Thaka Around Town, Part 2
After working for a day, Huygens gives you all some clothes to change into, so you look a bit more proper.



Thak, if you want some sewing done, you've got some choice in terms of the quality. Of course, it'll all take money, which you currently don't have, but you could get it done for 1 sp. Or 1 gp, or 3, or 10. Really, anything starting at 1 sp and higher, the price determines the quality.

Thak, there's a sign outside the temple of Plutus

Prince Juice
50 sheckles icee cold!



Just kidding. In other temples of Plutus, the Holy Warriors wear masks of silver or gold. Here, the masks are ceramic. Regardless, the priests are still among the wealthiest of the citizens of Twilos. Thick purple robes, and guarded by a contingent of four or five Holy Warriors.

The temple is in Zent, and you have to take a winding path to get down to it... it's located in a fissure. Hot gasses come up from the earth, and the priests use these to commune with the God of the Underworld. The Thief Lords pay the temple well, and it's one of the most secure places in all of Twilos.

You can enter as a guest; at any given time, there are some worshippers asking for fortune or giving thanks, or even some cursing their ill luck at being in Twilos.

Nothing seems amiss.


Wooden armor. As you continue your survey of your unfortunate new home, you come across a sign:

Fight the Knight!
Win a battle, get a prize
No one can defeat this mithy Foe!

The sign is outside a puppet shop with an external theatre. A giant, lifesize knight marionette, made from stout wood, hangs near the sign. Outside, some dirty children laugh while a puppet dog chases a puppet squirrel. I mention this, because the 'knight' is basically a giant suit of wooden platemail, with articulated joints. You see some scrapes on the wood that look like weapon blows.

Aside from that, you do see someone wearing some sturdy armor underneath their jerkin. Watching, the guy gets to work as a bouncer at the Red Rocket, a Zentre pub. You manage to inquire about it with the owner, who tells you that there's a little shop in Piccolo, run by the madhouse lepers, that make bone armor.

Aside from that, there is woodcarving shop. Looks like most people wear leather or no armor, but you could order a suit of clunky wooden scale for 10 gp. Wooden scale would be AC:8 and cut your movement by two classes (from 15" to 9"). Not a great deal, but it's armor.


The temples don't seem to be run by prisoners, but prisoners do seem to be working at the temples. You ask around, but it seems that the only people who come and go are the guards and the priests of Zelba. Some of the mad priests of Piccolo might get out too, but that could just be a folk tale. The high priests might be able to leave, but the affairs of Twilos keep them pretty busy, or at least that's what an acolyte spells out to you.

However, a priest of Mercury slyly indicates otherwise. Delivering messages seems to not be a problem... it's 1 gp if you want it by boat, 50 gp if you want it sent 'instantly'. Well, you don't have any money, so you leave the temple...

And promptly run into a rape in progress.


You posted three rounds of combat, vs. the two opponents. Without much thought to the matter, you start testing out your new wooden weapons. A human and an orc. In your two rounds, you drop the orc; you critical fumble and the human doesn't even bother... he's too busy running away. You're fast, but the guy knows the caves better than you, and he's slippery. Plus, there's a damsel in distress you can't really leave in her state.

You're hurt- you take 9 hp in the two rounds of fighting; mainly one good smack from the orc right before you drop him. You help the girl up, and she thanks you, but is freaked out, refuses more help, and tries to get away as soon as she can.


You'll later come to realize that she was Ms. Daphne Crosswords, a runner for the temple of Mercury. Turns out word gets around, and after paying a short visit to the Sacred Daughters of Venus, they call you back the next day, and want to hire you after all. They'll even give you a sword, an iron one damn it. You and a rather dumb ogre named Lars Ulrich. It's your job to escort the escorts, collect payment when it's reticent, and make sure the 'fucking with' stays on one side of the expression.

Lars Ulrich actually works for House Chordhelle, one of the great Zent manors that the Good Sisters have an arrangement with. Lars basically has Downs syndrome, so you're the brains of the operation. Holy Mother Brittany asks you first though, do you want to work through the temple directly (in which case you'll need to be sworn in as a Daughter of Venus), or through House Chordhelle (in which case you'll sign a contract with the House for a one month period, to be re-negotiated at the end of one month)? It'll be daily part-time work, and they'll pay your room and board at a flophouse of your choosing (or you can stay at the temple, but it might be better to stay with your fellow PCs). Plus, 5 sp each day in wages. Plus, the damn sword. (Or if you prefer, an iron weapon of some other kind.)


The priests of Zelba are due to arrive in two weeks. They generally come after the largest event at Bloodkeep, the 'Carnival of Blood', sponsored by Taco Bell and House Gauntre.


Finally, the Arena. Looks like a 1-1 fight would be with a 2nd level thief or fighter, to get Rank 1. No, anyone can watch for free, and the place stinks of piss and cheap alcohol. It's obvious as to why, the stands are full of comatose, bloody drunks. Many of 'em work at Bloodkeep, as the foes for people doing the 2-1 odds fights. In reality, as you watch, the odds are more like 100-1 as a soldier who obviously has had lots of training beats the snot out of a hobo who can barely stand.


Thaka: +200 xp.
I also need to find someone who can make me a standard again. I lost my cloak, so whoever can sew a niceish picture of a female knight on a horse slaying a dragon by lance wins a prize.
I check out the temple to plutus.

I'm not really trying to interact with people, as much as watch them. Look around for Holy Warriors, Prince Presses, etc.

I'm not looking to avoid or meet the Drow. I have heard some weird shit about them growing up and would rather ease into anything that might come. I would like to try and see about some wooden armor.....What AC might it be and who could make it. I'm above wearing leather but some nicely made wooden scalemail might not be so bad.

Are these temples run by prisoners? Or can the Priests go freely from here. Since Mercury is also Hermes, I'll look into spellbooks for the little guy here. I would try and see if Mercury the Messenger might be able to get a letter to the King or Queen of Onze, and a reply. If I have to I will tell them the story, if they don't seem like questionable folk.

Do you have to pay to watch in the arena...? Can I get an idea of what the low level fights are like. Say if I was going to do a 1-1 fight.

The Venus temple might have Whores...I look into doing security for them.

You guys know if you won that Rap battle the song would get out, maybe it's a chance to reach the outside world.

I make the 2 flails and a small lance.

When are the Priests of Zelba coming because they could definately get a message out to the King of Onze. They might also have some info on Prince Pressing and it's utility.

random encounters...

6/4/5/2/1/2 all on d6. Can I get a dress or something from our barkeeps daughter?

Some fight rolls if needed 1st round 10/7/19 darkness 3 points
2n 11/10/17 5 points/2 points
3rd 8/5/1
I'm thaco 19 with the flails (-1 cause they suck, so 20), and the darkness shouldn't bother me.
  Thaka Makes Some Weapons
Thak, hmm. I don't really know what to do with a 6 on a d12 just yet. I'll apply those d20s to your Woodcarving...

Okay, in six days, you make two wooden flails and a spear. Each weapon is currently -1 to hit and -2 to damage (see below).

The 2 on the d6 means no random encounters while you go around town some more.


I'll pause to get more info from you, as I'm not sure how you'll take the town politics or view House Erzsta, for example. Now that you've been here a while, you get the sense that Twilos, while certainly no place for someone of your standing and background, isn't totally lawless. Certainly in Zent, the crime is well-organized and mostly out of the streets. In Oft, however, there are a couple nights where you beat on some drunk thug in R&R, or pull some lout off Jenny, Huygens' daughter, when things go too far.
  Twilos: Around Town
Thak, okay, you improve your abilities with Dancing Lights. You can write short messages and draw pictures, within the size and duration limits of DL.

