Soaring Gracefully, Proud Symbol Of Liberty, But No You Can't Cast
Brogg is polymorphed into an eagle!
I got a 25.

Oh my God, Vrill cast Slow on Cinder!
  After The Vrill
Okay Dave FoO, you head to the barn. You get a horse. You ride the horse after Vrill. Note that you'll be a bit behind him, obviously.

Marivhon is running.

Brogg is in one of those slo-motion Matrix style shots getting polymorphed via some awesome cgi into something else.

I think we all know what Cinder is doing.

Vrill is riding. Gregolas and Greetles are trying to contain the fire.

Collies are barking.

The sun is shining.

It's a nice day, weather wise. Don't you think so?
  Dave, Fist of Odin
I jump on a horse and go after Vrill.

Oh, and I take a healing potion.

I am not, as best as my abilities allow. Move 16 after him. I throw my flask at him. BR 7.
  A New You
Okay Brogg, roll d%. You've been randomly polymorphed. You retain all equipment and identity, and can cast spells if your new form allows speech, which is unlikely.

So Vrill is fleeing the scene. I've got Marivhon down for running after the horse. Dave FoO asked if there were horses and I've replied. Brogg fired twice. The house is on fire. Are you going to let Vrill escape again?
BR:10. Geez, a 15 is pretty tough to roll...

Ok, I guess I am a Gomer.
I throw my ninja star. non-proficiently, as I run after Vrill at 16 movement. I get an 8 on BR.
  Gregory Vrill Just Called Brogg A 'Gomer'
Okay, Marivhon runs outside and hangs out.

Brogg, you fire again as Vrill heads out of Shady Orchards. THWACK is a hit. Vrill curses, makes a Casting While Riding A Horse check (BR 12) and casts a spell at you. "Try this on for size, gomer!" he yells at you. Make a save vs. spell, Brogg.
Mike the Zombie?! Th' Eyes of Grisbane! I am happy to see him!

But, I shoot at Vrill. BR:13. That hits AC:5. If it's a hit, it's 3 points of damage.
I follow some people around...
  You See 1d4 Mike The Zombie(s)
Dave FoO, running outside, you see an open barn at the back of the farm. Perhaps there are more horses back there?

Additionally, you see a familiar-looking scarecrow stuck on a post in a patch of tomato plants. It's Mike the Zombie!
  Dave, Fist of Odin
I don't know - we're making this up as we go along. Are there any more horses?

Insert 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' theme music here...

That's right - I want to go after Vrill on horseback. Anti Brogg, Cinder, and DFoF are all gone, right?
  TWANG Is Not The Astronaut's Drink Of Choice

But outside, as per Cinder's awesome Alertness, you see a man on a horse. It's Vrill, galloping through the shady orchards of Shady Orchards, about to flee the farm.

Brogg, Gregolas tells you that he's out of spells. "Yeah, what you see is what you got bro. Not to be a dick or anything, but while you guys have been out like doing adventures, modules and shit, saving the princess and getting the magic coins, I've mostly been baked off my ass. And lately, washing a crapload of dishes. Which sucks. And it's not like I got a magic quest from the High Priest or something to bump my WIS dude. Oh shit, our house is burning!" He gets a glass of water from the sink and throws it on the couch.
I pull out my crossbow and run outside after the antiMarivhon.

If by chance, I see Vrill, I am shooting at him. Otherwise, I am shooting at the antiMarivhon.

BR:2. Actually, I run out, shout YEEHAW!!, and shoot a bolt into the air.
  He's AntiRunning
AntiMarivhon says fuck this and takes off, using his monk sped, I mean, monk speed, to run away. He heads out the front door towards the exit of Shady Orchards.
I take care of antiMarivhon. BR:14. 9 points of damage.

Hey, is that a horse?!
  Beware The AntiFoO
Dave FoO swings on the antiFoO. You crack his skull open, brains spill everywhere, and the antiFoO explodes in brilliant light.

