Theodore Koppel
A Hennessy and Coke, please.

Could I get a shot of penicillin too?
cool my post got lost.
the moral of the story is that in round 6 I do a lot of damage.
4 and 9 with longsword then 6 with my flail.
then I roll 5 twenty siders in a row and get under a 10 on each through rounds 7 and 8.
In round 8 I hit ac 8 for 8 I think it was.

I think I'm gonna worship rats.
  You Guys Sure Are Having Trouble With A Few Giant Rats
Rat combat:

First off, no, CON bonuses do not apply to saving throws.

Az, not a great combat for you. That's four rounds of misses, in which the rats get three hits and another double damage on you. You take 14 hp dmg, dropping you to -1, and make a save vs poison.

Thak, you make your save. No rat AIDS for you. You kill another one of your rats, but the final one gets a hit on the fumble for 4.

Theo flees the combat. The rats distribute to fill the empty spaces, as listed below onto Thaka and Thren.

We're essentially ready to roll up to rounds 6 and 7, please make sure you've posted up.

HP/rat check:
Az: -1/13 hp + diseased? 3 rats
Dag: ?? 3 rats
KT: 20/22 + diseased! 2 rats left (one wounded)
Spiderbot: 34/37 1 rat left
Theo: 3/10 + diseased! ESCAPED, bowless
Thaka: 22/30 2 rats (wounded)
Thren: 10/10 2 rats
  Theodore Koppel
Up the stairs and out of melee. I'll shoot at a rat if I can get the angle. BRs:1,2. Fantastic. For that 1, BR:1. Mother fuck. My bow snaps.

I take my diseased ass upstairs and order a drink.

-Ouch, hand tattoo.
saving throw is a 13, do I get a +2 from con? I don't remember.

round 5 attacks. miss and a miss. unless they are ac 12.
round 6 suck I hit ac 6 for 3 and I fumble.


I have a tattoo on my hand now. It doesn't really hurt once you acclimate. I tried to take pictures because I knew you guys would ask what it looks like, but it's hard to take close in pictures of a hand. It's from my D&D game so you all would like it, I'm sure.
Alright, as for rat combat. Round 1 I drop a bless on myself, then I'm just going to spear away until the rats are dead.

BR 10 +1 = 5 damage
BR 7 +1 = 5 damage
BR 2 +1 = 3 damage
BR 10 +1 = 7 damage
BR 18 +1 = 5 damage

During our surface time, I really want to get that shrine to Apollo going, maybe turn it into a full fledged temple, make it a sanctuary for the downtrodden common folk of Twilos. If the sunlight got turned off, I'm going to try to petition to get it turned back on... this probably won't work out until we're bigger names down here in Twilos. Any of the great Houses have any interest in this sort of project? In the mean time, anybody here know continual light? I figure some rocks with that cast on them in a cool sun/mandala pattern could brighten up the place considerably. What's my congregation like, and what are some of their major problems? I want to get something going here, something like "battle-priest of Apollo bringing power back to the people."
Stavos, you're my guy. Make it happen and we'll be like Bill Gates and Paul Allen, if you know what I mean.
  See Below
Whoops, Thak posted after I already began my post. Please look below for the update.
ok so if I read all that right I have 2 gold coming my way. I'm fine with Tut taking the scalemail, I guess. I don't need it, I have breastplate.

Attacks eh...
I'm not much into fighting rats but the barkeep did help us out so here we go.

Thaco 17 w/ longsword and 18 w/flail
1st round. 17/longsword for 2 and an 11/flail for 4
2nd round. 19/12 longsword for 4/9 and 13/flail for 6
3rd round. 18 longsword for 9 and flail miss.
4th round. 15/9 longsword for 9/4 and flail miss.

that should kill some rats.
  I Had To Look Up The Enya One
KT, I don't think the problem with TK's rhymes is the lyricism... you guys got that in spades, so a little bit of 'copipe', as they say, ain't gonna much help it. Theo's problem ain't with the 'pella, it's the production.

Imagine Justin Timberlake without Timbaland. Imagine Nelly without the Neptunes. Michael Jackson without Quincy Jones. Robin S without Todd Terry. Rihanna without Kidd Bogart. Apollonia without Prince. Gorillaz without Dangermouse. Enya without Nicky. Fiddy and Snoop without Dre. Paris Hilton without an army of vocoder-happy eightball-snorting DJs.

(You are imagining a world where divas run amok without great dance beats.)


Theo, Norman says "Yeh I'll check it yo. Kick the RockWell magic. Mebbe I can do somethin with this beatboxin stuff or the sound that ice cream maker makes." He pauses, listening to the sounds outside. "Huh... that Estonian dude or wherever he's from... there's some crazy science being dropped. Mebbe I can work it." He goes back to fiddling with the Amiga GUI.

Tut, Stavos says "Is good, the robotnik. The men, is good is working. I think this ice creams they make the good workings but they make the big sticky. You no sweat about it boss man. Leave it all to the Mr. Stavos, sir."


The rat fight continues:

KT and TK, since you failed your saves, you guys are diseased! I dunno, scoliosis or tuberculosis or AIDS or something. I guess rats have the Black Plague. Now you do too.

Thak, okay, round one you wound a rat. Three misses. Next round you kill a rat. Two more fuckin misses. Third round you wound a rat, and huh, another 20. I guess this thing does crank out the 20s. You take 4 and make a save vs poison. You might just want to roll saves vs poison every combat, huh?

HP check:
KT: 20/22 + diseased!
Spiderbot: 34/37
Theo: 3/10 + diseased!
Thaka: 26/30 + diseased?
Thren: 10/10
"Damn TK, if all you wanted was some flava in your rhymes, you didn't have to go hire a bunch of peeps. Just scroll down and copy/paste my sick verses into you weak sauce...boom, instant flava."
  Theodore Koppel
Hey now, 2sp per week might not seem like much, but free rent and royalties? 6 points for the producer is unheard of. I impress that on Mr. Rockwell. I toss him my Prince Juice Demo and tell him to give it some flava.

"We need something new, Norman. Put some Twilos into it. Y'know, I want people to feel that its coming from the underground. We want all those Gorgos kids to see how we do it down under."

As for my poison save, BR:2. No. That's terrible. I ask again, how did I go from CCC champoin to pest control? For my part, I try to run back up the stairs before I am eaten alive.
No, I'm straight up paying my people. I'll explain to Vanilli that things might be slow going at first, but we are going to make it through.

I think I will just set them to gathering and purifying the highest quality metal they can find. I would like to start working on a robot that will assist the Dusters, or whatever they are called. I bet they could use a robot to do some of that heavy lifting, and they seem like a very interesting group...probably necromancers...cybernetically enhanced undead, anyone?

Basically, I want them to focus on positive cash flow projects, and projects that will improve my standing with various powerful factions. My idea is listed above, perhaps Vanilli has some ideas of his own.