Huygens, the owner of Rats and Razors, will give you two weeks to stick around, rest, and train in the back room, making weapons and such as you can. The burly members of the party can become bouncers, while the priests can help heal people after the fact, or even prepare food.

That's 14 days, so Thak and Tut can work to make 7 simple weapons (please see Weapon Making post below).

I'll spacebar through some of this, although you should assume in your two weeks of time, everyone can train, and there are several minor scuffles and incidents that occur at the bar, but nothing that we need to take many days to roll out. If you're looking to blogroll a barfight, head to the other district and we'll start it up. On that note, sorry KT, although you and a few others are close to levelling again, you just don't get the 150 xp or so you need in the spacebar'd downtime here.

Thak, cavalier's have d12 I think. Couldn't find any old errata on-line, and the new d20 Cavalier book keeps a lot of the stuff from UA, including d12 for hit dice.

Theodore, okay, nice roll for hp. Looks like LeGrand wasn't doing very well selling his trade.


Thak, you realize around town that most of the weapons you see are homebrew like your own. Mainly good for dolling out subdual damage. Seems like people with real weapons- metal swords and armor- are guards, are in gangs, or work for the Machinists.

There's no public access to the Machine Guild mines. Workers have a uniform and badge, and enter in packs at specific intervals throughout the 'day'. So looks like you won't be getting a weapon that way right now.

The hours of the day, by the way, are measured by a gigantic Machinist clock in the middle of the big district, called Twilos Zentre, or just 'the Zent'. The smaller district you're currently living in is called Twilos Offtre, or 'the Oft'.


In the Zent, there are many caverns that run off from the main large chamber. Most of these are gated off and guarded, and house the Thief, Slave, and Assassin Lords who run Twilos. You count a cool thirteen manor-caverns. It's hard to say who's worse, the Slave Lords of Twilos Lowcity (the collective Twilos underground), or the guards who run the fortress above, Stonekeep, and occasionally show up to collect some slaves or make commerce with the Lords of Lowcity.

One of the manors, you see, is guarded by three Drow and a Deep Dwarf. Watching, you see it seems to be all-underdark dwellers there. It's House Erzsta, and you can learn from Huygens that the Drow of Erzsta have a large share of the drug and prostitution trade of Twilos. Huygens tells you he's heard that House Erzsta runs deep, and there are extensive caverns below it that are said to go all the way through the world to the other side. Erzsta deals extensively with the guards of Stonekeep, and the merchant clans beyond in the Island Kingdoms.

I'm happy to describe other manors and Houses if you want, but it's helpful if you tell me what you're looking for (as you did below, thanks), so I can focus on that.


The Arena. One of the highlights, or lowlights, of Twilos is Bloodkeep, a small fortress is the center of Zent. Bloodkeep is basically an arena and theatre, featuring all sorts of different acts, from awful little circus sideshows, to combat in all forms. Most combat is nonlethal, but every week they have an 'anything goes' free-for-all which is lethal to some who enter. Prizes are cash and notoriety, and it's claimed that the best combatants are picked by the Captains of Stonekeep to either be guards or bought out by the Noble families outside.

If you want to enter, you'll start by facing off one-on-one in a daily nonlethal battle. You'll be pre-assessed for combat skill, and paired off according to the stakes. It's your choice for odds: 2-1 in your favor, 3-2 you, 1-1 even odds, 2-3 against, or 1-2 against. You'll need to ante up at least 1 silver piece to play, max of 10 gp for your current Bloodkeep ranking, which is 0 of course. If you're interested, please post a bunch of rounds of blogrolls so we can get through combat quickly.

Also, huh, looks like 'Cold Cut Collective' has been moved to Twilos. There's a CCC 'Battle of the Champion Star MCs' coming up in a few days, led by 'King Greathelm'.


Temples. There are many small shrines in Twilos. Some of them, even, are unstaffed in out-of-the-way caverns (read: roll for random encounters).

The largest sect is the Machinist Druids who run the mines.

There are temples to Venus, Mars, Plutus, and Mercury.

There are smaller shrines to Odin and Set.

Apparently, there are unstaffed shrines to Apollo, Hecate, and Pan.

There may be some other temples- if there's a god you're looking for, just ask.

Finally, although there's no temple here, apparently some priests of Zelba come into town once a month to collect the corpses and dispose of them.
  Weapon Making
Thaka, you might want to see if KT can help you out for making weapons, as he has Weaponsmithing as a NWP. Fortunately, you've got Woodcarving also, so it's not a stretch for you to manufacture some cheap arms. Wood is in plentiful supply, oddly enough for being underground. You can also work with leather, rope, and stone free of charge.

Working purely from wood, you can make one weapon every two days while you train. Each weapon you make of wood will be at base -3 to hit and damage. If you make a Woodcarving check (IQ, WIS, or DEX, you decide before you start rolling), the penalties go down to -1 to hit, -2 to damage. If Tut helps you out, and can find/buy a bit of metal, and Tut makes his Weaponsmithing check (IQ, WIS, or STR), the penalties will be removed entirely and you'll have a perfectly good +0/+0 weapon.

Important: this applies only to weapons that are basically wood shafts (like flails, staffs, and spears). Swords, being usually made all of metal, will take longer to make and will be more a Tut Weaponsmithing thing than a Thak Woodcarving thing. You do not have a forge here, so all-metal weapons are out of the question.

Likewise, the wood here isn't bow quality, so while you can make several arrows each day, it would take about 5 days to make a bow, and Tut's skills won't apply to improving it beyond -1/-2. Also, for bows, a base 1-3 is a fumble, unless Woodcarving is made, in which case 1-2 are fumbles (both in terms of rolling to hit and re-rolling to see if the bow breaks).

I'll leave this as a stand-alone post, as these rules will probably be of interest to many members of the party.
  Theodore Koppel
Well, that's 2gp, 1sp, and 69cp. Pretty shitty ice cream, I guess. I get a 5, 3 more hit points from thief!

I train, but I don't hit the Factory just yet. Thank you, Ms. Thaka. I can appreciate someone who understands the importance of intellectual property law. I will let you know when I plan to confront this Mr. Frye.
You probably want some checks.

d20 9/4/10
% 75/50/87
d6 2
d12 a 6!
Ok, well I need a weapon and some clothes. First I will just hang out in the rats and razor. I would fashion with my meager skills a mock horsemans flail. It would consist of a chairleg or something, a leather strap or two, and something spiky you wouldn't want to get hit with. Hell I'd make 2 if I could. I would also attempt to find/make a spearlike object. I would try to impress our barkeep that I indeed am ok at fighting and see if I could pay him for the time he lets me stay here, and for any eq he could provide, by standing around and looking tough. Skywriting should settle down some punky barfolk. I'll that explain shortly.

I'm training. Theo if you are going to do anything rash with the icecream thing, I'll help as best I can. I would definately listen to everyone as they talked about what went down. I put my hand on the gnomes shoulder, nod and look a little pissed as I look out at our new home.

I'm looking to fuck up some bad guys. I'm taking skywriting as my NWP. I can hopefully now use Dancing Lights to write words in the air.

I am going to cruise around if I can get my flail made and meat out some justice. I'm ac 9, but with darkness I'm ac 5. I gain 11% to STR, 11% to DEX, and 18% to Con. I think that Cav's are supposed to be d10 not d12, that it was a print mistake. If we are going with d10 I gain 11. If we are going with d12 I gain 8. So I have over 20 hp and can get to ac5 and well, I can write with lights.

