Schmektor if you are 4th level that makes the save.....or if there are any stats you have that give a bonus to paralyzation saves in this situation.
I like being really, really still. I feebed the save with a 13. Not sure what happens next... but uh... yeah... I am going to just lie here paralyzed.

damn it...
I blast a frickin goul, preferably one that is hurt.
Magic Missile for 9pts.
  King Tut
I charge the f'ing ghouls, and I tell them that they suck, and so do their suitcases. I go for the noses.

BR: 5
BR: 17
BR: 17

(does it reroll if you click it somewhat fast? That's twice in a row I've doubled up on rolls).

1d4: 4
1d4: 3

Save roll:

BR: 11.
  Renwick Saves The Day
Well, not exactly, but he still blows the hell outta the scorpion. It shuts down. Three gnouls left to deal with.

Sounds like Brogg and Dave FoO are relegated to the Tard Cart. Marivhon's off to the side. That means it's up to the newbs to handle it. Schmektor, miss from one, hit from one, you take 4 hp and make a save vs. paralyzation. Tut, you also take 4 hp and make a save.

Last thing I remember, I really, really, really wanted a glass of milk. Which is strange, because I've always hated milk.

Right then a little old had came up to me with a mug of frothy moo juice.

"Here you go sweetie" she said as she handed it over to me while patting me on the shoulder.

I downed the whole thing in one draught,
and then I wake up in cinders god dam bed room.

How the fuck did I end up in the cart, and where am I and where is everyone.

I'm in some kinda courtyard, and can hear the screams of my boon compainion in the background.

Following the sounds of battle I pass through a set of doors and see a combat before me.

Marrivon could use some saving, but I ain't a priest so it's back to what I know best.

Magic Missile for 12pts on the scorpion.
  Zeitgeist Is Apparently Where Dejected Minions Drink Their Woes
Ya Brogg, your skeletons can go hang out with 'Dusty' at the Zeitgeist bar.

Schmektor, okay, you give Marivhon a potion. Mar, you're healed for 5 hp, but not any less paralyzed. Fortunately, with all the melee-range activity, a paralyzed monk is the least of their worries.

Tut, you could be a ghoul, if you can think of a way to let the gnome ghouls murder you. As it is, seems like your fellow PCs might be problematic.
If it is possible, I will leave melee and attempt to pour a healing potion down Mar's throat. If it's not possible to administer the drink, I will at least engage any beasties that try to make lunch out of him.
  Attention Internet Shoppers
Hi there everyone.

How's it going?

Buying some nice stuff today? That putter sure is something.
I bring it one more time on the Scorpion. BR:13. 12 points of damage.

My last Skellie, BR:6. I hate him.

(I am out of access for 10 days. See TT. Good luck with autoBrogg.)
  What Is A Thing That Is Not On The Internet?
Marivhon, you're paralyzed for a while. At least, longer than the two rounds it's been. Tut and Moth dink the scorpion some more.


"Portmanteau" is a french word, means 'suitcase'. Somehow, it also means a made-up word that's an abridgement, contraction, or 'mashup' of two existing words. Like smog from smoke and fog. Nabokov's full of 'em.

Not to be a jerk or anything? But this is the internet. You can look up words in the dictionary on your computer on the internet. For example: http://www.m-w.com/dictionary/portmanteau
there is no claw holding me guys I'm just paralyzed from the ghouls. Only elves are immune to ghoul paralysis.

So am I the only one wonderig what portmaneau means? Ok I mean I get that it is a shortening, but ah well this will just get me in trouble with that word thing I have.

So how long am I paralyzed for exactly? Dave is in Washington and won't post till, I would guess sunday.

So...into the tart he goes....preferably under renwick to give some cushion.
Magic Missile on the claw holding Marivhon. BR 2+1= 3 damage.

Nex round sword hit on a ghoul: 1. Arg. So, uh, are half-elves immune to ghoul touch or what?

"Retcon" is a portmanteu of Retroactive Continuity.
  King Tut
Claw claw bite on the steam scorpion.

BR: 19
BR: 5
BR: 5

1d4 = 1

1 huge point of damage to the steam scorpion. Hmm, maybe I need to get a class and some attack skills.

I want to be a ghoul. I think that's the perfect character class for Tut. Can I remain a PC if I'm a ghoul? If so, I'll jump down and melee with the gnouls until I become one. It won't damage my CHA right? All the after school specials say it's what's inside that counts.
Schmektor and Brogg, okay, you guys are pounding away at the steam scorpion. It's taking a real beating, but still functional. Marivhon's out of reach of the thing, but still liable to be turned into a ghoul by the gnouls (that's a contraction of 'gnome ghoul').

