I can tell Brogg is thinking really hard about this from the vein in his forehead, and him chewing on his lip. I give him a little back rub. Some trigger point work and try and help him get his chi flowing....
  Dave, Fist of Odin
So, C/V has one more death. I'm kinda against any of US killing ourselves, and that's probably not part of his gig, anyway. What do those statues look like? Maybe we can find some analogue...

We have two bodies, some statues, and the clues from the halway approaching here. Tick tick tick...

I'm gonna look at the statues, and 'remember' (or rather, read over the pdf file for the previous postings) what was going on in that hall with the pictures and the statues and the books and shit. Anyone got anything else?

Of course, I'm also fine with just walking away for now, but it'd be more satisfying to wrap this up entirely.

And a third idea is that there's this dead mage, and this dead girl, so maybe we could convince C/V to off HIMSELF. That would seem the tidiest, but I dunno how it'd work.
Good thinking. Sadly, it's just a seed of the lotus plant, so the girl can't eat it. Growing the lotus would probably take days to weeks. Also, you have to be alive to eat the lotus, and since she's dead, she'd just automatically fail her saves anyway...
"either give it to the girl, or plant it in the circle of her blood with the butterflies and all. Seems like a job for a priest...."
"I think we may want to do something with that lotus seed, and quick..."
  King Tut
I'm pretty much for walking off into the sunset. One good fireball from him is pretty much game over, and some of us (or is it just me?) only have +1 weapons, which probably can't even hit him. I don't know, maybe ZOMG can solo him...is he visibly wearing a controller?
  Like An Insane, Ranting Timebomb
[I'll add this reminder to the beginning of each of my posts. Please, remember to look down and read the posts below. If ever there was a time to attend to the posts, to read them carefully, this is it. Your characters and the entire campaign depend on your choices here.]

Moth, okay, you spot a few things of interest:

-three marble statues on one side of the gazebo, of apparently the three people from the book, the jester, the magician, and the girl. Oddly, before you on the ground are two of those people, in the dead flesh.

-three marble statues on the other side of the gazebo. Each is a woman, which you deduce from shape and dress as the head of each statue has been knocked off and is gone. On the first statue sit two butterflies. The second statue holds a small poppy. The third statue's foot stands on a skull and somehow has a taller or more regal bearing than the other two.

-another lotus seed in a bell-jar on a small pedestal at the side.

Tut, you asked about this above, not below, but I caught it here while composing this post. No, there is no obvious ZOM-G controller on Vrill/Croatius. You and Zom look at each other. He shrugs.



Vrill/Croatius: "My... daughter... Abagail. No, not my daughter, not... anymore, but still... powerless against me. I saw to that, clever as I am... that the death I seek... The Death I had, but cheated from... in seconds past... She... would be lost to me, or happily... recreated here... in my Garden. My tomb. Our tomb. Your tomb."

"I seek Three Deaths... and have had but Two."

Vrill/Croatius waves his hand and peers around the glen. The hedges grow taller, seem to shift in size and architecture.

Vrill seems to take over, and is perhaps winning whatever internal struggle is going on. "You'll meet your doom soon enough, run or not, it willn't matter."
Haven't got any potions.

I'll make a Wis check to see if I spot anything in the garden. BR 1. Nice.

Ok, so Croatius, you don't want to kill us, and we just want to kill that Vrill guy, and maybe get the hells out of here alive. I'm guessing that girl there is your daughter? So is the way to slay Vrill to bring Abbey here? Tell you what, if you let us out now, we'll go get Abbey, and you can have your body back, or attain sweet oblivion, or whatever it is you want. What do you want, Croatius?

Guys, what's the deal here? Some of us are very likely going to die if we fight, but we might kill Vrill. Taking out his potions doesn't seem likely anymore, but it sounded like we almost killed him a couple rounds back or so. We fighting? We running? We talking? I'm talking, for now, but I'm only running or fighting if you all are in too.
  Life Stealing
Again, guys, important posts found below. Please read and make sure you're up to date with the situation here.

Schmektor, to drain a level, you need to roll a natural 20. To steal a soul, you need to roll a natural 20 on the blow that kills someone. As the 'last round against Vrill' was storylined, nope, no 20s were to be rolled.

But good thinking.
So no life stealer action on Vrill?
  Blood And Potions
(Please also see post below.)

Just to square things away, I'll roll Brogg's save. 10, he makes it. Okay Schmektor, you give Brogg two healing potions. New hp roster:

Brogg has 27 hp.
Dave FoO has 35 hp.
Marivhon has 26 hp.
Moth has 8 hp.
Schmektor has 34 hp.
Tut has 31 hp.
Zom is at about half.


You know, thinking about it, I've given you a hp count; guys, please give me your own potions count. There've been a lot of potions drank so far, please report what you have left (e.g., how many healing potions), and update your char sheets accordingly.

You stand on a brick patio in the glade in the middle of the labyrinth. Broken glass, dried blood, and scorch marks surround you. Two corpses lie, one atop the other in the middle, just before the gazebo- a young girl and an old man. Off to the side is the lifeless body of Ron Ball.

Empty potion bottles are strewn about.
Two... or three days? Oh no. Two or three rounds, if you're lucky and keep Croatius talking. You sense the Vrill underneath just waiting to take Vrill/Croatius back over and finish you guys off. The guy's twitching back and forth and muttering threats between clenched teeth.

So, no. No time to repair Zom right now, although sure, back in the workshop you might be able to. No time to rest, heal, rememorize beyond what small amount of potions and spells you have.

Dave FoO, your "Dear Odin, it's me Margaret" gives nothing. Vrill/Croatius laughs at your attempt. "This place is free from gods, or mostly so... just two gods here, or perhaps three, before you. A god of life, alive, enslaved. A god of death, now dead, and free. Ha, neither where they wish to be."

The 'original' Croatius and the dead girl have nothing of interest. Croatius stares at you when you ask about her. "Who is she? Who is She? The thesis of my Ode, the minotaur at the center of this Maze, my Alpha and Omega, my love, my life, my death, my greatest failure."

He gazes at the girl for some time, then grimaces and spits.

"You've come this far this blind? Then I suppose destruction is the only avenue left to you. I Vrill yet remain and... nothing more... your executor."

The weird fog is only in your head. A feeling of grief and despair.

The metal giant has his huge pitchfork and big drill. Ron Ball has a suit of chainmail (partially damaged), a silver mace, two nice rings, a crucifix, three potions, and a scroll. You don't have time for a thorough search of the garden, but you can give me a spot check (i.e., WIS) for a quick scan.

Three butterflies flit around the body of the dead girl, now cold and pale. The blood has dried, forming a large lavender skin in a rough circle in the middle of the glade.


Let me make it clear what I mean by "don't have time". Vrill is struggling to control himself and blow you the fuck up. Croatius seems to care less and is happy to talk. The guy's clearly having an internal struggle between these two forces right in front of you, and if you sit down and have a picnic, that might be what throws him over the edge.