(Save v poison = 4, failed, btw)
  Norman Rockwell And Stavos Vanilli: It's Like That Show "Perfect Strangers"
2 silver per week, huh Theo? Well alright, you get what you pay for I guess. So you're only hiring the one guy I take it.

He's a half-orc named Norman Rockwell.

Tut, does that change your payment schedule? There's a big difference between 2 sp/week and 2 gp/week. It'd be like hiring a guy for $80,000 a year, or asking him to do the same job for $4,000 per year. Stavos Vanilli could really care less though, he just seems excited to make some crazy robots.

And yeah, making the robot was contingent on getting the cash to get the metal and complicated parts. But eh, okay, cross off your 10 gp and let's get rid of the scale mail and we're good. Just to make it easy.

So hear that? No scale mail anymore people, but you are now adventuring with a scary spiderbot. And everyone's got 8 hp of Goodberry healing.

Tut and Theo, any instructions for your workers while you're gone? What should they work on?


Combat starts, everyone in their own little 3 rat combat.

Miss on the free round. The next couple of rounds, you kill one and wound one. A bunch of misses on you and a double damage! For 1 X 2 = 2 hp dmg, plus make a save vs. poison!

The spiderbot does not yet have a mounted crossbow, so it hangs out for the first round. Then, in the next three rounds, it kills two of the rats and takes 3 hp dmg.

Wow you're good. Kill a rat each of the three rounds, so by the end, you're ratless. You can now help others as you desire. No hits.

Well that's a different story. You wound a rat, and then the rats swarm you over the next (first full melee round). Two hits and a double damage. You take, well, just 7 hp, but make a save vs. poison!

HP check:
KT: 20/22 + poisoned?
Spiderbot: 34/37
Theo: 3/10 + poisoned?
Thren: 10/10
  Theodore Koppel
Hmm. Things seem to be moving fast. How did I end up in a cellar?

Well, first things first. Concerning that new hire for the Kream Factory. It seems that 10 people show up that appear to be qualified. -That's a nice start. Here we go:

1)15,4 Q=4
2)8,17 Q=24 !
3)1,11 Q=25 !!
4)14,5 Q=6
5)18,13 Q=20
6)1,20 Q=34!!!!
7)17,9 Q=7
8)8,13 Q=10
9)8,4 Q=17
10)16,1 Q=0 -Ha!

Wow. I think I am very interested in the individual with a quality of 34. Not so much in the guy that has no quality whatsoever.

The pay is 2 silver per week. However, rent at the Factory is free. The employee also gets a 6 point royalty share.

As for the rats. I am not so sure that's what I'd like to do. However, if the party really wants to clear out a cellar... BRs:19,8; BRs:3,5.

I hit a rat in the first of two rounds for 3.
For my NWPs I would like 'bowyer' and . . . I dunno. Mixing? Sound production? Producing? Yes. The name of the skill I would like is 'Producing'. The skilz to use the gear to get that Awesome Sound going down, is what I mean. Something that's INT based - we can get the WIS and CHA guys to tweak as we go.

I think those two are in-line with what we've had going on.

Also, here are three rounds of ratting stuff:

rnd 0: BR 12 and 12. Both hit AC 2, one for 7 points, the other for 8.

rnd 1: BR 10 and 18. Hits AC 4 and -4, for 3 and 6 points respectively.

rnd 2: BR 19 and 7. Hits AC -5 and 7, each for 6 points.

We should have had shotguns for this gig.

Hey - did anyone take the scale mail? Thak - you've taken the most heat, so you should get it. That's armor class 6 there, y'all. I imagine SOMEONE's wearing that stuff.

And just to refresh myself - this party is a Cavalier, a Bushi -> Druid, an Illusionist-thief, two Cleric-Fighters, and a Fighter-Mage, right?

I'm the fighter-mage, by the way. Hello! My name's Threnody. Nice to meet you, I guess, but I'm a little busy firing arrows at big rats right now.
  Hold Em Up KT
KT, don't get ahead of yourself here:

You still haven't coughed up the dough to make the Spiderbot: please look at the post below. Time to hit up your friends and sell some equipment before entering the Cellars.

Honestly, I'm disinclined to allow a 3rd level Goodberry. Only because, if we take it to the limit, what would a 6th level Goodberry look like? Or worse, and this was a real problem when we used Fluid Priest Magic, 3rd, 4th, and 5th level Hold Person spells were disgustingly powerful.

Shape Metal is fine and makes sense for you, but casting higher circle versions of low level spells is not a house rule I want to condone. This is a fine Table Talk question though, so if you guys want to weigh in, please move it over there. In fact, I'll go there now and start it up.


In any case, damage done. I'll hold on advancing combat until a few more PCs sign in.
3 rounds of arrows
17, 19 = hits for 7 and 5 each.
8, 1 (break: 13). The 8 hits AC10 for 3 pts.

Spider bot:
11 hits AC 3 for 6 (x2).
18 hits for 6(x2).
6 hits AC 10 for 6(x2). Weird, 3 6's in a row...where were you when I was rolling stats.

So, that's probably 5 rats dead? I'll have the bot finish off wounded creatures 1st, and attack new ones 2nd.

I also have the bot turn its headlight on :)

I'd like to develop a new Goodberry spell. One that doesn't require fresh berries, and allows them to last longer. I'd like it to be a 3rd level spell that I would use when we aren't doing anything, so I could stock each person up with 8 berries that would last until we have downtime again (bookkeeping). Thoughts? Basically, I just want to be able to start people off with 8 berries when we start an adventure, in case they go negative (as usual), but still be able to start the adventure with full spells.
  Pleeb Lend A Hand
Alright, great. Stavos is set up as Twilosoft company foreman and the guys get to work while you and the others head back to Rats and Razors.


Oddly, it's closed. You knock on the door. Then again, more forcefully, and finally Huygens opens it. He looks harried, and there are some scratches on his face and hands, and his face is awfully swollen.

"Oh thank Beezus that you're here. It's just unbeliebable. The rats are ebreywhere! Pleeb lend a hand!"

You tell him that's what you're here for. Sufficiently rested and ready, Huygens shows you to the cellar entrance. Whatever booze you can recover, great. Please just kill the rats for him.

It's fucking classic.


Down you go. You can borrow a couple lanterns from the tavern if you'd like. The cellar smells of mildew and waste. As you descend the stairs, Huygens really wasn't kidding. There's like a thousand rats down here. Including several giant ones, that crawl over their normal rat pals to get to your delicious flesh.

Everyone here has three giant rats on them. You get a free round to shoot or cast or whatever, and then you'll have initiative. Get ready! Go ahead and post multiple rounds of actions too, as this is going to be a straight up slugfest.
  King Tut
Ok, let's try for the contractor thing. I think I'd rather be an engineer than an overseer, probably better pay, and I'll learn more about robots.

I won't hire the 5 guys that weren't motivated, and I'll hire the other 4 part time (1gp / week). Vanilli will be full time (2gp / wk). I'd like to see where TK plans on getting the cash for his plans. I mean, that's actually a lot of money to offer...if Overseer pays what, 3g per week, for someone with all my skills, we are offering these guys 2/3 of that.

