just says opponent.
BR 3 for rounds on the stun. heh.
BR for third free round 12. 3 free shots and probably 3 misses. overall 3,11,12. if somehow the 12 hits. damage 2.
"Fucking quit wobbling you fucking fuck Nar-Donkey."
  1d6 Fucking Rounds
You gotta be kidding. Hey, check the monk rules. Can stun be only on humanoid creatures? If so, get ready for some Andicorn loving. If not, well, what are you waiting for? Roll yer d6 and be done with it.

Although with the way you guys are rolling, Andicorn might just take a nap for the hell of it.
For my free round BR 3 whiff.
for my next round BR 11 whaff.
Stun is d6 rounds. hey I'm a monk it's all I got.
Cinder yells "Nice donkey-punch Marivhon!!"

With the whole party on Andicorn and him attacking Brogg and Dave, Cinder moves behind and attacks the back.

BR: 5 +2 from behind +1 for sword = miss.
BR: 3 +2 from behind +1 for sword = miss.

I missed twice on a stunned unicorn. I missed twice...on a stunned unicorn. Stunned. Frankly, Cinder is stunned.

Cinder infoms Brogg that he would gladly give him a healing potion, but he drank them all. "I had a mighty thirst my friend!"

Cinder's really not helpin anybody this round if you think about it.

Here is Cinder's roll for next round though:

19 modified should hit for 6 damage.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Oh - and right now, 4 of my HP are from CN, which is gonna vanish pretty soon here. As soon as things settle down I bust my last cure light on myself - and the casue light on Mike, our Zombie Friend.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Whammo, Andricorn!

Oops, I mean - with a 4. That hits AC 10. Do I hit? (dam 10 if I do...)

Then some other BRs. I'll add my mods (+4/+8) - my base THACO is 18.

to hit Damage
23 13
19 11
7 10
20 12

That should hold until I quit the lag.
  Andicorn Kills Cinder!
Alright, fine, Dave, your healing potions are maybe like a day or two over their expiration date. You're healed for 8. Brogg and Dave, you guys smack Andicorn silly, although he's still in the running, and looking better than most of you.

Marivhon... see, this blogroll thing IS biased! So many more 20s than 1s, it's unusual. I bet someday soon you'll be rolling like 28s also. (See a post a couple months ago where I rolled a 34 on blogroll to hit.) Anyway, fine, you smack Andicorn even sillier, and he's stunned. Nice work. Stunned does NOT mean out for the count and you can just coup him... It just means you guys get a free round on him.

Do your worst!

(And I'm just kidding about that killing Cinder thing.)
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Actually, I had 2 healing potions - they just don't show on my sheet.

I down one - BR7, so +8 hp.

Then, to the clobbering: BR 19. Heh, I say, but a little weakly.

Damage BR 5, +8 so 13. Feel Odin's clobbery wrath, bitch!

I suspect that I'm about to not feel so good.
BR 20! bare handed. again don't know his ac but if it's 15 he's stunned I'll quit saying that eventually. Damage 2 doubled is $4 less for Andicorn.
"I really thought you guys would have killed him by now, he doesn't look that tough. Basically a Donkey with a gay horn right?"
Oh hell, I am staying with it. Grisbane has called upon me! Who am I to put my own personal safety before of the Half-Breed on High?!

Besides, it's my two attack round. BRs:2,14. That's AC:2 for the 14. for 9 points of damage! Cinder, a healing potion would be great... I mean really, really great.

Down with Andicorn, King of Horned Asses!
  Well? Can You?
Okay, we don't need a long battle list now that it's just y'all vs. Andicorn. Truly this has been an epic battle. Carl Ffleudenssen wishes he was here to document it for all eternity in the gracious language of poetry.

We'll start with Dave, because he really was skipped last round if you'll read the posts. Dave, you smack Andicorn good. You knock out a tooth. Andicorn looks down and puts a hoof to his lip, seeing it broken and bleeding. He looks at you and nods evilly, with a look of respect, as if to say "Hmm, you have pierced my defenses and made me bleed. Congratulations warrior. I welcome this challenge, and you have earned a proper burial when I kill you all."

Dave, you then down that healing potion, bumping you back to 14 hp. You're going to need it. Then again, did you have a healing potion on your character sheet? And why did it only do 1d8+1? Healing potions do 1d8+2.

Brogg and Marivhon, you guys miss it up. Andicorn doesn't even notice your existence, brushing you aside with his majestic tail as if you were flies. He then BREAKS INITIATIVE ROTATION TO STRIKE EARLY! (Or, uh, completely coincidentally, just before Cinder.) Dave, he charges you for double damage, a whopping 12 hp! You're back down to 2 hp!!!!!!!

