I guess it's up to me to post.
I use the noises of the party to judge the size of the room
Hear Noise made with a 16.
I then move about carefully, dex check made.
I look for a light switch, lamp or anything useful.
darkness doesn't bug me.
I push my fingers against my eyes and play with the pretty colors then.
huh, nobody looked through the telescope.....

I vote that if tut thinks brown lotus sucks he gets no more lotus. That shit seems great.
It is dark. You cannot see. It is quiet. You feel sick, but the nausea soon passes.

It is cold here.
This rocks! I've got 2 Hooked Horror Skeletons flanking me now. Hell Yeah!

The boys, Femur and Pelvis, each have 19 Hit Points.

Let's get through that mirror.
  Scry Guys
Dave FoO, if you look at your post, you'll see you saved it as a draft. You didn't officially 'publish' it, i.e., you hit the blue button not the orange button. For everyone else's sake, here's your post (marked in blue):

I have a few things to scry:'Valkyrie'.

I know, the valkyrie had a name, and my character knows it. Rob, if you want me to take five hours and search through all the back-blogs to find that valkyrie's name, I'll do it - or, you can fill in the blank that Dave has, but that Dave, Fist of Odin, does not.

I also want to scry 'Amouran', 'Crystal G', 'Crys-G', 'Zelba', 'Odin', 'Fist of Odin', 'Other Fist of Odin', and 'Fist of Odin -Dave'. I'll play around with characters until I find a 'not' operator.

And, what the hell. I scry 'Tim the Dust Devil' for Brogg, and 'Greetles', 'Leucrotta' and 'monkey mage'. I don't really know what a leucrotta is, but I heard the word somewhere and it sounds pretty cool. Leucrotta leucrotta leucrotta!

Then I scry 'Marivhon's embarassing secret'. Ha!

All right. I take the expensive coin, 'cuz what the hell, and the potion of pesticide and weed-killer. And, what the hell, I'll take al 4 potions of plant growth, to have 'em on a character sheet.That's it, I think.


The mirror is pretty smart, but you've successfully tested it and found its limits. Here's what you get.

The Valkyrie. Her name is Grunhilda or Brunhilda or something, of course. But the mirror finds her. Still doped up in Mysterious X's prison. Wow, she's been there for a while now... a few years of game time. How sad.

Amouran. Well, it's your armor, so you see you. Well done! The other PCs give you golf claps.

Crystal G. Well huh, look at that. He's in the Monks of Progress' recording studio. Those two monks who remastered the MoP chants are currently working on a hot new track with Crys Love. The G is in the sound booth dropping mad hits, or so you guess because there's no sound. The two producers listen, nodding their heads to a beat, then finish, smile, and give each other a high five. The G ain't happy though, so they've gotta do it again.

Zelba. Sorry, you can scry Abbey and your armor but you can't scry gods.

Same for Odin.

You manage to scry yourself again for Fist of Odin... none others come up, and there's not a NOT operator. This ain't Google Image search.

Tim the Dust Devil. Tim is hanging out in his apartment in the working-class rent controlled district of the Quasi-Elemental Plane of Dust. He's ignoring his nagging wife while just trying to watch the goddamn game, you know? Jesus Christ.

Greetles. Greetles has been suckered into going head-to-head with Gregolas on Halo, and losing. Whoops, looks like Greetles got turned around and grenaded himself. You see a copy of the Financial Times- being pink it's hard to miss- that Greetles keeps trying to read while levels load.

Leucrotta. While leucrottas are certainly dangerous mountain-dwelling foes that prey on lost travellers, you don't see one. Rather, you scry the Southern assassin Leucrotta, a half-orc badass for hire who rolls low on the chart, if you get my drift. He's currently in the middle of a high paying job, sneaking into one of the Desert King's pyramids to assassinate the Reptilian ambassador Slath-Gaspar. He silently, expertly dispatches two halberd wielding guards, jumps down a ventilation shaft, and creeps along a richly decorated hall, applying poison to his glowing black Rambo knife.

You look around this goddamn castle and feel a bit jealous.

Monkey mage.

Wow, this is almost more informative than those library archives. You get a nice picture of a monkey in a wizard's outfit.

Marivhon's secret. Nope, mirror doesn't understand. But you scry Marivhon just sitting there in the Tard Cart.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Hey - I had some things I wanted to scry! Did my post get lost? I can see it, there on the blog. .. . .
  More Skeletons
Oh yeah, I guess that's right. Okay, there are 1d4+1 huge (10-12' tall) skeletons of Hook Horrors. You know, giant underground bird men with hooks for hands. You can animate them.

For future notice, you summoner/animator guys: in combat, go ahead and roll for your creations. These guys are 5 HD, THACO 15, 2 attacks for 2d6 each. They're AC:7 and take half damage from edged weapons. Spooky.

