Some Library Info
Okay Marivhon. You try some stuff. The computer is of strange make... it's not a Dell. Here are the interesting responses.

I ADMIN (Private terminal)

Asst. Librarian DeBouvier
Master Librarian Meeks
Master Alchemist Parsifal
Master Alchemist Virll


I POPPIES (Literature terminal)

The White Book of Poppies is a holy relic of the cult of Zelba. Believed to be written by Archbishop Arkenz, Lichlord of Grito. Rescued from the temple ruins by the Potion Guild, the book is once-again lost.


I ARMEK (History terminal)

The Knights of Armek are believed to be extraplanar constructs. They seem to originate from the demi-plane of the wizard-god Croatius. It is unknown how they arrived in our world, how they are manufactured, or what their aims are. Leading research of the Potion Guild indicates their mission is one of destruction and revenge.


I ARMEK (Private terminal)

Name from Abagail Preschon Vrill. Need enchanted weapons to hit. Immune to most magic, similar to Iron Golems in str/weakness. IMPORTANT: Owlbears/werewolves/rain thus far failed. Hidden mirror portal somewhere in Greyhelm, scryshielded?


I VRILL (Private terminal)

I, Vrill. Master Alchemist, Guildmaster of the Grito Potion Guild, and powerful wizard. Likely successor to Master Parsifal of the Guild. Widely regarded as an Alchemist and Magic-User without peer. Has been on many adventures, and has even died once. Widower.


I ORCUS (History terminal)

Orcus, demon prince of the undead. Once a powerful god, the power of Orcus was taken by Zelba, Anubis, Wotan/Odin, and several other minor deities. When Orcus lost his power, his artifacts were stolen as well. Although his Wand, the Wand of Orcus, is most famous, the Rod and Staff, are also mighty devices of destruction. Priests of Orcus wear purple robes.


I GREYHELM (History terminal)

Greyhelm refers to the Greyhelm family, Greyhelm Castle, Great Greyhelm Lake, Greyhelm Province, and the divine right and magical powers therein. Not to be confused with 'Greyhawk' or 'Greyskull'. Greyhelm's current ruling family consists of King Reginald Greyhelm V, Queen Angela Greyhelm VII, and Prince Albert Greyhelm I. King Reginald's skill in battle is legendary, and in his youth, the King earned his fame with the sword Erasmus Wraithand (also known as the "Wrathand"). The Queen's beauty is said to be exceeded only by her vanity. While the heir to the throne may not have his father's prowess in arms, he is rather highly regarded among certain chessplayers.


I CURSE (Private terminal)

The Greyhelm family curse. After Lord Gerriman Greyhelm, son of Gerimander Greyhelm, bested Yeenonghu, demon lord of gnolls, also revered by the King of Ghouls, King Albert, "King of 1000 Ghouls", although current estimates place Albert's reserves, thought to be located in a secret chasm beneath the city of Durth, capital mining city of the province of Greyhelm, ruled by the Greyhelm family of Greyhelm Castle, which has fallen under a horrible curse...
back in time I try all entries on all computer terminals
I type on the keyboard
'help admin'
and 'admin help'
and just plain ol 'admin'
I also try 'I admin' on the terminals.
also 'I white bo'
'I poppies'
'I Armek' 'I Vrill' 'I MOP' 'I orcus' 'I curse' 'I greyhelm' 'I secret p'
and a bunch of other shit.
'admin list' 'dir' 'admin dir' 'show' 'admin show'
does the treminal have just alphabet keys or can you CNTRL ALT DEL it? if you reboot it can you get any strange responses with f5 keys and the like? Does the magic on the cases change if the computers can be made to reboot?
does the computer have a brand name or any visible characters of manufacture. Can the computer be lifted and looked underneath. does it have a drive or ethernet or cables or anything else. Do the glass cabinets over the books have cables running to them? I do a find traps check....doh 74.. Remove Traps hrm a 93. What are the pedestals made of that the books are on and does the glass appear to line the bottom of the case as well or is the case 5 sided and set on the pedestal? Are there hinges....?
I think Marivhon likes computers....he's taking hacker next as NWP.

ok upstairs in the present.
I try and hit the mindflayer as soon as I see him......that guy is freaky looking....
BR 6. He disappears....I Move silent and Hide made both with mid 30's rolls
I just sit and look around Int check a 7 made by half. Does the Prince have a visible gold key? any rings, neat shit? Or is it just the usual spear through the chest, gaping mouth haunting eye stare thing? Other exists from this room? Any rats?
  Encyclopedia Brownd
Renwick, you're a smart guy, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. I'm going to assume what you actually type in to the sorcery terminal is:


You apparently missed the instruction that only the first eight letters of the topic are chosen.

So what you get from the sorcery terminal is:

I have no information on: 10 PRETT
I have no information on: FIRE BAL
I have no information on: DEBOUVIE
I have no information on: MASTER C
I have no information on: MASTER M
I have no information on: KNIGHTS
I have no information on: ARMEK
I have no information on: GREEN PO


When you type in INFO INDEX, you get:


Hermetic cantrip used for organizational purposes, mainly by apprentice librarians. Organizes a stack of notes or volumes in one of four ways: alphabetically, contra-alphabetically, numerically, or reverse-numerically.


You try typing in


and get:


Third circle Hermetic spell. Explosive blast of fire. Very useful against trolls, mummies, and creatures with ice affinity. Several version of this spell exist, varying only in details, mainly of distance/volume projections. Canonical example found within "10 Pretty Good Spells".


Moth, it looks like the chessboard is rather empty at the moment. Most pieces lay off to the side. Make an IQ check, anyone, if you want to learn more. Checks at -3 unless you have Gaming skills.

The Prince does not respond to you.
I regard the half-dead fellow.

"Hello. What's going here? Do we have to play chess in order to advance? Are you the prince?"

I wait for a response.

Is the chess game in progress, or are all the pieces in starting position?

Are we on a particular side (white/black) or did we enter in the middle or something?
I go to the socery archive and enter info: "10 pretty good spells" "fire ball" "DeBouvier" "Master Claude" "Master Meeks" "index" all as seperate enteries. I'll try "Knight of Armek" and "Armek" also. I'll trow in a "green potion" too.
Okay Brogg, you draw a nice picture of the farm in the book.


