I am all done with Port Fflar, and I am ready to kick some Spider ass.

Dave, Fist of Odin, Grisbanics don't choose their spells. We just meditate and wait for the Big G to fill our heads. We have Faith that Grisbane gives us what we need. So, don't laugh at the Dust Devil. He has a purpose. I know it.
Okay, tomorrow night we'll just get this show on the road towards Kyuss one way or another. Dave FoO, check, bought stuff, comin' here, buying me drinks. You can log in from here though to keep posting throughout the break.

Last call for Port Fflar stuff...
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Okay, I updated my character sheet. 400 gold to fix my armor? Done. 160 gold for an old Mac and Marathon? Done. 2 2d8+4 healing potions? Done.

I spend most of my time killing aliens. Anyone want to drop 160 gold so we can get some multiplayer kicking?

Oh - but some of my time, I spend laughing at Brogg for memorizing 'dust devil' and 'water walking'. Really? C'mon, dude. Dust Devil?
  It's Just Like This Movie I Saw...
John Romeo touches the brim of his hat and says: "Ain't got time to battle weak pretendas to the throne. Time spent spittin is time ain't makin go's or with hos. If you think you got what it takes... be at the Cold Cut Collective next month kid. Throw down for your peeps if you think that you street. Audi 5, Holmes."

Apparently the big battle is going on next month up in Fflar Heights at the Triple C Brewrey. Just in time for you to head to the Arena, do a short adventure, and hone your skills. It's the sort of thing where various talented young musicians battle it out for top position and such. You know. I know you know.

Look, if you had, one shot, or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted, one moment
Would you capture it, or just let it slip, yo...
"I haven't stolen anything, so I'm not payin your tax, right? I'd sooner keep my hands in my pockets in Port Fflar than pay a Gent one copper. Or I'll tell you what John Romeo, -you want my money? I'll pay you the 100 GPs, plus one hundred more for each member of my crew if you can out-rhyme me in a public battle. That's a total of 500 GPs. But if you lose, not only do you pay my 100 GP 'Thief Tax,' but you also secure me, a Blackwall Thief passage to the rich hunting grounds on the plateau above to do some serious thieving. I want access to Gentlemen territory for a day. What you say Romeo? You got the balls?"

Shit kid that was a warm-up I’m just stretchin my tongue
First circle rhymes just to test you, shit the night is still young
I ain’t even spelled my name let alone song my sung
So lend me your ears for the words that I brung

Je m’appelle be John Romeo, an maybe you heard
Hustle honeys
beaucoup yo, Les chicks et les birds
No no just stay seated don’t be pullin your sw-erd
Brought knowledge, Uh the knizz-ap, so listen up to ma word

R yo dog for ruffneck with timbalands on my feet
O is yup for the ladies, big O, is complete
M-E is yours truly, yo, rewind, repeat
O again yeah U O ME, cause you don’t bring the street

Arc-mage? Please sonny, you dun’een know how to read!
If an if that you did then you’d knew I decreed
All new Thiefs gotta pay me, not play me boy Shee’d
Gimme 100 gps and I’ll decreed you’d gp’d

John Romeo Yo Uh Wit the license to Thief
Pay up or get fucked An your rhymes I’ll bequeath
To a gay mime who needs ‘em He’s all like “Oh Pleath!”
“Theeth rhymeth be all thtinky like yo mommath latht queef!”

He hands you a business card that explains that he's one of them Backdoor Gentlemen, and he's the collector of the 'Thief tax'. Apparently, the Gentlemen, and the city of Port Fflar itself, tolerates Thieves' Guilds only if the members pay dues to keep them honest, or at least registered. If you wanna do some stealing, even though you're already a member of the Blackwalls, you have to pay the BGs 100 gp.

Later, Master Thorton explains the situation. "Well, yes, golly, didn't think the old boy would come all the way down here. Usually we just handle this internally. Must've slipped the old noggin, eh laddy? That John Romeo is quite a rake, quite a rake indeed. Must've heard of you and yours performance the other day, what. Quite a spot, capital show, what. But Romeo's skills are quite refined, as are several of the Gentlemen. Why, they won last year's Cold Cut Collective! And the year prior. Hmm, you know, it's been a bit of a stitch since we last took the triple-C crown... Hmm..."

Oh no!
Please don't!
Cause your
Rhymes won't
Get tha ladies all wet or get they booties ta shake
Or make ya paid with the jewels like the ones that I take

I'll introduce myself (But you already know)
Cindah's the name and it's time for a show
How much fame can a name have?
With me, no one knows
But it's lauded by MCs with taste, in the know

And yes, a tenth level mage is your rhyme's ball park
But I'mma mage with a book, and my prefix is 'arc'
And you tell me your rage is straight up 3rd Edition
Straight up One-E here son, like I know you is wishin

Reality check son
You rap like a Hobbit
And that girl in that booth
Said your junk's like John Bobbit's

And now you up here frontin, steppin up ta mah crew
You hearda me son, but I aint' hearda you
Tell ya just how I do
I'm just took ya ta school
Stone cold street hustla since the age of 'one-two'

Brogg puts down his bacon.

Nice duds, but tha Colonel wants em back
Yo, 3 every 2 is how I attack
Maybe a sword or maybe an Axe
What, you running?!
Here’s a bolt your back!

Slim Shady here thinks he can rap
But hotcakes got cold while we listened to crap.