You all enter the mirror gate...
I am in!

However, did someone say Monstrous Skeletons?! I use my belt to Animate some! What are we talking about here?
I push the button and go.

"Who's with me? well, besides the guys in the Tart... cuz they're comin along!"

I start pulling the tart and make for the portal.
  Okay, Mirror Open
Well... alright, I guess that's all it takes.

No, none of the keys do anything, you do a sweep of all the places you've been before, including the chapel and whatnot, but nothing turns up. Then you remember...

You never explored level 6 of the castle. The Museum Level. Just never went in.

In you go. The place is a disaster. Signs of combat... blast marks, mainly, and some dead monstrous skeletons. The level's been ransacked, with a few Library-esque magic glass cabinets now open and empty.

A thorough sweep does turn up a scrap of paper in a dustbin. Picture of a helmet, and written beneath it in fancy script is: "ANTITHESIS".


You type the word in, and the helmet icon flashes, disappears, leaving behind a second glowinng mirror icon. To activate the portal and head on through, just press the button...
Have we found any keys that might unlock the golden lock on the keep? Perhaps we could find some answers there...

Rob, to review, the three main buildings in Greyhelm are the tower, the keep and the chapel. seems like we have ransacked and pilfered both the tower and the chapel (not in that order) but the Keep is largely untouched... right? or is there another area in the tower we skipped over or just missed?

Does anyone in the party have a key? wait, do I have a key? what came of the key from Lord Ocho's neck? I know I took it... but did it get used somewhere else? if I still have it, I take a trip down and out of the tower and try it on the Keep... if it was used already... then I start exploring the tower for any other rooms (secret ones like Chef Danza's) or other hallways we have yet to examine.

I'm with ya Tut. Let's solve this shit.
  Three Down, One More To Go
GLABEROUS has it, and unlocks the third icon. Level III access granted, which powers up the telescope.

Then... huh. You realize you don't have any more scraps of paper with mysterious words written on them. You need to get one more password to open the mirror gate, presumably, but you haven't found it (yet). Here's a hint: it has nothing to do with the telescope or library terminals, so don't ust try randomly fucking with those things. And none of those BS words you've been entering work either.

No, Schmektor, these words, like the Prince's name, have nothing to do with the castle or its inhabitants, exept for GREYHELM itself obviously. Here's another hint: you're not going to randomly guess it. Well, in theory you might, infinite monkeys/infinite typewriters and all that, but no, not really.

So a crossroads: get the mirror open, or admit defeat. Either way, it'll be the end of this adventure. Since I leave a week from tomorrow for a while, we'll call that the time limit?


Tut, well, yeah. Brown Lotus, there ya go. Your book, gimme a Writing check to see how great it is. Unfortunately, your choices for publishing are limited. You can enter it all, line by line, into the library terminal if you want to store it there. No printouts though. Other than that, since you still can't leave this fucking castle, you can hire one of the Greyhelm peasants to publish it for you and distribute it around the 30-odd people on the first floor.
  King Tut
I conclude my book by saying "The brown lotus sucks. If you get one, sell it for money."

But, then I write a book about my experience dying and coming back to life. I add some touchy-feely family moments, a knowingly awkward "first kiss" chapter, and end by affirming the value of life, love, family and religion. I also add a small chapter at the end about a light at the end of a tunnel and how (whatever deity has the most followers) smiled at me and said that my time wasn't up yet. Lastly I distill this wisdom into a few snippets to help with parenting: love your children for who they are, encourage them to be the best but accept and support their choices, and something about talking to them about sex and drugs.

I then compile a list of publishers to whom I could sell this manuscript, which is targeted squarely at the major demographic.

The brown lotus sucks sucks, true, but perhaps it can provide some indirect benefits to the entreprenurial (sp??) mind.


I'm getting a little bored with this current phase, we seem to have stalled. Lately I've been the only one posting much, and I've lost interest. So, I hope someone else picks up the ball. Brogg, shoot me a text message if things get rolling again.
Oh hell yeah, I try 'GLABEROUS' for the book.

Gimme some XP!!!!
HEy Rob, what about the helmet password... does "prince" or the prince's actual name work to grant access? INT check to remember his name... BR 4... yeah... not so much.

"Anybody remember the Prince of Greyhelm's name?

I try the library terminals to get his name.
  In Which We Understand The Difference Between Brown Lotus Power And Gorilla Power
Okay Tut, you eat the Brown Lotus. You die. Seriously!

The power of the Brown Lotus, the Dead Lotus, is the power of life from death.

You come back from the dead. Lose one CON point. For real this time. I'm not kidding.

But here's the kicker: you now have a free Resurrection. Next time you die, you come back at full health, no con loss, good as new (full hp) the next round.

