Save vs. Poison BR 20.

I fire some more arrows. Two into one of the Mother Slimes, to be precise.

BR 18 for 3 damage


BR 19 for 8 damage.

This is the best round of my life, dice-wise.

Hey, maybe Brogg could use a dust-devil to kick up the salt circle and fill the air with it. That might weaken the slimebeasts.
I magic missile a slimy betlcher, preferably one who is hurt. Br 5+3 for 8.

I make a dex check to jump up on the kitchen counter Br 5 makes it.

Maybe that will keep me out of range of a few attackers.
I squeeze the last Gremlin in my talon. BR:11, 5 more points.

I then CB one of the Slime Mothers. BRs:19,8. Both should hit AC:7. That's 10 points.

hit for 13 on my slimey belcher that I have focused my attentions on. I drink a potion too. I get back 7 putting me at 20.
  Counting Slimes
Tut, with what do you light the fire? I see no flint-n-tinder, nor lighter, nor matches on your character sheet. Standing in the circle of salt doesn't do so much, as the Slime Gremlins FLY.

Moth, Marivhon, Brogg, damage logged.

Moth, you take an additional 4 hp from the poison and begin to feel sick. You take 3 more hp from a gremlin, make ANOTHER save vs poison.

Marivhon, you take another 12 from the Slime Mother maws.

Other than that, a bunch of gremlin misses.

Okay, there are two half-Slime Mothers, both wounded.

There are 10 Slime Gremlins, two wounded.

There are three half-Slime Gremlins, all full.
BR 1 vs. Poison. I don't feel so good.

I get into the salt circle. Too many folks are here to just keep burning stuff. I draw my bow.

I try to pick off some of the approaching little slimes.

BR 2 misses.

BR 15 hits AC 5 for 8 damage.

I'm gonna keep up with this bow thing, unless arrows bounce off of slimes or something. Fire Rate 2 is nice.
  King Tut
Ok, I now the light the oil covered beast. I'll also cover a large area of ground with salt and tell the part to stand in the area; if the little slime beasts want to get to us, at least they'll have to go through the salt first. And since they are much smaller, perhaps the salt will deal more damage to them.

Next, I'll look around the room to see what else is here. Once the beast is lit on fire, I'd like to find a second oil drum to roll into it to cause an explosion. Does anyone remember "Roll in the barrel?" I think that was one of our campaigns.

Craaww!? I think I am two rounds behind. CCB on the Gremlins on my feet. BRs: 18,14,5. That's one claw for each. -I guess I squeeze them. 1 and 2 points. Skreeeeeeeiik! This pisses me off. I CCB on one of them. BRs:6,13,19. That's 11 points.

I fly into the kitchen to join my friends. Even if I have a Slimey Gremlin on one talon.

Fear? BR:14. Hell no. -Have you ever seen an Eagle flinch?
doh, too late to indiana jones it.
ok, critical fumble gets hit for 10 points of damage.
save vs poison is made with a 20. hrm that would have been nice.
ok I attack the slimey belcher on my left I guess.
a miss and a hit for 10 more points of damage.
I take a little potion of heal. I get back 3 and now I think I'm at 25.
next round I attack the same slimey belcher for arrgh hit ac 8 so I guess I attack for the pure joy of it.
Renwick, KABLAM! You 'Bolt the thing, which divides it into two! Clearly damaging both halves though, but now it's generating smaller Gremlins at twice the rate!
Save Vs poison sucessful with a sixteen. Nice Job on those saves boys, keep it up.

Hey this blog is totaly old school, there are no chicks on it, unless Moth is keeping a secret (no innuendo buddy, it's just that I've seen the others in the flesh).

If this slime is so large, I'm going to lob a lightning bolt over my friends heads on the Big Daddy.

I roll a sumwhat crappy 11 for lightning damage.

Wis. roll to see if the lightning damage has any paticular effect on it? Br 5 makes it.
  Shake And Bake
Marivhon, it'd be like diving into a giant compost heap... but what would Indiana Jones do? Dmg logged in the meantime.

Moth, great, you're back in rotation. Dmg also logged. A slime gremlin tags you for 5, make a save vs. poison (+0).

Tut, okay, you find some salt and some oil. You dump on the salt... slime mother makes a save, but desiccates a bit. She ain't a slug though, so she's still huge. Next, you douse the thing with oil...

Renwick and Schmektor, dmg done.

Renwick, hit for 4, make a save vs. poison. Tut, mother hits you for 12, also make a save vs. poison. Marivhon, critical fumble from gremlin. Go.
As soon as I reach the belching gremlin maker, I swing on him with the frosty cleaver for a hit (BR20) for 14 (6 +1 x2).

Next round I swing and hit AC 4 (BR 13 +1) for 9 points of damage.
I think that I'll be entering the room pretty soon so I'll throw a magic missile on this badboy, maybe I don't do it till next round. You tell me?
Br 8+3 for 11.

