Day 2, Morning: Library Checkout
You have selected:
Hello There: A Walking Tour of Hello Airport (book)
Song of Croatius, The (audiotape)
Uncle Yueh's Basement Science (book)

All downloads are deposited in your personal server, Jim

Please report to:
Sleep Chamber D
to collect your selections, Jim

Your balance: xFFFA4

Please report to:
Factory Level -17
to make up your balance,

Thank you,
for using the Library


I'm going to see if in the place request section you can change where the book is sent to. I will also ask that the other books I looked at all be sent to Jim. Hopefully at a location of my choosing, which would be the ups or fedex area pickup. The other book I would like the most would be on the white Poppies. Then the song of croatus. finally 3) Hello There: A Walking Tour of Hello (book).

Again if I can get them sent someplace like the fedex or ups place in the airport that would be great.
  Happy Anniversary Descent Into Depths
As Mark pointed out, this is the website's one year anniversary. Congratulations everyone. Technically, DiD has been going a couple months longer, but it was all email driven and quickly got out of control. The blog format is superior in every way. Thanks to Mark for all his hard work on the site, and to all of you for continuing to log on here.

Bonus 5000 xp to all.
  Day 2, Morning: Hello There
First off, sorry Brogg, I forgot the El Greco interrogation. 1) El's been in the airport for "a while". 2) He doesn't think he's seen a guy that looks like Vrill, but maybe? He's been a slave for "a while, got caaaap-turrrred a while baaaaack". 3) Uh, maybe being ridden is sort of gay, but he's your slave, so you're the boss there. Maybe in case of emergencies. It's not like you're smoking his pole or anything.

As for the clockwork bird, it is a metal bird the size and shape of a sparrow. It has a metal key sticking in its ass. The bird is currently unwound.

Marivhon, you search for Uncle Yueh's.

Found 001 book(s):

Uncle Yueh's Basement Science

Also titled under:

Uncle Yueh's Basement Science: Personal Explosives the Fast Way

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(2) MacGuyver (TV series/DVD)
(3) Martha Stuart's Kitchen Guide (b00k)
(4) Potions Galore: You Can Make Potions Anywhere! (VHS)
(5) Uncle Yueh's Basement Dungeon: Fast Interrogation Techniques That Really Work! (book)
(6) Uncle Yueh's Ninja Handbook (book)

This will be x00AF3 credits, Jim

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You press 'Y'.

Thank you very much, Jim
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That's right about when the robots enter the library. Tons and tons of robots. Metal men, and other metal, plastic, and chrome-plated devices of all shapes and sizes. Marivhon, they form an extremely long queue behind you, all waiting to use the library terminal. No pressure or anything.

You make the next few selections:

Found 001 book(s):

Book of Poppies, The

Also titled under:

White Book, The
White Book of Poppies, The


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(0) Descent into Depths (website/RSS feed)
(1) Song of Croatius (audiotape)

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Hello Airport

We have: 00008 titles on
Hello Airport

(0) AAA Travel Guide: Hello (book)

(1) Airports of Legend (book)
(2) Hello There: A Walking Tour of Hello (audiotape)
(3) Hello There: A Walking Tour of Hello (book)

(4) Thus Spake Zelba- Construction of the Hello Airport Terminals (book)
(5) Welcome to Hello: Now You're Dead (book)
(6) You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello (audiotape)

(7) Zagat's Guide to Hello Airport (book)
Hey, Marivhon, could you reroute the encryption codes and hack into the mainframe? That would be sweet, chummer.

Tough ice?

Alright, WTF? Did I buy a mute centaur? I had some questions for El Greco...

Besides the aforementioned, I would like to know:
How long has El Greco been in Hello Airport? Has he seen anyone that fits Vrill's description? Does he think he could help us track him down? Is it gay to ride him?

Besides that, I am going to chill out and stand guard.

Then its: N, NE, S, W, D, D, N, NE. That should put us at Control Dam no. 1, I think.

I look at my clockwork bird. What's up with it?
fuck it.

Browse by subject.

