Dave, Fist of Odin
Here are some more attacks: BR 10, 18, 9, 11.

Those hit: AC 7 (BR 3 for 6 damage); AC -1 (BR 6 for 9 damage); AC 8 (BR 3 for 6 damage); and AC 6 (BR 4 for 7 damage).

Let me know if anyone needs the curing.
me voulez-vous dire ? J'ai attaquƩ.
Okay, Cinder and Brogg chop and heal some more. Two more undead down.

Nous allons attendre la signalisation avant nous continuons. Compris?
Cinder already drank a potion, putting him at 10. Then he got cured by Greg for 6 more, and then took 10. By my count I should be at 6.

Anyway, chug the potion of X-tra healing and swing on some skeletons. I get 13 more hit pionts.


Cinder's round IV
BR:4 and 14. The 14 hits for 6 points

Round V
Two solid hits for 7 and 5 damage

Round VI
One hit for 6

Cinder is not much better in combat than a skeleton, really.
Alright dammit, I chug a PoH for 8, putting me at 21.

I'll chop down another cadaver. BR:15. 10 points.

Boys, if y'all will step out, I think that I can do something here...
Okay Marivhon, up on the pillar you escape damage this round. Will you be so lucky in the future?
6 no prob on that pillar yo.
If you need another attack roll here it is. well you don't need to worry about that roll. Maybe next round.
I dart BR for this round and the next 1 and a 12.
If that fumble means I might hit someone else here is the br 2.
I guess that means your all safe from me.
  In This Crypt, Undead Turn You!
Okay Brogg, you figure that between 10-25% of the undead have been dispatched. Hard to gauge accurately while you're in the trenches surrounded by the living dead.

Dave FoO and Brogg, no luck turning. Didn't you remember what Ronald Greetles told you? Somewhere, Greetles sighs.

Dave FoO, nice work, you take out three undead and bring in a badger!

Marivhon, another one down. Gimme DX to get up on that pillar.

Over the next two rounds, the badger takes out two more zombies before being eaten alive!

Gregolas CLWs Cinder for 6.

Waiting on Cinder/Renwick actions, but there's still a lot of undead left! Brogg takes 9, Cinder takes 10 (so better potion it up or you down boy), Dave FoO takes 5, Marivhon's attacks pending his DX check, Mike 1k takes 10 dropping him. And no you don't have to bandage a goddamn zombie.

Brogg: 13/27
Cinder: -1/26
Dave FoO: 26/39
Marivhon: 17 (pending)/17
Mike 1k: -3/17
Renwick: 5/9
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Hmmm. First round? I try turning. BR 17. Anything happen?

If that works, I keep on keeping on with the turning. If not, I clobber for two rounds, and then bring in a badger. Then more clobbering!

Here are some BRs:

20s - either for hitting or turning: 13; 13, which hit AC 4.
BRs for damage: 2, 4 (that's 5 and 7 hp repsectively).

Then, enter the Badger.

Two more BRs: 12, 10 which hit AC 5 and 7. BR for damage: 2,5 (for 5 and 8 points).

Then, we'll see what's what.
I chug a potion of Extra-Healing for 12, putting me at 22.

Alright, I would like to estimate just how many Undead are here. I use my accounting NWP, if that helps. What is the rate that we are dispatching them at? At this rate, how long until all Undead are dispatched?

Ok, I heard some rumor that these guys were immune to Turning, but I have to see for myself. I raise my Holy Symbol of Grisbane, and turn their asses. Begone! BR:15 That should get em. BR:9 Nine of them, in fact.
This Round, ok I drink a potion and then attack. If I can I try to use all of my NWP tumbling shit to get on a pillar or fallen pillar or block whatever and get less attacks on me. I attack again. BR 18 hits for hrm 4 hps. the potion heals me for 16 so I'm at full.

