20 on axe-mace....for 8 hp of rusty iron crushing damage.
  Combat R4
The guardians continue to punish you.

Two-swords turns on Cinder, smacking you for 11. You're at -1 and dropping, and make two saves vs. poison at +2 each.

Dave, 7 more in damage drops two-swords... you bash the face off the thing, and it collapses into a heap. Axe/mace turns on you then, and smacks you with the mace. You take 8, and please make a save vs. breath weapon at +1. Axe/mace is partially scratched from the leopard, but looking fairly intact.
Correction: Cinder, BR of 7 will heal you for 8, not 9. Cure Light Wounds just does a 1d8, plus one for the Ring of Big Heals.

You're up to 10 hp now.

UPDATE: Brogg eats a goodberry. Brogg, you are healed for 4, up to 11 hp.
"Praise Odin!"

Cinder just realized that he has a continual light coin, so if he doesn't survive this combat, be sure to grab it!
  Dave, Fist of Odin
I bust a cure on Cinder. BR 7, for 9 hp back. There you go, buddy!

Also, it's a big weekend, so here's my next combat roll:

BR 17, hits AC 1. Damage BR 5, for 7 points.

Hmmm. Those numbers look familiar. Next time I'm-a gonna roll out the Blogroller a few times first.
I would wager a 7 misses since the math seems to add up that way.
BRs:20,16 on that save! Wow, I wish that was my swing. Thanks be to Grisbane, though.

Ok, I chomp my Goodberry, and swing on. BR:15, Yes! 5 more points of Grisbanic wrath! I guess the BR:1 for damage had to be in there, law of averages...

What does that Goodberry do?
  Combat R3
Combat continues.

Brogg, Cinder, Dave, and Marivhon, you keep wailing on the two-swords wielding guardian. It's still going though, but looking pretty banged up. Brogg, two hits with two white swords, make two more saves vs. poison (at +2). Plus you take 14 hp damage.

Cinder is smacked with the axe and the mace for 18 hp.

HP check:
Brogg, 7/23
Cinder, 2/20
Dave, 28/28
Marivhon, 11/11.
Cinder swings on the wounded Scorpiman that Brogg hit. BR:6, BR:16, BR:10. That's a miss, a hit, and a miss for the next three rounds. Damage = 8.

If something goes terribly wrong, I may jump in and chug an invisibility potion or something, but that is what I do.
They seem immune to my naked strength so I attack and hit with my staff for 6 hp of damage.
Oof, two saves, BRs:12, 14. That's 14 and 16. Ah, thank's to Grisbane.

Alright, you Insectoid Zombie freaks! Taste my two-attack round!
BRs:8, 16. That's one hit, for 7 points of damage!
  Combat R2
Not a great round for you.

The radiant leopard springs into battle, hitting the mace/axe guardian with one paw for 5 hp. Brogg and Marivhon miss. Marivhon, okay, you're behind the foundry guardians.

Mace hits the leopard for 8 hp. Axe misses. Brogg, white sword hits, 6 hp, make a save vs. poison at +2.

Next round, Dave Fist of Odin Aids Brogg for maximum, +9 hp. Brogg, you are now Blessed with a +1 to hit. Leopard criticals with one paw for 8 hp. The guardian hits with both mace and axe for 16, destroying the leopard. Brogg, another sword hit, 5 hp, make another save vs. poison at +2.

The guardians are AC:5, please report.

HP check:
Brogg, 21/23.
Everyone else, full.
Straight on broadsword on the two-sword guy. BR:2, eek.

Thanks, for the Aid, Dave, Fist of Odin. Looks like I might be needing it.
I try to move around to the side or back using my acrobatics NWP. (BR 6 dex 17) I wait until someone else attacks, so as not to become a target, then I jump and bring an elbow down on a leg. Ok BR 7 to hit. eh.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
I bring in a Radiant Leopard. That gal feels bad about the cancer, sure, but these things aren't cancerable. They are, however, fuck-up-able, so let's get to it straight away.

Then I Aid Brogg.