Skelly 2 crit fumbs and loses his life. Or his unlife, but you get me. That scorpion should get a job clearing out low level crypts.

We'll pause here for a sec while waiting for others to catch up. Namely, the actions of Dave FoO are most pertinent at the moment. At least, I'm sure Marivhon thinks so.
Maybe Marivhon is half paralyzed. -You know, the droopy face stroke kind of paralyzed...

Well, I am going to chop at that damn Scorpion again, BRs:10,11. Those hit ACs:-1 and -2 for 21 points.

The two Skellies bring the love too, BRs:8,1. -I hate the Skellies.

Woot, woot, woot! Those who can't, poke fun!
Rounds one and two I swing on the scorpion [preferably on the claw holding Mar] with a 16 and an 18. If those hit, log up 5 (4 +1)and 6(5 +1) points respectively.
uh looks like I'm stuck. and I have 6 hps........not good.

My next character will be a drow cleric/cavalier and she'll rock!! She'll be an elf and she'll be immune to bullshit Ghoul paralysis.
Okay Marivhon, you're not trapped by the scorpion's claw, but you are paralyzed by the ghouls. I don't recall elves and half-elves being immune to ghoul paralysis. That just doesn't ring a bell.

Brogg, one of the ghouls runs away due to your faith in ZELBANE.
Hrm trapped in the claw, no save even with all of my acrobatic skills....huh.
Half-elves and elves are immune to the Ghouls paralysis if I remember right from 1st edition as well. But hey.

If you want a save to not get trapped I got an 18 which makes everything.
against the ghouls I get a 7 and a 14 missed, made. As a monk I am immune to disease and slow/haste magic.

If I get to act. I drink a potion. getting back 14.
I attack the Scorpion hit ac 4 and a miss ac 4 for 8 hps.
Marivhon, noooo!

I Turn the Ghouls, BR:1. Hmm. Actually I turn a Ghoul. But, I turn a mean looking one.

Dave, Fist of Odin+, maybe you could Turn some as well.

As for my two Skellies, they attack the Scorpion. BRs:8,6. -They have no effect.

I, on the other hand, run up and chop the Scorpion, BR:3. -I guess I am on the same hand as the Skellies.
  Gnome Ghouls!
Alright Marivhon, you smash the halberd into the scorpion. You definitely do damage, but instead of ichor oozing out, instead you see steam shoot out from the exoskeleton! Then the massive scorpion claw nabs you and pinches you for 6 hp. You're trapped in the scorpion's claw; the tail gets ready to strike. The whole thing remains motionless other than that though. That's when the ghouls creep out from the darkness.

There are four small ghouls. Actually, they look like undead tinker gnomes; bloody, ripped overalls with a little tinker's hammer, big gnome nose half-rotting off, crazy undead gnome hair. They shriek in glee. Marivhon, the gnomes rush you. Hit you with claws and hammers for another 14 hp, plus make two saves vs. paralyzation.

Guys, Marivhon's trapped, he fell into the gnome ghouls' evil plan. Can you save your monk friend before it's too late?
I don't make wis checks, I attack.
I try to , hey wait do I see other exits from this room? With my elf eyes and shit.
Either way I prolly attack.
So it's large eh?
13 points of damage, unless it's ac-3 in which case I miss.
Snap! Crunch! As the skeletons walk on up, the scorpion's claws close around one of them, shattering its ribcage. It falls in a heap onto the floor.

Tink! Brogg, your crossbow bolt bounces off the carapace of the monstrous beast.

Other than that, the scorpion remains motionless. On WI checks, you sense an ill presence closing in around you.


By the way, I dig the word 'retcon', but what's it a contraction of? 'Retroactive consideration'?
Assuming I can go with Marivhon's idea and retcon another attempt to learn ID before I level, BR is a 48%, so I would learn it. If that's cool, I ID everything what needs identifying before we leave mini-Greyhelm.

For the hell of it, Cha Check... BR 15. No.

I'm not sure that's an ordinary scorpion... er, ordinary gigantic scorpion...
That's not a Dwarf...

Hmmm. I forgot to get a Hammer. I wonder how I got specialized in Hammer...

Anyway, I order My Three Skellies to Destroy the Scorpion!!! pointing my finger and looking very dour.