You're not sure you can just stroll off into the sunset here. Of course, maybe you should take two or three days in real life, and wait for a full complement of PCs (when Brogg gets back). Sit back, have a tea, re-read the posts and try to understand this place and these people maybe.

And yeah, Blogger's been hard to log onto. Looks like every day around 5 PM EST it shuts down for an hour or so.
Round 5 and Round 6 I dump healing potions down Broggs throat. (character sheet updated after I drank my extra healing and now administering 2 to Brogg)

Is there any chance that in that last melee on Vrill's corpse, that my life stealer sword could have ganked Vrill's soul or anything cool like that?

While Dave FoO is negotiating, I keep tending to Brogg's wounds.

I look up from my nightingale duties to say:

"let's get the hell out of here. Vrill is dead. Only Crustyfacial is left. Let's go round up that Abbey/Zelba bitch and TCB."
  King Tut, Phoenix Lord
I could probably repair ZOMG in the workshop.

I'm pretty much ok with just turning around and leaving. I doubt we can kill this guy. I don't think +1 weapons will hit him, and I'm not really sure about +2. I don't even think Abbey's stuff was cheesy...Forcecube + DBF sounds like 2 spells that she memorized and that go together pretty well. And Death Spell is just a spell that's in the books.

I think negotiating is a better way to go, maybe we could come back and kill him in a few more levels (and a lot more gear--Tut has 1 magic item and it's a +1 weapon). One bad fireball/CoC and 1/2 of us could easily drop, and he'd probably just cast death spell--I think that's what the weird fog is.

Or we could just go for the gold with the understanding that we might wipe and would have to start over. I could be a mage next campaign.
  Dave, Fist of Odin

So I vote two days of resting/healing. Is there any way to get some HP to Zom-G?

Two days will let me cast 'divination' and some 'augury's. I don't know exactly what those spells do, but it seems like that's the way to open a dialogue with Zelba, if such can be had. Can it? I want to see if she's got anything to say about what's going on.

If those aren't specifically the way to go, I want to get a sense for . . . well, maybe I'll cast 'em to see what's up with Zelba, and then we can talk about what our options are, and then I'll cast 'em again. So maybe three days here? I can Create some Food and some Water, so we're okay there.

I'd try talking with Odin, too, but I know what he'd say. Here's a sample dialogue:

DFoO: Are you there god? It's me, your Fist.
O: (Belching) Yeah? So?
DFoO: Well, we've got this situation...
O: So deal with it.
DFoO: ...
O: What, you want me to tell you what to do? Why are you my high priest, again? Maybe you need to go back some levels and figure some stuff out. Are you confused about what I'm all about?
DFoO: ...
O: Yeah. That's what I thought. Oh - wait - do you need a beer? That's generally a good answer. Here you go.
DFoO: Yeah, that'll work. Thanks!
O: Peace-out!

So, it's the big-Z that I'm asking here. And I'm not asking for a favor or anything, or even advice - I just want to see if the Croatius guy is someone she's interested in. Rob, you can fill in any blanks you want, there.

But, if we're taking some time, I'll try to see if Odin's got anything to say. I'm not asking any questions, even, just opening the door through His power to let Him tell me anything He might want to.


So, I'm Dave, Fist of Odin. And there's some stuff that goes along with that. But you advance in levels as a Fist, and you realize that maybe your first instinct - to jack a guy in the face - isn't the best FIRST move. It's generally a pretty good second or third move, and sometimes the first move is to say "I'm gonna jack you in the face" as you're doing it, but sometimes there are alternatives to fighting.

It's just that I dunno what those might be. It seems to me that our work here is done - whatever Vrill was doing he's pretty much been subsumed by this Croatius guy, and I feel like he's probably not gonna fuck with us anymore.

And if he is - well, he's letting us have a couple of days here in the glen, right?

But jacking him in the face is certainly a plan I can get behind. My other idea seemed to go over as well as could be expected, and I doubt we could use C for anything.

So we're here in the glen. I beatbox a little under my breath, just to keep up on the skilz.

"Hey Croatius - who's this 'she' you're talking about? Anything we can help you with?"

And here's another question - how do we leave here?

One final question - what kind of booty is there around? We've got R-B and the chick Vrill ganked, unless Croatius is all up in her grill.

I'm sorry - this is a complicated post, and I'm not really a complicated priest. So here's a bullet-pointed list:

+Try casting to see if Zelba's got anything to say.
+And what the hell - if we're taking some time, see if Odin's got anything he wants to tell me.
+Ask Croatius about the girl he's mentioned a couple of times.
+Rest and heal.
+See about repairing Zom-G
+Talk to the party about what's next.
+Cast some more to see if any of our options might work.
+Finally, rest and get my fightin' spells back.
  Dialogue With A Deranged Demigod
Dave FoO, Vrill/Croatius regards you and smiles. "Tis prophey? Provide, then, if Providence be thy promise," they hiss. "Or prepare thyself prostrate for destruction."


HP check is well in order:

Brogg is still either wounded or dead.
Dave FoO has 35 hp (almost full).
Marivhon has 26 hp (full).
Moth has 8 hp (hurtin').
Schmektor has 34 hp (okay but not great).
Tut has 31 hp after those two more potions (also okay but not great).
Zom looks rough.

Feel free to heal, rest, or otherwise 'prepare'. Note, Moth, that you did not have to resort to the Book of Pretty Good Spells. (Cone of Cold, by the way, is 1d4+1 per level, without a 10 die cap. So it's actually pretty good. You would cast at your level.)

Vrill/Croatius, for all the awesomeness they claim to have, seem only partially aware that you might be planning something. Then again, you're not sure if straight up combat should be that 'something'...

An ominous fog descends; you- most of you at least- have felt this before somewhere...

(This is the finale. Do not expect Abbey-grade cheese, but do not expect to all survive intact if you opt for combat: mid 30s is not really a ton of hp in face of a few mage spells. Although there is a lesson to be learned from the fight with Abbey- please think about what's going on here. If you decide to fight, once combat begins, it's unlikely to come back to this.)
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Before I perform any actions, can I get an HP check? It's important.

And Rob, those cures "I" threw were fine.

Also, allow me to mention that one of my NWPs is 'negotiating'. A strange skill for the Fist of Odin, perhaps, but there it is.

"Hey Croatius - you've got a problem with death and it not happening correctly for you, it sounds like. I might be paraphrasing here, but that's what I'm hearing. We've got an issue with a Goddess of Death, too, and there's some question as to which gods exactly Brogg and I worship, or draw power from.

So here's a suggestion. We'd like to talk to Zelba, and maybe you would too. She's not here? You can't leave here? Well, you've got some people here who might be able to conduct some business between you and Zelba.

I mean, I've been questing all over these weird fucking planes and mirror worlds and shit, and that makes a fellow tired, especially when he's wearing a suit of metal armor. Sounds like you've been around for awhile, too, and maybe you're looking for the Big D, or maybe just want a little chat with someone like Zelba, someone who gets where you're coming from better than, say, a Fist of Odin.