Then, the clobbering. Here is a first round BR: 17. That hits AC 1. Damage? BR 5, for 7 points, if I hit.
  Combat R0
Here we return to more familiar ground: a battle begins.

You back away from the iron doors. With a crash, the second door swings open also, as two humanoid things emerge from the foundry. Their head, arms, and torsos are of overly muscular men. Below the waist, however, is a mechanical armature reminiscient of a scorpion, with several walking legs made of black iron. Even the humanoid parts of these things are strangely inhuman, unmoving, the faces masks of rage without changing expression. They are large, standing eight feet to head, about a meter wide, extending about two meters in thorax length. They are also well-armed; one on the left clutches a large rusty mace and sharp, rust-free axe, the one on the right, a pair of white swords.

Now would be a poor time to not post.
Whoa, stand back! We back up into the daylight.

I am ready to swing. Does something come out?
You conclude your survey of the theatre and head to the foundry.

The broadsword is like most of the metal items within this place... rusted to the point of uselessness

The silver chalice is remarkably free of rust or decay and is of high quality. Carved around the goblet is a forearm and hand of a woman, with index finger extended, getting pricked by a needle or thorn. Written above in script is 'So I may bleed'.

You leave the theatre, heading back into the wind and rust-filled valley. Crossing the junkyard, you pull open the heavy iron door of the foundry. It is dark inside, and your torch long burned out.

From within the foundry, you begin to hear an awful, metal-on-metal grinding sound. The sound source then moves closer...
Hmm. Kill the bugs, get the jewels?

I am not so sure. Much more than cash, I am worried about getting out of this freaky place. I do check out that broadsword though, how's that look?

Ok, I say that we move on to the Foundry, have a good look, then to the Chapel. I don't want to get into poking around too much with these otherworldly things. -Not unless we need to.

Let's see what this place is about. Then we can start to break stuff.
I watch and learn.
Silver chalice?

You know Cinder grabs that too. What the fuck. He puts the fine clothes on too.

"Dave, Fist of Odin, a little wine for my goblet perhaps?"
Cinder takes some stuff.

Looking carefully at the insects, you think that a 'carbuncle vibe' is just about right, really. It looks like each has a large central jewel built into the clockwork body. They are fluttering about near the top of the hole in the dome (30 feet above the floor), although definitely out of reach from the roof.

From the Performers Room, you take the wands. Given that there was 'no obvious way to open the case', I assume you smash the glass. As you do this and grab the wands, a shrill alarm whistle goes off, lasts a few seconds, then repeats a total of four times. Afterwards, though nothing seems to happen in consequence. The wands are yours.

You climb the stairs to the box seats. At the top, a velvet rope blocks your passage (but it's easy to duck under). A long thin corridor stretches down, opening into three different viewing areas. At the end of the corridor is something tall, perhaps a statue, underneath another white drop cloth. Just before the covered statue, a stand holds an empty frame, and scattered all around the floor are shards of broken glass. The glass is multicolored, but what was once depicted here is lost now.

You enter the box seat and examine the body. It's not a corpse at all, rather it seems to be a human sized and shaped mannequin. You remove the cloak, gloves, and fine clothes... the mannequin was dressed as a courtier or perhaps lesser nobility, i.e., with breeches, surcoat, and a frilly bow tie. A thin gauze mask covers where the face of the mannequin would be. Near one of the hands, under a velvet bench, is a silver chalice.

Smells like loot.

How big are the jeweled insects exactly? They're kinda givin me a carbuncle vibe. Maybe we can kill 'em and take their gems. Cinder's all about that, but we should investigate more first probably...

Cinder climbs down and grabs the two emergency wands (N and F), the body gloves and cloak (sword in hand in case he's got a case of the Zombie Mikes) and the clothes as well.

"Hey Brogg, Is this shit, you know, real valuable? Ask Grisbane will ya?"

Cinder turns off the lantern for a bit, then turns it back on.

Cinder out.
Cinder scouts around the theatre.