Wait, wait, I’m just playin, don’t frown
Your rhymes ain’t bad for someone with Downs…

Oh, I’m sorry, let me explain…
Your chromosomes got stuck an’ it fucked up your brain
That’s why it’s cool that you still can maintain
Your spirits so high
When your rhymes are so lame

Yo, but I’m just warmin the mic
Brogg is just barkin’ Cinda’s gonna bite

So sit tight, Mr. White, you started this fight
Now be polite aiight, and accept your plight…

  Paging Dr. Chris
Okay, given Chris is interested, maybe we'll wait a day or two longer for a new PC to show up. So, uh, you guys are at a bar, and this guy comes up, and he seems pretty cool and stuff...

Then we'll push things along to the Arena of Kyuss! Everyone prepared for a trek to the City of Spiders? You guys bought rations and stuff, right? Mr. Gibbons took his cart and went home a long time ago.

Anyway, while we wait: okay Marivhon, halberd and potions acquired. The potions all have a little Potion Guild emblem on them, and the halberd is stamped with the Weapons Guild symbol.

Cinder, Louis is mightily impressed with your rhymes and Dave FoO's backup. "Capital! Great show, just bloody great, laddy. Yes sir, we've had our troubles on the musical frontier, what. The Gentlemen take and maintain, but there's a life to be carved down here in the Port. Mr. Grimes sent a word down, indeed, you're welcome to partake in our sub-Denny's labyrinth an' if it pleases you. Be warned, all walls have eyes, the clouds have ears, all things seen and heard in the Port, so ye best be step-watching, what." Sir Bryan shows you around the place, training and fencing facilities, etc.

Apparently word of your abilities escaped the lair, though, as it isn't four days later, when you're enjoying a French Slam and a cup of clam chowder, when three rough looking guys step into the restaurant. Glancing around, they come over to your table, and the first guy in all white leather and a fine hat starts it up:

Check flav, front page
Like a tenth level mage
Just busted out of the cage
An' now I strut to the stage
Third-E barbarian rage
Spittin' like a twelve gauge
Lyrics assem-blage
Hardcore raps Elminster sage

Check one, check one-two
Can’t comprehend what I do
Your rhymes out back huffing glue
And I’m all like
oui, parlez-vous?

That’s right I just rhymed in French
Been hard at work on the bench
Tweekin beats with a wrench
While you bang Judi Densch

I’m Rap Island’s Survivor
Hardcore rap’s fuckin’ MacGuyver
Rhymes outta gum and screwdrivers
Bootstrappin rhymes take you higher

PhD in freak
I make my homegirls weak
Take them to their peak
Then to the mic I will sneak

For perpetratin a rhyme
That’s penetrating your mind
And make you feel divine
Like an old French wine

Shit, these rhymes are untold
Of pure silver and gold
All the wizards of old
The prophecy will unfold

Now let’s bring it back down to earth
I’m rockin parties since birth
Yo, from Grito to Durth

So step up; whatchya worth?
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Remember, Cinder gets a +1 for having me beatbox behind him.

Hey hey hey! I'm not ready to go just yet! Geez. Let me just finish this thing, here.

But I'm so down with the arena.
Halberd bought 2 nice potions bought...off to the arena...
It's pretty cool that Dave, FoO picked up Beatboxing as an NWP, since Vrill fucked up the Crystal Jambox. Is there someplace I can get that repaired here?

I check in with the Blackwalls and go see Louis Thorton. He has an ogre bodygaurd. I have one too. His name is Dave, Fist of Odin and he can really let the beat drop.

"Hit me D."

Dave, FoO: "Boof. Piff. Boof Boof Piff. Puh-huh Boof. Piff. Boof Boof Piff. Puh-huh Boof. Piff. Boof Boof Piff. Puh-huh Boof. Piff. Boof Boof Piff......"

Well hello, jambo, aloha, bonjour
I just left Grito on a 5 day tour
I made Port Fflar, and I made it real fast
got banned from my village just for kickin some ass

Now they call me Cindah because that is my name
and I'm the illest MC on the Prime Mat plane
test me
feel free
I see
for thee
on knees
for me

Now don't be upset
I'm just doin my duties
stealin all of yer loot
and sexin all of the cutiez
hoes takin they dress off

Dave, FoO: "Cause they in the mood."
take neck-lace off
Dave FoO: "Cinder's eyein the loot."

And if ya step, bring game
you'll be sayin "Can't see ya!"
cause I'm behind yo ass
an I'm gonna x3 ya
(Dave, FoO "Damn.")

I'm a Blackwall son, here to make my fortune
and to give my respect to my boy Louis Thorton
and to my brothers in Fflar: Where you at? Holla Back!
cause Blackwalls got flava that all others lack!

"What up Louis? What is the word in Fflar?"

And hell yes, Cinder is down with Mar's dungeon. Cinder is all about the loot.
  Insert 'Into A Hilton' Joke Here
Okay, monks can use polearms. I guess this is coming from the whole Oriental Adventures monks with naginatas thing. But sorry, no magic halberds for sale in Port Fflar. You can buy a regular halberd for 20 gp or a silver halberd for 200 gp if you like that.

Alright Brogg, you sell the statue, move from the YMCA into a Hilton, and then throw a bingo and movie night at the Church of Grisbane.