Mike the zombie, hands shaking, tries in vain to hit the Unicorn King, but sends a bolt flying into the cavern wall. "Daaaaaamn" he groans.

Everybody go... Can you defeat the Unicorn King?
  Dave, Fist of Odin
No smack talk this time. Just a smack DOWN! HA!

BR: 16 to hit. That hits AC 0, I believe.

BR: 5 for damage. With all my mods, that's really a 13 damage.


Oh - I also drink a healing potion. BR 6, so 7 hp back. Yum! I gotta save my lat heal for just before the CN bonus goes away...
Hey Cinder, buddy, got another of those Healing Potions? My intestines keep oozing out through this hole here.

If Cinder does loan me a Potion, then I swig it and swing on Andicorn. If Cinder doesn't understand the spirit of Christmas, then I step my wounded self back and shoot Andicorn with my crossbow. Either way, BR:2 to hit, so I don't think that it matters too much.

BTW, check the Table Talk for information concerning "Brogg turns NPC".
I jog into the room. roll a 9 to spot anything and say incredulously

"You guys are still fighting that thing".

I drop my staff and pixie traveling companion. Tumble past Mike the zombie. "Hey I brought you a new friend." BR 3 to hit Andicorn.
  This Wast Thou Noblest Romeo Of Them All
No, Cinder, no one's going twice. You just haven't been logging in frequently enough. Actually, I've been spelling out combat just as clearly as possible each round, and assuming what you're doing. But okay, okay, seems the clarity of combat has been distracting to some of you players lately. Anyway, as you'll see, you missed anyway last round, and if you want to blogroll 12 and miss with that instead, tres bien.

Back in it.

Brogg: critical fumble is not so good against Romeo the Unicorn. He knocks you to the ground and hoof-smacks you for 5 hp.
Cinder: so this round, you got 17, and sure enough that hits. While Romeo is stomping on Brogg's sternum, you crawl underneath him and disembowel him. Unicorn innards spill all over you, and then Romeo falls over, defeated at last! You drink a potion and heal almost to full.
Dave: waiting on... I'll let you guys roll for yourselves vs. Andicorn the King.
Marivhon: with the pixie defeated, you grab his small body and little weapon and return up the ramp to the combat. Roll WI to find something 'odd' on your way up if you wanna. And you're in melee next round if you wanna.

Andicorn: pierces Dave's magic platemail for another 8 hp with a super horn attack. Hate is in his eyes after you guys just slaughtered all his unicorn pals.

Mike: shoots Andicorn for 2 hp! Mike pumps his fist, it's a good day for zombies.

Brogg: 2/21. Looking bad there buddy. Another Andicorn attack may finish you!
Cinder: 20/21. Nice job!
Dave: 7/28. Been better.
Marivhon: 6/7.
Mike: 5/13.
Hey, Romeo went twice. Screw that!

Here's this round and last round on Romeo (and if you don't like that, look at it this way. It's this round and next round which Romeo has to skip since his last post was two days ago).

BR:12 and 17.

The 17 does 6 points of damage, + any poison that might still be on my blade.

"C'mon bitch, bring it!"

And since it's now Gospel that we can drink potions as a free action...Cinder slams a Healekin for 13.
Alright! Guess I made that dex check.
I grab the Pixie shove my staff under his Lederhosen and lift him up like a travel sack. in my other hand I grab his mini pitch fork. I run move 15 to where the rest of the Party is. I will try to keep a sharp eye out for anything "odd".
Where art thou Romeo?

I'll tell you where: AT THE BUSINESS END OF MY BROADSWORD! BR's:6,1. Oh crap.

Twice the attacks means twice the fumbles...
  I Cast "Wall of Unicorns"
Brogg: You grab U11 and make him say his name. "Gr... Grover! My name is Grover!" You then grin evilly, pulling his head back and slowly slitting his throat. Hot horse blood covers your sword and gauntlets.
Cinder: Still incommunicado. Cinder will miss for his round.
Dave: You smash U12. Right then, you see a little nametag fall off his body. "Hello my name is: ODIN". It reads. A horrible thought goes through your mind... is this an omen? You shake it off and get back to battle...

Andicorn: Dave, the majestic Unicorn King spears you for 8 hp! His golden horn is red with human blood, some of which drips down into his mouth. The Unicorn King grins as he tastes your life's blood.
Romeo: launches his horn at you Brogg... the steel-tipped projectile rips through your shoulder for 6 hp!

Zombie Mike: hits Romeo for a whopping 1 hp.

