Day 4, Evening: Ron Ball's Fanny Pack
1 pack 'Mento's'
1d4 Kleenex
Platinum crucifix with a little bloody Jesus
Sweatsocks (large)
Receipts from Grillerz, Chili's, and Footlocker
Miniature gold-lined picture of the Virgin Mary
Cinder picks the priest of Jesus's fanny pack: 06%

What's he got?
  Day 4, Evening: Transportation Options
Okay, Marivhon, it looks like there are a few ways to get to the other set of termini.

In the guidebook, you find an obscure reference to a gate system between the two temples in terminals A and Z, and apparently Z is near B. Of course, terminal Z is also closed for construction and the gate is 'out of commission until fall 211 (estimated)'. To get to terminal A, head through terminals N, E, Q, R, S, go upstairs, back to R, Q, and take the skyway to terminal 5. Then head down to terminal W and over to A.

You can also get a shuttle outside terminal A that'll take you to terminal L. From there, you'd go to L2, then to H, then to B, thus avoiding the hassle of terminal Z.

Finally, after drinking the memory tonic, you recall something about a secret shuttle from the bathrooms here in the food court. To investigate, you head over to the bathrooms, descend the stairs, and ask around. Apparently the black shuttle is 1000 gp per person, takes you to terminal L, and leaves tomorrow night, but you won't have to wander through lots of other terminals.

Vrill says "I really don't care how we get there. Just be prepared for... for anything once we get to the construction zones."

"Jesus will shield us," says Ron helpfully.

"Of course, heh heh," says Vrill, "I don't have any money. Certainly not 1000 gold."

"Me neither," adds Ron. "But the Lord Jesus provides in mysterious ways..." he says, looking around.

Now what?
a 5 on my IQ check.
  Day 4, Evening: Back At The Food Court
Ron begins to bristle under the abuse. I mean, wow. "I... okay, you guys are just being a bit ignorant. This is probably just part of the whole dead thing, right Jesus?" Ron looks up- towards the halogen-lighted ceiling of Terminal K. But Ron decides to be the bigger person and doesn't retaliate.

Vrill takes a couple steps aside and says "Hell no. I'm staying out of this one. You guys do what you gotta do." He zips up his backpack and slings it 'undergrad style' over one shoulder. Ron, you note, has a fanny pack.

Looking at your map, it looks like... well, damn. There's no obvious way, really, to get to Terminal B, and the only note in the guide book is that B is 'under construction'. Everyone make an IQ check to figure out the guide book and get a lead. Otherwise, Vrill suggests heading to the food court and talking to some of the black market guys. As you take turns flipping through the book, you head off towards the food court. "Besides," says Vrill, "I want to get some fish and chips before it gets too late. Legal Seafoods Express, damn those are good fish and chips." Ron nods in agreement. "And the Lord Jesus blest Legal Seafoods, and made men into fishermen."

"Sure they did," says Vrill. You get back to the Food Court without incident, except when you're passing through the rain forest terminal, you see a few lizard men fighting some dwarves over a carbuncle.
Umm...Cinder full on bitch-slaps the priest of Jesus. Does he turn and offer the other cheek? Just curious.

"Heh. Sorry buddy. Uh...forgive me?"
Oh man, Hall & Oates! And, Rich Girl, too. Most people would just have Man-Eater or Sara Smiles. Yeah, that's cool, Greg.

Let's go to Terminal B.

...But you know it don't matter anyway...You can rely on your old man's money...

I give Ron the Finger.
  Day 4, Afternoon: Collateral
"Fine. God. Jesus H. Christ. Here, just take this."

Vrill reaches into his pocket and pulls out an iPod. "There. Will this do? Can we please go now? And I want that back when you're not zombies anymore. And don't delete any of my files. I'll know if you did."
  Day 4, Afternoon: Vrill Sighs A Lot
Vrill frowns. "Ugh, whatever. We're wasting time here. That's my goddamn spellbook, okay? Here, take a look in my backpack if you don't believe me." He tosses the Eddie Bauer on your lap, and you go through it.