Is the party agreed to head to the Arena? It's the Arena of Kyuss in the City of Spiders.
Hey DM, I've got my Unearthed Arcana right here; says Monks can use any pole arm. No shit. That includes Halberds. Marivhon, it says that Halberds are 5'+ in length. I'd suggest 5-6'. -That's 1-10/2-12, buddy. Kick some ass!

I sell the dancer and drop 2000gps on our lodging. That's more than double the 150gp each. I'll hold the other 3k.

I am all for Marivhon's treasure map. I think we all need a break from intrigue and to do some good ol' dungeon stomping.

I give 1000gp of my cash to the local Church of Grisbane, and spend the other 300gp on a Church social. -You know, punch and pizza.
  Turtles And Rainbows
Well Marivhon, I've never heard of Le Parkour, but in the UK what you're talking about is called Freestyle Walking. So okay, you take that as one of your NWPs. No magic halberds for sale, anywhere here. And besides, proficiency in halberd? Are you high? Ha ha, monks can't use halberds! We're trying to run a realistic game here Marivhon. Realistic. Try bo staff.

Potions of healing are 250 gp for 1d8+2, and 550 gp for 2d8+4 apiece. Buy whatcha like. The elf at the Potion Guild counter gives you a snide 'oh great, more potions of healing, how original' kind of look, like you walked into a wine store and loudly wondered where the Sutter Home is at. Given his and your respective career choices though, you think he's hardly in a place to be such a dick about it.

Brogg, are you talking about selling the dancing music box thing you guys found in the mirror world? 5000 gps.

Dave FoO, finding an old mac is okay, for 100 gp, but Marathon you can only get on eBay and it's going for a cool 60 gp.

Marivhon, Brogg, and Dave FoO, there are Churches to both Grisbane and all the Norse deities here. That's where you guys special trained. (Or is it 'trained specially'? No, that sounds lame.) Still if you want, you can go out and do some street preaching. It goes okay. People are more condusive to the 'ragnarok is coming' kind of message over the 'turtles and rainbows' message.

Any other side business to take care of first? And yeah, Marivhon's got a map to some Arena. It's about two weeks away.

Gregolas spends his time playing his new game. For a while Mike the zombie sits there and watches it, but after a few times when Gregolas yells out "Yeah, take that zombie bitches! Zombie biz-natches!", and then Gregolas explains (again) what the game is about, Mike frowns and wanders around the room. He does that for three months, giving you ample reason to GTFO and go train from dawn to dusk.

Gregolas says "Shiz, yo, but I can't understand what's going on in this game! I mean, zombies, check, got my vinyl and my... I think that's a DJ bag, that icon there. See, it's like a rectangle with a strap. But I don't read Chinese. No wait, sorry, this shit is Korean. I don't read Korean. None of you picked up a little Korean in your training or anything, you know, help a brother out, just speak up if you can understand any of that shit in that little box down there. See, I'm talking to the shopkeeper and he's all ching-chang," yes, Gregolas uses the phrase 'ching-chang', unfortunately, "he's all like talking this crazy stuff. I took this down to the library to use that computer there, it's got like this translation software. 'Yahoo Comprehend Languages beta' or something. But it didn't make any sense. Check it out, I mean, obviously I'm in a shoe store, hooking up the fat sneaks. Can't be perpin', gotta sport the Nikes to go with the visor I got from the last boss. I think perpin makes your FASH drop by like 5 points. Anyway Yahoo CL tells me what this guy is saying is 'I grab the money foot'. I'm not even sure if that's a question or not, feel me here? 'Grab the money foot.' But you know what? I love this fucking game. Shit yeah I'm gonna grab the money foot. Let's do it, Mr. Shoes! I'm a busy man, gotta spin at that hot new club and then bust some zombie biz-ass! Hella smackdown from the beat I provide." Gregolas goes quiet and gets back to the game.
It's called Le Parkour. And I buy 3 2d8+3 healing potions whatever they cost....I don't have any healing potions....so sad.
I uh...well I get 1hp for 3rd level....and 1 hp for 4th level....plus 4 hp for special training bringing me to 17! Ok I want to take my weapon Prof in Halbred if I can I don't have the Unearthed Weapons allowed for monks list, but I think it's on there. I take my NWP in cirque de soleil acrobatics. I have the prerequisite acrobatics so now I'm all crazy...Since my Charisma sucks I take my other NWP in that French sport...where you can treat the cities obstacles as your playthings....you know climb walls really fast , not even care if you are swinging from a chandalierre. Heh. Ok you get the point. If not look it up it has some weird french name and it's cool to watch. With all that I should be the best break dancer street freak ever. So I can now speak with animals and my mind is hard to read. I'm ac 5 now too.and run rediculously fast. All in all I'm really not so tough. 5/4 attacks now though 1d6+1...+2 damage with all weapons.... Oh yeah can I buy a magic Halbred with say 2700 gold? Say from a Minotaur captian? I'm a monk and I'm not supposed to have money. If not I donate it to my church's champion.....Brogg.
I guess thats it except that I have a map to some "monk treasure". We could check that out before going anywhere else....I like treasure....I'm a Monk...maybe it could work out.
Crap, I got a 2 and a 3 for Cleric and Fighter hit points. I guess that gives me 2. 2 for special training, though. -that's 4 more, putting me at 27hp. I guess that someone needed to break our rolling streak.

