Special Defenses Of The Wolfman, Take II
Sorry Dave, I guess you missed your WI check or something, because, you know, you're fighting a Werewolf. And you need silver or magic weapons to hit. And I bet Cinder all looks over at you and says "told ya so". Because you don't have silver or magic weapons, just a mace that some priest found in the back of the storeroom. The werewolf laughs at you.

Brogg: 21/21
Cinder: 2/20
Dave: 17/28
Marivhon: -3 and counting
Mike: well, he's armless, really. Ha ha!

You've been better but you've been worse. Is... does that ring a bell for anyone? Seems like it's a line from a song... "I've been better but I've been worse..." Anyone? I'd bet on Dave for the song lyrics.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Hokay. Save? BR 10, which makes P-lyze/Poison/Death, and no other saves. Uh-oh?

Next round to hit: BR 16, which hits AC 2. Damage BR 5, for 7 points damage.

I'm trying to stun this thing, too.

The round after that: BR 3 to hit. AC 15 . . .

Can I get an HP check?
  Bad Look Of The Wolfman
Good thinking Marivhon! Of course, rolling a 1 is awful, and the wolfman lets you know. Two claw hits and, look at that, crit fumb with the bite, but it won't matter... you take 10 hp as the wolfman knocks the sword out of your hands and hurls your puny 1st level body against the wall. Down and dropping.

Dave, one more claw hit on you in the following round, where Brogg misses, you take 6 more.

The wolfman is looking bad.
Ok I pick up Cinders sword while he's down and attack.
BR 1! excellent.
I try again if I am still up.....heh.
BR 2 better but still not so good.
I toss the sword to Brogg or Cinder if cinder is back up.
I then try to attack open-handed.
6 guess I'm done.
maybe really done if that fumble works out like I expect.
Th' eyes of Grisbane! No doubt, this Wolfman is a Lycanthrope! Ahh, not only do we need silver or magic to wound him, but that means his bite carries the same awful disease that turned him so!

Aye, it's true, and don't ask me how I know.

Marivhon, this is no Half-breed, this is a man possessed with the Spirit of the Wolf! Give him no quarter!

My gauntlets are enchanted. I pummel him! BR:7. That's a miss.

Next round, BR:14, that's hits AC:3, for d2? BR:2, 4 points of fisty-cuff damage! Take that, you perversion of Nature!
  Special Defenses Of The Wolfman
Okay, Brogg, Dave, and Mike jump into the fray. Cinder, you're back up to 2. Dave, you didn't roll, so I'll roll for you... hmm, miss with a 7. Wolfman steps up and... miss, miss, hit with the bite! Hell yeah there, 6 - 1 = 5 hp damage and make a save vs. poison.

Then, Brogg, and everyone really, I've got some bad news for ya. That 20? No good. Maybe it was because you all were missing, or really hadn't fought too much, or it was only Marivhon hitting for 1 hp, but your big wallop has no effect. So sorry!

Mike the zombie doesn't figure it out in time, and backstabs, to no effect.
Sure thing, Dave, Fist of Odin, knock yourself out. Or, the Wolfman, rather...

Ok, I am going to Cure Light Wounds Cinder, BR:4. That should put you at 2hp, my man.

After that, I am going to join Dave, Fist of Odin in the beatdown.
BR:20! Yeah! 6x2=12 points of subdual.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Hunh. Brogg, even though you get the two attacks per round, I think my AC makes me a better choice for toe-to-toe with wolfie, so one of us can get Cinder back up and around. So unless you're filled with rage at this guy, I go up and smack him one.

Can someone remind me of the subdual or non-lethal damage rules we're using here? I want to knock this guy out but leave him (or her, I guess - being a wolfMAN sort of implies maleness, but us Fists of Odin hate assuming - it makes an ass out of 'u' and 'ming', you know...)

Ummm - yeah, so I'd like to knock the wolfthing out but leave it alive, unless I get like a minus 10 to hit and half damage or something. Rob - I leave it in your hands.
  Smackdowned By The Wolfman
Okay, let's just take care of a couple rounds here... (rolling for the wolfman)

Marivhon, still need a couple rounds from you, but Cinder, okay, you backstab and miss. Then you do 9 hp, and the wolfman is looking bad, real bad. He retaliates with 14 hp total, but, fuckin-a, no bite hits.

Cinder falls to -2 and dropping just as the other PCs enter! You see: an angry bloody Wolfman!
  Dave, Fist of Odin
I am changing my tactics - I no longer want to summon a badger, and I'm thinking about attacking to subdue, or non-lethal damage, or just dropping him to unconsious, or whatever the rule thing is for the edition we're using. As I run to the cave, I mention this to Brogg - what do you say?