Extra shirt, check. Shaving kit, check. Spell components, check. Copy of 'DaVinci Code 2: Judas' Revenge', check. Some socks, check. Apple, check. Some pens, check. Odor Eaters, check. Vrill sighs watching you go through the remnants of his life down here. "Satisfied yet hero? Think I'm hiding another book somewhere? Look. I showed up here with nothing but the clothes on my back. Did a few crappy jobs to get some stuff. Beat up this zombie mage guy and took his book just so I could cast a few goddamn crappy spells. You want to hold on to the entire backpack? Go ahead, I could use someone carrying my stuff around."

"Bottom line Brogg. I got nothing to lose here. That's why you have to trust me. That's why I can't give you goddamn collateral, because, did you hear me? I literally have nothing to lose."

Vrill sits back down. "But if you want to keep talking, let's just keep on talking. This is great. You guys want some mochas or something? Game of chess maybe?"

Ron just smiles at your snippy comment Brogg. "That's alright. My faith in JESUS is strong enough that I don't really have to defend the faith. I simply serve it."
Skelelord the Destoryor?

No, this is crap. Sorry Vrill, I don't think your word and Skelelord's spellbook are going to cut it. -I toss back the spellbook.

Greg, give me something we can work with.

And Ron, Vrill is right. You'd better stop flapping your gums about that Jesus shit, or your going to be turning that cheek like a windmill in a hurricane.
  Day 4, Afternoon: On Jesus
You might think that calling a priest's god a pussy would make him mad. Ron just smiles like he's heard it all before, and he probably has.

"Well, ha ha, no offense taken there friend. Jesus the Lord teaches that we need to turn the other cheek and love everyone, regardless of what they say or do. It's not that Jesus is just the god of love, he's the god of everything, even of your gods. Jesus is the god other gods pray to for their spells. You might not have known that, but it's here in the bible. Yes, even our friend Odin and Gris... Griswold? Grisbane. Even Grisbane."

"Water into wine was a pretty nice spell, really, that Jesus cast when the Holy Father made his Holy Son into flesh. But don't be fooled, the great god Jesus is everywhere, at every time. Odin, Grisbane, these gods are part of the temporal domain. And Jesus sayeth, 'Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's', just like I could say 'Render unto Odin what is Odin's'. Jesus was dead for three days... but which three? Origen the Father said that he was dead for any three days. I prefer to believe he was dead for every three days, meaning that the great god Jesus is ever-present even here in the airport."

Seeing your confusion, Ron tries to clarify. "It makes more sense when you realize that Jesus the God is actually the Holy Trinity, consisting of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost."

Vrill yawns. "Let's get going before, uh, we have a little jihad here, okay?"
  Dave, Fist of Odin
(Grinning silently to himself, the Fist of Odin knows that his work here is done. The ball is rolling, and smarter heads than his will forge a path. Or not, and he'll jack some guy in the face.)

'Hey there, Ron. So what's up with the Jesus guy?'

'Uh huh. Yeah. Wo. Really? And then came back from the dead? Well, Odin was up there seven days, and came back with wisdom, the wisdom of Kicking Some Ass.'

'Peace and love, hunh? Hmmm. Nah, I can't really see it for me - but if it's working out for you then that's good.'

'Water into wine? Well yeah, that sounds pretty good. He ever come do that for ya?'

'Oh really? Hmmm. Well here's some of my god's blessed beverage...'

I pass around a flask of Holy Whiskey. I've been carrying this shit around forever, waiting to meet a mummy or something - but what the hell. I mean, we're dead, right?

I'm fine with going to terminal B and seeing what's to be seen - I figure whatever happens, Vrill and Abbey'll meet up and . . . ummm . . . something will happen and we won't be zombies anymore? I dunno. I guess I'm not the strategizer in the party.

Before we go I want to rest and rememorize.
  Day 4, Afternoon: Skelelord The Destoryer's Book of MAgicks
Vrill at first is flabbergasted. "My spellbook?! Are you crazy?! Are you..." He then stops in mid-sentence and thinks for a couple seconds.

