I get someone flip Azoth and Tut over so they don't get sore. Hell I'm paralyzed and I'm not on the Tart.
I would like one of the Aprons (assuming it will still give me an AC9... I mean, it was a fat gnome... and I am a taller half-elf)

Anyhow, Thak - EXCELLENT idea. I wholehearedly support your message and that 2GP is not coming out of your share. I say it comes off the top before we split the dough.

I think we should keep Barnabas' getup. Theo could use it to disguise himself and maybe gather some knowledge we couldn't otherwise gain. Who knows how high up Barnabas was connected?!
I am going to take 2 of the gold. It can come out of my share of whatever we get from all of this, so don't get mad guys. With the 2 gold and the 21 silver I have made so far, I think that's the right amount, I'm going to send some messages through the Temple of Mercury.

I will send identical messages to the following, the king of Onze, the Queen of Onze, and to Captain Stefan. The message will be as follows.

"My name is Thaka Laba Dula. Me and my compatriots were recently charged with the defense of the Prince of Onze as he toured the regions of Gorgos. We became seprarated from the Prince, with his approval and the approval of Mr. Duggins and Ambassador Bekkars. I believe the Ambassador and Duggins were happy we were waylayed as I will explain shortly.

Me and my companions went to the Gorgos Meterological Insitute to retrieve a holy item of the Chruch of Apollo, an Eye of some sort. While we were there through a series of events. A hurricane struck Gorgos and we were held in some sort of stasis for a week, to the advantage of Duggins and Bekkars. When we returned to Gorgos and returned the Eye to the Temple of Apollo we learned that a week had gone by.

I was very concerned for the Prince's well being and made haste to catch up to him on his journeys to ensure his safety. We made travel as fast as we could to Mammon's Point. We encountered some lycanthropes attacking a Captain Stefan and his group. We quickly dispatched their attackers and continued on our way to Mareznoch.

When we arrived we found the Prince in an awful state which I would prefer to leave out of this letter, but feel I must include to show the malevolent nature of Mr. Duggins, and Ambassador Bekkars. The Prince was on an altar of some sort below the Temple of Plutus. He was being pressed alive and having his vital essences removed for some ritual purpose. We fought his captors and were almost successful. Alas we were defeated and barely escaped with our lives. I believe we owe that to Captain Stefan. It would seem that we have been set up ironically enough for a death we dealt, but a murder we did not commit. Mr. Duggins was killed by my associates and myself as were some of his priest companions. A brace gnome named Theodore was the only one to escape the ritual area and he was found outside by the guards of region. The Ambassador had us arrested on the spot and was demanding our execution, also on the spot. I believe Captain Stefan was the one who managed to fight against the power of the Ambassador to have us sent to Twilos, where we remain as punishment for our percieved crimes. I am simply writing this letter not for any aid in my present situation, but rather so that you are made aware that the killers of your son, the promising young Prince are still at large. When they had left the Temple of Plutus they had dressed up someone in the Princes garb and were trying to pass him off as the son of the King and Queen of Onze. I believe that they have more plans in the works and as I am not able to leave and fight them directly, and as I feel obligated to inform those whom I can I am writting this missive. Do not worry about me. I believe that those involved in the Princes death will attempt to find me here as well to silence me. I hope that they arrive soon as I cannot wait to pay them back for what they have done to me, and to the Prince whom you loved.

I know that this letter will not pleasant, but it is only right that we find those responsible for all of this and bring their actions to the light of justice. I hope that my letter has helped achieve this.

Yours in sorrowful service, Thaka Laba Dula"

I will send this message only after I have the parties approval. If you guys have suggestions about it let me know. I wrote it quickly but I think it's alright...

Again this will be sent to Captain Stefan, the King of Onze and the Queen. Let me know if there is anything significant I missed, and Rob let me know how long the Temple assumes it will take for this to arrive. If they need more money to assure its arrival also let me know. This is important, but making it seem so by spending more on it's delivery might make it be intercepted. I think a relatively casual letter in a non-chalant way might have a better chance of getting through.