Browse by subject.
Hello Airport

why not take the shot.
search by title.
Uncle Yueh's Basement Science

and then search by title.
the Book of Poppies

and then ?
  Day 2, Morning: Hello Jim
You enter a few numbers into the terminal. Amazingly, it seems to work...

Hello Jim

Welcome to Hello

Terminal V Library

You have 00 current selection(s).


Please enter your selection

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uh, I avoid the loud things and enter 4832 in the machine.
BR Remove traps. 23 made it. I thought those keys looked dirty and were don using the index finger on the for and the middle on both the 8 and the 2. The ring finger was used to enter the 3 so really it was a fifty fifty chance of getting the code right. Ok not really but it's pretend land.
  Day 2, Morning: In The Library
Marivhon, you step into the library. Your footsteps echo on the tiles. Your infravision picks up only a bit of ambient heat, with a large, squat, oblong heatsource towards the back.

You light a torch or a lantern or something. The room, although titled 'Library', is completely empty of any books. Rather, another large glassy screen with inky blue letters is at the back (the heat source, apparently). You approach the large screen, and sure enough, again in swirling, strange lettering, it reads:

Welcome to Terminal V Library
Please enter P.I.C. to begin.

There are some numbers in blue font along the bottom.

The metallic sounds are getting closer. In fact, they seem to have arrived at the turn in the corridor, and whatever is making the sound is about to reveal itself...
uh I go in and look around, and I ask about Vrill.
BR 16 for Cha.
  Day 2, Morning: Terminal V Library
Okay, you head to the library and sleep until morning. Following your hand-drawn map, you make your way back through the strange, silent, tiled halls, until you come to a dead end with a large chrome slab. Above the slab is the word: 'LIBRARY'.

Right at 9 AM, you're awakened by what sounds like an implosion- but it's just the door to the library opening. All dark within. From down the hall, you hear fainter sounds of activity just beginning, perhaps the other doors opening, and a strange metallic racket. A growing sense of danger fills your trained adventurer brains...
Well, ok we're locked out of the sleep room. I guess I'm going to the library and taking a look around. BR 18 for wis. If I'm not tired then I'm not sleeping. If I am tired I sleep where I put my head down on the floor.
  Day 1, Evening: All Quiet In Terminal V
Well, you've never tried to cast or re-memorize, so you really don't know for sure what would happen with your spells. On the other hand, you feel pretty good in your assessment of Odin's proximity to death gods, plus Odin could kind of give a shit about the details as long as you're out there, you know, kicking ass and stuff. Odin can't be bothered, he's just more concerned with the executive summary, bottom line and all that.

Okay, you can equip the dwarf shield. You don't really have time to get it re-blessed or sanctified or anything down here in Hello though.

See, for one, there's no one in Terminal V that you see. Second, the problem hasn't been grabbing people and asking them how to get to where you're going. The problem is that everyone has their own idea, and it's all different and inconsistent. But noted, next time you meet and NPC, grabbed and asked.

But what about the HERE and NOW?
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Hey Rob - what was the call on:

a) my using spells? Odin's fine with dead creatures, is my read.

b) using the Dwarven Priest's shield? Odin's also fine with spoils of war, I think. I'd pay a little cash to get it retooled.

Then I grab the next person I see in a uniform and ask how to get to terminal 713B, and the nearest internet cafe. I know, I know, there's no people around here. I'm just saying the NEXT cat I see. If I have to push through a line, I'm okay with that, because the dead, you know, they've got some time, but we have a deadline.
  Day 1, Evening: Sleep Chamber C
The carbuncle's big, sad eyes look up at you as you slice it in two. The carbuncle's jewel turns to ash, and the carbuncle dissolves. "Oh noes... my poor, poor, valuable ruby..." Fiend Folio monsters are pretty retarded.

You make a few notes about the map, and head off towards Sleep Chamber C. You go up a lot of stairs, many of which are lined with ornate chrome railings. Finally you come up to an enormous, wide hallway, at the end of which is a large ceramic door covered in more odd metal. Above the door is inscribed 'Sleep Chamber C'. Although there's no obvious way to open the door, there's a small panel by the door with a keypad, a card reader, and some text that reads: Enter P.I.C.