Battle of the little guys: Marivhon, you kick too high and the pixie flies under your leg. You down the healing potion, healing you to full, but the pixie flies behind you and pierces your neck with his mini-pitchfork for 1 hp! Ouch! You then leap into the air and do a backflip, landing on a crystal pillar balancing on one foot, do a front flip onto another pillar, balancing on one hand, kick downwards, sending the pixie hurtling towards the rock cavern floor, where he SPLATS. The pixie crystal farmer is no more.

You know, this ledge you're all standing on is gross with unicorn carcasses and gore. It's pretty nasty.

HP roundup:
Brogg: 7/21
Cinder: 7/21
Dave: 15/28
Marivhon: 6/7
Mike: 5/13
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Grind, grind, grind...

I'm still gunning for Andricorn - and there's few and fewer interposers. Ha! Here it comes . . .

BR 13, +1 for Aid, +3 for ST, so hits AC 1. Double ha!

BR 1, so back to the single ha!, but then+1 for mace, +1 for clobbering, +6 for ST, so 8. Well, back to the double ha!
Ok thanks.

I will now drink that heal potion and I will attack.
"you hear that little pixie thats Brogg the Champion of Grisbane killing the King of Abominations."
BR 7 to hit. hrm
next round BR 20! to Hit damage 3 double 6 nice. if thats 5 over needed he's stunned too.
Unicorn #11?! What's your name, Byatch?!

Looks like you lost your shoe, you clumsy donkey! BR:4 uh, oh yeah. Well, for my round, I am going for Unicorn #11. BR:17! Hah! 7 points of damage #11. Take that!

Hey, where's Marivhon?
  It's Like Equus
Back in rotation. So, none of you can still hit Andicorn, as his unicorn sycophants are still leaping in the way of your whirling blades. And Brogg, we've never played with the 3/2 is only on the same opponent, maybe back in middle school? It might not be 1E canon, but neither is drinking potions as free actions, and both changes generally make combat a bit more exciting and faster, damn it, so let's do it. Let's do it!

Abby: l'usual.
Brogg: chop chop on Pebbles, Unicorn 9. You grab her horn to hold her head steady and saw through her neck with your broadsword.
Cinder: Nice work, you can hit Romeo. Okay, healing potion drank, Romeo hit. You're unsure as to whether or not he made his save, but he pukes on your armor and readies his horn...
Dave: Nope, can't hit Andicorn yet, but your mighty swing DISINTEGRATES Mephisto the Fair, aka Unicorn 10.

King of Unicorns: Dave, Andicorn brings the pain for 6 more hp, missing with a horn but stomping on your foot REAL HARD like, probably breaking it with a mighty hoof.
Romeo (wounded): Cinder, Romeo takes two steps back from you, and looks at you with hellfire in his eyes. He lowers his head, never breaking his gaze from you, and launches his steel-tipped horn into your gut! You take 10 hp, and then the horn flies back onto his head, preparing for the next assault!
Unicorn 11: tink against your armor Dave.
Unicorn 12: uh, critical fumble on Brogg...

Zombie Mike: twang miss.

As for monk vs. pixie... Okay, sorry Mar, I guess I really didn't understand your previous post. You were like making WI checks to drink this or that potion, running away but staying to fight, etc... I guess you're staying to fight, and the pixie's more than happy to rumble. He takes that fumble, and sticks ya for 1 more hp! Right in the nose. He misses you for his round because you're invisible from the potion. You then smack him for 2 hp and become visible again, because you know, that's how those potions work. He then suplexs you for another 1 hp. Your move.

Brogg: 13/21
Cinder: 7/21
Dave: 23/28
Marivhon: 4/7
Mike: 5/13
Brogg and Dave seem to be doing a good enough job cutting a path to Andicorn, so... Cinder weaves through the combat towards Romeo like mead through a dwarf, quaffing a potion of extra healing along the way. Heal for 2d8+4 = ...8

When he gets to Romeo, he's gonna stick 'em with his poisoned blade.
BR:19! Cinder goes "YESSSS!!"

Damage is 8+1= 9. And if that wasn't bad enough, Romeo is gonna have to make a save at -3 vs. poison or take 7 more.
Chop, chop, chop! Actually, I had the strange idea that it had to be against the same opponent to get multiple attacks, not so.

Alright, Andicorn, BRs:7,18,16. That's AC:9,-2, and 0! I assume the last two hit Andicorn, or whichever secret service agent takes the blade. 9 and 7 points of damage, respectively.

By the Will of Grisbane, this Unicorn Plague shall be undone!
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Oh hey - and how's my bobcat buddy doing? I didn't see that he was dispelled yet - both badgers, but not the bobcat, right? I worry about him. He's been under a lot of stress lately, with the craziness and the flying and the unicorns and all.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Oh, there's a smackdown coming, Andricorn. Your days of terrorizing the good people are over, and shit.

