Dave, Fist of Odin
Allow me to concurr with my companion Mr. Brogg. BR 12 hits AC 5, and Mr. Zombie, that indicates that you owe us 7 hp. Please remit this fee at once. Love, Dave, Fist of Odin.

Perhaps that's mixed messages, though. Let me revise that to 'Sincerly' instead of 'Love' - 'cuz I'm sincere about the clobbering.
Alright Zombie, here is your ticket, BR:7. That hits AC:6. Are you AC:6 Mr. Zombie? Well, if you are, please subtract 10 hit points from you character sheet.
Swing and a miss. I drink potion I get back 3 putting me at 10.
  Sting Like A Butterfly, Float Like A Bee
Whoa dudes, that's an assload of damage. BZ recoils from your collective onslaught, but he's still a contender.

Sort of. Dave FoO, miss with zombie smash. Next round up.

Gregolas yells "Shit yeah! Keep 'em on the ropes!" No one knows what he's talking about.
"Looks likes somebody's got brain on the brain" Cinder jokes as he slashes at the zombie twice.

miss miss.

Next round:

Hit and double for a total of 11 points of damage.

Alright, Chez Zombie, enjoy my two-attack round!

BRs:4,12. That 12 hits AC:2. 9 Points of damage.
I fire off my last magic missile for 3pts.

Hoody hoo!
Zombie gets hit with 16 BR for 11 pts of damage.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
How we doin? Everyone all right? Let me know.

I bust a clobber on the meat puppet. BR 12, hits AC 5. Damage? Why, 8 points of BR power. Hee-wack!

And if the Zombie's wearing armor, it has to save.
  The Death Of Skeletor
Cinder, Skeletor takes your critical fumble and does you for 9 hp. You then smack him in the femur and he collapses in a pile of bones.

You know what? Fuck this.

BR to hide in shadows = 05%

Cinder backstabs Skeletor. Yes, Cinder is aware that you can't backstab undead. This is purely for style, cause that's just the way Cinder rolls. And by the way, for what it's worth, he's attacking with the flat of his blade.

One hit for 4 points of damage. From behind.

Let's do next round while we're at it.
BR:1 and BR:20


Well my offhand does 8 points of damage.
  You Know He's Pretty Proud Of That Special Defense
Okay, Renwick, Brogg, and Cinder keep the hurt on. Brogg and Cinder, you rolled a lot of damage, but Skeletor laughs and says "Ha ha ha!"

(Hmm. Sorry, I guess that's sort of redundant. Let's try again.)

Okay, Renwick, Brogg, and Cinder keep the hurt on. Brogg and Cinder, you rolled a lot of damage, but Skeletor laughs and says "Fools! Skeletons take 1/2 dmg from edged weapons! But fleshy mortals take full!"

Bobcat enters, does 6 hp, eats Big Z's attacks, dies, goes to bobcat heaven. It's A Wonderful Life.

Dave FoO, scythed for 11. Marivhon on the critical fumble, scythed for 10.


Brogg: 16/27

Cinder: 15/26

Dave FoO: 19/39

Marivhon: 7/17

Mike 1k: -3/17

Renwick: 5/9

I just hope that suplex was the result of two d20s...

Anyhow thanks, Dave, Fist of Odin.

Skeletor tastes the Wrath of Grisbane! BR:15. Indeed, 12 points of Wrath!
"Yessss! I will ruin you theeef-mann!"

"Theeef-mann?" Annunciate bitch.

Two attacks on you for bad grammar and a healing potion for me. Healed for 7 and...

Ha! BR 19 and 18. That's a total of 13 points of damage on Skeletor.

As Cinder slashes into the skeleton with both blades he grins and remarks casually "No bones about it. That's gotta hurt."
  Marivhon must achive balance.
lets say rob has already counted my 2 rounds where I missed a lot and try again. MOTHrapUCKER! Critical fumble. Sweet. Let me know when to try again. For the record Renwicks other character in Daves game just got 8th level, and Renwick does do more damage then that 8th level character.
I magic missile the skeleton again for 3 pts.

Renwick dishes out as much damage a round at 2nd lvl as my 6th lvl thief does in Daves game.
  He Has A Long-Term Plan To Crush Your Spirit
Okay DFoO, way to be a team playa. Brogg, you're back up in the game.

Cinder, Skeletor scythes you for 10 on the critical fumble. He puts his head back laughing and yells "Yessss! I will ruin you theeef-mann!"