Now, I'm not the thinker of this group, and I'm sure that, as some bad-ass lich, you're pretty brainy. So I don't know exactly the details of how this could go down, but maybe it'd be better to work together and get something that everyone wants. You see where I'm coming from?"

Meanwhile, I'm seeing how we all stand as far as HP and shit. I'm low on spells, sure, but that just means it'd be clobbering time in this hood (whichever hood we're in) if things start going sour. I mean, I'm not grabbing my mace or anything yet, 'cuz I'd kind of like to, you know, not give this lich a chance to kill most of us, but if shit goes down I'm ready.
Marivhon, you stall Croatius. He considers your words.

"Zelba? And yet your invocation of that name is only warm breath hanging in the air. There is no Zelba here, no more, and this my curse." He looks again at the body of the dead girl.

"This man, this defiler- he is I and I am he. This is not the first time. But my darling, my dearest, my death lies dead before me by my own unabiding hand. Kill me if you can, but you cannot. This is my domain, my world, the cretaceous creation of Croatius, lost in time and lost in mind. Your weapons, your will, are weary and weak. You've come this far but are godslayers not. You are not She. You are not Me."

A glint of Vrill returns to his eye. "Uhr... but no, I'll... add yhhr... corpses to... thrr... to the pile... Ghh..." through clenched teeth and bitten tongue.

Croatius takes a step back towards his chair, but turns, the glint of hate and black power momentarily being considered.

"perhaps we can help you.......we have been working for the glory of Goddess Zelba. She may be able to help you escape this curse. We would need to know a little more about this situation to see if it is just. We were only after the man who brought the girl to you, Mighty Croatius, we need to make sure he is dead forever. If you wish for us to leave you with your curse, we will leave at once."

Cha check a 6 and I have +1 cha to undead because of the love of Lady Zelba
  Master Gregory Vrill MPG, Guildmaster of the Potion Guild, Arch-Mage, The New Croatius, Ex-Husband, Ex-Father, Now a VICTIM of an unfair CONSPIRACY

Well alright then.


Marivhon, just as you're sinking back onto the ground, you drink your 20 potion and slam the halberd head into Vrill's chest. His chest caves in, and you drag Vrill to the ground with you, as he shakes and spasms, spurting blood everywhere like some enormous version of 'Big Red'.

Your party descends upon his body in a subhuman frenzy, blades drawn, striking his still-twitching body. Only a second or two goes by before there's a sudden shock, and you're all thrown back, knocked to the ground, senseless momentarily.


Vrill, or a bloody, horrible version of what was once Gregory Vrill, 'MPG', stands back up. In the middle of a circle marked by prone PCs, Vrill/Croatius glows with black energy that buoys him, causing him to float just inches off the scorched, gore-covered ground.

"Go away. Leave me to my failings," he croaks. Vrill/Croatius stares down at the paired bodies of the previous Croatius and the dead girl.

"Kill you or not, I care less. I demand only silence, only the buzz of insect wings around and within mine head."

"A tomb this was, and a tomb again, a bitter joke, my failed grave."

Croatius kneels before the girl's bloody corpse and tenderly strokes her hair. Standing back up, he shakes his head sadly.

"Why aren’t I dead at last? A shame. And death herself, my darling, alas, who hath done this to our sorry pair?" Croatius regards his hands, himself. "Ah yes, none other, it's me and me again."

Croatius then looks at the lot of you, regaining your senses, preparing yourselves to perhaps strike again. "Go away I say, or not. I cannot die, as I've killed myself and my only solace. I'll gladly expand my tomb for thee," he leers, his hand crackling with magical energy.


ZOM-G saws through the hedge maze.


  King Tut
Ok, I give up. I sit down and draw phoenii in the dust on the floor. R7 is another potion for5pts. R8 for 7pts. I'm not sure what round we are in.
on round 6 still on Vrill I attack him. you said he was looking bad after the Magic Missile dave sent his way. I would like to hit him at that point with my Halberd before he drops the dispel or drinks his potion that heals him to full.

2 attacks a miss and I drink my 20! potion.....if I need to roll to hit with that let me know.
if it just does double damage then I do.
(8+4+2)x2 for 28 hps of damage. That is done during a point in time that he was "looking bad". just saying.

I say full I mean my max hp. for the record 3d8+3 can heal alot. So I am at 26 hp.

I don't care if he thinks i cheat anymore then he cares that I know he cheats....fuck em. Like this for example he Magic Missiled Ruy and killed Ruy but that could not have happened because Magic Missile is line of sight and I doubt Ruy was giving Vrill a target as Ruy is an excellent Strategist. If that means Ruy is alive, which he should be if we were playing by rules then Vrill takes another 6 hp from my attack
  Round 6 Damage Control
Sorry Tut, Vrill is still floating above your heads. No way to attack him, but potion drank and hps got.

Hmm, interesting idea Moth. Staying alive 'til round 8 may be difficult at this juncture though, so let's just see what happens in posts to come.

Where is Zom? Hear Noise check? He ain't around just yet, but you're sure that somewhere out there, a chainsaw is busily trying to buzz on back...

Vrill spasms again. "No really, give up now. This is entirely pointless. I'm the immortal wizard Croatius, I created this place. Your slings and arrows, your hedge magic, all useless before me..."
Nifty. Yeah, like I said earlier, I've rolled numbers in the 20+ range on a d4 a couple times...

Anyhow, round seven is a Fireball on Vrill, straight outta the book of Pretty Good Spells, in order to superheat his stuff. 6d6 BR 25. I'm not sure exactly how many damages the book version does. Does using the book count as a wand? If not, it's 4d6. That's BR 15.

Round eight, assuming I'm still alive, a Cone of Cold on Vrill. That's let's see, PHB p. 80... 1d4+4 points of damage. You've gotta be kidding me. That's lame. Highly lame. Anyway, BR 1+4= 5. Hope that shatters his stuff.
  King Tut, Who Never Dies Yet Would Live Again As a Reincarnated Pheonix if He Did
So, since I'm up for Round 6, I'll attack Vrill and drink a potion. BR 5 = 7 hp back, putting me at 19.

BR 19 hits Vrill (hey at least it wasn't a 15 buddy!) for BR 8 = 12 pts of damage.

Any eta on ZOMG? We might need him.

What kind of bad news? Another force cube DBF? Or some kind of lich wackiness?
  ROUND 6 Cleanup
I personally would never dare insinuate that the PCs fudge their rolls. I trust you guys completely, otherwise this blogroll system would never work. I just wanted to make sure, as I've had weird blogroll experiences, like rolling a 38 on 1d20.

24 points it is. The metal giant dies in round 6, thus keeping Tut alive, although at an awful 4 hp.

Dave FoO heals both of you, Tut in Round 5 and Moth in Round 6. Dave FoO, I'm assuming that it's a CLW on each (as you've used your 1 CSW, right?). Tut gets back 7+1 = 8, and Moth gets back 5 + 1 = 6. So Tut has 12 hp and Moth has 8 hp.