I mean, I'm bringing a mace, not a boquet of roses here - this guy's gotta be put down. But maybe we can do it and get him some help, if he needs it. If he's just some wolf-man stroke, though . . . well, us Fists are pretty much focused on the clobbering.
Alright there are times to be a flashy monk and learn about open handed attacks.
This is not one of those moments. I stare down the Wolf-Man and swing my staff. I call out "over here" to the following Dave and the rest.
staff BR 14 to hit which I think misses doh.
I call out again, I guess. meep.
Wooahhh! Slow down.

When Cinder sees the wolfman retreat into the cave, Cinder is gonna Hide in shadows and go in to go for the backstab (as posted way earlier).

Hide in Shadows:24!

So before the wolfman can swing on Cinder, he has to contend with a BR:2 to hit, +4 for suprise and +1 for the sword. That's a 7 modified. Fuck.

Ok...save vs. poison...I think I know what this is about and I really want to make this...

BR:16 No magical rabies for Cinder this round.

Cinder now swings on the Wolfman proper. BR:18, Damage = 8 +1 = 9!! Max damage yo.

Here is a couple more rounds:
I miss the next 2 rounds after this.

"Nice blow Marivhon! He doesn't look too woozy though..."

  Bite Of The Wolfman
Clarifications: As posted, the Wolfman was 'like nine feet tall', and 9' > 6'6", so sorry, once again no stunning. And also as posted, the Wolfman grabbed 'the Odin/Violator tote bag that the arm was still holding', the thinking being that Mike had the tote bag in one hand, and used the other hand to pull out the torch.

So Dave, you can grab the torch from Mike, although Mike is happy to come along. He's got Running as a NWP, so he's pretty fast as zombies go. Dave, Brogg, and Mike, you'll be a couple rounds delayed.

We've got 1 hp from Marivhon and 3 hp from Cinder. Cinder, the Wolfman turns on you with a snarl... hit, miss hit with the bite! 8 hp damage and make a save vs. poison!
Me and the C eh.
alright, well I guess I attack and try and help Cinder get a shot on the WM's back.
So I BR another frickin 19 to hit this punk.
for another 1 hp of damage. Beautiful.
I can stun a 6'6 creature that doesn't weigh over 300 lbs. How big is this guy? I look around and try to see if there is some way to trap him in here if I try to hold the entrance to the cave.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Yup - following along. Magic Platemail gives me fast movement, right? Well, maybe just not slow movement. Let me know when I catch up.

And didn't the wolfman grab Mike's magic torch?

When I catch up, I clobber. BR 12, so a miss. If the wolfman's still active and grouchy, I then bring a badger online.
Yeah, I will follow along, but in all fairness, I think that I will be a round or two back.

I grab Mike's torch as I head after the boys.
  Cave Of The Wolfman
Well, it was a good effort for the dust devil, but this just isn't his kind of fight. Sorry buddy.

Marivhon and Cinder, no problem, you guys can pace the wolfman, especially with infravision and all those other skills you guys mentioned. Dave and Brogg, are you coming?

M&C, you chase the monster for about twenty minutes through the dark wood behind Shady Orchards. Finally, you reach a small rock bluff... in the moonlight you can make out a cave! The wolfman heads inside.

You guys enter shortly thereafter, and find the wolfman ready for round two. (Er, round three. Or maybe round one of the new combat.) He's living in a dingy cave, and you see the remains of a couple familiar looking soccer jerseys... Whoops, sorry, forget I mentioned that. You have no light. All you know is that there is a cave and an angry, wounded wolfman, who's ready to finish this...

Start it up.
I chase too I mean a monk has one thing going for him and thats movement 15. I have half-elven sight and will chase the lumbering giant. I also have a good dex so whats up fuzzy bub.

Plus I'm not even a werewolf yet....
Shit, Dusty has a range of 3". I kick dirt on Dusty.

Can I get a crossbow shot? I have infravision. BR:6 for my crossbow shot. I'll mark that off.

Oh, Geez, Mike the Zombie 1k... sorry about that.
Goddamnit someday Cinder's running proficiency will do something for him, and that day is today as far as he's concerned. Cinder takes off right after the wolfdude twice as fast as usual. The wolfman is big, so he's gotta be crashing through the brush, and Cinder, while he does not have infravision, has blind fighting, so he's not completely in the dark (haha). Plus it's a full moon.

Remember that the wolfman went last, so Cinder, for his round starts chasing immediately.

If Cinder can close the gap, he's gonna go for the back again.

If it looks like the wolfman is faster and will get away, 2 bow shots at him, but Cinder really wants to catch this guy.

BR:19 and 7, so one bow hit for 5 damage only if the wolfman is faster and is getting away.