"Oh, fine. Fine fine fine. Here you go."

He digs through a new Eddie Bauer backpack and pulls out a slender, leather-bound tome. It looks just awful. In a dark brown or red ink on the cover is written

Skelelord the Destoryer
Book of MAgicks

Hmm. He hands the book over with a tight-lipped frown. Given the title, you're a little incredulous, but flipping through it, sure enough, it's a spellbook.

Vrill says "Yes, yes, I know what you're thinking. See, I wasn't all special like some people. I didn't get sent here to Hello through a gate, I was killed and wound up here just like that. Didn't have any equipment, in other words. So I had to get that spellbook from some other guy. Anyway, there you go. You can hold onto it until I bring you back if it makes you feel better."
Wait a second...

What's this Scout's Honor crap?! We have to sit around as zombies until you bring us back to life?!

Hell no. We need some sort of collateral or something, Greg. If we are going to get you out of Hello Airport, we need guarantees.

How about your spellbook?

Oh, and Ron, I hate to say this, but this Jesus guy sounds kinda like a pussy... No offense, but have you ever considered the Norse Mythos? -I mean, from what I've seen, those are some human Gods that really deliver.
  Day 4, Afternoon: It's Going To Be A Long Day
Brogg, Vrill grins. A horribly smarmy, toothy, ass-kissy/back-stabby, Vrill-kinda smile. "Well I think we have, mm... bigger fish to fry, yes? Let's just do this thing."

"Heh heh... um, okay fellow adventurers. Where the hell is Terminal B?"

Ron says "Yeah, that was a pretty good movie. Remember that scene where the guy is like 'To the pain' and the other guy was like 'Huh?' That was a good scene. It's kind of funny, because, you know, as a Christian, there was some stuff about the power of love over death and coming back from the dead... it kind of made sense to me. And my god, Jesus, came back from the dead with the power of love." Vrill rolls his eyes again.
Yeah, that's right, El Greco. Back to the farm, buddy.

Geez, maybe I do want to be the anti-chimera guy...

Anyway, yeah Vrill. Look, I trust you as far as I can piss. Maybe not even that far.

But, I am dead. And things couldn't really get much worse.

But, let's be straight. Remember that great line from The Princess Bride? -We are men of action. Lies do not become us. Man, that was a great movie.

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah, let's be straight about this. I might not be Int heavy as you suggest, but I've got Wis enough to know you are already plotting on dicking us over.

So, how about this: Let's work together to get back "in the flesh" so to speak. Then, we'll let the chips fall where they may.

  Day 4, Afternoon: The Circular Terminal Design Is A Metaphor
Oh, and Brogg? You give El Greco his walking papers. He trots off (snicker), but a few minutes later, out of the corner of your eye, you see him get tangled up in a net, clubbed by a hobgoblin, and dragged back off into slavery.

Comme si, comme ca.
  Day 4, Afternoon: Vrill Speaks
Okay Marivhon, you drink some of the memory tonic, and remember some stuff about your life before you were dead. It's a nice feeling and sort of motivates you to get out of the underworld.

"Alright, well, if Abbey told you there's an open gate in Terminal B, I guess that's where we should go. If she was able to bring you back from being killed by the death knight..." Vrill pauses here and suppresses a smirk. "If she brought you back, then she's pretty good and- hmm. Would be sufficiently powerful to utilize the power of the White Book, I guess. That's no good at all. The White Book is how I brought her back in the first place." Vrill says these last few sentences a bit more quietly, almost just thinking out loud.

"So look, if we get out of here, odds are we'll all be zombies up in Grito. So then I'll just get the White Book myself out of storage and use it to restore you all to flesh and blood. I promise, scout's honor and all that. Just give me a couple days to get things together after I neutralize Abbey. She can't harm me, so it won't be a problem."

Vrill leans back in the chair and thinks for a second about plans. You can almost see plans and schemes churning around in his brain.