I think you all get the idea. If you have suggestions Thak is listening.

3 gold spent to send them by boat after I get approval, which I won't wait more than a day for from the party.
Searching the Factory is a capital idea, and it's good you stuck around and did this first.

Barnabas's master key opens a secret safe containing:
a stash of 100 sp and 20 gp
a small red crystal
a small yellow crystal
a silver wedding band
a photo of Barnabas, looking younger and happier with a nice gnome woman under a tree
a bottle of poor scotch, 1/3 empty
the property writ for the Frye Factory, issued to Barnabas Frye

and of course, his spellbook. It's an Illusionist book, as BF was an Illusionist. Theodore, the book contains five of the secret 31 flavor recipes! These are more powerful versions of the standard Illusionist spells.
Vanilla: Phantasmal Force (lasts one round beyond concentration)
Chocolate: Darkness (+1 round duration)
Neapolitan: Change Self (roll 2d8 instead of 2d6 for duration)
Peanut: Read Illusionist Magic (double duration)
Orange Sherbert: Detect Illusion (can link to another target 5' away instead of touch)

Piecing together a meta-recipe hidden in the first five reveals the 6th secret flavor recipe:
Rainbow Sherbert: Chromatic Orb (target has -1 to save).

The spell you don't know (Darkness), it'll take you one full day to learn, and you'll have to roll. With a 15 IQ, you have a 65% chance to learn it.

Where did he get the original recipes?!


Sorry Thren, you'll have to look elsewhere for a mage book. With your search checks, in addition to all the ice cream making crap and finding the secret safe, you find a total of 1 gp, 37 sp, and 300 cp in the gnome barracks.


Thak, you've worked three days for the DoV so far. In your current state, Lars Ulrich will carry you around, as he still needs some direction as to where to go and what to do. Better find a cure for the poison, stat.

Let's let people grab the stuff they want, and then in a couple days, give me a list of the stuff you're liquidating and I'll tell you the price you get.


Plus, you guys get some more xp. However, it's still not a good time to train, so I'll tell you the amount later.
As to the CCC, I do think it's an opportunity to express our innocence and notify the people on the outside about the injustice...blah blah. I'm not rappin.

another reason, Rob.
I would like cash.....If we could sell some of this stuff that'd be great. Maybe Tut and some of his friends can find a cure for our state. I will relax at the temple till I'm feeling better. I don't like the idea of being carried around.

I would like to know how much work I have been able to do for the Church. I would have worked as much as I could for them. I know I got 6sp from the arena but I don't know how much money I have made. I have some things to do with cash.
If we found spell components, there's a spellbook to be found. I am HUNGRY for such a thing, now that I have a bow.

Here are some search rolls: 3, 18, 4, 12, 15. I'm not sure what exactly I'm rolling for, or even if I want high or low. But I intend to turn that place over looking for a spellbook, and to do so right away - like, while the poisoned members of the party get carried to the temple, or immediately afterwards if I need to help carry someone - if it's not there, it's gotta be at that gnome's house, I figure, so I want to find where that might be.

I don't want any of the treasure, really, but I'll strap on a short sword if there's an extra. And fuck the Cold Cut Collective - fuck 'em right in the ear. Those fionas ain't nothin and their skills be weak / We be plottin and schemin and they can barely speak / Does the CCC stand for crappy cretinous cunt? / 'Cuz we be hittin homeruns and they gotsta bunt.

Yup. We'll have no problem with the schooling, I figure.
  Back To The Factory
Well, it's hard to say. You can't really move your legs, and you feel rather queasy. Not optimal conditions for M.C. battling. The Daughters of Venus have their charms and strengths, but casting 4rh circle spells is a stretch. What to do about the poison?

You head back to the Frye Factory and have your friends do a search. Well guys, go ahead and roll search checks. You too can seach Theo, if they put you somewhere and you crawl around.
  Theodore Koppel
Am I going to miss CCC? Let's go back to the factory. We have the key.

