If Thren, Tut and Azoth focus their bow fire this could actually go quite easily.
I hadn't used dancing lights yet today except with Rapist Jim, and if you mean that use the of it, I think it would still be active, if not that's ok. Did I get surprise?

did I drop RAPIST jim during my first surprise attack series. or my second series of attacks the "1st" round of combat? If I dropped him on the "1st" round of combat is that when the Ghouls put me down? If so the party has a free round on the ghouls while they attack me, no?

I mistyped. I would dancing lights the first round at the end, and darkness the second round at the beginning.

The reasons I attacked Rapist Jim have more to do with his name, the way he didn't answer my question, and that I said I wanted to put him down when I heard about him. The daughters of Venus didn't have much good to say about him...you know Rapist Jim...

He's down. I bandage myself either way.
Ok, before it went dark, what did the place look like? I'm trying to think of how we can escape the ghouls. I'm not sure if they can swim.

I'm thinking that either I can turn 180 degrees to run back to the rat kingz lair (sad that this is what passes for "safe" at the moment) or try to swim to something in the water (if they can't swim). What do the immediate surroundings look like (before it went dark). And does the candleabra provide enough light to counter the darkness?
  Theodore Koppel

In a major retcon, I grab the scratch ticket, dex:10. Yes!, and the glowing candelabra, dex:7. Indeed.

Ok, so I go to a bar, run to the sewers, meet a dirty foul-mouthed halfling with three pit ghouls, am offered passage out of Twilos, and then Thak, angered by some sort of toilet masonry issue, attacks said halfling.


I, for my part, raise my hands and step back.

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[EDIT: I was going to wait for more PC posts, but eh, why bother. Here we go...]

Okay Thak, you attack Jim. You hit him. He screams. You Darkness. Thak, you can't Dancing Lights again as you can only do that once per day, per UA. You also can't Darkness and Dancing Lights in the same round, for what it's worth. Oh, I don't really mind actually. Maybe the clock just struck 12:01 AM. You Dancing Lights as a 'pre-action', then attack and darkness in your first 'surprise round'.

Other PCs: it is now totally dark. Please respond accordingly.

Round 1, Jim goes for his potion and drinks it. Let's be fair and roll on the table. BR: 95. It's a Potion of Treasure Finding. Jim finds his own treasure.

Thak, you drop Jim.

Three pit ghouls attack you. I believe as an elf, you're immune to ghoul paralysis, right?

PG 1 miss miss miss (4 6 3, ugh). PG2 miss hit miss (10, 16, 10). PG3 miss miss hit (10, 10, 18). Weird, lots of 10s. You take 10 hp dmg, dropping you to -6. You cannot attack, but only rest, bind wounds, and seek further healing. Unless your wounds are bandaged, you will continue to drop -1 hp/rnd as usual. I think it's fair that 'cannot attack' should not be taken completely literally- it is a guideline abo ut the kinds of actions you can and cannot do. Anything that would exert as much effort as an attack you cannot do.

By the way, 'pit ghoul' should be distinguished from 'normal D&D ghoul'. They're a special Rob monster, been in most/all of my campaigns, and are larger and nastier.


Az: 4/13
Dag: 3/14
KT: 5/22
Spiderbot: X/37
Thaka: -6/30
Theo: 7/10
Thren: 9/10


I'm going to wait for some more PC posts, I'm not sure what to do. I think fighting 3 pit ghouls is pretty much certain death, especially in our current situation.

Cavaliers aren't like lawful good, protecting all that is good and decent, they are glory hounds. At least that's my understanding of them. So I'm not sure if Thak only did that to live up to the perceived cavalier requirements, or was intentionally doing it regardless.

If I could forecast this, I think Thak's dead and the rest of us have to try to figure out how to stay alive by either fleeing or some smooth talking.
I attack Jim.

hit ac 3 and 0 for 7 and 4. I'll call that surprise.

dancing lights will say-

I end the round with an innate darkness that makes me ac 0 vs people who can't see in the dark.

iniative is a 7 for me.

next attacks I innate faerie fire him, and attack. Hit ac 2 for 4 and ac 4 for 5.
  Prepare For Module H3: "Blood And Weapons And Tight Bitches"
Threnody, you get nothing from the wand.

Nothing except a beady look in Jim's eyes.