The salt idea is brilliant Tut. Bravo.
  King Tut
Ok, save v. Fear:
BR: 15 (made)

Scrounge check:
BR (1-100): 25.

The relevant catagories are the default check and a "medium village" check. The default check is 20%, and the medium village check is 25%. I would argue that this castle/dungeon should qualify as a medium village, if not, there should be at least a +5% modifier because it is very likely that barrels of oil will be found in a large kitchen. Under either scenario Tut would succeed, but if the dungeon does not qualify as a medium village (remember, villages are generally pretty low pop) and the check does not qualify for a +5% modifier, Tut would fail by 5%.

Also, what about a huge barrel of salt? I would think a huge kitchen would have lots of those. Salt dries up slimy things really well. I'd like to get salt all over this slimy beast, to dry it up, and then hit it with a barrel of oil which would be set on fire. I guess it's sort of like Creme Brulee, but with salt, oil, and a slimy beast.

Yuck, this monster is really disgusting. Tut is really angry. He really wants to go c/c/b but this thing is just too un-hygenic.
Paralyzation save made with a 17, Fear save BR 10+1= 11. If by fear you mean the spell, that's a fail by 1. That only passes rod/staff/wand.

I fail my first Wis check and pass my second. If the whole flamethrower thing is still viable, cool, if not, I'll just use it when I can.

Next flamethrower attack: 14 damage, and 12 and 9 pass the checks to avoid scorching friends.
I take a big heal potion and I'm at 22 hp now.
I attack the slime belcher and hit ac 5 for 10 hp.
how big are the mouths? could I use acrobatics to dive in and attack this thing from within?
  Scrounging For Flammables
Okay Tut, gimme a Scrounge check. Plus if you haven't already, make a save vs. fear at +1.
  King Tut
Thanks Schmektor! I gather up my halberds and decorations (lawn gnomes, aprons with funny sayings, etc.) and head for the main room after wiping a tear from my eye over abandoning my lovely pit.

Tut is looking for WMDs. Barrels of flammable oil (it's a kitchen, right?) would do nicely. I'd like to find these, puncture them, and then light the resulting oil slick on fire. Any barrels of oil around?
  Dave FoO's Kind Of Stalled Out Here, Huh?
Marivhon, the nasty slime mother is definitely a large creature, and effectively AC:7. There's no way you can get cover from the slime gremlins while attacking their mother with a halberd. So, you take 4 hp from gremlins, plus when you fumble on the mother, a pseudopod slaps you roughly for 7 more. Then on her round, instead of spawning, she bites you with three horrible mouthes for 10 more. That leaves you with 2 hp left, unfortunately.

Renwick, no, only one save is required. The party isn't necessarily advancing, and the slime mother isn't moving from her location, so unless you enter the First Kitchen, you won't see her.

Schmektor, cool, you help Tut out of the pit. Tut and Moth, welcome back to the fight.

Moth, you have to make a save vs. paralyzation and a save vs. fear (at +1). Fail the first, fall in a pit. Fail the second, collapse on the ground in fear until you make a WI check (try once per round). Feel free to retcon the last couple of rounds too.

Assuming you make 'em, you run up and blast the slime mother good with the flames. However, judging from the look of things, it's gonna take a lot more where that came from. The slime mother is about the size of a VW bug, just a bit more squat.

Checking out the corpse after the battle is, alas, a long way off.
I leap out of the tart and run to the kitchen, flamethrower drawn.

Hey, didn't this whole scene happen almost EXACTLY the same in Gremlins, or Gremlins 2 or some shit? Awesome. I burn the hell out of the main ooze and its spawn.

BR 14 for damage.

Int check 16 and Wis check 9 for avoiding burning allies.

I check out the corpse in the pit after the battle.
AH HAH! If Renwick isn't afraid of them, then neither am I! (save made with an 18)

I swing at a slime gremlin and miss (BR 5) as I make my way to give Marivhon some backup. If it is on my way, I will spend some time pulling Tut out of the pit.
Do you have to save vs. fear every round?

If so here is a couple of rolls to see what's happening. Br. 17, 16.

I should have saved those rolls for dart throwing.

I'll advance with the party always pulling up the rear. If no slime directly treatens me I'll save my firepower for the big bad.
If the big bad enters my field of vision I'll magic missile him.
Well I drink a potion and attack the big bad twice!!
Hit ac 1 how big is it? If it's large I do 7 if it's small I do 12...huh.
I get back 8 hp so I'm down 3 by my math.
I yell.
"Uh guys I found a thing that is vomiting up the little gremlins.....I think it might be our priority...."
Is there a vantage point in the kitchen...a hanging pot. or a nice ledge, where I can attack funguy gooersohn without getting attacked by all the little gremlins. I will at least try to keep moving and keep as few on me as possible. dex check made with an 11.
oh yeah it was my 2 attack round so I'll just mention here at the end of the post my critical fumble on the big guy and hope nobody sees it.
  Slime Beasts Keep On
Alright Schmektor, miss and Renwick kills the other one on you. Make another WI save to get back in this.

