Chainsaw Fight R1
Okay, it begins. Dave casts Spiritual Hammer and gets a hammer. Cinder steps on up into melee.

The guy is AC:3, so if the hammer is +1 to hit, the first round will hit; otherwise it's a miss. Someone with a PH post and let us know.

Cinder hits in R1, for 7. It looks like the blow scratches the armor.

Since no one else is currently up there, Cinder gets a chainsaw. Hit for 13 hp, sawing into your shoulder, which begins to gush blood. You have 7 hp left Cinder.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
So, Spirtual Hammer lasts for 5 round, and attacks at my Thaco, yes? Let me know if it's different. It's also something I use from a distance, right?

Anyway. Spirited Hammer One says:

14 - 5 - 20 - 11 - 17

My Thaco is 18. Any bonuses from the spiritual magic of the hammer?

What damage to Hammers do? I think it's a d12 +7. Right?

Let me know if I've got other rolls to make. Assuming that a hammer does the same damage as a mace:

3 - 8 - 14 - 3 - 2 For damages (with BR d6+1 for the hammer, and +1 for my clobbering proficiency). I've got two more spirit hammers to come online if this one worked out.
Unlike Brogg, who seems to have acquired lots of random junk during his tenure here, Cinder has many magical things. Both white swords, both wands, and the pair of gloves are magical.

We'll pause before implementing those THACO rolls as stated.
For the detect magic, Cinder has the two white short swords, the two 'Emergency Wands,' and the undeteriorated fancy clothes and gloves.

If the swords are magic, I give one to Brogg so he can hit this shit. Marivhon and Dave are out of luck since I know their sacred codes and rituals won't let them wield them.

And...I hope you guys have a plan. Whatever it is, Cinder hangs back a sec while you guys implement it, then he swings on the dude it that's what seems to be the goal. BR:19, 2, and 9. That 19 will do 7 damage.

Let me reiterate that I'm waiting on the priests here. If they don't go offensive, neither does Cinder.
Hmm, magical ape, yes, I suppose a magical ape would be considered 'magical' and could hit creatures you need a +1 or better weapon to hit. And better a panda bear than a koala bear, yes? (I probably should go and make sure there are twelve different such bears to be had.)

The rusty key, like all the other keys you have collected here, is magical. The dancing statue also radiates. None of the other objects you mentioned seem to be magical. The magical ape would radiate magic if he were here, which he isn't though.

Okay, it sounds like you are returning to the junklands, and heading back towards the chapel. If you'd like to do anything before this, just post it and we can retroactively fit it in.

You head back through the rusty door and make your way through the wasteland towards the chapel. Things are as they were before; there is no sign of the warrior outside.

You enter the doors. Inside, however, things seem rather different. All the scrap metal within the chapel itself has been organized, and in the center of the room, it seems that a short, wide metal tower has been, or is being, constructed. It stands about sixteen feet tall at peak, and is made out of a strange collection of metal objects and weapons. The other objects throughout the room have also been organized into piles. The armored figure has been busy, it seems, and indeed, you see him lugging a large piece of ribar across the room. Your presence, however, disturbs his work. He draws his sword, fires it up, and re-engages.

Wow, that's some good Poetry. I take the book.

My hunch is that each of these poems refers to one of these worlds. The rust world with the theater, the glass world, probably through the crystal door, and then whatever freaky world that lies behind this wood door. I bet that there are some clues there too. But, they escape me at the moment.

My new items for that Detect Magic are: Molar, Rusty Key, Dancing Statue, 4 Knives, and the Chain and Locket.

Ok, let's bust this guy's head. I've got 2 Spiritual Hammers online...
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Garden of Thorns, eh? Sigh. Those poems make me feel sad, like regret for a life spent well, but spent. Double sigh. Dave, Fist of Odin, allows one solitary tear to roll down his cheek as a tribute to Things Gone Past.

But Odin's Chosen are not ones to wallow - no, we are people of Action! Us Fists of Odin are also not the best thinkers in the world, so unless someone has some ideas about the clues here, I say we go clobber some Tik-Tok man.

And hey Rob - what about the Magical Ape for the magical attacks? Or does this refer to an ape who can do the French Drop? I mean, I'm all about joining the Bear Of The Month club - but a bit worried for the month when I get 'The Panda Bear. This gentle giant...'