Vrill is about to drop bad news in Round 7, guys.
Eh? Define "checking" that, please. Look, I don't mind when Vrill gets all bitchy about our blogrolls, I'm sure we'd be unhappy if he was rolling all kinds of 20s against us or something. But mistrusting the players? C'mon, DM. I've got better ways of making myself happy than cheating at Dungeons and Dragons.

If there is a way to check out blogroller's innards and tell you what got rolled when, lemme know and I'll see if I made a mistake. Otherwise, all I know is I said "6 sided' and "four" and clicked "Roll them Bones!" and a 24 appeared in the box. No shit.

I think Vrill's study was biased, anyway.

Sorry if I'm mistinterpreted it, but it sounds like you're saying we're cheating. If not, cool, whatever, I find Vrill's posts funny. If so... I mean, c'mon...
  King Tut, President of the Fraternal Order of the Phoenix
I could use some heals.

Vrill neglected to note that Ruy Lopez was in effect for awhile, which bumped everyone's numbers by 3, so that means an "abnormal amount of 12's." Not quite so scary. I'd also like to note that Vrill's character sheet isn't on the Blog webpage, so it's hard to confirm exactly what potions he has and how many. Lastly, the metal giant somehow threw ZOMG out of combat for 3 rounds, and doesn't post his to hit rolls either...hmm, I think I'm going to counter-claim that it's not the PCs who are being shady, but Vrill and his cohorts.
  Maximum Fire
24 on 4d6? You rolled maximum damage? Um, please check that, so that Vrill doesn't get all ornery and make another graph.
Shut up Vrill, I rolled those BRs straight up. At one point I rolled a 20 on a d4, but we'll ignore that. Suffice to say, I find probable c ause to say your "Science" is a bunch of bullshit. Aren't you a mage anyway? And who is this "Rob" character? Frankly, I think you made him up.

Reguardless, enjoy this blast of flame upside your metallic cronie's head. The next one is for you.

I flip Marvin Mews' coin, then let the metal giant have it with my flamethrower. BR 62 says no +1 this time. Dag.

As for the damage, BR 24 on 4d6 for fire damage to robotman.

Uh, anyone got any healing? Of course Tut has first dibs on that, being as he's probably dead and all, but at 2 hp I could use some. Anyone have any spells that shatter glass or something? So we could break all of Vrill's potion bottles? Maybe I should flamethrow him, them hit him with cone of cold. I'll try that once metalman is gone.

Okay, after the fireball, Moth has 2 hp, still up and not Held. Moth, in rounds 4,5, and 6 you Magic Missile Vrill for a total of 24 hp.

Dave FoO sends the Magic Missile back Vrill-ways, doing more damage. The guy's looking bad.

Vrill casts a Dispel Magic and drinks a potion in round 6. He's looking pretty good now. Brogg and Marivhon, you float back down to earth and the silence is off again. As a compromise between different hard-to-reconcile factors (movement rates, levitation, how movement is done in game, personal silence, and Vrill's 'silent casting') I've been playing that he can only cast 1-3 circle spells while it's on.

Regardless, Vrill spasms and yells "What the hell do you think you're doing? I'm CROATIUS you morons... YOU can't kill me!"

Tut bangs away on the metal giant, doing more damage, but taking 14 after the critical fumble.

Schmektor, Marivhon, and Dave FoO, I await your commands. At the end of the round, the metal giant will do 14 more to Tut, killing him unless there's a heal for the guy. Schmektor, you can give someone 1 potion on your round.

Brogg is either wounded or dead.
Dave FoO has 35 hp.
Marivhon has 20 hp.
Moth has 2 hp.
Schmektor has 34 hp.
Tut has -10 hp, and is dead unless otherwise healed.
  Master Gregory Vril MPG, WHISTLEBLOWER
I wish to file a COMPLAINT.

I have good evidence that the PCs, likely along with 'Rob', have conspired against me and are cheating. They are ignoring the rigorous demands that Blogroller places upon our shared environment here, and are FAKING their To Hit rolls and SAVING THROWS.

As a man of SCIENCE, I am well-versed in probability and statistical distributions. Please consider the following figure of the blogrolls posted here in the last week for 'to hit' rolls and 'saving throws' by the PCs. Tellingly, Marivhon never posts his 'to hit' rolls, only saying "I hit such and such a low AC", obviously his data is missing from this graph.

The number of '15's rolled significantly differs from the expected number (p<0.01).>

Furthermore, as a separate complaint, I charge the DM with conspiracy as I DID NOT post in the last few days to issue my actions. Rob just made them up for me. Whether or not I would have acted the same way is beside the point. I am a member of this web blog, posting lately more than some other members, and my voice is my own. If I cannot post- say, I'm busy or my internet connection is down or I get a girlfriend or something- it is NOT FAIR to just assume my actions and make me do things. You don't know what I'd really do in a situation, do you?


  King Tut, Injured Tax Advisor to the Phoenix
Brogg/DFoo/any other healers, can I get a heal? I'm at like 19 and the metal giant attacks me 2x this round, so that means I'll probably be at -19. Armor class is kind of useless isn't it? Everyone who melee attacks always seems to hit, I'm not sure if anyone's ever missed me.

DFoo: I was suggesting focusing on the metal giant cause Vrill seems to heal himself to full every round with his free potion action, so it seems like we're just wasting time on him, while the giant doesn't heal so we could actually kill him.
Anyone else been having trouble getting blogger to load the past few days?

Anyhow, a BlogRoll to save my life, eh? Alright, here goes everything...

BR 19. Wow, nice. I guess that means I live to get bandaged and maybe healed.

I had to skim a lot of posts, but I think there was also something about getting Hold Person'd a few rounds back. Better save for that, too. BR 18. Maybe some higher power wants Vrill dead.

Anyhow, seeing as I've only been able to post sproadically recently, assume I'm tossing out magic missiles 1/round (well, 2 a round, actually, since I'm level 4...). All of these are aimed squarely at that crapshit Vrill.

So that's 6 bolts of 1d4+1 pain over the next 12 seconds. Time to bust a mystical cap in your undead ass, Vrilly boy.

Next Round:
BR 2+1= 3
BR 4+1= 5

Next Round +1:
BR 3+1= 4
BR 4+1= 5

Next Round +2:
BR 3+1= 4
BR 2+1= 3

The only condition I'll ditch these actions under is if one of my homies needs bandaging.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Wow. Nabokov, hey? So, yeah, if it's by him, it must be good and shit.

Except, you know, it's not good. It's bad. And now you're a plagaristic stroke, to boot! And I'm pretty sure that Nabokov never actually wrote about Owlbears in Grito, so you're a plagaristic stroke who still CRAPS IN THE MOUTH OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE.

I'm going to leave along the whole topic of 'who's the best English novelist' and 'because you're a good novelist you're automatically a good poet' topics, because I'm not the Poetic Muse of Odin here. No, I am

Dave, Fist of Odin
(who he say?
Fist of Odin!)
And your pain
Will remain
To the break of dawn.

And then all of my previous comments apply to your 'rap', so you've proven yourself to be not just a cock-mongering ass-faced undead plagaristic mouth-crapping stroke, but a double-plus-bad cock-mongering ass-faced undead plagaristic mouth-crapping bug-fucking stroke.