Cinder climbs to the roof. Looking down, you can see a couple things of interest. First, in one of the box seats, you see a corpse! There is a body lying face down, a cloak covering most of it, but you can see some fancy clothes and gloves that have resisted the decay of this place.

Also, each of the three insects flying around seem to be jeweled.

The 'Performers Only' door opens to reveal a small musicians' prep room. There are a couple of benches and seats, a viola case standing in the corner (which will be found to be empty), and a glass case against the wall. In the case are two wands, each with a small tag attached. A white wand is labeled 'In case of emergency N' and a red wand is labeled 'In case of emergency F'. There is no obvious way to open the case.

The lantern, on further investigation, is a large shuttered contraption, roughly a meter tall by half a meter diameter.. Its movements reflect aspects both mechanical and magical, as there are many shutters of different location and width, all sliding back and forth at random. There is a small switch at the base, and what appears to be a small door that would open to the inside of the lantern. The switch is found to stop all movements of the various shutters when flipped down; when flipped back up, the movements haltingly begin and then get back to it.

No traps to be found in the theatre.

Searching out in the mechanical wasteland, you find an old hatrack, two broken javelins, an enormous metal cube (three meters square), the hull of a metal caravan, a suit of plate mail in terrible condition, two lances, a broadsword, and a halberd. Plus the aforementioned glaive-guisarme.
Thanks for the food Dave, Fist of Odin (You just know create food and water from Odin yields beer and pretzels).

I Blogrolled a 5 and 44 for the treasure search. Cinder is also gonna do a find traps in this theater. Here's a few rolls:80, 62, 58. That, of course, won't find shit cause thieves suck.

Cinder is gonna do a climb walls to the ceiling to get his confidence back up. BR:75. Not a real great climb, but it'll have to do. Can Cinder anything else of interest from the top of the building?

Cinder then climbs back down and searches the entire building. Especially that 'performers only' door. Here are some d6s: 6, 3, 1

Oh, and Brogg has singing as a nonweapon prof. That means he can read music. Can he figure out how to play the song there on the piano? Even if it sucks Brogg, you should try.

And I check out that lantern too. I do a find traps to see if it's 'random' movement is mechanical in nature (gears and shit) or if it's magical.
  Breaking And Entering
Brogg smashes the door of the theatre.

(This once again demonstrates the uselessness of thieves. Sorry Cinder, I tried. Note the 20 to 30 foot wall. While we're out of game, I might add that there's a 5' x 5' crawlspace by the ruined barge with a small trunk in it. Maybe Brogg could go stand in there real quick?)

The theatre is mostly empty.

Some benches have been destroyed by the ravages of time and part of the ceiling. Others have been pushed away. A mass of rubble in the middle of the room blocks you from directly proceeding to the stage, but you can walk around it.

On the left side stage is a piano, part of which has collapsed onto the ground. A small stool sits near the piano.

On the right side of the stage is a tall, ornate lantern on a stand.

Small stairs lead to an orchestral pit below. You see a small metal door marked 'Performers Only'.

Off to one side is an alcove, leading to a staircase up. The stairs presumably lead to several box seats overhead.

When you look up, you see several large insects, silently swarming around light shining down from the collapsed roof. Occasionally, light catches on their wings, glinting metallic.

As you enter the room and approach the stage, the large ornate lantern begins to whir, and it looks like the shutter around it begins to spin, revealing odd slats cut in the metal. Occasionally the lantern pauses for a moment, only to start up again. The movements seem random.

Dave, Fist of Odin, gets on the stage and examines the piano. The keys are undamaged, and you see some sheet music underneath the stool: "A Surprising Act, Movement 2."
Geez, what I wouldn't give for an orc and a 10'x10' room.

Alright, here is my Strength check(s) at -12, BR:6. Hey, first try! Take that, glass door! Taste the untamed fury of Grisbane!

C'mon Dave, Fist of Odin, one intricate structure at a time. My head hurts. Let's go see your performance.

Oh yeah, and for my looking about, d6:4, d100:2.

I look blankly at Cinder.
Permit me to clarify.