Actually, I don't care if you've been doing any terrorizing or not. I just love the clobbering, and you've got my apple.

Oh wait - I'm sorry - you've got TWENTY of my apples. That's right, bitch, taste the double damage! Which is . . . BR 4, +1 for the mace, +6 for ST, +1 for Clobbering . . . umm, carry the one . . .

No no, it's 12. Doubled to 24 points of pain, wrapped up nicely in my mace and delivered personally to your head. Ha!
if I hit with the 17 its 2 points of damage.
hrm, actually thats not at all what I did. I critical fumbled in there too or are we not playing with that. then I had some other stuff I wanted to do. let me know how it worked out. if I am invisible and feeling sneaky I wanted to try and hit the little fucker I only drink the heal potion if I get hit again. not before. so I still have the heal and am invisible and if the pixie doesn't want to take the fumble on me then I attack again open handed. 17 hit ac 3 if thats 5 over needed - dex if he can't see me that might stuff the little punk in a bag. please inform me how it goes.
  Reap The Unicorn Whirlwind

Brogg, did you forget that you're 3/2 attacks now? Or aren't you using your broadsword for some reason? Don't say I never did anything for ya. Last round should've been a two attack round, next round will be too. So next round, just roll three times.

Marivhon, okay, in a panic you drink both potions and flee. You heal that 1 hp of damage and turn invisible and run away like a little girl from the 12" pixie, who yells "Yeah bitch! That's what I thought! Tell your mama I'll be at the back door tonight!". You'll be up the ramp and into the unicorn fracas next round.

Abby: Blinks furiously at a unicorn.

Brogg: actually, AC7 hits a bulk-rate unicorn.

Cinder: I'll just roll, and help you along. You and Brogg tag-team U8, put a silver coin in his mouth, and send him to Hades.

Dave: Aid + Potion makes you a super warrior. Yeah, by 1E rules your ST is 19 now. The two Aids don't stack for the blesses though. I'll let you worry about all your adds.

King of Unicorns: Dave, you get horned for 5 hp. -2 for armor soak is 3 hp dmg total.

Romeo: Cinder, crossbow bolt for 4.

U9: Dave, miss.

U10: Brogg, hit for 3.

U11: Cinder, hit for 2 hp.

U12: Brogg, miss.

Zombie Mike: crossbow bolt miss.

HP update.

Brogg: 13/21

Cinder: 9/21

Dave: 29/28

Marivhon: 7/7

Mike: 5/13

This is like a unicorn harvest! I keep swinging! BR:9. Hmm, that's AC:7. I think it's a whiff.

Andicorn, your plague on the DMC will soon be at an end!
"hey I'm a fucking monk you little pissie." Roll to hit open hand hoping to stun. uh hrm blog roll 1. I believe I can take a free action here so I drink the potion Cinder gave me first. Wis check 20. ironic. evens its a heal odds invisibility. odds I drink the potion of Invisibility, and start heading back to the party next round, move 15. I don't know if i'd know im invisible so if the pixie hits me I drink the other potion too when I get a chance. maybe now those ms 12 and HS 7 will count I rolled from before and I can get the little guy with no dex as I run back to the party.

If I HAVE to fight BR 7 to hit. BTW is there anything near the waterfall that looks all altery or anything. Any magic swords laying around etc.

If the pixie and I are toe to toe which I am doing everything in my power to avoid I mention to the pixie "those are my friends up there killing Andicorn the Abomination, if you value you life run from Brogg the Champion of Grisbane." Cha BR 1!

that should cover most actions I could take.
  Dave, fist of Odin
GodDAM that Andricon, dispelling my summoned buddies! Next round I pop an Aid on myself and drink my Blitzkreig potion. Then, I go after Andricorn, and really, all I want is to hear him in pain before he dies.

If that's wrong, I don't want to be right.

BR for Aid: 4, so 6 temp hp and a bless.
BR for CN: 2, so CN goes up to 17 for another 4 hp.
BR for ST: 4, so ST goes up to 19, I think, unless we've got the % shit kicking. I don't know what mods that gives me. +1 to hit +2 damage for ST 18? +1/+3 for 18/01? +3/+6 for 19?
BR for DX: 4, so DX goes to 5. Umm, I think that's an AC penalty of 2, right? So my new AC is 3.

And then, like I said, the clobbering on Andricorn. What's his AC? There might be some interposing going on; but fuck, I've got a certain narrowness of focus when it comes to the clobbering, you know?

If I get lagged, my next to hit roll is 15, which hits at least AC 1. Damage? Why, it's BR 5+1 = 6, + ST bonus. Let me know.
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