King Tut
Sounds like you are an experience and knowledgeable wizard Renwick...I might have to hire you for my future plans. I like your strategy, if building a future paladin was disastrous, the obvious answer is to build a future warlock; the yin to the pally's yang so to speak.

Tut has visions of gleaming mechanical creatures. And tin foil, he wants to create tin foil. Because tin foil is good for grilling and it could potentially lead to galactic and temporal travel. Now I just have to gain a bunch of levels, earn a few thousand G, learn how to make stuff, find a place to make it, and find stuff to make it with.

Interdimensional Basement Travelling Blue Plates can't be too far off.
Tut, watch your ass. I read a Wies-Hickman book where this shit total happened. Dig it. Future demon-worlocks had fucked up, and shit had totaly hit the fan in the future. They decided that they would go back in time conquer it and then rock their future. But. They were so wiped out from fighting Illithid princes and shit like that, that they weren't able to mount a viable campaign. So the warlock-demon-assholes mounted a psychological campaing to get the present time folks (Us) to build these devices that could allow the domination of wizards (Like Me) by the Demon-Asshole-warlocks. The wizards of the present totaly got snowed but then a young boy born in a distant village with his two colorful friends set off on a journey and Blah Blah Blah. Substitute real hero's like us for the eternal fantasy boy and you have a nice picture of our future.

I'm thinking that Rob might have read that one and decided to change it around with the knights. You might want to study the diagrams and find some weaknesses.

Hey Rob, sorry if I called you out on this one.

Hey did we rest?
Just to be clear I was only trying to be about 8 seconds ahead. That might have given me some light to see by, if the party was carrying some light, with my "elf eyes". In no way what so ever was I adventuring without the party, at least not at this time.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Hey - how's everyone doing? Hit point check?

Hey - wasn't the monk taking point? Did he sneak that far ahead? Weird . . . (BR 3) Oh! There you are, Marivhon! Ummm . . . Marivhon?

I'm ready for the going. Yea verily, it is that time.
  King Tut
Ok, 3 IQ checks:

BR: 9, 18, 6. Made 2 of 3 checks.

Tell me what NWP's would be relevant. I have 10 slots, 3 of which are used on unarmed. (By the way, do I get 2 attacks per round for 2x spec? Or is # of attacks based on level?) All Tut ever does is survive...so no worries there. Tut will use whatever NWP's fit. I also don't know how many slots each one takes (e.g. does alchemy cost 2 NWPs). He also needs to burn one slot on taxation, but I don't know if that takes an NWP, I don't even know if there is a working tax system in this world, aside from the king taking what he wants. I'm thinking weaponsmith, armorer, alchemy and jewelcrafting? Are mathematics/physics an NWP?

Don't worry about the cash--Tut's flow is deep; straight cash homey. He is starring in a new show called "Pimp My Carriage" where he takes an unsuspecting poor peasant and tricks out their carriage with all kinds of bizarre toys and gadgets. It pays pretty well and he gets access to a workshop and some nice gear.

Illusions are for wankers, but maybe Stan can pull some weight. Re: engine, Tut is (now) a tinker...these strenuous combats and wondrous creations have re-awakened his old memory regarding his old skills.

Sounds like the high priest was on it...building an avenging paladin of the future, in the present, could never be a bad idea. He'd have been almost stupid if he didn't. So I gots to nab these plans. How much do budget tinker gnouls charge on retainer? Are they unionized? Hook me up witha Charm Undead spell yo.

Look s like I'll have to get to know GVrill a little better.

Post scavenging, I'll go catch up with the party, show them my finds, and see what Marivhon is up to.
"Come on guys, let's head up to the kitchens... I'm kinda hungry"

"huh? where's Marivhon? he was just here a second ago... Mar? Marivhon?

If I can somehow find him, I pick his paralyzed ass up and start heading for the stairs.
I fucking hate paralyzation.
a 1 and a 4.
  House Of Soils Is About As Fun As It Sounds
Tut, I waste unbelieveable amounts of time on this goddamn blog. I once wrote a 14 page interlude, by Microsoft Word's count. But that's neither here nor there.

Unfortunately, there used to be a Tinkerer's Guild. But with the Knights of Armek, decline in the economy, and Hurricane Katrina, well, shit happens and the Guild is defunct. Actually the Guildhouse is lost to history, so if you're looking for an adventure after this campaign is wrapped up, maybe you could start there? Provided you survive!

For the stuff you wanna make, you're going to need a couple NWPs to help you out, at the very least. Things like Engineering, Alchemy, Speak Russian, Spot Design Flaws, that kind of stuff. Plus beaucoup gps. You'll also want to enlist your magic-user friends. Stanislaus the Illusionist is a mover and shaker with resources, who's helped out the party in the past, but he's sort of limited to crafting Illusionist magic items. If it's a Storm Machine you want, well, the party blew up the Ancient Weather Station of the Ancients, but maybe you can find some plans somewhere. Gregory Vrill had a lot of crazy ideas... maybe if you could break into his secret lab...