Well done guys, you type 'help' into one of the terminals. You guys didn't say which one, but it doesn't matter. The monitor displays:


Welcome to Greyhelm Library 2.0!

Use of the new system is easy. For information on a topic, simply type




where is the name of the topic you wish to read about. Do not enter the <> characters, and you are limited to the first eight letters of the name.

For administrative functions, such as ADD, EDIT, or DELETE, type:



Okay, feel free to play around with the terminals. Remember to state which terminal you're using. Then, you're heading up to the Prince's Quarters.

You open the door to the landing, which leads to all three Quarters through different, smaller, and very ornate doors. Chess piece symbols are on each of the doors, a King, a Queen, and a Knight.

As soon as you arrive, though- before you can go up to the Prince's Quarters, a figure materializes before you on the landing.

At first you think it's a Knight of Armek, as it's wearing the same fancy steel armor. Certainly the helmet has the same RMC inscription on it, although the armor itself is done differently. And the figure is taller than the other Knights you've seen, easily seven feet tall or so. And not totally enclosed in armor.

Because you can see the face tentacles quite clearly.

It's an illithid (a mind flayer) in heavy plate armor, carrying a strange baton-like weapon.

Telepathically, it greets you.

<Welcome to the end, friend. Enjoy the operetta I've here arranged, once through the halls, I'll taste your brain.>

It then disappears.


You enter the door to the Prince's Quarters, and walk up a narrow, curved staircase. The work here is excellent, beautiful pink marble. Frescoes depict glorious scenes of battle.

You come into a large hall. A life-size chessboard has been laid out in black and white marble, with huge pieces here and there on the board and on the sides. A balcony completely surrounds the gameboard, with a staircase leading up to it. Two doors lead off from the balcony.

A box seat above the board contains one figure, alone in the gloom. Your light reveals that he's been impaled through the chest, stuck to the throne he's seated upon. But not quite dead, his eyes slowly turn to regard you.
  King Tut
For computer passwords I'll also try

"DeBouvier" spelled forwards and backwards



Ok, we need direction.

Moth, that's a great idea. I sketch a nice picture of Shady Orchards in my Familiar Places book. (BTW, I guess I thought I was carrying that Mirror World Folio when I wasn't.) Drawing Check: BR:5.

Marivhon, good thinking with 'Help'. Let's also try 'directory' or 'dir'.

Now, barring any major changes we rest, suit up, and head up to the Princes Quarters!
Hey, I try typing in
"help" on the keypad for the computer terminal
I also try "?"

"I think if we're going to be thorough we should go deal with that fountain....I'll follow anyone brave enough"

I sit and do some yoga.

"I would assume the keys we want are on the levels of the Prince, Queen and King, but I have been wrong before."

"I don't think we will get very useful answers from the crazy guy."

"Brogg, or Dave it's time to take control or I'm gonna kill the book guy, are we done....let's go kill the fountain. Hell let's go kill Vrill..."

I rest since I'm still hurt and killing requires good rest.
"Never ask you again Meeks. Don't you worry. With the kind of help you gave DeBouvier I have a pretty good idea where you stand. Why'd he set up these dumb boxes anyway?"
"Help? Help? I despise those infernal devices. Inedible boxes of electric shite. My assistant DeBouvier set them up before his head was served at the table of those above. Repositories of the books that reside within my entrails. Help? Hah hah... you'll get no help from me. Why not ask those devil machines themselves, and be gone with ye? Help! Help he wants!"
  King Tut
"Master Meeks, what information is in the computer terminals and how does one operate them? We'd like to figure out what went wrong here, and why, and would appreciate any help. I'm sure you are quite bored from sitting here by yourself for so long."
Tut, you only puke if you get too close to the Master. If you want to hear his whispers, though, you get close. Then, ralph.

You recover pretty quick though. Still, the sight/sound/smell of other PCs ralphing might set you off. Maybe better to back away and head back into the creepy quiet of the archive rooms. The hum of the terminals and shine of the gold locks will keep you company.

Hey, you guys are all caught up with levels and training, right? Here's what I got:

Brogg, half-orc cleric of Grisbane/fighter, levels 5/5, 39,123 / 36,885 xp (train to 7th fighter at: 70,000)

Dave: cleric of Odin, level 7, 74,124 xp (train to 8th at 110,000)

Marivhon: monk level 6, 67,390 xp (can train to 7th at 98,000)

Renwick: wizard level 6, 46,800 xp (can train to 7th at 60,000)

Schmektor: fighter level 5, 23,500 xp (train to 6th at: 35,000)

Moth: fighter/mage/thief levels 3/3/4 8,688 / 7,899 / 7,899 xp (train to 4th/4th/5th at: 8,000/10,000/10,000)

Tut: bushi level 5, 17,000 xp (train to 6th at: 30,000)


Moth, you can train to 4th fighter while people are waiting if ya want. Of course, if you don't post in in time, maybe you should just wait until more people can train (probably one or two more levels of the castle here... it's just gonna get worse from here, heh heh).
  King Tut
KT was studying for the cpa exam all day. He's doing ok.

I feel like I want to attack the master, but then I think we risk losing information. I can't come up with anything good to ask, so I'm just waiting on someone smarter/more decisive than me. I missed my puke check, so I guess I've been puking this whole time.
  It's Likely
Moth, spells swapped.


How y'all doing? The Master spits up on himself again. I'm guessing you're probably doing better than that.
"Hey Brogg, you've got drawing as an NWP, right? Maybe you should try drawing some of the places you've been in that book..."

I hate to think what we're going to find in the museum.

If we rest I swap out a Magic Missile for a Detect Magic.
  A Rather Unhelpful Post, But Hey You Got A Potion
Good thinking Renwick. There are no more keys to be found, but you do find a green potion in the Kitchens, and there's some magical stuff radiating in the fountain and greenhouse of the Botanical Gardens, but that's previously unexplored territory... let me know if you want to go there.

The Book of Familiar Places, oddly, is completely blank. There are 10 heavy pages in the book.

Brogg, the little golden key will not unlock any other cases. One key, one case.


You talk to Meeks some more.

"Keys? Leave those books be. Magical tomes, feed them to me. The royalty preserved them, the other Master of the Archives, those upstairs, corrupted beyond recognition."

