in size. It looks like a tower of Hanoi, or maybe a conch shell.

Mr. Duggins is the assistant and special friend of the Ambassador to Gorgos, Ambassador Garimon Bekkars. (Sorry for the previous name confusion. Posts have been changed throughout for consistency.) These are the two guys who directly hired you all for House Onze and were essentially your bosses. Gary Bekkars being an official and family member of the House, Duggins was the guy who dealt with you lot while Bekkars took the Prince around.

Duggins answers your silent question with a curse. "Oh darn. I thought you guys were- you were supposed to be dead! To show up now of all times, Christ. Well, I guess we'll just have to quicken your departure. Guys, get 'em."


Thren, the sanctuary spell goes off top o' the round. You drop a sleep... only one of the two Holy Guards goes down! That comes after both their attacks.

Thren, you can't get to the Prince, as there's a giant iron grill locked door in the way. Feel free to try to open it. Then again, you saw Duggins pocket the key...

Round Two. Holy Warrior 1 rushes Theodore and attacks. It's his 2 attack round... 1 and a 17. Hmm. You take 5 Theo, and get a crit fumb before taking that damage, which'll put you at zero hp. Theo, you also act first in the round before his init.

Duggins, looking awful, CLWs himself. Partially healed. He also kicks the other Holy Warrior awake, who wakes up for his action. That happens at the top of the round.

Go ahead everyone. It's going to get rough...
Does Duggins get his spell up before we get to act?

If not - BR 12 and 15 on him, two arrows, for (BR 4 and 5) 11 points. Perhaps disrupting that spell. Then I cast sleep on the guards. Ha!

If so, first I cast sleep on the opponents, then I go for some shootin'. BR 5 means I don't see Duggins as a threat, so:

If there are three or more enemies (Duggins is NOT one of them for me) I do some more shootin' at the biggest and baddest. See the BRs above, I guess.

If there are two or fewer enemies, I try and free the prince. "Medic!" Perhaps we could get the bonnie Prince some CLWing while I try and get him out of this contraption?
Have I seen any signs of struggle or battle here?

Did we have any idea why the Prince was being brought here?

Have I seen any symbols on anyone?

What is Mr. Duggins job?

We actually seemed to start this fight with this new guy Dag attacking the guards.

I make the upturned palms out "WHAT?" gesture to Duggins? I made my save with a 20 and I made my resistance with a 76%

I give him one round to explain.
  Theodore Koppel
Ahem. Sorry again, Ms. Threnody.

Oh, gross. They are smushing the lad.

I stay up the steps. Against Mr. Duggins' spell, BR:19. I see you, Herr Duggins. Two arrows. BRs:5,10, one hit for 4.

Next round, Mr. Duggins again, BRs:2,18, one more for 4.

BTW, how many silver arrows should I add to my equipment?
  Today's Number Is 5
CLW is 1d8, Dag, but I also rolled you a 4. So Thren, you've got 5 hp coming into the fight.

Dag, with WIS 14, that means you get three 1st level spells each day (pre-memorized). So you've got two left. They can be whatever you want- Cure Lt, Command, Bless, Detect Magic, Light are all good choices.

Dag, let's just say you were hanging out with the party all along, quietly observing. Your xp clock begins now though.
I'll retcon a CLW on Thren... for what it's worth. I'm not sure how I actually joined the party, but you could work that in.

I'm not much of a cleric.... what do I roll for that? I'll guess it is 1d4. If it is, I CLW for 4. Nice!
  These Guards Are Actually Better Than My Blogrolls Attest To
Welcome to the fight and the game, Dag.

Your belt is awesome.

Spec is +2 on damage, so you do 4 hp. The Holy Guards are AC:5, and if anyone is going for Duggins and gets through his Sanct, he's AC:7.

On the 1, BR:10. The guard stays on you... BR:7. You doin okay.

The other guard will go for Thaka. BR:8. Not a strong guard round. I guess his... you know, his cellphone goes off right as the combat begins.

"Ryan. Yeah, hi dear, how's it going. Yeah. No. Uh... yeah. Mm hmm. Listen... oh really? Anyway... so... look, I'm sort of OOF. Look I'm sort of fighting right now? I'll call you back. Yeah, in like 15. Yeah I'll get the milk. Alright. Yeah... yeah love you too hon. Okay. Okay. See you." Click. "Alright, where were we... 8. Aw hell."


I'll remind you that Thren is at 1 hp; but that can be retcon-healed if someone is so able.
I engage one of the guards.

Right Hand - BR 16 (hits AC 4) for 3 (BR2 +1 from Spec)
Left Hand - BR 1 - oh shit...
  The Worst Bar Mitzvah
Silver equipment taken. Theodore, you pat down the guard to no avail with that kind of roll.


The screams continue. It's a single voice, and you can only imagine the prolonged agony that must be dragging out such a cry of pain.

You rush down the stairs...

You needn't imagine what's causing the screams any longer. It's the Prince.


It's sort of odd to have stairs going down in the tower in the first place, because the tower is built on an outcropping.

After descending, it makes more sense: the stairs go through a couple underlevels, but eventually lead back outside.

You're underneath the temple and the rock overhang it's built upon. You come out to a glass-enclosed balcony, the windows of which are streaked with rain.

The stairs continue, down now built into the cliff itself, and lead down to another landing about sixty feet below. You can see the landing, lit with torches, from the balcony you pause at momentarily.


The scene is horrible, and you see what's causing the Prince to scream in agony.