Anyway, the best thing about 4th level Fighter is another weapon proficiency. Now, I am debating whether or not to take specialization Crossbow, which gives me +2/+2, and double damage within 60', or double spec in Broadsword, which is a meaty +3/+3.

Hmm... Considering Leuco, I am not going to want a shootout. I'll go for the double spec Broadsword. Brogg is going to kick some ass.

My new nonweapon proficiency is Heraldry. -I've always liked Heraldry.

Yay, 3rd level spells!

I am going to see if there are any Grisbanics in town. Other than that, I keep a low profile.

Also, I sell that dancing statue. How much? If it is 900gp+, I'll use it for all of our lodging. And food... and room... and boarding... Otherwise, I'll make up the difference. -It's on me, boys.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Aha. Got it. I get my armor restored. I've got two +1 maces, one that degrades armor, a potion of handsomeness, and gloves of the mime. Sweet! I'll update my 'stuff' list - I'd like to get some more healing potions. How much for d8+1, or 2d8+3? Is there a temple to Odin in town? If not, I'm going to generate some buzz, get the word about Odin out on the street, that sort of thing. Maybe that's part of my special training, actually.

And when I'm not beat-boxing, or rapping, or training, or shit like that, I'm going to find an old Mac with 'Marathon' on it, and shoot some Pfhor. God, I hate those aliens.
  Blackwalls In Fflar
Yeah Cinder, there's a branch of the Thiefs in Port Fflar. They ain't top dog here though. That spot is reserved for The Backdoor Gentlemen, and yes they get the joke. The head of the Gentlemen lives up in the Heights, name is Barnabas Slide. Apparently there's also a dance move named after him.

R. Bennett is a famous contemporary painter who has recently gone missing. When he disappeared, the value of his paintings doubled. You could get a cool G for the painting of Vrill here in town. Bennett was based out of a small artist colony along the coast a few days east of Port Fflar called Redwood Ville.

The Thiefs are based out of a tavern called Lawcalb. I'm sorry, that's stupid. The bar's real name is Denny's. Okay, it's not a bar, they're just based out of a Denny's. But there's like secret stuff going on underneath, so it's better than it sounds, it's not like they just saddle up to the counter and are like 'Thanks Mary, cuppa coffee please. What's up Sniverin IV, yeah just picked a fat pocket. A FAT pocket, so that Scram Slam is on yours truly. Or really, on Mr. Fatpockets from three blocks away, heh heh."

Anyway, the head of the Blackwalls here in town is Louis Thorton, and he's got an ogre bodyguard named Sir Bryan.

I'm sorry, just not feeling at peak name generation today.
Hmm. Okay.

I go to the Blackwalls with the painting (after examining more closely myself, checking the back for maps to secret loot etc...) to get it appraised. How good was this R. Bennet guy?

Ready for some potions guys?

Cinder hands the Mana Potion to Brogg, since Dave has the Gloves of the Mime, Give the Potion of SuperFriends to Dave, FoO, since he is Man of the People (and how when he drinks this!), gives Marivhon the OneUp, cause he's a crappy monk (it's OK Mar, I'm a crappy thief), and puts the potion of Polymorph in his Roos of Holding, since Cinder had so much fun with the last one. I guess he puts the Iron Rations potion in there too. I know it's cooler than that, but really, not by much.
  Vrill's Stuff
Okay Cinder, you don't manage to find Vrill's spellbook, unfortunately. You do take the notes, plus two other things of interest you find: a stash of five potion guild potions in a potion guild strongbox, and a large painting of Gregory Vrill on canvas. The painting is signed R. Bennett. Stanislaus will ID the potions for you and tell you more about the notes if you want, but he'll need a little while to study them. Up to you. The potions are: Mana (return 1d6 spell levels of spells), Polymorph (polymorph yourself at will for 1 hr), SuperFriends (+4 to CHA all day), SuperNutrients (go a week without food and water and sleep) and OneUp (+1 to everything for 1 hr).
First, here are Cinder's rolls for Gregory Vrill's Lair:

d6=5 d%=90 IQ=6 WI=11 (How do I determine what the bonus is for Alertness Rob? If it is -2 or more, than I make it)

And Cinder nabs all the notes on bringing the dead back to life. He's no wizard, but he is a thief, and he knows that shit is at least semi-valuable. Furthermore, anything that he finds, he's gonna have Stan check out for magical properties.

I'll buy 2 potions of invis from Stan, and I'll take that improved invis as well. That eats up my spoils of the PT GPs.

Once we get to Port Fflar, after training, I'd like to check out if the Blackwalls reside here, or if not, who does. I'll keep a low profile.

That's if for Cinder for now.
  Port Fflar
No Dave FoO, you only have two +1 maces. The white one that the blacksmith made, and the rusty one that the foundry guardian carried. Actually your armor is still damaged from it being used on you. If you can find the third mace in a previous post, well, good luck. But you've already been carrying around that rusting mace for a while now.

Yes, the crystal jambox is magical, but it doesn't work so great after Vrill nuked it.

The Mime Gloves work just like that. Someone, anyone, casts a spell that has a somatic component, and for your action in the next round you can cast that same spell (rerolling damage/cure dice, etc).


Port Fflar it is. You tell Mr. Gibbons your destination and he takes you there. It takes about five uneventful days in the awful weather to reach the coast.