"Hey lady, I'm not runnin an orphanage here. I'm a businessman." He cleans his fingernails on... on his teeth. "I gotta ship if you got the goods. 6 of you means you gotta hook ol RJ and pals up with 3 nice things. That wand makes one. Ship gets here tonight, me and the ghouls will take ya down there, you can catch a ride to Stygensport with Captain Burny and the Good Ship Tinder."


Thak, I'll take that 'nevermind' to mean everything you just posted? Or what? You can always delete and edit your posts for clarity. It might help. Did you read table talk? I mentioned I'd be posting less frequently over the next month.

Thak, if you can explain to me how it is you'd have gotten into the sewers after bricking them up, rockin'. If not, you have only your lack of imagination and civil engineering expertise to blame.

Thak, I need people to be crystal clear about their actions, as historically you and I have had disagreements when I've assumed too much from the players. If you say you don't want to give the crown to the Rat King, it's best if you retcon and say "I don't let Threnody [or whoever] give the crown to him... I take it and [do whatever]." Either I assumed you were talking to the other PCs, possibly hypothetically, or perhaps I misread your post. Also when you say you were leaving, like I said many times, I have no idea what that means. The natural thing is back to the bar, especially after I post, saying "okay you're at the bar", and the very next post is your own saying "we rest at the bar". I take that as agreement and consensus. You could have said "fuck that I'm not going to the bar, the dustmen are going to kill us" or whatever. Actually, now that I look at the posts, you said you wanted to go rest at the factory, which in terms of what was going on in the game, amounts to exactly the same thing.

Anyway Thak, the boots are a pair of dirty work boots. Actually, they're Grubby Timberlands.

You use some skywriting. The dirty hobbit looks at it with surprise and bemusement. "What the fuck is that?" he says. "If I knew you guys were rockin' a laser light show, I'da smoked a blunt and brought my bitches. That's neat stuff... actually if honey here don't mind doin that for the sailors at night, I think we got 2 outta 3 things kickin. Can you make like a dragon and shit? Like in that damn Lord of the Rings movie?"


KT, Jim says: "Jobs, huh? Well I'm not the goddamn University of Phoenix you know. But... turns out I do got a bit of messy shit lined up. I mean well fuck. You guys got blood and weapons and tight bitches so maybe you can help a fucker out. Let's rock to Stygensport, and you can kick this goblin's ass for me. If you're down, and I get that wand and a laser light show, well shit, it's all aboard. Heh heh, check it out... we got the Professor, and there's little Gilligan over there. You two bitches gotta be Maryann and whatsherface. I guess that makes you the skipper, and that other guy over their is Thurston Moore. All we need is an old skank for you and it's fucking GILLIGAN'S ISLAND in the house!"

Jim laughs real hard at that.

"And trading? Well shit son. They don't call me Rapist Jim the Goldigger for nothin. Come into my adobe and let's check out what I'm rockin today."

You can follow Jim into his 'adobe'. He's got some stuff on a blanket on the ground:

three Rolexes
a pair of Nike 'Air Jordans' (slightly worn)
a glowing dagger
a potion!
a 9V battery
two Armani wallets
three 'People' magazines
a pair of false teeth
a shower cap
a giant "+1" gold necklace
some nasty tranny porn

"It's the Jimmy Rapes everything-must-go special. Any item, I dunno, 10 gp. Or what you got?"

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Hey Jim. We want to get out of here. We don't have much cash at the moment, but we can do a job for ya if you get us out of here. As adventurers, we are always looking for PH4T L00TZ and XP.

Once we're Audi, you can get back to raping your pit ghouls bitches. It's not my kind of thing, but w/e, it's your dirty little hobbit world and I'm just living in it.

Also, you got anything you can sell or trade? And I left a buddy behind here, Stavos Vanilli, who I'll need to get in touch with later. We're going to go into business, so I can pay you cash for that.

Hey Rob I thought when you said-
Thak and KT, okay, you guys build the world's first flush toilet. In fact, I'm gonna add that to the label below. Well done. Everyone gains 50 xp for being part of this revolution in sanitation technology. Huygens levels, gains 2 hp, takes 'Dapper' as his NWP.

well, I thought you meant it. Did I get the pleasure of flushing or no? What are my boots like? I would also like to point out that I did not suggest we go back to the bar. I did say I would kill rapist jim if I met him if he couldn't explain his name to my satisfaction. I did say I really didn't want to give the crown to the rat king. I also don't really want to leave Twilos. I think we could do some shit here, but maybe the party wants to just fuck around someplace else. I personally think this place could use some light.

back to the game I guess....

using skywritting
Can you explain the name Rapist Jim to me? I think I may have some questions for you before I get on that boat.