Gregolas says: "Whoa dude. Talk about Freudian or something! It's totally like that one episode where Kirk is fighting the evil Kirk. 'You'll have to kill us both, Spock.' Awesome!"

Greetles looks around in fear. "I think the Burghermei... I mean, I think Master Vrill may be headed somewhere bad..."

The antiMarivhon spits and karate chops the other Marivhon for 2 hp.

Cinder, you think you hear the sound of a horse and rider from the back of the house!
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Eh, screw it. I swing at the Anti-FoO;

BR 16. That hits AC 1. Boo-yah!

BR: 4. I roll a lot of fours for damage. I'm okay with that.

That's 7 points to ADFoO.

Anyone else in here? What about gear?

And hey - during combat, I tried to engage my Other in conversation. Anything come of that? Did I get any feeling from his armor - like there was an Anti-Armor-Talker in there?
  Where's Greg?
Cinder, hmm, good thinking. Okay, you go invisible again and pause and study. You don't think that Vrill actually went invisible... instead, you're guessing that he actually teleported away! Amazing!

But... after several seconds, you pick up an uneasy feeling from some of the animals outside. You think Vrill can't be far. Maybe another round of concentrating...
Cinder sees Vrill disappear, and looks at the anti-Cinder.

"God this is confusing."

Yea, Cinder wants to change his action. Cinder invisibles himself and makes an Alertness Check (BR:5 makes it) to sense where Vrill might have gone if he can. Trying to notice things like the direction he was looking as he cast invisibility, the front door opening and closing. The sound of running (in combat, I know, but that's what Alertness is all about, right?), etc. How many places could he have run to in the house without opening the door? If I can get a sense, Invisible Cinder is gonna follow that direction. Also looking for reactions of animals or anything outside it my chase takes me there.

And Mark(Brogg), I need a write up of how a potion of plant control works ASAP if you could. I may be using it next round.
  AntiCinder Bites The Dust
Okay Brogg, your swing on antiCinder destroys him. Literally. As you slice his gut open, he reaches out to touch the real Cinder, and explodes in a brilliant (but harmless) flash of light. Nicely done.
What, no post antiCinder?

Alright then, here's my two attack round! BRs:13,6. One hit. For... 13 points of damage! That should do it!

(p.s. see DiD Table Talk for my thoughts on this cheesy move.)

He definitely wasn't as tough as the real Cinder.

Hey Gregolas, could you keep those heals coming? That'd be great.
Hmm. Makes a guy just want to post twice in a row...

I am going to take my frustrations out on the antiCinder.

BR:11. That hits him. 8 Points of damage! Take it, Footpad!
  Apparently Vrill Cast Confusion
Hi guys. Thanks for your questions. They're pretty good. So let me address them.

Yes, whoever posts, that's the initiative order. Hence Vrill going BEFORE Cinder and Brogg's latest posts. The guy, as maybe you might have read, disappeared. So there's no Vrill on hand to attack. Of course, that only worked if Vrill made his concentration check, which apparently he did. Not a shitload of saves, Cinder. Just one, from you, and he made it.

By the way, note that I've never made any of you make concentration checks. Latest being Dave FoO summoning a leopard in the midst of being fireballed.

As for the dust, there was initially enough to cover four people, or one person four times. Now just three times, as one-quarter of it has been used. This counts as using a potion, as we've already seen Cinder use it and attack in the same round.

Speaking of Dave FoO, he's wondering how Vrill got to go before he goes AGAIN. He didn't. You might recall Dave FoO's initial post. If you don't, I entreat you to scroll down and read it. Dave FoO summons a leopard and attacks Vrill. That's two rounds of actions, clearly. And as we've only had two full rounds of combat, there you go. 1) leopard, 2) swing. Now we're in round three, but as Vrill is not present on the scene, Dave FoO's third round action, to cast Dispel Magic, requires more information. Is there a particular target or area you are aiming at Dave FoO?