Tut - you think the Metal Man is the better first target? Seems like Vrill's fireballs are a bigger threat, 'cuz Iron Guy can only hurt one of us a round.

Okay - one of the things I do this round is mime that MM back at Dr. Choad-Smoker. Dex Check BR 7 makes it, so he takes 29 points no save. That's pretty good.

I'd like to wait for the rest of my round to see what triage needs to happen on Brogg and Moth.
  King Tut, He Who Channels the Phenii's Anger Towards the Metal Giant
Guys can we focus on the metal giant? I don't know why Ruy Lopez didn't mention it, but Vrill just keeps healing to full each round...let's drop the unhealable giant and then drop Vrill.

I drink a potion for 5. Not so great...1d8+2 looks so good on paper :( I'm at 18.

2 attacks on the metal giant:

BR 20 is awesome, and does 18 pts.

BR 1 is not very good.

Any chance I can get a heal? I think I'm the only one in danger, except for possibly Brogg.
Round 5: Is moth severly injured or dead? If just injured, I bandage him. I have several standard healing potions I can dump down his throat. How many of those can I do in a round?

and... uh, yeah... I didn't/don't know what to roll for healing potions or extra healing... thanks for rolling for me.

Anyone have any more levitation potions? Or a way to bring Vrill back down here?
Business meeting first.

Magic Missile's range is pretty damn far, farther than Tut can throw. The clearing you're all in isn't that huge anyway, remember you're in a nice garden surrounded by giant hedges. Somewhere, Zom's chainsaw sings.

Tut, you think you might be able to damage the giant. Here's not RMC grade, so he's probably not a bona fide iron golem.

Okay Tut you're at 29 hp. Round 4 yes in fact, you damage the metal giant.

Schmektor, you can drink a potion and attack all in round 4. Lopez is still around as of R4, so you do a nice 29 hp damage. The metal guy's looking rough. You didn't roll the extra-healing potion, so I will. Uh, hmm. 5+3 = 8 pts of healing.

Vrill makes his save vs the fireball and recovers most of the damage with another healing potion. The guy's practically hooked up to an IV.


Okay, this brings us into Round 5. Top of the round, Vrill magic missiles Ruy, finally, for real killing the poor guy. Round 5, your Lopez bonuses are gone. Vrill drinks a potion, healing, and sends more MMs to Marivhon.

Marivhon, you hit Vrill for 18. He looks pissed. You drink a potion, but I don't know what 'heal to full' means from a PC. I'll assume you heal everything but that last "bonus" magic missile which hits for maximum (6 hp). Despite your feelings towards Vrill, please continue to blogroll things like healing potions.

Bottom of the round, the metal giant drills you again Tut... you take 16. You estimate the giant is down to half or even a third of initial hp.

Brogg and Moth, please roll your saves vs. fireball. You are OUT of combat until I get that roll. Remember that Ruy is still technically in, plus the Oracle's blessing is still on as you are both half-breeds, giving you a total of +5 to your save.

As this saving throw could potentially kill you, I'll waive my ability to roll it myself. Even if the combat ends, I'll hold you to rolling it.

Brogg is either wounded or dead.
Dave FoO has 35 hp.
Marivhon has 20 hp.
Moth is either severely wounded or dead.
Schmektor has 34 hp.
Tut has 13 hp.
Save vs. spell made with an 18.

Round 4, I drink a potion of extra healing.

Round 5 I lay into the metal dude with a BR15 and a BR16 (those hit AC -4 and -5 respectively... without Ruy Lopez) for 10 (BR5 +5) and 13 (BR8 +5). Again, unless Ruy is still around... then add +3 to each of those damage rolls.
  King Tut, Humble Phoenix Shepherd and He Who Walks with Ruy Lopez
1) Range check on magic missile? Isn't RL too far?

2) Well I'm KT I got the deuces wild, all of the girlie's numbers that I dial,
I got em dancin like a felon that just got zapped.
Yeah I'm KT and I got all the fly juice, always rolling on chrome twenty-two's,
This bitch metal giant's about to get slapped.
That's right I'm KT and I rise like a phoenix, Vrill you had better get some Kleenex,
Feds got me on the phone but the judge said I was entrapped.
  Master Gregory Vrill, Hero and Family Man
I have whatever potions I want to have... I'm the Guildmaster of the POTION GUILD asshole.

And I get 6 MISSILES... SIX... because of my OneUp potion, giving me +1 to EVERYTHING, that means +1 missile, +1 dmg per missile. Eat it.

I saved vs fireball and drank a potion that will heal me to full in my present state, which is BEYOND YOU. I'm obviously not a Lich moron.

Well fine here's some rap music for you.

Many men, wish death upon me
Blood in my eye dog and I can't see
I'm trying to be what I'm destined to be
And some PCs trying to take my life away

I put a magic missile in a PC for fucking with me
My back on the wall, now you gon' see
Better watch how you talk, when you talk about me
Cause I'll come and take your life away

Many men, many, many, many, many men
Wish death upon me
Lord I don't cry no more
Don't look to the Zelb no more
Have mercy on me

Now these pussy PCs putting money on my head
Go on and get your refund motherfucker, I ain't dead
I'm the diamond in the dirt, that ain't been found
I'm the dreamworld king and I just been crowned

When I rhyme, something special happen every time
I'm the greatest, something like Croatius in his prime
I walk the block with the bundles
I've been knocked on the humble
Swing the ox when I rumble
Show your ass what my spells do

Got a temper Marivhon, go'head, lose your head
Turn your back on me, get missiled and lose your legs
I walk around potions on my waist, chip on my shoulder
Till I bust a 'bolt in your face, pussy, this beef ain't over

Many men, many, many, many, many men
Wish death upon me
Zelba I don't cry no more
Don't look to the DM no more

Have mercy on me
Have mercy on my soul
Somewhere my owlbears turned cold
Have mercy on many men
Many, many, many, many men
Wish death upon me

Sunny days wouldn't be special, if it wasn't for rain
Joy wouldn't feel so good, if it wasn't for pain
Death gotta be easy, 'cause life is hard
It'll leave you physically, mentally, and emotionally scarred

This is for my owlbears on the block, twisting trees and cigars
For the chemists on lock, doing life behind bars
I don't see only god can judge me, 'cause I see things clear
Quick these PCs will give my NPC ass a hundred years
I'm like Paulie in Goodfellas, you can call me the Don
Like Malcolm by any means, with my gun in my palm
DM switched sides on me, let PCs ride on me
I thought we was cool, why you want me to die homie?