Hey, it's not just viewers that seem to have lost that Jan momentum... C'mon and finish this up!
  Dave, Fist of Odin
I bust a cure on Brogg. 7hp back - he's at the big zero. I also pour a potion down his throat - 16 points back from that bad boy. Now get back in there, tiger!

Next round brings a bobcat, falling from the skies. Let's see how boner and the meat puppet like that shit, yo!
Looking over at Brogg, "Damn, yo."

Two attacks on Boner. Uh, one hit for 6 and a critical fumble

  A Devastating Wrestling Move
Alright Brogg and Renwick, you guys pick up the slack and do some more damage. Big Skeleton is still rockin' though.

Dave FoO, heals go off.

Gregolas is like "dude, I just told you, no more spellage on this front. But I'll bring the flaming oil! This is all like weirdly familiar to me, yo." Gregolas throws a flask of flaming oil way off into the corner. You get the feeling someone may have been picked last in gym class.

Skeleton and Zombie tagteam on Brogg! They suplex you for 27 hp. Oof.

Brogg: -7/27
Cinder: 18/26
Dave FoO: 30/39
Marivhon: 17/17
Mike 1k: -3/17
Renwick: 5/9
  Dave, Fist of Odin
I bust an Aid on Brogg, for 7+2 to 9hp back. There you go buddy - the plus one's on the house. I also drink a potion, 2d8+5 for 12 points back to me.

Next round? Why - an Aid on Cinder, for 8hp back. With me, there's the plus one to hit! And then another d8+1 potion, for 5 points back for me.

Then we'll see what's shaking. Maybe a bear? Maybe another heal? Maybe some clobbering? It's really hard to say.
I attack the BS (big skeleton) I get a 6 does that hit!? Next round 2 attacks. If the 6 hit then my 8 and 7 do as well!! Maybe later.
I magic missile the big skeleton again for three points of damage.
Hit the guy that misses, huh?

Alright Bone Byatch, taste the wrath of my two-attack round!

BRs:8,6. Well, the 8 is a hit. 11 Points of bone-crushing damage!

Greg, how many spells do you have?
  Skeletor And Big Zombie Comedy Hour
Cinder, you're in the undead temple. Not a lot of backstabbage going on here really. Sorry bro. Both your onhand and offhand hit though. Brogg, okay cured, but you miss. Skeletor is AC:5. Marivhon and Renwick, nice going, Skeletor is getting some serious damage going on here. Dave FoO also gets a hit in the second round of the new combat (using his previously posted rolls). Gregolas hits up Cinder with CLW for 4, and Gregolas announces he's out of spells. Brogg, skeletor uses a giant scythe on you! Reaps the hell out of you for 11. Big zombie smash Dave FoO for 13. Dave FoO, you might want to check the HPs below and opt for a cure, as these giant undead guys are dishing it out.

Brogg: 11/27
Cinder: 10/26
Dave FoO: 13/39
Marivhon: 17/17
Mike 1k: -3/17
Renwick: 5/9
"Hey Greg. Just send that Cure this way. Right there, on the right forearm. Yea. Right there."

Two attacks on Mr. Applebee. Hit AC 5 and the offhand hits AC negative something. Damage is 12 (Large opponent w/longsword gets the D12!) and the offhand is 3.

Can we please fight something I can backstab soon?
Alright, forget the plan. -It had to do with me and a lot of fire.

Anyway, during the changing of the Undead, I bust a CLW on myself for 1. I am at 22. I also ask Greg to help out by giving someone a Cure. Thanks, man.

Now I bring the pain down on Mr. Bones. BR:7. That hits AC:6. If it's a connection, he takes 11.

Fighting Undead is great. It's like Ctrl, Ctrl, Space, Ctrl, Ctrl...
By boney bastard I think Renwick means the skeleton giant. So I jump off my pillar and attack. A 7 for the jump off, and a 16 which hits ac 1 for 12 (2d6 for large, you said it was big). Then I look around for some support.
I magic missile the bony bastard. Br 4+1 for 5 scorching points on the giant skell.

What a way to start it off, max damage on my first ever magic missile.
  Your Plan Fails
Whatever Brogg's plan was, it's too late! There seems to be a disturbance within the ranks of the infinite undead... and just like in the Lord of the Rings, they seem to get scared and scatter! As the sea of corpses parts, you see two massive figures stride towards you... a giant skeleton and a giant zombie! Will you survive this fight?
"Whats your plan Brogg?"
Descent into Depths is an old school 1st Edition AD&D adventure run by the Infinity Group.

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