I don't have my weapons out I just look at him rather blankly, and I sit down. strech a bit.
Hey, Jim. Yup - that's us. What are we talking here? How do you get people out - where is the out you get people to - what kind of stuff we talking?

Also, if I don't have time to read the spellbook, I check out the wand. Any command words, clues, or little messages in my head?
  Introducing Jim The Rapist
"Good luck bossman. Maybe I see you later, or on the other side... or on the Other Side. Cheers." Stavos runs off to save his design plans and worker pals.


Okay, two PCs is what we call consensus these days. You guys slam your beers, decide that finishing the adventure is a better option than getting in one minute of training before being killed, and retreat to the sewers.

At this point, let's stop to review a couple previous posts:

Thak, you guys designed a toilet, sure. You actually designed it in the middle of combat, retconning the design to try it during a previous break. But somehow you were already in the sewers when you presented the idea, blogrolling for combat, so no- the sewers weren't bricked up, because that makes no sense. You tried some pipes, made some adjustments, talked to Tut, and built a little toy prototype, let's say.

The Dustmen compound did not seem to suffer any 'cavein' from the gobot smashing down a doorway.

The little tin crown is actually a bad pun, tinny/tiny. It's about the exact size and shape as a Burger King crown like you'd get for having a miserable Whopper Jr-fuelled birthday party at the Central Square Burger King. Except it's dull grey tin.

Glad we cleared that up.


Okay, you return to the realm of Ren the Rat King. You place the crown in his eager little paws. In a voice like butterscotch candy melting on your thigh through the hole in your pocket, he says:

"Hi guys. What's that noise? Anyway, great. I love it. Thanks for my crown." He puts on the crown and grins in glee.

"So Ren the King of Rats is not one to renig on a deal. We had a deal and we still do. Thanks a lot. Hey, you guys look pretty rough. Want to take a nap?"

I'm not even going to let you answer that one. You decline Ren's offer, in a gracious act of the DM storylining you out of certain doom. He tells you Rapist Jim waits downstairs, and opens a secret door.


You head downstairs, into a rat lounge and tiki bar. Rather than enjoy the idyllic surroundings and a refreshing Mai Tai while listening to some fresh jazz, you continue through a passage, deeper into the nasty caverns underneath Twilos.

Finally, you reach what seems to be an underground lake. You're alone here- at least, no rats or rat kings in sight. There's a little bridge over part of the lake to a stone island, where you see a ramshackle hut and dock. A rowboat is docked here.

You see by the hut four figures- a dirty halfling and three massive pit ghouls, fishing for blind crawfish in the lake.

"Hullo there! I'm Jim. You must be those PCs Rennie tol me about," says the dirty halfling. He steps across the bridge and offers to shake your hands with his dirty little hand.

"So fuckin A. What's up. Ratboy sez you're wanting outta here. I might be able to do that. Any thoughts, comments, questions? What's the price o freedom to ya?"

Jim grins an ugly hobbit grin, and absent-mindedly picks his nose.

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"Save yourself Stavos. Take the other guys (or at least the ones who were really motivated) and go somewhere safe...I can't afford to lose you."

Ok, I clean myself up as best I can, recognizing the time limit. We need to figure out a way to hide or a way to talk ourselves out of this.

Our best bet may be to head towards the rat people's lair and hope that the Rat King will be happy with getting his crown back and will be willing to assist us in fighting the dustmen.
  Now You Can See How Storylining Tends To Happen
Dag and Threnody, your posts come 1 hour too late. I could retcon, but there's a lot of 20-20 hindsight going on there. There was time. Now there ain't.

To the posters go to the actions. For example, when Thren says "let's go!", that's actually a fairly useless post. No offense, but I just don't know where you want to go. If I assume 1) back to the bar, or 2) back to the rat king, in either case I storyline you guys. So, Tut and Thak say 'bar', and you all go to the bar.