Of course the Polar Bear month would rock, and seriously kick some ass. 'Uh-oh, we are being attacked by brigands! Whatever shall we do?
"RRRAUGH" says the Polar Bear, and hilarity ensues.
Dave FoO casts Detect Magic.

Dave FoO, you can do this while you rest and sleep another night to get back the 1st circle spell. Or not, up to you.

And before I forget, no, none of your creatures thus summoned can hit as though they're +1. They've got to have 4+1 HD or more to do that. Bear of the month might do it though.

Since Detect Magic is AOE, if you'll remind me of all the new stuff you've acquired, I'll let you know whether it's magical or not.

The folio is not magical. However, the doors, the locks, and the keys all are.

The folio consists of four gilt plates. Each pair of pages is laid out in the same manner: an elaborate color drawing on the left, and some illuminated text on the right. The first three pages of text are quatrains, the last page is a sonnet.

The image:
The iron door here in the hall. Standing next to the door is a jester or juggler, a man in an outrageous outfit. Tasseled hat, holding three knives of different sizes, apparently ready to juggle them. Long thin face, long nose, beady eyes, and a somewhat menacing, intense gaze. In script above the picture, it reads: "Bartleby Ravenous IV".

The text:
When avarice has failed, when the object lesson’s lost
When time’s past long for pretty givings, for-getting pentecost
When all around is ashes fading, crumbled into Rust
That’s when I’ll take the final piece, purloin away your trust.

The image:
The glass door. Next to the door is a young woman in a simple, unadorned peasant dress. Long blond hair, mostly uncombed. Her gaze is directed upwards towards three large moths or butterflies fluttering just above her head. In script above the picture, it reads: "Sarah DeVaunet".

The text:
I trusted you to take my heart, to take me by the hand
To show me things before unseen and things grotesque and grand
But these images refracted and these panes now shards of Glass
My hand and heart retracted and my love has come to pass.

The image:
The wooden door. Standing tall next to it is a older man, perhaps in his 40s or 50s, clearly dressed as a wizard. Rune-covered robes and pointy hat, spectacles. A stage magician's cabinet can be seen off to one side, on it rests a skull and one of the wizard's hands. The script reads: "Rovertius Merelius Croatius".

The text:
No love within these quiet walls, nor home nor hearth do beat
No child’s song has chill’d for long; for stillness we entreat
From silence, violence, passions high and now only to Sleep

Not home nor hearth, greed’s masquerade; not cottage but a keep.

The image:
The door at the end of the hall, fine wood covered in ivy, roses, and thorns. No figure, but through the door, splintering it, is the tip of a sword. Around the edge of the sword can be seen a chain.

The text:
Greetings to one so brave or foolish to come into this space
Around you, calm and nothingness, or maybe waste and desolation
Ruined dreams of what once was in another time and place
Depicting much but meaning little as begets my fascination.
"Enough!" You cry. "And show yourself! Your coward's hands and face!"
"None of this transparent! None of this my destination!"
Oblivious your cries to me. Your dreams and nightmares base.
For this is naught but just a tomb, my final abrogation.

Though something more, alas, unwell, that escaped this cold demesne
Hewed of steel and hope and hate, created for a muse
Or perhaps not, perhaps I knew, just death my lady friend.
Rain, then; and rain again, and rain and rot and rain
No longer mine, nor his, nor hers- "Enough!" you cry "Of clues!"
So it's come to this, it always does, from beginning to The End.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
There's a folio? I'd like to read it.

Or rather:

>Examine Folio

>Detect Magic on Folio

(and I'll fill the buffer here, so unless it seems like something bad might happen...)

>Open Folio

>Read Folio

Then let's beat up some metal guy. My spells are adjusted, minus the detect (and I'm also looking at the loot/keys we got so far, in a detecting-magic way) and the Create food-n-water.

Hey - on a side note - any of my critters powerful enough to strike as if they were using magic weapons?
Since two of you proposed it, why don't we just go through with it.

You head back to the door and unlock it with the rusty key. You then step back through into the hallway with the four doors.

(Dave typed 'verbose' so here we are in action:)

You find yourselves collapsed (again) on the tiled marble floor of a large hall.

You are on the ground before a large rusty iron door. Around the door are engravings of weapons and scenes of battle. A grimy padlock, also the color of rust, keeps it shut.