Some sort of ritual must be going on, as there's an altar surrounded by candles, and a bunch of robed figures. Among them, you recognize Ambassador Bekkers and Mr. Duggins! They are standing by as the Prince is being tortured.

No... oh god, not tortured. 'Juiced' is the right word. The Prince is in some sort of giant press. His legs are pinned between two carved metal cylinders, slowly flattening him from the feet up, squeezing out... squeezing out Prince juice into a large, blood-filled basin below. He's not dead or even unconscious yet, as it's up to his thighs.

From below, the Ambassador looks up at you. There is some hasty discussion below as you sprint down the stairs, taking two or three at a time. (I'm assuming this is at least Thaka's action. Players, feel free to retcon as you wish here. The glass of the balcony and lining the stairwell is more generic unbreakable glassteel to withstand the weather, so breaking and jumping is not easily an option.)


You get to the bottom just as large metal grill doors are being closed. The doors are elaborate black iron carvings, so it's easy to see through them to the altar outside.

There are about four figures working the press. The landing is open to the outside, and a set of thick curtains protects the collection basin from the rain streaking in.

On your side of the doors, Mr. Duggins has just finished locking them. He turns to you and shakes his head, beginning to cast. He's there with two Holy Warriors of his own, each carrying metal battle staves. On the other side, the Ambassador looks concerned but instructs the priests to carry on with their ghastly operation.

You give a final glance around the altar and outside to assess the situation, and hear one more faint, but still earth-rumbling roar. Looking out over night-lit Gorgos, you see an enormous draconian silhouette against the clouds. A flash of lightning reveals the dragon, sweeping down over over The Ivory City. You see flames below.

The Prince finally stops screaming.


Mr. Duggins chants a Sanctuary spell- if you wish to attack him, you get one mental spell save. The Holy Warriors will protect Duggins if he's a melee target, else they're going to engage archers...
  Threnody the BE-SERKER
Mr. Koppel, I DO have some strong opinions about lycanthropes, it is true. As can be seen by my reaction, I think. I am no just-talk-talker, sir, but the walk - well, I am one who walks it.

Another think I have a strong opinion about is gender, and specifically that of me, and the word usage associated therein. Now, I'm not sure what kind of strange gnomish culture you come from, but it's my understanding that this Human language we are speaking has different words to refer to males and females by title. Specifically, when you address me as Mr. Threnody, I become confused - because:

a) I am female, and Mr. indicates the male gender

b) Mr. to me is generally used with a last name, or at least the patronymic - and Threnody is NOT my family name. If you are more comfortable with titles and formality, I would suggest referring to me as "Nauromanar", or "Amonaha", the two titles I received before fleeing my past - or rather, the two titles which I still feel a claim or kinship to.

But I'd prefer it if you called me "Threnody" or "Thren".
  Theodore Koppel
Did I mention that sunken ship?

Oh well, I follow down the stairs.

How many silver arrows can I scrounge? Also, I did a little checking on that fallen guard's person. Discreetly, PP:69. Ahem. -Are you ok, sir?
just for the record I take the silver broadsword and strap it to my waist.

I will leave my scimitar with Matilda.

I am travelling with lightspear, shield, longsword, broadsword, and horsemans flail.
Shrill cry, sounds like a cue for thrilling Heroics!!

I am moving down the stairs....
  Mammon's Point
Uh yeah, yeah they got those here. Whistles I mean. Firearms, weird weather stations, magic spells, and whistles.

You can get a whistle.

And Tut buys some nice green tea.



Everyone steps back when Threnody shoots the rat man. They scuffle.

Thaka, miss. Theodore, another nick for 1. But Thren lays it on.

The rat man charges you Thren. It's hard to be a berserker with a bow, but somehow you manage. Actually you just grab a silver arrow and start stabbing.

The rat man gets a couple sword hits on you for, wow, 5, dropping you to 1. He then grins evilly, drops his sword, and goes for a bite to give you a gift... BR9 is a miss though.

You slaughter Ratso. In the meanwhile, others mop up the giant rats, who go scuttling when their heroes die.

Well done Parappa, you may advance to the next level. Woo hoo!


The guards thank you for your help. Feel free to keep the silver weapons for your trouble. They were on their way to check on the temple after the tsunami, but since you're going there, maybe you can advance-scout it out while they rest up, and help their fallen friend.

You collect yourselves and continue your travels up the mountain trail.


It's late. Probably nearing 11 PM or so when you make it to the peak and stand before Mammon's Point. It's an impressive marble tower, positioned out at the end of a long rock stretch looming over the sea. A long spiral carving of some sort winds its way around the outer face of the tower. The droning sounds of the rain and the sea are all you can hear.

You push open the doors. All quiet inside too. The main chapel is dark, so you strike a lamp and take a look around.

The interior is gorgeous. Marble sculpture and frescoes of deep meaning to someone. Wealth, extravagance, and er, the underworld are all prominently featured. A pair of interior walls have frosted glass panes depicting the scenes from some long ago battle. It's a complicated story, involving what looks like a set of metal warriors, a queen on a tall throne, a a flock of birds, a ship battle, lovers and jealousy, and the progression of the seasons and the moon. Somehow all of this is captured in four large glass-and-white panels, and below each panel is one stanza of the following:

“Eros is the rose and sore…”
Our oars are ores for whores adored.
Hard ardor harbored tortured hoards,
And furor swore o’er rows of swords.

Zero rose once foes opposed-
In throes of Eris, ferrous crows
Engrossed, exposed, enclosed, erosed,
Those arrows froze our heiress deposed.

