fire on a boat. not good.
Chromatic Orb-
+3 to hit at 1", +2 to hit at 1" to 2" and +1 to hit at max range of 3"
at 3rd level it does 1d8 fire, and save vs combustion or take another 2 from fire damage objects within 1' are set aflame.
It also has the nice advantage of being able to damage creatures that can only be hit by weapons up to an enchantment of +5....nice.
2 bow shots on my guy: BR 2, 7. I don't even know why I specc'd this stupid thing.

Spider bot shoots my guy, BR 14 hit for 2x2.
I eat seven of my goodberries - I'm up to 8hp. If I use the shuriken wand in close quarters - like, say, the two pirates on me - can I blast 'em for some massive hp damage? If so - that's what I do.

If not - then it's Bow Time! So the rolls below are either for the dudes on me, or some other bucko-me-lads messin wid my homies.

I live for Bow Time.

BR 20 and 13, both hits. BR 6 and 4, for 16 points, and then 6 more. Good luck, chummers.
  Pirates Fight
Az, alright, your two pirates chase you over to Fritjof also.

You get hit a few times, for a total of 10 pts of damage. Plus, there's a fumble on you... I'll just apply the next roll in your queue. After four rounds, you manage to drop one of the pirates.

And yeah, okay, subtract 10 gp for a normal trident or spear.


KT, okay- one pirate gets a 1 and sinks into the brine. The other guy gets a 15- makes it.

Hit on you for 4.


Theo, I don't have UA handy, being out of town. So let's just wait until I get back, unless someone can remind me. Go ahead and queue up some more actions though.


Pirates are all AC:7.
  Theodore Koppel
Hmm. My Pirate is +4.

Can I at least get past those two scullywags before the darkness is lifted? Here's a Dex, BR: 19.

No. I cannot.

This is bad. I chromatic Orb a Pirate. What does it do? I'm 3rd level, what can I do with it? I need to hit right? BR: 19. Nice.

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What exactly is a +2 Pirate anyway. I want one.
Ok. 2 person Hold Person. Anyone who fails drowns.
Fucking pirates... can I retcon getting a non-shitty spear or a trident back at the town? I forgot about the whole -1 thing.

I'm going to try to take out the two pirates on me, while moving towards Frijof. What's his condition?

BR 11 and BR 12, for 1 and 3 damage, respectively.

Heck, I'll post a few more attacks in case I dissapear again...

BR 10 for 5

BR 13 for 6

BR 19 for 6

When I get to Fritjof, I CLW him for BR 5.

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  Save Fritjof: +2 Pirates Each
Threnody, the druids seem all cool with each other. Being Neutral and all, it's easy to get along. Funny how 'Good' translates into 'Fucking Idiot', 'Neutral' is 'I Don't Give a Shit', and 'Evil' means 'Always Lies and Steals and Attacks My Friends'.


Back to the combat!

KT and Theo, you guys heal. KT, you direct the spiderbot to stop attacking the blue elf mage and go help Theo vs. the harpoonist.

Theo, dropping a darkness is a great idea. You shut down the harpoonist and the pirates in the vicinity.

That is, until the elf mage sees what's going on, and busts a Light to cancel the Darkness.

Okay Thren, you shoot some guys on the way up. That means you're a target too, obviously. You get hit twice, for 11! You've taken 14 now, you're hurting bad.

You then Shuriken Storm a bunch of guys, and a couple pirates drop.

Just to make it easier, everyone's got two pirates on them. Even you Tut- a couple guys leap into the water, swim over, and climb on board Shamu's back to come at you with spears and blades.

Theo: 11/15
Thren: 1/15
Tut: 20/29
No more waiting, let's keep things moving. I vote "no" for paternalism in DiD, people have the choice to post or not, if they choose not to, they implicitly accept their role in the kart.
Save vs BR is a 17 - makes it.

I, ummm . . . posted my combat plans a while ago, but maybe they bear repeating. As we approach the pirate ship, I let loose some bowfire. I don't know how many rounds I could get, or what the ACs are, so I didn't make any rolls.

Then when we get into range of the shuriken wand (a range which I'm familiar with, since I burned three charges to figure it out), I start firing it off. Do I need to make any to-hit rolls? Rolls for damage?

I'll stop multi-purposing my posts, too. Loot, combat, spells - it looks like stuff got lost in the shuffle.