And Cinder and Brogg, do you want your swings redirected towards other NPCs, or do you wish to change your actions?

And my 2nd backstab hit him before he cast round 2. I posted first, and I believe our DM saying something in the past about how we don't roll initiative, it's just whoever posts first each round.

So Vrill needs to make a shitload of saves before he magic missles Dave, Fist of Odin.

Here's my round 3:

If Vrill is down (like I'm thinkin he should be) I slit his throat and spit on his corpse.

If he is up, two attacks on him:
BR:9 and BR:20 for offhand.

That 9 hits nothing, but the 20 will do 12 points of damage. (Shit. I was gonna sprinkle just enough dust of Disappearance to cover me one last time and backstab since There was enough to cover a bunch of people, but I didn't want to cheese the number of uses. Triple damage on a double damage would have been so sweet).

How much dust do I have left (how many times can I cover just me)?
Nice move Vrill. Nice move.

However, somewhere in between your Magic Missle and your disappearing, I believe I might squeeze in a broadsword thrust.

BR:14. That's AC:1, my friend. Please, take 7 points of damage! I insist.

Hey Gregolas, thanks man.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Whoa. Okay. So Vrill goes. Okay. But then, instead of my round, he bypasses my intiative, Magic Missles me, and then casts again?

Not on my watch. Maybe last round I went down instead of acting - maybe. But as soon as he's casting, I'm busting a Dispel Magic. Motherfucker.

And drinking a potion, of course.
  Round II Into Round III
Dave FoO maces Vrill this round. Vrill drinks a potion and Magic Missiles Dave FoO for... 17, putting Dave FoO down at -2. Greetles then throws a healing potion down Dave FoO's throat for 3 hp.

Cinder goes invisible, backstabs Vrill again for a lot.

AntiDaveFoO casts a Cure on Vrill, healing him up but not to full.

AntiCinder clips Cinder with the offhand for 3 hp.

Brogg smacks Vrill up some more, visibly hurting him.

Marivhon then smacks Vrill again. Vrill's not looking so good.

AntiMarivhon kicks Marivhon in the head for 4 hp.

Gregolas casts a Cure Light Wounds on Brogg for 4 hp.

Look, we all know where it's going. The bugbear of light and the bugbear of darkness fight the eternal fight. They kill each other, stabbing each other right through the heart(s).

Brogg: 9/23
Cinder: 4/20
Dave FoO: 1/28
Marivhon: 7/11

Vrill and all the bizarroPCs look pretty bad. Vrill mutters something about needing to get something, casts a spell... and disappears. AntiCinder rolls his eyes and says "Fucker. Figures." He then misses Cinder twice. AntiMarivhon misses Marivhon also. AntiDaveFoO heals himself and also drinks a potion.

You guys go.
I hit Vrill for 5 points of Damage...unless he's ac 4.
"You want shit talk, you fuck?"
"Where's abbey?"
"Did she tell you any dark prophecies?"
ready to dodge....again.
Well, 5/23 isn't that good. But, passing up my two attack round for a Cure Light isn't that great either.

Dave, Fist of Odin, I might need a little patching up.

Two broadsword attacks on Vrill! BRs:5,16. I know the 16 hit. That's 8 more points of damage! Taste the Wrath of Grisbane, Greg!

C'mon dude, you roll a d4 per level!
  Hit Point Czech
Vrill rolls his eyes, exasperated. "Didn't you read the fricking post?! What, do you need to have a little 'HELLO MY NAME IS' badge, with some sticky stars on them or something? Maybe a belt like in flag football. I'll fireball your ass, and walk over there and pull some of your flags off."

"Just like your loser DM posted, Brogg's got 5/23 hp. Cinder, you've got 7/20 hp. Dave, you've got 15/28 hp. And Marivhon is full (11/11 hp)."

"Really, I can't believe I keep losing to you lameons. Not this time. Not this time," he hisses, and prepares to cast again.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Hit Point check?