Many men, many, many, many, many men
Wish death upon me
Lord I don't cry no more
Don't look to the red robes no more
Have mercy on me
Have mercy on my soul
Somewhere my potions turned cold
Have mercy on many men
Many, many, many, many men
Wish death upon me

Every night I email Rob, but he don't say nothing back
I know he protecting me, but I still stay with my gat
In my nightmares, PCs keep pulling Lopez on me
Ron says some bitch dumb, put a hex on me
The PCs didn't know much, when Abbey got shot
I got a kite from the pens that told me, my dogs got knocked
I ain't gonna spell it out for you motherfuckers all the time
Are you illiterate Dave? You can't read between the lines
In the bible it says, what goes around, comes around
Mike shot me, three weeks later he got shot down
Now it's clear that I'm here, for a real reason
Cause he got hit like I got hit, but he ain't fucking breathing

Many men, many, many, many, many men
Wish death upon me
Lord I don't cry no more
Don't look to the sky no more
Have mercy on me
Have mercy on my soul
Somewhere my heart turned cold
Have mercy on many men
Many, many, many, many men
Wish death upon me
What potion do you drink that heals 38 hps....

You're fucking undead....do you really have a potion of Harm...? Bullshit.
hey ass face do you even know how to play this game or what the fucking rules are you only get 5 missiles max so we'll just take off that 6 and wow you've done 12 hps to me. I drink a fucking potion and I'm at full.

I'm curious if you made a save vs fireball....You did didn't you? Because if you didn't I would really think that 38 hps would kill an 11th level mage, the minimum you took in the round that Dave fireballed. Unless he gets max hp or something. I guess you don't roll saves you just decide you get to live. I mean come on it's a d4 for your hitpoints....till 10th level....then what a +1 or 2 per level.... I agree this smells foul.
  King Tut, Protector of Rules, Logic, Phenii, and Ruy Lopez
Donde esta 1st edition? What's the range on magic missile?
Yawn. This website sucks.

Anyway, sorry Marivhon but your strategy is retarded. Silence is only 15' and you're swinging a halberd. I can easily get away in time to cast one spell on you before you close again. That's how movement rate works in the game. You don't automatically get to drift along next to me. I move, I cast, then it's your turn. It's not like there's a magnet on you pulling you into me, loser. Besides I've got silent casting as an nwp.

Oh no a fireball. I drink a damn potion and heal to full. Then I magic missile Roy LAMEPEZ to death until he dies and start magic missiling Marivhon. I'm going to KILL YOU, AGAIN. THEN YOU CAN CRY, AGAIN. Here's my magic missile rolls: 5, 6 (that kills CHEESEPEZ finally), and then 4, 5, 3, 6 = 18 to Marivhon. NO SAVE, TP.

And Dave, you are an imbicile. The poem is from Nabokov. You know, NABOKOV? Only the greatest of the 20th century novelists? Moron, take an english class.
ouch!! Well not for me, I make my save with a 22. No fireball damage for me. Looks bad for Vrill. I did 36 hps and dave does atleast 24. Min 60 max 84 points of damage by the end of round 4. hmm. Round 5 should end this. Vrill is in my silence and I move at 22 so I don't think he's getting too far.

I will say that I think I beat him on initiative if we still use such a quaint thing. I have a 17 dex. Round 5 will be a hit on ac 1 for, heh, another 18 hps of damage.

so.....I'm at full and he's silenced.

I smile at Vrill.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Wow. Mr. Vrill really smokes the choad.

You know, Greg, I've tried to be straight-up with you. Shit went down on both sides here - and maybe we were more egregious in our offenses against you - sure, killing your wife and daughter's pretty bad. And I'm not going to make the argument that you opened that door by killing Mike when he was defenseless in a cell, becuase - you know. Wife and daughter is a lot more than that.

But MAN do you smoke the choad at verse! That wasn't a rap, and it wasn't any kind of poem that I'm used to - the rhythm and meter sucked, your theme varied from painfully obvious to excruciatingly hidden, your metaphors (such as they were) blew donkey cock, and you've really raised the bar on pretention to a new level. Ummmm, good job on that last one, I suppose, but really:

"ripping his flavid toga and at dawn"?

I mean - dude. Words fail me as to the . . . to the . . . well, words fail me, 'cuz it's SO BAD. I'm just going to leave the line:

"because you took advantage of my disadvantage . . ."

Alone, because I'm embarassed for the language. Yes, somewhere the muse of language is hanging her head in shame, because you came along and CRAPPED IN HER MOUTH.

I might have been willing to let bygones be bygones, but what you said was so terrible that Now You Must Die.

Anyway. Save vs. fireball? 14, makes it. Drink a potion for 20. If Vrill didn't take fireball damage, he does now - Gloves of the Mime (dex check 3 - makes it) say fireball back at him, and if he can avoid fireball one, we can avoid fireball two.

Oh yum - 48 points of fire damage! I'm sure that as an 11th level alchemist you've got mad HP there, Dr. Vrill.

(He's got a PhD in Choad-smoking, I figure.)

But those are both free actions! Whatever shall I do next?

I would like to wait and see what happens after the fireball - dispensing cures or a dispel as needed. Rob, if you want to make a call on that to speed play, I'm fine with it - you know how the triage works. Dead? Nope - can't do nothin for you. Dropping? CLW and 2d8+5 potion, or split up if two people are dropping. Otherwise CLW on whoever needs it the most.
  King Tut, He Who Befriends the Phoenix and Saves Ruy Lopez

Ruy Lopez lives
!!!!! Keep up the +3 to hit/dmg/saves

IQ check: 11, made exactly. Damn Tut has a hot hand tonight. So tell me what's up with the metal giant?

Vrill all you need to know is that I keepz it real
. It's kind of ironic that you say you are trying to "stay alive" since you are a lich...and liches are undead...which means not alive. Pwned in the face homes.

as soon as my silence is dropped I will use the wand to get another. I fail my save vs Charm. What dumb fuck forgot is that I'm a half elf and I roll a 16 for my resistance to charm. I am not charmed. OK then, I levitate up to him and attack him with my silenced halberd, since his stoneskin is down this should hurt. I hit ac 2 for 18 points of damage (9+3+1+3+2)
Round 4 is 2 attacks miss and a hit for another 18
points of damage.
round 5 will be nice....
  Master Gregory Vrill MPG, Guildmaster of the Grito/Greyhelm Potion Guild, Lord of the Dreamworld, PC KILLER
Wait a sec D)ick M)uncher. I'm only abiding by the rules YOU outlined. I'M ONLY trying to STAY ALIVE. Then you go and change the rules on me? God I wish I could just fireball YOU.

And wait, so because Renwick's not logging on, I can't target him either with spells? He just gets a free pass through the combat, skipping sweetly down the godamn yellowbrick road while I FIGHT FOR MY LIFE??!!! That is 100% UNFAIR.


I proclaim the following words to the PCs as a sort of eulogy for their sad lives.