"So we should get going, because Terminal B won't be a lot of fun. I've heard comparisons to Limbo, the Abyss, and some dorky place called the Iron Labyrinth. Ron, if you want to come along," Vrill pauses and searches for the right phrase. "Well, I'm sure... I'm sure JESUS could lend a hand." Vrill rolls his eyes, but Ron Ball doesn't notice. Just nods thoughtfully, finishes the last fry, and licks his fingers. "Sure Greg," says Ron. "Let's go find JESUS."

Vrill then answers your questions, sort of.

"The Monks of Progress. I don't... I don't really know that much about those guys. I read Mysterious X's autobiography. It's pretty good, actually, very... very current and written in an accessible style. I like what he does with starting each chapter with a zen koan or a haiku or something. Isn't your pal Jooka or whoever one of them? Ask him about this stuff. They're unrelated- I think Mysterious X just took advantage of a geo-political situation to seize control of Durth. Sounds like they've got a stockpile of useful crap in their lair though..." Vrill gets a little thoughtful again.

"And, well, okay, the Knights of Armek. Well, here's what I know. My daughter- when she was still my daughter- had the gift of prophecy. And she drew a picture one day. But it was different than most pictures your daughter draws, family, the dogs, owlbears, the sun, that kind of crap. It was an army of knights butchering Grito. I asked her about it, and she pointed into the sky and said 'ARMEK' or something close to that."

"And, well, that's about all I know. Learned later that they're basically souped-up little Iron Golems; I learned that from some necromantic ritual... well, never mind the details. But you need magic weapons to hit them, and spells themselves aren't very good... just like golems. They come from some other dimension, they were created by some arch-mage lich or something like that, it sounds suspiciously like the Githyanki origins story to me; I think your DM needs to put down the Fiend Folio, which everyone agrees was the worst of the core books. From reading your, uh, your blog... it looks like you guys met one yourselves and killed it, so maybe there's some hope. When I get more than 30-frickin-minutes of internet time on a faster connection, I'll re-read your stu... I'll take another look at your blog for some more clues. But I don't know what they're doing, don't know how they came to Greyhelm, any of that. If you recall, my research was, mm... interrupted," he concludes somewhat bitterly.

"Oh, and Marivhon? I'm not really your father. Didn't you read my blog? Ugh, don't... don't hug me. Great, yeah, thanks."
"Hi Dad."

"yeah I'm fine with you coming with us to meet your daughter....my sister."

If I feel like I need to take some of the salve we got from Shi I take it.

"If you could answer the questions about the knights of armek first that would be great. What do you know dad?

I give him a hug. thats all.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Well, that sounds pretty good to me. I tell Vrill that. But:

What do we have to do get us all out of here?

How do we all stop being dead?

What's up with the Knights of Armek? Do the Monks of Progress have anything to do with them? I got no beef with the K of A - at least, not yet - but I'm willing to change that position based on . . . based on . . . well, I don't know anything about them.

Those MOPs, though - I fucking hate those guys.

I dunno - this sounds pretty good to me. I mean, even if Vrill fucks us over, how are we worse than now? Dead, in Hello Airport, and basically just fucked. This sounds like a way out, yes?
  Day 4, Afternoon: Vrill's Deal
Okay Dave FoO, good thinking. You cast Dispel Magic, and Vrill's Invisibility drops like a stone. "Goddamnit!" he curses, throwing his hot drink aside.

He turns to run, but hears you out, then turns around and says "Um... okay. Let's talk about this thing, like the civilized humans we are." As you push your way through the stunned, silent crowd (all eyes turned towards you), Vrill sits back down and browses the internet some more, mumbling to himself. Looks like he's getting clued in to the situation.

"Alright then. Let's let bygones be bygones for the time being and all that. Because we're all agreed that one, this place sucks, and two, my daughter is a freak." Vrill holds up first one finger and then another, counting the two things that you do in fact probably agree on. "Oh, three- the Knights of Armek, Grito, it's all a bad situation back, eh... upstairs, shall we say." Third finger up.