Those errors of a sorry state,
Whose sin and sympathy abate,
Erase arrays of lemniscate
Erato erratum: Eradicate.

Thus hoarse Eros rose no more
Divorce’d for an unsettled score.
A war of mettle, metal, hoar.
Rancor. N’est pas Amouran fleur.


That's when, almost simultaneously, you hear two awful sounds. One is a terrible, far away roar, which slightly shakes the building, coming from outside somewhere.

The other is a high pitched scream of intense agony, coming from nearby. Downstairs. Which must lead down, down along the cliff below the temple.

(We are building to the climax of H1: Enter the Dragon! Cue the thrilling music...)
  Theodore Koppel
  Threnody the BE-SERKER

I have some stuff to say about town and IQ checks and all - IQ check is a 13, makes it - but no, there are


about. I can barely see, let alond think about some damnable weather station or princes.

I don't know what round is current. I will post four rounds of actions.

Round one, firing silver arrows at the rat-man. BR 20 and 4, for one hit. BR 4, for 12 points.

Round two, firing silver arrows at the rat-man. BR 2 and 13, one hit. BR 5 for 7 more points.

Round three, firing silver arrows at the rat-man. BR 10 and 12, both hit AC 4 or worse. BR 5 and 3 for 12 more points.

Round four, firing silver arrows at the rat-man. BR 2 and 14 for one hit. BR 6 for 8 more points.

That's 39 points in all, which somewhere along the way most likely finishes off this


I HATE those guys.

Anyway, when the rat-men are all down, I pull out my silver dagger and go to work carving up the bodies of any lycanthropes around. The brains and hearts and livers I will pile together and muddle with some Wolvesbane - the rest goes over the cliff.

And yes, melee combat may still be going on (with non-lycanthropic rats) when I start doing this. That's fine by me. I'm rather focused on my work.
Round 2 maybe 3?

I got a 3 with the broadsword I'm not proficient with does that hit?

The next round I got a 13...+2 for faerie fire -something for non prof....I don't know. If I hit I do 6.

I have just realized a problem....do they have whistles in your world? If so I would like to have bought one. I think I need it to use my horse well. Anyway. I am not fighting broadsword and shield.
  King Tut
I spend my 2nd round laughing at the gnome. I did 20 pts in 1 round, so it looks like it will take you 20 rounds to catch up. Good luck, I'll be getting a nice cup of green tea.

Speaking of, I'd like to retcon to town and buy some nice green tea to carry. I'll deduct 10gp, and 15 more for accrued charges (I think 15 is about right).
  Theodore Koppel
I got his tail!

Ok, two more silver arrows at that wererat. BRs:19,5. That's one hit for 1 more.

I think I struck his tail again.
  The Arrow Of Time
Thaka leaps off her horse and scoops up the silver sword.

Ratman 2, seeing what you did to his pal, turns to attack you. BR11 is a miss.

KT kills one rat and horribly slaughters the next rat. The arrow goes so far into it, it goes back in time, kills this rat's dad, and this rat suddenly winks out of existence, history forever changed. This sets things in motion that lead to the evolution of a new breed of cat, slightly smaller than other cats.

Theodore picks up the silver arrows. Twang! One hit on a ratman for 1 hp. You sting his tail.

Rat attacks... a couple hits on guards, and one guard is diseased. Thaka, a miss. Rats are somehow deflected by your breastplate. I guess they're building little rat pyramids and leaping off and you, only to bounce TONK off your armor.


Theodore, the Potion Guild is defunct. There were some lawsuits and out-of-court settlements. While the Potion Guild was in essence the Wizards' Guild, the WG long since gone after your typical magical-accident-gone-horribly-wrong-that-no-one-understands, they are over. In place is NORM: the New Order of Responsible Magic-users. There are a few NORM branch offices in Gorgos, including one of the big ones.

KT, yeah you guys have accrued lots of xp now. However, training takes 1 week in a calm environment, like a town. This ain't that. Hold on, we're getting to the end of the module.
  King Tut
Go get 'em Dag. You might want to take some armor first though, being a fighter/cleric and all.
  King Tut
Can I fricking train yet? I only need 1450 xp to hit 2nd, and with my 10% bonus, I only needed to gain 1320 xp to be 2nd level Druid.

Regardless, I fire a few arrows at the normal rats. I am not in melee (or at least, I am trying not to be).

D20 = 16, d20 = 20. Who needs glasses? Indeed.
d6=4 + 2 = 6 pts of dmg. If that rat doesn't die, it gets the 2nd arrow too, if it does die, another rat gets the 2nd arrow. d6=5 + 2=7*2=14 pts.

IQ check at half: d20=17, not even close.

This time warp business is very curious...it's more like we were in suspended animation (or the whole station was) for that period of time.
  Theodore Koppel
Well, in town I buy 40 silver arrows... Ha, just kidding.

I didn't get an answer about that potion guild, however.

At any rate, to the present: I do pick up the quiver of the fallen guard and move to the periphery.

The next round, I will shoot the wererat that hasn't fallen. BRs:12,15. ACs: 8 and 5 for 6 and 1.

Mr. Threnody, I recall you have some very strong opinions concerning lycanthropes? No?
dahh..that's why... I got an 18 on that IQ check.

I leap off my horse and roll to grab that broadsword. I rolled to roll effectively and I got a 6.
I'll let everyone catch up now I guess.