Next round, I get 2 attacks. Miss and a crit doing 20 points of damage.
  Not That Kind
Okay Renwick, noted. Consider all that damage from, uh, 'attacks of opportunity' or something. You get into a dark corner and hide behind some rubble. On the fumble you totally bonk a skeleton out of commission.

Cinder, potion drank.

They just keep coming! Give me a break!
Maybe yall should review my previous post. In it I say I'm trying to find the safest spot I can and from that safe spot I plan to "huck" some darts. If I was engaged in hand to hand then I said I would defend myself with my staff.

It seems to be implied in Rob and Cinders posts that I am in some way trying to be in hand to hand combat, but nothing could be further from the truth.

So once again I will try to be in the safest spot I can and throw darts.

Br. for critical fumbles-14 and 3.

If fourteen hits 6 dam.

Br. for a dart 10. Dam.

I have two criticals on me.

Critical #1 in round I miss.
Critical #2 in round II: I miss.

In round II, I will also drink my potion of healing, netting me 7 hit points, so I should be at 10.

Still trying to keep the undead away from Renwick. "Renwick, back up! Use your darts!"

Rob, my dex went from 16 to 17. Did that lower my AC?

Anyway, keep those fumbles coming Rob. Just think, statistically, they could have all been double damages. Maybe Cinder is just down with Loki.
  They Will Eat Your Hearts
Cinder takes one down.

Renwick, don't forget that you get to memorize four 1st level spells each day now, two for being 2nd level, plus two more for having a high IQ. If you're in melee, then other undead are in melee with you.

Cinder, oof, four hits but one critical fumble on you. You take 13 hp.

Huh, Renwick also one crit fumb on you, so go ahead and take it, but you take two hits for 6 hp.

Round two, nice Marivhon, you totally smack the head off some zombie. Brogg, good work, you kill two dead guys dead. Cinder, again, another one down. More take their place!

Mike 1k misses this round.

Gregolas CLWs you Renwick up to full.

Dave FoO, you now have two rounds to make up. People, this combat is one of attrition, so go ahead and dump rolls/contingency plans and I'll sort it all out for ya. I'm that kinda guy.

Undead go! What the FUCK IS UP WITH ALL THE 1s. Renwick, another crit fumb and one hit for 4. Cinder, crit fumb, three hits, you take 10 more. Down to 3 hp! Brogg, two hits and a double damage! You take 14! Marivhon tapped twice for 6. Dave FoO, one hit for 4. The hps are now pretty low, so you guys might want to start doing more than just Blogrolling THACO...

Brogg: 10/27
Cinder: 3/26
Dave FoO: 31/39
Marivhon: 4/17
Mike 1k: 7/17
Renwick: 5/9

They will eat your hearts...
Too many Zombies!!!

BRs:12, 11 for my two-attack round. 10 and 11 points should make for 2 less Undead.

I will cleanse this place of your foul rotting flesh and bone!

-No offense, Mike the Zombie 1k.

Ok, Cinder has a high dex, running prof, and quick boots that give +2 movement above and beyond all that.

He's gonna keep in front of Renwick and make sure no zombies get past to attack. And here is on the closest zombie/skeleton to Renwick and Cinder:

BR:19 and 8.

That 19 does 8 points of damage!

"Don't worry Ren, I won't let 'em past me!"

Here are the next two rounds:
Round II
BR:18, and 19 for 8 damage total
(Note, had this been any other party member besides Renwick, those Thac0 rolls would have been feared).

Round III
BR:5 and 6
I try to find the safest spot I can.

If someone closes hand to had I'll fend them off with my staff, but if not I'll huck a dart at one, preferably a wounded one.

BR 8 wont do it.

I guess I'll hold the dam lantern too.
  120 Men Enter... Will Six Men Leave?
Mike 1k pulls out the chainsaw. He exercises restraint though, and won't pull the ripcord. No need to waste precious charges on undead flunkies, when there's probably a Big Boss Battle coming up in a few. Mike gets a hit and takes down one skeleton.

Brogg and Marivhon, nice going, you guys each drop one also.