The top of the theatre is a good 20 to 30 feet above the ground. To get in via the collapsed dome, you'll need to make a climbing check. (DX at half for the non-thieves.)

Brogg throws a big piece of debris, perhaps a discarded glaive-guisame, at the door. Brogg, make a ST check at -12 to smash the doors. A maximum of three checks per PC. The glass is quite thick and perhaps, you wonder, magically enchanted.

Yes, in some places, the ruins of old buildings or even strange, hard-to-identify contraptions blocks your view. Separating the two footpaths, for instance, there seems to be an old barge with cryptic runes in faded paint down one side. Other buildings are here in the valley but are apparently of less interest than a cursory scan would reveal. If you'd like to search around, roll a d6 and d%.

There are large iron doors to the foundry, also bound in chain. However, it seems that these chains were broken, and one of the doors sits partially ajar.

At the back of the valley is what looks like a chapel made of red brick. A stained-glass window at the top displays a rose with a spoked wheel, perhaps a gear. The doors are of dark wood with a similar emblem on each; a broad staircase leads up to these two large doors. The doors are shut with no apparent lock or chains. There seem to be old blast marks on the stairs.

I am happy to provide more information about your surroundings as need be.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Ahem: 'Parts of the dome above have collapsed, exposing the structure to the outside.' If we can see the piano, and part of the dome has collapsed, I was kinda thinking we could also get in.

All right. I change the setting to 'verbose', and examine the structure more carefully.

I also check out the 'foundry', and the steeple (or steepled building). 100 yards away doesn't seem that far . . . Is there so much junk here that we don't have very good lines of sight?
I pick up a chunk of metal debris and toss it at the glass door.
Dave, Fist of Odin, cannot enter the theatre.

The doors are chained shut. The tarnished key you have does not seem to fit the padlock clamping the chains together.

[Edited by: the DM at 2:33 PM]
  Dave, Fist of Odin
I head inside, towards the stage, to practice my ballet. While on the outside I am Dave, Fist of Odin, clobberer of the unclobbered and drinker of ale, on the inside I am a fancy ballerina princess.

Realizing that this might not be the time and place to reveal my inner pretty person, I blush inside my armor and check out the piano.
You enter the wasteland beyond the door.

First, you all give thanks and eat some food Dave conjures. It is good and refreshing.

Walking in the valley is somewhat treacherous, with all the broken glass and scraps of rusty metal all around you. There does seem to be something of a path heading out from the door, which bifurcates, one fork leading to the domed building to your right. Pale light from the dark sky illuminates this land; the colors are earth tones, brick and orange, metallics, brown, black, and gray.

The building is large, the size of a gymnasium. Parts of the dome above have collapsed, exposing the structure to the outside. A large set of glass double doors form the entrance, but they have been chained shut; while the chain and lock are rusted, there is a considerable amount of material.

You can see within the building though, to the extent the exterior light provides. This building was once perhaps an theatre; it looks like there are benches and a stage. Over the stage is where large portions of the roof have collapsed; the light that shines down from above reveals what seems to be a grand piano, lying in a heap.
In betwixt wake and dream
Twenty sprites danced 'pon his sleeve
Rolled a 2 and failed his save
Galub Duhrs danced on his grave

-Carl Ffleudenssen

I don't know what the heck it means, but I think that Carl knew the feeling that this place gives me.

Thanks for the Grub, Dave, Fist of Odin.

Ok, let's go to that glass and steel building to the right.

-So wait, Abbey and Mike were left with Apprentice Steve? I wonder how that went.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
I'll bust out a 'Create Food and Water'. Let us all thank Odin for providing some sort of provender, and have a nice meal before heading into the wastes.

Really, this place freaks me out. And what's the title of our new module? 'Against Themselves'? That bodes poorly, methinks.
You use the tarnished key to open the rusted iron door.

The door opens to reveal a dark landscape. Stretching beyond the portal is what seems to be a rocky valley, filled with all manner of rusted and ruined metal buildings and implements. The valley is narrow- steep bluffs rise to either side from where you can see. You also see movement; what appears to be a large rat scurries under some debris.