I then shoot my Light Crossbow as my boys cover the distance. BR:13. That's AC:3. 4 points. (2-5, right?)
  Level 1: The Ballroom
Alright, before we begin, there's something I gotta say. Look guys: this is a big dungeon. 10 levels big. You have to make it to the top and find a way through the mirror (assuming it's there). I don't want this to turn into another Hello Airport debacle. 10 levels, the castle goes up, you just gotta take one level at a time, although things might not be so simple. You can always head down to rest and train too (barring unforeseen circumstances). Okay? Not Hard. Not Hello Airport. Big and dangerous, but it's a goddamn Dungeon, as in 'Dungeons and Dragons'.


Anyway, you take your leave of Level 0 (mini-Greyhelm) and walk up a wide set of stairs to Level 1: The Greyhelm Ballroom.

It is dark and drafty in the first upper level of the castle. Someone lights a torch. The torchlight dances around like it always does in these kinds of places. A long, wide hall leads down to a pair of double doors. As you approach, you notice that, sure enough, the doors are draped in cobwebs. Each door is carved with an elaborate dancer, woman on the right, man on the left, bowing to each other as if about to waltz. You pull the doors open, pushing the dancers away from each other, and look into the huge ballroom beyond.

The ballroom is enormous, with a ceiling that must be thirty feet high. It goes back farther than your torchlight allows for. Apparently, it hasn't been used in years, as it's full of webbing and dust. At the edge of your light, you see a low, wide form... carefully stepping into the room, you can see what looks like a massive scorpion, the size of a car, waiting motionless twenty feet ahead of you, tail poised overhead.

What do you do?
If there are credits available, I would love to special train. Unless some one objects, I do so.

I could use some healing if any of the clerics among us could spare it. I'm down 11 HP from the caveman.

And as far as rumors go... I am one charming mother fucker. BR of 4 to make a CHA check.
Wow, I take 2 Potions of Dwarf Control and a Po. of Polymorph Self. Dwarf Control on Sale?! Damn that's a deal!

Thanks for the belt.

To hell with the rumors. -I hate gossip. Let's get this Party on the road! Or the stairs...

BTW, I have too many keys. -I've got an 18 strength. I throw them all in the garbage.
  Crazy Math
That's some crazy math there. Maybe this place is getting to you too?

You trade in the jug but nothing else: 10000 gp.
Moth trains up: 9250 gp.
Marivhon buys 10 Healing Potions: 7750 gp.
Marivhon buys the Twenty Potion: 5750 gp.
Marivhon buys 2 Speed Potions: 4950 gp left.

Extra-Healing, Dwarf Control, Polymorph, and poison still for sale.

You ask around about what to expect upstairs. You roll on the rumor table and learn that Irwin Fester, the Court Magician, often visited the Kitchens for a late night snack. Also, the High Priest of the Jug, Father Salisbury Greyhelm, was trapped upstairs in the Workshop. Apparently, he had a prophecy of doom and was trying to build a great weapon to defend the castle. Finally, a few of the townsfolk headed up to the Ballroom to see about getting some help, but it was suddenly covered in dust and cobwebs, and they heard a noise, so everyone ran back downstairs.

If you want, go ahead and make a CHA check to learn extra rumors.
take moths special training out of our credits, and anyone elses..thats 750 off the total.

I give up the jug. We give the Hat to Moth. and it looks like Brogg gets the belt.
if anyone wants the glaive it's on my character sheet. As is the goblet. the key is on Schmektor.

"hey Moth why don't you try to learn the spell before you train and then you could try again after if you have some more research to do"

If you try before you train then you can try again after. You can learn spells out of his book and he can still use it, you just put the spells in your book too. As to whether he is ok with it.

"Hey Renwick can I just borrow Apprentice Steve's spellbook from you, yeah the one I gave you, cool?"

I don't think it's a problem, I gave it to him with the agreement that he would ID shit of mine, he hasn't as of late lived up to the agreement.

We'll take all the healing potions. 2350 off credit I just add them to my character sheet and if someone needs one they can ask me for it.

let's just take that Potion of Twenty for the hell of it 4350, what could go wrong?
Those 2 potions of speed also look good so I take those.5150 off credit If anyone wants anything else speak up.

I'll spend my time teaching yoga to the crazies.

5900 of 10000 spent off credit.
Alright, I special train up to Thief 3 and Magic-User 2, if no one objects. BR 6 and BR 3 for hit points.

For New Spells Learned: Burning Hands BR 32 % and Shield BR 94%. So no shield, but now at least I have an attack spell.

If I take Renwick's spellbook, will he still be able to use it if his soul comes back from the Astral Plane or whatever?