I'd like to move towards the robot factory idea, and I definitely want to get some upstairs access in the future, at least to get access to more jobs/quests.

Other than that, I say we check out the sewers, seems like a good place to start.

So, the robot is fully operational now right? I don't think anyone wrote down the poison anyway. And Stavos is on board? I think he'll have to stay behind and work as we adventure. "Stavos, my friend, the American dream will be yours--in Twilos." We will start a company called Twilosoft.

Did we ever find out 1) why they were juicing the Prince or 2) what that big dragon on the island was?
  The Question Is: Do You Want Stavos Vanilli To Build That Robot?

Gaining metal. There's a lot of scrap metal around, but it's not what you want to make a robot out of, unless your idea of a robot is a garbage can with some rusty rebar arms and a set of little red wagon wheels. There's a reason why all your weapons were -2, -1 at best.

Working for a House or the Guild will certainly improve your access to a lot of things it seems. Or you can just keep collecting the extra weapons and armor, and eventually you'll have enough.

Tell you what- your spider bot is awfully good: 37 gp in goods or cash (1 per hp) and all the party's poison and you got a deal. I'll deduct off the top 7 gp for profits earned from business ventures and stuff collected with some scrounging. So, wrangle up 30 more gp and you got a bot (after one month of solid effort).

As for your guys and checks, I need to say that the system for Theodore was for him to assess the quality of the guys coming to the door, hence it's an IQ for him to 'size up' potential employees. Given that you rolled CHA, I guess that means you're sizing up not how smart the guys are, but how... hmm. How enthusiastic they are after your motivational speech. How ambitious maybe. And DAMN one guy sure does want to work for you now.

Vanilli, yeah I like it. His name is Stavos Vanilli, and he's Latvian, and he came to Twilos willingly to find some work; hat in his hand kinda guy, this Stavos.

Of course, Theo offered to pay each guy 2 gold per week. So if you want ten guys, that's 20 gp per week, for a month, that's another 80 gp there King. And I already subtracted business profits off the robot above. Working in the mines don't pay so well, and while the Mining Guild is happy to get you started as an Overseer (meaning a work crew boss), the pay is more like 1 sp per day per guy. I.e., each week you earn 70 sp = 3.5 gp, but you pay out 20 gp at Theo's wage levels, a net loss of 16.5 gp per week. And again, that's part-time work, so your robot will take a little longer.

Why don't for now, assuming you can find the money from selling stuff and your friends for the robot, that at the end of the month, you've got a robot, and just interviewed ten guys with various degrees of ambition. Five of them were psyched, five of them just want your 2 gp per week.

You've also approached the Mining Guild, who offers to let you work either as an Overseer, or to work for them as a Robotics Engineer. Understand that the Mining Guild isn't really looking for an adventurer who might be dying or leaving Twilos sometime soon. They want a full time guy. Hopefully you can understand their position. Seeing your spider bot, they'll also buy mining constructs from you as an independent contractor, but it'll be on a piece-by-piece basis. This is probably the best way to go; you can turn your team of guys into a Robot Factory and start churning things out.

That way you've got some nice infrastructure to start using CHA instead of IQ to make stuff.

How will it turn out? Well, let me know if this is the team you want, at the wages you want, and the job you want, and we'll go from there.

Basically, there's a dilemma here: if you get the attention of the big players (such as the guards of Stonekeep 'upstairs'), then they want you full-time, essentially to retire as an NPC. But if you want to keep your independence, you need to have power and clout to bargain with them. Might not be there quite yet, but you're getting there.


Honestly I don't know where Theo is going to get the money either. Actually Theo offered 2 'royals' per week. Wrong world dude. Here in D&D land we use gp base. Royals was Narbohring.



Okay, longsword + dagger = flail. In Online Final Fantasy it'd probably be something like Kupo Nut + Cockatrice Feather = Riceball, and then Riceball + Rainstick = God Save The Flail, but that's not really what it's like to synthesize gear down here in the sticks.

Looks like a few people could use the scalemail or cash it would provide. I'll let you guys fight it out. Banded mail would be 1 week of King Tut's Time + Breastplate + Scale Mail + 30 gp. Alternatively, you can sub out Tut's time for another 30 gp.

Improved Concentration is a fine NWP.

Why don't you scrap all the excess shitty equipment and each take 1... no, 2 gp apiece. Assume there's no poison left neither after Tut makes his 'bot.

At the Temple of Mercury, they tell you that the letters to Onze were delivered to the island, but there is no other information besides receipt of their arrival. The letter to Captain Stefan, however, is returned unopened with a reply from the Widow Stefan.

My Dear Lady Thaka Laba Dula,

My condolences to you and your associates on your incarceration. I hope that this letter finds you in as good of spirits as one could hope for, given the contingencies. It is with my utmost sorrow that I must fail to raise those spirits higher, as the tidings I bear burn heavy within my heart. My good husband, Captain Stefan O. Stefan, perished when his ship, alas, caught on fire and burned to the depths of Neptune's Deep. I have been informed that, good man as he was, he escorted two ladies, a grandfather, a pair of twin nieces, and their beagle to a longboat, placing the composite value of their lives above his own. May the good lords have their mercies upon his immortal soul. Propriety compels me to inform you that a wake will be held on February 13, although I understand that you will be unable to attend given present unfortunate circumstances. I hope you and your good companions enjoy the cookies I have sent: a friend of my husband once entertained us with brow-raising tales of the dank depths you find yourselves in, and I was to understand that cinnamon is in short supply. I have included extra cinnamon in the smaller of the cookies to make up for their lack of stature- you know what they say about 'little ones and spice'. As my husband would have said, the tidings of fate are like the winds on the sails: fickle, untold, and cruel. And yet one can grasp hope and mastery with but the merest change in the weather.

The arms of God are long and many, and may they keep you safe if not wealthy. Again, my sincerest apologies for your situation. I ask your understanding if I am not able to open my late husband's correspondence, much less answer it in a timely and satisfactory fashion.

Sarah M. O'Stefan.

Alas, no cookies. Apparently that kind of stuff is confiscated upon arrival at Twilos.

Finally, you ask about the tall pale guys. One of the Good Maidens informs you that those are 'Dustmen', members of Piccolo's Guild of Dust, who clean the streets of Twilos when all are in bed. They often trade for bodies and other oddities, god knows why. Occasionally there are rumors of them stealing kids. No one fucks with them, and all the Houses have great 'dustbins' outside their house compounds in which they leave their trash and other stuff- gifts, sometimes. Marked with little stars or asterisks.


Somewhere, a couple of guards comment on the interesting taste difference between the small Snickerdoodle cookies and the big ones.
So I'm just gonna say that I trade one of the shitty longswords and the regular dagger and get a flail made. If that is not the case let me know.

Guys does anyone want the scalemail or are we selling it. It's worth 25 gold, not a lot really, but hey. We also might be able to trade it for something. Since banded mail is like Studded with plates, how far would trading in my Breastplate and the scale get us to a suit of banded mail, Rob?