Dust and metallic particles blow in the wind. This seems to be some sort of wasteland or metallic graveyard. The placement of objects appears random, happenstance, with too many things in your field of view for description. However, three buildings stand somewhat intact.

To your left is what may be a smithy or foundry; a series of four chimneys courses across the rear of the building.

Further in, to the right, is a building partially covered with a dome of glass and steel.

Far to the back, about 100 yards away, rises a steeple above the wastes.
You sleep.

Everyone regains full hp and spells. You feel more refreshed. However, you are feeling quite hungry and thirsty.
Yeah, I have the feeling that this place isn't used very much. Maybe we should all take a nap. That is, except for Marivhon.

Cinder was down 4hp, so I bust him a Cure Light. BR:5. Good. Marivhon was down 2hp, sure I'll give him one too. BR:2. How about that?

Let's take a break, get back our spells, then head through that rusty metal door. I am going to update my spells.

So Cinder, is that rune a trap?
I mostly sat around meditated and stoked the fire at our last home. If some of you guys want to rest I can take a watch. Maybe during that Cider can check for traps in as many places as possible.
In both manufacture and shape, the tarnished key you have seems to be a good fit for the old iron lock on the rusty metal door.

This hallway appears to be a satisfactory place to rest, if you are so inclined. You are all rather tired, but sleep and rest is more or less optional here and now.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
We have a key. Does it fit any of the doors?

Is there anything else here besides the hall and the doors? Ima gonna check some shit out. I'm still glowing from my secret pretty ballerina moment.

Do we feel oppressively tired, or is this a good resting-for-spells place?
Cinder screams.

Possibly out of general frustration, or out of the specific frustration regarding the opening, or not, of locks.

You search the hallway and the four doors. On closer inspection, each of the three doors in the first part of the hall seems designed the same way: the lock is actually built into the door. And within the keyhole of each, you notice a small glowing rune.

The door at the end has no locks, nor any discernable opening mechanism. For all intents and purposes, the large door seems ornamental.

You find no other trap-like mechanisms in this hall.

(I might opt to make you feel better and say something like: "You find a cleverly concealed bolt-hurling trap in the floor tiles! It's a good thing you disarmed it or the party really would have been hurt... or maybe killed! Thank god for thieves! 1000 xp for Cinder!" But we're in agreement regarding the general uselessness of 1E thieving abilities, except for backstab, but then you might as well have been a fighter and get two attacks a round. I offer no apologies or condolences.)
Cinder checks the hall for traps. Not traps exactly though. He's looking for anything that might signal a moving mechanism or small things of that nature, paying attention to things like the tiles in the floors, the pedestal and anything like that. It might not be a trap per se, but it might signal hidden passages or the gods know what else.

Here's some Blogrolls:

Three of those would make a find traps.

Oh, and for fuck's sake Cinder tries to pick the locks on the doors:

Cinder pauses a moment here and reflects on those rolls. That's four consecutive low percentiles, picking all locks. Pretty fucking impressive and unlikely. Then Cinder steps back and kind of silently meditates on how he is a thief, and how totally and completely thieves fucking suck in 1st Edition. They can't do shit except for climb walls, fail to hide in shadows, and maybe pick a couple locks. But the hilarious thing (and Cinder chuckles to himself a little here) is that though one of the only things thieves can do is pick locks, if there is anything really good behind that locked door or in that chest, that thief ain't gonna be able to get it. You're gonna need some fricking magic key or some shit like that. If those locks don't open (and they won't), Cinder screams.
You pass through the mirror gate.

Applying the oil to the mirror causes it to transform, to shimmer and pulsate. It requires the entire vial, as there is not much oil to begin with. You each quickly step through the mirror with the last of your energy as the heaviness of this place descends upon you.

You are somewhere else.

Not Greyhelm, nor Grito, nor anyplace else you hoped to return to. Instead, it seems that you have simply moved laterally within this strange space.