Anyway, Threnody, it looks like a spellbook. However, would you like to spend your last minute on this earth salivating over some spells? Without careful study, hard to say what spells are in there. There are some blank pages though, so you might be able to transcribe your known spells into the book for re-memorization purposes.


Dag, okay, you take the crown back down. You return to the 2-way, and I assume you're heading to Ren's abode.

Before I push the story on even further, I'll pause here for PC reactions.

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Damn it...

I would like to give the crown back to the rat king. Hopefully he can get us in touch with someone who has a way off this rock.

Also, I can't imagine that the Rats' ONLY way in and out of their lair is through Rats and Razors. In view of the fact that a whole lot of dustmen are coming this way, I vote... ah hell with the vote, no time...

Rob, I take the crown from whoever is holding it and head down to the sewers.

"Who's with me? Best case - we can return the crown and slip out somewhere else. Worst case - it's a dead end, but at least then we have the rat king and his cronies on our side."

Dex check to pull a quick nab on the crown BR 10 makes it.

and XP? who cares about XP? Rob, I give Tut on experience point if it will make him stop asking about XP in every post.

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Yeah yeah yeah - dustmen, fighting, get the crown back to Ratso, whatever.

Actually - why'd we run back to the bar? I would have thought going to the Rat King would be a better idea. Take care of that biz, maybe get some help against the dustmen, etc.

But, anyway. I don't care about any of that. What's in the spellbook?

I kinda want to know before casting any spells - I'll at least take a look.

I mean, if it's a spellbook. Maybe it's, like, a list of log tables. That'd be good if we were bridge-builders, I suppose. Shall we build a bridge?

But I want to know before we get in this fight. And hey - I've got sleep and shield kicking in my head - if those spells aren't in the spellbook, is there a way to get them written down so I could re-memorize them?
The masses have spoken. Or remained silent, as is their general tendency. You were warned.


We'll deal with #5 first- or exclusively- because actually you guys are still on the adventure. I know it seems a lot like job-well-done, tally-ho, well-met-young-gentlemen, but while you're kicking around Rats and Razors, talking about all the great hp you'll get when you level, having a beer, that kinda stuff...

That's when Stavos Vanilli rushes into the place.


"Uh, boss? Big bad news here boss. Lotsa Dustmen guys comin this way. Be here in like a minute or so, lookin pissed."


In case it's not crystal clear:

you haven't rested,

you haven't trained,

you haven't regained any spells or hp or anything;

you're still on the job.




I'd like to rest up, repair the spiderbot, and deliver the crown to the Rat King so we can meet Rapist Jim.

1) How much will it cost to fix spiderbot? I don't think we got any money from our adventure.

2) I'd like to patent the toilet, and have the guys start making and installing them. That will bring a little cash. I also notify upstairs about my invention...are any of the political houses interested?

3) What are the dog's stats? Is the bot better? I'm thinking of switching to the dog since I don't think I can afford to repair the bot.

4) xp?

5) Where to next? I'd like to try and smooth things over with the dustmen. I feel bad about attacking them, but it was self-defense.
  That's Never A Good Sign
We'll pause here for the evening to see what other people's thoughts are.


There are a couple of continuity issues. I thought we had bricked up the sewer entrance at the Bar when we installed the toilets. That should have finished our quest for the bar regarding sewer invasions. We couldn't have gone back in that way, but it would seem we did, since when we followed our path out of the dustman enclave we ended up in the bars basement. Is it bricked off? Is the bartender happy with bricking it off? Is that a spellbook Thren got? You could make him post and say that he looks at it but I'm pretty sure he will. What are we going to do with the Crown? How big is it? You said it was tiny, but the Rat King seemed rather large, I'm confused as to its size. How much cave in does it seem the Dustmen compound suffered? I mean was it a shit ton of falling rock like the place is in ruins now? How much exp do I have?
We rest at the bar and check out our shit. Do the boots fit? I clean them up as best I can. I also use the toilet. Nice. We heal up and rest a bit
  Return To Rats And Razors (The Bar)
Okay, you are back at the bar.


I'd like to exit out the way we came, unless there are obvious signs of danger in doing so (e.g. we hear/see the army of dustmen coming at us).
  Strike Two
The gobot doesn't respond Tut.


Yeah, I get that you're leaving. I need to know though where you're going and what you're doing.

