The Conclusion of B5...
Yeah, those are some good questions. It'll easily take 30 min to get back to the elevator from where you are, assuming no ex-paladin or other NPC nonsense. So not really an option. Of course, the magical voice could be lying about how much time you have left, but you doubt it.

To get to the mirrors, it takes three or four rounds from where Dave, Rupert, and Mike are. Each round is six seconds. So, you could get to Sarah's body in two rounds, leaping over the railing, loot her, and get back. You think. Plus maybe get a few rounds in if you feel like chancing it. So, in total, about 15 rounds left before the 90 sec countdown is over.

Your action sir.

Oh right, looting Sarah. That's probably a good idea. You and Brogg head back down to where Dave et al. are duelling it out. A few rounds have gone by...

Dave, if you'll consult the posts below, you'll see that the Heroic Rage gives you 18/00 STR, meaning that you get +6 to damage. That's a fucking lot of damage you dish out on round two. But in the meantime, Rupert gets a 13, hitting, next round 18, hitting, third round, 9, which actually hits you also. You take 25 hp in total from a good solid slicing. Down to 8. Round two, you manage to retaliate, doing 24 hp damage to the poor guy. Still standing, hence the round three smackback. Round four, however, Brogg and Cinder leap down! Cinder goes for Sarah's body, and Brogg flails wildly against Rupert's super platemail. Apparently, though, the distraction is what you need, Dave, as you cave in Rupert's skull with a final well-placed mace blow for 13 more. All the way down to -11, there's not much this sad, well-meaning paladin can do. Even Heaven is denied him. His body crumples to the ground covered in blood and bits of bone.

"60 seconds until this ancient weather station collapses!"

You guys quickly loot the two bodies- it takes awhile to extract platemail though, and collect Mike and his severed arm. Here's the loot count:

Platemail of Hyannis
Longsword of gold
Holy symbol of Isaac


You then dash up the scaffold, right as blue lightning strikes it, collapsing it beneath you! Dave, heavily laden down with plate armor, falls off the ledge! But Brogg thinks quick and is like "Hang on buddy... I gotcha... just grab my hand... there you go." And Brogg and Cinder help Dave back up. You then head into the observation chamber and get to the mirrors, right as you hear:

"10, no sorry, 3 seconds until this ancient weather station collapses!

You guys don't have a lot of time to consider the decision... which mirror to enter? Mountains or cave? First one to buzz in makes the call and wraps up the B module series! There's a shitload of xp to be had after all this, I'll tell ya.

Couple questions.

1)How long does it take to go back down the elevator?

2)How long does it take to make it to the mirrors, assuming they're on?

3)How many rounds of combat before this place collapses?

I just wanna make sure we make it out. But if I have time, I will loot Sarah's body.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Oh - does the heroic rage give me any bonuses to hit or damage? I'm so fucking angry... ANGRY!
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Rupert's going down.

First roll: 2. Poop.

Second roll: 20! Clobber! d6 gives 5, so 6 points, doubled to 12, right?

Third roll: 5.

Fourth roll: 19, d6 gives 6 (for 7 points).

Let me know how that goes. I've got Silence, cure light, and cause light left. How're we looking? After the combat, the cause light is for Mike, our Zombie friend, and the cure is for anyone who (post-combat) isn't walking. If we're leaving, I'm taking that suit of plate mail, even if I have to schlepp Rupert's dead body through the teleporters.
  That's What Friends Are For
Sure thing, Brogg. You carefully make it up to Cinder, trying not to bust your stitches. Sure enough, Cinder has a potion of healing. Alas, it seems Vrill is not in sight! You take in the impressive view of the observation chamber, and notice the strange magical control panel against the inner wall. It's flanked by what appear to be two large mirrors, with images of places in them! On the left is a view of some mountains. On the right, it's what looks to be a cave. You split the healing potion with Cinder, 1d4+1 each... 5 for Cinder, putting him at 2 hp, and 3 for you, putting you at 3.

You all hear a female voice saying "Levitation magics have now failed. All magical personnel evacuate. This ancient weather station will collapse in 90 seconds."

Two rounds later, you'll make it back to Rupert vs. Dave, and we'll see what's going on at that point.

(Addendum: Rupert's AC is 2, so each of you will need a modified 18 to hit. Good luck with that. Given this, it might be a good idea to provide a few rounds worth of rolls so that we can get through this combat in a day or so instead of the end of July.)
Ugh. Alright, I am going to cast Sanctuary on myself and then gently pull myself up that ladder just enough that I can get to Cinder. I think that he might still have a Potion of Healing on him. If he does, I am going to split it with him.