Renwick, sure, you can actually walk around the pit, as it doesn't fill the entire hallway. You do wonder though who dug pits in the main kitchen hallway... seems counterproductive.

Dave FoO, armour sucks the hits. Make a WI save to get back in the game. Of course, since you're going on a trip, it don't matter so much.

Tut, you're so right. Good living is the best revenge. You get 200 xp just for having a great attitude about being stuck in a crappy pit.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
First save - 17. No problem. NO poison for me!

Second save - 4. I'm all afraid.

But, it's moot, I suppose. Good luck all!

I'm really more afraid of the giant eagle, if it matters.
I'll blast a goo on Shmecktor

Magic Missile on the goo 8+3=11pts.

I'll hang back from the fight

Do the pits have a ledge that I can use to get over them on.
That poison doesn't bug me at all... (save with a BR 16)


I curl up in the fetal position (yeah, that is a what happens when you roll a 20 for a WI check - where were those rolls in the last couple of combats?)
  King Tut
Well, I'll show them. I tidy up the pit, and start decorating it. I've heard the best revenge is living well. When I'm done with it, this will be the least sucky 10' pit anyone has ever seen.

Is there anything salvageable down here from previous victims? I'm pretty sure the slimes didn't build the pit, so who did? What's the quality of the digging look like? Really rough, smooth cuts, etc. I'm looking for spare cash of course, but also any sort of key or item that may help us procede (old map/paper). Specifically any remains down here, or any false walls in the pit?
  A 10' Pit Is Supposed To Suck
Brogg, okay you do some dmg. Miss on the crit fumb.

Schmektor, you collapse on the ground in a very unheroic manner. Two more Gremlins leap onto you, one hitting for 5 hp, make a save vs. poison now. You can make a WI check (roll a d20 and get <= your wisdom) to recover from the fear each round.

Tut, there's a lot of cool stuff going on up over your head, but the pit is pretty dull. Nothing in the accountant's diary talks about slime gremlins.
  King Tut
Ok, I'm just hanging out here, I don't know how to get out of a 10' pit. Is there an elevator down here? Or an escalator? That would help.

What about this method to the madness? They created these un-hygenic creatures to offend or scare the Knights that they were worried about? Are there any notes in the diary relating to this?
I am AFRAID!!!!!

"Wha...wha...wha... WHAT THE HELL ARE THESE THINGS?!?"

"AHHHHH! Now there's an eagle flying around? WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE! AHHHHHHHHH!!!"

[yeah... missed my save with a 9. How long does 'fear' last?]

I claw and peck the two gremlins at my feet. BRs:11,1,2. Oops. Bad talon. That's one claw for 5 points.
  Out Of The Nasty Frying Pan, Into The Nasty Fire
Marivhon, okay right. No, you don't have to make any saves vs. poison. I guess this monk thing is really working out for you. You tumble past the Slime Gremlins, deeper into the Kitchens.

You make it into one of the main cooking rooms, and witness something horrible. The entire room, which is large, is covered in organic slime. In the middle of the room is an enormous blob/fungus creature, which, as you enter the room, belches deeply and creates another Slime Gremlin. Four Gremlins instantly swarm over and attack you... you're hit twice for 7 hp.

Meanwhile: Tut, spears set.

Tut, hmm, an astute observation. One wonders what all is within this fortress, and whether there's a method to the madness...
is this poison actually a disease of sorts that is contracted. If so I am immune to natural poison. If not well I make my save.

On the fear side these guys are kinda scary but small and I make my save with a 19! fuck you. I attack one and move on toward the bigger scary thing that is hiding somewhere. BR to hit a little guy then move on. I miss. huh. I move on past them using all my acrobatic skills.
  King Tut
Mark: Top Flight? I pulled it! Aww, aww (eagle call).

I set up my halberds by fixing the bottom in the ground, creating a spiked little pit. "Guys, try to throw a slime goblin down here, I set a trap."

Other than that, I'll just kick it down here for the time being. What's with all the un-hygenic creatures we've been fighting? They don't make the claw/claw/bite routine very appealing.
  Eagle Attack
Yes Brogg yes!

You fly up and peck hard at a Slime Gremlin (AC:7). Disgustingly it pops in your mouth, er, beak.

As you destroy it, two more fly up to you, weighing you down! You are undamaged but vaguely disturbed.
I drink my Potion of Polymorph! Form of... a Giant Eagle!

I think that heals me 2 points. I then start grabbing these little guys with my talons and beaking them.

BR:15, no fear.