Hrmm. I have some theories about the GMI......but it would take the firepower of an entire fleet to.........
  Man Vs. Rat: The Ancient Struggle
For those of you just joining us after an extended absence:

The PCs have escaped the Gorgos Meteorological Institute, only to realize they somehow were there for seven days! Or something. In the meantime, Gorgos was tsunami'd, but mostly survived. In any case, the Prince and the Ambassador et al. have already departed for Mareznoch, aka Mammon's Point, aka the temple of Plutus.

Heading up after them to complete your guard duties, you (or some of you at least) are on a cliff-side trail, fighting rats and rat men. Our adventure H1: Enter the Dragon! continues below...


First off, before we get into the combat, let me say that like Thaka, others should feel free to go ahead and retcon a few hrs of town stuff if you want. Waiting for the big island boat takes time, that's time you can kill. Thinking about it, I'll retcon the healing too- the priestesses heal you when you first arrive to Lukros bringing the Eye, so you don't have to go back to get that taken care of. They heal Thaka's poisoned legs also.

Second off- that sounds weird.

Second, Thaka, those are some good questions. No, it's strange, it really doesn't add up. You're not sure where you apparently lost seven days. Your wounds were as fresh and nasty as expected every step of the way. You're no more hungry than if a few hours passed, which is how long you spent- or thought you spent- in the GMI. The blood in the rest of the building was as expected too... at least, when you fought 7-11, there was nothing weird about that. Hmm, make an IQ check at half to remember other things now that you have new information.


Back to the present moment.

Thaka, it turns out that the rats are were-rats! So, your lance not being silver, no damage is done. However, as you made your ride check, and got a 20, although the ratman takes no damage, you launch him off the cliff. He cackles with evil glee as your lance fails to pierce his lycanthrope hide, but he soon gets an 'oh shit' expression as he sails through the evening sky down onto the rocks below. Huh. You wax philosophical, wondering if falling a few hundred feet into a rocky sea counts as a silver or +1 weapon. (Watch for Rat Man #1, 'Dirt' Baccarat, to become a recurring villain in future episodes of DiD!)

"Huzzah!" cries one of the guys, whom you now recognize as wearing the concentric circle emblem of the Gorgos City Militia. Three guys here, one down. All have silver weapons; the downed guard's silver broadsword and silver-tipped arrows lie discarded.

One guard takes some dmg from rat man 2. The other guard fends off some giant rats. Waiting for others to post to see who's in melee before assigning targets of other giant rats... Won't wait too long though.
25 gold for passage. some more for a lance. 20 gold to the temple.

long story short. I light up the leaders with faerie fire and charge the bigger of the 2 with my horse. Lance attack baby! hehhhe uh fuck me a 20!

That's uh, sweet......((1+1)hrmx2)x2=8 damn.

Well, round 2 I'll turn around and then round 3 I'll do it again!

If it's a mountain cliff I try to knock some of the rat dudes off. Ride check is a 5.
horse attack hrm a 9.
  Help Us! Ugh!
Or, you could not rest and rapidly head off after Prince Henry.

Sounds like Theo and Thaka have conflicting views. Post in and say what you're doing. No posty, I'll assume you're going with Thaka to continue your stated quest.

Having a horse turns out to not be much of an advantage. Mainly, because Gorgos is a big water town. It'd be like having a Ferrari in Venice; worse so. Actually I have no idea what I'm talking about, having never been to Venice.


You head back to the temple of Apollo, and for free, you can be healed to full. (No spells back yet.) This is the acolytes saying thanks for getting the Oracle's eye back. Donate if you wanna of course. The Oracle will not see you and stays at the edge of Lukros, staring at the sky. Somewhere, The Cure plays.

Then you hire another water taxi to take you to port, and from there, a boat to take you to the main island (see the map... you're going to Mammon's Point from Gorgos).

It's stormy as all hell, but you make it to the shore, and head along the trail, which winds up into the cliffs towering above Gorgos proper. The scale on the map is way off... Gorgos is just a few miles offshore from the main island, you can get there in an afternoon. The main delay is waiting for a boat to take you there. Everyone going, pay 10 gp for the boatride. Thaka, pay another 15 gp for your pony.

It's pouring and the weather sucks. And the road sucks too. Muddy and rocky up and up and up. Again, horse not much help, really.

You reach shore by late afternoon. It's mid-evening when, somewhere along the trail, you run into problems. One big problem and a bunch of small problems. Currently not your problem, but you might not have a choice. I'll explain.

Up ahead, in the growing gloom of sunset, you see through the haze of rain a combat in progress. It looks like a few fighter-type guys in uniforms vs large rats. Rats the size of fat little pigs, hard to say how many... a dozen? Leading the rats are what look like two rat men!

You're on a mountain trail, without much choice to pass on by unless you want to scale cliffs. One of the humans yells to you "Hey! Citizens! Help us! Ugh!"
Uh, I would really try to chase after the Prince as fast as I could. Is my horse Matilda still around? I think I could get a heal at a temple, for a nominal donation, then I'd be off.

So to be clear as soon as I get to town, I'd go to the inn. If the Prince is gone, I would go after him as fast as I could. If I need to get healed first, then I get healed first.

So when I came to on the island did I feel hungry? Was it like a week had gone by? Was the blood all over me still fresh? Was the blood in the rest of the building dry?

I think a cavalier on a horse should be able to catch a prince and his entourage pretty quick. I ride!!
  Gone For A Week
Asking around, Theodore, you figure out that you guys were gone for seven days.

Uh, yeah, seven days.

