I'll be gone tomorrow so.
next round halberd hits ac 0 for 7 points of damage
then I miss.
then I miss again.
that should cover me.

Descent into Depths!
  Descent into Depths!
Halberd hit ac 1 for 6 points of damage.
Ok, fuck this.

Cinder downs an invisibility potion and goes for the ninja's back.

I hit AC 5 and negative something If the 5 hits that does 12 points of damage. I for sure do..oh god. I rolled a one. Well, +1 for magic sword = 2x3 = 6 points on the full ninja for sure. Man do thieves suck.

You would think a thief with longsowrd/shortsword and a x3 backstab would be something you wouldn't want comin at your back...sigh.
I'm a golden cloud with flecks of crimson
  Almost Done W/ Ninjas
Okay Marivhon, start of the next round, you stun ninja four. Three rounds.

Hey Cinder? Let's just say you take those two actions to attack, and then kill on the second round the stunned fourth ninja.

One full ninja left. Remwick drops to -8. Marivhon, the ninja kicks you in the ribcage for 10 hp.
I wave to Mike.
I miss the most hurt Ninja. I hope Mike isn't reading as we actually fight. Next round on the most hurt Ninja I hit so well I'd stun a guy who's ac 4 and I do 5 hp of damage. It's a 2 attack round for me so I miss with my 2nd attack.
  Ninjas, Badgers, And Mages
Okay Dave FoO, you're up to 27 hp after all that. Then badgers come in.

Cinder, you've got an action. Marivhon, you hit again this round. The ninjas stay on Brogg and star him for 16. That puts Brogg down to -8. The Aid brings Brogg up to -4 and stable.

Cinder and Marivhon, you've got another action. Renwick, you miss. The ninjas decide they've had enough of badgers and healing mages, kill one badger this round and drop Renwick to -7 and counting.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Huzzah! Thanks, Renwick.

I down a 2d8+4 potion for 15 more HP. And I bring in 2 badgers, using the second circle spell.

Then I cast Aid on Brogg. Hit point check?

Renwick has an insane vision where he is stuck in a giant mettel bird for a whole day while his friends lie bleeding. And then he snaps out of it and into action.

Two potions on FoO for 5, and 7. fourteen total. For round five.

Round six I'll help any one who goes down. I used my last two potions of FoO, so if a downed companion has potions I'll use them to bring em up.

If no one goes down I'll attack the most hurt ninja BR13. I think I just soiled my cloak, I am just first level ya know.
  There's About Six Ninja Stars Stuck In Your Shirt
Mike the zombie brought a book and is up in the stands reading. This isn't his thing really.

Okay Brogg, you drink a couple of potions and remain standing. The ninjas prepare to throw a lot of ninja stars at you again, but we'll wait until others have caught up for this round.
Whoa, just a second.

After the Ninja duo star me for that 16, I am going to drink one of my Healing Poitions during my 2-attack round. 8 Hit Points, buddies.

That should put me at 15, then to 5 after their next attack.

So, I try to finish off Ninja #4, and drink another Potion.
BR:5, which hits AC:8. Ugh, and 3 more hps for the Potion.

I am at 8, and I am scared.


Once again, where's Mike the Zombie 1k?
  You're Up Next.. I Mean, Down Next
Brogg, the ninjas leap to your left and to your right and throw a bunch of ninja stars at you... you take 16 hp, putting you down to 7 hp. Cinder is stunned, Dave FoO is out, Renwick still has an action.

Next round, Cinder is still out (but can act the following round). Renwick now has two actions. Marivhon and Brogg hurt ninja four, but he's still up. Brogg, more ninja stars for 10 hp, dropping you to -3 hp.

Not looking so promising any more, huh?
Hit ac 9 for this round and next round hit ac 3 for 2 points of bare fisted vengence.
Hey Renwick, do you mind pouring a potion down Dave, Fist of Odin's throat? He's got some on him, I think.

Ninja gating? Bring it!

A broadsword for Ninja #4, BR:2. Ack.

Well then, here's my next attack on Ninja #4, BRs:19,13. That 13 will hit AC:0. I bet that hits. That's 12 and 10 points of damage, respectively.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Gurgle . . . . gurgle . . . . (bleeds softly to himself) . . .

*cough, cough*
  Ninja Magic
Okay Cinder, the ninja's poison pepper dust hits you right in the face and you're paralyzed for the next three rounds. You get that first attack in though.

Dave FoO double damages and Brogg keeps the hurt on. Ninja three is looking pretty bad. Renwick casts another Burning Hands and singes the ninja's ninja pants.

Round five comes on up. Cinder is stunned, Dave FoO crit fumbs and gets ninja'd for 10 more hp. Dave, you have 7 hp left. Actually, the ninja attacks you good and drops you to -1! Marivhon double damages, stuns, and kills ninja three. Brogg hurts the fresh ninja four.