In the meantime, you're suddenly not afraid of death anymore. You've got a +3 to saves vs. fear until you die again.

You also have a Lotus Blessing, which grants you a +1 to all saves forever. (Meaning your save vs. fear is actually +4.)

Pretty good, all things considered. Hmm, you wonder what the other Lotus powers do. You have an oddly certain knowledge that if you eat another Brown Lotus, you'll die no save, no comeback. So stay away from the Brown Lotus next time.

(In case you're wondering, all three saves made is no con loss. You got 2/3. One save is what you got, except no Lotus Blessing. Zero saves is death. Welcome to Lotus Power.)


No, "MEEKS", "MASTER MEEKS", none of that crap works for the book icon. Huh, maybe it has something to do with why ORBACH and GREYHELM worked, rather than all the other random crap you've been entering.


You scry Mike the Zombie. You see Mike, a damned soul burning in Orcus's abyssal domain. It looks horrible, some crummy Type II demon is ripping out his fingernails. Uh oh.


You scry a +3 Broadsword. Sure enough, it shows you ZOM-G and his awesome chainsaw. Zom wanders over and looks at himself in the mirror. You and Zom then look at each other, look down at his weapon, look back at each other, and slowly look back in the mirror.

  Master Gregory Vrill MPG, Guildmaster of the Grito/Greyhelm Potion Guild, Mage
Dear Webmaster,

Hello from one webmaster to another. I am trying to get the Blogflux 'mapstats' to appear on my web blog, The Potion Guild (http://www.potionguild.blogspot.com/). For some reason I have had little success, as the Blogflux F.A.Q. is useless re: this problem. I would appreciate your blogger code for mapstats. You may email me at mastervrill713@yahoo.com or post the code in a comment in our most recent post at above-mentioned blog. (Please ignore the 'noise' in the previous comments.)

Much obliged,

The Potion Guild,
  King Tut
Just to remind, I missed one save with BR 1 and made the 3rd with a BR 20.

Brogg, let's pull back the throttle on the peanut gallery antics and get to solving this riddle. And we need to buy plane tickets.
Heh, sorry Schmektor. Hmm... Leuco on a beach? That's reassuring.

So I guess that 'Meeks' or 'Master Meeks' doesn't work for the book emblem?

Scrying is fun. I scry 'Mike the Zombie 1k'. And... '+3 Broadsword!'
Huh? Look where? O.K.

DOH! Damn it Brogg... You got me on that last time when you typed "gnome facial cumshot badger love juice" on one of those library terminals...


Rob, what was the queen's name? I use one of the Library terminals to find out if we don't know already. If I can get that name, I type it in the rose box... oh wait... Tut figured that out about six weeks ago... hmmm Schmektor isn't the smartest one in the crew... I try the same for the prince's name and enter it by the helmet.
Okay, you scry Leuco. The mirror is pretty smart, either that or there's only one entity named Leuco in the entire universe. Anyway, Leuco the half-elf, half-troll appears in the mirror.

It looks like he's relaxing on a beach somewhere, sipping a pineapple-and-gin, wearing a pair of outrageous 'Jams'. An unread copy of Angels and Demons sits in the sand nearby, next to his mighty black longbow and Contrarian Glaive. Looks like the Contrarian of Grisbane is doing pretty well for himself.


Abbey. You half-expect some sort of bullshit cheesy DM scryshield thing, but nope, you manage to scry Abbey. She's somewhere in the ruins of Greyhelm. Looks like she's in the midst of the busyings of the Knights of Armek, who are still constructing their enormous metal tower. She's off a bit, looks like she's studying the tower. Being the bullshit cheesy NPC that she is, though, she detects the scry attempt, and looks around, looking at you right in the eyes in the mirror. She mouths something and shakes her head. She frowns, and seems to be thinking about something. Then she points at the tower, and points into the sky. She smiles and disappears.


Vrill. Well what do you know? You see your old pal Master Gregory Vrill. He's sitting crosslegged at a computer terminal of all things, smoking a cigarette. He's reading something on the screen, and as he reads, that dirty SOB blows smoke right into the monitor! ZOM-G empathizes with the machine.


You get a better look, and see that he's reading your blog. This blog, Descent into Depths. Then he presses a button. Gets a loading error, and visibly curses. Impatiently waits and looks annoyed. Presses another button. It looks like he's posting something...


Mysterious X. MX is currently conducting an interview to promote his new fad diet: Think Yourself Thin! He looks calm and collected. Actually this guy is the very picture of coolness, down to his understated yet probably awfully expensive leather sneakers. An Ioun Stone rotates around his head of course. He winks at you, casually in the middle of dialogue with a aging yet still attractive blonde. What a guy.