Ghouls: Okay, you take all the stuff. The other PCs might want to take a look at the jewelry. No coffins, but you put the guy on the sofa, pull up a blanket, call it a day.

The gnouls are budget gnouls with budget hammers. This is level 1 of the dungeon, yo.

The scorpion, sure enough, was a mechanical artifact. Okay, hmm. Gimme three IQ checks to deconstruct it and salvage the important stuff in working condition. This is Greyhelm, so the metal's actually fairly nice. You know, if you only had some tinker gnomes, or even some tinker ghouls, you probably could get an engine whipped up. There's a workshop coming up, something like level 3 of the dungeon... stay tuned and keep your eyes open up there.

The diary. No, there's really no mention of any storm machine. The special defenses that the High Priest was building... it actually sounds like... like... like they wanted to build a Knight of Armek of their own! Or something like that, the guy writes that there was a prophecy about an invading army of avenging paladins from the future. And the High Priest was like, well let's just build an avenging paladin of our own, in the present! Sounds like the dumbwaiter was designed to go from the Kitchens downstairs to the servant quarters and the feast hall, but it was taken over so that the High Priest and his 'friends' could access the upper levels quickly, without disturbing the royal family. The elevators down were dismantled. There's no other details, as the accountant was pretty caught up in the accounts, but there are major sums spent towards "Smallwood Ranchers House of Soils", and "Ulms Braeker's Bread Factory".



Okay Marivhon, in you go. Huh, it's all dark in there. You hear the tittering of little voices and feet, see nothing in the infrared spectrum, can place nothing in terms of sound localization. Give me two saves vs. paralyzation.

Anyone else like to play?
  King Tut
Nice job with all the accounting references! I hope you weren't laying awake late at night, wracking your brain and sacrificing valuable study time to invent all of this :)

Ghouls and ghoul master: I want their loving little ghoul hearts and brains. And also some ichor. I also want their teeth and nails in case any poison can be gleaned from them. I'll also nab the blackstone ring, golden ring, impressive slippers, Accounting Secrets, and ledger/diary of the shady High Priest. Since he didn't do any "I am your father!" shenanigans, I'll assume it's my boss. He was a good boss. I try to make him comfortable in his last rest...any cute coffins around? Maybe a nice laser balanced pencil for the breast pocket. Are the rings like the secret spy rings where the jewel rotates and there's something secret inside?

Arms/metal: I want the engine from the band saw. I want to make a small chain saw that attaches to my gauntlet, like Ashe from Evil Dead. Stop right there Rob: Don't tell me it can't be done, tell me how to do it. We aren't about problems here, we're about solutions :) So I need the engine itself for sure, and probably the blade too, if it wasn't badly damaged. As for the other metal laying around, is any of it a special quality, or antique, or special workmanship? Also, wasn't the scorpion mechanical? Any useful pieces that can be salvaged there? I gank the 10 pp from the couch. I also examine the hammers closely, are they of only average quality? Or was 1 a supervisor with a "nice tinkering hammer"?

Diary: I need some more detail on the expenses. Is this book discussing the contruction of the storm machine? What are the categories (e.g. "nightmarish human experiments", "huge mechanical catapult", etc.). Is there any indication of where the dumbwaiter is, how to operate it, or what exactly went wrong? What about more details on the Master Tinkerer? Does it look like he betrayed the boss, or that something actually went wrong (did they start to underpay him?). What materials was he working with, and where were they purchased?

Then I'll catch up to the party and wait for Marivhon to do his thing. We'll need to ID these items and see who needs them.
uh move silent and hide in shadows and follow the giggling.

missed and made by a lot.

"give me 8 seconds, then start following"

I go in, lead man. Can we get a couple of identifies memorized in case we find some good shit?
  Level One COMPLETE
Tut, your scrounge ability is sure coming in handy. Nope, you didn't search the Ballroom itself, as the party rarely seems to search anywhere (no offense guys).

You can't recall what parts of a ghoul or ghoulmaster would be useful to, say, an alchemist, so take whatever you want.

In the Ballroom, you can scrounge some metal for arms and armor. Anything special you want to make with it? Otherwise, you can get 1d4*100 gps in credit downstairs. You also find 10 pp stuffed under a couch cushion in the sitting room.

The gnouls have nothing else except for crappy old overalls and little gnome hammers. These guys looked like tinkers. The ghoulmaster however has a sweet blackstone ring, an impressive golden ring, and some interesting slippers. Blackstone ring and slippers radiate. Actually, looking at this guy... Tut, you'd guess he's what remained of your boss- or maybe your father?! Definitely one of the accountant bigwigs.