You find yourselves collapsed on the tiled marble floor of a large hall. The realization of how cold and tired you were sinks in- here, you are not cold, and the fatigue you feel is somehow more natural. You still have your torch, but do not need it, as there is light within this place.

You are on the ground before a large oak door. The frame of the door is engraved in a similar manner to the mirror you just passed through. A large shiny iron padlock shuts the door tight.

Across the hall is another door. This door, however, is made of rusted iron. A grimy padlock, also the color of rust, keeps it shut. Around the door are engravings of weapons and scenes of battle.

To your left on the third wall is yet another door. This door is made apparently of glass or crystal, smoky and opaque. Astrological or alchemical symbols flank it. A padlock of crystal is in place.

Beside each door is a pair of lamps, shining softly.

The hall extends down to your right, in alternating black and white tiles, each about a foot square. Lining the hall are what seems to be six paintings, each covered with a white cloth. At the end is a final fourth door, of fine dark wood, engraved with vines and roses.

At the beginning of this hall to the right is a pedestal or lectern on which sits a folio, closed. On the cover is a picture of a butterfly or moth.

As you take this in, you have a sinking feeling that, rather than having escaped from somewhere, your visit to this place has just begun.
Alright, I lather that mirror in the silver stuff, and in a chain, with Dave, Fist of Odin at the end, we jump into the mirror!
The heavy, oppressive fatigue threatens to overcome you again...
  Dave, Fist of Odin
I volunteer to go last. Just before I go through the mirror, I pose like the glass figurine of the princess, and feel - maybe for the last time - pretty like a ballerina.
There seems to be just enough metallic oil to cover the mirror.
How big is this vial of silver stuff? Is there enough to coat the whole mirror? We could try the annointing thing by way of coating the mirror.... we have to use something to coat it I volunteer my hand...
Well, Marivhon, unfortunately we don't have any Detect Magics on us at the moment. We can't seem to get any kind of rest in this damned place either.

So, fill your pockets, my friend. Although, I think that I already scooped up all the neat little trinkets that were laying about. -Party treasure, of course. -Maybe those chamber pots...

Also, I don't really want to rub myself with that silver stuff. Rubbing the mirror seems good enough.

Unless anyone disagrees, I say this is the plan: We grab what we want, rub the mirror down real good with the silver stuff, link hands, and jump through in a chain.

Cinder first.
As a good adventurer I suggest that someone cast Detect Magic and we walk around the whole place before we leave. I will be present doing the poses of the little girl hoping to gain some insight as to their signifigance.... After a bit I suggest trying to annoint ourselves with the silvery shit and pass through the gate.
Dave and Cinder search in different ways.

There are no other hollow spots to be found, at least in the cellar.

Cinder's finger passes through the mirror.
I pocket the statuette, the chain locket, and the 4 knives. -Party treasure.

I make sure that both Marivhon and Dave, Fist of Odin are in the basement while Cinder is doing his experiments.
As the mirror shimmers, Cinder tries to force the tip of his pinky (on his offhand thanks) through the mirror a bit.
Yeah, I got a post erased too.

Hmmm. I am trying to remember what I did just before it all went black . . .

I tap around for hollow spots. I miss the radiant leopard. But I think we'll be out of here soon.
  Changes And Fades
Cinder investigates the figurine and the mirror.

Winding up the little music box produces a short tune that lasts for several seconds. As the tinny-sounding music begins, three small flaps open at the base, and a wire emerges from each. At the top of each wire is a small object, representative of a bird or insect; these wires extend past the top of the girl's head. The young lady spins around slowly, mechanically folding in her arms to her chest, bringing her leg down, and stretching up vertically towards the wires. As the music fades, the wires retract and the dancer returns to her initial outstretched leaning position.

Application of the metallic oil within the vial to the mirror causes the mirror to shimmer in the small treated patch. This lasts for several seconds then fades.
That little poem. It could be written from the point of view of a mirror.

Cinder winds up the statue and hopes for a beat he can spit to.

And finally he just dabs his thumb in the silver stuff (it's not mercury is it? That's cancerous.) and rubs it on the mirror's surface just the littlest bit.