Gregolas. Gregolas is on an exciting adventure! He's drenched in sweat, fighting for his life against KROMOR the Xorn Lord! You see him cast a magic spell, then swing his mace in a wide arc!

Just kidding. Gregolas is eating chips sitting on the couch. Watching Gregolas is like watchinig an aquarium. Completely boring but somehow soothing, like somewhere, in some little part of the crazy, war-torn, overpowered world, there's a guy who can just sit around and do absolutely nothing.

Well maybe not nothing. It looks like he's got a new Xbox game, Viva Pinata, where it looks like he grows little animated pinata animals who walk around and dance and stuff.


As for dwarves and whatnot, well, come on now. This is a family blog.
Hey Schmektor, check out the mirror!

(I scry: 'Dwarven love juice money shot anal hot sex')

Oh Damn! I scry 'Leuco'. Then I scry 'Abbey' and then 'Vrill', then 'Mysterious X'. Finally, I scry 'Gregolas'.

Fucking awesome!

On the terminal, I try "Meeks" or "Master Meeks" for book.
  Another Internet Reference Courtesy Of ZOM-G
Nope, the other guesses don't work. Probably because they are random guesses, hmm.

You scry for HELMET. Well that's pretty vague. The mirror shimmers, scries, and happens to find the nearest helmet, which happens to be ZOM-G.

ZOM-G goes over to the mirror and looks at himself in the scrying mirror.

  King Tut
Oddly enough, I roll a 1 and a 20 for my next 2 saves. The yin and the yang, my friend.

[I edited my post, I think I edited it while you were responding to my original post, since you didn't reply to the other guesses.]

RMC didn't work for helmet? If not, I'll press the mirror button and type "helmet."

Other than my guesses below, I'm pretty much tapped out.
  Level II
GREYHELM grants Access Level II. Tut's going for the gold here. The crown icon flashes twice, and disappears, leaving in its place a blinking mirror button. A pleasant female voice with a Cockney accent intones:

"Level II access granted. Scrying capabilities uploaded. To Scry a location, object, or person, simply press the mirror button and type the name of the target to scry. Thank you."

Nicely done. Still not able to gate to the mirror world yet though...


Oh, and Tut? You gotta roll three saves for the Brown Lotus. Given that you need an 11, if you don't post rolls by the weekend, I'll assume you miss one and make one, giving you two out of three made. Or, post your own rolls.
  King Tut
I type Greyhelm under crown.

RMC for the helmet.

For the book, I'll try White Book of Poppies, Poppies, White Book, Clay Golem, Bad Dreams, and the names of the other books we've found (Familiar Places, etc.).
  King Tut
BR 14 = crusshed. I only needed an 11. I hope this isn't one of those stupid things where you actually wanted to fail the save.

Ok, so now the arvhizes are unlocked...what do we do now?
  The Power Of The Brown Lotus Is SAVE VS POISON
Okay Dave FoO, good luck with that database search. Let me know what you find.


Tut eats the Brown Lotus. Make three saves vs. poison.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Yeah Tut, go for it. The Lotus, I mean.

I use my old Mac to download the archives of our journeys, translate the files into .doc, and then do a find for 'book' 'helmet' and 'crown'. Yeah, it'll take a while. I figure I got some time.
  Level I Access
ORBACH does it. Or, does something at least.

When you type in this word to the rose textbox, the rose icon flashes twice, disappears, and a nice little message appears, saying:



None of your other words so far do anything. The three other icons remain.
  King Tut
Ok, I'll try king, queen, scholar, knight. I'll also try the various chess piece names (pawn, etc.) in the various boxes. Also library and librarian, prince, and the titles of any other greyhelm peeps we've met (master, meeks, mastermeeks, etc.).

I also enter "orbach" for the rose, and also tinker, workshop, and other related words (engineer, etc.). I did a word search for "rose" in the archives and the clay golem Orbach had a scroll with a drawing of a rose and his name written on it.

Additionally, for helmet, ZOMG, Z-OMG, Knight(s) of Armek, and KoA.

Do I recall any association between these symbols and specific people? Heraldy BR:20. Oh yeah! They all represent that Dancing Cat! I type Mr. Mews for all!


Book could represent library, rose the garden, helmet the prince? and crown the king? -What are those tower level numbers?
  By 'Easy' I Didn't Mean 'Random'
Sure enough Brogg, those four symbols are the Great Symbols of the Great Crest of Great Greyhelm. However, your words fail to grant you access. Hmm... have you seen these symbols more recently?

'Helmet you can't defeat me' does however unlock an 'easter egg', letting you play some Tetris.

Potions nabbed.
I take the last two Potions of Healing.

I enter the following in to the computer:

Rose: nose, book: look, helmet: you can't defeat me, crown: clown.