Across the hall is another door. This door, however, is made of wood. It is engraved with carvings of fantastic beasts and strange humanoids. To your right on the third wall is yet another door. This door is made apparently of glass or crystal, smoky and opaque. Astrological or alchemical symbols flank it. A padlock of crystal is in place. Beside each door is a pair of lamps, shining softly.

The hall extends down to your right, in alternating black and white tiles, each about a foot square. Lining the hall are what seems to be six paintings, each covered with a white cloth. At the end is a final fourth door, of fine dark wood, engraved with vines and roses. At the beginning of this hall to the right is a pedestal or lectern on which sits a folio, closed. On the cover is a picture of a butterfly or moth.

You rest until you each are healed to full with a full complement of spells. (Adjust your spell lists as you desire.) You subsist on food and water created by Dave FoO. You do not need light nor warmth here, as the hallway is lit by the lamps and at room temperature.

Could you please provide the full description of the spell? Thanks, I'd appreciate it. And am I supposed to just roll for the hammer here? Okay, Dave's fifth level, I'll roll five times. That's one hit that I rolled on the fourth round, dinking the armored warrior for 4 hp. Actually, on the second round, he walks back in the chapel, out of sight.

Hey, Spiritual Hammer has a range of 3" (feet or yards). You don't need to hold it, just concentrate. It does 1d6, for 1rnd/level.

I say that we hang out back in the hallway, rest up. Memorize some Spiritual Hammers, and bust this guy on the head from outside the door.

How does Dave, Fist of Odin's attempt go?
  Hammer Time
Okay, you've got a Spiritual Hammer. Dave, your swing will put you back up in melee with the chainsaw warrior; Marivhon made that grab the round you bobcat'd. I'm assuming that the rest of Marivhon's attacks, and Cinder's third attack, have been deferred in option of retreating from the chapel.

The guy's just hanging out at the doors now. Do what thou wilt.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
I use my Clobbering proficiency to assist Marivohn, as well. BR: 18, which hits AC 0. Mostly what I'm doing is aiding Marivohn's action, but if you want a damage roll: BR 3, for 5 points damage. I suppose one way or another that's moot, though.

Then from outside the chapel I cast Spiritual Hammer, which acts as a magic weapon to hit. I mean, I know YOU know that, Rob, I'm just making sure that BROGG knows that. Don't we have some sort of magic sword in the party?

We definitely should have had shotguns for this gig.

Hey - if this doesn't work, let's go back to that hallway and rest up. Magic Stones for everyone!

Brogg uses his drawing NWP to document Marivhon's bravery.

Here, Marivhon. Keep it.
Marivhon tries to grab the key.

Marivhon, the guy is 'stunned', meaning that he's not just standing there defenseless. Plus, he's armed with a chainsaw, so you can't just walk up and grab the key. Make ST, DX, and Pick Pockets. You want 2 out of 3.

Brogg, okay, you guys flee out of the chapel. The fighter follows you to the doors and then stops. Hmm. Looks like you won't be able to 'Scooby-Doo' this guy.
While the guy is stalled out I grab the key from around the guys neck then assist in the leading him out of the chapel. I think you guys are doing great. I give the key to Brogg, he seems to like them. I follow them and assist. BR to hit with damage if applicable to whatever comes up.
BR 19 dam 3
11 dam 6
15 dam 4
Crap. I hate technicalities. Ok, plan B.

Guys, let's lure this thing out into the open. Maybe we can drop him into the foundry pit. I can't imagine that he is too fast.

I am assuming that the gang is with me. We back out of the Chapel quickly. I try to get out of chainsaw range. If he follows, I try to get him to chase us into the foundry.
Cinder misses.

Brogg techincally hits, but your broadsword bounces off the armor without making a scratch.

Dave FoO casts Dispel Magic. Good move, you delay the chainsaw attack for one round. The armored warrior stalls out and the chainsaw ceases to function.

Next round, Cinder misses again.

A bobcat is summoned. The bobcat misses, misses, and technically hits but again does no damage. It has, however, provoked the warrior, who revs up the sword again and saws the cat clear in half with a solid 14 hp of damage. (Perhaps the bobcat has met his 'crazy match'.)
  Dave, Fist of Odin
I cast Dispel Magic on the chainsaw guy. Then, if he's still going, I bring in a bobcat.
Cinder is going to wait untill the party is attacking the tin man from the front, then move to the rear and bacstab every round. Yes, I know he's made of tin, but the blacksmith had some 'organic residue' in his skull, so it's worth a shot.