As he's talking, a big, well-groomed guy comes and sits down near Vrill. He's clearly a priest. Not a plate mail-wearing, mace-swinging, turning undead kind of priest. He's got a black shirt with a white collar, a crucifix, and a holy bible under his arm. He's eating some fries from Grillerz and looks pretty casual. "How's it going, Greg?" he says. "Friends of yours?"

Vrill kind of frowns and says "Well Ron, let's just say we've known each other for a while now. From back in the real world."

'Ron' smiles and says "Oh, okay. Well nice to meet you guys. I'm Ron, Ron Ball, priest of JESUS." Ron eats a fry, leans back in his chair a little, and doesn't really seem to pay much attention to the conversation.

Vrill clears his throat and continues. "Anyway. So it looks like Abbey wants this book of mine, about resurrection and moving into new bodies and that kind of stuff. Very technical, very dangerous book in the wrong hands, you understand? So I hid it. No, not here in the goddamn AIRPORT, back in the Prime Material Plane. And obviously, I'm not just going to tell you where it is and sit back with another cup of coffee. And it's not like you can kill me, because I'm already fucking DEAD." Ron's eyebrows go up a little with each curse word, and he has sort of a disappointed look on his face momentarily.

"But this Abby-Abbey thing, what have you... she's gone too far. Terminal B, okay, I think I see what's going on here. You killed her, I brought her back, but different, and now she's a very powerful and dangerous magic-user. So here's my deal."

"Terminal B- I've heard rumors about it. It's not a cake walk, okay? It's basically a crazy dungeon. You're adventurers and I'm a powerful wizard." Ron kind of smiles to himself at this, in a hard-to-read kind of way. "You guys get me out of here, I'll take care of Abbey, and I'll bring you back myself in exchange. Then, we'll just... you know, just..." Vrill sighs. "We'll shake hands and go our separate ways. Clearly Apprentice Steve doesn't know what he's doing and will need some expert, experienced help managing the Grito Potion Guild."

Vrill spreads his hands. "I know none of you are, shall we say, INT-primary, but consider your options. Do you really trust my daughter? She knows you killed her. I've... I've made my peace with all that, and she's not my daughter any more. I'm not going to tell you where the goddamn book is. Besides, if you try to fight me here... I mean just look at all these monsters. It's like the Fiend Folio Rejects Club in here. A rot grub? It'll just be horrible, and you'll miss the terminal closing, and we'll all be stuck down here. It'll be like that No Exit play, all of us just trapped together in goddamn Hello Airport. We might not like each other... but maybe we can work together to solve this horrible, awful, situation. Think about it."

Vrill gets up and gets a little cup of water. His 30 min are up, though, so as he heads over to the computer, he's auto-logged off. The gargoyle sits down, logs in, and starts playing Minesweeper. Vrill watches for a second, sighs, and sits back down with you all.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
I see Vrill, I cast Dispel Magic as soon as he's casting.

Should I justify that? I mean - I know this guy. He's casting something - either it's going to hurt, in which case, fine. I take it and move up. Or he's going to dissapear, or something, in which case - no fucking way.

"Yo Vrill - we just want to talk, man. We're dead, you're dead - I'm offering a no clobbering kind of thing - what's up with Abbey? Let's figure this shit out. But you go bopping away, then it's a pain in my ass, and a pain in your ass, and we're all tired of this shit. Can we just - you know, find a way to get what we all want?"

Okay, I know, maybe the clobbering Fist of Odin isn't the best choice for spokesmen. My stated position - and I'm sure no one will disagree - is that I am NOT the brains of the party. But when an undead Fist of Odin, decked out in magic plate and festooned with weoponry, says, "Hey man - let's just talk" instead of leading with the mace - well, I'd at least stop and listen. And I'm being straight up here - I'm really, really tired of being dead and this fucking strange airport with the robots, and the hard work, and the flourescent lights, and the beeping, and the lines. I just want to go back home, you know?