I make a Heraldry check, BR:4, are these common symobels for Greyhelm or other locales?
  I Mean It This Time
No, you can't train yet Marivhon, but you're really, I mean really close. Alas, with tons of PCs, the xp just gets divided on down. Think about it this way: somehow, you have almost as much xp as Dave FoO, despite his earlier start date. Sitting in the tart is a horrible way to earn xp though.


Tut, if Dave FoO raises no objections by the weekend, we'll go ahead with the Brown Lotus.

Sorry, simply entering the objects themselves ('helm', 'rose', etc) doesn't seem to work. Given all that's happened, I'm not super proud of putting a puzzle right there, but that's what's in the module. There may be other ways around the computer security. Honestly though, it's fuckin' easy, as puzzles go. Barely even qualifies for the word 'puzzle'.
  King Tut
DFoo I'd like to have the lotus but if you really want it I'll give way.

Re: computer, I'll enter the simple noun apparently associated with each icon in its respective text box (e.g. rose, crown, etc.). I don't really have the mental energy to figure out complicted puzzles.

Stupid mind flayer. He got owned in the face and he still escaped. I need that ability.

I'll take the magic beans, maybe I can reproduce them alchemically.
I sweep out the Tart and setup a nice little meditation mat and sleeping area.
I wonder if I can train now.....
  There Is No Sixth Trout Legend
Just so it doesn't get lost: DaveFoO and Tut, no one's eating the Brown Lotus until you guys sort it out. Tut grew it, but then again, Dave FoO posted in first. The thing takes about a week to grow. Frankly, it kind of makes more sense if Tut gets to eat it, since he made the damn thing. Maybe Tut can make you something else with his new-found Alchemy and Gardening skills and tools?


Moth, okay, coin taken. Hmm, the telescope is massive. Modern-observatory-kind-of-massive, it's the size of a silo. Physically moving it doesn't seem to be possible, or even a good idea. The computer connects to the telescope and the mirror by these large, many-threaded SCSI cables, so it seems that if you want to do anything here, you've got to get into the computer by some means.

As for Meeks, he's finally dead. Eaten everything within reach. Actually, the library is filled with the horrible stench of his two-ton bulk decaying. Yuck.

Okay, you know some stuff about Marvin Mews, being a student of the arts or something, but I'll let the library terminals tell all. He lived about forty years ago.


Marvin Mews was a Lucky Cat who loved to dance. Not content with simply greeting visitors to the Hidden Trout Lucky Chinese Food Restaurant in downtown Greyhelm, Marvin Mews trained in secret for years to perfect his dance moves. Then one night, upon entrance of a large party of Priests of Aphrodite, Marvin put on a record, the exact title of which is lost to history, and began a long dance number that evolved over the course of their delicious meal. Never once did he break a sweat or lose his smile. It was classic.

From there, it wasn't long until Marvin Mews was the most famous dancing cat in all of Greyhelm. He entertained Greyhelm royalty, heads of state and temples from around the world, and even the demi-god King Arthur at an unbelieveable, one-night only performance at the MGM Grand. His signature dance step was the Mews Special, often imitated, never re-created, and generally regarded as the ultimate end of the original Two-Step. His Jitterbug was also amazing.

Marvin Mews was an impeccable dresser, and could rarely be seen without his Impressive Dance Slippers, a Fine Tie, a Nice Bowler, and a Lucky Coin to flip, possibly among other accoutrements. The Fifth Trout Legend says that Marvin Mews never died, he acquired a Magic Bodhi Cane and danced his way into the stars.
Okay, cool, I'm not dead.

Can I move the telescope? Being multiclassed, I've really got more NWP slots than I know what to do with... I dunno how many unused ones I've got, but I take Astronomy with one of them.

I'll take the lucky coin, if that's cool with folks. I seem to be collecting a lot of Marvin Mews' stuff. IQ check + Knowledge (World History) to find out about the guy (er, dancing cat, right? I seem to recall that's what he was...) BR 9 makes it ably. Failing knowing anything offhand, I just go back to the library and check out the terminal info. How is that Meeks fellow doing?
  Battle For The Brown Lotus
First off... only one person can eat the Brown Lotus. You can split it in principle, but then no one gets the powers. So Dave FoO and Tut, work it out.


Moth, when we left you, you were unconscious, but I've been assuming that the PCs rest and heal, and re-memorize spells to full before continuing on. So everyone's up at full.


Okay, Schmek and Moth grab Potions of Healing, Dave FoO takes the extra-healing potion, Brogg grabs a Potion of Weed Killing and Pesticide, and Marv takes the Wishing Coin.

That leaves the Lucky Coin, the valuable coin, 2 Potions of Healing, 4 Potions of Plant Growth, 1 Pot. Pesticide, 1 Pot. Weed Killer, and the 3 Magic Beans. Beans, anyone? Last time I'm gonna summarize loot! You guys should divvy it up yourselves.

