barely made my immunity so I stay on him and miss.
next round I differ to him and attack him after he moves...
hit ac 6 and thats it. for 6.
  CCC: Finally A Real Fight
Roo Grotto's spell is Sanctuary. So if you want to attack him, you first gotta roll a save vs. spell.

Otherwise I'll apply those rolls to one of the other assassins.

Alright, light 'em up.
uh.... so us kicking ass figuratively in this battle of beats and rhymes just shifted to a battle of us kicking ass in a literal sense?

I break out swinging on that casting mofo:

Round 1:
BR 15 hits AC 4 for 8 points
BR 19 hits AC 0 for 4 points

you's a foo'
dis my rhyme
I bust dat ass
whit my shoe!
cool he can cast whatever he wants. I will be staying on him. I will defer for his movement and actions I will follow him and attack at the end of the round.
I will light him up with faerie fire, and at the end of the round I attack with longsword and flail.
miss and a miss.
  CCC: But First, A Combat
Okay, you get ready as the curtain goes up. Five guys make their way onto the stage from the audience.

Leading them is a half-orc with a familiar sounding voice and accent!

"I am Roo Grotto Joonya! I kick your ass!" It's the assassin who tried to kill Theodore on the roof the other night!

Standing with him are four other guys who look like they're more here for blogrolling than the CCC contest. They draw weapons. This gang includes Frank Burton, the pirate from the very first adventure, who looks a little bored but cracks his knuckles. "Alright, sure. Let's do this thing."

Roo Grotto Jr. begins the combat by casting...
I take the stage in in between rounds and lay down some beats (check BR 17 - ugh)

ok... so my beats don't start off well... but then:

"Yo Yo Yo peeps. I normally leave the rhythm and rhymes to my boyz K to the T and TK, but I heard some shizzle fizzle thinks he can step up in round three... and all I have to say to that is..."

(beat box lead in - check BR 13)

I don't know who it is
you gonna bring to da table
but when my boyz do their biz
punk be history-no a fable

you cannot touch the rhymes
of the T K or K T
all you can do is whines
take a seat and listenz to me

To our mystery guest unknown
who wants to take the stage
my crew could do this stoned
and leave you feelin rather aged

you will fail now this is true
ain't no nothin you can do
you'll leave here cryin' boohoo
cuz you rap like bantha poodoo

(beat box lead out - check BR6)
  Theodore Koppel
I just brought it.

Who is this chump that thinks he get's a free ride to round 3? I am just looking at the tent and waiting.
how many are a few, and who looks to be in charge? wis check made with an 8.
I also look around quickly to stage right and left to make sure nobody new has shown up who looks like they might want to rumble. Wis 11 and I have a 10....ah well. And yeah, who is the new guy....
  King Tut
Who is the new challenger?

I need to work his/her name into the rap, instead of just clowning on Biscuits again.

By the way, the Potionback song was awesome. I read it awhile ago and I thought it was great but I don't know if I ever mentioned it.
  CCC: Round 3... But A New Challenger Approaches!
Good job Parappa, you may advance to the next level. It's you vs the final challenger.

But that's a great catch Thak. You look outside the curtains and, sure enough, in the front row, see what looks like a few guys carrying weapons. In fact, you see that pirate guy Frank Burton and what is probably another half-orc assassin!

"Alright, break's over yo. Get outta there and roc the house." You have one round to prepare as the curtain begins to rise...
Fuck, I do not like the look of that halfing salt water taffy vendor in the 3rd row near the stage......I got a 2 on my wisdom check to make sure everything is going safely.
  Theodore Koppel
Thank you, I'll take it from here.

Yo, yo!
Let me see ya get crazy!
Cause all tha world's a stage
An' I am Scorsese!