If he has to fire the bow, Cinder will then continue to follow if he can, in hopes of another shot later.

  The Wolfman Escapeth
Okay, we've got a miss from Cinder and a bobcat from Dave... two misses Bob, sorry. Then the Wolfman clobbered Brogg. Mike the zombie swings his torch! Miss.

Back in it, Cinder gets a nice backstab for 8 x 3 =24 pts of damage... the Wolfman hates that. Brogg, CLW, okay. Marivhon, you don't really do much again, and nope, the Wolfman is too big to be stunned for your level. Dave, oof, just barely missed... the Wolfman is very dextrous and good at dodging! He's AC 4 FYI.

Marivhon, sure enough, it looks like it might be a full moon. No other howls are heard...

Wolfman is pissed! He attacks the zombie decoy... 12 hp, ripping Z1000's arm right off at his shoulder! The Wolfman howls in victory, or maybe defeat, given his next action- he then bounds away, jumping over the fence and into the night!

And he took the Odin/Violator totebag that the arm was still holding.

Mike yells a zombie yell and rushes the fence. Normally, being a thief, he would climb walls, but with only one arm, he can't do much but make these pathetic little jumps. "MY... ARMMMMMM!!!!" he moans.

Bob and Dusty mack.
My Dust Devil, Dusty, has 8hp and an AC:4.

When he is up, he dusts the Wolfman BR:18! Yeah, for 3 points. Go Dusty!

Barring the need to heal myself again, I swing on the Wolfguy, BR:10. That hits AC:6. I don't know if that cuts it, but 9 points if it does.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Hey all!

I charge the wolfman, shrugging off the week-long reverie I've been in.

Here are a couple of rounds:

1) Bring a bobcat online. That's kinda the anti-wolf, and I'm wondering if they'll just destroy themselves in a flash of pure energy.

2) The clobbering. BR 13 hits AC 5. Damage? Why, BR 4 for 6 points.

That should hold me for now. We'll see what's up after a round of bobcatting and clobbering.
BR to hit yeah 19 if 5 over yad e yada.
Damage yes 1 pt with my bare hands.
ah well I ask "can you speak, you little freak?"
I am pretty smart so I check the moon.....listen for other howls yah know.
thats all kids.
Whoa, that guy closed the gap pretty fast!

Alright, for my part, I drop a Cure Light Wounds on myself, BR:3, sweet. I am at 10hp.

Ok, after that, I am going to bring in a Dust Devil!

Dave, Fist of Odin, look alive, eh?!
Cinder goes down the list:

Hidden, -check.
Wolfman has a back, -check.
+4 to hit from suprise, -check.
+1 to hit from magic sword, -check.

BR to hit = 4, -check.


Well, here are some rolls for the next couple of rounds...

BR:13 hits AC 4 adjusted for 8 damage
BR:16 hits AC 1 adjusted for 3 damage
BR:12 hits AC 5 adjusted for 9 damage
BR:17 hits AC 0 adjusted for 6 damage

That should do it for a few rounds. Brogg, I hope you're not a Lycanthrope now, but if anybody is gonna be, it's kinda fitting that it's you. You know, Grisbane and all. Just throw another breed into your mix, -it's all good.
  The Wolfman Always Hits Twice
"RRAWWL!" yells the dangerous Wolfman into the gloomy night! Brogg, he shrugs off the rock and pounces at you, let's see... 16, 20, 8! One claw hit, one claw double damage! You take... 14 hp from the Wolfman's dangerous claws! Good job Wolfman!
A wolfman?

I jump up out of the bushes, wave my arms and yell, "Hey, get out of here! Yeah, scram!" I toss a rock at him. BR:13 that's AC:5.

Does he run away?

And BTW, Mike the Zombie 1k keeps his continual light torch in his Odin the Violator tote bag.
Oh no! a Werewolf....heh wait. I'm lawful evil and worship a god of Half-Breeds.

Ah well, BR 11 to hit. which doesn't.
I'm done.
  The Wolfman Did Not Expect The Zombie To Have A Magic Torch
Okay Marivhon, you leave your 200 gp with the Red Lotus Gang. You offer to team up with them later to take on the Grand Master of Flowers, but they're all like "naw, don't worry about it, we're going to go kick their ass right now." The ninjas give each other high-fives, each do a shot at the bar, then get in formation and march off towards the MOP. Huh.

Gregolas says: "yeah dude, no problemo. Meditation and shit, right, you're into Grisbane too huh? That's cool man, real cool. I'm into Grisbane too man. I'm like a priest and shit, you know? Droppin' 1st circles and shit, pretty swank. Tell ya what, because we're like, brothers in god and stuff, let's do an eighth for 10 gps? Cool? Buy four get one free, you can call that my Gregolas Special. And this shit is good, let there be no denial, you can call it my Gregolas Special Blend. Here, take a free sample toke. Shit, it's like I'm the little guy at the grocery store, you know? All like, hey dude, check out this cheese... first cube's free! So check out my little free cube of awe-fuckin-some marijuana."