"Because you took advantage of an Alchemist
because you took advantage
because you took my magic items
because you took advantage of my disadvantage . . .

when I stood at 4th level in Grito
before Greyhelm law and all its singing stars

Because you took advantage of my daughter
when owlbears were helpless moulting moist and tender
hoping for the best
dreaming of selling border collies to the Grito guard
aye of a litter of half-elf Abbeys

Because you took advantage of my inner
essential innocence
because you cheated me

Because you cheated me of my redemption
because you killed
and destroyed a weather station and
a little downy girl still wearing poppies
still eating popcorn in the colored gloam
where tawny kobolds took paid coppers

because you stole her
from her wax-browed and dignified magic-user protector
spitting into his heavy-lidded eye
ripping his flavid toga and at dawn
leaving the mage to roll upon his new discomfort
the awfulness of love and potions
remorse despair while you
took a little half-elf oracular girl to pieces
and threw her body away

because of all you did
because of all I did not

...Wait a sec. So if Renwick just doesn't post, he drops out... he can't be MADE to do anything, and he can't be attacked? Well I see then. That's actually very interesting.
  FINAL FIGHT Round 4 Cleanup
Hmm, okay, I see in your post that you did in fact throw Ruy far away so he'd escape problems.

Alright everyone, Ruy lives on! Vrill grumbles and decides once and for all to get rid of 'El Lopez' next round.

And Tut, gimme an IQ check for examination of the metal giant.

And no, Renwick can't Magic Missile. Maybe you could email Godfrey and tell him to log the fuck onto the blog, but my guess is that Renwick is going the way of Cinder and Mike the Thief/Zombie before him.
  King Tut, He Who Is Taught and Embraced by the Phoenix
Round 4:
1) Save v. spells: 15. Tut takes 24 pts of dmg and 14 from the giant, but...

2) Tut drinks a Potion of Extra Healing for 16 pts, and is at 29.

3) I'd like to know whether or not I can damage the metal giant? I'm kind of assuming he's an iron golem too...I only have +1 to hit. I'd like to not waste a round attacking him if I can't hurt him. With all my relevant NWPs, and the time I've spent examining ZOMG, can I determine whether or not I could damage him? I BR a 15 for 10pts of dmg, which I'll put on the giant if I think I can damage him (he's got to be really low, ZOMG was kicking his ass for a long time) or Vrill if I can't damage the giant.

4) Does the fireball really hit Ruy? I threw him really far away, and I forget what the size of a fireball is. Is the room really big enough, and shaped properly, to allow Vrill to drop "the perfect fireball?"

5) Remember to add Ruy's bonus for this save. He doesn't die until the fireball resolves.

6) Can Renwick magic missile once then? Or take 1 round of actions?
Please first see the erratum to the previous round below.

Okay, in Round 4, Dave FoO heals Brogg to 36 hp. Brogg drinks the levitate potion as a free action, go ahead and do your stuff Brogg in round 4. Please don't forget the save vs. hold first!

Sounds like Marivhon is also drinking a levitation potion as a free action. Go ahead and take your rolls too Mar... but don't forget your save vs. charm! If you fail your save, you're going to interpose with Brogg. You don't have to fight him, but you're going to keep him away from Vrill... make opposed STR and DEX rolls with Brogg. That could be some complicated posting, so just first tell me if you make STR and/or DEX and we'll go from there.

Vrill casts a Fireball, getting basically everyone except himself and Marivhon. Ron Ball is already dead, the metal giant is immune, but Tut, Dave FoO, Moth, Brogg, Ruy Lopez, and Schmektor, make saves vs. spells. I'm ruling that given Cures and melee combat, everyone's in close supposition, but if Vrill wants to get everyone he'd have to get himself as well. Instead, he floats laterally towards the PCs on the ground to draw Brogg and Mar over, backs up, chooses one person to exclude- Mar- and then drops the Fbomb.

He drinks a potion too. Rules is rules.

If you make your save, you take 24. If you miss it, you take 48 points of damage. Yeah, I know a couple of you might be dyin' here. Once again, Ruy Lopez bites it.

End of the round, the metal giant goes for you, Tut. 14 hp damage with the big drill.

Even if you go down or die, feel free to post your round 4 action and we'll slot it in, including drinking potions as you wish. No, you can't take the 48 hp damage, die, and drink a potion to heal you back up. Cheers.
  FINAL FIGHT Cleanup In Aisle 3
Agreed, Vrill's trying to game the system a little too hard. The Potion of Firebombing and drinking 2/round are both pretty cheesy tactics. I'm ruling against Firebombing, and let's put a moratorium on 2/rnd from now on. You guys need 1/rnd as a free action to stay alive though, so let's keep that rule in.

I'm also getting kind of tired of all this retconning Greg, so chill out and fall in line. You don't have ESP.

Tut, okay, you activate ZOM-G. Some lights blink on and off on the controller... he'll get here when he can.

Sorry, I forgot all about Schmektor! Too many posts. Wow, okay guys, you kill Ron Ball. No more priest healing on the opposition side. Brogg, Tut, Moth, and Schmek, well done guys. That's some hefty damage.

Dave FoO, Ron was only stunned one round as he's a 'special' kind of undead. I'm still ruling that the Hold Person went off. Tut saves, please post in your rolls the rest of you or I'll roll for you. That's a save vs. mental spell for Brogg and Moth for the Hold Person, and a save vs. mental spell for Vrill's charming potion.

Sorry, Renwick can't auto-Magic-Missile. This game don't work that way, and I'm only allowing one round retconning, so Renwick can't show up at the very end and re-write the entire battle.

Dave FoO, you brought in a bear in round 1, turned undead in round 2, and cast a Dispel in round 3. You can heal Brogg in round 4, which I'm about to get to.

Schmektor, please revise your round 4 action.
  Brogg of the WTF?!
Thanks for the heals, Dave.

Hey, throwing is an attack. Just because you throw a potion doesn't make it free. By that logic, I guess I can throw 2 flasks of oil plus attack each round then, huh? I vote NAY on Ruy's destruction.

However, if the NAYs don't win, I throw two flasks of oil at Vrill, then drink Dave's Potion of Levitation for my action. Yeah, that sounds fair... BRs:13 and 15 for those potions of oil. That's two hits.

On the other hand, if we don't throw all rules out the window (wasn't this 1st edition at one time?), I will just drink Dave's levitation Potion and engage Vrill.
As previously posted, I lay the smack into the Ball licker:

Round 1: Attacking Ron Ball - BR 16 (hits AC -5) for 7 (BR 2 +5) and actually, this was 10 because I didn't know about that Ruy guy when I posted last week... but only in round 1, right?
Round 2: Attacking Ron Ball - BR 8, (hits AC 3), BR 16 (hits AC -5) for 11 (BR6 +5) and 13 (BR 8 +5)
Round 3: Attacking Ron Ball - BR 16 (what the hell? How many 16s can I roll?) for 7 (BR 2 +5)
Round 4: Attacking Ron Ball - BR 11 (hits AC 0) , BR 6 (hits AC 5) for 10 (BR 5 +5) and 13 (BR8 +5)

I may only be in melee... but don't count me out. Ron Ball is going down.
  King Tut, Channeler of the Anger of the Phenii
1) I disagree with this whole retcon thing; it wasn't like there were any timing delays in posting that rendered his posted actions useless (e.g. like when we retcon to either heal or not heal someone) and it was very, very clearly posted that Ruy Lopez was out and about. If Vrill failed to read that, I think he is just out of luck. I personally mentioned him about 4 times and most of the other PCs posted stuff like "Thanks Ruy." So I think he had fair warning and there's no reason to allow a retcon of R2.