Cinder - I'm a little worried about the silence, 'cuz then Brogg and I can't cast, either.

But then I think - what the hell. I'm more a clobbery guy, anyway.

Before I actually go, I want to see who's hurt and who's down and shit. I'm thinking of busting a Hold Person out, and then the Silence, but if Brogg's all wounded and shit maybe a CLW on him.

'Yo - Fist of Odin. What's up? Didn't you hear my rap - this Vrill guy's a real cockmonger!'
Shit. Next round.

Dave, FoO, we need a silence something awful.

For Cinder's round, he takes a pinch of Dust of Disappearance, -just enough to cover himself, and sprinkles it on. What the hell, he'll snort a bump of it too.

He then backstabs Vrill again. Or tries to.

BR:8 BR:17 with offhand (I forgot to do that last round. Damn.)

That hits AC: 7 and 1. I think the 1 is the only hit for: BR:4 with the magic shortsword. That ends up doing 15 points of stabby damage.

Make a save to keep casting bitch.
  Vrill's Smack Talk, Round I
Gregory Vrill says: "Bugbear disguises?! That's the worst thing I've ever seen. You guys suck. So it's come to this. Don't expect me to grant you mercy or send you on a vacation this time, you DOUCHES! I think I've got some powerful magic missiles with each of your names on them."

AntiDaveFoO says: "Yeah!"
BR 3 to hit Vrill.
"hey fuck off aMarivhon."
"Dave FoO can I get a silence in the hizouse."
  Round I And Most Of Round II
Okay, Vrill's fireball goes off. It's a nice one, clocking in at 27 hp.

Marivhon, you use your monk skills and dodge, taking no damage, and managing to smack Vrill for 4. You don't stun him though. You then head over to the door.

Dave FoO, you cast your radiant leopard, who unfortunately bites it in the flames. You make your save and take 13 hp, leaving you with 15 hp.

Cinder, you also make your save and take 13 hp, putting you at 7. Since you're 5th level, don't forget that your backstab is times threes. You quaff the invisibility potion, allowing you to backstab the burghermeister of Grito and new lord of Shady Orchards. It's a massive amount of damage, 24 hp. Vrill looks really, really bad.

Brogg, sorry there buddy, but no save means you're down to -4. You miss anyway, so it's not like it's a big deal.

Vrill himself seems immune to the flames, and drinks a potion of healing after all that serious amount of damage. Most of the damage is healed! Yay!

The bugbears don't fare so well. Two die, two are seriously injured.

Gregolas and Greetles dive for cover and don't die but are seriously injured.

BizarroDaveFoO is badly burned. BizarroCinder is badly burned. BizarroMarivhon escapes all damage! He trots on over to engage the real Marivhon in some manly fisticuffs.

The two other Blackwall Thiefs die.

Shady Orchards ignites in flames. The Crystal Jambox partially melts.

Excellent round! And great rhymes, y'all.

Next round, Dave FoO smacks Vrill with his mace for a lot more damage. BizarroDaveFoO cures Vrill. Brogg drops to -5 but is bandaged by Greetles, and he throws a potion down your throat... you're up to 5 hp Brogg. BizarroCinder steps on up and hits you Cinder! For 2 hp, you're down to 5 hp also. BizarroMarivhon slaps the real Marivhon- I mean, no he doesn't, not with BR 7 at least. Gregolas freaks out. The bugbears quickly mourn their fallen companions, then attack Vrill- one hit, one miss. Vrill drinks another potion and Charms a bubear... it's bugbear against bugbear! Command please.
BR save 18 no damage. To us this is a small room....for such a big spell.
Br 18 to hit Vrill....4 hp of damage. If he is Ac 7 I just stunned him...for 5 rounds.
I use my acrobatics Non Weapon Prof to move to the door he came in so that he doesn't worm away again....
  Dave, Fist of Odin
So . . . we're in it
All up on Vrill's ass
And we're passing out damage
'Cuz 'bitch' is his main class