If so, I'll try to learn Magic Missile and Identification: BR 48% for MM, BR 74% for ID. Sorry, Marivhon, maybe next level.

For my NWPs I select... Hm, anyone have any ideas on what might be useful for the upcoming 10 level dungeoncrawl extravaganza? I'm open to suggestions.
  Someone Misread The Recipe
Shave and a bath, obtained. No +2 Robes hanging out. But here's what the Potion Guild got:

Potions of Healing (10), 1d8+2 healing, 150 gp each
Potions of Extra-Healing (3), 3d8+3 healing, 400 gp each
Potions of Speed (2), Haste for 10 rounds, 400 gp each
Potions of Dwarf Control (20), no save, 100 gp each SALE
Potion of Polymorph Self, 1 change lasts 1 hr, 500 gp
Potion of Twenty, first roll made next round is an automatic 20, 2000 gp
Blade poison (4), +1d6 damage for four rounds of poison, 200 gp each

Brogg, no priests of Grisbane here. In fact, everyone here is human, and on a WI check at half, you might even guess that they're all related? That's a little weird. Take the Ocho Belt at your leisure.

Guys, you know the drill for training. 100 * new level in gps to train and new level in weeks to train, +50% of that for special training which gives you +2 hp and one bonus NWP, e.g, if you're training to 4th, it'll be 600 gp for special training and six weeks.
Wow, could I have the Belt of Skeleton Control?!

I've really gotten into commading skeletons. In fact, I instruct my three Skellies to take some R&R. I'll get them when we are ready to ascend.

Marivhon, I'll give you a Po. of Healing if you need one, but hopefully we can get some more. BTW, can you use a Glaive? -I think you can.

Tut, this would be a great time to get in touch with your inner Class.

I wait for everyone ot train. Then it's time to go up. In the meantime, are there any Grisbanics in tha house?
Uh, I would really like some potions of healing. Can I get a rundown on some of the available potions and their credit costs please.

Somebody in here might be holding onto some magic shit that the Priests of Isaac could talk them out of trading since life is so good here because of them.

Also, perhaps they have a Robe of Protection +2 laying around for some reason my 2 on a d6 says probably not but it's worth asking.

Any idea from the townsfolks what we might run into upstairs?

Other than that I'm ready to go I think.

Train up kids....or get some class as the case may be.

I would like a haircut, and a bath perhaps.
  They Have A Rudimentary Banking System Here In Mini-Greyhelm
Good thinking Mar. The priest of Isaac, whose name appropriately enough- or irreverently enough- is also Isaac, thanks you for returning their Jug. It's not magical, just sacred. They don't actually have a ton of gps here, but the town of mini-Greyhelm will credit you 6000, nay... 10,000 gp! In goods, training, services, inn rooms, drinks, etc. So don't add any money, we'll just deduct from 10k gp.

You guys each got 3000 xp from that last fight, which is why only the low level guys leveled.

The gold key, the Ocho Glaive, Ocho Belt, and Caveman Kangol are all magical. The key opens the gold lock outside, that's all it does. Worthless to you now, as are probably the demon tailor tools. If you wanna sell the key, you'll get another 2000 in credit, plus 200 gp for the tailor tools, plus 500 for the skull goblet.

The Ocho Glaive is a +8 Glaive! Just kidding. It's a +1 Glaive, +2 vs. good-aligned creatures. (Worth 5000 in credit.)

The Ocho Belt is a Belt of Skeleton Control. You can automatically command skeletons as a 6th level evil cleric, plus Animate Dead once/day, plus Summon Skeleton once/week. (Worth 3000 in credit.)

The Caveman Kangol is really a Hat of Evolution, which is +1 IQ.
Ocho glaive, belt, goblet and kangol taken.
how much exp did we get.
I try and have the stuff we have get a detect magic from one of the many people in our party who can cast the spell.

I then try to wake renwick up and have him ID any magical shit. If he's out of it I give his spellbook to Moth and get Moth to learn the spell if he would be so kind and id our shit.

I would like to know what/if the jug does.
How much would it be worth to the Isaac people here, hey they're crazy maybe they'll give alot. CHA check a 6 I actually made it. Maybe they like scary frickin dudes more here.

so in short id the goblet, glaive, belt, jug. Right Moth?.......

"someone change Renwicks diaper please.....I think the grape diet is really hurting our chances to make friends here....god the smell."
  Welcome To Greyhelm Keep
Searching reveals the following:

Ocho Glaive
Ocho Belt
Demon stitching tools
Caveman Kangol
Skull goblet

And a bunch of bones and stuff.