Port Fflar is really two cities, the Port, and, uh, 'Fflar'. Or Fflar Heights. The Port is a huge sprawling urban area along the coast; there are bazaars, tons of inns and taverns, ships coming from all over the world: the dwarf sailors of Ongshaat, the minotaurs of Krynn, the black men of Valtos. It's smaller than Greyhelm, but oddly bimodal in sleaze.

The Port is at the base of a large set of cliffs overlooking the sea, and high up, towering above the merchant districts and hooliganism below is Fflar Heights. Mainly residential and rich, the Heights are where many wealthy merchants and thief lords live. A pair of white towers, seemingly part of the cliffs themselves, rise up, and these towers form the emblem of the flag of Port Fflar.

Unlike Grito though, which was sort of a slacker peasant paradise, Port Fflar is very busy. Preparing for war. Building walls. It's almost as if the prime directive of the Knights of Armek was to take the once-peaceful, unified kingdom of Greyhelm and divide it into several independent warlike city-states. That's basically what's happened.

Anyway, Mr. Gibbons drops you off at an inn called Limey's. You then get to work special training.

Port Fflar is expensive, guys. You each must pay at least 150 gp on top of training costs while you are here. Did you hear that?

Each of you pay at least 150 gp for food and lodging during training.

You can always pay more if you like if you want to live in a better place than the local YMCA.


Dave FoO, it'll cost 400 gp to repair your armor. Beat Boxing okay. Nice rolls for hp so far guys.

Okay, so you train. It takes about three months, hence the living expenses. Winter turns into spring. A huge waterfall coming down from the Heights into the sea thaws sometime in March. Birds are singing and all that; it's almost as if nothing wrong was going on in the world.

Speaking of which, is there anything you guys want to do in Port Fflar, or elsewhere, after training? (You can't do anything while you train so don't even try.) I mean, before the giant hand of storyline comes along and bitchsmacks you, anywhere you want to go, anything you want to do or buy, people to talk to, etc? Speak now while you have the chance. Port Fflar is a major city and has all the Guilds, sages, slums and rat-infested sewers, everything a PC could want really.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Mime gloves it is. Shudder. I hate mimes.

What do they do, again? If I see someone casting a spell, the next round I can cast the same spell, kinda?

I also want that +1 mace that ruins armor. I now have three plus one maces. I give one back to party treasure.

How much to get Amoroun fixed? Is that how her name is spelled? I love my armor.

And for special training - hmmm. I think I want to take 'beat boxing' - which gives a +1 to my companion's raps when I'm backing them up. How's that sound, Rob?

So - special training! I BR an 8 for HP, plus one for CN, +2 for special training so 39 HP. Wo.
Port Fflar it is.

Alright, to make things simple: Marivhon, take the Ring +2 and the Wand of Silence. Cinder, you get the Fast Boots. Dave, Fist of Odin, I think you ought to take the Mime Gloves. Mike the Zombie 1k can have the Fire Extinguisher Wand.

I thank Grettin and Shettin for the Scroll and the Potions. However, I tell them that I am not quite down with Owlbears. Especially if they are coming out of a factory. But, I tell them that I won't take any down without good reason. I just shrug when they ask about the Oracle.

Let's hit the road.
Let's go to the Port. Durth prolly isn't a great place to bring 2 priests. I would like the Ring +2 and the Wand of Silence. Gloves of the Mime sound cool....but I'm not worried about them. I don't think I can really use any of the other stuff. I will go train in Fflar if I can, but if I have to then off to Durth. If Gregolas or anyone can tell me about monks in Fflar that would be cool. Is anyone going to talk to Abbey or are we just gonna call that good and move on...?

I will roll and level up when I get more info....on where I'm training. I definately am special training.
  Aftermath III
Hey guys, you posted before I had a chance to finish 'Aftermath II'. Make sure you read it below. Apparently Blogger won't let you edit the post dates/times anymore, so I can't revise it to make it appear at the top of those pages.

Hey Blogger: let us do that.
I'm taking the Ring of Owlbears, and that Holy Symbol of Grisbane. You guys can divide the rest.

I'd say that Marivhon should get that ring of Protection +2. Maybe the Boots of Running for Mike the Zombie 1k?
I'm down with giving Stan the owlbear control ring. Should come in handy for his tower of illusions, and I'm really just hoping we are not going to run into any owlbears after today.

I think Marivhon should get first dibbs on the 2 ring if he wants it cause monks can't wear armor. Cinder would like the fast boots for the dex boost if no one else has a problem with that. Cinder adds the wands and the Gloves of the Mime to party treasure. If no one really wants the self silence wand, Cinder will gladly take that too.

Does the crystal jambox radiate magic? Just curious, cause unless it has batteries, I'd say it pretty much has to.
  Aftermath II
Okay, Marivhon has the +2 Ring, Brogg has the Owlbear Ring, Stanislaus takes the Fireproof Robe. Other items still to be decided it seems.

Oh, the wand isn't 'self' silence, it just silences one person. Actually, sorry, it has a 15' radius just like the spell. Hence it would be useful for zapping enemy casters, ya?

Make sure you read my post below (titled 'Aftermath', hence the title of this post). I just wanted to point that out because sometimes some of us aren't the best readers.

Alright Cinder, Stanislaus will sell you Potions of Invisibility for 300 gp each, and he's got one Improved Invisibility for 1000 gp. Take what you want.

