How the fuck are we on round four?

Never mind.
I magic missile round two for 10+3=13

I'll huck some darts for rounds 3 and 4.

Br. 12 and 3 probably doesn't make it.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Saves? 8 and 14 - makes 'em both.

Two more rounds of clobbering? BR 1 and 14. (Save for the fumble - BR 10 makes it.)

On the hit - BR 6 for 10 points.

Aid acts like a CLW + Bless, so just +1 to hit and damage, I think. I drink a potion for (BR 6) 7 hp back.

There we go - all caught up! Next rounds' attacks: BR 3 and 16 - on the hit (in round 6, if it gets there) BR 5 for 9 more points damage. Oh - and the ghoul master's AC is one less than it was before. Ha!

My mace sings loudly
The ghoul master eats my face
You motherfucker

My next NWP will be in haiku - truly, the most exquisite form of poetry.
missed wis with a 10.
  That'll Solve That One Alright
Okay Marivhon, more damage done. WI checks guys.

Tut, okay, just be a berserker with weapon specialization. That'll solve that.
In round 4 I attack some more. Miss and a hit on ac 5 for 14 hps.
Round 5 will be a mild round with a hit on ac 12.
  The Ghoulmaster Is Pretty Butch
Dave FoO, we're on round 3, and I'm going to need saves for you for each round. You've got one so far. Aid in effect, plus damage done from you and Schmek. Turning is no good, but the Aid goes off.

Guys, we're actually moving into round 4. So tally up the rolls and post updates. Dave FoO, two more saves only, as GM misses you into the third round, unless you're paralyzed, in which case it's automatic damage. I'm happy to roll, but your paralysis affects only you anyway. Aid *might* give a +1 to the save, I don't remember the mechanics there.

Anyway, you take a total of 15 hp, 21 hp if you get paralyzed. Sorry, Amouran doesn't deduct from the floor-falling dmg. That puts you at either 14 or 20 hp left...

Tut, by the way, berserkers can't spec. (Don't remember if I posted that already or not, maybe in Table Talk?) Also, yeah, blogroll won't catch it if you click twice quickly, it'll look like you rolled the same thing twice, but you didn't. The better glitch is when it starts *cumulating* your rolls, so that if you roll a d20, then again, then again, you can sometimes roll a 46. Or a 53. Etc.
If this melee goes on two more rounds, I miss with a 10 and then I lay the smack down with a 20. Thats 10 points of frosty cool damage.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Oops - I mean, BR 14, for 7 points of damage - if I get the Aid off.

You know. So - am I lying on the floor, with a ghoul on my face? Is that what's what here? Damn. Hey - don't forget, my armor absorbs the first hp from an attacker. Does the floor count as an attacker in this case?

Oh - and here's a save: BR 12. That makes it, unless I'm saving against Dragon Breath.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
I turn this face-eating bitch. If that doesn't work, I cast Aid on myself, and then smack it around. BR 5 for the aid for 7hp back, BR 13 for the clobber, with a BR 3 for 6 points.

Feh. I really, really hate the face-eating ghoulies.
  Eat Your Face
Waiting on Dave FoO to post in. Renwick, okay, dmg done. The ghoulmaster is just eating Dave FoO's face until further notice.
um... yeah... the next two rounds, I just swing my cleaver around in the air. I didn't really want to hit him at all. Rolled a 3 and an 11. The 11 gets me close - so maybe his wild gray hair shifts in the wind as my cleaver wooshes by his head.

"hold still you little regenerating bastard!"

sorry all.
On to Magic Missile number four Br 6+3=9.

One more magic missile and were on to lightning bolts.

I wish I hadn't memorized sleep.

Wisdom check doen't make it.

Goul Masters can't be turned. Thats my bet at least.
round 3 will be an attack!

I miss :(
  Regeneration Is A Standard, Cheesy DM Trick
Okay Marivhon, you leap down and do some damage. Yes, the ghoulmaster is AC:5, but just so everyone knows, you need magic weapons to do damage. I think that's not a problem as everyone has stuff now, except maybe for Tut.

Moth, damage dealt. The ghoulmaster grunts in pain and decides to take it out on Dave FoO's face.

On a WI check, you'll notice that the ghoulmaster is regenerating!
I run to the edge of the balcony and cast Magic Missile on the Ghoul. BR 3+1= 4 damage to his unholiness.

Round 2: 'nother MM. BR 3+1= 4 damage.
Screw him. I attack him in round one as I jump over the balcony with them, I'm a monk and don't mind falling.

BR hits ac 1 for 10 hps

2nd round hits ac 5 for 5 pts and a miss.
  Fight The Ghoul Master
The only person in the fight right now is Dave FoO, who may be a meal in a few rounds. Schmektor, you run back down the stairs and get a hit in, round 2. Renwick blasts in round 1. Nothing particularly golem-like about this guy, by the way Schmektor.

Waiting for command input.
I back away form the fight while casting Magic Missile for 13pts.
"Take that!"