While I'm hanging out working for the DoV I'd like to find out who the tall pale guys were that took that one body away after the 2nd assassins fight.

Guys I think we have to still give someone the ok dagger and the wooden shield, and the 5 gold. We can all just add a gold, and call that part taken care of. If nobody wants them, then we sell the 2 shitty daggers and the ok dagger. Who's taking the doses of poison, I can't use them. Maybe it could be put into some icecream?

My NWP instead of nerf strike, since I guess I already have it, shall be improved concentration if that's ok. It would let me cast innates while in neg's but still conscious. It might help with other distractions as DM sees fit.

I also mention to Threnody that if she's looking for a spellbook maybe she should talk to the Temple of Mercury.

I will talk to them and see if my letters reached their destinations.
---------Small Biz NWP & Robot checks
Ok, IQ checks are 6, 3, 2. I crush them like a little bug. I don't want to make IQ checks for building stuff. Can't I use my small biz mgmt NWP to substitute CHA for IQ? Like by goading my friends and people (fellow druids!) into using their brains? If not, I don't want the NWP, the only reason I took it is because I thought it would cover for my low INT for my alchemy & engineering checks. I want small biz mgmt to substitute Cha for those skills, if not, can I take another NWP that will allow me to do so, or at least take a prof that will give me +6 or something on IQ checks? Or maybe I could hire a smart guy (via small biz mgmt) and use his IQ instead?

We seriously have to clear this up, because this IQ thing is going to be a total cock in the ointment to KT's plans (that's a saying, isn't it?).

I think it could work like Mark's, but I'll use Cha instead of IQ. Assuming you agree, here are my checks:
d10 = 10. Wow.
1) 1st check = 13 (+4 quality). Q = 20.
2) 9 (+8). Q = 20.
3) 16 (+1). Q = 18. Hot rolls!
4) 14 (+3). Q = 12.
5) 9 (+8). Q = 13.
6) 9 (+8). Q = 9. Hahaha, rolled a 1.
7) 17 (+0). Q = 7. Loser.
8) 12 (+5). Q = 6. Loser x2.
9) 4 (+13). Q = 32. Wow. Rolled a 19.
10) 8 (+9). Q = 19.

Well, it looks like I have 4 good workers and 1 OUTSTANDING ONE. Rob, I think I have found "Jimmy Woo, Supahstah." Thoughts? Maybe I could put my retarded bitches to work gathering metal, and save my stars for something else, and make JW my right hand man, my protoge, my Watson, my Vanilli, my Flavor Flav.

This robot is going to be straight up pimp. I want to make a book to record how to do the things I do to the robot, so I can do it again w/ no IQ check (or with a modifier).

I want to get upstairs eventually. Seriously, with this Cha, it's a waste to be slaving away. If being a golem master is the way to go, then let's hook it up. I can show these mining bitches how to roll. But is mining really the way to go upstairs? It sounds kind of grungy. I guess I could get some badass metal to make a wicked robot later. Or is getting political with a House the way to go? Thoughts?

As for raw metal, I guess that might be a little difficult. I recall you saying there was a lot of scrap metal around, that's why we could make crappy weapons and armor. Other than that, I guess I could work for it? Would access to the mining guild, or one of the Houses, improve my access to metal?
  A Friend In Need
Dag, yeah, KT can basically upgrade you all the way to -0. Things at his business, The Greenhouse, are such that you can get good wood, and it's no thing for Tut and friends to make you a pair of short wooden combat staves that accrue no penalty.

Also, no, the leather armor doesn't stack with the apron. I think the apron is AC:9 and the armor is full on AC:8. You can still wear the apron for style points. Of course, the people who are going to give you leather apron style points are horror movie fans and BDSM fetishists. Gamers are probably somewhere in-between. Do whatcha like.


Guys, again make sure you're reading posts below to take care of your town stuff. Mainly Tut I'm talking to you as you and I tend to simul-post.
(Dag: KT can make average (no penalty) wooden items for free).
Do you suppose that during this month of downtime I can obtain a pair of staves that don't have the "suck" penalty? gimme a price and I'll deduct it from my sheet. Or perhaps one of my fine companions could create some for a lesser amount?

Also, If no one else speaks for it, I'll snatch up one of the suits of Leather armor. Can I stack the AC bonus on with the Leather Apron? If not, I sell the Apron.
  Two Faces Of The Factory

Music experience, okay. Well then, this is complicated procedure:

1) roll a d10 for the number of guys who show up with some sort of believeable qualification.

2) you gotta screen each one. Make an IQ check for each guy, then roll a d20 and add/subtract what you made the check by. For example, say you make your IQ check with a 13. That makes it by 2, so roll a d20 and add 2. That's his "quality". Now say you fail your IQ check with a 19. That misses it by 4, so roll a d20 and subtract 4.

3) tell me each guy's quality, and we'll go from there.



Wow, that's a damn good robot. Yeah I don't really care how powerful it is, it's fine.

Now you too need to make some checks. Give me three IQ checks and we'll also go from there in terms of mounting crossbows and motility and crap like that. Also, what are you making it out of? Where are the materials coming from? The Greenhouse doesn't have a lot of scrap metal and springs and gears and shit lying around.

Hmm, applying for a job 'upstairs' is a bit tricky. Understand that- assuming you've got the materials- it takes you most of the month to make your robot, as you've never made it before, and you're making a base you can upgrade in the future. You put out some feelers, and hear some useful rumors.

First off, John Romeo is gone, he's left Twilos, apparently in a giant dirigible.

Second, it seems like working for one of the Lowcity Houses might be more workable, and it appears a couple of them would be interested in the stuff you do.

Third, going upstairs basically entails you leaving the group, as the guards don't really like prisoners to come and go like that. You hear that it has happened occasionally, that someone's been taken up, but they're never really seen again 'downstairs' in Twilos proper.

Of course, you could just work for them down below, essentially on commission. The Stonekeep Guards are really interested in golem-craft; it's a whole branch in the Machinist Druids working in the mines. You hear that the gate you initially came through is guarded by two badass Iron Golems, and there's a lot of golem workers in the deep mines. Working for the upstairs guys like this would then basically mean you join the Mining Guild.
  King Tut
Ok. BR 37. It's kind of powerful though, don't you think? I'm not sure if it's too powerful though. We are pretty damn weak in combat though, every combat we have multiple people going negative. Let's discuss the robot more. I like the idea of minimal bookkeeping. I'd also like to mount a crossbow on it, so it can attack outside of melee. Let's say it fires scraps of metal (infinite) for 1d6+1, same THAC0, in case I don't want it to melee. And perhaps a grappling hook, flashlight, smoke screen, oil slick...mwhahahahaha.

Do you have KT at 6,382 xp? That's what I have.