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I tell the gobot "Stop...cease...halt...pause....shutdown...." I pause a little after each. Does it respond to any comment? I also leave, since the dustmen will kill us in our current state.
  Exits Lead North, South, And Up. There Is A Foosball Table And An Angry Gobot Here.




Gentlemen and ladies, I believe it is time to GO.

Let's . . . . . GO!

Now that I have outlined a plan and given some time for discussion of merits and pros-cons, and refinements made, I begin to put the plan in action.

Spellbook spellbook spellbook spellbook?

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Dag you made your dex check at half so you can have a 2nd item from the shelf if you'd like it.
IF they look like nice boots that are dirty I take them. Hell nevermind, they have to be better then mine. I got them from the bar for free. I imagine holes.

Dex check well it wasn't a botch. I hope Azoth posts and takes something.

I'm outta here. I hope that I get some monetary compensation from Tut when he becomes the Toilet King of Twilos. I was very instrumental in the construction of the first toilet. Hell you could buy me out of my interests at the small price of 1000 gold.

alright guys what are we gonna do with this crown?

I say we go back to the Factory rest up and let Thren learn some spells and hopefully identify this shit.
  I May Have Forgot To Mention The Foosball Table In The Corner There
Noted. I'll file that under "Thoughts".


Meanwhile, the gobot is smashing the foundation of this place. On a Hear Noise or WIS check at half, you'll hear the sound of Dustmen mobilizing, wondering WTF is going on in their bunker.

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Also, I want to patent and mass-produce my "first working toilet." I'm going to set my crew to work building and installing these. I think this will be a cash cow, and it shouldn't be too complicated. I'll also offer them free of charge to those "upstairs," in order to build some good will with the royal houses--in fact, maybe I'll let the houses get into a bidding war by letting 1 house monopolize the rights?? I'd also like to develop a "robot butt-wiper." I think this would be an absolute smash hit, especially with the rich types.

Hit me back on this.


Wow, that is one pissed go bot. What a chump. I cast a Faerie Fire on its visual sensors..since Darkness seemed to confuse it, hopefully too much light will do the same.
  Actually I Could Care Less About Your Feelings, I Just Want To Know What You DO
The gobot goes for it.

It chases you out of the room, and begins to destroy the wall and doorway to be able to get to you.

Thoughts? Feelings? Desires?

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After we grab our stuff and retreat to the corridor/doorway, what does the robot do?
  Booty Time
Theo grabs the little crown.

KT grabs the vial and the geode.

Threnody grabs the book and the wand.

Dag grabs the pouch and keeps an eye out... Aside from the lumbering gobot and piles of junk, hard to say.

Threnody... hole into sunlight? No. As you run by, it's definitely torchlight- or unnatural blue light- up above. Not the sky, but the Dustmens' abode.


Dex check BR3 says I grab the leather pouch with unknown contents.

Wis checks of BR 11 and BR 12 - I keep watch while everyone else is grabbing. I have a funny feeling in my gut... like some one is about to crash this party... or maybe that funny feeling is that our once noble party is now a sewer dwelling, rat king serving, dust bunny killing, junk room looting band of miscreants.

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I grab the glass vial of metal. For a 2nd item, Dex Check = 1 (I should join the Cirque de Soleil), and I grab the rough geode.
I shake the gobot's hand. I mean - he's running for office, right? It seems like we'd want in on his good side. "The Gobot is a friend to both labor and management - and a lot of people are saying he'd make a hell of a governor."

Ha! Just kidding. I grab the book. Then I make a BR - 3 - to grab the wand.

I also searched those bodies originally - you know, when we fought the twins. Did we get any loot? I mean - I don't care, about most of the loot, I just want a spellbook.

Did anyone else notice the big fucking hole up into sunlight here? I'm just pointing something out. I have a suspicion the Gobot's days are numbered. Unless he runs for mayor, of course - well, they'd still be numbered, then, just with a larger number. Or a smaller number, given the way politics works in this town. Either way, though, it'd still be a number, and that's the important part.

The numbers, I mean. I don't actually know anything about politics in this town. I'm guessing about assassinations; I suppose it might just as well be a parliamentary system with three houses - upper by locality, lower by population, and then commons by the number of spiders you can eat.