These things seem to have an innate hatred of priests. Brogg, Dave FoO, and Marivhon, you guys are swarmed by 8 undead each! (7 now on Brogg and Mar.)

Brogg, one hit for 3. Marivhon, two hits for 7 total. Dave FoO, one 20 and one 1. You get smacked by a halfling skeleton for 4 hp!

Mike 1k gets smacked for 10. Gregolas casts Sanctuary and says "Fuck this yo. I got a couple Clues (C.L.W.s) online ifanwhen you need em."

Cinder and Renwick, waiting on your plans before dishing out the undead beatdown. These guys all look like skeletons and zombies.
Cool, a 10' pole.

Uncountable Undead?! In the ruined Temple of Grisbane?

Well, there's gonna be n-1 fucking Undead now! BR:10. That hits AC:3, any ordinary Skeleton or Zombie.

That undead chap gets 10 points of damage!

Remember our chat Mike the Zombie 1k? Fire up that chainsaw! We've got a whole lotta timber to fall!
Hey more potions, nice.b I add them to the rest. I am not carrying a lantern. I do have a halberd and I swing it while I look at Mike 1k with pity. 17 hits well for 5 hps to something. My next round I get a nat 20 and do 14 pts.
  No 'Shortfellow' Jokes, Please. He's Just Tired Of It.
Renwick, 1d8+2 Potions of Healing are 100 gp each, limit 2 per customer per week.

Cinder, okay, you go a-pocket-picking. Nice rolls. Let's see, you get two gems worth 200 gp each, a silver horseman's flail worth 70 gp, a Potion of Protection from Pick Pockets, ironically enough (value: 50 gp), a purse of 80 pp, and a suit of plate mail, which you could pawn for 150 gp. Not a bad haul.

So beyond the... let's see, Brogg, Cinder, Dave FoO, Marivhon, Mike, Renwick... the six of you, Gregolas will go too. There are four other adventurers waiting to descend into the depths. Sir Ponciful the brave, paladin of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Shortfellow Dirk, halfling thief. Kharl Stoneheart, dwarf Cleric of the dwarf god. And... Apprentice Steve? Apparently he's the Magic-User of the Council of Grito. "Uh, hi guys," says Steve.

Greetles and some of the Grisbanic clergy see you all off. It's probably better if you split into two groups, says Grettin and Shettin... one group (the four other guys) can take the east trail down around into the old owlbear labs, while the second group (you guys) will take the west trail down towards where the temple proper used to be.

Everyone healed? Spells memorized for the day? The temple provides you with food and water for a week, loaded onto a pack donkey. There's also 50' rope, a 10' pole, five torches, two lamps, five flasks of oil, five flasks of holy water, a large trunk (empty), and some more useful stuff: one Potion of Healing (1d8+2) and one Potion of Extra-Healing (2d8+3) EACH, one Scroll of Protection vs. Undead, one Scroll of Protection vs. Magic, and one Scroll of Restoration. Just in case.

Good luck, they wish you, and you head off with your donkey.

Down the trail you wind, kind of like descending into a small version of the Grand Canyon... not quite as deep, certainly nowhere near as massive, you can see the whole sinkhole from the top. About 200' below are the ruins of the temple. You get down to the bottom after a tedious morning in drizzling rain. Finally, you get to the temple entrance, which is a hole in the ground. It drops about twenty feet down (you can use your new rope, leaving the donkey above), into darkness (you light a new lantern... who's carrying it?).

The lantern reveals the large foyer of the old Temple of Grisbane. Fallen columns and stone debris litter the floor. In the darkness, you hear shuffling and hissing! Finally, a swarm of undead attacks! Mike the zombie screams in fright! There's too many of them to count, skeletons and zombies! But you can go first.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Yup - I'm ready. Let's do this thing. 70k xp to level? Let's do this thing TWICE.
Descent into Depths is an old school 1st Edition AD&D adventure run by the Infinity Group.

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