I would like to apply for a job "upstairs." Now that I can shape stone and build robot servants, I think I have a lot to offer the rich people. J Rome will put in a good word for me, I can strengthen the roof (and prevent others from breaching it), build J Rome a new team of female robot dancers, and do all kinds of other stuff. Plus don't forget my dazzling smile (CHA 17--BR 4)!

Lastly, I'll try to build a small amplifier. Eng check BR 20. Hm.
  Theodore Koppel
Oh, maybe I should have been more specific: I am looking for guys with music production experience. Basically, I need a studio manager.

I am founding Ice Kream Records. -That's where the royalties thing comes in.
  Dear Citizens Of Twilos
Lightning Bolt from the sky... hmm. Well, sitting around waiting for a stormcloud looking up at the small hole is super, super boring, but PCs are great at that sort of thing. Call Lightning is usually supposed to be targeted towards dudes, not used to split rock.

Still, you hang out, and maybe start thinking about building a rig to raise Tut up the 80 feet or so to the surface.

Then a cloud comes, and Tut bolts the hell out of the rock. It opens a bit!

However, as you might have guessed, Twilos frowns on people trying to mine their way out of town. Given all the variables: your new fame, your long time hanging around the opening waiting for a storm, plus the arrival of a real priest of Apollo at the shrine- people are talking. And pretty soon, the upstairs guard of Stonekeep bricks over the opening, and issues you a statement (alas, not from John Romeo this time):

Citizens of Twilos,

Do not attempt to alter the foundation of your good city. Please stay within its confines. This is your only warning.

Thank you and may the blessing of Isaac be upon you.

Stuart H.M. Burnsides,
Steward of Stonekeep.

The sun turns off, downstairs.


KT: flying is a whole separate thing. It's a great idea, but you'll need Aerodynamics as a NWP in addition to Engineering and Robotics.

However, I agree with the rest of your suggestions, except Metal Shaping. Given that Warp Wood is 2nd circle, and Stone Shape is 3rd circle, Metal Shaping will be 4th circle. It's touch, so while there are combat uses, bending an opponent's sword isn't such a hot one (you'd have to grab his sword). Making a hole in armor is better.

In the meantime, you'll probably just have to resort to the poor druid's Metal Shaping: your proficiencies in weapon and armor smithing.


Okay, so Thaka works for the Daughters of Venus for a month.

Theodore works on music production for a month.

KT builds a robot. Okay KT, you've got a Metal Spider. It's got 1 to 6 HD (if you want it to have 6 HD, you can't have any more auto-bots until you gain a new level... 2 HD/level max for robots). I'll assume 6 HD. AC:5, THACO:14 (for 6 HD), and one attack per round for 1d6. It can use poison, but you're limited in how much poison you actually have or can make/find. Party fiat aside, you might just horde all the poison you guys have found, which is rather substantial. I forget how much you guys have though.

Go ahead and roll its hp yourself... each die is 1d8.

We could just keep the poison thing simple and say that each attack, if the victim fails its save, he takes double damage. No paralysis, but I'm offering unlimited poison use and no extra bookkeeping for keeping track of poison supply. Also, the 'double damage' thing, instead of +1d6, makes it so you don't have to roll damage twice. You roll it once, and let me make my save and double damage automatically. Again, the less bookkeeping the better. Sound good?

Rolling summoned monsters and the like is always a pain for me, so please remember to roll for your spider in combat. He'll just go at your own initiative, and you can give him simple telepathic commands. And agreed, no remote- he's not like ZOM-G in that regard.


Prince Juice might have inspired vocals, but Theo you're struggling with the new equipment to match everything up soundwise. Too bad you're not a bard.

Well, you get a lot of guys to show up for your offer of work, but few have experience making ice cream that you haven't already killed. Too bad you're not a necromancer. Still, you find 1d4 people who are facile with the machinery and are willing to work for you. For each of them, please roll d% for their overall quality.


Good point Thaka, okay, some more xp comes your way. Everyone gets 800 more xp for winning the CCC. I'm keeping track of xp, so you guys don't have to. (This doesn't change anyone's level status from the last update, but some people sure are a bit closer. One more adventure will level a few of you again.)

Sounds like people are looking to investigate the sewers in Rats and Razors. Before moving onto that, let's take another day or so to see who all wants to do more stuff in Twilos.

Hmm, I haven't yet solved the Arena problem. Maybe this weekend if I'm feeling industrious and needing a break from real life, I'll add a new blog page. Hang on gladiators. We can retcon this to no end also. Give me a few days to think on it: also, I'd love to hear suggestions if anyone has something.
Ok, I want to make a flying robot. I also want to make a spell called Metal Shaping...since I'm a metal druid, I think it makes sense. It could basically take up 2 slots, 1 2nd level ("Warp Wood") and 1 3rd level ("Stone Shape"), so it's pretty much a prepared, specific use spell. I think it should have no, or very limited combat use...or maybe it should have some sort of combat use? I don't know.

Also, I don't want to need any sort of remote. If it's imbued with an animal spirit, it should be, essentially, a living thing that is my friend.

How about a flying critter with the same THAC0 as me, AC 5 (chain mail?), and 1 attack / rd for 1d6. Plus I can build poison into it, since I saw how they did it on the spider, there's lots of poison around, and I have all the requisite NWPs. Also, if it's killed, I should be able to "rebuild" it, with a couple successful checks and some scrap metal. And I'd like to be able to upgrade it every level, instead of building a whole new one. That way, it's really like a robotic friend.

---------Month off
I'm fine with taking a month off, we can earn some money, arena fight, I can build robots, etc. If we all agree, we can make a month pass fast. I just don't want everyone but 1 person agreeing to let a month go, and that 1 person goes off solo'ing for days of real-time--no complicated arena fights!!
I train, and if TK will allow, I'll add some of my beatbox flavuh to his mixdown.

4 more HPs for the Holy Cannon.

I'm down with some sewer exploration.
Well if I take Robotics, I could probably build a flying robot friend to fly me up there to use Stone Shape. Thoughts?

Re: Arena, that's not a bad idea. I want to do some arena stuff too, but things are getting a little busy at work so I have a somewhat limited amount of time.
  Theodore Koppel
Alright, I am going to try to lay down a demo of 'Prince Juice'. I ask KT if he'll provide a bridge, and Thren if she'll kick some back up vocals.

Here's a check, BR:11. Hmm. Not bad, but it needs more work.

I put up a flyer. -I need someone with production experience at the Kream Factory. Pay is 2 royals a week, plus royalty options.
ok, but what about a call lightning on the hole in the roof of Twilos?

Could that open it up a bit? I thought it was more like a hole, not a long shaft, am I wrong here?

The flail I have is -1 to hit and I think -2 on damage. What will it take cost wise to make this thing reputable? I have the dagger to throw at it and also a shitty longsword. I'd like a lance as well, but that might be a bit much to ask. A dagger point would go a long way I think to making a lance, and the shitty longsword should have enough metal to make a horsemans flail, which does 1d4+1. Let me know what I need to do.