If that works out, I am going to do either one of two things: If Rupert is still up, I am going back down to help Dave finish him off. If Rupert is down, and if Vrill seems to be ignoring me, I am going to cut him hard with my broadsword. Either way, BR:14 that hits AC:5. 6 points of damage if I hit!
  Allow Me To Explain
So, the thing is that Vrill had a good two rounds on you. First, he started a level above you. Then, he used two rounds to make partial moves, essentially counting as a full round move. You know he's got the Running non-weapon proficiency, or he'd have three rounds on you.

So, with his two rounds, he gets to the view chamber. Then, he casts Alarm on the door and gets to work on the controls. Then, you enter. He's a good round away in the room, you can't make it there in time before he Magic Missiles you. Maybe he drank a Potion of Speed or something too, you never know, I don't really have to justify everything the NPCs do behind the screen. I mean, he was a Potion Guild Guildmaster, so he probably has a lot of potions, and he knew he was going on a tough adventure so he probably stockpiled a lot of useful ones. It's why he's an interesting and dangerous villain.

But you know what? As a favor to you, I'll let you get up there and attack Vrill. You basically have to throw the staff to get it in before he gets off the spell. So you hurl it at his face, giving him a bloody nose for 1 measely hp. He doesn't lose concentration though... maybe he drank a Potion of Great Concentration? You never know. As you go down, you hear him say: "Don't bother coming after me again, Meefer. I quit. The Potion Guild, adventuring, everything. You win, loser." Then it all goes black.

Hold on, -Vrill just magic missles me?! Don't you have to be casting to do that? Won't that make it initiative? If I open the door and see him, he can't just do that now. I have running, -I can easily close and swing.

Here, how bout this one:

Initiative: 8, +1 for dex is 9

To hit Vrill: 15

Damage: 1

So Vrill loses his stinkin spell. There. How bout that.
  Deja Vu
It's down to this.

Okay Dave, you scramble up the scaffold to Brogg and cast Cure Light Wounds, bringing Brogg up to a barely functioning 0 hp. Brogg, you feel like shit, your neck is still a little dribbly and has a horrible scar across it, but you're not going to die. Do too much, though, and you'll plummet to -1 and counting.

Cinder, you dash after Vrill, passing Dave and Brogg and heading on up. Mike the zombie says "Oh shit", being left with a fallen paladin looking for some grudge violence. Rupert pulls his sword out of his dead wife's abdomen and prepares to butcher some zombie.

Cinder, you get to the top of the weather station, reaching a small door Vrill just passed through. Pushing it open as stealthily as you can, you see a large, low ceiling observation room. Glass walls reveal the stormy sky outside, streaked with blue lightning. The room seems to wrap all around the top of the cloud city, er, weather station dome, kinda like the top of the Prudential Center in Boston or any other top level observation deck. Right as you enter, you see Vrill working some kind of control panel along the inner wall, flanked by what looks like a pair of giant mirrors! Vrill turns to you and says "Hey, remember this?" He flips you off with both hands, and Magic Missiles you again. You take 5 hp, dropping you to -1 and falling. Brogg and Dave, you look up to see Cinder's body get blasted by dos magic missilos.

Dave, you leap back down to give Rupert the what-for. Mike the zombie, haplessly, swings a punch at Rupert for 3 hp! Rupert's not looking the greatest. He'd lay on hands, except, you know, he just commited wifocide, that whole angel thing, you guys remember, don't you? Anyway, he turns his head to look in your direction Dave, casually swinging another backhand to lop off Mike's left arm! Mike the zombie drops moaning a typically zombie "Noooooooo".

Dave, it's come down to this. You vs. the ex-paladin. You got mad heroic rage probably for at least a few more rounds now. Brogg, you have limited functionality at the time being. Cinder is dying and Vrill is probably getting away again.

Next round up.
I take off after Vrill. I'm gonna try to catch up with him. We both have to climb, but only one of us does it for a living, and he also has to go through a door up top.

I'll roll a climb walls to increase my movement rate up the ladder!

BR: 57%

How wounded does that wizard look Rob?

"Zombie Mike! Aim for Vrill!!! He's the one that killed you in the first place!"
  Dave, fist of Odin
Cure Light Wounds on Brogg! Cure Light Wounds on Brogg!