Your move.
Cinder hides in shadows BR:22

...And backstabs the carbunkle.

For 18 damage. Don't know if that kills him right out or not, but I just gotta put a stop to that shit before it gets out of hand. The thing is up to no good.

Now I know the gem crumbles if you try and force it from him, but what about if he just dies outright? If it's there, Cinder will grab it.

BTW, 7 more points at initiative next attack if I didn't drop him already.

Now which way to go...Well, we're wounded, tired, and down on spells. I lead us to Sleep Chamber C (for 'Cinder') to catch some ZZZs. Then tomorrow it's the library bright and early!
  Day 1, Evening: The Carbuncle's Thoughts
The carbuncle says softly: "Hey guys. This place is pretty nice. I bet with a gem like mine you could buy the whollle pllaaaace."
  Day 1, Evening: Terminal V
Previously: Cinder, ring bought. It's not unlimited, it turns out, but it does have 6d4 charges, not bad, go ahead and roll. Each is per the 2nd level Invisibility and can be used innately.

Well, Cinder and Brogg just mop it all up, there's really no more rhymes to say about it. When Carlos L.M. and his two pals die, their bodies dissolve into nothing. The equipment stays behind though: harpoon gun with two harpoons (including one in Renwick), L.M.'s spear, and the other guy's shield and broadsword.

The carbuncle sighs with delight and tags along with you guys.

You head through the forest. It's dark, but you follow a path and light a torch. Lots of forest folk waiting around, trying to catch some sleep.

You then make it into terminal J. The all-hobbit terminal, 'nuff said. Lots of great stuff here, if you're a hobbit, or 'into' hobbits.

Finding a rather small terminal map, you see an exit to terminal V. The terminals have been seeming to get increasingly bizarre the further you get from the food court, and this is no exception. A long hall actually connects terminal J to terminal V. It is completely empty, except for a tall janitor in a jester's outfit asleep at a hall-sweeping mini-zamboni. His stores and the echoes of your footsteps are all that fill the hall as you approach the massive doors labeled simply 'V'.

You are wounded, hungry, and very, very tired.

You pull open the doors, revealing an incredible scene. The doors seemingly open into the insides of a massive sphere. Probably miles in size, made of what seems to be ceramic tiles. Each tile has been hand-painted, about six inches on a side, and there are countless tiles. Each tile is different (depicting here a bird, there a leaf, there an obsessive number of small lines and dots), as though this was a project done in an insane, infinitely big third grade class. Stretching from the door you opened into the middle of the sphere is a long white, gleaming ceramic bridge, which connects to a central sphere, also probably a mile or so in radius, although you really have no idea. It’s just fucking BIG. At the other end of the bridge is another huge set of doors, spotless and gleaming, that are also labeled ‘V’.

You head across the bridge. It’s pretty scary, but hey, you’re dead and you’ve killed a lot of guys, so you pretend you’re really not all that scared.

In through the doors to the new terminal, which seems to be styled as a massive citadel. Rather than the one-tier, radial organization of the other places, there are all sorts of little halls meandering here and there. The place is silent and devoid of people. Finally, after heading up, around, then back down, you come to a lighted terminal map, in inky shades of blue in glass. Sure enough, a library is indicated, but there’s what looks like an LED display giving the time as 12:34 AM, and a little icon says that the library is closed until 9 AM. The only other locations of interest on the map, besides ‘Library’, are ‘Factory’, ‘Antiquities’, and ‘Disposal’. Huge sections of the citadel are given as ‘Sleep Chamber A’, ‘Sleep Chamber B’, ‘Sleep Chamber C’, and ‘Sleep Chamber D’.


Your command, wizzzards?
Oh, BTW, Cinder about cleans out his coffers to sport that ring of invisibily. I mean c'mon. That's a no-brainer.
Cinder chugs his potion of improved invisibility and goes nuts on the lizardman.