Ah, hell. Here's five rounds of bowfire as we sail into ramming position:

19, 16, 6, 2, 16, 8. 14. 16. 1. 8.

Re-roll on the 1? I get a 10.

If the range is over 100' - and I think it is - my THACO is 14. do any pirates have an AC lower than zero? I'm going for any lycanthropes/spellcasters/leaders/big guys that I can see, in that order (descending) of importance.

AC -5 gets 1 hit: 4 points damage.
AC -2 gets 3 hits: 2, 3, and 5 points damage.
AC 0 gets 1 hit: 2 points damage.
AC 6 gets two hits: 1 and 5 points damage.
AC 12 gets . . . . ah, well.

And then the shuriken wand: here are some d6s to learn and sing:

5 - 3 - 4 - 6 - 4 - 2 - 3 - 2 - 3 - 3 - 3 - 4 - 6 - 6 - 1 - 6 - 4 - 1 - 1 - 3

That's 20 d6s, so if there's fewer targets maybe it's the next round's hits?

Anyway - let me know what's what, and where things stand. I'll probably aim for anyone on TK, and then for anyone throwing harpoons at KT, or maybe for bad-guys-on-our-boat.

Hey - if we're on a Druidic mission here, how do they get along with our Metal Druid Friend? Are they all druids, so all buds (like bikers) or is it more like Crips and Bloods?

So there's some rolls and my combat plans to get up to speed - and Rob, you know what I'm about, so shuffle it around as necessary if ranges or shit doesn't work so well.
  Theodore Koppel
I guess I eat my eight berries. That puts me at 11.

I cast Darkness on one of those pirates and try to sneak past them.


  Pause And Study
We'll pause here to allow the slower posters to queue combat actions. Things have slowed down here on DiD... used to be, we could sometimes get three or four people posting multiple times each day...
  King Tut
WTF. I should have specc'd harpoon apparently.

Rd 2 I'll CLW myself for 6 and eat 7 of my berries (leaving 1) for +13 HP back. If that pirate is still on my nutz, spiderbot will put it down in round 2.

Thren, use that wand dude. AoE ftw here.
  Save Fritjof! Round 1
If you fail your BW save, you take 6 hp dmg. Else you take 3.

With that, Tut dives overboard, and Theo heads acrossdecks with the spiderbot. Theo goes to the harpoon gun, while the bot goes to the mage.


Tut, you swim on over to Fritjof and CLW him. An angry pirate harpoons you for 16. You've now taken 22 hp dmg.


Theo, missing your HS wasn't so great. Two pirates rush over to keep you from the gun. One hit, one crit fumb. You take 6 from the cutlass, you're down by 12 hp.

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  Theodore Koppel
Is there a harpoon gun? There must be. -I am heading for the harpoon gun.
  King Tut
Never fear, whale dude! CLW on the whale = 8hps (do I get a bonus for level? Or is it still straight d8? I think it should be +1hp / level, 1d8 is pretty lame by level 5).

Spider bot targets the bloo see mage...BR 20...snap bitch! Dmg BR 6!!!! Oh double snaps!!!! That's 6*2*2. Peace out sea bitch.

Save v. BW = 2. Hope that's not as bad as it sounds.

Pretty hefty round for K Tizzle. I roar with bestial vigor.
  Theodore Koppel
BW, BR:10. No way. What does that mean?

Hmm. I wish I could swim.

So our ship is sinking, but the Pirate ship isn't? I try to sneak onto the Pirate ship. HS, BR:58, MS, BR:17.

Well, at least I am quiet. -I'll do my best to avoid the fray, and try to get on that Pirate ship.

-Not sure of my MO here. Did I say story-lining was bad? -I'm sorry.

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  Ship Combat Joined! Round 0
Okay, the ship is pelted with flaming arrows, a few ballista bolts, and oil as it approaches the Screwdriver. Your ship rams it broadsides, but comes in a little high and ends up destroying some of the rigging and sails. Suffice to say that your ship has sustained enough damage to start it sinking, but you've distracted the pirates from their grisly task.

Speaking of, Fritjof the Killer Whale is clearly hurt and looking bad. In fact, as the ships join melee, Fritjof drops to -1 hp and dropping! You have ten rounds to save him!