"Where did you hear that word? No, forget it, beyond lies the source of madness. It was our error. Do not repeat it. Mirrors are seductive, fool. Learn from our sickness. We possessed it, yet our world still collapsed. Think yourselves better?" He laughs.

"There is no challenge that lies ahead. There is only the annihilation of the self. Gaze upon me. Look at the others. It will..."


Brogg, what folio are you talking about? Not the four leaf one with the quatrains and sonnet... that was un-removable. Please remind me.
I wonder about Familiar Places. Am I familiar with the places in this book?

Does the unmagical Gold Key open any more cases? I try the Sorcery book case.

Hey Meeks, (Con Check:10) do you know anything about GLABEROUS?

Hey guys, I vote we figure out a bit more before storming the Observatory.

Meeks, is the Magic Mirror in the Observatory? I tell Meeks if he is cooperative, I'll let him eat the Folio I found in the Mirror world.

Wait a second... I take a really good look at that Folio again.
I think that one of the priests should bust a detect magic, and we should retace our steps with a detect up. I mean to get as many books as we can, and we might have missed a key. At worst I take the time to rememorize, and blow a whole cycle of detect magics.

I ask the librarian about the books in the cases. If he can tell me where two keys are, I tell him I'll let him have one of the books. I also tell him if he can tell us any pivitol details about the challenges that lie ahead, I'll give him one of the books if he can tell us where a key is (lies).
  Castle Floorplan
Tut, here's the castle to date:

Lvl1: Ballroom, ghouls
Lvl2: Kitchen, gremlin spawner, chef
Lvl3: Workshop, golem
Lvl4:Gardens, diseased gardener and shamblers
Lvl5:Library, demon and Master Meeks
Lvl7: Prince's Quarters
Lvl8: Queen's Quarters
Lvl9: King's Quarters
Lvl10: Solar Observatory

Again, the stairs up lead unimpeded to the Museum, and continue up to a large landing with individual doors to levels 7 through 9. A smaller, circular staircase on the landing finally winds up to the very top. None of these doors seem locked to a casual inspection.

Marivhon, you ask the Master about the White Book of Poppies.

"White Book," he says, somewhat meekly. You wonder if the Master is fading, he seems less aware and cognizant. "I searched for a copy for years. Stolen from... stolen. Makes the dead alive. Better left dead. The White Book... yes, bring me the White Book. Poppies. I would like a taste..."
to the librarian, the very stinky librarian.
"you ever hear of the book of poppies? Or something like it, maybe the book of poppies or just the white book?"
-ralph heuughhhgar ralph
con checks are not a strength of mine.
  King Tut
Can I get a list of levels and what they are?


Level 1:
Level 2:
Level 3:
Level 4: Solarium


I'm trying to figure this little puzzle out.
  Book Obtained
I guess I forgot to mention that the golden key was magical. *Was*, because after Brogg opens up the case and takes the Book of Familiar Places, both the key and the lock cease to be magical. You now have the book.

Tut, there's nothing necessarily keeping you here. You can proceed up the stairs to either the Museum (level 6), to the Living Quarters, actually, levels 7-9, or all the way up to the Solar Observatory (level 10) Or head back to the elevator and go up to the Observatory the back way.
  King Tut
I can't decide whether we should try to figure out this mystery or just charge in swinging. Solving the mystery seems to be a lot more interesting, but I don't know if my brain can handle it.
I use the Gold Key on the case for the Book of Familiar Places. -I love History.
"There's a method to the madness here. From base to brain, from head to toe. Some are dead, some not, some never were alive. All disfigured and destroyed according to the logic of the scene. Logic, har." A mean-spirited laugh.

Silence. The Master ruminates, then speaks again, slowly, and softly.

"Upstairs is where our weapon lies. Our plan lies. Our lies." The Master's head twitches and he begins to choke. For a second, you think he might be choking to death, but after a while, he stops, rests his head, and goes silent. Not dead, just wheezing.
  King Tut
"What exactly happened here Meeks? We know that some people were trying to build an army to fight against the Knights with. It looks like something went wrong. What were you trying to build, and how and why did it go wrong, and result in this?"

"Why do you say that to go further is to invite it on ourselves? We've already entered, cleared out the Workshop, and left, so we can leave at any time and return to the normal world."

"Why aren't you (un)dead or insane yet? The HP was loony, the gardener was undead, and Chef Danza was both I think. Too bad, he seemed like a good cook."

"Tell us more about what's upstairs, what is up there?"
  The Master Speaks
Moth, alas, the four books are held under magical lock and super magic glass. They are, at present, untouchable.

Moth and Dave FoO approach the Master.

"Yes, come here, closer." The stench and appearance disgusts you. CON checks at +3 bonus to avoid nausea again.

"I am Master Meeks, Librarian and Archivist of Greyhelm Castle. Or the mockery that was once this castle. You must be rather strong and quite stupid to have proceeded this far." The Master begins to cough, wheeze, choke, or maybe laugh at this.

"If you have half a brain between you, you'll turn and flee this place. Better to seek your fortune outside against the Knights than to rot away here and let the others eat your flesh. This is a house of madness now... look around, death and madness only, you will see that it is true." An awful cackle at that.

"I'm half-tempted to feast on you myself... I'm out of books to eat. But you bested my demon, so maybe it's best to let you live. Of course, a swift death might be the only option left to me."

"Speak up lads, 'lest I think you nothing more than shambling piles of meat. Why have you come to this godforsaken place? Why seek a fate worse than death? Look upon me... look, damn you. You've seen some of the others... you've seen the... rot, the rot and decay that infects this place. To go further is to invite it on yourselves."

The Master falls silent, wheezing some more. Giant cataract-enrusted eyes slowly drift your way, but it's hard to tell what, if anything, the grotesque giant actually sees.


Moth, you ask about the history of the library.

"The library? MY library? Look around, fool! I've eaten it! All of it, all the books, all the spines, each drop of ink, blackbound hide, and scrap of parchment. If you're here to look for books, son, you needn't go any further than my innards. Mathematics? Stuck on the left side of my stomach, where I'm still digesting some of the formulae and geometricians' tricks. Ancient history? Impacted in my small intestine, rotting in a giant clump of shite. Poetry? Bottom of the colon, where the tripe belongs." The Master laughs horribly again, coughing up a thick wad of yellow bile, which slowly oozes down his stained shirt, settling somewhere in the middle.