Backstabs x3 for 15 on the onhand and 9 on the offhand. That's 24 total.

Sadly, Cinder will not be rhyming this battle as it will give his location away to his enemys.

But as he stabs Carlos he is gonna whisper "Yea. Keep rhymin buddy."

Next round on one of Carlos' buddies if Carlos goes down:

I shit you not, a 20 and 17. That's 2(3x8)=48 points with the onhand and , hmm. Well, 6 more from the offhand. Cinder whispers "Take 54 bitch." As he guts the Lizardman.
So it's me vs. the Lizardmen, eh?

Well, bring it then!

Oh no, Brogg's rollin' solo!
Carlos, I'll be Han, you can be Greedo!
Blogroll's on fire, my sword just can't wait.
Are you AC:5? Cuz, I just rolled an 8.

If you are, then I done hit you again!
Grab yo eraser, an' subtract another 10!
And for yo friends', they ain't outta danger!
C'mon El Greco, represent fo tha Rangers!

Yeah, I'll sell my axe and trident.
I buy a clockwork bird and a Po. of Regeneration.


Are pp 10 gp each? I realized I have 50 pp.
  Day 1, Evening: The Carbuncle's Battle Round II
Brogg, okay, you can sell the +1 axe for 400 gp and the trident for 800 gp. You're welcome to buy other goods at the black market if you'd like.

Back in real time, you slash Carlos L.M. good- he looks pretty hurt. We'll wait for the others to catch up before Carlos and his crew punish you some m...

Oh no, oh hell no
We do this right now!
Don't give a crap bout the DM
When L.M. brings the ow

L1 swings again
This time it's a go
4 hp for the halfbreed
Yo sucka! Uh! Yo!

L2 on the reload
More harpoons in your ass
That's comin' next round
L2 takes a pass

Carlito brings damage
You know what he got
18s all around, you take 12,
That's a lot.
Oh, Fuck off, Carbuncle. This isn't about your precious tumor. -Don't flatter yourself.

Ok, Lizard one, I think you're slackin'
Ya never said who you were attackin'
But, if you drop that mic, I'll pick it up
Blog-rolled a 5, so don't bust a nut.

By now it's my turn, or shall we say round?
Now it's two attacks that be comin down
Down on Carlos, yeah, Mr. LM.
Blog-rolled a 12 and then rolled a 10.

ACs: 1 and 3, just ta let you know.
Is that scalemail or is it xerosis, bro?
Either way I think that I hit.
10 and 12 makes 22 points, bitch!

By the way, I welcome El Greco into the party. I think we could really use his tracking skills now.
When I get the chance, I ask El Greco how Centaurs are with the whole steed thing. I mean, is that cool, or is it demeaning? Is it kinda gay?

Welcome, bro.

Brogg then realizes that he is kind of the anti-chimera guy in the Grisbanic church. Huh.

Are you religious, El Greco?
  Day 1, Evening: The Carbuncle's Battle
Okay Brogg, you buy the crystals. (There's only one set of those.) Here are four 'healthy' slaves, take your pick:

El Greco the centaur (1st level ranger)
Bartleby the bugbear (1st level barbarian)
Slath Slathar the lizard man (1st level fighter)
Raistlin (!) Crenshaw, the human (1st level bard)

Some good choices there I think.

You can't just apply the crystals, now you have to find a magic blacksmith to upgrade your weapon.


Back in real time...

The first lizard man:
Don't call me lizard man one
Got a backstory five pages long
You'll listen up til I done
When I'm done with this song

Here's my shield, my broadsword
And my THACO roll, son.
Uh never you mind, pass the mic
Cause I just rolled a 1.

Lizard man 2:
Uh I'm L-Dogg the gangsta
Rockin a big ass harpoon
Rippin rhymes, robbin banks-ta
Finance this tune.

Load it up and it's hot
I'm the d20 sage
Roll a 12 and I shot
Your retarded mage.