And I've got the Mac - I know what Vrill's been doing or up to or at least going through. Maybe he's willing to enter into some sort of dialoge? That's what I'm hoping for here.
  Day 4, Afternoon: We Meet Again
Well sure enough, Coffee Chateau is there in the guidebook. Says it's over in Terminal K, that's off of Y... instead of heading up and to the right towards J (the hobbit terminal), you go up and to the left to terminal K. Terminal K apparently in days of yore was supposed to be the Lawful Good terminal, but too many LGers went off to the Seven Heavens when they died, so the place was pretty empty, and spillover from other terminals eventually took over. Coffee Chateau features eight different blends of free-trade bean and one of the only internet connections in all of Hello.

Off you go.


You follow the walking tour, and really can't miss the place. Terminal K is pretty far out... like an Ohio mall's version of Heaven. Fake angels, a waterfall fresco, inspirational mottos on plaques on the wall, there's a lot of corny stuff here. Oh, there's the 'Successories' store. Coffee Chateau seems to be a major hangout. The place is packed. More than packed, there's a huge mob of people- humans and humanoids, modrons, elementals, a stirge, three wights, a pack of ogrillions, a crypt thing, a rot grub, you get the picture. Everyone in Hello is waiting for coffee, or to use the internet connection.

At first you despair about finding Vrill in this place. You look around the crowd, then decide to hang out outside, maybe he'll show up. Then you hear an unmistakable voice.

"Shit. Well god DAMN it. God, you know... I ordered a caramel-mocha Javalache with HALF soy and HALF nonfat milk. And this... god. This is just ALL SOY. Now I know why you didn't go to heaven when you died. Because you can't MAKE A GODDAMN CUP OF COFFEE. Is it so hard to listen? Is it... oh nevermind. No it's FINE."

"Hey no I'm not done. Didn't you see me? I was the guy just in line ahead of you. 30 minutes pal. Would you... yes, please, thanks, yeah thanks a lot. Yes, that's my 'home page' so to speak. Look, can this wait until I've checked my freaking EMAIL? Thanks."

"Let's see here. Death knight... ha ha, that was a good one. God their DM sure is chatty. Wait a sec... Abby? Oh no... what the? HELLO AIRPORT? When the hell did this... Shi Jukka? Jim the robot? Coffee Chat... oh hell no. HELL NO."

You've been trying to push through the grumbling, impatient, massive crowd. Finally you get up towards the interior of Coffee Chateau, only to see- sure enough- your old pal Gregory Vrill standing up from an old PC terminal, spilling his coffee in haste. He looks right at you with a look of complete shock, flips you off, and casts a spell... disappearing.

The gargoyle next in line is taken aback, but then heads closer to the computer terminal.
I know exactly where I want to go. I want to go to the Coffee Chateau. But, no one seems to know where the fuck it is!

Is it on the map?

If it isn't I punch the next passerby in the face. BR:18.

Oh, yeah, and El Greco... you El Sucko. You didn't back me up with the lizardmen. Take a trot, chummer. Yeah, your free. Free to be dead. Smell ya.

So, is the Chateau on the map, or do I need to roll damage?
  Day 4, Afternoon: Bad News
Okay Dave FoO, wounds healed. Cure magic works fine down here. You'll be out of Cures afterwards though.

Well, the real question isn't how to get to where you want to go. The question is: where, in the first place, do you want to go? The tour book you got looks pretty good, pretty thorough, there's a lot of listings and trivia in there. Like did you know that the Hobbit Friends mural in the hobbit terminal was funded entirely with donations at the Grillerz restaurant?

But... there's no alcohol down here. That's right. You can't find the listing of a single bar. In fact, the guidebook has a notice that Hello is a DRY afterlife.

Valhalla this ain't.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Hi everyone - wow, that was some hard work. I could sure go for a beer.

Now, I'm not the brains of the party, by any means. Sure, I put down a Death Knight - not alone, of course, but us vs. him, I was the last standing. But that's just a proper application of a variety of clobbering technologies in action, I figure.