The desk clerk tells you that the Prince and co. waited for your five day vacation to end, with the Bronze Dragon periodically returning to the GMI to check on you. Since you were a no show, and the weather was getting worse by the day, they decided to head to Mareznoch without their hired guards.

Regardless of what you might want to do, a night's rest is probably in order. Given that you were the Prince's Guard, the Chrysanthamum can find lodgings for you, albeit makeshift ones in the servant's rooms. They'll put you up for free for the inconvenence though.

Rest the night and heal if you want. I don't think one night heals you guys to full though, with the paucity of healing in the party right now.

  Theodore Koppel
Hmm. So we were in a time warp? A couple of days warp?

I say we let the Prince be. He obviously doesn't want us.

This is my suggestion: Let's hire a boat and get a diving bell. Do you recall the sunken ship by the Lighthouse? I think that will be much more interesting than a rich adolescent.

Is there a Potion Guild? I forget, do they exist?

Hey, I forgot, I've got a penpal named Dag on Gorgos!
  That's Not What A Tired PC Wants To Hear
Okay Thren, you guys head back through town, deciding to stop off at the temple of Apollo to drop off the Crystal Eye.

You can hire a water taxi to take you there (1 gp someone). Sure enough, the temple still stands, although the acolytes are busy patching cracks in the roof, while the Oracle stands outside in the rain, umbrella in hand, watching the skies.

You hand her the Eye. She looks at you curiously, and some small emotion flashes in her eyes. Pity? Sorrow? It's gone before you can tell too much.

"My thanks. While it is usual to bequeath a gift upon you, I'll forego the custom for now. Come back later." She stares at you for a moment, then looks away to gaze at the heavens.

You look at each other, and, uncomfortable just 'hanging out' with the Oracle, take your leave. As you walk back to the boat, she says: "Beware of heights."

What happened to epic poem prophecies?


You take the taxi back to the wealthy district on the big island of Gorgos. Looks like it's mostly intact and has suffered the least damage overall. Hooray for the rich!

You head to The Chrysanthamum and begin to head up to your room when you're stopped. "That room is no longer available," the desk clerk tells you.


"His highness the Prince of Onze and his entourage checked out two days ago. We're sorry, but the room is taken now."

What? You guys arrived here yesterday.

Uh oh.
My controller? What an odd thing to say. Who controls YOU, sir? I feel myself a free agent.

Still and all, now that we have two doses of lucid-dreaming juice, I am thinking about trying some, true. However, perhaps that should wait until we're out of the tropical storm, hey?

I try to find the prince, or help Azoth find the oracle-lady, I suppose.
  Moving On
Thaka, the demon replies telepathically:

"Actually, you just missed some guys who left here a couple days ago. Some of them went down this hall right here." Ezekiel grins and laughs at some private joke.

"As for the spider thing, I think it went upstairs." He shrugs.

"I don't really know what would happen if you tried to cross the runes. It's unlikely that you're going to gain 500 xp or a Wand of Magic Missiles or something. Things like that, they generally hurt you. Maybe it's a Symbol of Pain? Blindness? A Glyph of Warding? A Magic Mouth that says '20 seconds to comply?' If you go down too far, I'll attack you. If you attack me? Well, of course I'll defend myself. I'm not a pussy. Thing is, you don't got magic weapons. And Sneezy over there, I'm pretty much immune to illusions. So it's a losing proposition. Kind of like bringing a horse to a NASCAR show. It's just... well, yeah, it's a losing proposition."

"If you did kill me, I'd be sort of pleased really, because it's darn boring down here. If you killed me in the Abyss, that'd be a different story. But here, I'd just go back home. It's more like being forcibly extradited than murdered. Doesn't mean I won't do my job though. I'm not one of those poor and lazy people you guys have been blathering about for a few days now."


Thaka, okay, your IQ is 11. BR... 9. If you restart the computer, you can click a couple things to get to a prompt for user name and password. Sure enough, the characters you enter do the trick.

Alas, you see the following screen:

Thank you Mr. Huxley.
Welcome to GMI Server 'Thalia'.

An error has occurred. Please contact a service representative.
You may need to reboot Server 'Calliope' in Substation B.
Starting in Safe Mode...

In Safe Mode, you cannot use the WeatherVane program.

However, you do find some travel documents, showing that 'Mr. G. Huxley' arranged to leave Gorgos for Orbane about a week or so before you arrived in Gorgos.

Also... hmm. Unless there was a very distinct computer glitch, it seems that someone else logged on since Theodore last used the computer! Something also seems wrong with the computer clock. Eh, whatever, maybe there's another way to fuck with the weather control stuff. You can always smash the equipment if you're feeling barbaric.


Thaka, unfortunately the strongbox really is strong, being made of metal not wood. Your tools won't be of much help.


Town is a few miles away. If the waters weren't so choppy, hmm... maybe you can make a raft out of the Master's desk? You head back to the top of the lighthouse to get a better look at the situation. Hey! There's a boat out there!

It's not The Bronze Dragon- it's a much larger ship, sailing towards Gorgos. It's buffeted by the storm and big waves, but making it through. Being the smart guys you are, you signal it, flag it down, and it sends over a large lifeboat to collect you.

You climb aboard the Slave Ship Galileo, from Mask bound to Gorgos, Stygensport, and Twilos. The captain is an old drunk who won't give you the time of day, but the mate helps you up on deck, gives you some hot coffee, and tells you to keep tight for the next few hours while they dock in Gorgos.


Or, the remnants of Gorgos.