"I was born here, and by god's sweet mercy I'll someday die here. Stuffed with books! Haugh... hmpf. The finest collection, first editions, unique volumes, magical tomes, ancient secrets. The sum of knowledge, the pinnacle of technology and innovation, black magical secrets. What good did it serve, I ask thee? WHAT GOOD. No, just the opposite. Ha, lad, if you want to know the real secrets... If you want true understanding... Just head on upstairs. It's rather obvious on retrospect. Follow the narrative, know this castle by its structure, same as anything else. So obvious..."
I need to hit refresh more often. Didn't see that we'd already found a bunch of books.

"Hey Renwick, can you ID these books or see if there's a curse on any of them?"

I'm wary of opening magical tomes. I'd like to check out the book of clay. Maybe building golems is the key to beating Vril and his silly Owlbears. The book of familiar places sounds... ominous.

I ask Master Meeks about the history of the library, as well as if he knows what happened around here, and what was up with that demon.
Brogg, please be specific, which boxes do you open, in what order?

Moth, noted. But... all the doors are open, the small golden padlocks are too tough to pick, and strangely enough, except for the four books under glass, there are no other books in the library. You do find a small scrap of paper in the library... although it's been ripped, and the bottom half is missing. On the piece of paper is a drawing of a book.

Brogg, the terminals don't require passwords as far as you can tell. Any of them you turn on, results simply in a blinking cursor. Please be specific about which terminal(s) you are using. You can try typing in GLABEROUS if you want, but you get the following in response

Ok, before getting friendly with Mr. Meeks, I want to check out these Archives.

I try our new key on the Golden locks. I love magic books! -I think we need these things ID'd. However, I am thinking the Sorcery one is a spellbook.

As for the terminals, can I turn them on? If there is a password, I try GLABEROUS.
I pick some locks, and generally browse the books for anything that looks useful/helpful/cool.

BR 42

BR 53

BR 31 (I'm prety sure that one makes it)

BR 77

Sombe bashin' checks:

BR 1. Nice

BR 2.

BR 6.

BR 4.

Wis check BR 2 to find stuff.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
"Hello Master Meeks. It's nice to meet you. My name is Dave, Fist of Odin and we are honored to be in this library."

"So. What's the word?"
  Master Meeks
Look at that teamwork. The one door Marivhon can't pick, and Dave FoO smashes it down.

First, searching the area... you find a small golden key in the corner of the hexagonal room that wasn't there before. The runes, Marivhon? You're not an expert in the right skills far as I can see, sorry pal.

The Archives are... unusual. Each is a large room, say 30' by 50', completely empty except for two things. Each has a large computer terminal and monitor, currently off, against the back wall. Each also has a large (5' x 5') solid glass box with a small golden lock, containing one book. Dave FoO, in each of the four rooms, the box, lock, and book all radiate magic.

The titles of the books are:
Literature: "The Book of Bad Dreams"
History: "The Book of Familiar Places"
Sorcery: "10 Pretty Good Spells: A Spellbook by Master Claude"
Private: "The Book of Clay"


The Main Stacks are even more unusual. The double doors open freely, opening into a mammoth chamber full of empty bookshelves. At the back of the room is a massive semi-circular desk, surrounding a mountain of a man. Literally. The 'man' must be ten feet tall, and grossly fat, easiy five feet wide. Horribly green in spots, diseased in spots, and mostly pale, the room stinks of filth.

"Hmm? What's this? Who's there? I smell men. Come closer, so that Master Meeks can better see you."
History Door Find traps 74 open locks 32
literature Door Find traps 14 open locks 78
Sorcery Door Find traps 50 open locks 7
Private Door find traps 15 open locks 8

My find and remove is 45% and my open locks is a 49%

above and beyond all that I search the area we fought the demon in especially looking at the runes hmm Glaberous...
d6 for search a 4 percentile 73 and int check to study the runes an 11 I made by 4. ok that should do me.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Sigh. I miss our demon buddy. Maybe I should start taking 'Abjure' instead of Cure Serious. How we all doing on potions? Or no - wait - with level 4 summons I have a chance of getting a Vrock, or Zangief.

His arms are so stretchy!

I have a 15 strength. I need a one to smash a door open...

Archives: History BR 2.
Archives: Literature BR 1. Hotcha!
Archives: Sorcery BR 4.
Archives: Private BR 3.

Well, there's one of 'em. Once we get them all open, I'll bust a detect and run through the rooms.

Oh - Brogg, I've got the continual light stone. It's in a small bag, next to my whiskey, if you need it.
  Demon Days
Okay, wow. I always seem to underestimate you guys. You guys spank the demon pretty hard. The demon says "Hmm. Well, enjoy the place, my work here is done. The word is GLABEROUS, by the way." Whatever that means.

The darkness and fear wear off, and you're back in the metal room. Everything is as it was before, sans demon. There's some ichor here and there though.

Door to the "Main Stacks" is openable, otherwise you're free to Pick Locks/Bash Doors as you wish. For either, three chances each, doors only budge if you have a 15 STR or higher on a 1 in 6, 17 or higher, 2 in 6.

Nicely done. I'll assume you rest up, heal and recover spells to full.
Well let's sort this out shall we.

So Dave walked in and got attacked, I think they call that round 1
Well I'll come to his aid.
I attack and hit ac 5
ok round 2 for me, ac 4 and 6.
round 3 save vs fear made easily
round 3 attack is pathetic.
round 4 double damage for 18 hp and a miss.
round 5 a miss
round 6 miss swish.
let's see how things are after that feeble help. Monks don't really have that great of thac0.
Rob, the way you phrased that: "The demon fears you all" sounded funny to me... it almost sounded like a compliment -after all, we are a force to be reckoned with - a party to be afraid of... but somehow I don't think that's what you meant

I am definitely afraid....

Yeah... I was scared of the little slime goblins, and now this. I am just a major pansy. Save vs. spell? no thanks - BR 12... I'd much rather run in fear.
  King Tut
Foo drank a potion for +19 hp, so he should be at 12 not -7.