I'll just roll normal damage, and Rob, you can x3 it if it applies.

3 rounds worth:
5, 8, and in the third round I hit AC 1. If that hits, damage is 4.

Such is the power of the thief.
A chainsaw?!

That's crazy. Ok, little Tin Man, time for the can-opener. BR:17. Oh yeah, AC:-1. That could be Field Plate, and I am still getting through! 6 points of damage! Feel the Wrath, Tin Can!
  An Aside
(No post deletions have occurred to my knowledge. Sorry, must've missed the curing Cinder thing. Cinder, you are at 14 hp. Also, my apologies for the wording of the post. I recognize you entered the chapel first; I was waiting for Brogg to post with a round of cures, as he wanted to do, before throwing you guys into another combat. I appreciate the proactive moving-of-the-party though. The quicker you guys move through these regions, the quicker you'll finally get xp and get to level, yes? So it's in each of your best interests to act rather than talk about acting.)
  Dave, Fist of Odin
What - did my post go missing?

I cured Cinder for 4. He should be at 14.

I headed over to the chapel already, but maybe you're leading-from-the rear, Brogg. I kinda have some issues with leadership, you know.
  The Key
Brogg cures the party and steps into the chapel.

You begin making your way through the piles of scrap metal. Searching is as it was before, please roll a d6 and d%.

As you get closer to the back, you can see what seems to be a mausoleum back behind the glass door against the far wall. Two caryatids, apparently the same woman depicted in the statue in the cellar of the foundry, flank the glass door. The woman/women are dressed in a somewhat different gown, hanging their heads in mourning. A small lock made of gold keeps the glass door shut.

Interestingly, you spy a small gold key amongst the junk.

As you move over to pick it up, the key begins to move. No, wait, it's the junk underneath the key that's moving. When you're about ten paces from it, you see standing up from the pile of junk, a warrior clad in full plate mail. The warrior isn't all that large, perhaps five foot four. Around his neck he wears the golden key on a golden chain. Helmet, gauntlets, the works. Engraved on the breastplate is the same rose and gear emblem. In script across the top of the helm, above the faceplate, is the word 'Croatius'.

As the warrior stands, you can tell he's been injured... the armor on his right leg looks pretty dented and banged up. Additionally, there are scorch marks all across his armor. Then he hefts a wide broadsword, the blade a good six inches in thickness, of strange make- surrounding the blade is a chain. The warrior does something, and the chain begins to move...

The small armored warrior is wielding a chainsaw. He steps towards you. Initiative.
Alright, it looks like a Cure Light Wounds for each of us wounded. Here they are: Cinder:8, nice, Dave FoO:6, also nice, Me:7.

Wow. Thanks Grisbane!

So, Cinder is 10/20, DFoO is 19/28, and I am 18/23. Let's get it on.

Broadsword at the ready, I lead us into this Chapel. I am going to casually sift through the junk looking for anything of note, while we make our way towards the back, to the glass door.
Here's the hit point rundown:
Brogg: 11/23
Cinder: 2/20
Dave FoO: 13/28, with Amouran degraded one AC point
Marivhon: 11/11

You leave the foundry, and walk through the valley of rust and junk over to the chapel in the back. The chapel has a large stained glass window halfway up the center steeple, depicting a rose within a spoked wheel or gear. The same emblem is on the double doors.

The doors are at the top of a short, broad outer staircase. There are obvious scorch marks on the stairs, although the building itself seems untouched.

You pull the doors open, revealing a tiled antechamber. An inner set of double doors, made of thick glass, wall off the chapel proper. While the antechamber is untouched, the chapel is full of metal junk. Most of these things seem to be smaller- cases, suits of armor, weapons, poles or ribar, and what seems to be a collapsed stage of some kind. With light, you can see at the back of the chapel is yet another glass door, although given the distance- as you are not yet within the chapel- further details are unclear.