That's 8 point bro, a lot
And you be tied on to my gun
Make a ST check? Or not
An now you can't run

Carlos L.M.:
Get my drink on, a potion
And I heal for six
A free action, in motion
Cause I'm wearin' phat kicks

My keen spear is berserking
Spears gone wild! Out of control!
Rolled another 18, yup!
I said, that's how I roll.

Now your thief takes another
12 hp this time
I fuckin got your mortal coil
Wrapped up in my rhyme.

The carbuncle sighs happily. "Oh noes! You guys really just shouldn't be fighting over my little, very valuable ruby!"
Wow, I get a +1 Crystal and a slave. -I pick a healthy-looking slave.

I'm out of cash.

Will anyone buy my Axe +1 and my Trident +1/+2 vs. Fish?

"Hi, slave! What's your name? My name's Brogg, Holy Warrior of Grisbane. This here is Dave, Fist of..Oh Lizardman!"

I chop Carlos! BR:18. For, 9 points of damage.

Step back gecko, that's Cinda you hittin'
And that ain't lead, but shit you be spittin'
Played by a carbuncle, -Ooh his gem is so nice!
Fool, you only died once, prepare to die twice!

Just a second, slave...
  Day 1, Evening: Introducing Carlos L.M.
Brogg, you buy the backpack of holding. It’s an ‘Eddie Bauer’. Unfortunately, no one really seems to know where the internet café is, when you ask random people. Roll CHA for me.

Cinder, okay, you head into the food court bathrooms. You follow some shady guys into a huge bathroom stall, that opens up into a dark tunnel. They go down some stairs, and into a dimly lit room which seems to be operating as a crazy bazaar. Slaves and artifacts are for sale, for instance. Holding court here and making sure everything goes smooth is the lichlord Balfagor. Here are some example items for sale in your price range you might be interested in:

Scroll of 4 random spells, 2000 gp
Flying carpet, 6000 gp
Ring of invisibility, 4000 gp
Slave, 100 gp
Crystals to forge into a sword to add +1, 3500 gp
Clockwork bird, 400 gp
Iron horse, 700 gp
Poison (adds 1d20 damage for 3 hits), 300 gp
Potion of regeneration (1 hp/round for 1d100 rounds), 600 gp

Buy what you like or talk to whom you like. There’s definitely business deals going on here that seem to involve the entire Hello.

Up in terminal Y, when you get there, Cinder has some words with the carbuncle. The carbuncle just blinks a couple times, and says: “Hey you should probably know my gem is pretty valuable. It’s worth 5000 gp. You might even be able to get ten thou…

I’m Carlos L.M.
Droppin’ beats on the scene
Like I was bombin Baghdad
Gonna wipe the slate clean

Such professional skills
Ain’t neverfore been ob-seen
Cuz Car-los is ‘The Carl’
And L.M.’s ‘Love Machine’

A ruby so red
Like that stuck in yo’ head
Gonna rap these fools dead
Spittin words, I spit lead

Sucka, it’s you that I rule
You shoulda stayed in school, fool
I got the technique and the tool
To get this car-BLING-kule’s jewel!

This gem is truly outrageous!
Like my rhymes are contagious!
And my style courageous!
The carbunkle’s jewel is fantasious!

A lizard man from term Y
You gonna taste all my wrath
My rhymes make you cry
Chain-Rhyming-Bolt like I’m Slath

And now what have we here?
Roll init and I win
So I pull out my spear
And round one just begin.

A gift from the chieftain
And third ed so it’s ‘keen’
Grab a d20 and roll
And I roll an 18.

Cause it’s keen that’s a crit,
Take 10 points as I take control.
Hittin you for the ‘bunkle
Rollin’ 18s? How I roll.

Carlos L.M. the lizard man hits you Cinder with his spear and his lyricism for 10 hp. There are a couple other lizard men here.

(And properly, 'carbuncle' has two c's, no k's. FYI.)
Cinder goes into the bathroom sniffing? Mad fresh rhymes, though.

Hmm. This place is hella confusing. I can't say that I know where to start.

I tell the guys to be careful. -That carbunkle could turn us against one another. I ignore the carbunkle. I pretend that I can't see or hear him.