And then, Rupert's gotta die. Bummer that Vrill is running away, but I gotta save my girl!
  A Kick-Ass Round
Really, this round has it all: murder, betrayal, danger, damnation, and salvation. It makes Shakespeare look like Phantom Menace.

Okay, so where were we? Right, Brogg throws the flaming oil, generally pissing everyone off. But it's not enough to stop Vrill's Sleep spell! And Brogg goes down. Dave, it'll take a round to get up a level to where Brogg is- he's a level above you guys on the collapsing scaffolding. So you begin to climb up.

While we're on the subject though, Vrill, for his next round, does a totally dick move. He heads over to Brogg, pulling out his belt knife, and with a big evil grin, slices open Brogg's neck. Brogg, as your lifesblood pours out, you wake up, but all you can do is gasp in horror of your imminent doom. Coup de grace is only a partial action, so as Vrill sees you get on up Dave, he yells: "Sayonara, ladies! You guys have fun falling to your deaths. And Priests of Isaac? Fuck you, your god sucks. I take pity on your sad religion." Vrill runs off, heading up to the top level of the scaffolding, where you see a door marked "For Emergency Use Only".

Meanwhile, down below, Cinder, 19 is a nice shot. Y0u take the butt of the dead ogre's quarterstaff and flip Sarah's jug out of her hands, catching it, and in one sweet move, launching it towards the sleeping about-to-be-assassinated Brogg. It sails nicely over Brogg, into the flames of the broken control panel, where the Jug shatters into a million pieces with an extra explosion.

Dave, you snap out of your geas funk and realize with Heroic Rage burning in your veins that those Priests Of The Jug had you duped. However, you might have some more pressing business with the gasping, dying half-orc at your feet. Finally, you hear the voice of Hyannis in your head: "Please don't forget to save me from this awful man."

However, you seem to not be the only one coming out of the geas! Cinder and Dave, you hear Rupert utter a low "You... fucking.. bitch." You turn to see hate in the paladin's once-pious eyes, as he turns to his wife, who has a look of horror on her face. She looks deep into your eyes Cinder, as tears form in her eyes, and Rupert's face goes red with some unknown hatred. She looks to her husband and manages to get out "Honey, I..." before Rupert yells "DIE!" and skewers her with the sword of gold! She kicks on the end of his sword, blood coming out of her mouth instead of apologies, as Rupert holds onto the blade while she drops to her knees, before collapsing on top of the shaking walkway. Rupert himself then comes back to his senses, falling back against the railing and hanging his head in complete shame.

As you guys take this all in, there's a clap of thunder. At first you think it's more shit from the magic lightning ball, but no. There's a glowing white light that appears in front of you Cinder, and a strangely familiar looking guy appears. He stands before Rupert and says:

"I am Zoltar, divine servant Of The Jug. You have failed in your duties and as a man, Rupert Dionyse. I hearby revoke your paladinhood, your Lawful Good alignment, and your status In The Jug. You are thus sentenced to live out the remainder of your most assuredly short life as a Lawful Neutral Fighter. Good luck with that."

Then the angel disappears, leaving Rupert to his despair. He's snapped out of it, though, by two paws of fury. The bobcat claws his sad face for 2 hp, before the bobcat's duration disappears and he disappears in a little cat-sized gate. Mike the zombie reloads the crossbow, but misses the ex-paladin due to his awesome plate mail.

Back in rotation. Brogg, dying. Dave and Cinder, actions?
Oww! Hot coffee! Well that oil should have ruined Sarah's big spell you alluded to, yes?

And hearing Dave's words, I go right for that Jug that Sarah held aloft. I'm gonna kill two birds w/ one stone by snatching the jug out of her hands and hurling it right at Brogg to wake him up.

Blogeroll....wait for it...No fucking shit a 19! I hurl it at Brogg with all my might (sorry if you take damage buddy, but that's kind of the point. You need to quit snoozing.)

BR: 9. Hmm. Miss.

I then step out of the flames that Brogg engulfed me in.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Hey - can the bobcat grab Sarah's jug?

Can I grab it?

If the Bobcat can - great. If not, I'll have him threaten Rupert; maybe Rupie'll spend a round away from us.