ZOM-G will take the Magic Beans if no one else wants them.



Okay Tut, you start writing a book about the Lotus. Upstairs, huh. It seems as though the Mind Flayer had a whole lot of science experiments going on, but they've all been cleared out! There's empty glassware and stuff laying around. Feel free to take it as a non-portable Alch Lab. After scrounging, you do find a cryptic note that reads

I will return...

Hmm. Maybe you haven't seen the last of that foe.


Abbey is not on the upper floor. The computer is on, but isn't doing anything until you figure out what the F is going on with it. I'll remind you that there are four pictures, with textboxes awaiting input... the pictures are:
a rose,
a book,
a helmet, and
a crown.

The telescope seems to be pointing right at the sun and really hurts when you look through it. Huh.
I take a potion of healing... assuming I'm not still bleeding on the ground, which I'm pretty sure I am.

I'd like to look through the telescope as well. Or I just ask Schmektor what he sees, either way.

  King Tut
I'd like to eat the lotus to see what happens.

I'll head up to the top with Schmektor, Brogg, and anyone else who's heading up.

What do we know about Vrill? If we're fighting him, I don't see why we wouldn't just get killed like we did versus Abbey.

Also, if anyone has any creative suggestions for the use of Alchemy, Engineering, Weapon/Armorsmithing, etc., please let me know. I'm normally somewhat creative but I can't think of anything interesting/useful to make at the moment. I was thinking of making some kind of potions to help us, or maybe improve our weapons/armor. I'm not sure if I can make anything useful for casters, I was thinking maybe some kind of "learning assistance device" that would maybe let them memorize 1 extra spell of any rank? But I'm not sure that I could even do that. Any ideas?


I'd also like to write a small book about my experiences raising the Lotus. Maybe if we find another one, we can avoid killing it. Also, I'd like to re-search the garden area and the mind flayer's chambers, specifically looking for alchemical compounds. There must be some very strange (poisonous, hardy) plants here, and I bet the mind flayer had some private experiments/pet projects. Scrounge yeilds a BR 21 (success) and IQ check of 9 is a success.
When Tut reaches for my stuff I punch him in the face BR 16 hits for 0 points of damage. (Obviously I don't want to hurt a brother-in-arms)

"That scrounging shit is gonna get you hurt"

I grab a potion of healing from the loot and head back up to the top level. Is Abbey still hangin there? If she is, I ask her if its cool if I just chill and look through the telescope. If she's not there... well, then, I just chill and look through the telescope. Is the computer on? If not, I turn it on and yell down the stairs:

"Let's go get all up in Vrill's shit yo!"
I take 1 Weed Killer Potion and a Potion of Pesticide. -I bet Greetles would really like these at the Orchards.

Hey, how did King tut get all my equipment? Ha, give me my boxer-briefs back you goof-ball!

Let's go back to the top. -I am going to force feed this weed-killer to Vrill.
I pick up the wishing coin....and then sit in the tart a while cleaning the coin until it shines..thinking about better days.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
I take the mega-healing potion. I figure I'm becoming the healer in the party, and better for me to have it to distribute than someone to have it for just them.

Plus, I eat the brown lotus. If someone hates that I'm doing that - well, speak up, but quick!

That's it. I rest and get back spells. We have a couple more levels in this place, yes? And then onto wherever Vrill is?

I'm ready. The time, I say, is one of GO.
  Power Of The Brown Lotus
Tut, I appreciate your honesty. However, Blogroller is law here as we all know. So a Brown Lotus it is.

Actually, brown = dead, and at first you're tempted to go back in time and 'retcon' your flower.

Everyone comes over and looks at the wilted plant. ZOM-G says helpfully:


It turns out though that the Brown Lotus still contains considerable Lotus Power. However, a mere ID spell won't tell you what the Brown Lotus Power actually is, so unless you have a better way, the only way to find out what Brown Lotus does is to eat the Brown Lotus.

Only one PC can eat it.
  King Tut
D8 = 8 = Brown. If Brown sucks, let's either pretend I rolled Gold, or just give me my NWP back and we'll forget this little incident.


Since no one is paying attention, I take all the PCs equipment. They are now naked in the dark. They are likely to be eaten by a grue.
  All The Cool Kids Are Hanging Out At Table Talk I Guess
Tut, I don't see Alchemy NWP on your character sheet. I do see three extra NWPs though. If you want to plant and grow the Lotus Seed, you gotta take Alchemy as a NWP.