Oh snap, Trip C's in round two.
MCs is droppin’ fast
but TK is pullin’ through
Just look at, Mr. ELF, he’s Sam an’ I am Frodo
I'm all on a mission
An he's a tailin’ homo
An yo, Mr. Biscuit, you’re the Chewy to my Solo
Dude’s like: “BRAWRAWAL!!!”
Crowd’s like: “What tha hell is he sayin?!”
Scooby wants a snack, and I am Princess layin’
An’ sorry Mr. Tut, much respect to my crew
But tha slipper just don’t fit
An’ I gots a ball to gets too.
So please my lesser MCs
Reads the chart under Cha
Says: “Here or higher is fo’ Koppel” cause he’s a Fuckin’ Star!
You all should be happy, you made it pretty far
An yo, grab me get me a Gin an’ Tonic
While you toasting at tha bar
So let’s draw this curtain
An reveal Mr. Oz
Cause round three you gonna see
A Royale coup d’etatz!

With that, I throw back the curtain, point to the tent, and yell: "Bring it, Ali Baba!!"
well, I nod along to that as well. Just to mention I have that little rap on the TT page if someone wants to throw that in the mix later. My character can't deliver it... Also we probably should talk about the frickin prince here, but you know whatever.
  King Tut
Bah I thought we were in round 3, then I realized we're still in 2, so I had to delete my good rap.

I'll post a little more for Round 2, just goofing around.

"K to the T, there is none higher
Hidin' Biscuits' body in the mire
After I get to work
with a hot pair of pliers

Nothin personal
It's just business
cookin MCs with a kilo of quickness

When the last bitch ass MC
Falls from the stage to the floor
It's nothin new
I've seen it before

Biscuits, you're not the alpha
nor the beta
cause this crowd knows
my rhymes are hotter than Catherine Zeta

Jones, on is it Douglas?
Biscuits should slit his wrists
Spilling that refuse on stage
Makin KTs blood boil with rage

No, lil guy, you're the omega
KT runs it like Noriega
Biscuits, you are the standing joke of the year
A broke ass Sexual Chocolate clown.

So say hello but wave goodbye
Take a look, for the last time
No one wants to hear you, no one wants to be you
Your performance is worth, at most, a dime

Unfortunately Thak finds her head movin a bit to those rhymes. I give him a nice bow and a handshake as he leaves the stage. Gentlemen, I believe the ball is in our court.
  Because You Said Please: CCC Round 2
Hmm, KT, you went big on round 1, but round 2 hasn't yet come together. Maybe some of your friends can help you out and not leave you hangin out there.

In the meantime, a 4th level magic user named Kris Biscuit comes out, escorted by two babes, who presents the following for your enjoyment:

My Rhymes (How I Roll)

My rhymes have gone renegade
Far outta control!
My lines are sweet lemonade
For mind body and soul
Prizes, shorties, and accolades
I got them all col’
I roll up in my Escalade
Cause that’s how I roll.

I’m bound for the pound
With the sound that I found-
In the town, all around,
And then deep underground.
Like a fat lump of coal
Like a mole, like a troll
A hole on an atoll, yo’l-
Cause that’s how I roll.

My rhymes kept you waitin
Like yer reservation got lost
Yo bitches, kill your hatin
I been busy gettin sauced.
But I’m done excavatin
Now I’m back on patrol
Commence the girlie gyratin
Cause that’s how I roll

Afta the DJ bump my single
Y’all gotta holla ‘Rewind!’
Make ya dancin’, Make ya mingle
Make ya shake yer behind
Healin the sick, make ya whole
Givin sight to the blind-
Cause that’s how I roll
Ya soul body and mind.

My rhymes are 8th Circle
Fuckin’ Power Word: Bling
So don’t you know that it Christmas?
Heard you the song that I sing?
Check it:
A magic ring is a thing
Like the skills that I bring
Like the king of the spring
Or like the mystic yang ying
One fling cuz I swing
With some merry ho hos
I roll deep with the Ngs
Cause that’s how I roll.
Cause that's....
That's precisely how I roll.

Now you know.

And you can prepare for the final exam.
Ha ha!

On my freshness.

My… corn muffins, kid.

Kris Biscuit.

How I roll.
who died and made you DM? Get back in the tart and wait impatiently with me....
  King Tut

I'm posting my 3rd rhyme tomorrow. If there are no more posts by Monday, the CCC ends and I win.
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