uh oh, Marivhon is getting that twitchy I'm gonna kill something "impotent" look to him.
  Uh Oh
The door is still Wizard Locked. Actually, unless Renwick makes an IQ check, you don' t even know it's Wizard Locked. And you have no idea what spells are in the spellbook as you can't read magic.


Something smells.


Cinder needs to be 'changed'.
nah, let's not do anything.

On second thought is there a knock spell in Steves spellbook?
Hmm, Wizard Lock?

Do we want to do this now?

I check Cinder's pulse. Is he still alive?
  Potion Guild Fallout
Steve's lab notes: it looks like Steve's been focused on a few different projects over the last year or so. For one, there's his "htm spells" project, in which he was "hyperlinking" spells together to be able to cast two spells in a single round. Looks like he got a couple first level spells paired off together.

The second project was taking over Vrill's owlbear work. Looks like it didn't go far. Steve was trying to make owlbears that were filled with poison gas, so that when they were stabbed, they'd shoot gas out or explode or something.

The final project is new, looks like it was begun when Vrill returned from Hello. Steve's notes are confused and incomplete, and you're not sure what he was trying to do.


There are a few members of the Potion Guild left, but they run when they see you, and they've hired bodyguards.

Okay, down you go to Vrill's door. Still glowing blue.
made, made, missed.

So I grab some guys by the arm and check out the Vrill door down by the gate.....

Also are there many Potion Guild People still left in town?
  I Never Know Which NPCs You'll Like Or Hate
Marivhon, Steve's notes are almost unreadable, as you might imagine. Gimme three IQ checks, one straight, one at -4, and one at -8.

Gregolas takes the book. "Huh. I still can't believe you killed that dude, bro." Gregolas thinks hard for a minute. "I mean, uh, great job Marivhon! Thanks a lot, I'll really read this pretty hard." Gregolas forces a smile and excuses himself quickly.

I'll tell you about the magic items when Renwick okays IDing them.


Stanislaus is pretty excited about the prospects of having a Knight of Armek in his module. "Ha ha! Who else will have that!" The place looks pretty good; you suspect no one's been around recently to 'adventure' in the Tower of Illusion.

"Zelba. Hmm. Yes, I can agree to that. Bring me a Knight, and we shall rebuild the temple! Perhaps we could build a long secret passage between the temple and my tower, and place a coded treasure map revealing its location! Next to another scroll of Explosive Runes! Ha ha, I love that idea." Stanislaus is clearly insane.

Check, manacles obtained. No one in the Grito jail.
Dude, don't throw away Jigglypuff! -Can I have it?

Ok, I want to visit Stanislaus. I shoot the shit, see if he has anything to say about the current state of things.

I'll make him a deal, if we can get him a live Knight of Armek, would he be able to fix up the Temple of Zelba? He could subcontract it if he wants. I just don't feel like doing a bunch of construction work.

I'll take a walk with him to look at the site if he likes.

If it's cool with Stan, I swing by the Grito jail and look for some manacles.
ok 2 potions, 5 crystals, spellbook, and potions for dummies taken. everything else is taken but buried with great zeal along with steve. I will flip through his notes.

The potions for dummies book is for Gregolas.
"I know it's not really your cup of tea but, and that you aren't the target audience, but maybe there's something of a more recreational interest in there for ya. Hey you want a memory tonic thing or not?"

Renwick if you would like his book it's fine with me I just need some stuff Identified. Ring, and potions please.

I'm feeling wrapped up now as far as Grito goes.....well maybe not if nobody else gets into it maybe I'll strike again...!
  They'll Just Let Anyone In There These Days
And no, Steve wasn't living at Shady Orchards.
Ok well, Was Steve living at S. O. cause if so I try to find his spellbook there. That night I would like to go to whatever place to potion guild calls home and try to use this shiny key...I ask Gregolas if any of Steves gear is magical like his robes or his nipple ring, whatever, before I bury Steve and dedicate his remains to Zelba.
  Odds And Ends At Levels 5-7
Marivhon, you sneak into the Guild Building. Not many people left there. You head to Master Steve's office, and use the key to unlock the door. Rummaging through the office, you find:

Steve's spellbook
Steve's components
1d10 more potions
1d6 valuable crystals
"Potions for Dummies", well-thumbed
A big lab coat
Steve's haphazard lab notes
A clipboard with a doodle on it of MASTR GERGORY VRIL

Take what you want. You lock the door on your way out.