The antechamber contains two metal benches which look rather uncomfortable. To the side of one, is another well-dressed mannequin, similar to what you found in the theatre. The mannequin is dressed in robes, and seems to have been sawed rather neatly and forcefully in half.
Sounds good, Dave Fist of Odin. Could we have a Hit Point check? I have some Cures...

Then, to the Chapel.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Hmmm indeed. Cinder, Detect Magic doesn't last forever, and we have one more building to investigate. I say we look inside the chapel and deal with any trouble there before calling on Odin's might, or fucking around with the statue here.

On a related note, here's another CLW. BR3, for 4 more hp. I'm tapped out of cures for today.

All of these buildings are fairly close together, right? If I remember, the chapel was described as being the farthest building, and 100 yards from the door. I say we look inside there before futzing with this blacksmith guy - I'm gonna head over.

Anyone have skilz in blacksmithing or armor repair?
Okay Cinder, you take the two white swords. (Treasure taking is one thing the DM never just assumes you do.) They are nicely made. By the way, let's just split the difference, shall we? You were supposed to make two saves vs. poison. We'll just assume you made one, missed the other, and now you're down to 2 hp total.

There is no oil to be found anywhere. However, you do find a small hole at the top of the blacksmith's head, with some old organic residue around it. Hmm.
Hmm, we have two priests, and awfully little 'detect magic' goin on. Cinder thinks that's unforgivable. Dave, Fist of Odin, you need to check out this hammer thing.

"I think it's a sign from Odin friend, a magic hammer with which to smite, -I mean clobber, your foes."

And while we're at it, Cinder grabs the two white short swords from the scorpi-man. He's adding it to inventory since nobody grabbed them.

Cinder searches for some oil or other liquid to put in the hammerman, as well as any hollow openings (like the mouth) where he might ingest. Does he have any forge action goin on?
Brogg searches.

Brogg, you do not find anything in the foundry cellar that looks like it would fit. The blacksmith's hammer is poised about a meter above the anvil, ready to strike. It seems as though the hammer is part of the construct itself, and could not be easily removed.
Hmm. It looks like there is some sort of connecting component missing from this Blacksmith. I have a look about the floor for something that might fit. -Maybe a 'Y'-shaped tube?

Also, is this guy's hammer attached? What was he hitting? The anvil?
  did someone say grapes? yes please.
Well I get this glassy stare as I go to bed to get up early and fly away. I think I shall be a purple cloud.
Sorry if that was confusing; allow me to clarify.

The door in the construct's chest opens into an empty compartment, about the size of a shoebox. By 'receptacle', I was referring to this compartment itself. Sticking out from the back, near the top of the compartment, is what looks like a faucet. It extends straight out about halfway into the compartment, and then curves down about two inches. The spigot/faucet thing cannot be turned and has no other mechanical parts which can be operated.

The tubes are made of black rubber. There is one on either side, at the very bottom of the compartment/receptacle. Each is about two inches long and one inch in diameter. They do not contact the faucet, they are about eight inches from it, and cannot stretch that far either. Also, they cannot stretch to touch each either.

You examine the blacksmith's hammer. It looks like a trace amount of diamond dust is left on the hammer.

Neither Cinder nor the gods respond to your cries.
I'm not sure I understand whats inside the blacksmith guy. Do the tubes and the spigot lead to or from the receptacle you speak of? I try to turn the spigot... I also try to get a good look at the sparkly stuff. Does the spigot....hrm I just don't get it. "Brogg what do you think....Cinder......anybody?" ( I got a 79 for gods listening for appeals to "anybody")
Brogg takes the copper and crystal keys. You note that both of these keys are identical in size and shape to each other and to the tarnished key you found earlier.

The blacksmith construct is immobile and does not seem to respond to your presence or your investigation. You open the panel revealing what looks like a spigot connected to nothing, just hanging out into an open receptacle, about a foot broad, two feet high, and eight inches deep. Two tubes also hang into the empty receptacle. As you get close to it, traces of something sparkle on the blacksmith's hammer.
Off to the side with Brogg.

"You've done a good job leading us, I haven't heard Dave saying anything treacherous lately. I think our agreement on silent leadership is working. We'll get through this and kill that Vrill bastard yet. Just remember I've got your back."

Yes. I make the Half-Moon sign of Grisbane over my vanquished Scorpion-Bot foe.

Into the foundry...

Hey, that's our crystal key! I grab it and the other. I am sure that the crystal door has to lead to a better place than this junkyard. -I've got six keys. I think I need a key chain.