Brogg and Cinder, you guys quickly head over to the Church of Grisbane before your official exile. Brogg, Grettin and Shettin will meet with you, and while you're doing that, Cinder sneaks off to find Vrill's vault.

Cinder, either way, cross off one potion or one pinch of dust for sneaking into the Church of Grisbane. Even if you walk in the front door with Brogg, getting to the Owlbear Factory won't be easy. They won't let either of you in, so you'll have to go invisible.


Sure enough, the place is the old Temple of Zelba that this whole crazy thing started in. It's weird to see it renovated and Grisbane-ified. Brogg, they know you here, and you recognize several half-breed priests who've relocated from Greyhelm. After waiting 30 min, you're quickly allowed to see Grettin and Shettin. They tell you that they have to go soon, to the hearing about you and Vrill's murder.

"Welcome back, brother Brogg. I'm sure you've had many wonderful and dangerous adventures in the last year. Of course, you know already that there was another Brogg, who was killed about ten months ago by Leuco. This fulfilled the charge of the Church, and we now officially recognize chimeras of being 'of Grisbane'. I can understand if you're confused by this, seeing as how you, yourself were not killed. However, as we see it, you were. It was not a doppleganger that Leuco slew, but something else. If you were to bring us proof that you were not in fact killed, we would consider re-instating your Championhood, and reconsider our position on chimeras. As it stands today, though, Brogg was killed, bested by Leuco."

"This being the case, I would say you are still in danger. Leuco will assuredly hear of your return, and seek you out to make sure you're back in the grave. Do not expect quarter from Brother Leuco. You may not, however, attack chimeras other than you would if another priest of Grisbane attacked you."

"Alas, Brother Orcsides was in Greyhelm at the time of the attack, and killed by those known as the Knights of Armek. Our Church in Greyhelm was thus razed. It is a terrible tragedy and loss. We have come here to Grito as Durth, too, is closed to us. The Monks of Progress have declared agnosticism throughout the city and are building a giant protective wall, and will not help Grito if the Knights turn here. None know what the Knights plan to do. If only the Oracle was here to help us. Did you see him, Brogg, in your travels?"

Grettin and Shettin wish you well, and give you three Potions of Healing and a scroll of Summon Clay Golem. "Use the golem well, and be careful out there. Know that the Golem will not attack any priest of Grisbane, so this would be an inappropriate thing to use if Leuco finds you. Good luck Brother Brogg, and be safe in Grisbane."


Cinder, while Brogg is talking with the High Priest(s), you slip deeper into the temple. You've been here before, so it isn't long before you find yourself in the basement of the church. You spot a couple owlbears pushing a mine cart full of something, and slip into the factory behind them.

The owlbear factory has taken over most of the dungeon complex down here, and a large, deep cavern has been excavated. You think they're maybe making more than just owlbears, but you're not sure how much time you have and you really don't want to be found out, so you avoid heading into the factory proper. Owlbears probably can smell your invisible, still-5th-level body, and now isn't the time for a full solo adventure anyway, so you stick to the game plan of trying to find Vrill's quarters.

It's not hard, there's a big mahogany sign.

Master Gregory Vrill
CEO, Vrill and Co.
Senior Partner, Church of Grisbane Restoration Project
Burghermeister of Grito


That's gotta be the place. You use the key, and enter Vrill's workshop in the ex-Temple of Zelba.

Hmm. The place is a large laboratory, full of equipment, very messy. Workbenches, tables cluttered with books and papers, etc. Off to the side is a sleeping area. The place is about 70' x 70', truly enormous. You don't have a ton of time here you figure, so give me the following rolls: 1d6, 1d%, IQ, and WI. Add Alerness bonus to the WI roll.

In any case, you do find something of interest in his research notes on the table. Judging from the entries, it looks like the owlbear research was being done by other people. That's not at all what Vrill was down here doing himself. And looking around at some of the stuff that's being used, and uncovering a table covered by a cloth, revealing tons of bones, you begin to understand- only just barely- what the hell Vrill was into. Necromantic research. In the few places his writing isn't just scrawls or runes, he's talking about bringing the dead back to life!

Bringing a dead loved one back to life!

You have to split, so tell me what you rolled, and tell me whether you want to take the notes, destroy them, or leave them alone.


And, where are you guys off to, anyway?
Okay Cinder, you interrogate Steve APG quickly before the peasant mob and guards arrive after killing Vrill. "Uh, I can't believe you guys killed Master Vrill! That's so bad. He was a good guy!" You smack Steve and ask him about the keys. "Uh... huh. Well I guess one is a key to the front door, the other is a key for his special vault in the Owlbear Factory. He was working on a big secret for a long time. But it wasn't owlbears! I don't know what it is." You catch him glance off at 'Abbey'. "No really guys! I don't know! I'm just an Apprentice, see my name badge?" He shows you his name badge. "I was just working on my owlbear stuff and my htm_spells stuff where you can like hyperlink spells. It's pretty cool." You then knock him back out and deface his spellbook.


Let's assume that Dave FoO casts a DetM just after Vrill dies... looks like he has one memorized. Here's the booty from Vrill, sans what Cinder took:

Robe (radiates magic).
Spell components (don't radiate).
Necklace from the Potion Guild (doesn't radiate).
Boots (radiate).
Holy symbol of the Church of Grisbane (doesn't radiate).
Plus the two rings that I'm assuming Marivhon has. (Both radiate magic.)