Make it happen, and you got a Lotus. Roll a d8 for the type of Lotus:
1: White
2: Black
3: Green
4: Blue
5: Pink
6: Silver
7: Gold
8: Brown


So how come you're all posting at Table Talk but not here? Come on guys. Ain't no Table Talk without DiD.
  King Tut
Alchemy check crushed with BR 3. Hello, Lotus Plant. I'll also loot 2 pots of plant growth, 1 pesticide, 1 weed killer, and the magic beans. Maybe I can find a way to create more via alchemy. I'm still set on heal pots, so y'all take.
  Blob Combat Over, Gardens Looted
Wow, okay, you guys really do a number on the blobs and on the mossy anklyosaurus.

Yeah, 'anklyosaurus' is not the easiest word to type.

Anyway, nice work, combat over. No more opponents on the 4th level.

You do some looting... in the fountain, you find three coins. Two of them are magical, and the third is a rare Greyhelm 'Greyhelm nickel' worth 1000 gp to a collector. The magical coins are:

the Lucky Coin of Marvin Mews: flip it (blogroll a die, evens heads, odds tails) as a free potion-type of action. The next roll, e.g. a roll to hit, to damage, or a saving throw gets a +1 if it comes up heads. 13 uses.

Wishing Coin: this is a little coin enchanted with the magical dreams of a little girl who died of cancer. Flip it into a magical fountain (this is not a magical fountain) and make a wish, and it will sort of come true.


Also, in the Greenhouse, Tut you finally find that fertilizer and weed killer you were looking for. What you find are a stock of potions and magical seeds:

4 Potions of Healing (1d8+2)
1 Potion of Extra-Healing (3d8+3)
4 Potions of Plant Growth
2 Potions of Weed Killer
2 Potions of Pesticide
3 Magic Beans (instantly sprouts into delicious grains)
and a fabled rare Lotus Seed under a bell jar. Make an Alchemy check to plant it into a fabled rare Lotus Plant that will boost stats.


So, level 4 complete. Now what?
I'm playing a little catch-up too:

Round 3: Attack a blob - Miss (BR 6)
Round 4: Attack a blob - Hit (BR 12) and a Critical Fumble. 7 Points
Round 5: Attack a blob - Hit (BR 15) for 6 points
Round 6: Attack Mr. Ankles* - Miss (BR 9) and Hit (BR 20) for 12 (BR4 +2 x2)
Round 7: OOF... Critical Fumble on Mr. Ankles*
Round 8: Attack Mr. Ankles* - Miss (BR 6) and Hit (BR15) for 12 points
Round 9: Attack Mr. Ankles* - DOUBLE D (BR 20) for 20 points (BR 8 +2 x2)

phew... all of that sword swinging makes a Schmektor tired...

*I read the post about how to correctly pronounce ANK-lee-o-sore-us but I choose to mispronounce it so as to further anger our foe.
Damn weekend combats...

Alright, I think I have six rounds to catch up.

1) on BroggBlob, BR:16. 11 points.
2) on BroggBlob, BRs:7,18. 23 points.

Moving on...

3)Cure Light myself for 1.
4) Cure Light myself for 3.
5) Think about Cure Light...
6) Attack the Mossy Dinosaur! BR:7.

And for next round, BRs:14,20. Two hits, 36 points!!! -Take it Turtlesaur!!
well, round 9 eh....miss the dinosaur....let's let the kids ketchup.
  King Tut
Round 8??

I take a split second to meditate and focus, and find my inner accountant. Then I release my energy in a pent up, vicious battle yell. "KIAIAIAAIAI!!!!" and complete 4 rounds of combat in one post:

Rd 5:
BR 2. no worries.

Rd 6:
BR 3. Hm.
BR 13 hits AC -2 for 12pts.

Rd 7:
BR 12 again hits AC -1 for 6 pts.

Rd 8:
BR 18. A solid one! For 12 pts again!
BR 5. Oh well.

So Rds 5-8 Tut does an additional 30 pts.
  A Deadly, Moss-Covered Foe
Yeah, in round 7, the anklyosaurus' AC goes to -1. In Round 8, goes to 0. No further reductions are possible. Anklyo starting to look disgruntled. DaveFoO healed.

That is all.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Hokay. Round 7 I drink a potion and get back 6. Round 8 I drink a larger potion and get back 16 - for a total of 22 back. Feelin' fine.

But that's not al! Here are some clobbering rolls:

Round 7: BR 20. Suck it! Br 4 for damage, so 4+1+1+2 = 8x2 = 16 points of damage to Dr. Ankles. Plus, his AC goes to -1, I think.

Round 8: BR 15. That hits AC -1 (assuming the mace works as it should) for (BR 2) 5 more points. Whittle whittle whittle....