So while that's being what it is, Cinder and Brogg really are alert as fuck, verb pluralization be damned. And sure enough... it comes tonight.

You guys see a big shape slink over the fence, at some god-awful hour like 3:10 AM. Marivhon's probably just passed out in the bushes. The giant wolf creature creeps over to where Mike is standing around in his soccer jersey... closer and closer, and then maybe Brogg, you yell "NOW!" and Mike pulls out the continual light torch.

Don't ask how you go about pulling out a continual light torch. This is one of those things that works just fine in table top, but sort of defies rational explanation, like, you know, magic, pause-and-study, blind fighting, and iron cloth.

(Shit. I totally missed my chance to iron cloth you guys when you fought all those monks.


Anyway, Mike pulls it out! Revealing... a giant wolfman, like nine feet tall and looking pretty damn bad-ass!

This clearly catches Wolfman by surprise. Do your things, everyone.
Brogg suggests that Cinder take Subject-Verb Agreement as his next nonweapon proficiency.

Cinder suggests you take 'shut the fuck up' for yours.

Haha, just kidding. He doesn't suggest that at all. But don't dis on Cinder's way of speechification, -he's from the hood, and that's the language of the streets my friend. Ebonics. So sorry if he doesn't talk 'white' enough for you. Don't be so racist, it's very un-Grisbane.
Well Rob I don't want a refund even if I could get one. I tell the Red Lotus Guys that maybe after we're through with the Grito thing they could team up with the Blackwalls and Odins cats and help clear up this MOP thing. I try to find out a safe house of the Red Lotus guys so even if they do someting stupid maybe someone will be around to special train me.

As for the pixie I just ignore him as I jam a gp down his throat telling him not to mention any more stupid ideas, but to keep working so he doesn't lose hope.

I hang out in the Orchard practicing monk shit like jumping from log to log and what not.

Wis check as I go to help the guys a 9 for what it's worth.
MS 44
HS 70
I also try to score from Gregolas some kind of drug that might make me meditate better and get more wise. Maybe money spent could go towards special training.
Wisdom check, BR:10, Yep.

Cinder: Hey Rob, I also has Alertness as one of his non-weapon profs, does that apply here?

Brogg suggests that Cinder take Subject-Verb Agreement as his next nonweapon proficiency.

Ready and waiting. Don't forget my Half-Orc infravision.
"A... good... man... will... die... tonight..."

Cinder smiles. "Great Abbey! I'm not one of those!"

Ok. Cinder decides to forget about the garlic since he wants to remain hidden, and garlic is actually pretty stinky.

Hide in shadows:31%
Now maybe some of you look at the 31 percent and say "aww man, 5th level thief probably needs a 30 or lower, -shucks, just missed it." Let's just refer to the reference page here....one sec...5th level...thief...ahh yes, 31% or lower!! Cinder smiles as he places one final twig over his left shoulder, perfecting his camo.

Hey Rob, I also has Alertness as one of his non-weapon profs, does that apply here? I'll roll it just in case. Also, Cinder has blind fighting so he's pretty good in the dark, eh?


Alert as fuck.
He actually did a few lines of blow with Charles before the stakeout, so you know he's on point.

Cinder grips his blackened sword and prepares to strike...
  I Usually Don't Call For WI Checks As Often As I Would For Table-Top Because It Tends To Slow Down The Game
Okay, you guys prepare to stake out the zombie-wolf-thief thing tonight. Mike the zombie, or 'Z1000' as he likes to be called, will stand out in the orchards. Brogg and Cinder (and presumably Dave and li'l Marivhon) will hide in some nearby hedges, downwind.

Garlic and silver, huh? Okay, well, buy what you need. Silvered weapons, recall, cost x10 the normal PH retail value. Garlic, well, whatever, you can find some cloves in SO's garden if you want. "Aw shit, kid," says Gregolas. "I was gonna make a killer garlic stew, you know, get some rigatoni goin."

Cinder, you try talking to Abby. Her dead eyes stare at you and it's really pretty creepy. You don't know if she's listening or not, but then her eyes roll back into her dead head and she intones:

"A... good... man... will... die... tonight..."

Hmm. You back away slowly.

Everybody gets in position. Okay, hours slip away, and you get pretty tired and sick of waiting in the cold and the dark... what happened to your goddamn R&R?


(Everyone make a WI check...)
You know, Cinder has never really interacted with Abbey that much.

"Hey Abbey, how are you? Everything good?"
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