I'm babbling with excitement that I may have found a spellbook.
  If You'd Like To Shake The Gobot's Hand, Please Turn To Page 6
Theodore and Thaka, there are thirteen objects on and near the shelf:

-a tin crown
-a glowing candelabra
-a dusty leather book
-a mouse in a small glass cage
-a ceremonial dagger in a leather scabbard
-a leather pouch holding... something
-a glass vial of metal shavings
-a rough geode
-a pair of dirty boots
-a pair of silk slippers
-a thin bone wand
-a scrap of paper
-a scratch ticket

You estimate you've got time to grab one each, before the gobot lumbers over and into immense-damage-dealing melee range. If you want to go for it, you can make a DEX check at half to grab a second item... just don't botch.

Anyone else who wants to try to grab an item can as well. First come first serve.

Theo, because you had the balls and acted first, you can get the crown as a free item. Picking one or two more items will both incur DEX checks.

If you'd like me to storyline your character's death at the claws of a huge gobot, please grab more items and turn to page 6.


blink. blink, shake head. flare eyes, run with, get crown, help little gnome.

Dex check? a 10. How big is this room? Is there anything in here a cavalier might be interested in...? A pony! What else is on that shelf....? Wis check? well you can't do everything right....I guess.

Straight razors are good for cutting out tongues I would imagine. I cut out the bad guys tongues before I forget. Sure you might think that is a really evil thing to do. Ok I don't do it, but you sense an internal struggle of monumental proportion taking place inside our brave chevalier, like an insanely loud waterfall you can't hear. "If I cut out the tongues then nobody could cast speak with dead and that makes figuring out what happened here all the more difficult, if we can pull this off. Hrm they are just corpses now. I did help kill them. How bad is it to cut out the tongue of a dead person. I mean they are dead, and doing that part of it doesn't really bother me. It's not like doing it to a living being. Why do they call it mutilation when you do something fairly practical to an object? Corpse mutilation, we just mutilated those guys. I guess you could mutilate a painting, but mutliate a fishing pole? Oh fuck, what is that gnome doing....."
  Theodore Koppel
Excellent, I make a dash for the crown!

  Exchanging Glances
There is now a darkness spell centered on the gobot. It begins to crash around.


  Theodore Koppel
Oh yeah, co-posting. SRY.

So this gobot, you mentioned a visual apparatus? Is this obvious? If so, I would like to center a darkness spell on it.

Is that a go? -bot?
  The Guild Of Rust Gobot: A Second Look
KT, good questions. I'm assuming you aren't taking a lot of time to study the thing, and that you aren't actually entering the room yet to get a better look. So my answers will reflect these assumptions.

It doesn't look like it has rocket launchers, shuriken throwers, that kind of stuff on it. However, it has eight large arms with a variety of hooks, clamps, and chains that certainly could do a lot of damage. Average over: Hoth probe droid, Dune Atreides battle droid, Fallout Mr. Handy, Ford industrial robot, and Tim Burton carnival ride, and you basically get this thing. It's roughly twenty feet tall, with an equal grab radius. As you watch, it does seem to move around... it looks like it hovers slightly above whatever surface it is on, and a large horizontal metal disk probably acts as a gyroscopic balance. It goes slowly though.

The gobot picks up junk and brings it close to the central tower- apparently it has some sort of pressure gauges for motor control, and visual sensation for, well, doing whatever it is doing. Looks like it's sorting the junk, although the piles seem rather arbitrary. So, you'd guess utility droid.

Given the size and levitation of this thing, it's a bit beyond your present skills. Remember Tut, you're best at managing engineers, rather than doing the dull work of engineering yourself. Maybe in a few levels, with the help of a mage?

No obvious control devices. The thing seems totally autonomous. No obvious power source.


Well, there you have it. Looks like in addition to the junk and junk-managing gobot, there's a little living space (with the aforementioned cot and shelf). Hard to make out much more of that though, as there's a lot of junk, shadows, and a gobot in the way.


Giant robot and a room full of junk? That sounds like my kind of place.

I have a few questions about the robot:
1) Does it have any obvious weaponry?
2)What sensory organs does it seem to have? "Eyes," etc. In other words, what systems does it appear to have in order to interpret its surroundings?
3) Does this seem to be a purely utility robot, or does it seem to have combat functionality?
4) How well constructed does it appear to be? Could I build it, given time and materials, or is it beyond me?
5) Are there any obvious controls/remote about the room?
6) Anything else jump out?