We all pimpin'
In the bugbear mode
But you know that we rock
And that he smokes the choad

Over here
We got Broggtorious Brogg
He's a half-orc priest of Grisbane
And you ain't nothin' but a dog

To my left
I give you Cinder the thief
And he'll show you his broadsword
You ain't getting no relief

Now Marivhon
He kicks it monk style
He's lawful evil, baby,
So he smacks you with a smile

And me?
See this platemail? See this mace?
I'm Dave, Fist of Odin
(Dave, Fist of Odin!)
Yeah I'm Dave, Fist of Odin
And I'm all up in your face

We got the pain
And we're bringing it your way
And you goin' down, sucka
Do you hear what I say?

What I say, to remind everyone, is a BR 20 to hit Vrill, BR 4 for damage, up to 5 'cuz it's a mace, up to 6 'cuz I got Clobbering as a skill, up to 7 for magic, doubled to 14.

I believe that my rhyme skilz and my clobbering skilz are perfectly aligned.

Vrill walks through the door, sees us, AND then starts casting, getting the fireball off without initiative? I think Cinder's gonna take a little pre-combat action.

As Vrill walks through the door, Cinder takes out the Crystal Jambox and sets it on the floor, the only thing anyone hears in the silence following Vrill's "Oh Shit." is the click of the tapedeck as Cinder pushes 'Play.'


Save vs. Fireball BR:17.

Cinder chugs his potion of invisibility and swings on Vrill's back.
BR:15 modified hits AC-2.
Damage = 6, +2 for sword (Vrill is an adventurer. Let's not kid ourselves) = 8x2 for a total of 16 points of damage.

It's a bugbear's image thatcha know I'm abusin
To perpatrate ass-whuppins thatcha know ain't illusions
The day was comin as I'm sure thatcha knew
With a crew so fresh ya had ta clone 'em for you
So get up, take a look, see your day goin south
You aint castin no spells with my nuts in yo mouth, Bitch!

You mentioned how enclosed this is. Who exactly does that fireball end up hitting?
I got a 7. That's a bit shy of the 15 that I need. I ride Vrill's Fireball.

A bit of errata: I actually hit AC:9 last round. -That should make little difference.

Anyhow, I need to know just how toasted I am before I decide what I want to do next.

BTW, a 15'x15' room? I think that we all should taste this one. What's Vrill's excuse?
We won't move forward until everyone's chimed in with their saving throws.

Dave FoO, you have two maces. One was the rusty mace wielded by the foundry guardian in the mirror world. This was not worked over by the blacksmith and provides a +1 bonus to hit and damage. You also have a glowing white mace, that was originally non-magical but worked on by the blacksmith. This is also to be considered +1 to hit and damage. So it's +1 in either case.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
BR - 18 for the save.


And then, the macing. Rob - what's the bonus on the mace I've got? Did the blacksmith-bot do anything to it?
The antiDaveFoO is casting Protection from Evil 10' Radius. That prevents the radiant leopard, awesome though he may be, from attacking either Vrill or the antiDave. The guy sure seems to be a legit priest of Odin though. Even calls himself the "Fist of Odin". Huh.

Vrill fireballs you. Everyone make a save.

I am chopping Vrill. He needs to be chopped. Broadsword, BR: 6. Hmm. That hits AC:10. I bet I miss.

Anyhow, I shout to the Bugbears! This is it boys! Take these guys down, but spare the Kobold!

Ronald, Gregolas, it's us! Glory to Grisbane!
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Hey, me too! I want to cast too!

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce - the Radiant Leopard! That's right, this beauty has a claw-claw-bite of ferociousness, and a coat to make Von Neumann weep! Step right up - come one, come all . . . .

Or rather, just go get Vrill. That's what I'm doing, too. Here are some Blogrolls:

To hit: 20! That's right, baby - the Blogroller is my friend tonight!

Damage: 4 - and my upgraded mace is, what - a plus seven?