Finally, you find a strange vial of thick red liquid, sort of like blood, in a small black case in the spell component pouch. (Doesn't radiate, but the top is covered in wax and inscribed with ornate runes.)

Stanislaus will identify all the stuff, but he wants the spell components and either the robe or the ring of owlbears. Here's what the stuff is:

Robe of Fire Resistance
Boots of Running (+2" movement rate, +1 DX)
Ring of Protection + 2 (+2 saves and AC, platinum ring)
Ring of Owlbears (command owlbears 1/week, PFE effect vs. owlbears 1/day; gold ring)

The two wands are:
Wand of Silence
Wand of Fire Extinguishing
(10 charges each, will to use, Silence is personal affecting, Fire Extinguishing is Fire Resistance + puts out fires)

The clothes aren't magical (check the back posts), but the gloves are:
Gloves of the Mime (3 charges, lets you 'mime' a magical spell cast by anyone you saw in the last round that had a somatic component. Roll new effects though.)

Just so you know, the white swords are +1, the white mace is +1, the rusty mace is +1 and causes a Rust Metal effect (degrades AC by -1 for each hit on a failed save, down to base 8). The chainsword is +1, with that special chainsaw ability for extra damage (check the back posts, I already described it).

Stanislaus will actually have to keep these things from you for a couple nights. You can mack in the caravan just outside town, and he'll send a ghostly messenger to you at night to update you on what things are. Then a couple bugbears bring your stuff back.


Actually, Steve would prefer to get back to work for the Church of Grisbane. If you take him to the Tower of Illusion, Stanislaus just sends him back anyway. Next posting will be Brogg and Cinder's entry into the new Church of Grisbane-cum-Owlbear Factory, as there's some interesting stuff to be told...
"Oh yea. Hey Stan, you got any invisibility potions for sale? I'll pretty much take what you got."
"Good riddance asshole."

That went about as well as could be expected. Cinder almost hates to ask, but can one of you magic-usin types toss a detect on the various pieces of Vrill's body?

And, before we go...

Cinder picked 2 keys from Vrill's pocket. Cinder wants to know what they go to, so while Steve is knocked out, he takes his spellbook. He'll get it back when he tells Cinder where the keys go to. Then I want to steal everything that is being locked up by the keys. If it is in an area that is hard to get to, then Cinder will use a pinch of invisibility dust (got 2 left). Cinder also writes 'PWNED!!! U LUSR' on the back of the last page of Steve's spellbook.

Then Cinder wants to check in with the Blackwalls. Whos around? How's Grimes doin? Who wants to smoke some dope, -or get smoked by some dope rhymes?

And finally, Cinder goes to see Stanislus to get some shit identified. The 2 wands from the other world, and the fancy clothes and those gloves he found on that body that were not decayed.

Cinder gives Greetles the coin he picked out of Vrill's pocket to help get shit rollin, although I'm sure he already set some aside beyond what he gave us. "Thanks Ronald. If you need anything, you know you can find me through the Blackwall's network."

And for a special training proficiency, Cinder takes ambidexterous. Longsword/shortsword all the way baby. And let's add...fuck yes! 6 shiny new hit points. Bout time. Things are looking good.
Whoa, that's some crazy stuff.

Ok, first off, I would like to have a chat with the Church of Grisbane in Grito. -Preferably with Grettin and Shettin if he is there. What is the story with the Owlbears? Is the Church now pro-Chimera? Does Leuco killing the antiBrogg count? (BTW: That was kind of cool.) Is there a double jeopardy clause concerning the Contrarian? Am I still in danger?

Also, as far as I see it, Grisbane has chosen me to keep Chimeras out of the Church. Will Grettin and Shettin mind if I continue my Mission? I am willing to listen, but I am going to really need to do some soul searching here.

I also want to find out what happened to Aaron Orcsides. If he is around, I tell Grettin and Shettin that I am worried about Orcsides' Faith, and ask that they instruct him to come with us.

As for Apprentice Steve, after roughing him up for a bit, I help him get a job at The Tower of Illusion. I'll even ask Ronald to write him a letter of recommendation. Steve is a stroke, but he is harmless enough. I am sure that Stanislaus could make use of him.

As for training, I'd be willing to do it in Durth or Port Fflar. I think that we should leave this up to Marivhon. That guy's been through a lot. I think that we owe it to him.

Oh, and yes, I do visit my grave. I put some flowers on it.
  The Last Words Of Gregory Vrill
Okay Cinder, just as the guards are about to show up, and Vrill's looking like he's about to sigh in relief, you turn back into a roc and fly away. Mike the zombie watches you fly off with sort of a sad frown on his zombie face. I'll assume Brogg flies off with you.

Dave FoO and Marivhon, you guys see the bird and change course to intercept them when Cinder lands. Vrill starts to say some more stuff, but by now, you guys have probably had enough. All he manages is:

"Oof. Your landing stinks. You know what? I..." and then you kill him.

Maybe it's just Cinder, or maybe it's all of you together, but one way or another, you guys rend Vrill's body to pieces. The Burghermeister and Potion Guild Master is dead at last. Brogg turns back into a half-orc.

'Abbey' gets down off the horse and goes over to the body of her father. She touches it lightly, once, as if to just make sure he's really there, or dead, or something. She stares blankly at the lot of you, and walks off back to town.