I buy the bag of holding. That is sweet!

Dude, we need an internet cafe. I start asking people. I ask everyone.

To the carbunkle, "Well, maybe I know, and maybe I don't know how much your gem is worth. I think the real question is how much are these fresh rhymes worth."

Check it.
Check one.

Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!
Slippin, trippin, ma'own death quickened
Step to the other side
now mah limbz is drippin
Still spittin, hittin home runs wit da verb
Any night (always night) you see me down at da curb
Hello Airport! C's arrived from afar, sure!
All other MCs run for gates marked 'DEPARTURE'
First flight outta town cause I rhyme at all costs
Ya know they skillz are like luggage
Bitch, that shit is lost
Now ya steppin tah me wit yo crown fulla ice
And I gots ta admit
Dog, that shit iz nice
You know how ta roll wit yo style on top
But I ain't heard ya spit son,
so let's see whatcha got!

Cinder steps back and lets the carbunkle speak his piece.

Cinder is also gonna sneak into that foodcourt bathroom and try to sniff out some $$$. Hide in Shadows = 07% hells yea. I make an alertness check too.
  Day 1, Evening: A Random Encounter In Terminal Y
Okay Cinder, you buy the second of Freddy 5's magic robes. Cinder, those 'high-end' shops you heard about are apparently in terminals A and Z, unless you consider Footlocker and Make-a-Bear to be high end. If you're interested, though, the leather goods store has some nice stuff. A magic saddle that makes your horse +1 (300 gp). +1 leather (500 gp), and a sweet +2 leather jacket that has a big 'Tasmanian Devil' from Looney Tunes looking all badass in a bandana, kind of boriquo'd out, and in graffiti letters it says "ORIGINAL THUGG" (1500 gp). There's some leather pants of +1 CHA (400 gp), and a backpack of holding (300 gp). And if you roll that way, there's a DeBeers with a magic diamond ring for sale that's guaranteed to sex up any lady you give it to, on sale now for 500 gp.

With your WIS check, you notice a lot of shady people going in and out of the food court bathrooms. Smells like $$$.

The quest for the library carries you back through M, O, H, G, F, then up into terminal Y. Terminal Y becomes a bit odd.

As you walk into the new terminal, there's a large mural painted on the wall of a rainforest, and in big colorful letters, it reads

Save the Rainforest!

But rather suddenly, the terminal itself becomes an enormous rainforest, complete with dripping water, mosquitos, and enormous trees. It's quite dark here. Regardless, there's still a bunch of creatures all hanging out, apparently waiting for their 'flights', or just whatever it is everyone seems to be doing here, or at least waiting for. But instead of undead, or men and elves and stuff, it's a lot of forest creatures, some gorillas, a pack of lizard men, a druid snoozing in the middle of the path.

As you walk through the terminal, trying to stick to the path, looking for one of those information desks, a carbunkle comes up to you. "Hey buddy," it says quietly. "I bet you don't know how much my gem is worth. Well, it's a lot." It looks at you expectantly.
Cinder grabs one'a them +1 robes.

He also wants to check out some of the high-end shops for sweet magic loot. WI:2 to find the good shit.

And to keep it rolling, here are your 8d6:

Cinder is an undead killa. Stone cold.
  Day 1, Evening
Freddy 5 says that he'll tell you something useful for 200... no, 100 gp, just cause you bought something.

Regardless, off to the library. You trek all the way back to terminal G, and then beyond... gimme 8d6, rolled individually, just tell me how many 1s were rolled.
"I think I know what you mean but I kinda like to know what I'm buying and then make a fair offer. Thanks for the Robes though. If you remember anything about Greg Vrill Master of the Potion Guild of Grito and winner of many honorifics let me know I will give you cash if you can tell me where he might be."

I follow the advice of Shi Jukka and try to get to the library.