I mean, if we can retcon just because, retrospectively, there are better actions that could have been taken, as a party we'd like to retcon all the way back to R1 and focus all of our attacks on RB.

2) I'm not sure if I have to activate ZOMG again, but if I do, IQ check = 7 (made) and d% = 44.

3) Save v. Hold BR 15 = success.

4) If retcon: Ok, so I guess I do 9 pts to RB in R3; I've already posted my R3 so I just took 3 pts off it. That throwing out of ocmbat seems really cheesy; can he really do that?

5) Can we get Renwick to at least auto-magic missile? We've been ok without him so far, but having him on the tart for this fight is pretty inconvenient.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Hoo boy.

Okay. Marivhon's got the levitate potion, so he can go deal with Vrill Monko-y-Licho.

So, last we heard, R-B was stunned from my turning. Did he shake that off? What gives?

As soon as Brogg drops, I give him a big potion (BR 12+5 for 17) and bust a Cure Serious on him (BR 20+3+1 for 24). So he should be at 36, which is pretty damn close to full.

The lightning went off the same round as the dispel, right? I'm getting ready to mime Vrill's ass here...

I've got another levitate potion. It looks like Tut and Schmecktor have their hands full with the metal dude - Moth? Brogg? Anyone want a little lift? I could go, but I think I'm better on ground support.
Ugh. Okay, what a mess. Let's see.

Round 2 is Vrill's LBolt. Marivhon takes no dmg, Brogg takes 21, putting you at 16. Your potion bumps you up to, uh, 18? You know they're +2, right, so I'm not sure how you rolled a 0. Let's split the difference, and you're at 19 hp Brogg. Marivhon, you can't stun through stoneskin, and you can't stun a lich, so you can't stun Vrill.

Dave FoO, the Mime Gloves are actually innate if you make a DX check, otherwise it takes up your next round action.

Moth, you're in here, keep up guys! You hurt Ron Ball while he's stunned. Actually you chop off a good sized piece of intestine. Ron's probably not walking away from this fight.

Uh yeah, Vrill does this cheesy 'use a potion' thing that's actually a grenade, and Ruy Lopez is out too. No more master strategy guys.

Round 3. The metal giant is sick of Zom's junk, picks him up, and hurls him far over the hedges, ejecting him from combat. He then wields his big drill and steps into melee with Brogg and Tut.

Tut does not yet kill Ron Ball! Ron drops a Hold Person on Tut, Moth, and Brogg. Brogg, you hurt Ron bad though, he's looking like ass. Drinks a potion of 'healing' but it doesn't help a ton.

Dave FoO, you should roll your own here, but since you didn't, I will. There's a few effects to Dispel, and you need a 16 or better for each one due to level difference.

Silence (only need an 11): 16 gone
+1 Potion: 4 still up
Stoneskin: 20 no shit, Vrill spits on you
Levitate: 9
PFE: 8.

So Vrill's still floating around.

Marvhon, make a save vs. charm. Actually Vrill revises his plan, and sends all those MMs at Brogg, knocking him to -5 and dropping.

Things have taken a turn for the worse this round. Brogg is nominally down. Four saves vs bad mental effects guys, and the metal giant joined melee. On the other hand, Ron Ball is almost gone and Vrill's SS is gone too. Looks like Vrill's casting a bad spell in round 4.
  Master Gregory Vrill MPG, Guildmaster of the Grito/Greyhelm Potion Guild, Mage
Okay, I need to 'retcon' here. I was concerned that the DM wouldn't understand the rules of stoneskin, so I was going to drink a healing potion, but instead I'll use a potion of firebombing and kill Ruy Lopez. The guy only has 10 hp or something, and my firebomb potion does 5d6... that's 17 hp, sorry Ruy. You're a completely illegal magic item anyway.

That goes down in round 2, so cancel all +3 bonuses IN round 2 and AFTER round 2 ALSO.

Your lame game has always played that you can drink 2 potions if that's your full round action, not including movement and innate powers, and it just so happens I have a lot of potions from my job, so fuck off Marivhon.

If the dispel magic goes off I'll drink another potion of levitation, otherwise I'll drink a potion of charm person and charm Marivhon and have him start stunning his lame friends. In any case, I lightning bolt Marivhon and Brogg and miss Ron Ball no problem. Line through any two points and all that.

I'll remind you that I'm effectively 12th level from the +1 potion, and in addition, I get a bonus die (to 11) and a +1 on each die for the lightning bolt. I don't care if Marivhon misses it, he's got a low WI so he's probably going to be charmed if that happens. Brogg takes 42 save for 21.

Time to start killing PCs. If Marivhon isn't charmed, then, in round 3 I'll magic missile him. If he is charmed, I'll magic missile Brogg until he's dead, even if he's unconscious. If he's unc, then I'll send missiles at him til dead and the rest at Dave FoO. Here are the missiles... I get 6, and each is +2: 4, 4, 5, 3, 3, 5. WEAK. Total Dmg is 24, unless only two of them go to Brogg to kill him, then it's 16.
  King Tut, Friend of Phoenii (the plural of phoenix)
Moth we currently have a magical chess piece named Ruy Lopez giving us +3 to hit, dmg and saves, for this fight only. He's pretty cool.

Let's not get all worked up about these guys, we had a great couple of rounds and are off to an awesome start. It doesn't look like these guys can bring the thunder like Abbey. Let's drop RB, hope ZOMG nuetralizes the metal guy, and see what Vrill comes up with...so far he hasn't been a huge problem.
I hop off the tart, hopefully in time for some fo the final battle.

I swing the golden sword at Ron. He doesn't seem like such a bad guy, just a little misguided or something, but he's helping Vrill.

Is the Half-Breed blessing the oracled bestowed on us still in effect, or was it deispelled?

BR 6 for swinging at Ron. +1 for strength, +2 if the dude's an adventurer. I'm not sure exactly what other modifiers may apply.

Vrill is good at this healing thing. I think we need to coordinate a massive attack or two on his ass. How about a huge magical blast or something? I've got Magic Missile, Renwick's got Lightning Bolt, I think, and I don't know what the clerics have got.
alright so here's a question....Marivhon is supposedly kinda smart, and well ok is ron alive and just freaky or is the dude dead. I think my NWP Yogi, and my knowledge of the blah blah blah is the guy dead?

My bet is yes, but I'd like to be more sure before I start wasting actions...

oh and if the DM decides that Vrill somehow can bolt us both....here's my save a 20 no damage. I'll be standing right under Vrill. Brogg is on Ron so it sounds like Ron might need a save vs Lightning Bolt too. I haven't posted my 3rd round actions because I don't know if Vrill got stunned. How high up is Vrill now? If you need to Roll a d 20 to Dispel Magic on Vrill, I have my potion of 20!, which might be handy. You could use it and get him back down here in Melee with me with all his spells down...... I doubt he has too many potions......
Descent into Depths is an old school 1st Edition AD&D adventure run by the Infinity Group.

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