Gorgos, it seems, has been tsunami'd. The city looks just awful. There are still people and buildings and things, but the city took it rough. That's weird, this all happened so suddenly. But who cares, you're off the damn island and back in town.

Now what?
To the Demon....

I say in my head. Was anyone else here in the last day? Did you see where the spider bot went? Do you know what would happen if the runes in the hallway were crossed? Do you have to defend yourself if attacked? What happens if you are attacked, do you die or go back to hell?

Other than that, I try to work this computer shit out.

I think we have a username and password
I will try to shut down the weathervane. I will try a couple of ways to get to some sort of command prompt and use that username and password to turn this thing off. Bashing is a last resort, I'm not resorting to, yet.

How far away is town? Are there enough doors and whatnot that if we could get the weather taken care of we could get back to town under our own power on a raft?

I also will go back up to the signaling station on top of this place and take a look around.

We need this strong box we found in that room opened. I take a close look at it, I have some wood carving tools, could I actually just cut the wood open on this thing? Missed STR with a 17 and made INT with an 8.

I point at Azoth, tap my eye and make a hole with my thumb and index finger which I hold before my eye I tapped. I point at Azoth again, put the finger and thumb made hole in front of my eye and look around for a sec. Then I look at Azoth waiting for him to figure out what I meant.

That's all I got.
  Have A Good One
Yeah, sorry KT. Things drag when there's no clear direction. You guys have gained a lot of xp though... should be ready to train soon.

You just have to get off this fucking island. Basically that's the point of this adventure now guys.


And no, all the pods are open.


Examining the weather controls... hmm. You can try rebooting the system again, but you see flashing on the screen up top:

WeatherVane 3.1 (tm)
Error: 0x03d
Weather overflow
From: mostly cloudy
To: tropical storm
Error: 0x11a
Failure to calibrate
Please contact a service representative
Thankyou for using
The Weather Controlling software
Have a good one
with WeatherVane (tm)!
  King Tut
Have we gained a level yet? Sheesh.

I'm tempted to try the pill stuff, but I'm kind of hoping Threnody will give it a go...given that her controller is a risk-taker.

So there are no immediately clear and reachable unexplored areas, we are on a island with no boat, and it's raining?

I'll take a look at the controls, and the other weather related stuff. IQ check = 4 = pass. Any new information?

And the 1 pod in the Holding Tanks is still closed, right? Any obvious way to open it? (probably the controls?)
  Plan Beta? Traveller Dieter??
Okay Theodore, you manage to pick open the panel. Inside is another box, exactly the same as 7-11's box. All the same stuff, except now the pamphlet is intact. Here is the text:

Hello 712. Welcome back. You probably feel a bit disoriented, but before you do anything, please observe the following steps:
1) take the red pill
2) lie down
3) take the green pill
4) perform your Jun-axana relaxation exercises for 10 min
5) inject the purple liquid
6) take the white pill

You should then fall into a pleasant trance and commence lucid dreaming.
From there, please note the following changes to Plan Beta.

-Do not return to Gorgos. Due to inclimate weather, we are abandoning the GMI. Proceed to Subsea Station 2 and use the transport available there to proceed to Deepstation Aea. From there, we will commence reorganization. Stay calm.
-Failing success at DA, please contact Master Rupert at the Orbane Monitoring Center for further instructions.
-Be careful! Recently, members of the 500 Club have been found to be deranged, and should be considered hostiles. You will find equipment for dealing with 500s in Substation 2.
-Be alert. Traveller Dieter has reported uncommonly high incidents of thought eater attacks. We are working at Aea to reduce these problems.
-Loram pax, friend. We will survive.
  Theodore Koppel
Hmm. These are some interesting points you make, KT. Still, I can't see how it's relevant to our current situation.

I try to pick open that closed panel. BR:19. Yes, indeed!
  The 700 Club? You Can't Be Serious!
[Please make sure you read the 'Bad Feeling' post below so that you understand the situation.]

Threnody, looks like we posted at the same time. The weather is just awful. Bad bad storm.

With your elf search abilities, you find another secret. It's a secret compartment in the Master's big wooden desk. Cleaned out, unfortunately, except for a little post-it note in the back, with the following written on it:


Whatever that means.


Anyway, no boat. Now what?
So - what kind of weather does it look like's coming? A storm? Some sort of 'overcast'-yness?

Hmmm. I too eschew the fucking with and the sera, in combination. High INT and low WIS and CHA makes a girl talk like that a lot.

Yup. Search about with my elfin sneakiness and secret-door-finding ways, but if nothing more is to be found, so be it. We've got an appointment to keep with the prince, after all, and a strong-box to muscle our way back.
  You Can Add 'Bad Feeling' To Each Of Your Character Sheets
Thaka, it's just a Darth Maul Trapper Keeper. Pretty cool, at least if you're 11, but maybe not too valuable otherwise. There are some loose-leaf notes stuck in the back though, despite the other stuff you found.

The notes are quite complicated, but seem to be design specs on the WeatherVane project. Some more intelligible background information is provided by half a coffee-stained xerox of a manuscript from the Journal of Geomancy. It seems that Gorgos has a history of storms, flooding, tsunamis, and crap like that. WeatherVane's stated goal is manipulation and control of these forces, possibly even to harness them to provide rain during drought on the mainland. WeatherVane 1 and 2 have gone before, elsewhere it seems, and with limited success; recently a lighthouse was bought and turned into the GMI. Engineering, Arcane Knowledge, Weather Sense, Bureaucracy, skills like that might let you learn more.