BR 17 for.. DOH! only 3 points of damage to that stringy little golem wannabe.
Up to the balcony you go. Pushing open the double doors reveals a large sitting room, that was once well-furnished before being completely ravaged. You assume the ravaging was done by the man-creature huddled in the corner.

He/it stands when the door opens. It's a man once dressed in fine clothes, reduced to rags. Wild grey hair, horrible, bloodshot eyes, and thin as hell, so thin in fact there are holes in his body, where you can see dried bones jutting out or even see right through him.

"So hungry..." he hisses, and before you know it... (blogrolling), Dave FoO, he's sprinted across the room, leapt on your shoulders, and from the force of the blow, pushed the both of you off the balcony back onto the ballroom floor.

Dave FoO, you take 5 hp from the fall, and now this crazy ghoul master is scrambling to get your helmet off and eat your brain. You take another 6 hp dmg from the guy's talons in your neck. Make a save vs. paralyzation.

I'm sneaking made move silent failed hide by 8
Okay, in the interest of pushing things along, a combination of relentless Turning and THACO rolls, you dispatch the remaining ghouls.

Schmek, sorry, things get sorta hectic. 4th level noted; as a Fighter, you get one weapon prof every two levels... you start with 4 at 1st, gain another at 3rd, another at 5th, etc. Spec is just as in Unearthed Arcana... one extra weapon prof (for fighters and rangers only) gives you spec, +1 to hit, +2 dmg, 3/2 attacks. A third weapon prof in the same weapon gives you double spec... +3/+3 hit/dmg.

Moth, NWPs good.

Okay, you guys want to go up. To the Kitchens or the balcony?
Hmm, I didn't choose NWPs either... Cobbling and Knowledge (World History). I'll make my own damn shoes, in the style of some long forgotten empire. It'll be great.

I'll take another swing at the ghouls. BR 4. 3 damage.
"lets take care of these ghouls so they don't skullfuck us later."
"everyone together"
BR hit ac 7 for 10hp
Saves 5 and 2, great this again.
Rob- see post at 11:58am on 7-25. I used credits to special train to 4th. I rolled HP, but I never did get around to picking an NWP. If its cool, I'll do so now.

Also, remind me how weapon proficiencies work. At one point we did some homegrown specialization rules... whats the scoop there?

I am game for continuing onward and upward. "bring it on massshhhter"
  Dave, Fist of Odin
CLW on Tut, for (BR3) 4 points back. There you go - now take it easy on that knee for a couple of days, and drink a lot of water. Hey Tut - what kinda homey are you? You fight all crazy and shit, and I don't see you casting any spells - some sort of fighter, or fighter subtype? Some of those subtypes get better hit dice. You know what I'm saying?

So these undead fuckers all have speech impediments of some sort. You notice that? I don't remember slurring or stuttering when I was a fucked up zombie, but maybe that's just the halcyon days of yore. Yes, that's right, I used the word 'halcyon' correctly in a sentence. It doesn't mean I'm going soft, or like the jacking-a-guy-in-the-face-just-to-watch-him-fall any less - I'm expanding my horizons here, you know what I mean?

I got this 'word of the day' ale that I've been enjoying, is how. Thanks for asking.

Hey - I'm only down two 1st circles, and I'm unwounded - charging upstairs to the 'massshhter' works for me, but I'm open to a day of drinking and whoring, too.

Oh. I mean 'resting', of course.
  Tut Remains Class-less
Okay Renwick and Tut smack some gnouls around, and the combat comes to a close when Dave FoO turns the 3 other gnouls. There we go. Marivhon, the paralysis wears off and you come to. Dave FoO probably cures you as you were the most damaged. Sorry guys, forgot to post gnoul ACs, but you guys are doing a good job of rolling THACO and dmg together just in case you hit.

Marivhon, from the potion Schmek gave you and from the CLW, you're up to 18 hp. Tut can probably use a Cure too. Schmek, you could train to 4th, but I don't recall seeing your post where you actually DID train to 4th. We can 'retcon' it, but you still gotta officially sign off on, it, pick your NWP, and pay the $$$ (600 gp, which we can just deduct from the mini-Greyhelm bank credit you have).


The gnouls are in the corner, muttering something about the "massshter upshtaaairs... blood for the massshter". The scorpion construct remains motionless, letting out a bit of steam from the gouges in the carapace.

The Ballroom is quite dark. You add another light source, sending the gnouls scattering into a corner. A double doors leads to a servant's hall, heading up to the Level 2, the Kitchens. A more elegant stairway leads up to a balcony with a pair of double doors presumably leading to a sitting room above the ballroom itself. You can always wimp out, head back down and heal.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
What? Where am I? Ghouls?

Fuck. I turn 'em.

Then I take a round and figure out where I am.

Then I CLW anyone who needs it - who's worst off?
uh... yeah... so I misread the reference table... instead of being paralyzed, HA HA!!! I attack with a BR 6 and a 15... pretty sure thats a miss and a hit on the little bastard Gnoul that bit me for 7 (6 +1) points of damage.

-Thanks for the nudge Marivhon-
I put on the hat of evolution.

I attack one of the ghouls again. BR 8. 7 damage if that hits.

I give Renwick his books back after the battle.
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