I'll post rounds 3 and 4 from me, I'll probably be checking in a lot today but I'm headed to the gym, and I know action can go in spurts.

Round 3
BR: 14, hits -2.

Round 4:
BR: 15, hits -3, which is what I believe the demon is it.
BR: 19 hits.

BR8: 4 + 4 = 8pts
BR8: 3 + 4 = 7 pts.

I do 15 pts in R4.
  King Tut
Were we allowed to move points around in our stats (e.g. -1 to rolled Int and +1 to rolled Str.)? I see a bunch of people with good stats in important abilities, in fact, every person has at least one stat that grants bonuses. Or did they just get lucky and roll them?

Ok, so if Dave does dispell, I made my 2nd save with an 18.

So, I guess I can attack in Round 4, but my attacks reset at 3/2.

Round 4 BR: 5 = miss

Round 5:
BR: 16 = hit unless there is Darkness in effect. d8 = 2 + 4 = 6 pts.
BR: 19 = hit even if Darkness is in effect. d8 = 8 + 4 = 12 pts.

I think I do 0 pts in R4 and 18 in R5.

How does everyone else do so much dmg? Poor Tut, he only chips away at monkeys, instead of making big withdrawals from the United Monkey Bank of Monkeys like the others in this party :(
(Honest? Hey, the Blog rolls as the Blog rolls. Actually, I've been keeping track of our rolls for sometime now, -as an experiment. I'll post the statistics of our Blogrolls soon.)

Darkness, eh? That's a pretty good one. -I'll give that to you, Dog Breath. Maybe you are Type III.5, no?

Nonetheless, the Faith of Grisbane gives me sight where my eyes have none! Taste my shiny Broadsword!!! BR:5.


Round 6? BRs:2,17 Aha! I found your Nether-Worldly Flesh! 15 points!

Hey, doesn't someone have a light coin?!
  Demon! Round 3 And 4, Into Round 5
Dave FoO, the Mace will degrade armor down to its base state. For most armors, that's 1-6 points. For the demon, you can get one more AC point off if you hit again, but that'll be the limit. Up to you.

Silence is 15' radius, so ask if you really want to do that. He's actually casting, so you can Dispel it. You get one roll per person afraid, and it's got to be a 14 or higher... (contested effect, 10 HD vs level 7... equal levels is 11 or higher, so you need a 14). What this means is that anyone who failed a save, gets another shot, but they have to roll a 14 or higher...we'll let the fraidy-cats roll for theyselfs.

But Dave FoO and Brogg are stalwarts so far. Dave FoO, up to 30 hp.

Tut, the effect of fear is for you to run away at full movement. You sprint down the hall, unless the fear is Dispelled (see above).

Brogg, thanks for being honest with the 1. The Potion you drink more than compensates, and you're back at full, but the Aid bonus hps are gone.

You guys are keeping track of your potions, yes?

Anyway, Round 4: The demon casts Darkness in the area, so you're all now -4 to hit. That makes the demon's AC effectively -7.

Dave FoO, the demon still sees you as the big threat, hitting him, Aiding, and dispelling all willy-nilly. "Your soul will soon be mine, Priest. Your magic will only last so long. Look at your friends all flee from you... Or at least, I hope you got a good look at their boots, before I turned out the lights. Make peace with your god- prepare to die."

Round 5, FoO, the demon smacks you again for 14, you're down to 16 hp. (That AC is saving your ass, I've been rolling a shitload of 7s, oddly. The demon gets 5 fucking attacks.)
Dave, Fist of Odin gave me AIDS. -Thanks DFoO!

Am I afraid? BR:20. Hell Nooooo!

Do I hit? BR:6. Hell Nooooo!

That's round 3.

Round 4, two attacks, BRs:4,1. Oh, shit. Let's just say I follow that critical with a Po. of Extra-Healing. That is, if I am still able to imbibe. Don't forget AIDS gave me 5 extra hps. -Funny that way.
  King Tut
BR: 6, failed the save v. fear.

What are the effects of fear?
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Hey wait - I thought the mace of degradation only affected a given opponent once. Is is cumulative? I kinda want to know; if it is, I'll keep plugging away with that - if not, I'm using the +2 mace.

Next round, save BR 13 - makes it handily.

Then another potion, for 14 points back. Strictly average.

Is the demon casting, or innately scary? I want to know if I should bust a silence on his ass.

Also, since we're not using initiative, I guess I clobber (BR 5 - swing and a miss) instead of casting Dispel - unless I can cast the dispel on anyone afraid.

If I can, I do that instead of clobbering.

If I can't, I dispel the fear on round four.

Your move, bitch.
  Do You FEAR The Demon?
Sorry, Dave FoO posted as I was writing my own post. Okay Dave FoO, you're actually at 12 hp, and you do another 6, bringing the total dmg to 42.

The demon's AC is -3 now.

Round 2, okay Brogg, you got the AIDS. Dave FoO, you take a potion for 4, putting you at 16.

Round 3, Tut miss, unless Dave FoO hits again that round.

Round 3, hmm. The demon Fears you all. Everyone make a Save vs. Spells, WI bonuses and penalties apply. This could also be a very bad thing, if you think about it.
  King Tut
Foo drank a potion for +19 hp, so he should be at 12 not -7.

I'll post rounds 3 and 4 from me, I'll probably be checking in a lot today but I'm headed to the gym, and I know action can go in spurts.

Round 3
BR: 14, hits -2.

Round 4:
BR: 15, hits -3, which is what I believe the demon is it.
BR: 19 hits.

BR8: 4 + 4 = 8pts
BR8: 3 + 4 = 7 pts.

I do 15 pts in R4.
  Demon Combat, Round 1 Into Round 2
Tut, the demon didn't chase Dave FoO down the hall. Although DFoO's posted actions were to go down and start bashing on doors, actually all that really happened is Dave FoO got halfway across the demon's room, walked right in front of the demon, and the thing jumped him.

So sorry, Tut, no +4 to hit. Nice thinking though.

Round 2, the demon stays on Dave FoO. The demon does 11, dropping him to -7. Dave FoO, you've still got an action in your conscious round 1 of course.

Tut, two rounds of misses.

Moth, first round you missed.

Schmek, miss the first round, nice hit the second.