Actually Thaka, one advantage of succumbing to the spiderbot venom is that, it really doesn't hurt so much. Okay, maybe one or two magic missile burns got you above the belt, but the attacks from the spider on your legs- can't feel a thing.

No secret doors found neither. But with that 2, being an elf, you do find a locked compartment in one of the big metal pods near the entrance. While the other panels in the other pods are open, this one is still shut. Hmm.


Azoth, you ask the demon about 7-11's pharmacy.

"These guys were always doing weird stuff like that. Shipped out a lot of chemical crap when they packed up and left. Jun-axana is just deep rhythmic breathing, like in lamaze class. I dunno for sure, but I'd guess those are some pretty potent tranquilizers and psychoactive drugs. Have fun in your K-hole."

At some point, then, you finish your search of the area and return upstairs. Quest item in hand, you exit the lighthouse/weather station/weird lab and...

Well, that's odd.

The boat is gone.

No Bronze Dragon.


It's pouring outside, coming down as hard as rain can fall. The sky is full of thick black stormclouds, and far off, you see streaks of blue lightning.

You get a bad feeling.
Thanks Theodore, I'll hold on to the eye for now. We'll return it once we're back surfaceside.

I'm not gonna mess with any of that pill/syringe stuff, but I ask the demon if he knows what's up with that.

I say we head back up to the surface... but I have a feeling we'll be back here soon enough.
what do the Darth Maul notes say? I will try and Ignore the INCREDIBLE fucking pain I am in, at 1 hp.

I search around the place looking for secret doors and whatnot.

  Always Take The Pills That The Good Pamphlet Tells You To Take
The box 7-11 had contains the following odd things:
-a small glass vial (size of a thimble) holding a watery purple liquid
-a ceramic pillbox with one green, one red, and one white pill
-a syringe
-four long needles, each a different length and thickness, with a bit of dried blood on two of the tips
-a small pamphlet, crumpled up.

The pamphlet reads:

Hello 711. Welcome back. You probably feel a bit disoriented, but before you do anything, please observe the following steps:
1) take the red pill
2) lie down
3) take the green pill
4) perform your Jun-axana relaxation exercises for 10 min
5) inject the purple liquid
6) take the white pill

You should then fall into a pleasant trance and commence lucid dreaming.
From there, please note the following changes to

The rest of the pamphlet, if any, is missing.


You head back to the hall and go into the Holding Tanks room.

You enter into the last of the metal chambers of the subsea station available to you at your present level. Hmm.

You enter a circular room. Thirteen large metal cabinets, the size of walk-in-closets, form a ring around the room, except where you have entered. Each cabinet door is open, and empty inside. Inside, the cabinet is lined with soft cloth and, oddly, what appear to be straps are contained within. Towards the top against the back is what looks like a pillow.

On the inside of each door is a compartment. Each compartment is empty.

Huh. Looks like you're done here folks, as there is nothing else of interest to be found, apparently.


Feel free to take other actions. You all regroup, many of you severely hurt, in the main room where the hallway stretches off beneath the sea.

Ezekiel the demon looks at you and grins. "What's up," he says nonchalantly.
  Theodore Koppel
Yes, let's see what's in this box.

Then... The Holding Tanks!
  Donde Esta 'Breeport'?
Okay, you were in the labs- that's where the fight was- but went back to finish looting the Master's Chambers. You return to the labs, with the metal halls and dead guy in the middle. There are a lot of weird, obscure controls you don't understand in the central room where you duked it out.

Nothing else in the Experimental Labs of note.

7-11 has a small box of stuff at his side, which you may take if you please. Had nothing of value save the Eye, which I assume you take.


The Chums are real guys, going around and having great adventures. Then they get back to their base and publish a new issue of their comic based on the module they went on. It's pretty good if you're into CMYK pulp hero comic books. And yeah, the first few issues are worth beaucoup pp. You'd have thought they'd have a holiday special issue by now, huh?

And Breeport is probably on the fairy island paradise, since you asked.

Check out the huge map on the campaign summary page too. Thanks MK.
  Theodore Koppel
Well done indeed.

Trapper Keeper. Huh. That 'Chums' is basically worthless. Ever since Footpad Press took over the 'Chums of Charon', the per issue print has gone through the roof. -It's great for the Chums, but bad for collectors. I knew a guy at the Trickster Academy that had issues 1 through 7. Fucking treasure trove there.

Hmm. If we keep this up, maybe we should hire a scribe and incorporate. We could each stash a few early issues, and after we established a brand, sell them off one at a time. -We could even do special holiday adventure issues. I don't think the chums have even done that one yet.

Anyway, should we return this eye, Mr. Azoth? Maybe we should have a better look around first.

I'd like to see the Laboratory.

Oh, maybe we should rest. Does anyone have a heal they might spare?
No, 7-11's body is there, and the blood is still fresh. Still leaking out, really. You guys really messed up someone's nice shiny metal room.

And yeah, looks like you still have 1 hp. Theo too.
So the body is gone eh?
how are my legs doing? That might give me some idea of how long I was out. I also had only 1 hp left, how am I doing there as well.....

should I stay or should I go?
  White Light
Well done. The combat never gets to round 5, as you take out, quite thoroughly, 711 in round 4. The bugbear, distracted by R.Mon, winks out when his creator dies.

Just as that happens
somthingsort of


red light?


no, whte....











You snap out of it. There's a buzzing in your heads.

Everything's cool. Except, that's sort of odd, the spider bot is gone. And the crystal eye is off to one side of the room. You collect it and head out of here.