As to the arena stuff, I'm just looking at it as a place that I can go an fight people who also wish to fight. Like I said, I'm not looking to kill anyone but real combat is the best practice. I don't think you need to setup another site for this yet.

I do have some other plans for things I want to do, but I want to take care of my DoV commitments. If there party is cool with taking a month I think that would be the easiest way to address my needs. It also gives us some time to see if our rather brilliant Prince information disemination plans have born any fruit.

On a side note I wouldn't be doing my job as player Xp advocate if I didn't mention this again since it really hasn't been addressed. I really only got 1300 xp in Twilos so far? Fighting assassains a couple of times, taking over an ice cream factory, 1st place CCC, doing what I can, etc.
  Twilos: Sunny Side Up
Well, are you guys just going to work for the next month after you train? Or does someone have something pressing they want to do?

Theo, okay, but you gotta tell me more specifically if you actually want to churn out tunes. Make checks and such too.


Thak in the Arena. Well, your rolls aren't so great, but with your new-found fame, they'll bump you up another notch. Rank 3. I'm thinking that I should make a sideblog for the Arena now, when the combats will start to get serious, so we can just deal with them on a separate page. Thoughts? Feelings?


A sunny spot in Twilos. Well, you don't think it's physically impossible, just practically challenging. For example, Tut's Stone Shape spell is touch range. And yet, the hole to the outside is far above your heads, basically at the top of a well or natural chimney.
"It wouldn't be random, if you asked him to help out. This place does look like it could use some more light. Tut might be able to help out due to his affinity with the forces of nature. The garden only really makes sense if we get some more light in here...I think."

Is that true, and does it seem we could open it up, Rob? I think Tut could hit it a couple of times with call lightning...
Thak, I'm pretty sure Apollo's not into just randomly widening holes for his 2nd level followers, but what the hey, I'll give it a try. The garden idea sounds good though... I take gardening for my new NWP.

I like the sound of the Sewers under the R&R quest, or the Arena.
  Theodore Koppel
2 more HPs for me. I will take Music Production as my new NWP.

I work on some new tracks while everyone gets caught up.
  MPC And Metal Druid
Okay Theo, nice work there. You put in a request about some audio equipment, and John Romeo's boys come on back to the factory with some gear and another letter:

sup ninjas, gettin bizzee in the hizzee, tizzy in the factrizzy? k I sizzee.

heres some junk outta Romes trunk. turn up the crunk bitches. yo got empeeceed homes! lets see that Timbaland stilez. Ill be lookin for the numba ones jus give da Ro his an his propizzies on the linerz.

da Ro exeunt yo

J to thee R

They hook you up with a Guild Sequencer (serial number sanded off), a beat up Akai MPC, a DAT recorder and a bunch of tapes, a basic Sony amp and speakers (plus huge subwoofers covered in old graffiti), and an Amiga with some software on it. Tell you that in case you couldn't figure it out, in exchange, JRome just wants a producer credit on your demo. You can keep all that stuff.


Yeah Thren, don't forget that John Romeo suffered massive head wounds last campaign, and still isn't quite right.

As for training, that's right. You get hps and one NWP. No bonus hp. Each level, even as a multi-class, gives you a NWP. Sorta makes up for the 1/2 xp that continues after you hit the ceiling of one of your classes.


Thaka, there's another -1 sword and two -2 daggers if you really want them, plus a wooden shield. Okay, Daughters of Venus paid off. Let's begin the clock on that month of service; but if adventures come along, it'll be interrupted.

Thaka, you can use the metal in the dagger to decrease the penalty in one of your weapons by -1/-1. Of course this won't improve the weapon beyond -0/-0.

Scale mail will get you 25 gp. If the party agrees, you could just trade it for two normal (-0) flails.

Hang on, and I'll get to the Arena in my next big post.


Nerf Strike and Robotics are fine NWPs.

Actually, I never play with the -4 to hit for subdual to encourage 'nerf striking' and subdual in combat. However, I do have a house rule that each attack must be declared, in the moment, as subdual, or it's considered real. We could just say that Nerf Striking lets you get away with that, and retroactively you can do dmg either real or as subdual. How's that?

Twilos is not a fantastic city to build robots in, unless you're looking to make them out of popsickle sticks, which the Factory has a lot of. There are some big metal basins here though for making the ice cream.

Can KT now make Metal Spiders? Hmm... I'm thinking that maybe we should follow the guidelines for 'Animal Friendship' on this one. Just as is, no, you can't make autonomous golems like that.

However, if you want to use Druid Magic- essentially, burn 'Animal Friendship' spells to imbue your metal creations with anima-type spirits, that should work. 2 HD of constructs per level, and this is NOT cumulative with actual animal friends, i.e., animals will be weirded out by giant metal animals and not want to be your super Aquaman-style pals. Thus, KT will be a Metal Druid, and Twilos is the perfect town to become just that.
Hey, TK, maybe you should take Paragraph Breaks as your NWP. It will help your rhymes.

On the realz, though, let's do something. Arena is simple, sewers are probly good, Houses have good work, and the druids mentioned something weird going on too, I forget what though.

I think KT will take Robotics as his NWP, can he build mechanical spiders then (provided money/workspace/etc.)? I'm just thinking, he can already shape metal (armor/weap smith), make gears and engines (engineering), and make alchemical stuff--does Robotics fill in the gap?
Did the other attackers against us have shitty or normal weapons? Orc B and Arty?
I train, I gain 8 hp.
12% to STR, 15% to Dex, and 18% to Con (15/99 soo close).

I would like to take the dagger and find someone who can melt that shit down and make a real flail for me. I take the 10 gold, and the letter.

I pay the DoV the other 10 gold I owe them so, Now I just need to pay off the time I owe them. I will do that as soon as I'm done training, after that well see below. I would like to know how much the scalemail could be sold for, we don't really have that much cash in the party.

So I take Tut and Azoth up to the temple of apollo I point at the hole in the cave ceiling that lets some light in. I use skywriting

"Can you ask your gods open that hole up bigger? It might be nice for some people to get a little more light in here. Maybe with some light coming in you could start a garden here."

I would like to do some more arena fighting to hone my skills. Again I won't fight to the death in front of a crowd. Anyone who has a problem with that can fight me outside. I don't kill for entertainment.

My NWP will be Nerf Strike. It will allow me to attack to subdue without the -4 to hit. If that's ok.

some d6 for around town 6/4/2/6 Some longsword attacks (thaco 17) eww. 1/5/10/7/14/13 the 10 hits ac 5 if they are Faerie fired. damage for longsword 6/2/8. Flail attackes (thaco 18) 19/10/17/16 for 2/1/2/2 unless I get a real flail in which case those all do 2 more points of damage. Thats 4 rounds of attacks.

That's about a month of time at least for me.

I really only gained 1300 exp so far in Twilos? Damn this place is depressing.
  Theodore Koppel
A little Retcon. I've got an encore.

Yo wait. I got something to say.

Gimme a beat.