I'll try to wake Brogg up for a round. Am I in contact with the Whore of Hyannis? Can I have her help keep Rupert from being such a tanky bitch?
Excellent! Now, is Vrill able to get off his sleep spell while he is burning? That was the plan...
  Hot Burning Love
Excuse me, genius. Okay, then, all y'all are covered in hot burning oil courtesy Brogg. Everyone takes 1d6:

Vrill: 1
Rupert: 2
Sarah: 2
Cinder: 3
Dave: 3
Mike: 5
Abby: 1
Bobcat: 3

Waiting on Cinder's action.
Hey WTF? I lit my oil using the fire burning on the control panel before I tossed it, a la Molotov Cocktail! Is the DM skimming my blogs?

I am not throwing unlit oil!
  Direct Miss
Okay Brogg, you manage to cover everyone, PC and NPC, in highly flammable oil. No fires going on as of yet, but let's just hope no one you like gets the blue lightning ball apple.

Vrill, unperturbed, Sleeps the hell out of you Brogg. You fall into darkness...

Dave: 33/22, rage of heroes. Cinder: 7/16. Brogg: 6/14, sleeping. Mike: who knows? One bobcat action left.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Hey Cinder - if you grab Sarah's holy symbol jug and smash it, I can start the clobbering that I love so much... until then, it looks like I'm fucked.

Unless anyone needs a cure. HP check?
Fat boy?! Nice comeback, Greg! I bet you were always the last chosen for kickball, huh?

Alright, I am going to light my last two vials of oil (from the control panel fire) dropping one down on Sarah, and tossing one up at Vrill. If Vrill seems to be dropping that Sleep, then he gets it first.

At Vrill, BR:16! That's AC:3, pretty close!
At Sarah, BR:7. That's AC:12, Watch out below!
  Vrill Called You "Fat Boy"
Okay Cinder, nice work, Sarah's seriously losing her Jug Cool. You clobber her with the ogre's staff, causing her to misfire. She narrows her eyes, looks at you, and pulls out that jug holy symbol, saying "Okay, thief. Prepare for some pity." She holds the ceramic jug high above her head, and prepares another spell...

Dave, unfortunately, very few of your plans can work out this round, as you're still geased. You see that jug held high, you'd love to send bobcat/badger tagteam to take care of that shit, but you just can't seem to find it in you. Doubly unfortunately, Rupert seems to be able to inflict damage on you. Or so he tries... but the badger interposes and gets cleaved in half on your behalf! He says "En garde forest friend!" and totally destroys it. Instead you just down a couple potions, healing and heroic rage. Which is currently impotent rage, but maybe that can be rectified? Anyway, you're healed for 7, plus you gain another 12 heroic rage hp. You also get Ogre Strength, so you're now +3 to hit, +6 on damage if there was anyone you could attack.

Barney attacks Mike the zombie, hitting! Because zombies' AC ain't so good. Mike gets pissed and he and Abby attack the poor farmer, doing 7 hp, dropping him. But, being zombies, just because he's down doesn't mean they'll stop attacking and eating him. Barney's broadsword is still stuck in Mike's ribcage. Some skin falls off, helping Mike along on that zombie->skeleton thing which is sort of long time coming.

Brogg, your spell affects Vrill. You know it worked, as he yells "Oh god! I'm blind!" But then he counterspells your magic with a Darkness spell of his own! "Take that, fat boy. I can see again!" He then continues his movements upwards...

Dave, you've only got one bobcat round left before Rupert goes to town with that sword of gold. Cinder, you've got a feeling Ms. Spell means business this time. Brogg, you've got a bad feeling that a sleep spell or something is coming online.

Not to mention that the whole weather station is quickly imploding and that means you guys are 100' up shit creek without a paddle.

Next round.
Cinder's eyes narrow on Sarah as he scoops up the Ogre's staff with the blade broken clean off. He lays into her with his brand new quarterstaff with a...16 again to hit!

And rolls a maximum 6 hit points damage to her and her spell!! "Nobody fucks with the Durth mining college!! You hear me Vrill?! You see this?! You're next!!!"

Looks at Mike the Zombie "Keep firing that crossbow buddy."
  Dave, Fist of Odin
What I REALLY want to do is send my critter buddies towards the bitch who Geased me, and her husband, and that Vrill cocksucker. I want that whore back, and I don't care if she's in my mace, or my armor, or my motherfuckin' jockstrap - I miss the crazy bitch talking in my head when there's clobbering to be done!