Well, I do five points, plus whatever bonus the mace is, doubled. Take that, Vrill!

Then I laugh maniacally, as only a Fist of Odin can. Speaking of which - what's that guy casting? Does it sound like he really is another Fist of Odin? Us Fists of Odin can tell that sort of thing, you know.
  Hey Half-Elven, You Lookin GOOD
So, imagine you're in the old 654 Old Perch Froemke home, in the family room. So it's like a 15'x15' room, next to a dining area, next to a kitchen, with a larger dining room beyond that. Can fit all 12-15 of you or so, but it is a bit crowded actually.

And no. Dave FoO is not correct about the dust. He didn't even spell it right. It does Invisibility, not Improved Invisibility, because you guys aren't that high level to have something that good. Stanislaus apparently didn't give you the top shelf stuff.

The other Marivhon better than you? He's got a nice tan. He's got a job. He's got some Ray-Bans. He's got a girlfriend. Better than you? You tell me.

But he's basically a monk. Simple clothes, bo staff, all that. Same haircut, maybe a little more trimmed than yours though.

Marivhon, the bugbears seem sort of confused about you're saying. Tony says: "Look dude, we got jobs back at the tower if you wanna. The Boss said something about killing something though, that's why we're here, tu comprendes?"

Brogg, when you wink and nod at Gregolas, he kind of shudders and looks away. On a WI check, you're wondering if that came off less as Brogg-in-disguise-nodding-to-an-old-friend-that-we're-about-to-rip-shit-up, and more like sleazy-gay-bugbear-hitting-on-me.

And hey, like I said, Vrill and bizarroDaveFoO both start casting.
Dave FoO is correct about the dust. I stand around, stare at Amarivhon. Is he dressed like me, does he seem better than me? Any fancy rings etc. How many exits are there from this room? How many guys can fit in this room there seems to be a lot of us and a lot of them......
In my best bugbear...BR CHA 19 heh
"U haf Gards. We ben gards. U pay gards lots to watch stuff, haf dags. We eet dags gard for les gold then U gards. To meny guys in towers lussion, we gud gards come here. Eat dags U give les gold."
I then sit back and watch. aMarivhon some more.
  A Bugbear Picks Stuff Up
Well, this dust of disappearance does go away when you attack. It- it just does.

"A bugbear picks stuff up." All the bugbears nod thoughtfully when Bugbear Dave FoO mentions this. Greetles makes a note on a little clipboard. However, he tells you that there's really no jobs here on the collie farm, but you guys would probably have some luck checking down at the owlbear factory over by the river.

That's right about when Vrill enters the room, followed by bizarroDaveFoO. They look at you, do double takes, and...

Vrill says "Oh shit."

  Dave, Fist of Odin
If I remember correctly, the Dust of Dissapearance did NOT go away with attacks. That's what made it so kick ass under first edition rules.

Or is this Dust of Dissapearance Lite?

I mean, not that I'm an alchemist or anything - it's just that, you know, as the Fist of Odin, you hear stuff.

I'll start answering questions, unless someone has a better plan (and to me, a better plan involves some clobbering). I think I'm the most bugbear-like person in the party - except, of course, for the ACTUAL bugbears, but they might give away too many beans. I'm not the best thinker, but I'm wise enough to play dumber than I really am - or something.

Anyway. Skills? Ummm . . . Beating guys up? Heavy lifting? Differential Equations?

Well, I had this part-time job a few years ago, where I was bodyguard for a guy who did some population research on Carrion Crawlers, and - you know. A bugbear picks stuff up.
Dude, Gregolas is washing dishes; now I know things are fucked up.

I really want to kick that fake Cinder's ass, but I am going to hold back.

Who is going to conduct the interview?

I sort of sing in a whisper:
Tommy got his six string in hock.
Now he's holding in what he used to make it talk -
So tough
it's tough...