I’m just a gnome from the Outersea
Rockin’ into Twilos unintentionally
Sailed on a ship, -a mercenary
For tha Prince of Onze, on diplomacy
Attacked by Pirates on tha way
Captured Frank’s ship an’ saved tha day
Rolled into Gorgos to get my pay
Chilled at the Chrysanthamum, -fuckin’ eh.
My man says to me, I gots to find an eye
Guy’s kinda strange so I don’t ask why
Sail to this place called tha GMI
Got hit by a storm, an’ lost track of time.
Rollin’ back to Gorgos, tha Prince is gone
Sucka is my bizness, so I tag along
Run into some rats, about eight strong
Dropped some judo shit, like my name was Wong
Came upon a tower, sittin’ on a cliff
Went inside, an’ saw some fucked-up shit
Prince is on a table an’ he’s gettin’ squished
Juice is comin’ out, an’ dudes is collectin’ it
My boys an’ me is like, ‘Yo hold up!’
Don’t juice tha boy an’ drop tha cup
Shit went down fast an’ we outta luck
All my crew’s down, an’ just me up.
I cruise outside, to find some aid
Comin’ up tha path, a Gorgos brigade
I say ‘yo ma nigs, -tha Prince jus’ got played’
But suckas is deaf an’ I can’t persuade
Next fuckin’ morn’ I’m in a cell
Me an my boys at tha no star hotel
Two more fuckin’ days an’ it’s Gorgos farewell
Next fuckin’ stop, -Welcome to hell.
I know the stories wack,-but yo, it’s tha truth
An’ though you see me now, -I’m bustin’ loose
Cause I’m not given up, till I induce
Pain on tha fucker that made my Prince juice.

Prince juice, there’s no excuse
Prince juice, it’s so uncouth
Prince juice, I’m bustin’ loose
Prince juice, yo it’s tha truth.

Let's finish our training. We stay at the factory. How much for some studio equipment?
Yup. I really don't have a clue what J-Rome said to us. Was it props? I THINK so... Any ideas?

Getting only one of us out is not acceptable, I say. I might be a cranky elf bitch, but props to my peeps. I say we hold onto the passage letter for now - because one of us on the outside might (down the road) be part of a tricky plan.

I'm all about the tricky plans.

Our tricky plan might involve getting some coin, though, so maybe we could sell it, eventually, but for now my vote is hold it, and keep it on the D-low. I vote Thak holds it.

Oh - and I took a suit of leather and a longsword. I'm pretty sure we've had several come our way, but if anyone says elsewise let me know. If no-one's going to wear the scale I'm down with that - but I'm not looking to be Ms. Front-line here.

One more thing - what else comes with training, besides the hp? Do we get NWPs? Any bonus HP? As a multi-classer, do I get an NWP for each level?
  J Rome's Shorty Left Him For Another Player With An Undefeatable Slow Jam
Well, you guys are pretty good at making your own fun here, but here's the list of stuff from before:

Sewers beneath Rats and Razors
Find shops around the weird village of Piccolo
Bloodkeep Arena fighting
Frank Burton's "job"
Work for the Houses
Try to get the hell out of Twilos


In regards to the last option, some of John Romeo's guys come by the Factory a couple days into your training. They bring a letter of congratulations from John:

what up my soldiers. u kno we rocked the hizzouse.

ya this town can kinda blow, so J Romes Audi 5000. I did my CCC straight shooter thang cuz I'm looking for only the hottest freshest VIP stuff around. punkass nama the Cris Love dropped an impenetrable slow jam and took my shorty. now I gotta kick him to the curb and your freshness will be most acceptable if u wanna RSVP.

thatll be anotha time an space, what. hope to see u on the other side upstairs outta the jizzoint. heres not a thang that might be useful in the get-out. all I could do as I's King of Greyhelm Greathelm and Rice-n-Beats Supreme, not mofuckin T-town yo.

keep it real, 100% peace.


Along with 'JRome's letter comes a gold-stamped official looking document. It's Letters of Passage, that will allow a single person to leave Twilos and head 'upstairs'. Kind of useless to you as a party, but hey, it might be of some use, and is probably damn expensive.
  King Tut
Trained. BR 3 yields 4 HP, I'm now at 22.
  This Is An Eagle

Everyone loves an eagle, I guess. Here on DiD, we aim to please.
Cool beans on the training - I'm 2nd fighter, too, but I haven't had a chance to train yet, right?

Fighter hp: BR 7
Mage hp: 3

I have 5 more hit points! Yippee!
  CCC: C'est Finis- Time To Train
John Romeo nods slightly. Turns to the crowd, points a thumb over at you lot, and shrugs. The audience is already going nuts over all this great stuff.

"Nice work kids. See ya 'round," says the Rome as his bodyguards whisk him back off-stage.


Well, there you have it. You're the champions of the CCC, and you win a fat purse of gold for your efforts. 10 gp each, it comes out to.

Also, you can loot the other bodies. I guess you do this on stage in front of all your fans. It's the hard knock Twilos lifestyle as recently espoused in two new hit singles.

You get an iron longsword (-0 penalty), an iron dagger (also no penalty), two suits of leather armor, one suit of scale mail, two doses of poison (save or take 1d6), and 5 gp.

Plus, with your minor celebrity status, you can finally train in peace! Here's who can do what (you all have 5002 xp before adjustment for 10% bonus or multiclassing):

Thaka can train to 3rd Cavelier.
Theo can train to 2nd Illusionist (and gain two new 1st level spells) and 3rd Thief.
Thren can train to 2nd Mage (still no mage spellbook though... sorry Thren!).
Tut can train to 3rd Druid.

Dag and Az should already be 2/2 Cleric/Fighters; if you ain't, train up to that.

Training takes a week, which I presume you do at the Factory. You can't work or make stuff while you train. Also, now what do you guys want to do?
I give Thren a hi-5 and a little hip bump after that.
I step up on stage. I've been talking to the sound guy, giving him some coin (I think I had a little coin...) and getting ready to step up.

But, you know, I wait my turn. Now? Is it . . . nope. Okay, that's cool. Now? Yeah?

The music goes down to just a throbbing kind of hum. There's me, my bow and a mic, and one spot. If I can get the chanting or the piano, all the better - but if not, I got something slow and low.

There's a pause to let the audience settle down.

(The following three lines are taken directly from Andrew Lloyd Weber's "Cats", and is sung as such without permission. Suck it, Andy.)

All alone in the moonlight
Has the moon lost her memories...

Memories..... (The beat comes up)

Memories! (Getting louder now...)

MEMORIES! (Full on scratching, bass, maybe a guitar track, even)

I remember the time I was outta this place
Cuttin' bass, in yo' face, and we winnin' the race
Other elves be too snotty so I left that joint
Met some fighters mages priests, a cavalier on point
But th' shit went down, we got fucked by the crown
And now we kick it old school in J-Ro's town.

That's right - WHAT? - I hear you fuckin' say.
You not callin' him or fightin'? You just givin' it away?
That's what I'm sayin to ya, and I'll say it twice,
This motherfuckin' city is the opposite of nice.