IQ check 4, WIS check 14.
  The Dustmen Worship A Giant Gobot Named 'Dumper'
KT, I dunno about xp, I haven't calculated it yet. It usually comes at the end of an adventure, not right here in the middle of a room.


Dag, not really any great way to keep the door shut. The only thing in the room is a bunch of dead bodies. Plus, inactive spiderbot. You could try piling them up if you wanted.

I'll assume your recap is a question to the other PCs, not to me.


Thak, okay, you open the door.

(After searching the bodies. Three more straightrazors, each a bit different from the others. These things look homemade.)

Whoa. It opens into a giant room, lit from above and across the way (plus your own lantern light). The room is full of junk. Almost literally- this is basically a junkyard. A lot of the junk is in a big pile underneath a hole in the ceiling- maybe it gets dropped down here? Right by the largest pile is a huge... contraption.

After staring at it for several seconds, it looks a lot like Tut's spiderbot. Just, more like several meters tall. And around. It's a spindly brass... hell, it's sort of like one of those giant industrial robots used in car factories, crossed with the Hoth Iceplanet survey droid from the beginning of Empire Strikes Back. Got it?

It seems to be searching or sorting through the junk, slowly, with a jerky automatic grace.

So some of the light comes from this big hole above, about forty feet up, presumably in the heart of the DM Compound. The other light source is a small glowing candelabra on the other side of the room. You can see a little sketch posted above a shelf and an oddly-wide cot. Looks like a sketch of two little kids, one next to the other, but from the distance here, it's hard to make out details. There's some other stuff on the shelf, and looking carefully, sure enough...

You see a little tin crown.

The enormous gobot does not seem to register your presence- in the doorway, far from it.

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I search the bodies.

Ok, so we have a door with some rune and no sounds of guys, if I'm right.

I will assume that Theo has checked that door for traps.

I open the door without the sounds of infinite dustmen coming from it. I'm not a quitter. If I can't level yet then I'm not leaving.

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Rob, is there some way for us to fasten the doors closed from this side? I am all for leaving, but in the meantime, lets slow the dustmen down if they want to be comin down here.

As soon as we are rested, I start laying down some CLWs.

Ok, so to recap, where are we? not location wise, I know that, but story-wise. Where do we go from here guys? I don't want to keep nickel and diming the dustmen 2 at a time down in the sewers.... are we gonna get the crown back for the kingrat? more questions than answers I suppose. Indeed, what would Ruxpin do?

I love Bald eagles. I especially like searching for pictures of Bald Eagles. Bald Eagle Logos are bitchin.
I leave. We need to rest up.

What are the dogs stats? Is it better than the spiderbot?

I also need to repair the spider bot :( I'm sure it's going to be expensive and we don't seem to have any money.

Can I train yet? I only needed about 1,200 xp.
  Theodore's Complaint
Theodore, please note that you posted just before I did, down below. That means that while I was computing/composing my post, you posted. That means I had no way to read your post while writing mine, because I began mine before you finished yours.

Okay, you don't F any Ts. As before, there's a door up, where the Dustmen came from, that you, as previously mentioned for now the third time, heard footfalls and voices behind. There's another door behind the stairs up, also previously mentioned, with a plaque next to it with strange runes on it, and the faint sound of metal scraping past it.

Two doors. Or go back. Or try to take another nap.

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  Dear Mr. Laden

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  Theodore Koppel
Am I talking to a wall?

FRT?! I made it.

What do we have? A staircase to thirty Dustmen? Is that it?


Very good- you guys gank the last Dustman. Combat over.

KT, Druids aren't really Charm Monster kind of guys... it's 4th Mage and not on the Druid spell lists. But a two headed dog is sort of an animal, in a way. It's a tough call. Alright, you can do it as 3rd. But it still counts towards your animal/robot friend HD per level.

Well, now what? Do you have the feeling that time is running out? Because you really should, given that you're in someone's house and just killed some of them. Maybe that's the kind of thing DMs should let players figure out on their own, but whatever, it's Sunday.

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  Theodore Koppel
I think the Dustman must be dead.

I search for secret doors, d6:3.

Find Traps, d100:35. Ha, I did it! Indeed!

p.s. The new logo is on the bottom right. -It doesn't downscale well.

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