What I'm saying is maybe the map is complex. Maybe the walking tour book is written in a confusing way. Maybe they're good directions, as far as it goes, but the route is long and complicated. But we've got some people in the party who are crafty, and some who are clever, and some who are good at figuring stuff out. All I am is fairly wise, and really good at hitting things with a mace.

How do we get to where we need to go? Do we have the info? Should we hire a guide? Can I beat it out of someone?

Before going to bed I heal our wounds, and get drunk.
  Day 4, Afternoon: Shi's Book
Yeah, at this point, Jim's not really 'up with people', and you guys end up working all of Day 3. You get your map and walking tour, and Shi's book, and head back to Terminal O.

You ask around a little, wait a little while, and find Shi. Shi looks like he's in pretty bad shape. His clothes are all burned, he's missing most of his eyebrows, and he's walking with a limp. He dismisses your questions about it, just shrugging and saying "Fire elementals. Had a job to do. You got the book? Great, thanks." He takes it and flips through it casually, nodding. "Here's the memory tonic. You guys look like you should use some of it soon."

Shi doesn't really need to look at the map. "No, I know where I'm going, but thanks. Anything I can do you for, lemme know. Otherwise, I got to get back in there and finish off this job. Good luck with all that. Maybe I'll see you topside." Unless there's any questions for Shi, he takes a drink of water from his flask, straightens his robes, and heads back to the Fire Elementals' Grave.
I ask Jim what he wants for the books. I ask that since they are already there for him to print lets just do a deal and move on. If we cant work something out then I work for the 2 days get some creds and get the books printed. my saves are as follows. A 1 and a 15 guess with that 1 I'm in pretty bad shape but hopefully I get my frickin books. Like a map of the damned airport and the book that Shi Jukka is looking for. 3rd would be the book on the Knights of Armek. I then return to Shi and give him the book he was looking for. I also try to see if he'd like to look at my map.
  Day 4, Morning: Goodbye Robots
Dave FoO, the plan is to work the rest of Day 2 and all of Day 3, waking up fresh on Day 4 and back to the adventure. Not two full days, one full day, if that influences the decision or not. To move things along, I'll assume you 1) decide to work on Day 3, and 2) fail those breath weapon saves, as no one posted to the contrary.

The work sucks, in a word. You basically haul robot parts around a huge factory. But at the end, sure enough, you get the jambox repaired, plus get two books. I'll assume, for the sake of relevance, that you download and print out Uncle Yueh's and the Hello Airport walking tour. Cinder, Dave FoO, and Renwick are all at 1/2 hp from the work and exhaustion. You guys cough a lot.

Dave FoO, if you'll read the posts from the previous- god, two weeks now- you'll see that a lot of people have been asked for directions, with a variety of answers being received. I don't even know where you're asking directions to... Terminal B or Coffee Chateau? Because you seem pretty geeked on yelling at a guy about directions, one terminal back you grab the first hobbit you can, yell at him, he really doesn't know where B is. He's heard of the Coffee Chateau, it's around here somewhere, but not in the hobbit terminal.

Also, let me stress that time will pass regardless of whether you do things or not here, and it'll pass regardless of whether you post or not. This ain't Grito, folks, this is Hello. You're on Day 4. Abbey told you to get out by the end of Day 7. So far: no Vrill, no Vrill location, no Vrill information. Good luck with all that.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
What? Spend two of our 5 remaining days working? Working for ROBOTS? That sounds like madness to me.

I say we keep going through terminals until we find the one we're looking for, or a map of some sort (or even an internet cafe to go to HelloAirport.com/maps/terminalmaps), or someone we can ask for directions. Or better, someone we can clobber for directions.

I'm all about the clobbering, you know. ALL ABOUT it.

What do we get for our labors? Some weird books, and a fixed jambox, and NO book about the poppies. Right?

Ah, well. That's my piece, but if my companions are bound and determined to work for bots, I'll go along with it.
Descent into Depths is an old school 1st Edition AD&D adventure run by the Infinity Group.

What type of dice? How many dice?

3 Sided

4 Sided

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