I'm going to check out The arena, whore protection services, fucking up corrupt town guards, the usual. I would like to look into temples in town. I would also like to try and find a blacksmith and get an idea how weapons aquisition might work.

I hope Matilda is O.K.
Dag, great, you CLW everyone up. Although you only get 3/day, you can take a few days, and combined with natural healing, everyone's at full hp.

You train to 2nd in Cleric, that gives you one new 1st level spell a day, a new NWP, and 1d8 divided by 2 hp.


Theodore, okay, you mug LeGrand. You get 1d6 gp, 1d20 sp, and 1d100 cp. He's also got a key to the Frye Factory and a "Koppel Kones" apron, if you want. Although they might not be working off your recipe, they sure are abusing the brand name.

You hole up at Rats and Razors with the rest of them.


The owner of the place, Huygens, gives you guys a large, empty storeroom in back. No blankets, no pillows, but he'll give you some food and drink and at least it's a place where the hooligans of Twilos won't bother you while you train and rest. R&R indeed.

You come to realize where half of the name of the place comes from: there are a lot of rats around. Rat meat is a staple of Rats and Razors 'Daily Stew' and 'Curry Kabobs'. Tasty, really, for what it is. Dag's Purify F&W helps get it down. You also come to realize that R&R is in the lower 1/3 of town. Not as bad as it gets in either direction. Things are pretty low key around here.

Town is pretty simple. There's the fortress above where all the guards live. There's two main districts: the one you're in, and a larger one with temples and an arena where all the Slave Lords live. There are some mines run by the Twilos Machine Guild. There's Piccolo, which is a madhouse and leper colony. Finally, there are the deeper sewers that run beneath it all.
  Theodore Koppel
Well, at least they don't have the Cronkite Cones recipes. I let Charles go, but not until I take all of his money. -Anything revenue made under the 'Cronkite Cones' moniker is legally mine.

After Charles is gone, I scrape the 'Cronkite' off the cart. I then wheel it some distance away and try to unload the rest of it cheap.

That being accomplished, I will return to meet my companions at Rats and Razors.

I will deal with Mr. Frye later.
I forgot to post this before (not that the timing matters in this place) but I heal everyone that needs it, as long as it takes, starting with those that are the worst off, and ending with myself. I will also burn up spells on purify food and water whilst we train if necessary. Speaking of which, I train. to 2nd level Cleric. I don't roll new HP until I hit 2nd level fighter also, right? and at that point, what do I roll?
  A New Beginning (Long)
Okay, this is divided into sections by character. Please, all PCs should feel free to intermingle with any other PC. You now have enough options for getting cleaned up, places to stay, time to train, and even some avenues forward if so desired.



Thaka, you have all your ears. You don't see your horse. Is there anything you're "supposed" to be doing here? No, you specifically hated that last campaign and I have expunged that completely. You're in town. A crime-infested prison town, but a town nonetheless. Maybe you're "supposed" to escape from this town, but this town might also have enough adventures to support a campaign. Why don't you do something and find out?

Thaka, as far as you know, there was no trial. You were knocked out, and basically kept knocked out and chained up for what you can later determine to be about two weeks total, one day in the fort, two weeks on a boat. It's horribly unfair. Sure there was priest blood and Duggins blood on your weapons, but does that make you a murderer?

Onze is a small island monarchy. The King and Queen- although if rumors are true, mainly the Queen- determines the law. They're considered well and thought to be fair, but they are the rulers of the land.

Gorgos however, should have been more egalitarian, being ruled by a council consisting of the aristocracy- priests, wealthy merchants and guildsmen, and some others like that. They have a rather elaborate court system for a range of crimes and business settlements.

You didn't even get your one free phone call.

Anyway, okay, you're looking around, WI check. It's not 100% true that anything goes in this town, there seems to be a lot of 'local enforcing' going around. Metal weapons and especially armor are very rare. You see a lot of clubs, some knives, very few swords, nothing fit for a cavelier, alas. No horses neither. You cry a little inside.

This being the underground though, you do spy more than the usual number (0) of Drow, Deep Gnomes and Dwarves, and even a couple hideous goblins.



Theodore, actually without seeing an expense account, you're not really sure how the guard and Slave Guild managed to keep you unconscious. Barbiturates? Cheap alcohol? Liberal head beatings? It's a mystery.

Anyway, Frank looks at you and nods thoughtfully. He looks back behind him at the Ice Cream Gnome, hands you a straightrazor, and claps you on the back. He leans against the wall to watch the show.

You flip open the straightrazor and rush out, pressing it to the vendor's throat. Yelling at him, you grab his scooper hand, make him scoop out some vanilla and taste it. Ugh, it tastes like shit! And that black little crunchy thing isn't a vanilla bean, that's for sure.

"Uh... uhhh... look, it's not like... look, I just got here, I'm trying to make a few sheckles pushing the 'Creams!" he stammers. "I work for Barnabas Frye, o-over th-there!" The gnome points to a little brick factory at the end of the cavern road.

You take a look at the place, and see a poster on the brick outside.

Delicious Kopple Kones!
Accept No Subsatute!
Come On In 4 Your Free Sample!
Barnabas Frye, Mgr.

There's a cartoon of a happy gnome offering a few cones. A bizarre swirl of pastel lights is in the background of the poster. The place looks a little run down, and doesn't seem to be attracting much business.

The vendor gnome tells you his name is Charles LeGrand, and that he was arrested on Fairy Paradise Island on some trumped up charges, credit card fraud or something. He's been in town a week, and heard that Frye hires a few other gnomes to peddle wares for him. He only met Frye once, and the guy was pretty spooky- he seemed to be draped in smoke!

If you let him, LeGrand will go, or if you keep pressing and threatening him, he'll untie his apron and flee, leaving the cart behind to make his fortune elsewhere.

In any case, Frank has a good laugh over the sight of one gnome holding a razor to another gnome. "Aren't you bros supposed to stick together or something? Anyway, screw it, keep the blade. A fist is the only weapon a man really needs." You're not sure if Frank is actively trying to be insulting, or just being passively offensive.

"Look, this place can be fun but it's kind of a dump. If you're looking to expand yer operation, head over to the Red Rocket, there's some stuff to be done." Frank scratches his head. "Shit. See ya 'round, thug." Frank ambles off, apparently to the 'Red Rocket'.



Dag, you and KT head into Rats and Razors. It's a filthy bar. Faint music can be heard on the... wait a sec... it's hard to hear over the racket of the conversation and bottles clinking, glass breaking, fistfights starting, babies screaming, but... no it couldn't be... yes it is in fact...

King Tut’s remix of Justin Timberlake’s Sexyback
(KT Trousersnake Potionback Re-fix)

I'm bringin' potions back
Them other PC just don’t know how to act
I think it's special, what's in your pack
So turn around and I'll pick up the slack
Take it to the bridge!

Dirty babe
You see these shackles baby I'm your slave
I'll let you whip me if I misbehave
It's just that no one makes me feel this way
Take it to the chorus!

Come here girl, go head be gone with it
Come to the back, go head be gone with it
Potions on me
Lemme see what you’re healin’ with
Look at those hips
Make me smile
Go 'head child and get your potion on

I'm bringin' potions back
Them other fuckers don't know how to act
You know
I got white lo-
Tus in my sack
Because you're burning up I got to get it fast
Take it to the bridge!

Dirty babe
You see this potion baby I can dance
I'll let you drink it if you let me in your pants
Come on drink your potion, take your chance
Take it to the chorus!