If Gregolas looks, I wink and nod to him.
  Livin' On A Prayer
Cinder, the dust of disappearance is like an area of effect potion of invisibility. Basically, it's enough dust to cover a 5'X5'X5' volume, i.e., enough to cover the four PCs. You could also use it to hide objects or other things not amenable to drinking an invisibility potion. Other than that, it's just like invisibility... 8 hours or one attack, whichever comes first, for each of you.

Okay, you guys head on into Shady Orchards. At least Vrill left the name. There's some guy you've never seen before on a rocking chair, playing fetch with a border collie. He looks like your basic bodyguard type. He looks up at you guys and whistles. All the dogs come to attention. From the look on his face, this wasn't the desired effect, so instead he stands up, opens the front door to your old home, and yells something inside.

Out comes Ronald Greetles, accompanied by another bodyguard-lookin' fellow. Greetles invites you inside to inquire about your skills, work history, and references. Unless you want to do otherwise, in you go to your old home. If Greetles suspects anything, his poker face doesn't show it.

Once inside, you spot antiCinder and antiMarivhon playing cards with two other guys who look like Blackwall Thiefs. No sign of Vrill or the others, but you do see a very tired-looking Gregolas washing dishes in the kitchen in the back. He doesn't look up, just keep singing to himself 'Living on a prayer'.

Go through with the interview? Try to announce your presence in a subtle way? Start kicking ass?

Let's go to Shady Orchards and fill out some job apps. And stick Vrill if we can. At the very least we should off as many of our clones as possible. Cinder really does not care at all the story behind his clone. It has to die. Even it believes it's the real Cinder.

What exactly does dust of disappearance do? Cinder lost his DMG.
  Return To Shady Orchards
Okay, eight bugbears head through Grito towards Shady Orchards. Some townsfolk stop and stare, but no one hassles you, and there's no sight of Vrill, Greetles, or any of the bizarro-PCs.

You make it to Shady Orchards. There you are. The gate is closed. From within the walled compound (it's got a western-style wood fence around the perimeter), you can hear the barking of border collies.

This all seems good. So, we are Bugbears for a couple of hours.

I say that we go to Shady Orchards, and inquire about some work opportunities.

It would be great to replace our doubles unbeknownst to Vrill. However, I think that he might have already been warned by the extra Marivhon.

Let's see if any opportunities present themselves. I really, really don't want to team up with Vrill to fight a common enemy. Really. I'd much rather stick him in the Gulliver with my new chainsaw sword.
Xp, okay, you guys have earned 8000 xp to date since last update. That will level Brogg in fighter, Cinder, and Marivhon two levels. But you can't train yet anyway, so just hold on.

Marivhon, the bugbears moved here from the steppes to the west. Stanislaus pays good money, plus they can keep and eat whatever they find. They give you a toothy grin at that. Actually, they tell you, it's started to get a little busy at the Tower of Illusions, as most adventurers can't handle the Knights of Armek and are looking for some easy gps/xps.

They've seen some zombies in the tower, but not really around town. They don't go into town so often, as the townsfolk are a little skittish. But it's not that bad really; not a torches/pitchforks kind of thing, just a please-don't-break-the-china-or-eat-our-babies kind of thing.

If you want to find Vrill, just go to Shady Orchards. It's the new office of the Burghermeister.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
And people say we bugbear around.

I'm excited about this plan. Let's go see what's up.

And hey Rob - what's our xp at? Did we get anything from Crystal G or the chainsword guy or meeting the oracle?
yeah, yeah. Ok we go into town. I ask Chulo et al, "Have you guys spent much time in town...?" I ask how they've been treated and if they've seen any owlbears, Mike 1k etc. If they have any info as to where people might be hanging out that'd be useful. We have this conversation on the way so we can make informed decisions when we reach town.
Descent into Depths is an old school 1st Edition AD&D adventure run by the Infinity Group.

What type of dice? How many dice?

3 Sided

4 Sided

5 Sided

6 Sided

8 Sided

10 Sided

12 Sided

20 Sided

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