What we got?
The mirror is cold to the touch. You are reflected dimly in the smoky glass.
Ok, as far as I see it (which isn't that far), I think that this big mirror is our ticket out of here, huh?

I am going to keep that little poem. -I'll put it in my book of Carl Ffleudenssen's poetry.

Maybe that silver stuff is put on the mirror. Any thoughts? I don't want to waste it.

Anyway, I go back down to the cellar and touch the mirror.
You make a new fire and collect the objects.

Afer stumbling around in the dark, you manage to make your way back upstairs to the fireplace. Several more minutes later, a small fire is again going. With a new torch, you return to the cellar, collect the forearm, locket, and small figurine. The ornate standing mirror is too large to move, being easily nine feet tall and four feet wide.

Returning to the kitchen, you collect the four knives from the knife stand and assemble your new possessions on the counter before you.

Each of the knives is stamped with a small, unfamiliar emblem at the base; it seems to be a sawblade or gear surrounded by a circle. This design is about the size of a penny.

There seems to be a mechanism on the small figurine of a dancer; there is a windup key attached to the large base of the statuette.

The tarnished locket is stuck, but opens with a bit of force. It seems an old scrap of paper has been jammed into the locket. There are two small pictures inside, one on either side. On the left is a faded color drawing of a young girl or woman, curtseying before a short knight that stands about her height. They are both underneath what seems to be a tall tree or pillar. On the right, what appears to be the same girl is considering her face before a mirror. She has apparently just applied perfume and reaches towards her unsmiling reflection.

The scrap of paper reads:

When meeting those I've never met a simple rule applies
I regale them with flattery and treachery and lies
Appearances are everything beneath these silver skies
It seems so sweet I see it now to see it in your eyes.
Okay. Looks like a puzzle. But is it? Maybe it's just a bunch of random shit Vrill threw in here to take up a bunch of our time. Maybe while we try and solve this puzzle, Dave should keep looking for more hollow walls and bash his way through (but make sure not to bash shit like mirrors and other potentially useful stuff).

What say you?

WTF happened? I was running up the stairs to attack whatever that was. Ok, this is bad. Time to solve the puzzle guys. Let's get another fire going.

Marivhon, you are the smart one, what do you think?

So far, I have figured this out: don't try to destroy anything. That gets your post erased, and you awake with a hangover. When we get some light, I go down to the cellar and bring up the mirror, the chain, and the fake forearm thing into the kitchen.

This is what we've got:
4 knives
1 molar
1 vial of silver metallic fluid
1 fake velvet arm
1 chain and locket
1 old fancy mirror

Did I miss anything? Oh, I open the locket.

You awaken.

All is dark. At first you are confused, unsure of where you are or what is going on. The realization dawns that you are still in the small house. You must have passed out. The torch has gone out. It is very cold. There is no light. You are not sure how long you slept, but it was not a restful sleep. You are still tired, even more than before. It takes effort to move, to stand. (You have not regained any hit points or spells.)

You all descend into the basement.

The cellar extends into darkness beyond the range of your primitive torches. Moving carefully, you map out the perimeter. The floor and walls are made of wood, just as above. The cellar is largely empty except for a few large objects, each covered with dustclothes.

There is a large crate, nailed shut. Opening it, you find another, smaller crate within. This second crate is found to be empty.

There is a large cabinet. It is locked, but easily picked (the rusty key you found previously does not open it). Inside are three bell jars, each the size of a large shoebox. In the first is a fake hand and forearm extending upwards, covered in black velvet, as a jeweler might use to display rings. In fact, draped across the fingers is a chain, hanging down, connecting to a small tarnished locket. In the second jar is what seems to be a small statue of a girl, possibly a dancer, balancing on one foot, arms extended. The third jar is empty, the glass cracked.