Brogg, 22 pts of damage over the first two rounds. You guys have done 36 so far. That's actually pretty good.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
And Brogg - I didn't bring this guy in, particualrly, he just, you know, came in. Near me, not with me. I think. Ah, fuck it, maybe you're right. Maybe I caused this plague upon us. But you know what, it doesn't matter, 'cuz this motherfucker gonna get my metal.

My +1 metal mace of AC breaking to the head, I mean! BR 18, bitch! Br 2 for 6 points damage. But the best part is -1 to this fucker's AC. I also drink a potion for 19 back.

Hey - you know what? This guy kinda sucks. I guess we're committed, though.

Next round I pop an Aid on Brogg. +5 hp, +1 hit/damage. Good luck, buddy. I think I'll probably be chugging a potion - let's see how it plays out. I switch weapons back to the +2 mace, too.
I leap from the Tart and start swinging:

My first three rounds:

Round 1: BR 15 (miss)
Round 2: BR 20 for 14 points (6 +1 x2)
Round 3: BR 15 (miss)

I hate Demons.
  King Tut
The rest of the party should get 2 rounds of back attacks on the demon since it chased after DFoo and then attacked him.

Is back attack a +4 to hit? Any extra damage?

For round 1:
BR: 12 hits if back attack is +4 to hit. d8=3 + 4 = 7 pts of dmg.

Round 2:
BR: 7
BR: 13 hits if back attack is + 4 to hit. d8 = 7 +4 = 11 pts of dmg.

"Type 1, 2, 3,
If you got a problem come see me
Egypt is my land
Got a buzzsaw on my hand
Diced cavemen in the past
Lil' demon you ain't gonna last
Long against this crew
So I'm only asking you to
Have some good loot
No more of this +1 poo.

I'm glad we're not paying DFoO to think. Seeing as we are paying him to clobber, I say he should get a raise. -A Raise Dead, that is.

Anyway, that's not the pressing issue. The pressing issue is the crazed Type III Demon that DFoO has set loose upon us.

I look for Grisbane for strength.

Finding it in that Ever-Full Well of Grisbanic Truth, -I rally.

Type III? That's code for Unskilled Labor in the Abyss, isn't it Dog-face!?

Welcome to the Prime Material Plane and Taste the Wrath of Grisbane, Byatch! BR:19. Hell yeah. 12 points of Broadsword love.

Next round, BRs:16,13. One hit for 10. If necessary, I am slamming a Po. of Healing.

BTW, If you guys don't feel useful, Pump me Up!
  King Tut
-4 means most of us need to roll a base 16 or better to hit. These demons have over a hundred HP usually, and some magic resistance, this one gets about 5 attacks per round and does at least 20 hp a round probably.

I'm not sure what our chances are here.
  The Demon Lied. Go Figure.
Well, Dave FoO is a smart guy, reads all the posts, understands the general situation here. So to get to the doors, he enters the room, steps over the runes, and gets about halfway before the demon takes his five attacks. Three hits, for 15-3=12 hp dmg.

Start of round one, the demon attacks again. Two hits and a double damage, for 23 more. Dave FoO, you're down to 4 hp.

The demon's AC, by the way, is -4. So Moth, I think your 17, while respectable, is actually a miss, sorry to say. Don't forget that your sword is +1, your STR is 17 (giving you a +1 to hit/+1 damage), and getting 3rd level fighter gives you another weapon proficiency.

We're not fucking around here, obviously. Good luck, you'll need it.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Locked doors? I'm wearing a heavy suit of armor, I've got a decent strength, and three magical maces. Now, I CAN read, sure - I just, you know, DON'T. Other people in the party want to read - and more power to them.

Me, I like to clobber things. I get to work on the doors. I'll start with History, then Sorcery, then Private, then Literature. My strength is a 15, and if a shoulder rush doesn't take the doors down I start bashing them with my maces.
  King Tut
Can't help it, demons scare Tut. They have lots of crazy abilities and immunities.
  Level 5: The Library of Greyhelm (Here's Where It Starts To Get More Interesting, I Hope)
I'm sure Brogg is careful not to step on the runes, as he steps out of the elevator, over the runes, and across the room. The demon leans against the wall, smiles and nods, sniffs the air with his enormous dog-headed snout, and checks his watch. Clears his throat when you open the door. Casually keeps his eyes on you the whole time.

You open the metal door into a long dark hall. It's a T-intersection. There several doors here:
Main Stacks
Archives: History
Archives: Literature
Archives: Sorcery
Archives: Private

A casual check reveals each door marked 'Archives' is locked, nothing too out of the ordinary (no glowing silver padlocks, e.g.). None of your keys seem to fit.

Plus the main branch of the T leads to the Stairs going both up and down. The sign says that the Botanical Gardens is downstairs (Level 4), while the Great Greyhelm Museum is upstairs (Level 6).

When Brogg enters the hall, the demon looks at Brogg walking down there. Turns and looks at the rest of you, quizzically, and grins wide. "I hope he doesn't run in to the other guardian. I'd hate to lose my snack."
  King Tut
"Don't step on the runes Brogg."
I cast PFE on myself, and walk past the Demon and into the library.

I then search like crazy for interesting books and magical mirrors. -I'll call out book titles to the boys behind me to see if they are interested.

BTW, is there a door? Is it locked? -I try our keys.
The demon says: "Wishes? Well... if you want a malicious wish, find three magic books and bring them to me." It grins widely, revealing huge, razor-sharp teeth.
  King Tut
"Hey demon fire up your laptop if you have one and check out the DM's link to your type. Here's a quote:
'Glabrezu tempt their victims into ruin by luring them with power or wealth.' Hmm, that sounds a lot like you offering us a 'half hour in the library.'"

Someone make a call as to what to do, I'm rarely a leader and usually a follower. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything on the web about strengths/weaknesses/abilities. I don't know if our +1 weapons can even hit this guy.

"Are you granting any wishes today, demon?" I did find a small blurb that Glabrezu can grant a wish 1x/ mo, but it must be used to create pain/suffering or they require all kinds of shit. How about we wish permanent, explosive diarrhea on G. Vrill?
Brogg, your choices to enter the library are through this metal hexagonal room, or back downstairs, past the fountain, and up again. The dumbwaiter (really a brass elevator) opens up into the back of the castle here on the Library level, where this demon guy is hanging out.