Now all y'all in Twilos feel what I'm layin' down?
No dinero mio Dios and we wearin' the frown
To the chicas and hermanos livin' small and livin' too close
J-Ro's a clown in a gown and he's frontin' the mos'

I mean really. I look around the city
None of us got anything and this place ain't pretty
You there sister - when the last you saw a flower?
The only time I seen one's on an homie's bower
After we put the dude down. It's a hard-knock town.
We gettin' shitty every hour and that's our reknown.

Now brother - yeah you with the bling
I ain't knockin' you man 'cuz you doin' the thing
You gettin paid, make it through
Gettin' laid, do the do
But I made me a to-do
And J-Ro I'm talkin' to you
Me and mine are gettin' out and you oughtta do too.

I mean look at us here - we livin' poor, just gettin' by
But gettin through in crappy Twilos shows our skilz be fly
I'm talkin' dope-ass, man and we got crazy ways
So why the hell we put up with the wage this place pays?

Now look at them drow
They showed us how
They got armor they got steel and they on the now
Why ain't that us? 'Cuz we ain't no scrubs
We wanna be boss in a place that wears us down to nubs?

What I'm talkin', J-Ro is you might be boss here
And my way isn't hatin', you rhymz go loud and clear
But is this the place we wanna call home?
Just 'cuz you got homies it ain't no crib, J-Rome

I ain't pretty over here. My style be kinda wack.
You want the rhymes? Look at K-Tut and the gnome-from-the-back
You want someone up here gonna make us feel nice?
Then we all as bad as the rats and the mice.
That's what I'm layin' down and I hope you comprehend
That this ugly, scarred bitch ain't gonna pretend

You say you're boss of Twilos and we been through the shit
I say hey hey that's not legit
You all restin, you all all sittin', you look 'bout to quit
I'm gonna hit it gonna quit it got somewhere to get

I look out at y'all
Poverty like a wall
Twilos makes us and it breaks us - we gonna keep bein' small?
Maybe there's another way
Maybe gonna get some pay
And Twilos ain't killed us
So we gonna find a way

So we gotta find a way....

So we gotta.....

(Classic rock guitar sample!)

We gotta get outta this place
We gotta get outta this motherfuckin' place
Twilos ain't killed us yet and we still got face
All us rude gels and boys get OUTTA THIS PLACE!

I remember fresh water, I remember trees
And the birds and the bees - all the shit's at it's ease
Are you sick of scrapin' by? Are you done on your knees?
Sister please, don't tease, we gotta fight that disease

My memories fuck me up and they keep me alive
And this bad-ass elf bitch keeps her eyes on the prize
So J-Ro you can have it take this shit hole off my hands
'Cuz you got stuck here but I'm off to other lands
Bring some fans, shake our cans, cut our way out with knives

Yeah I remember other times, does anyone else?
Just 'cuz I'm an elf don't mean my rhymes cast Melfs

And if what I'm layin' down makes you frown, gets you down
You gotta look at where you at, sugar - you in Twilos town
And since you made it here, you be good anywhere
Breathe fresh air, wash your hair....


(The beat's slowing down back to where it started...)

My memories fuck me up.
All alone in the moonlight
And smilin' alone
I remember a time
I knew what happiness was

And look a new day
And look the DJ
And this MC's way (passing the mic...)

  CCC: Final Cut
John Romeo nods appreciatively what's been done so far. Then he drops one last challenge, of a different sort.

The usual samples, loops, and snare licks drop out, leaving just a deep bass throb, with a wood block tone every couple seconds.

Listen up:
John Romeo exclusive production.
This is the raw edit, the dub plate freshness…
For all the lords and ladies who still be rockin…

It’s T-Town
It’s Thee-Town
It’s Thy-Town
It’s Twi-Town

This is my town, and I’m here cold rockin’ it-
You call it the ghetto- fuck you, put a sock in it.
Twilo don’t stop so don’t you be knockin it-
So put your hands together and start pop-n-lockin it.

Twilo ain’t the same since J Rome come around,
By bringing these beats that I found underground.
Now the whole world rockin to the sound of T-town,
Yo everybody yo- it’s time to get down.

I keep the bass and the treble and turn down the middle.
Got a puzzle for you, can you figure my riddle?
While Twilos burns to the ground, sucka ‘Cs play the fiddle-
I’m Filet Mignon, you’re a Sausage McGriddle.

But shit, now hang on, it’s hella wack to talk trash,
All this “I’m this and yer that” is givin me such a rash.
We’re on stage in a rage while The Man gets our cash.
Brush the chip off yo’ shoulder while I pull out my stash.

Chorus: It’s T-Town, etc.

Cue some bhangra-style Indian bitch chanting kinda stuff in the background.

Little girl, yeah, she ten years old:
It’s untold, she’s sold, got lost in the fold,
Growin up in the T gets ya quick real old,
No sun, no fun, just the caves and the cold.

I don’t even know how she even make do-
Her pa she don’t know, ma died when she was two.
Age ten, two jobs, one workin in the mine crew,
The second, well, god damn, I can’t even tell you.

You and yo’ crew are too new to this zoo.
T-town suck your soul like a wight touchin you-
If you let it, but forget it, c’mon let’s see what you do,
Holla to the selecta, get the next track to cue.

Chorus, bitch.

You won’t find me in da club, bottle full of bub-
Fuck that, I’m in the streets with the heat on my feets.
I was king of Greyhelm, now I workin’ for cheap-
Bringin beats, so sweet, they lift ya outta Bloodkeep.

Old man, hell yeah, come over on the slave ships.
He’s fuckin seven’y years old but he still rock his hips.
Lost it all, no money, livin in his own shit
But he don’t frown, when down, when he’s lost all his chips

He’s been hit, been beat, we’re talking neg H-Ps,
No equipment, no spells, no friendly NPCs,
Still he’s here, front row, at the CCCs,
Enslave ‘im in Twilos, still he do as he please.

Chorus, cue the piano loop.
Then drop out the back music entirely.

Mother fuckers listen up, got a last tale to tella
Bout a brother from the south, gonna yell acapella
Song to sing bout a king, a fuckin blue blooded fella
Who lost crown country and kids, hella bad, fuckin hella.

Talkin bout me, but who cares? We all gotta story to sing!
Lemme see all those bitches who bought their own bling!
All my soldiers, put ‘em up! We all doin our thing!
In the T, ev’body, yeah, we all fuckin king!

It’s the hard knock life down in Twi, why? Fuckin A who cares?
We ain’t livin underground, we just live downstairs!
We worry bout thieves with –1 daggers, not dragons or bears!
We ain’t got money or sun but we still debonaires!


And cue it all back up now…

It’s T-Town
It’s Thee-Town
It’s Thy-Town
It’s Twi-Town
(three times around)

It’s my town suckas.
Our fuckin town.
Hell yeaaaaaah!
Descent into Depths is an old school 1st Edition AD&D adventure run by the Infinity Group.

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