And, now Dr. Ankles' AC might be zero. That's like giving the party a double-strength bless. Hee-wack; Odin's grace is bountiful and shit.
  BlobFight... Round 8
Guys, please note that we are all the way through round 8 here. As a reminder, blobs are AC:6 and the mossy anklyosaurus is AC:-2. (Neg 2.) Please post up through round 8 and beyond... Moth was the only guy down, for one round (round 4 I believe).

That said...

Round 7:
Anklyo whiff on Dave FoO.
FoOBlob misses Dave FoO. Yer popular.
MothBlob hits Moth for 9.

Round 8:
Anklyo hits Dave FoO! A big 15 hp dmg! Dave FoO you have 3 hp and are in danger!
Marivhon, you hit the dinosaur... yeah, he's large. He's a frickin dinosaur. 30 hp does some, but he's got a lot left you think.

Bear takes out BearBlob, moves over to the FoOBlob.
FoOBlob hits the bear hard... bear going down soon.
MothBlob hits Moth for 10. Moth, you're back down to -1 and dropping.
on dino round 7 miss.
round 8 hit and a double for a total of 30 it's large right?
  King Tut
No mossy dinosaur touches my DFoo...

BR 4
BR 10

Both miss AC - 2...damn you!


Sounds like 2nd circle is full of crappy spells, but guess what...they aren't as crappy as LOCATE OBJECT. Hahahah....I heard some loser actually learned that spell...what a newbie.

And I want you to know 1 more thing...Rope Trick is OFF THE HIZZY. You bitches don't even know. Respek.
  Davenport Is Blob Mecca
Moth, you'll have to use the fighter weapon prof to get normal spec in longsword. The thief proficiency can be used for club, sure. And yeah, 2nd circle is full of awful spells... Pyrotechnics, Flaming Sphere, Rope Trick, etc. 2nd, 4th, and 8th circle are all surprisingly bad, but 6th circle breaks the 'even-circled spells are lame' principle, as your party discovered not too long ago.

Okay, with the new hp you're actually not unconscious. Funny how that works. Go ahead and do some fighting before your blob kills you, assumes your identity, steals your job and family, and quietly lives out its days in a starter home just outside Davenport.
Okay... to level up.

HPs: 1d10 BR 10 1d4 BR 4 1d6 BR 4. Total 18+ 6= 24, /3= +8.

Spells: Do we have to roll to learn leveling up spells? I don't remember... I pick Charm Person, Tenser's Floating Disc, Invisibility, and Web (Is it just me, or is 2nd circle kind of lame?)

Thief Abilities & Saving Throws updated.

Weapon Profs: I've got one fighter slot and a thief slot. I'd like to use the fighter one to spec. in longswords, how does that work? If I've got to use the thief one, so be it. Otherwise, I take "club."

My spell list for each day is: 1st: Magic Missile x3, 2nd: Invisibility, Web.

Did someone say they had a +1 shield they weren't using at some point? I could use one of those...
  Blob Fight, Rounds 5 and 6...
Round 4: Tut, you and ZOM finish off the ZOMBlob. Your blob was already killed in Round 3.

Round 5:
The mossy anklyosaurus doesn't like your attitude or botching of its name, Dave FoO.


It swings its huge, clublike tail into your face for 14 hp. Donk. You have 17 hp DFoO.

Moth is healed back to full.

MothBlob hit Moth for 10, back down to 8. Gotta work on that AC, Moth.
FoOBlob miss.
MarvBlob miss.

Round 6:
Ankylo misses you Dave FoO. But it was a close one!

A bear arrives. A BearBlob splits off! The two of them dance.

Marivhon finishes off the MarvBlob.

FoOBlob hits for 9, MothBlob hits for 8, you're down to 9 hp. Moth, you're back down again to 0 hp.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Cure Serious on Moth. There's . . . .

Just waiting for the connection to the 'View Blog' page with the blogroller...

How you doin? Mmm-hmmm. Yeah, I getcha. I mean, I'm not a dinosaur covered with moss or anything, but I can kinda see your point. Wait - what's that? It's only the blood of living sentient beings that allays the pain of undeath? That's fascinating...

Oh, hold on. Page came up. Hey, sorry we're gonna kick your sorry dinosaur ass, but that's how we roll it. You seem like a stand-up guy - you know, for an undead, moss-covered, ummm - I can't for the life of my pronounce Ankle . . . Anklie . . . . Ankh Ill O Soar Us?

Anyway. Nothin' personal there, pal.

25 hp back to Moth. Tasty! And I drink a potion - 7hp back to me.

And, unless someone goes down, or weird things happen, next round I bring in a bear.

Grrr! Dr. Ankles, I'd like you to meet Mr. Grizz. Mr. Grizz, this moss-covered gentleman is Dr. Ankles. Perhaps the two of you have things to discuss?
I already took a potion I take another I'm now at 20 hp.
I attack for round 5 on my blob miss
round 6 is 2 hits 20 points total.
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