Come here girl, go head be gone with it
Come to the back, go head be gone with it
Pote’s on me
Lemme see what potions you got today
Look at that glaive
Make me smile
Go 'head child and get your potion on

I'm bringin' potions back
You mother fuckers watch how I attack
Ya you know me)
Drink your potion baby as your free act
Cuz you're drinkin’ for me and that's a fact

Things are starting to look up already.

Anyway Dag, the barkeep takes one look at the two of you and cringes. You see yourselves reflected in the broken mirror above the bar- ugh, 2 hp, no stuff, and two weeks lying around in filth on a ship isn't the greatest way to prepare for a job interview.

"Heh heh, what say instead of a job, I give you two sorry sots a drink. On the house." He pours a couple straight shots of paint-thinner quality vodka and does one himself. "So what's the story," he says absently.

After hearing that both of you are of the priestly persuasion, though, he pays more attention, and refills your shot glasses.

"Huh, well mayhaps you are cut from better cloth than most of the wankers here. Tell ya what, get cleaned up, get a good night's sleep- or a few- downstairs, and I'll tell ye whatcha can do to pay me back for me hospitality." Guys, go ahead and train, and then we'll see what the barkeep has in mind.



KT, sure enough there are some druids to be found. They run a head shop just down the street from R&R, and do good business there. Basically, they sell pot by the truckloads that they grow with druid magic. There are three of them, two hippy half-elves, brother and sister, Harold and Marian, and a human, Dr. Righteous Sun. You share a smoke, and can crash with them if you want. They'll tell you about some other druids though, a weird machinist sect working with the Mining Guild on the far side of town. "Bizarre lads, those," muses Sun. "Those brothers and sisters have strayed far from the Path of True Green." Hmm.

Go ahead and train (for you, 1d8 hp, plus a NWP, plus new spells).
I'll chill with Dag. CHA check made with a 12.

I train.

I really want to get another 151 xp so I can train to 3rd level.

Any druid enclaves in town?
Do I still have all my ears?

Is there anything I'm actually supposed to be doing here?

I look around...made wis with an 8.
I walk on into Rats and Razors and find the manager.

"Anybody owe you money? My associates and I will do collections work for 25%."

Depending on his/her response, I make the same offer at other places of business around our area.
  Theodore Koppel
Um, yes Sir Mr. Burton. I do believe that I owe you money. In fact, as I remember, I am in debt to you the sum of 10 gold pieces. And, if you were to loan me some sort of sharp tool, like a knife, so that I might knock over that ice cream cart over there, I'd start to make good on it immediately. I give my word, Sir. Cha, BR:6.

Assuming it works, I walk up casually behind the gnome, and then put the knife to his neck.

Alright motherfucker. Did you know Cronkite Cones is a registered Trademark of Onze and the Greater Island Kingdoms?! Give me vanilla motherfucker! Give me your fucking vanilla!

Does it taste like my Grandpa's vanilla?

Who do you work for motherfucker?! I put some pressure on the blade. Who do you fucking work for?!
where's Matilda?
  Spellz And Training
Looking at char sheets, I just want to remind KT and Theo- all spellcasters, really- that we're playing with bonus spells for everyone. So if you have a 13 IQ or WIS, you get +1 1st, and if you have a 14, you get +2 1st.

Yeah Theo and Thren, spellbooks are a priority...


There is no special training in this campaign, and training costs zero, so don't worry about training costs. Each level gives you a normal level HD for hp, and one NWP. Please spend your NWPs as you get them- don't bank them and suddenly have 'Potato farming' as a skill when you find a magic potato root.

Training does take a week though, so you might want to get some practicalities sorted ASAP. All you got is the clothes on your back right now.
  Theodore Koppel
I lose my spellbook?! I have no spells. I don't have my recipes!? That bank better not be destroyed.

Hmm. I guess I am going to have to come back to Gorgos and kill some people.

Just let me know when my hands are free. Where are we? As soon as possible, I try to unbind myself.

My friends, I am going back to Gorgos. Immediately.
  H2: Rats And Razors
Please read the wrapup post below this one to see how H1 ended.


It's a bittersweet life.

You later come to understand that, by odd coincidence, you were loaded onto the Slave Ship Galileo, the very one that rescued you from the GMI. The Galileo's final destination, and your current home, is the Slave City of Twilos.

Twilos. The City of Beggars. The City of the Damned. A vile hive of evil.

It was a two week voyage, which you spent mostly unconscious thanks to Slaver drugs. You remember the heat and horrible, filthy quarters on the ship, and try to forget. You remember landfall, sweet mercy, and re-entering the heat and light of the burning sun. You remember seeing the fortress above Twilos, and being led through it.

You remember that fairly well, as you were coming off the drugs, and it's famililar in design- it's a ruined temple of Plutus, complete with four glass panes, now broken and defaced.

But Twilos is an underground city. It's a series of caverns, consisting of a madhouse, a deep set of mines, but it's mostly a city like any other- except it's ruled by force and organized crime. It's lit by continual light lamps in most places, by phosphorescent mosses in other places, and just dark gloom in some rather unmentionable places.

Twilos is a giant underground ghetto, filled with drug lords, thieves, murderers, and scum of all kind. Some of these are raised to be slaves, and exported out into the larger world. Others are born and killed in Twilos and never see the light of day. Twilos supposedly contains the richest and the poorest of people in the Island Kingdoms. Fat corrupt guardsmen patrol rarely and irregularly, in packs of a dozen, weapons out. Laughing and gambling with the thieves of Twilos Slave City. Cigarettes, flesh, and steel weapons are the currency here.

The guardsmen live in the fortress above, and have a working relationship with organized crime below, or so you've heard. Now you'll get to experience it firsthand.

Your immediate needs are many: food and shelter, some rest, maybe some weapons, certainly to get a damn spellbook back. Your longer-term need is one: to escape this hellhole.

Welcome to H2: Rats and Razors. Good luck adventurers, you'll need it.


The guards take a group of you- you're in a larger group of new arrivals that number about ten- take you down to a small set of caverns that seem like a dirty alley. You try to shake off the drugs and stare down some ruffians walking by and gawking at the newbs.

When things come into focus, you notice that you're outside a commercial district. Right across from you is a bar, called 'Rats and Razors'. The smell of sewage is strong here.

Strangely, then, you see a couple familiar faces. Theodore, you see a sniveling gnome selling 'Cronkite Cones' in a push cart!

You also see that pirate guy you beat up in the beginning of the last adventure- Frank Burton. Looks like he's one of the new arrivals too, but he's already up, and borrowed a smoke from a guy across the street. He looks back at the lot of you and furrows his brow- does he recognize you?

As Frank walks back over, someone calls out to him: "Well if it ain't old Frank Burton. Couldn't stay away, couldja Burton? You know I'm gonna kick your fucking ass."

Frank blows him a kiss, saying: "I love you too Rogg. Piss off."

Frank comes over to you guys, still with a puzzled look on his face. He's smiling though, as he lights his cigarette and says: "Hey, don't I know you guys from somewhere? Huh."

"You... hmm. You guys owe me some money or something?" Big shit-eating grin on his face. Puff.


Twilos is considered both a dungeon and a city. Think of the 'Slums' campaign I ran long ago and you're there. Since it's a city, feel free to train.

Az, you can train to 2nd Cleric.
Dag, you can train to 2nd Cleric.
KT, you can train to 2nd Druid, and you're about 150 xp from 3rd I think.
Thaka, you can train to 2nd Cavelier.
Theo, you can train to 2nd Thief.
Thren, well, you're really close to training in Fighter.