In the ghoulmaster's room, it's been thoroughly ravaged. However, you do find a couple books of interest, sealed away in a locked iron box (let's just say you pick it or bash it open). The first is a book entitled "Accounting Secrets of the Stars" and it radiates magic. The other book is a ledger/diary of the last accountant here. Most of the entries are pretty dull, except for the last few. Apparently the High Priest of Greyhelm was sneaking up to the Kitchens and Workshop the month preceding the attack on a nightly basis. The accountant thinks the High Priest was building some sort of special defensive device with the help of the Master Tinker. There were a lot of funds set aside for alterations to the Kitchens to expand the Great Kiln, and also some work done for a special setting on the dumbwaiter, to allow it to go straight to the top of the castle for some reason. The last entry is written in haste, something about things going horribly wrong in the Workshop, and strange noises from upstairs...


Marivhon, camping gear bought. Party rests, everyone's at full with full spells.

Renwick, you think that most undead would probably fall for Mirror Image, but many normal illusions would be l0st on them. Mirror Image is a little different than a standard Phantasmal Force.

Renwick, Moth, and Tut are all close to leveling again.


Anyway, unless anyone wants anything, it's up to the second level: The Kitchens. You head through the Ballroom up the back stairs. Through the door, you hear a maniacal giggling, sort of far off though. Anyone wanna do anything?
I change my memorized spells and whittle a few new darts.

I'm taking good judge of distance as a nwp. It might help me avoid scorching my brave compions.

Are the undead immune to mirror image? Are they immune to all illusions?

I roll Int on that 7 makes it.
search this level 3 on a d6 and 54 on %
ok, inspect for exits from this level.
I am at 17 hp, most people are low on spells I say after we get a good picture of what we are dealing with here we rest. It doesn't really matter where we rest because I don't think anyone can level. I say we just make camp here. Perhaps we can trade with the guys down below for some camping equipment so we don't have to head back to crazy town everytime we want to rest, just a thought.
Since thoughts bother rob since they don't do anything I will make that thought an action, done.
I have been speaking to much somali to a guy from Djuboti(how do
you spell that) to type much more so I end it here. Nabad ghelio.(good night)
  King Tut
I search the ghoul to see what he's got. I also try to remember if parts of a ghoul (fingers, etc.) are valuable.

IQ BR: 12, failed by 1 (IQ = 11).

Then I want to go back and search his little room. Is there any indication of how he got there, or why he was there and not with the gnouls? Did we search the area the gnouls were hiding in before they attacked us? And what can be salvaged from the scorpion (it was mechanical wasn't it? any nice pieces of metal for armorer/weaponsmith/bowyer?)
Nice teamwork everyone. Certainly the 36 pts plus the flask of holy water are manuevers in the right direction. Dave FoO, drop a couple more flasks of holy water to prevent the regen, and this guy is toast.

So much for the combat. Now what?
I really have nothing to bring to the table, except a couple of lightning bolts. so I huck some darts.

Br. 4, 20, 12.

A hit on the twenty. I roll a one so my damage is 2. Hopefully this thing is already settled by round seven.

I collect my darts after this combat
halberd +1 just to address any questions.
  King Tut
I jump down there and attack the ghoul master. I'll just roll once since I'm late to the party.

BR: 16 (hit AC -1)
Dmg: (not sure what die to use for spiked gauntlets & unarmed, d6 = 6+3 =9. d4 = 4+3 = 7).

Tut is 2x spec unarmed.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Thirty-fucking-six points of damage in a round? Damn! Our monk is like a lightning bolt.

Is the GM still up? If so, I pour a flask of holy ale on the motherfucker. I've been beating on it with a magic mace - Marivhon, are you hitting with any magic? Do the magic missles seem to be doing anything bad to this sumbitch?

If the clobbering and the magic missles and the annointed holy fluid of my god don't seem to be hurting this guy - well, I just don't know what to do.

Oh - and I drink another potion, for 5 more hp back.

If the mace seemed to be doing stuff, I clobber again - BR 13, for (BR 4) 8 points of damage.
20 and a hit on ac 4 for a total of 36 points of damage on round 6.
round 7 is a hit on ac 5 for 7 points of damage.
round 8 a miss and a hit on ac 2 for 12 points of damage.
ok well I hope that does it.
Strength check.... MADE with an 8. It's only fare that some one else gets to dance with the ghoul. Of course I do my best to smash his head on the nearest wall, stair, floor... you get the piciture...

"Some one heal Dave FoO and then clobber the shit out of this little bastard!"
  Of Course, He Who Screws With The Ghoul Might GET The Ghoul
Sure, Schmektor, go ahead and make the STR check.
Rob, can I make a strength check or something to pull him off of Dave, Fist of Odin's face? Let me know what to roll. If the answer is no, then the next three rounds, Hit, Miss, Hit. Damage 7 (6 +1) and 9 (8 +1).
  You Might As Well Post Rolls Into Round 8 At This Point
Dave FoO, you get 7 hp back, but it comes right back off. The GM hits ya for 7.

Guys, you've sure been punishing the GM quite a bit, but ya know? He's still up and trying his damndest to eat Dave FoO's face. Hmm.

(By the way, Tut? You're a Bushi now. You got enough xp to train to 3rd, so run amok.)
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