I roll from the D,
keep it fresh and cleen.
Got the rocks and the bags
Up on the triple beam.

I don't have to rap,
I could sell a mill sayin' nothing on the track.
I represent the D
If you forgot I'll bring it back.

Those that know me know I focus on the green,
Though the girls like me cause the way I lean.
When I pop the switch that take away the top,
My grillz glint and my ice gleam.
Do we see anything else around? BR 10.

I head towards the building.

KT, you think you can rig up some bio-diesel from some of the vegitation or seaweed?


  Theodore Koppel

I've got 10gp. some red robes and a bone wand.

No spells. No weapons.

I kinda wait for someone to take the lead.

I guess I draw my wand too.
  Let's Get This Sub On The Road
Azoth, nope. All your money and your stuff is gone. Huh.


Theo, none of those commands reveal anything useful. In 'Safe Mode' you can't really do much, and apparently the only way to reboot the system is to get past Ezekiel.


You all pack into the sub, and press 'Y'. The sub lurches into motion!

You travel for several hours in general direction of west. In case there's any confusion... DeepStation Aea is apparently not SubSeaStation B. Right? SSSB is part of the GMI, DSA is not. Check the map on the campaign summary page for info.

Anyway, just when things are looking good... the sub sputters. An acrid, smoky smell fills the chamber. Oh bother.

Looks like you guys have run out of gas.




The sub floats along, pushed by the vagaries of undersea currents. The pressure gauge indicates that you're about a mile undersea and slowly rising.




Floating up and around. You guys take a nap.




Finally, the sub washes up on shore somewhere. From outside the little portholes, you see what looks like a beach.

You prepare yourselves, and exit the hatch. You are on a lush tropical island, with no sign of haibita... No, that's not right. Huh, over there, into the jungle, built up on what might be a small cliff, is a large jungle house.

Threondy, your elf eyes spot a figure, watching you from the window from a curtain pulled aside. As you catch sight, the curtain moves again, and the figure is gone.

You are not alone here.

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  Theodore Koppel
This looks like UNIX.

I try the following commands: 'whoami', 'history', 'date', and finally, 'w, who'.

I then crack a brew and relax on our journey to the Deep Station.

I'm with Dag. I should be able to figure some stuff out given my NWPs right?
We gotta get this station running again. I say we go down and reboot Calliope. I scrounge around for another backup generator in case we need one down there. I inspect the sub a little further. Is this thing big enough to fit us all? IQ check BR6, WI check BR 4. I feel pretty confident that we can get down to the Deep Sea Station... AutoNav seems like a no brainer. Who's with me?

In response to: "Return to: DeepStation Aea? Y/N:"

I answer Y.


Do we still have all our money?

Spells memorized: 3 CLWs and Hold Person. That oughta come in handy...
I guess it'll just be easier if I roll the spells, since I've got a list and you don't. I'll use the number of spells you gave, plus Read/Detect Magic. Here ya go:

The Spellbook of Rupert Belvedere
First Circle: Charm Person, Dancing Lights, Detect Magic, Enlarge, Hold Portal, Light, Nystul's Magic Aura, Read Magic
Second Circle: ESP, Leomund's Trap, Scare
Third Circle: Infravision, Tongues

Seriously, I rolled up all those gems randomly. The only spell worth describing is Scare, which affects one dude, saving throw negates, and for 3d4 rounds, it trembles and won't attack unless cornered. Of course, anybody who's 7th level/7 HD or higher is totally immune.

Good luck brave wizzard@!


Az, plate mail, nice shield, and staff taken. In answer to your question, Ezekiel says:

"Hell if I know. Sorry pal, I'm stuck here until somebody kills me. Gods operate on a totally different timescale than you mortals, so I wouldn't worry about a thing."


Guys, go ahead and rest a night for spellcasters to regain spells. Threnody, remember that you actually need to roll to learn all those spells, 75% chance per spell. Let's just say you all hang out here until Thren tries to learn all those spells... many days go by. You can fish and Purify sea Water as necessary.

Threnody, you're 4/4 ftr mage. Your xp: 9901 / 10891 xp


Okay, here's the results of exploration...

1) The tower is as before. I don't want to retype all that shit, so if you forgot what's here, do a blog search. Sorry but I'm lazy. The place is looking surprisingly old and weather-beaten since last you've been here, and all the scaffolding and construction work is gone.

The sea is stormy... no boats in sight. During your time here, the storm never lets up. You kinda miss the sun.

2) The Weather Monitoring computer seems to be turned off. You have trouble restarting it, but eventually find a backup generator and reboot the damn thing.

WeatherVane 3.1 (tm)
Error: 0x01f
Rain gauge malfunction
Error: 0x11a
Failure to calibrate
Please contact a service representative
Thankyou for using
The Weather Controlling software
Have a good one
with WeatherVane (tm)!

It asks you again to enter a username and password. Helpfully, your friend Thaka types something in. You then get the following screen:

Thank you Mr. Huxley.
Welcome to GMI Server 'Thalia'.

An error has occurred. Please contact a service representative.
You may need to reboot Server 'Calliope' in Substation B.
Starting in Safe Mode...

There is limited functionality in Safe Mode. The computer clock again seems screwed up.

3) The sub is right there and looking good. Well, actually, it's pretty beat up and totally stripped... no stereo, no laser cannon, in fact all you've got is AutoNav, a periscope, and a quarter tank of gas. Pretty easy to drive though... looks like someone customized it and there's just a giant trackball to move around with, and four buttons for rise, dive, accelerate, stop.

Nothing else of interest in the sub, except some more food and three bottles of Negra Modelo.

The sub's AutoNav says:

Return to: DeepStation Aea? Y/N:


Hey - sorry - I've been looking for lists of spells. Anyone have a link for 2nd and 3rd level spells?

Also - 6 1st, 3 2nd, 2 3rd are in the book, by random roll. I'll dig up or old-school handbooks and randomize them spells if no one has any links.

Plus, I have a longbow and quiver with 20 arrows, so I'm all set.

Hey Rob - how much xp do we have? Or better - what level am I? I think I leveled and trained, but forgot to update the character sheet and all...
  Theodore Koppel
Heh, sorry about that whole buggering thing, Az. Just fraternal camaraderie. -That's all.

However, Thren is about to get the same if she doesn't look alive...

Ok, Az has a good point. Let's wait for him to get some spellz. Also, if Thren comes too, maybe she could memorize too.

In the meantime, I do the following:

1) Go up the tower and look about. Including out to sea.

2) Check out those other accessible rooms downstairs for useful things. Including the computer screen.

3) Have a look at the sub. -I want back up when I do this.

Goddamn Jason Kottke. -He must be an agent of Onze.


"Good luck buggering me through my fancy new plate mail, you pint-sized bugger...er." I shake Theo off and help myself to the silly apple tree shield and the staff. First chance we get I'm sitting and meditating and re-memorizing spells. Does the plate mail's banged-upness make it less useful?

"Hey Zeke, any word from the spirit realm? Apollo punched any fools, anything like that?"

I say we explore our new sub.
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