Also, please see Table Talk.
  The Stunning Conclusion Of H1: Enter The Dragon
The captain nods as you're tied up and goose-stepped down the cliff trail, Theodore. Eventually you're gagged. The guard from the rat fight says that yeah, he saw you and your friends coming up the trail and helped in the fight. They get Thaka's horse. You overhear the captain mutter "The city's been attacked by a dragon, and some priests of Plutus have been murdered, and this guy wants me to find some sea captain?"

Down the trail, the Ambassador again pleas with the captain to, well, basically just kill all you guys right now and be done with it, but the captain ignores him too.


To make a long story shorter, you're locked up in the guard station brig. Your stuff is taken. You're given a sedative to shut you up and decrease your food intake- all of you are, in fact. You don't see the Ambassador or guard captain or other guard or Jerry anymore.

About a day passes, in a fuzzy haze.

Then you're loaded up onto a ship, and sail out of Gorgos.

3000 xp everyone.
  Theodore Koppel
No Sir, Captain. That's not Prince Henry.

We escorted the real Prince from Onze on the Spearhead, Sir. Under the command of Captain Stefan. We helped the Spearhead capture the Pirate ship Bronze Dragon. Ask Captain Stefan, he's seen the real Prince Henry.

No, we didn't pass through the Gate with the Ambassador, Sir. -We were caught up at the Gorgos Meteorologic Institute and had to catch up.

It seems that Mr. Duggins and the Ambassador sold the poor Prince out to these vile priests. -You might find the poor lad's juice on the altar down below.

Ask this fella here. We are good men. We helped him fight those rat people.

Ok, tie me up if you must, but please talk to Captain Stefan; he saw the real Prince. So did the staff at the Chrysanthamum. That's where Prince Henry stayed. Also, please bring my friend Thaka's horse with us, she's just tied up around there.
  Strike Three
Thaka, I've been asking myself, "if I were a PC, and I had to take some hostages, what would I do?" And I'd make damn sure to keep them tied up and knocked out. I'd scream if I didn't get alertness checks that someone had woken up. I'd keep bashing them on the head, on the half hour. &c.

So nope, yer out slugger.
any of that subdual damage wearing off? Any of our knocked out friends coming to?
  Mark Rolls CHA
First off, I just want to relish Mark rolling a CHA check.

(This is because of a long argument Mark and I had over the place of CHA in an RPG, over on DiD Factory.)

Aaah. Yeah, that's nice.


Anyway, here we go.

Theodore, feel free to interject at any time in the following narrative.


Yeah, it's the Gorgos guard. No, you don't see the guys you fought with up here. They listen to your story and frown.

"Uh, say what? What are you doing here? Oh, with that prince guy? He and his pals came through the fort a couple days ago. No, I was on patrol, so I didn't see any of you. Look, the captain's going inside to check things out, make sure everyone's safe... let's just wait for him to get back out here."

You wait.

They offer you a cigarette if you want, but they won't let you leave. They're nice enough to you, and tell you that everything has suddenly gone to hell. Just when they thought shit was calming down after the tsunami, now a fucking Dragon shows up and starts attacking the city. Something else weird is going on, there's some fighting in the streets. These guards don't know that much more, as they're stationed on a fort on the mainland out of town.


After 20 minutes or so, a lot of people come out of the temple. A bunch of guards, the two non-Jerry priests, the Ambassador, and a young lad dressed in the Prince's clothes who is definitely not the Prince.

You get a bad feeling.

One of the guards who emerges was one of the guys fighting the rats. He looks at you, nods to you, then is confused by what's going on.

You quickly try to explain the situation, but the Ambassador shouts over you, and is walking next to the guard captain anyway.

"There! There's one of the murderers! One of the robbers trying to take advantage of the dire straits in town!" The Ambassador catches your eye, and looks at your finger. "You see there? The ring of my friend and colleague Mr. Duggins. The blackguard is wearing the dead man's ring!"

The guards basically apprehend you, still not totally understanding what's going on.

The Ambassador shakes his head, "No, of course the Prince is fine, he was hiding upstairs, thankfully," and pats the shoulder of the pale lad who seems to be impersonating the Prince.

"These fellows have committed theft and murder. Can't we just, you know, settle things here, so we can return home to peaceful Onze?"

The guard captain however, isn't quite clear on things and isn't willing to just 'settle' you guys right now. The captain says "Uh, look, we'll take these brigands back to our fort and make sure the proper procedure is maintained, okay? Your Excellency and you Priests should come with us, so we can get statements. Boys, get in there and get the perps."

The captain shakes his head at you. "Nope, sorry. I met the Ambassador and his guards when they came through the fort. Don't remember seeing you. Looks like your story doesn't really hold up."

Some of the guards enter the temple and retrieve the KO'd bodies of your friends. With them comes Jerry the priest.

The priests and the Ambassador eye you suspiciously. As you're being arrested, you're tied up and gagged Theodore.

The assembly then makes its way back down the cliff trail.


I'll pause here and see what Theodore has to say.
  Theodore Koppel
Stepping out: Um, excuse me Sirs.

Is that same guard we helped with the wererats present? If so, I nod to him politely.

I continue: I would not just walk in there Sirs. You see, a group of vile priests have juiced the Prince of Onze, and captured my good companions. You see Sirs, we were charged with guarding the young Prince, and well, unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse.

I don't know your intentions, but as you look to be gentlemen of the Gorgos militia, I'd assume our intentions for the Prince would be one in the same.

I'd be more than happy to challenge these said priests again, and as a hopeful consequence, free my friends, -if that was in your immediate interests.

Cha, BR:7.
  Some New Arrivals
Okay Theodore, you see a bunch of horses, like twelve, and three guards standing around outside the front of the temple. Looks like, obviously, they just arrived as you were walking around the back of the temple, hiding the horse and trying to see the ledge below.

The guards are dressed similar to the guys you met on the road on the way up.
  Theodore Koppel
Yeah, check my 12.05.2006 post. The ring is on.

Voices? Hmm. I will get closer. Not enough to see, but maybe to listen to what they are saying. Hear Noise, BR:88. Curse this rain.

I see if I can get a peek. Hide in Shadows? BR:7. Yes! Ah, to be a thief is wondrous. Let's have a look.
  H1.5: Theodore Goes On A Solo Adventure
Okay Theodore, you escape from Mareznoch. You lead Thaka's horse out of sight around a corner.

No, the outcropping is not in sight, and even if it was, it'd be over a hundred feet down, not including the further drop of several hundred feet into the sea. It's not in sight because the temple is on a massive overhang, and the ledge is below the overhang.

As you're off to the side, you hear voices back around the front of the temple.


Theodore, are you wearing the WD ring?
  Theodore Koppel
WD... Hmm. I am quite sure this is a Weapon of Destruction. If I only knew how to activate it.

What?! They are knocking my companions out?!

I run up the steps and out of the tower. I quickly lead Thaka's horse around the side of the tower and try to hide her. I then see what this cliff face looks like. Can I see the outcropping from here?
  Maybe It Stands For W)eapon Of D)estruction?!
Theodore, it's just gold in the pouch.

Duggins' ring is worth about 200 gp, quite a find. Is it magical? Will it magically save everyone right now by shooting three crazy firebolts? Well, 'Appraisal' can't really help you there, you have no idea. Wait, there are some runes on the ring! Wait, maybe those are the letters WD.

You doing anything here Theodore?