I ask around about books and try to see if I can find out who the mechanic Vrill has been stufy buddies with might be. Cha roll doh an 18.
  Day 1, Afternoon: Marivhon In The Food Court
At Footlocker, you ask about inter-dimensional shipping. "Sorry buddy," says Ogre Pete (his Footlocker nametag gives his name as 'Ogre Pete'). "You'd think we could do that stuff, but we can't. I guess it's like that saying 'You can't take it with you' or something. But think about it. Guys get resurrected all the time, but when's the last time you saw a guy come back from the dead with a great pair of shoes?" That said, leaving the shop, you do find a FedEx store near the food court.

You buy a +1 Robe of Protection from 'Freddy 5', modron entrepeneur. It's +1 to AC and all saves. "Vrill is this guy's name? Naw, never heard of the guy. At least, you know, my memory ain't so good, buying and selling robes all day, you know, got a lot of coinage on my mind if you know what I mean?" If you know what he means.

No travel maps of the entire airport seem to be available in the food court shopping plaza.

Shi Jukka sits down at a table near some fake palm trees. You look at him, and he looks a bit confused to see you at first, but then seems to recognize you. "Mm. Hello there. My condolences. No, I'm not really dead. Just visiting, I suppose. I have this ar... well, never mind that. Actually, yes, I am on a quest. You know terminal P, the Fire Elementals' Graveyard? Well, being the Master of Fire, I'm here attempting to obtain the Fire Grail from this one elemental's crypt." Shi seems to sigh. "Also looking for some dead friends of mine, from before. But that's incidental to the matter at hand... most people in my line of work don't end up here."

"The MoP." Shi shakes his head. "To tell the truth, Marivhon, I'm not really so much with the Monks anymore. It's just... hmm. It's complicated. I'm not sure that the Monks' strategy is going to be a successful one." You press more about what Shi means. "Well, Durth is isolating itself, and built a big wall. But Greyhelm, it was surrounded by a wall in the first place, and the Knights just cut through all defenses without too much trouble. And not curing disease and blindness, purifying water... running a city on right living and positive thinking turns out to be harder than you might have hoped. So instead of writing a goddamned best-seller, I'm trying to obtain the Heat Grail, Fire Grail, whatever."

You tell Jukka about the module you're currently on. "Hmm. Tough break. No, I don't anything about this Vrill guy... not much one for 'blogs' I suppose. I can tell you this though. Yeah, this place is all a little crazy. Not much sense, and on occasion, the terminals themselves move and rearrange, although that doesn't happen all that often. But there are two main terminal sets, the A set and the Z set, and they aren't connected. You have to take one of those ships or transports, whatever they are. One of them is down there, other side of the food court, through the handicapped bathroom of all places, don't ask me. Yeah, really, I know, it makes no sense. But it sounds like you want to turn around, and head all the way down to terminal Y, and go from there."

"Hey, one last thing. You want terminal B? Right, 'under construction', here's the deal. When the Gods themselves are constructing something it's really bad news. That phrase is generally key for 'holy war', and it's a pocket dimension where anything goes. Ever been to Limbo or the Abyss? Kind of like that." Shi goes silent for a minute and eats a fried shrimp. "Tell you what, Marivhon. Do something for me, and I'll help you out. If you're heading down to terminal Y environs, head on to J and then to the library in V. If you can get me this book called Uncle Yueh's Basement Science, I'll give you some of my memory salve. Keep you from losing it if you think you'll be down here a full week. In any case, if you need more memory salve, you can always get it from the temple in terminal A. If you get the book, just leave it at the lost and found office in terminal O. Thanks, and good luck... I'll be around terminals O and P if you feel like dropping by, although I'll warn you- terminal P sucks, in a word. Come prepared for combat. Hey, nice robe." With that, Shi eats his fortune cookie, and laughs. He bows, takes his tray, and heads off.

The fortune falls off the tray and onto the table as Shi takes his leave. It reads:

When hermit crab want new shell, is when he is most vulnerable. The safe crab is the crab who is content with his shell of the right size. Today, a rain cloud. Tomorrow, rain.
Your lucky numbers are: (illegible)
Descent into Depths is an old school 1st Edition AD&D adventure run by the Infinity Group.

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