Yes, that's right. Vrill likes the choad. I mean, everyone knows it - doesn't matter if he was married, had a daughter - he's still a polesmoker. Hey - I'm not judging, I'm just saying that he is, you know?

Or was. Was, 'cuz he's going down. Going down harder than he used to! Get it?

Anyway. I want the badger and bobcat to fuck Rupert up, and then work on Vrill. If I can't send my support critters towards the juggies and Vrill, they're off towards the kid and the undead bitch, and whoever's rolling with that crew.

I also want to cast 'hold' on Vrill, Rupert, and Sarah - and that's a -1 to their saves for only three targets, yes? - but if I feel like I can't do that then I drink my Potion of Heroic Rage. And then I go for Sarah's holy symbol - I want to grab it, and smash it, and make her cry. And then, in order, I'll fuck up:

a) Rupert, 'cuz of what he did to my lady mace
b) Vrill, for being a complete and utter cockmonger
c) Sarah, for that fucking curse, or geas, or whatever
d) Anyone else that isn't Brogg, or Cinder, or Mike (our Zombie Friend), or Abbey, or a crazy bobcat, or an angry badger.

Let me know how it all goes down. I roll an 18 on my save. Rob - you need any other rolls from me? Next round, unless I'm too angry, I'll drink a healing potion.
Seven Heavens? How about Nine Hells, Vrill?

I cast light upon Vrill's eyes! If that works, I am going to try to shove him off of the platform. You can roll whatever I need.

You eat shit, Wizard!
  Barney's Last Charge
Okay Brogg, the lightning zaps you for 5. Drinking the potion puts you to full (don't forget, guys, that the potions are better than Cure Lights... they're 1d8+2). You then get the hell out of melee with Rupert and Sarah, grabbing onto the upper railing and pulling yourself up. Vrill spots you and Magic Missiles you for 5 and 3 = 8 hp! You then swing your sword, hitting him back for a solid 8. "Yowlp" he says, and drinks a healing potion. In the next round, he casts Shield on himself, so his AC is now 2! "Good luck hitting me now!" he says, laughing. He also is taking partial moves the hell away from the burning control panel.

"You are a total, complete, paragon of morons," leers the fallen Guildmaster. "You just destroyed the last command center for this weather station. We're all going to die when it falls off the mountain in like two minutes. But I DON'T CARE. Just knowing that I'll've KILLED YOU before we all die will bring me satisfaction and secure my place in the Seven Heavens. Eat shit, half-orc."

Sure enough, in addition to all the craziness, the whole room begins to shake. Some of the scaffolding is struck by an errant bolt and collapses! Most of the Grito Posse, except the priestess of Zelba, flee screaming from the room. The little kid takes one last look around and says "Daddy, I'm coming home." He runs. The middle-aged guy, however, pulls out a rusty broadsword and charges up the scaffold into melee with y'all. He looks totally freaked out and berserk. "THIS IS FER ME APPLEBEE" he yells, or something like that that makes no sense.
Holy Mother of Grisbane, who is this Rupert guy?!

BR: 17 for the Zelba save. Go back to your plot and rot, Miss Reaper!
BR: 1 for the lightning, ugh.

If that hurts me bad, I am going to drink my Potion of Healing, BR:7.

If not, I am going to charge Vrill. Heck either way, I am charging Vrill. BR:11, hitting AC:8 with the broadsword when I get to him.

It all ends here, Greg!

  Hero Donkey Punches the LG Priestess
Nice move Cinder.

You sneak up behind the Lawful Good priestess and backstab her. Or really, it's more of a 'donkey punch'. In any case, she takes the 4 and loses her spell. Looking pissed, she turns to you and pulls out her mace! She clocks you for 3! You have 7/16 now.

Dave, Lord Rupert's sporting some new plate mail that looks pretty familiar! He's got his turd-shaped tabard over it, but you recognize some familiar dings. There's more, though... the plate mail occasionally seems to have a soft glow about it, and you think you hear in your head the commanding voice of... the Whore of Hyannis! In Rupert's plate mail! "Help me, great cleric of Odin," says the mace-mail.

Ogre John sticks Rupert good with the bladed staff, basically breaking off the blade in Rupert's armor. Rupert retailiates by doing a kickass move. He feints left, jumps up onto the railing while Ogre John smashes the staff into the ground, causing the whole scaffold to shake. Balancing on the railing, he does a backflip behind Ogre John, then swings his sword of gold high, backwards, in a single stroke beheading the ogre. He holds that pose for a second while time seems to stop, everyone admiring his amazing technique. He does a 180, and kicks the ogre's dead body- still standing- to its knees. Lady Sarah kisses him, and he turns back to you, Dave.