The priest knocks your friends out.
I acquiesce to his request.

  Theodore Koppel
Hide in Shadows, BR:76. Not quite.

Still, I am not coming down the stairs into plain view.

I assume I see my companions first, then the priest that wants to knock them out. I will pause when I see him. Does that fit the situation?

I take a close look at my ring. I have appraisal BR:13. Is there anything unusual about it? I also look to see if it's just gold in Mr. Duggin's pouch.

I don't do anything until that priest does something.
I'm ok with that. I'll just go when my order is called.

"You guys don't know this, but some PCs post slower than others due to work or personal reasons. I'm free now, so I can head over for the KO if that's convenient. Otherwise I can wait my turn."
  Yes And No. I Mean, No And Yes
Theodore, no to the doors, yes to the dragon.

You creep back downstairs.

Give me Hide in Shadows.
  Theodore Koppel
Hmm. This looks awfully bad.

Did we pass any doors on the way down? If so, would like to open the nearest one. I will run my hands against the wall as I ascend or descend.

If not, I descend the steps just enough so that I can get a shot through the gate.

BTW, do I see that dragon still flying about?
  Phase 2
Threnody, operating with a bit of OOG knowledge, both priests are full and 3rd+ level. They've got full body cover, giving them a +10 to AC, i.e. AC:-6. If you hit between AC6 and -6, you have a good chance to hit the unconscious body of your friend, likely killing them.

So you'd have to, in a single round, roll two 20s- one arrow to each priest-, and do at least 10 pts of dmg with each arrow, but probably more like (computing avg 3rd level cleric hp as 17) max damage and just hope they rolled low hp, as I think even rolling max damage (6) plus spec (+2=8) and doubled (16) falls short of the avg.

Yeah, you're about as good as a 1st level char can be with a bow. But that's substantially less than '50% odds', so I'll assume you're lining up.


Theodore, there's a big glassteel window at the balcony above, as mentioned before. You see only the priests, not your friends, as they're lined up out of your sight essentially right below you, and can hear nothing. So the only knowledge you have of the below is that the third priest is carefully emerging from behind the altar.


When the gnome runs away, the priests sigh, but decide not to kill your helpless friends. "Look," Thak's priest yells out to you. "Jerry's going to come out and knock you out, so we can go get that gnome. Okay? Jerry, come on out and KO these guys for us."

The third priest, apparently named 'Jerry', emerges from behind the altar, fully healed. The non-Jerry priests still have your friends. No ears have been removed, but the knives are back at the throats. You can assume that, for healing and meat-shield purposes, Thak is at -14 and Az at -9.

"The way it'll work is this. Jerry and... one of you, one at a time, will step waaay over there. Jerry, point for me. No, the other direction. Yeah, there." Jerry points to the cliffside wall, directly across from the cliff ledge, equidistant between you and the priests, and another full round away from anything.

"Then one at a time, you'll each go over there and Jerry will knock you out. We'll start with the woman, then the staff guy, then the other archer, when I call for you. If I call and you don't walk over calmly and get knocked out, your friends die. Woman, go now."


I don't want to storyline you guys at all. If you acquiesce to the KO, okay, but before I go ahead and advance the game, now that you know the next set of events, I wanted to give you a chance to act. Don't waste your post offering more negotiations unless you think you've got an irresistable offer, as the priests will frown, ignore you, and respond by ear-cutting or friend killing.


Theodore, please post more actions as well. You'll be able to see the KOing if/as it occurs.
  Theodore Koppel
This is what I do:

I run back up to the balcony landing. However, I approach the edge carefully. I don't quite understand this, do I see the scene through the glass, or over a ledge?

I am on my belly and sneaky.
Heh. 'Ears'. Hey - what'd be my penalty to hit those ear-carving priests? I'm pretty good with a bow...

I mean, I'm just taking a second to scope the situation, here. So, I tell you what. If I think there's a 50% chance I could drop a priest in one round - my THACO's 14, and I do an average of 5hp per hit (or whatever the fantasy-archery equivalent is of that math), so if I think I could drop a guy I do.

If not, then I'll drop my bow and sword and line up.
  3/4 PC Options Collected
Tut, check. I'm assuming you and Dag are against the wall. If Threnody doesn't reply within the next couple days, she'll be walled too.

Theodore, okay. You're in solo adventure mode. Meaning, you tell me- in as much detail as possible- where you're going and what you're doing. Back to town? Hiding at the top of the stairs? Shooting arrows? Be very specific and thorough. Fill the page and use as many extra pages needed in the time allowed.

Theodore, note that you have infravision, meaning you can see heat sources, but in the absence of other heat sources, it's pitch black. How are you navigating?


And Tut, well yeah. You can't really train right here right now.
  King Tut
My bad, I meant to post that I was discarding my weapons and doing what they wanted. I was typing so fast that I forgot to add that. Can I retcon that, and get rid of any additional damage that was caused due to forgetting that addition.

Tut doesn't really care what happens. He just wants some loot and xp, and standing around here jawing isn't getting here.

Hook a brotha up! Am I level 2 yet? Sheesh, it's been over a week.
  Theodore Koppel
Sorry, Ms. Thaka and Mr. Azoth.

I bolt up the stairs, grabbing my bow laying on the steps as I do.
  It's All Relative
Dude, you didn't 'pass out'. It's not like it's 3 AM on Lansdowne Street and you're laying on a street corner, stinking of whisky.

You were repeatedly beaten into submission with several maces. When an ordinary man would go down or 'pass out', you as cavelier decided to 'tough it out' and took a double-dose of beating. You've sustained enough body damage to fell an ogre.

All told, a little ear damage is nothing.
well, we haven't talked much. I know what I would do.......


OK, maybe not good, but biting an ear is an old trick that may indeed be ficticious(hmm) but I'd try it, if say someone passed out and started turning colors and they didn't respond to more conventional intervention.

  Blase Has An Accent On The 'e', Oui?
Cutting off someone's ear is not a 'good way' to do anything except maybe get some PCs' attention. I'm sure you're correct. But since you're effectively at -15 hp subdual, your comatose body can writhe in pain some, but you're KO'd, sorry, there's laws governing hps and things.

Your 'friends' seem remarkably blase about you two being tortured.
So in dire situations military men tell me a good way to wake someone up is to bite off their ear. It's supposedly a very intense pain that cuts through a lot of shit, gets you up and gets you going. You just let me know if I wake up at all and can do anything, even if that thing will get me killed.

I wonder what my next char will be.....
  I'm Busy Cutting Off This Ear, M'Kay?
Guys, you need to be explicit whether or not you're discarding your weapons and lining up along the grill, i.e., I need to know how much ear Az and Thak have left.

So Tut, fast talking like that seems a great way to de-ear your friends in absence of further info.

Theodore, the layout is pretty darn simple. You've come down the stairs onto a large outdoor ledge. There are exits back up the way you came, and off the cliff a few hundred feet into the sea. The ledge is large, large enough so that the priests are a round away.

Speaking of which, in the back behind the altar, you hear some casting. Probably that darn third priest.


One of the priests smiles at you Tut. "Great, we'll be happy to negotiate once you're all lined up... god this ear is messy! Almost off! Line up, throw away yer weapons, and once we can trust you and you're sworn to Plutus, we'll talk some. M'kay?"
  King Tut
I snap out of the Hold.