Later that night, you steal his body from the makeshift morgue and consecrate it to Zelba. You get the sense that somewhere, something out there is pleased.

Steve's potions and ring are magical. One of the Pokemon cards radiates too. It's Jigglypuff.

Renwick, sure enough the Tower of Illusion still stands. Feel free to visit Stanislaus if you like, his doors are open to you guys. Stanislaus seems intent on staying, and he'd really like to get one of the Knights to put in his dungeon on level 8, room 16A.

Renwick, you don't have to pay for special training, Greetles took care of it. Go ahead and roll up those spells and hp.

Speaking of, though, special training was your financial situation. Shady Orchards ain't worth a damn thing, as no one is buying property here in Grito. Actually, all the property you want is yours.

Seems the Knights sent a couple raiding parties, killed a lot of people, and took a bunch of stuff back. Every now and then a farmer spots a lone Knight roaming the countryside, but really, they seem to have retreated back to Greyhelm for whatever reason or purpose. It's basically a mystery.
Son of a bitch!

I was going to trade spells with Steve for money or access to special training.

Is that tower of illusion still standing?

Hoody hoo! I'm alive man! Alive!

I kinda liked Steve. He wasn't the best and he knew it, but he was trying to do all right.

Cinder is an asshole, but hey some times dying just get's under your skin so.....
Dude, you killed Apprentice Steve? What about his kewl blog?

I dunno, so the guy lied about killing a Death Knight, is that really a capital offense? I guess it doesn't matter now...

Hmm. Our party has been pretty quiet lately. Couple of Dawn Ravens, eh? Yeah, that's cool.

Anyway, I think we need to fix this Zelba Temple and kill Vrill again. I say we contract the Temple work, though. What is our financial situation? Are there any laborers around?

Are there Knights of Armek all over the place?
  Really Great Pokemon Cards
They're all just super.
Any good Pokemon cards?
Good. 9 gold, 4 potions, Guildmasters Ring, and Shiny Key taken. I guess I go to S.O. and have some tea. I will try to use the key over at the guild building tonight. Move Silent 27 hide in shadows 63 missed. I will also bury steve and dedicate his soul to Zelba. I fill Gregolas in about how Steve didn't kiill the death knight so thats why I ganked him. I give gregolas some memory tonic if he'd like to have some around.
  The Astounding Death Of Apprentice Steve
Okay, you kill Steve.

A crowd forms around you, hushed in magical silence. You loot Steve as the silence effect wears off. He has a Guildmaster's gold ring, 3d4 potions in a fanny pack, two recently purchased packs of Pokemon cards, a shiny key, some trail mix, and 1d20 gp.

Greetles and Gregolas are there staring in amazement. "Uh... what's up Marivhon?" asks Gregolas. "Uh... hey, great job killing that DOPPLEGANGER! You guys are frickin' first rate!" Gregolas elbows Greetles. "What? Oh right, nice work sir. Dopplegangers, everyone... there are some dopplegangers. One less now apparently. Come sir, let's go rest up after this battle."

As you walk off, Gregolas is like "What was THAT all about? You guys just hate Guildmasters or something? Is this the 'revolution will not be televised' or something? Speaking of, can you fuckin' believe that the Knights of Armek destroyed my TiVo? A guy's TiVo! It ain't right. 'Specially after my boy Bri just finished up a whole analysis of TV for the next two months."

After a thoughtful pause in respect of Greg's property, Greetles says "Well, hmm. Of course you realize that Vrill will step back in as acting Guildmaster now. Not that it matters... just a title. He was already operating behind the scenes as far as I could tell." You all return to Shady Orchards and Greetles puts a kettle on the stove.
Thats cool I move at 20 I use my wand of silence on myself and stick with him. next round I hit for 4 hp. The round after I will hit for 10 and 4 points of damage. ac -2 and 0 resptectively. I will kill Steve.
  Double D'oh
Okay, hitting AC:6, taking into account the -4 from invisibility, his Apprentice Steve. Not enough to knock him out though.

Steve runs into the middle of town square- you know this, because he becomes visible as he Magic Missiles you, screaming "Help everybody! There's a mad monk trying to quivering palm me!" He Magic Misssiles you for 6.
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