There's not really a pentagram, but there are a ton of little brownish runes along the perimeter of the floor, each about an inch across, separated by a quarter inch. For those of us reading beyond the States, each rune is 3 cm, separated by 1 cm. The runes are rather intricate. As you're studying them, the demon looks at the floor too. "Impressive work for a fleshling," it says, shrugging. The demon yawns and crosses its four arms.
In the Library, eh?

Do we need to past through this guy's pentagram to get to the Library? If not, I'll take him up on the offer.

I will spend the first twenty minutes searching through for good stuff. Here's a d6 and d100: BR:4, BR:95. Oh, also a Wisdom Check: BR:4.

Specifically, I am trying to figure out anything I can about the Knights of Armech. Anything on Accounting, Heraldry, Poetry or Art History would also be of great interest.

Don't fast-forward me into battle with a Type III demon now, that's just the first twenty minutes.
  Monster Conversations
Moth, it's a straight-up Type III Demon. You recall looking this up one night on Wikipedia, and sure enough:

Tut, you tell the demon everything you know, which isn't all that much now that you think about it, about the Knights of Armek and the situation outside. The demon seems rather bored but politely listens.

"I suppose there's no harm in telling you that I was placed here to guard a few relics and books of dangerous information. Just past that door." One of the demon's four arms points a thumb metal-door-towards. "I don't know anything about any of that, but it's probable that an answer to these mysteries can be found in the library just beyond. I was summoned here over a year ago in your time. If you think this sucks, just wait until you go upstairs." The demon laughs. "Sure, come on in. Tell you what, I'll give you half an hour in the library, then I'll kill you. So find what you want to know quickly."

Otto's not much of a demonologist. "A demon? Well that sounds like bad news too. This whole place has really gone to hell." Otto chuckles at his joke. "Thanks, but I'll stay here or wander back downstairs."
Int Check BR 6. Any exciting info on this demon guy?

In case we fight:

With the +1 longsword.

BR 17+1= 18 for 7 damage if he's small/medium, 13 damage if he's large.


BR 4. Eesh.

Just to clarify, this is only if we end up in combat, I'm not trying to genk this guy. If I can communicate with the demon, I'll try to make a deal with him. Maybe we can gather up some corpses or something, there are a lot of those around here, right?
  King Tut
"Tell you what, that sounds like a pretty unfair proposition. I bet you are really bored in there, so how about we exchange some information and then we'll enter. At least we'll have died with the mystery solved."

I fill the demon in on what we know, the Knights, the attempted creation of the anti-knights, etc.

"Can you fill in any gaps in our knowledge? How did you get here, why were you brought here, and why did you end up staying here, doing nothing? Why are there so many undead, and disgusting, creatures here? And has anyone else been through here since the 'accident' or whatever happened that changed this place?"

I'll also take note of the pentagram and the demon's features, and describe them to Otto. Does he have any information at all? Is he pretty much happy hanging out, munching on food, and landscaping?
  The Demon's Proposition
Okay, back up the dumbwaiter to the back entrance of the Library, one floor above. Door opens, large four-armed demon still there.

"I suspected you'd be back. Please enter so I might dine on your flesh."
  King Tut
I'm ok with the dumbwaiter plan...we could always kill/befriend that bound demon too.

Otto, can you describe or sketch the creature that's in the water? Or tell us a little bit about what's up the dumbwaiter?

I think we only have the top level and the demon left.

I say we listen to Otto.

Don't we have a mission to perform here? Is time of the essence? Let's find this mirror and do what we have to do. -Even if we don't know or remember what that is.

We can always come back and clear this place for fun.

Is everyone good to go? If so, let's hit the dumbwaiter.
  INTERLUDE: Home Fries
Scene: "Shady Orchards", a sleepy farmhouse- one of the last bastions of civilization in a war-torn land. Two holdouts are the last that remain on this once-prosperous country ranch. Gregolas Half-Elven, blonde-dredlocked burnout. Ronald Greetles, Esq., kobold mayor of Shady Orchards and the village of Grito, population 20.

The kitchen. It is morning. Gregolas sits in front of a massive wide-screen TV watching the demo screens of a frenetic video game, on mute. A laptop is open in front of him, and 'rap' music can be heard blasting from its tinny speakers. After a long pause, Greetles comes downstairs, sleepily, still in robe and slippers.

GREGOLAS: (Cheerfully) Yo, Grizzle!

Greetles glares at Gregolas and wipes at his eyes, frowning.

GREGOLAS: Yo you gotta check this out. Just listen.

Impossibly, Gregolas turns up the music even louder, and sings along.

GREGOLAS: (Singing) Lo duc do dong/ An thuc do thong
Bic burrac/On du thac/Pho dong di la long!

Mahalo, me calo/Thuc pho do don don, yo
Jung lee/chuk mee/"An she a big ho!"

Ha ha! Ain't this just... whoa, wait a sec, check it here... right here! Did you hear that beat?

Gregolas points at the laptop and stares at Greetles, mouth open in glee.

GREGOLAS: Well didja? That beat? Fuckin' Mentos, G. Tha freshmaker! Huh huh.

Greetles stares back, half stunned. Shakes his head absently and turns to the stove, where he puts on a tea-kettle.

GREETLES: Gregolas, could you please turn that down? At least over breakfast... at least... (He checks his watch. Flatly:) 5:30 AM. Have you been up all night?

GREGOLAS: Yeah, it's cool though. Pimped my iPod out with some of this stuff. This is Ng Sta, total Vietnamese hip-hop, total original. I'm tellin' you bra. Ment-ohs. Believe it.

Greetles smiles and prepares his tea.

GREETLES: Any word from the Tower, or...

GREGOLAS: Nope, nothin. Oh sorry man, didn't mean to cut you off. You were askin?

GREETLES: Huh? Well, yeah, right. Yes. I mean, no word then from anyone, I take it.

GREGOLAS: Not on Greg's watch. Didn't roll a 1 here Grizz. Been up a while actually.

Gregolas seems to contemplate just how long he's been awake.

GREGOLAS: Shit, well, that's a satisfying conclusion to my hypothesis.

Greetles looks puzzled.

GREGOLAS: It was a total system. Red Bulls on the hour, plus a little weed here-n-there to patch the holes in the walls. Gonna crash soon though if that's cool.