"Hey it's totally fine guys, we don't want our friends hurt. In fact, we don't really care what you do with the Prince. He had paid us before for some mercenary work, so we thought an easy rescue would yield some more easy cash, that's all. We don't have any loyalty to him or anything. In fact, he left us while we were in the middle of an adventure! We had to pay for our own lodging when he said that he would. So just let us know what works for you guys and we'll stay out of your way for sure. In fact, I don't even think I remember seeing you at all. Was the Prince killed by a rampaging hobgoblin? I forget."

"In fact, we'd be happy to do some mercenary work for you if you need anything done...and have coin to pay."

Cha check d20 = 11, pass (Cha 17!).
I haven't done anything that seems Evil or particularly Chaotic that I can think of.....

I'm an elven princess riding a unicorn. I sing for my rather short prince charming to bring me honey.

I get stung on the ear by a bee. Be brave my prince......
  Theodore Koppel
I edge up to the grill, hands up. I left my bow on the steps, however.

Are of my companions chaotic evil?

I look about this place, what exits are there? How large is the room? Are there any items laying about or near me?
  Ear Cutting Begins
"No, sir, we must act in haste! All of you- throw your weapons off the cliff, and line up against the metal grill, away from the door, with both hands elevated!"

"We don't have a timepiece, so we'll just start cutting off ears, and hopefully you'll be done before we are!"

"Every second you take disfigures your friends just that much more. Ears don't take that long to remove, neither."

They begin cutting off Azoth's and Thaka's right ears. Thick nasty head blood begins to run down the sides of Az and Thak. The knives aren't too far away from the throats still... it's highly unlikely you can get to them or get spells off before they'd have time to cut the throats wide open.
To clarify:

once through the door, I throw my staves to the ground towards the priests.

"Let's not do anything too hasty"
  Theodore Koppel
Nice. I pocket the gold, lay down my bow and put on the ring.

I am going to follow, but I dwaddle a bit in the back.
  Tense Negotiations
Dag, you get the door open.

By "lay down your weapons", the priests mean cast them away, not just put them back at your side, duh. They'll carefully explain the meaning if they need to. Dag and Theo, please clarify whether you're putting weapons on the ground.

As you step forward, the cleric says: "All of you. You're surrendering, get it? Weapons cast aside or your friends bleed deep. We milked your pretty prince and we'll do the same 'less you admit your defeat." Knives draw beads of blood against the pale and dark skins of Az and Thak.

They're a full round away, back basically against the altar.


Theodore, you quickly search the Ambassador's assistant. You find a big opal ring and a pouch o gold.

"Let's not take all night. All of you, get in here, NOW. Or ears will be removed." They throw Thak's and Az's weapons off to the side, out of reach. Somewhere, a horse stirs, unhappily.

[N.B.: Given the time-critical nature of the situation, we are in a regime of limited retcon ability. Please don't post a week from now saying 'wait, I wanted to do X Y and Z!' You guys have a grace period of a few days, but I'll mainly assume that nonposters go with majority actions. This is it, guys... how will the module wrap up?]
  Theodore Koppel
I lower my bow and search Mr. Duggins thoroughly. I assume I can more or less hide behind these big guys smashing the gate.
Doh! I am a moron.... forgot about Open Doors.

BR 2 on d6 should open the door.
Strength check BR 9 to force open the gate. I will use one of my staves for leverage if I need to, but I will not risk breaking it.

"Please allow me to administer to my comrades. They are wounded. What would you like? What are your demands? I am sure we can come to an agreement whereby all parties are satisfied."

If I am able to get through the gate, I lay down my weapons and walk slowly toward the freaky priests.

"surely you would not strike a fellow man of the cloth"
  Knives To The Throat
Yeah, I'm sorry guys. Holds, Sleeps, and Charms are no fun, especially when the remaining characters dance around until they die at -14. Paul, you and I both know that that -14 thing is going to kill you someday.

In the meantime, though, the priests sense your weakened state and can use you for other purposes. They continue to attack you to subdue. No one's sanctuaried yet.

Thaka, I don't care what you say about 'not allowing them to move Azoth'. All you can really do is stand around and try not to get clobbered. You can't put up a fight or oppose any checks.

First round, Theodore shoots and wounds a priest. Three misses on the priestly front (BR 14, 4, 13).

Next round, well there we go. No shit, BR 20, 3, 19. Thaka, you take 14 (subdual), so you're offically out but not dead.


Revision. One wounded priest sanctuaries, then gets the Ambassador and other priest, and goes behind the altar. The other two priests hide behind Azoth and Thaka, so they're no longer targets. The priests pull out knives and put them to Azoth's and Thaka's throats.

The Hold Persons wear off, as it's been about seven rounds (the duration).

"Okay friends," one of the priests calls. "You see what we've got here. Toss your weapons to the side and come on through. We're going to take you all alive. Or if you'd prefer, your two companions here can be bled."


Everyone got that? Dag, Theodore, Tut, and Threnody are conscious and on the other side of the gate. (The lock is jammed and will require some retooling or force.)

Azoth and Thaka are out cold, with knives to their necks. Their prone bodies provide full cover to the priests, and if you want to continue arrow fire, you'll most likely kill your friends first.

Move to you.

This hold person thing is AWESOME.

I'm getting lots of practice for those downtimes when I am doing my "Robot Man" busker routine. Most weekends, I head downtown fully donned in my silver glitter body paint and wow the people with my robotic skills...

Rob, I really concentrate on my muscle memory right now, so that when the weekend comes around again, I can draw on this experience to really scare the kids when I go from motionless statue to breakdancing mega-man.
  Theodore Koppel
So it comes to this, does it?

Resist the Sanctuary? BR:9. No.

Three priests? Two wounded? I don't know which is 'Sanctuaried'. I shoot two arrows at the most wounded priest. BRs:14,11. One hit for 6. Well done.

I hope that drops that fellow. If so, I shoot two more at the other chap the next round. Otherwise, he gets another. BRs:11,14. Hmm. One hit for 2.

Wake up, Mr. Tut!
Uh, I think I stay awake until I'm dead which would be at -14. either way if the clerics stayed around to try an finish me, Theo has 2 hurt guys to shoot at.

I'll sit here and feebly try to get them to attack me so Theo can kill them. If the Priests move off then I'll move over to the gate waiting for the Held PC's to do their thing. I will not allow them to drag Azoth out of the Line of fire from Theo until I'm dead. They can go hide if they like but if they wanna play out here they get shot by the gnome......
  Fun W/ Neg HP
Right you are Thaka- you're conscious but unable to fight. Looks like that's only good at -1. You toss Theodore the key, as since you didn't say you left it behind, you still had it.

It's not clear to me if you're dropping as usual when you're in neg hps. Tell you what. You can make a CON check every round to not drop to -2.

Not that it matters so much. In the next round, as you're not down yet, a cleric BRs a 19 and bops you for 3. Two other misses on you.


The three clerics never made it through the door to KO the PCs. Only Azoth went through with you, so only he's Held then knocked out. Never really said when the sanctuary went off either, which obviously was at some point in between the clerics hiding behind the altar and fetching their friend.
um I'm still concious even at -1, so nobody is really draggin me anywhere....
On the fumble hit ac 1 (19) for 4, with my "flaming sword".
I will try to stay a bit off from the altar. If they want to attack me Theo gets a shot.

Damn thing about those rats....taking my FF

all of the priests have acted agressively, no one should be santuaried. Three priests knocked out 3 PC's while the 4th Priest attacked me......all of which sounds aggressive. You also said one hit, one miss, and one fumble as attacks on me when there were only 3 priests left....sounds like that sanctuaried one attacked then.......
I knew this was gonna get ugly, aim true little gnome.