Returning to the Master's bedroom, you loot the place. There's a tall cabinet that looks promising once you jimmy it open or smash it apart.

Inside, you find some notes, stuffed into a 'Darth Maul' Trapper Keeper.

There's a work order to come look at the WeatherVane program.

There's a recent magazine featuring the exploits of those famous adventurers, the Chums of Charon. Looks like this is the one from a couple months ago: "The Chums vs. the Malignant Dogcatcher". Good stuff, real heroes those Chums.

There's also a map of the Island Kingdoms, reproduced below:

  Theodore Koppel
Ahh! Bugbear! I don't stand a chance!

Round 2: I Phantasmal Force a Rust Monster to interpose.

Round 3: I step back and shoot the Wizard. BRs:14,2. That 14 does 4.

Round 4: Two more arrows? BRs:16,4. 5 more points.
  King Tut
Ok, I think I can take 2 rounds of missile fire and then help Thaka out?

BR 8
BR 11

Rd 2:
BR 7
BR 16 is a hit for 3 pts.

From there on in I'll help Thaka out as best I can.
Well, I was helping some guys out, and then stopped to look at the pretty blinking lights - so shiny! - so maybe I missed some rounds.

Let me know how many I should make up. Round 4, on the mage, BR 8 and 11, for one hit. 7 points damage.

Round 5, on the mage, BR 12 and 18 for two hits. 11 more points to Mr. Slurpee.
round 4 is a miss with the longsword and a hit with the flail (19).

I do 5
  7-11 Fights 4 Life
7-11 casts a Shield spell. Those of you in melee, with the fairie fire he's AC:6 now. Those of you with bows, he's AC:4 due to some cover too.

Round 2 is Thaka's first round and she misses.

Bugbear misses Theodore again with a 5.


Round 3, Thaka gets a hit in despite the shield. 7-11 yelps in pain and bleeds a lot.

7-11 magic missiles you Thaka. 3 missiles! You take 8 hp.
Bugbear smacks Theodore for 4 hp.


Post up into Round 4 in this advanced level combat guys... a 5th level mage and his 3 HD sidekick!
I will attack as best I can,
faerie fire on the bastard.
Longsword and horsemans flail attack
miss miss
next round
hit with longsword (19) miss with flail.
nice for 8 hp.
  Heroes Behind Glass
You swing the glass door open, and swarm into the room to get an angle on 7-11. Helping Thaka inside, you close the door behind you to keep out spiderbot. You see it outside in the metal hall, scraping impotently against the glass. Let's just say Thren helps Thaka, as we haven't heard much from Thren and aren't therefore likely to in the next day. First round, both them are out.

Azoth, sounds like two misses. The guy's AC:10.

Theodore, two hits with the arrows. Ouch!

Spell goes off and it's a summoning. 7-11 brings in a bugbear. The bugbear attacks you Theodore! BR:7 is a miss with his morningstar.

KT can get one action in there in round 1. Thaka, you're to the point where you're basically immobile below the waist. But if they lean you against the wall, you can sort of fight as long as 7-11 doesn't move around so much. And now that all y'all are in here, honestly there's really nowhere he can go.


Round 2, 7-11 is casting again, and the bugbear's staying on Theodore. Let's see what you got heroes.
I also chase after this 711 guy. I pull out my spear as I run and toss it at him as soon as we all enter the room.

BR 8 is probably a no, but maybe he's distracted from casting and all those pretty lights? If so, 5 damage.

Next round I move in with my sword, BR 7 for 7 damage.
  Theodore Koppel
Wow, I got it. Oh, casting... After you Thaka.

I will shoot two arrows at Mr. 7-11 when able. BRs:18,13. Well, that's ACs: 2 and 7. 1 and 4 points, respectively.
  Casting Call
Okay Theodore, after doing something, the door seems to unseal a tad. You swing it open and enter the circular metal chamber after this guy!

  Theodore Koppel
Huh. Ok, I am going to follow Thaka. As I don't have armor or poisoned legs, I think I should be able to keep fairly close to Mr. 7-11.

If I just can get around this spider... BR:11. Dex check made handily.

So, might I try the controls while Thaka bashes the door? Hmm, red, green and white. I push white, red, green.
  Open Doors, And: Wait A Sec There Speedy
Sorry Thaka, but the glass like all magical undersea laboratory glass is Glassteel. Tink tink no cracky.

Pushing the white button does nothing.

7-11 yelps a bit and seems somewhat befuddled by the Dancing Lights. He's still rocking the control panels.


EDIT: Oh right. Actually, the main reason you're slow is because you failed two saves vs. a paralytic poison. The effect isn't wearing off, just the opposite. It cuts your move in half. Base is 15", in armor it's down to 12", and from the poison, you're moving at a 6" landspeed.

7-11 gets to the room in advance of you and has a bonus round in there. He manages to figure something out, and you see him emphatically turn some kind of dial...
well, I have a fair amount of weight moving along here. I don't do any of that trying different buttons bullshit. Looks like glass, maybe it breaks like glass.

I run as fast as I can and slam into the glass as I pull out my longsword. I will also use dancing lights on the poor guy to make some lights move around on the equipment panel to really distract him.

So maybe a Str check or open doors...

Str check is hrm not so good I made it with a 15 exactly....
Open Doors check from strength table hmmmm.... I got a 5 I needed a 2.
Attack roll on the door ehh a 10 on a d 20
I would assume I spend a round collecting myself. I would then try pressing the white button.
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