Anyway, you guys head back up and out, back into the courtyard of Castle Greyhelm. It's still surrounded by the blue energy field, which is a good thing, because you see a bunch of Knights gathered outside the porticullis with a large machine on a wagon. Not clear what they're up to, but it probably has something to do with trying to get through the shield. You shrug, pull out the gold key, and unlock Greyhelm Keep!

It's not at all what you expected.


Once inside the massive castle, you realize there are a lot of people here. Living people. In the huge audience hall of the first floor, it seems as though about 100 citizens of Greyhelm have set up a village. There's enough to eat and drink thanks to a few priests of Isaac. Indeed, there's a makeshift shrine, sort of like a lemonade stand, but with a giant poster of poor Isaac and his jug. There are other 'shops' too, a general store, a pub, a blacksmith, the Jesters Guild, and the Potion Guild. A few other things too, but as you're taking in the whole 'indoor Ren fest' thing going on, you begin to realize that these people are all fucking mad.

Not mad angry, mad mad, as in 'been trapped in Castle Greyhelm for months' gone mad. Loony. The people here ignore you, or shrug off your concerns, or take pity on you, as you're now trapped in here with the rest of us blighters.

Well, you probably have Potion, healing, and rest needs. You can attend to those here. You can also train here, if you're so inclined, although initially you think not, as you don't have the time. Just so you know, Tut can probably train to 2nd, depending on his class. Moth, you can train to 2nd magic-user and 3rd level thief. Schmektor can train to 4th fighter. Assuming you got the gps that is.

You rest and heal up to full before interrogating the townsfolk about Greyhelm Keep and Gregory Vrill. If you have specific questions or needs, just ask, but here's the general info that you learn:

1) The townsfolk are mainly servants of the Keep, from when the Knights first attacked and the castle defenses were activated. There's no way for them to drop the defenses, actually, and leave. That takes the royal family or the court magician.

2) As it turns out, the family Greyhelm didn't actually escape and make it to the island! They assumed everything would blow over, and locked themselves in the upper floors of the Keep. No one has seen them in months, but there's been strange reports from people heading up the stairs of monsters and strange magicks, so no one leaves the safety of level zero any more.

3) Greyhelm Keep has ten overlevels and three underlevels. A strange, forceful, and obnoxious man and his entourage just came through- who matches the description of Vrill! He enquired about the family and a set of magical mirrors that they have, one at the bottom and one at the top of the Keep. He then bought about a month of food and water, and headed downstairs. Hasn't been seen since.

4) The underlevels are: the Servant Quarters, the Crypt, and the Magician's Dungeon.

5) The overlevels are: the Ballroom, the Kitchens, the Workshop, the Botanical Gardens, the Library, the Museum, the Prince's Quarters, the Queen's Quarters, the King's Quarters, and the Solar Observatory.


Vrill went downstairs, so after a day of rest, you gather your gear and head down after him. To make a long story short, you trek through the three levels of the dungeons, but it looks like Vrill killed all the monsters, tripped all the traps, and got all the treasure. At the very bottom, through a maze of secret doors, you come into a large room, filled only with the shattered remains of a familiarly-grey giant magical mirror. Vrill is gone and there's no way to follow him.

No way here at least. It seems as though you'll have to take to the high ground, and adventure into the ten levels of Greyhelm Keep! At the top should be another mirror portal, where you can enter the bizarre mirror world and face off against Vrill once and for all! Don't forget that every day spent in the mirror world is one month of real time outside, so you guys actually have a ton of time to spend adventuring, enough time to train a few times at least.

That is, of course, if you're up for the challenge of... Greyhelm Keep! The stairs lead up to the Ballroom as a start. Alternatively, you can retire to the mad village and wait for Vrill to try and save the day.

What say you?
search. d6 a 3 %86

"can I get a potion or 2 from somebody before we move on to the bigger and badder things"

Either way - gold key gold lock onward.....
  Done With That
But you are in a basement. You're in the crypt of the chapel. And he's a demon, so... wait a second, I don't have to justify this crap to you, I'm the DM, yo. The demon just disappears, you can figure out how it happened.

Or if you want I can do a Lady in the Water style cartoon that explains everything then post a bunch of pictures of dog doo. (See Table Talk for more info.)

Anyway, you guys do enough damage to obliterate the caveman. Well done. All enemies accounted for. Tut is bandaged and healed and apparently still classless.

PCs, it's back to you.
Descent into Depths is an old school 1st Edition AD&D adventure run by the Infinity Group.

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