BRs: 15,5,15. That's a claw/beak for 14 points. Skeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiik!
  Saving Throws A-Go-Go
Tut and Brogg, you guys excitedly run ahead and set off another trap, actually a different pit from the one Marivhon fell into. You both take 8 hp dmg and are stuck at the bottom of a pit.

Marivhon, you climb out, and see these small blobbish gremlin things oozing towards you. They're about the size and shape of large dolls, but covered in grime. And covered in toothed mouths, grinning, giggling, and babbling. Two of them reach you, with another group, hard to say how many, following behind. Past the babbling, in the darkness, you hear a deeper, more gutteral sound, almost a belching, followed by more higher pitched babbling.

In addition, make a save vs. fear at + (level/3), everyone who sees these things for the first time. If you fail, you fall to the ground blubbering in fear yourself. Marivhon, one hit one miss for 4 hp, and make another save vs. poison as it's disgusting maw sinks into your shoulder. These things crawl on little appendages and fly with small drippy wings.

The pits, by the way, were covered with a thin slate that broke through as you ran over them.

To recap, Marivhon, Schmektor, and Renwick are up top in combat and must make saves vs. fear. Marivhon must make a save vs poison. Brogg and Tut are stuck in a 10' pit. Dave FoO and Moth are currently in Tard Cart stasis.


Tut, the profs sound fine. Jeweler for Bowyer is an acceptable swap. You might think about taking Accounting too. Don't forget, that when you train, you get +2 hp per level, plus an extra NWP per level from special training, so you have a couple extra NWPs to spend.
  King tut
Save v. para BR: 4. Guess I'm too busy checking out my new gear.

Ok, I propose that Tut uses 3 slots on 2x spec UA, 3 slots on Weaponsmith (per rules), 2 slots on Armorer (per rules), but the Bowyer one doesn't make sense...I don't think Egyptians built a lot of bows, I think they were more into pyramids and stuff. So I'd like to use that Bowyer slot towards Jeweler, which I think would make more sense given Tut's previous standing and position in the community and the Egyptians loves of ancient treasures to bury with the Pharoah. Also, it would help him prepare taxes since he could provide an opinion on the value of things.

That would leave Tut with 1 spare slot, which he could save for engineering, which should include math and physics.

Re: night vision goggles, I think Marivhon needs a Giggle Alarm instead, which would, upon detecting giggling, flash red and sound an alarm "Danger! Do not follow!" or something along those lines.

But if you come to my office during business hours, maybe we could work something out. All these should be considered deductible.

Tut would also like to store the engine(s) and metal that he found in Greyhound for a nominal fee, as mentioned.
Euuuunnnn.... Brroooooogggg!!!

Brooggg, Broogg, Brogg!

Brogg. Yes, that's it. I am back.

Save vs. Paralyzation? BR:1. No way.

What up, boys?
Save, rolled a 15.

Hey tut... I can appreciate limb-attached implements of destruction and carnage... but do you think you could also put some tinkering focus on things that will help in our immediate circumstances... like night vision goggles for Marivhon... He's too sneaky to use a flashlight, it would blow his cover.
Save Br 18.
ok, another save for me? made it.
I climb out of the pit 82 on climb walls made it.
I roll hear noise I got a 4. Where is my giggling friend? I take a potion and another I'm back at full.
I would like to track down my giggler. I will find traps as I go. I move very fast so it shouldn't slow me down too much to be at 1/2 movement. Find traps. a 21 made it by over half.

ok then.
  Everyone SAVE
Tut, unfortunately you'll have to read the Bushi description a little closer. While you do have 10 proficiency slots, I think that 6 of them are automatically filled in the beginning. And as DM, it's not my job to tell you how to make robots and tin foil... you're the PC inventor, you figure it out! That goes for picking skills too. Actually I rarely offer choices for NWPs, I only say "that's okay" or "that's not okay". DIY. But weaponcraft, jeweler, engineering, math, those are all good choices.

You manage to extract an engine, somewhat damaged, and one of the scorpion's big pincher claws. Plus some scrap metal. You can haul it downstairs and store it in mini-Greyhelm for a nominal weekly fee.

Dave FoO, you guys all rested and are back to full.

Marivhon, eight seconds is over one full combat round, and by my calculations, comes to about... two paces per second, each pace one yard... almost 50 feet ahead of the party, or at the edge of torch light range.

Anyway, you seem to have tripped a trap, and fall into a pit. You take 10 hp of damage. Although the pit is spiked, your impaling is curtailed by the presence of another body in here with you... ugh! When you yell, it sounds like everyone else comes on in...

Okay, everyone give me a save vs. paralyzation.

The giggling grows louder. Ominously...

(Renwick, I haven't read any of that stuff, although it seems like I should have, as that was sort of the plot of some of Sarpagal. No new ideas under the sun etc.)
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