Anyway, ship ramming is a pretty violent thing in the choppy waters. Everyone make a save vs. Breath Weapon. The ships are locked and it'll take a full round, basically exposed to missile fire, to enter melee on the decks of the Screwdriver. Lots of pirate bowmen, plus a few special guys- an ogre with a peg-leg, a blue sea elf who's casting, and a mighty dwarven hunter.

Your actions, sirrahs.
I take cover. Full ramming speed bitches. I changed up my normal spells seeing as how we are on a boat, I went with 2x warp wood and 2x CLW, hopefully the warp will allow me to patch up our hull/mast if there's any damage.
  Full Speed Ahead, Hippies

Tell ya what. You've got some gunpowder. You can use the gunpowder to power the jetski. The thing has to keep moving or else it'll sink... it's made of metal, and you don't have any hydrodynamics NWPs. You've got 4d12 rounds of jetskiing in the thing if you use up all the gunpowder you've got.

Paul posted your spells on Table Talk not too long ago. And I quote:
"Tut actually had 3rd circle spells last level. He now has 4 1st, 2 2nd, and 2 3rd as a 4th level druid. A wisdom of 17 gives him 2 bonus 1st, 2 bonus second and a bonus 3rd bringing his total to-

6 first, 4 second and 3 3rd level spells.

3rd level spells of note are call lightning, hold animal, summon insects, water breathing?, neutralize poison, cure disease, protection from fire, and that's it.

2nd level spells that should not be forgotten are

reflecting pool, flameblade, warp wood, charm person, barkskin, and well that is all if you are gutting heat metal."

Ya, I was sort of playing that when you control the robot, you can't really charm anything. Not locking you into Metal Druid 100% at this low level, you can still switch back if you want. But the more time/levels you spend with robots, the less affinity you'll have for bioforms.


Dag, leather armor is 5 gp. Nice hp roll. Tattoo obtained. Spend what you want- you get what you pay for.


Threnody, you guys don't have a 1E PH/UA up there in your house? Go to the bookstore and buy a used one, no problem. Look over on the Player Ref page too. Okay, you got the shuriken wand.


Any last thoughts before you soak a lot of arrow fire and try ramming the Screwdriver?

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Quick retcon- I want to add jetski capabilities to spiderbot. If this is asking too much, then how about basic flotation capabilities, so that it will float and will keep me floating (and away from sharks) if we fall in the water. But I really want the jetski :)

Also, how many spells do I get again? Someone posted it, I was searching for the post but couldn't find it.

Thren, since we are facing a boat full of peeps, maybe THIS would be the optimal time to test out your new wand :)

Lastly, I was thinking, I think KT should have to give up Animal/Monster Friendship in order to be a Metal Druid.
So we got some loot:

+1 dagger of lizard-man slaying
shuriken wand
20 +1 bullets

I'm-a gonna go ahead and grab the wand, unless someone else is jonesin for it. D100 gives me 68 charges. d6 to everyone? Sweet. Let's call it 65 charges, so I've used three to test it out.

Then as soon as we're in range, I start some bowfire. I'm prtetty good with the bow, you know. Let me know how many rounds I should roll, and what my AC is. I'll kind of me aiming for any leader types.

Then when we get into range I start using the wand to clear the decks (and maybe do some damage to the sails). Again, let me know what rolls I need to make.

I'll change my spells, too. Anyone know where I can find a list of first edition mage spells?
Giddy-up. I'm all for piracy.

Blogroller was good to me in the HP department. I get 8 more.

Anyone know how much some leather armor is? I'm not anywhere near a book. I buy some. I also spend some coin on a REALLY great tatoo of Thaka. She was hot... It's on my left shoulder: a picture of her valiantly riding her horse, with the words "Never Forget" surrounding it.

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  The Good Ship 'Screwdriver'
Eh, or we could do it now.

Okay, so assuming everyone's cool with town stuff, you take Tut's lead and board the Druid ship. Long story short, blah blah, spacebar, and you're out to sea, and there's the pirate ship Screwdriver, and the pirates have already found Fritjof the Killer Whale. Oh noes!!

What will you do? Assume standard boat stuff- there's a couple rowboats plus your ship has a ram. You got like 10 NPCs and there's probably 20 guys on board the other ship.


By the way, Steve, Mark, Ed, Matt, and I all gamed last night, table-top, and it was sweet. Sorry the rest of you couldn't be there. It'd be a great campaign.

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  Stay Tuned
We will begin the new adventure tomorrow (Monday) night when I'm back home...
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