GREETLES: Sure, I'll take the day shift. You checked all the traps and alarms, I take it?

GREGOLAS: Yeah, I...

Gregolas breaks off in mid-sentence as he looks at the laptop. Looks back at Greetles in surprise and shock. Beat.

GREGLOAS: (Measured.) Oh... my... god. 100% OMG Greetz.

Greetles runs over, alarmed.

GREETLES: What is it? Another platoon? Fire? The...

GREGOLAS: No, no. (Shakes his head, understanding Greetles' alarm.) No we ain't under attack, it's cool. In fact, I have a feeling everything is going to be totally cool for the rest of forever. Shit bro, start re-collecting your unicorn and rainbow stickers, cause Prayers Sometimes Do Come True.

Greetles looks confused, again.

GREGOLAS: Just got notification, auto-email, you dig? The 'Las likes to keep his finger on the pulse of Hotness, and Hotness just raged hard. Check it out. (Shows the laptop to Greetles. Avec gravitas:) They're filming "Dragonlance".

Beat. Greetles, for the first time in a long time, slowly grins.

GREGOLAS: Oh no, brother of mine. If that were all, I'd be all like 'Grizz, pour the Elize and call in sick to the office, we down-and-out!" But that's not The Hotness. According to IDMDB here or whatever, do you see who's doing the voices? Do you see? Do You See The Light, oh my brother?

Greetles begins to speak, reading off the screen, but Gregolas cuts him off.

GREGOLAS: (Faux-majestically:) That's right, my brothers and sisters, you are 200% correct. It is by the glory of the lord that I bring you this good news: Xena and Agent Jack Bauer are Goldmoon and Raistlin. Fuckin' XENA dude. Fuckin' Xena.

Gregolas and Greetles sit down on the couch together and stare for a second at the laptop, then turn their attention to the video game. Greetles looks over at Gregolas.

GREETLES: Um, Greg. What is that, that on the screen?

GREGOLAS: Oh yeah Grizzle, new Dead or Alive game comin' out. Whoa, hello! Waay out baby! Heh heh, that's what I'm talkin about! Goldmoon yo!

Gregolas punches Greetles on the shoulder, and Greetles shakes his head laughing in mock-disgust. They watch the game for a minute or so, then Greetles returns to his tea. Sips it by the stove delicately as it's hot. Gregolas types something on the laptop and nods in satisfaction. Pause. Greetles puts down the tea, wipes his eyes again, and comes back over to the couch.

GREETLES: So, you know... not to rain on this parade, much welcome as it is. But Greg, today's the day. I'm talking to Smallwood in the afternoon.

The mood is suddenly somber. Two old friends, making morning pleasantries while in the trench of a terrible battle.

GREGOLAS: Yeah I know little G. Bri's propa and his old man is a'ight. I mean, he a cocksucka, but he a'ight. (Lights a joint, puffs.) We all gotta play parts in this. Looks like they just called your number. Gregolas keep the home fries burnin'.

GREETLES: (To himself) 'Fires'. 'Home fires'.

GREGOLAS: Huh? You say something? Sorry, Ng Sta on the mic and all.

GREETLES: Oh, nope. You want some tea?

GREGOLAS: 100% yes.

  Otto's Sort Of Helpful
Okay, Tut, you inform Otto about what's going on. He sort of frowns and decides to head upstairs with you anyway.

"Uh, hey KT. This isn't good. I wouldn't head over to that fountain if I were you. If you have to get upstairs, I'd try that dumbwaiter thing you guys were first excited about. Yeah... it's... well, there's something real bad over there. REAL bad. Accounts for the vomit. I don't know how to say it in your language, so let's just say it's REAL BAD and call it an approximate translation, 'k? I'll be over by that birch tree eating some compost."
  King Tut
I make a search of the area. Rolled a 1 on a d6, but scrounge of 68 is a failure.

Any evidence of other forms of life, i.e. what was doing all the vomiting? I'll also tell Otto of the mess up here, and if he has any ideas for fixing it up. He should wait till we are done though, because I'm not sure it's safe, and I don't want any harm to befall my new friend.

Is there any indication of human or mechanical remains, maybe something that helps to explain what happened, when or why? Were the Knights like evil undead knights or something, that could turn other people into undead?
  The Silence Of The Forest Friends
Whoa. Okay, well that does it. After rounds 5 and 6, no more enemies are left standing.

It's all quiet.

A trail leads off towards a large fountain just before the stairs up. There's something a bit off though... from afar, the water looks a bit thicker than usual.

A side path also heads off towards a small greenhouse, whose windows are steamed over.

The Gardener has a pair of disgusting gardening shears and a filthy iron key.
  King Tut
Round 5 on a shambler: BR 5

Round 6: BR: 7 hits AC 5
d8: 2 + 5 = 7 pts of dmg.
BR: 20
d8: 4 + 5 = 9 x 2 = 18

Total 25 pts of dmg in round 6.
"Yes! Renwick Yes!...."
I think I am in round five.

A chop on the Shambler that's loving Dave, Fist of Odin. BR:11. That's 12 points.

Then, for round six, two attacks on the same Shambler. BRs:1,5. Huh. Sorry Dave, Fist of Odin.

I am glad I took Plant Growth.
I attack the Gardener. Miss
round 5 hit and a miss for 12 points of damage
round 6 hit ac 8 for 9 points
After the lightning bolt I freak out.

I jump up and down as hard as I can while shaking my fists as my head rolls around and my mouth fanticaly silently screams.

All those years at hogwarts and all I get is problems.

that's my round two.

I magic missile the gardener for round three for 12pts.

In between incantations I scram "Die gardener! Die!" I'm freaking out emperor style in return of the jedi.

I magic missile the gardener for round four 13pts.
I keep magic missiling the gardener in round five, even if he's down, I just want to hurt something Br 7+3 for 10.

"Feel my power gardener, Feel...Your...Doom!" I scream as spittle trickles down my chin.
  Here Comes the FUTURE
Alright Tut and Dave FoO, damage added. Now that Shambler's looking pretty bad. I'll pause here for a sec waiting for others to buzz in before continuing into the FUTURE.
Descent into Depths is an old school 1st Edition AD&D adventure run by the Infinity Group.

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