If there are not other obvious exits from here I will toss Theo the key, if I didn't leave it in the lock.....
  Well Now What?
Sorry Thaka, you've already Fairie Fired once today (the rat fight).

Theodore, you doubt whether the unconscious Ambassador believes he's on fire.

Thaka, you take out one of the four priests. Theodore, you wound one.

Thaka, one hit, one fumble, one miss. You take 5, down to -1. Well, there we go. Take your fumble on a full priest.


The priests drag Thaka and Azoth back behind the press and altar, and then pull the Ambassador and the other priest back there too. The guy doing that is Sanctuary'd, so if you want two rounds of fire on him, make your save Theo. You can't see them to shoot anymore.

In a few rounds, the Hold spells wear off...
faerie Fire should light up 2 priests.
I attack the 1st one hit ac 5, for 6 with Longsword, flail hits ac 6 for 3.

I try to get these blokes to follow me away from the basin, so Theo has more room to just sit back and shoot his arrows if I go down.

Next round will miss, and hit ac 7, which should hit with the FF. flail for 5
  Theodore Koppel
Aha! Cleric target practice!

I shoot the healed one again! BRs:12,4. Hmm.

Well, I don't give up. BRs:9,18. That's a hit for 5.

I realize I have said this, but at the risk of sounding tedious, -that sword is flaming. I am just suggesting that the ambassador might be burned some. -If he were to believe that, as it were.
  You Didn't
You didn't get knocked out.
  King Tut
This is total BS.

I want to retcon back to 1 round before I get knocked out, break the hold spell early, walk someone Spanish while they are held, and then get knocked out.
  An Interesting Turn Of Events
Okay Theodore, hmm. Although the door doesn't automatically lock- there's a key, and Thaka has it on the other side- you slam it shut and jam the lock. The priests look disgusted with you and run back to assault Thaka.

Meaning that there's a new set of attacks on said cavelier... Actually just one attack. One priest goes down from Theodore's latest barrage. The second priest CLWs that first priest, who stands back up. The third priest BRs a 6, a miss.

In the meantime, you attack the Ambassador. He's totally afraid of you and running around in circles on full defense, giving him AC:6. So you get two hits in three rounds, for 8 hp damage. He drops like a fly, clutching his gashed leg.

You also try to knock over the basin, but nope. It's basically a large stone collection table, concave so as to better collect the fluid. No 'knocking over' to be done. except on a STR check at 1/4 as a full round action. The shit is heavy. There's a drain at the bottom that feeds into the jugs the Ambassador was using.


Now we're all caught up. Actually Theodore that was the best thing you could've done in the situation. Next round...

Four attacks on Thaka. Great round for priests, finally... amazing really. 18, 15, 12, 18 is two solid mace hits, for.... BR 1 and 2. Maybe not such an amazing round. That's 5 more hp, you're down to 4 hp.

Next round please guys.
  Theodore Koppel
Don't forget that sword is flaming. -Totally.

If these fellows are approaching, I am going to slam the gate. If it locks, that's fantastic. If it doesn't, I am going to try an emergency Close Locks, if you will, BR:1. No, kidding! HA!


I shoot that priest in celebration! BR:14,8. One hit for 5.

Theodore: 1, Clerics: 0! Indeed!
unearthed says d10+3+1 for con.

3 rounds eh.

ambassador -hit ac 7 w/longsword for 4, ac 2 w/flail for 4
next round is a miss and a miss
next, ac 2 w/ longsword for 4, ac 7 w/ flail for 2
I would like to kick over the jugs and the basin with the juice in it if I can.

If the ambassador goes down then apply the hits to HW's
  Further Update
Thaka, as an upper-class starting cavelier, you get a d12, for 12 hp at first level, and with a CON of 15, that's +1. 13 hp. Where's the 14th hp come from?

Okay, you're not blind, but please see below that you have about three rounds of combat to make up for.
Made my save. Is everyone caught up on rounds? I don't want anyone to lose their actions in the confusion. We will prolly need all the help we can get here.

I just found out I have 14 hp max.
  H1 Final Fight... Rounds N, N+1, and N+2
Azoth, okay, you're Held. That happens right as you rush up with Thaka apparently, getting one swing in (a miss it seems) before being caught in the Paralyzing Fear of Plutus.

The priests want to greatly increase the duration of the paralysis, so they decide to take time away from combat to knock y'all out. Azoth, you're the first to go down, since you're in range.

Thaka, there's a round for you to act here. Don't forget your save vs. the light spell; it's a pure blindness thing, not specifically against your drow-ness, so if you fail your save, you're blinded and are -4 on THACO.

Theodore shoots a priest, greatly wounding him.


Next round.

Three of the priests head into the entrance to get the rest of you. This includes the wounded priest, whom Theodore makes more wounded for his action. He's looking really bad.

Thaka, another round here against a lone priest. After you act, he misses you with a BR:14. The Ambassador is still doing nothing of apparent consequence.


Next round. Thaka and Theodore, both of you have actions. The three priests knock out the three held PCs: Dag, Threnody, and KT. They will then turn on you Theodore, so be prepared.
I snap out of that really long trance I was in. That was some great meditation there, I'm pretty sure I made some amazing insights into-- whoa, crap, we're in a battle?

I draw my long sword and make some attacks on these clerics-

BR 5 is a no go...

BR 8 is no better...

and BR 10 completes it, for 2 points of damage in the unlikely event that it hits.

Anyone need some healing? Who's the new guy?

Oh, and apparently I need some saves- I'll do 3- 8, 10, 10, which fails everything except poison.
  Theodore Koppel
Mr. Azoth, look alive sir!
  King Tut
Mark why don't you Phantasmal Force someone healing the Prince, and then him getting up and freeing himself? I think that would cause a lot more confusion than just some flames.

I forget how long Hold Person lasts, but it's just you 2 vs. 3 priests...I think you might look for something to turn the tide more than just flames (plain physical damage might not really spook these guys, but the Prince getting away, or something like that, might).
  Theodore Koppel
C'mon Mr. Thak, swing that flaming blade!

Two more arrows at that same priest, BRs:15,13. One hit for 3.
  Theodore Tries To Help
Theodore, you're right. A 3-target Hold has no modifier to the save. But as it says below, what was cast was four 2-target Holds, which each have -1 to the save. Actually, tiling the party with three saves with no penalty probably would have the greatest chance of success, but oh well, that's not what happened.

Thaka, you now somehow have a flaming sword. Please don't forget your save vs. blindness. Theodore then shoots a priest in the side.
  Theodore Koppel
I don't know if it matters, but my PH says Hold Person does 1-3 folks and 3 folk have no penalty to their save. -No, it doesn't matter.

Oh geez.

I Phantasmal Force flames on Thaka's sword.

I then shoot a cleric, BRs:20,1. Huh. 8 on the 20, 16: no break on the 1.
  Hold Person Just Changed This Fight
Threnody, elves don't have any intrinsic immunity to Hold Person, which is what got cast. Four of 'em, each targeting two people, hence the -1 to the saves.

Yeah, four 3rd level clerics. Good luck gang.

Especially with Tut, Thren, and Dag all Held. Still waiting on Azoth.


Thaka, not a great showing. The Ambassador is hiding behind the altar. You see him madly trying to collect the Prince Juice in the basin into a couple jugs.

Thaka, make a save vs. spell as a Cleric casts Light on your eyes. Three others attack... 8, 2, 17 is a hit. (Integrating over time, BR'lr seems to roll an awful lot of 17s.) You are maced for 5, down to 8 hp.

The Clerics are AC:6.
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