Ninja four then opens a ninja gate and gates in another ninja! Jesus Christ!

Into Round 6, in which Cinder is still sneezing and coughing. Lemme know if I've somehow missed one of your attacks. Gets kinda nutty.
BR:7 on that save vs. Ninja Tech. Crap.
(Thanks, for the Jesus info on DiDTT, Marivhon.)

Brogg can tell you that in the dawn of the First Era, the Dwarf Prince Froth Meadbeard was captured by the Orcish Chieftan Ali Greegst. Ali Greegst placed Froth under house arrest, and subsequently lead his Orcs on a series of raids that lasted over three years.

When Ali returned, he was horrified to find that his Harem had discovered Froth, and had taken much pleasure in his Dwarven Constitution.

However, even more to Ali Greegst's displeasure, he found several Dworcish toddlers running about his estate. Enraged, Ali slaughtered everyone in the household. That is, except for one chambermaid, who managed to escape with the youngest Dworc swaddling. This Dworc was to become Ali Khan Breggle, Great great grandfather of Flarck, and Founder of the Church of Grisbane.

Brogg will tell you all of this after the Ninja battle, of course.
My save, BR:18. I can't believe it. Grisbane must be a Ninja-hater.

Ok, two attacks on the Ninja that tried to paralyze me! BRs:4,18. That's one hit, no doubt. 10 points of damage, Nunchuker!
  The Ninjas Are Through Fucking Around
Renwick, I thought it was 2 hp/level, but I don't have a PH, so if it's 1 hp/lvl, it's 1. Either way, I had you down as Burning Handsing a ninja or two. Hey, you helped out, and the guy's down.

The two ninjas are through fucking around. Brogg and Cinder, make saves vs. paralyzation. Brogg, Dave FoO, and Cinder, check, damage dealt.
If this is round four then:

Hit AC 3 for 6 damage, and a miss.

Round 5: Hit AC5, for 4 damage if that hits.

Round 6: Two misses.

Feel the wrath of the thief!
Hey now. If I burning hands I automaticly hit no save. That blog roll was If I was unable to burning hand two ninjas in one round.

I'll have you know that burning hands auto hits no save for 1 point of damage per caster level by 1E. So if I got two of them they each take one scorching point of damage.

Shit this is scary, and man does a first level mage suck.

Round four I'll buring hands whatever ninja looks the worst or two ninjas if I can hack it.
Freakin' Ninjas!

On Ninja #3 (do they have numbers on them?) BR:17. That's 9 points of damage.

Grisbane must really hate Ninjas, because I am not missing very much.
round 3 I missed. round 4 I miss. round 5 I hit ac-2 with a 20 which will prolly stun for 7 points of damage. That same round I get another attack! and I miss. Percentile kill chance I got a 29 which won't do it. alright. s'nuff
  You Guys Fight Ninjas A Lot
Okay, because Dave FoO's been sort of out of commission for a while, I'll assume he's summoning Bear Of The Month. I rolled a 10, which is... a were-bear. Not bad.

The were-bear attacks on round 1, hits ninja two twice for 12.

Cinder, on the crit fumb, you take 5 hp from one nunchuk smak. Marivhon drinks potion, heals back to full, misses.

Next round.

Dave FoO, Marivhon, and Cinder take down the first ninja. Just to get it out of the way, the ninjas tag-team the were-bear and kill it. Brogg hurts ninja two real bad. Round three, Renwick with a Burning Hands, Cinder, and Dave FoO kill ninja two. Renwick, so you know, AC:6 is missing.

Ninja three and four tag-team Dave FoO, katanaing and ninja starring him for 19 hp!

Next round. Merry Christmas, y'all.
I don't want to jump too far ahead but it seems like round three is getting close.

If the ninjas bunch up and I can get two of them at the same time with a burning hands I'll let it rip.

Once again I don't have a players in Mi. and I'm not sure of the damage so I guess maybe rob will roll for me if he knows.

By the way what ever these things are they arn't really ninjas. Ninjas are timid creatures that are more scared of you than you are of them. Ninjas normaly fall like bowling pins. I don't have a spell that would reveal their true form or I would but guys be carefull.

If I can't line up a Burning hands than BR 14 to hit with staff for 5 pts.
Alright Marivhon, you can get a cool "Monk" weapon if that's the case, but I think we should then try to get Renwick something. Maybe a spellbook guy.

And I don't care who says what about who the Champion of Grisbane is. Only the Big G can decide that. I just make sure that I put in a full day's work everyday.

Speaking of that, feel the Fury of The Half-Breed on High, Ninja!

On an unwounded one, BRs:12,19. That's ACs:2 and a sure hit, for 25 points of damage! Wow, Double Spec rocks!

Hey BTW, what is Mike the Zombie 1k doing?
Descent into Depths is an old school 1st Edition AD&D adventure run by the Infinity Group.

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