"Ha! Yes!" yells Vrill over the lightning. "See? See what you get for hanging around with those guys? Death! Big death! Death is what you get!"

Lady Sarah is going down. Well, not really since I have no weapon, but she will lose her healing spell if I have anything to say about it.

She rushed down into melee, so I will backstab her. With my fist.
I'm doing this at the end of the round since I differed, or the beginning of next or however that works out.


Damage = 2 doubled is 4!

Just so you know Rob, I am going to try and keep fucking up Sarah's heals on Rupert, and the second he goes down I am gonna scoop up his "longsword +2 vs. adventures" and go nuts on Vrill if he's still up. If not, I'll attack the adventurers that came after us, starting with Skull lady.
  Crazy Magics
Okay, first full round. Lots to see and do.

Brogg, you begin reading the Flame Strike scroll. Flame Strike is a full round spell, though, so it'll go off next round.

Dave, the kid with the slingshot yells, "I am Jacobo, son of Jacob. I am your doom." He slingshots you for... 20 double damage! You take 2 points from the stone, right in the face!

The gnome with monkey Magic Missiles you Brogg, yelling "And this is for my arm! You suck!" It's one missile for 3 hp. "Hell yeah!" he yells... "Vrill... you're next!"

Vrill yells back: "Appprentice Gerald... why are you doing this? Nice Magic Missile, but you should stay focused on those meddling PCs below! I am NOT your enemy!"

The gnome retorts: "I'm not your apprentice anymore, bitch." He and the monkey start dancing some more.

The priestess was about to Turn Undead, but instead recogs the spell you're doing Brogg, casting another spell and backing faaaarr away from Vrill and Rupert. Rupert, meanwhile pulls out a crossbow and shoots you, Dave, saying "We meet again, heretic. Taste a crossbow of God." Toink, 4 more hp.

Dave, potion drank, healing the damage you received this round, back to 14/22. Badger comes online. Please see sidebar in case you're wondering about badger stats. We'll put that 20, 17, and 5 right to work. The badger appears right in front of the gnome who yells "Oh shit! BADGER! Guys, badger! Right here!" The badger grabs the monkey with one paw, bites its head off, and throws the monkey's headless body at the gnome, who runs out of the room screaming.

A blue bolt of lightning strikes the middle-aged guy for 4, causing him to go cower in the corner. The veil-less woman also thinks about fleeing. The veiled woman, however, removes her veil, revealing...

...a skull!

She then says in a creepy voice:

Zelba is unhappy that you yet walk across these lands. Come with me to her demesne. Priests, cower in fear before The Old One.

All clerics, make a save vs spells. WI bonus applies. Dave, your next blogroll, 12, does the job. Brogg?

Cinder, you sneak off behind one of the giant pylons that connect the three or four scaffolding levels. You hear an enraged Vrill yell: "Now what? Where'd the human battery go? Shit." If you want, next round you can try to either get up to Vrill et al., or you can jump down to the undead priestess of Zelba.

Mike the zombie crossbows Lady Sarah, 4 hp.

Brogg, Flame Strike. Nice. A pillar of fire races down from the sky, engulfing Vrill, Rupert, and the control panel, which totally explodes! Vrill and Rupert scream, looking very hurt, but maybe a little less than you expected? Rupert says "The gloves are off. I shall slay each one of you painfully." He leaps over the railing and enters melee with you, Brogg and Dave. Lady Sarah rushes down to cure him, which she'll do next round. Brogg and Dave, you can't melee with them this round as they're moving. Vrill drinks a healing potion and prepares to cast. The boy drinks a potion, becoming immune to the attacks of the Badger, and slingshots you again Dave! Whiff. The priestess of Zelba also prepares to cast this round. Ogre John prepares to melee with Rupert.

Dave, you bring in the bobcat support. Where are the badger and bobcat going now? Cinder and Brogg, actions? HP check, Dave 14/22. Brogg, 11/14. Cinder, 10/16. You've got three casters, one melee guy, one 'archer'. Plus, everyone make a save vs. wands from the blue lightning ball! Brogg, don't forget your Zelba spell save.

Do it.
Descent into Depths is an old school 1st Edition AD&D adventure run by the Infinity Group.

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