I am a little worried about that blacksmith guy, but I take a peek at his panel.
(Okay, Marivhon reverse-leads the way. Kind of like how if you were doing the Iditarod, with the leader, the guy who's motivating things, 'following' in the back.)

You enter the foundry. I'll assume you're using Cinder's light coin. The foundry is huge, and completely ruined. Once huge machines, boilers, and forges must have toiled here, but the equipment is burned and crushed by rubble. Parts of it look like it has sufferred an explosion. Other sections look purposefully cut.

Towards the back is a large trapdoor. It's a metal storm door; a pair of doors, each about 9'x4'. You open the storm doors to uncover a staircase down. Down you go.

The cellar is another large workroom; however, this one looks more intact. Two of the massive chimneys open up down here. Before a large anvil is a giant of a man, wielding an enormous hammer. You prepare for battle before realizing that he, or it, is motionless. Just an iron statue of a blacksmith. The statue is fully articulated though and wears a large leather smock, and is covered with soot. There is a panel in his chest in the back, partially ajar.

At the very back are a pair of alcoves. In each is a statue of a woman in a toga; an identical statue in each corner, with one exception. The one on the left extends her right hand and holds a key made of copper on a leather strap. The one on the right extends her left hand and holds a key made of crystal on a silver chain.

That apparently describes what remains of this building.
I follow the party into the foundry, and explore/loot it. They have light.
The priests of Grisbane end the combat.

Brogg and Marivhon, good job. Your damage combined is enough to drop the thing. The second guardian collapses. Dave FoO, okay, you've cured yourself.

You are free to loot and explore the foundry. It is dark inside though, and infravision reveals nothing.
All these yelling priests, hit AC 5 for 5 points, need to chill and I hope that does it.
I am sure that Grisbane is just having a hard time channeling his will to this plane way out in BFE.

It'll be here any minute. Perhaps in this two-attack round... BRs:12,11. Yeah, thats ACs:4 and 5! I can feel it!

Taste the Wrath of the Half-Breed on High, Scorpion-bot! 14 points of damage total!
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Ooof! Save? BR 19. I think that makes it.

For my round, I CLW myself. BR 6, for 7 hp back. I'm almost at double-monkeys.
  Combat R7
Brogg misses and the guardian hits.

Dave, you've been axed and maced. Please make a save vs. breath weapon, this time at +0. You take 14 hp, putting you down to 2 hp.

The badger gets a 2, 2, 3. That's why the guardian doesn't care so much about him.
Let's finish this! BR:8.

Let's finish this next round.
  Combat R6
Nice clobber Dave FoO.

The guardian strikes back, miss with the mace, hit with the axe. You take 6 more. I forgot to deduct the damage from the first swing two rounds ago, so you're only down to 16/28 by the end of this round. The badger hits with another claw for 2 hp. It's been an interesting distribution of effectiveness across PCs/NPCs.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
GodDAMN I'm angry. I mean, my party's cool and all, but my armor's my best friend. Clobber!

BR: 20! Hah! Taste the fury of the Fist of Odin, bitch! BR: 3, so 5 points, doubled to 10.


Next round, BR 10 to hit, which hits AC 8. If it matters, BR 1 for damage, for 3 points....
My scorpion staff strike misses with a 4.
Breath Weapon, BR:18! Ha!
Brogg, the guardian hits you with the mace for 6. Make a save vs. breath weapon at +1.
Ah, I love two attack rounds!

Taste the fury of Grisbane! BRs:1,6. Ugh. I hate two attack rounds.
  Combat R5
Winding down here.

Dave FoO heals Cinder back up to 8 hp. Marivhon smacks the guardian for another 8.

Dave, where the thing struck you with the mace, on your armor, the magic platemail dents and rusts. Amouran screams. The armor's not destroyed, but the damage is significant enough that you've got a -1 to AC until you can get it fixed (i.e., it's plate +0 right now).

Axe/mace stays on you. Two misses. The angry badger arrives and claws the thing for 4 hp.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
My save? BR 3, at -1 so 2. I don't think that makes it.

Unless I'm down, I heal Cinder for . . . BR 8, so 9. Maybe it's time to step back and take a potion.

Then I bring in a Badger. He's very upset.
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