Hey Rob how much are 1d8 healing potions cause I want to buy some before things get hairy.
"Thanks for those gloves Marivhon. If I were to now rate my dexterous prowess on a scale of...say, one to eighteen, I'm feelin like a 17."

While Renwick was studying, all Cinder really wanted to do was get the Crystal Jambox fixed from Vrill's fireball. Can anyone in Fflar do that?

Also, I believe I had a wager with John Romeo, that if I beat him in the rap competition, I get access to the plateau district to engage in thievery for a day. I remind him, and if he tries to renig, I call his ass out at the Friday Night Battle.

Here are some Pick Pocket rolls:

Cinder makes every single one. That last one courtesy of his new gloves. Thanks again Mar!
  Night Of The Zombi!
Okay Renwick, you learn Magic Missile and get a scroll of ID. Better luck next time. Make sure to cross off the gps. You too Marivhon.

Off to Grito. Gregolas will go, sure. "Yeah, it's like that rad game I just played! Let's go de-zombie the scribbage, Gregolas gotcha back."

You make the trek over... please cross off a few gps for food. Grito is even more of a mess than before. It seems that the zombies and other undead haven't ventured into town, they just destroyed the Temple of Grisbane that was set up in Vrill's old lair. Greetles will explain the situation to you.

"Hello sirs, welcome back. I hope your visit to the coast was nice. So I guess things started about two weeks ago, with some reports of strange things occuring in the owlbear mines. Then a couple days later, all of a sudden there was an earthquake and the whole thing collapsed. Now there's just a chasm where the temple used to be. It's filled with undead I guess. The clergy of Grisbane got out, mostly, and they're now building a new temple just east of town by Dudley's Creek. But some strange things have begun to venture out of the chasm and eat livestock and stuff. It wouldn't be so bad, except that these undead seem immune to being turned by priests. Anyway, people are pretty scared. I think Grettin and Shettin will be glad to know you guys are back and hopefully can, uh, you know... go down there and see what's going on. I know there's a few other adventurer types eager to get into the temple ruins, so maybe you guys can all go on one big adventure?"

There you have it.
Hey Marv, thanks for the Trident. Fishbane. -That's its name.

Still, I have got a lot of stuff. Are you sure that you don't want it? It is a polearm, you know.

Anyway, let's head back to Grito and see what all this Zombie fuss is all about. We can go to Brrreeeport for our next vacation.

I see if Gregolas wants to come with.
Alright, 500 gold paid for the identifies and the potions. I give the gloves to Cinder. I give the Trident to Brogg. I guess that means I get the halberd.
Yikes here goes. Br Magic Missile 19%. Yeeeee haw! Just you wait. It's gonna be awsome. I'm totaly going to magic missile some guys. It's gonna be so cool.

Br Identify 92%. Eh Fuck it.

How much are the 1d8 potions.

I'm proficient in darts. I think I'll buy myself some.
  Aquatic Creatures Sort Of Hate That
Okay Marivhon, you can get all your shit ID'd and pick up two Potions of Extra-Healing (2d8+3) for 500 gp altogether.

The glove is +1 DEX.

The trident is +1/+2 vs. aquatic creatures.

The halberd is a +1 halberd that lets you do your monk attacks and damage (+1 to hit and damage) through it. Or you could just use it as a +1 halberd.


Mike 1k is okay with going to Grito if that's what's goin' on. Brrreeepost, excuse me, Brrreeport, sure you can get a ship to Brrreeeport. It's a four day boatride to the island of Bree, which is sort of a non-human resort. Fairies, gnomes, kuo-toa, those kinda guys hang out there. Sort of seeedddy, Brrreeeport. You heard a rumor that the black market there buys and sells human flesh for the strange goddess of the kuo-toans. For all of you to go there, it'll be 30 gp apiece.

Whatcha wanna do?
Half-breeds fighting Zombies? Don't worry Mike the Zombie 1k. Not this Half-breed and this Zombie.

You know, with the Knights of Armek all over Greyhelm, the MoP all up in Durth, and now with Zombies swarming Grito, it can kind of bum a fellow out. Maybe we should go to . I heard that is nice this time of year. Yeah, I ask down at the docks about any ships going to .

Or, do we get in on some Zombie carnage? I think it would be cool to see Mike the Zombie 1k cutting through Zombies with his Chainsaw. -Sort of a Hellboy kinda thing. Is he down?
I want to get my glove, halberd and trident Identified. cap letter. I want to buy 2 potions of healing 2d8 +3 or stuffs. Then I try to find a gaming internet cafe to play some neverwinter nights. Tell me what it costs. I play some pkoeman with some neightborhood kids.
  Hmm... That Zombie Seems To Know Something
Well anyway, while you're hanging out in Port Fflar, the word comes that Grito is under attack! Then no, wait, Grito's not really under attack, the north part of town seems to have collapsed. Seems as if the Temple of Grisbane's owlbear factory has become a big sinkhole, and there's talk of the undead swarming out and fighting the half-breeds. On a WI check at -3, you'll notice that Mike 1k seems to be a little uncomfortable with the news.
My 'topping out' in cleric is just temporary. I just need a way to get wiser. It's one level per point. 5th level Fighter is going to rule, though!

Anyway, I don't have any big plans while Renwick trains. Just chillin like Dylan.
  Ffun In Fflar
Okay, so here's the rundown. You get 1000 gp each, not 1000 gp total.

Renwick, you level as mentioned. Nice HP roll. Okay, if you trade Ventriloquism as a novelty, and spend 500 gp above and beyond training costs, you can add Magic Missile and Identify to your spell list... IF you roll that you can learn these spells. If you don't roll them, you'll get each spell on a scroll and you can try adding them to your book for free next level. With a 15 IQ you have a 65% chance per spell. If you fail and want to add other spells, lemme know.

Dave FoO, sorry, you ain't leveled yet. You have a while to go... about 20,000 xp MORE before 7th level.

Brogg, you're close to leveling in Fighter, and I believe you're now capped at 5th level Cleric, yes?

Cinder, nope. You need 12,000 xp or so.

Marivhon, you just need 2,000 xp to hit 5th level. Should be do-able soon.

So you guys hang out partying until Renwick's done I guess. Fun. Anyone want to do anything before the storyline comes along and bites you in the ass again?
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