Steve APG begins to yell something through his gag. You knock him unconscious.

Thus endeth Vrill's life, and this module. Well done.


It's not so easy as just wrapping this up and getting to train though. You see, the town guard doesn't take it so lightly that you just murdered the Burgher, whatever personal problems and zombifications may have occured in the past. In the eyes of the town of Grito, you guys murdered a public official, and you're being blamed for the damage to Shady Orchards.

However, Dave FoO is a Man of the People, and you have a few allies on your side: the Blackwall Thiefs, the Church of Grisbane, Stanislaus, and Ronald Greetles. It's true that the Church has relocated from Durth to Grito, and it's also true that they were collaborating with Vrill to make owlbears. Hmm. They're unhappy with Vrill's death, but glad to hear that Brogg is back. We can role-play this out if necessary.

Basically, you guys hang out in the Griffon's Claw for the remainder of the day. You're left alone. Late in the evening, Greetles comes to see you guys.

"Uh, hi there guys. Welcome back. Yeah, a lot of stuff has happened, and I thought the other yous were the real yous. Glad to know you're not dead Mr. Brogg. Um, you remember that troll Mr. Leuco? He killed you. Well, the other you. If you'd like, you can visit your grave in the back of the orchard. That's why Master Vrill was working with the Church of Grisbane. I'd like to just say thanks for coming back and, well, taking care of things. I know Gregolas and Mike 1K and a lot of other people are glad, but I'm afraid you're taking some blame from a lot of other people. Other other people, if that makes sense?"

"So, unfortunately, you're being exiled. The acting city council has made their decision. To Port Fflar or Durth, I suppose, I'm not sure where else you could go now that Greyhelm is gone. I'm going to try to get the farm back in order, and I'll see to it that you're properly reinstated as owners. It'll take time though, for things to cool down. I'm sure in time the city council will let you back in. I've arranged a little horse and carriage for you guys, with some travel amenities. You might want to examine the red ale flask when you get to the carriage." Greetles gives you a knowing look.

"I'm sorry things couldn't end on a more cheery note for your homecoming, but in case you haven't noticed, there hasn't been a lot of cheer in Grito since... well, since you left, last year. The Blackwall Thieves- excuse me, Thiefs- are working on a couple things, but I'm sure glad you guys are back, I'm confident that you'll find a way to put things straight again. Anyway, I have to head back and look after the livestock. Stay in touch." Greetles bows to you, shakes your hands, and heads out of the bar.

Sure enough, you're being exiled. If you don't get up and leave on your own, about 50 guards come and help you. At the edge of town, near Shady Orchards, there's a horse and cart. Gregolas is there talking to a dwarf, Mr. Gibbons, who will be your driver, to wherever you want to go. The cart is provided with blankets and pillows, a lot of food and drink, and you spot the red flask Greetles mentioned. It's actually full of gems and jewelry, several of which are monogrammed 'GV'. You estimate there's probably about 10,000 gp worth of stuff crammed into the ale flask, which divides nicely by four, for 2,500 gp in g/j for each of you.

Mike the zombie shows up with a small pack and his old "Odin is THE VIOLATOR!" tote bag.
Gregolas gets on the cart too. "Awesome show dudes. I totally thought Cinder the giant bird was gonna eat Vrill up in classic horror movie cannibal/zombie style. Screw this town yo, Grito's wack. So you guys got what, another 4000 xp on top for offing Fuck Face back there?"
(Yes you did. This means that Cinder and Dave FoO can both train to 6th, Marivhon can train to 3rd and 4th, and Brogg levels in both cleric and fighter to become 5th/4th. Go ahead and pick which town you want to go to, either Durth or Port Fflar, and then spend the cash and train yourselves up, hp and all that. In fact, I'll just take special training out of your gems/jewelry sum, so here's the final take after training: Cinder and Dave FoO: 1,600 gp; Brogg: 1,150 gp; Marivhon: 1,450 gp. Everyone clear on that?)

Gregolas settles in to the caravan. "Yeah dudes, road trip. Yo Mr. Gibbons, does this thing have a radio? Let's kick some tunes back here. Where we goin'? Either place is fine, they got Electronics Boutique in both Fflar and Durth. Gonna pick me up this sweet ass import game, Holocaust Selector. Shit, lemme tell you about it, check it out. You play a DJ..."

(This concludes module C3: Against Yourselves! and the C series. Stay tuned for the beginning of an exciting new set of adventures with D1: The Rod of Orcus.)
"Brains," huh? Good enough for me.

Well, Cinder kind of asked Mike to answer before the gaurds arrived. Did he say "Brains" before anyone got into melee? Seemed that way from the way I read it. If so, Cinder is gonna morph into a Roc again and carry Vrill off away from the crowd. If not, then as they approach Cinder will go to 'Form of Roc' to get ready. Basically, as soon as Mike gives his answer, Cinder is spiriting Vrill away, straight up into the sky, so if they have ranged weapons, and shoot me down Vrill will die from the damage he takes from the fall. I'm not stoppin till I get 100' up baby. I am not waiting for 15 gaurds to get into melee though.

When Cinder gets well away from the crowd, he's gonna turn back into an owlbear and decimate Vrill.
Descent into Depths is an old school 1st Edition AD&D adventure run by the Infinity Group.

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