The last object is a tall, wide, standing mirror, in an ornate frame of dark wood. The wood is engraved with all sorts of figures: fantastical beasts, distorted and freakish humanoids, and at the top is a large lion or demon face, grinning wide, with its long tongue hanging down extending over the top of the pane. Carved in script as a banner over the grinning face are the words 'ERE HE SLEW...'. At the bottom of the frame is an elaborate scene depicting a short, plate-armored knight defeating many beasts. The mirror is made of smoky glass, and as such, it is difficult to see yourselves in it, especially with your poor light. The torchlight reflects strangely here, off the dark mirror and glass jars, distorting your shadows.

From upstairs, you think you hear a door open.
I follow in a very contemplative fashion. I wonder if we Gregolas is doing anything to help, or if he'll show up soon. I smoke some of my special blend pipe tobacco. "Could Odin perhaps provide us with some food and water...?"

When things are slow I take to hanging out on the porch listening to the void. This seems the kind of place a monk could really learn a lot....
Alright, I pocketed the Tooth, Vial and the Key. -Party treasure.

Anyhow, this place is pretty spooky. And, where is that other knife? That's creepy too. I guess no more creepy than the void outside the door...

I say a little prayer to Grisbane. Ok guys, time for the cellar.

Broadsword in hand, I lead the descent.
You awaken and explore some more of the house.

Brogg and Cinder head back upstairs. Cinder picks the lock to the Master Bedroom and you push the door open.

The room inside is a bit fancier than the two guest bedrooms. A large canopy bed dominates the room. Additionally, there is a writing desk with a chair. A thorough search turns up nothing save three things: a small rusty key and a small crystal vial in the desk, and a tooth underneath the bed. The key is simple in design and unadorned. The crystal vial contains a small amount of viscuous metallic fluid and is unrecognizable. The tooth is a human molar.

Dave also opens doors.

The Closet is just that, a large but empty closet. There are four pegs on which to hang cloaks, but no cloaks are presently hanging there.

The Kitchen is small, with a dining area in the back. There is a large counter with two cabinets along one wall. Another fireplace, smaller than the one in the library, is also here. A heavy black pot hangs above the empty fireplace. There is a table with four chairs in the back. Searching the kitchen reveals little. The pot is empty. The cabinets are empty. On the counter is a knife rack. There are five slots but four knives in place.

You cannot open the window next to the main door.

You open the door to outside. The door opens to a simple porch on the front of the house. Other than that, there is nothing. This is meant literally: beyond the porch is just black; no sky, nor trees, nor ground. There is only this house.
Cinder follows Brogg into the Master bedroom hiding in shadows. BR:99.
If Brogg can't break the door, Cinder will do an open locks first, BR:98. Cinder will suck, BR:01% though.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Yeah, this place has me all freaked out, and that's no lie. I start ransacking the place - looking for stuff that'll burn or is edible, opening all the doors and windows, and maybe breaking some stuff.

Rob, let us know what we find. If there's nothing of real insterest or value, and no exits, I'm breaking a window.
Hey now, screw this.

Taking Dave, Fist of Odin's torch, I go upstairs and break open that door to the master bedroom. BR:3. That should do it by PH rules! What's in there?!
You awaken.

All is dark. At first you are confused, unsure of where you are or what is going on. The realization dawns that you are still in the small house. You must have passed out. The fire has gone out. It is very cold. You work to get another fire going with some more of the timber. You are not sure how long you slept, but it was not a restful sleep. You are still tired, surprisingly so. (You have not regained any hit points or spells.)
Dave and Marivhon make a fire.

Dave opens the flue and helps Marivhon break up the bookshelves into kindling. As the light spell fades, a fire is made in the fireplace. The warmth emanating from the fire makes you realize just how cold it is here. Failing to investigate the upper door, Brogg returns downstairs. The four of you huddle around the fireplace in the library. The flames and your bodies cast long shadows that dance across the walls.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
This place is REALLY creeping me out. Not in a good way, either.

Yah, I'll get a fire going with wood from the bookcases. But before I do, I check that there's a draw from the fireplace.

At least we're not in a twisty maze of passages, all alike.
Descent into Depths is an old school 1st Edition AD&D adventure run by the Infinity Group.

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