I plan to stay there. First, let's have a good search of the place.

I take the thieves tools, the spell components and a shortsword.
Okay, you guys take the gnome and drow over to the Daughters of Venus. They heal you up good, but alas, Neutralize Poison is a bit too much. They drop a couple Slow Poisons on Theo and Thak to get them mobile, and suggest a lot of bed rest; maybe a week or two? You spend a pleasant day relaxing in the temple, and then return to R&R to consider your options.


You loot the two half-orc assassins, the four fat gnome assistants, and Barnabas Frye.

The assassins:
two light crossbows
20 bolts
2 poisoned bolts
two short swords
one set of crummy thieves tools
15 cp, 10 sp, 2 gp

The fat gnomes:
four scoopers (14d dmg)
four leather aprons (AC:9)

Barnabas Frye:
master key
little staff
spell components
copper ring
green vest
I am afraid we may have brought down some unnecessary heat on Huygens. What are our options for counteracting poison? I head over to the Temple of Venus and ask them for some help with our poisoned brothers in arms. I reference Thaka Laba Dula's various and sundry good works. Will they provide us any assistance? Perhaps they could at least point us in the right direction. Cha check... damn it... BR 19. where was that in battle?
it might have been nice if one of the half-orcs lived, even if briefly, so we could ask some questions of our assailants.

I will leave that to others as I am paralyzed....again.
what did we get? looting!!
I will Dancing lights and tell the whoever is watching us feebs to talk to the Temple of Venus and see if we can get help...for our paralyzed.

Those orcs had shortbows, yeah? did they have any armor, or cash? I know I'm kinda stuck right now....but I don't think I'm the only one who is curious....
  Factory Fight Cleanup
Thak, maybe the guy's illiterate or something. In retrospect, doesn't matter much as you slaughter him in the second round, right about when your legs buckle. Again. He takes a wild stab, missing you again before you stick the sword in his throat.

At least with the Dancing Lights, you can signal to the others where you are.


Thak and Theo are paralyzed but conscious, and several of you are wounded also. A bunch of dead gnomes, two dead half-orc assassins, and one who escaped. Hmm. Those who can walk, move everyone back down the road towards your home at Rats and Razors.

Some more healing, and you rest the night, and more healing during the day. Thak and Theo aren't getting better. Worse, if anything. The next day, Rats and Razors is quiet, ominously so, and Huygens leaves you guys alone.

The CCC is in two days now.

I attack, longsword and flail.
It was meant to be. 18 and a 17.
ok maybe not. 9 points and 1 point. I am going to try and manuever in the space we are in so he can't get away from me very easily should he try and run. I don't know if we are in an alley or whatever, I just don't want him to sprint off.

I dancing lights a message of "surrender and you will live" that will rush towards him, disperse, and then shoot into the sky as high as I can make it go. That should let the party know where I am.

My save I gave you was for falling damage, but if you used it for the poison I guess that I didn't really make that clear....I hope this goes well.

If I get another round of attacks. Wow this guy was meant to die. 16 and an 18 with the Longsword, for 7 and 5 hps. Flail hits with an 18 for 1 hrm that -2 damage really sucks.

If the Half Orc is still up I cry.
  Arrow Tally
Tut, being human, you're shooting blind into the dark. The non-humans must be using infravision. The important thing is that you healed Theo and kept him from dying, and you yourself stave off the poison.


This being the ghetto, you guys are keeping track of your arrows, right? You had 20 each. Cross off a bunch.
  King Tut
Save v. poison = 17 (made).

I'll shoot someone 2x. I don't really know whom, whoever poisoned me if possible, otherwise whomever Thren is shooting, otherwise whomever I can see.

BR 17 hits for 5 pts.
BR 2 misses.

I'll post another round of arrows, I have no idea what round the combat is in.
BR 17 (spooky) hits for 7 pts.
BR 15 hits for 4 pts.
Okay, Thren and Dag kill the last of the gnomes. At that point, the sniping hasn't yet begun. You two head upstairs.

As you're going up, Theo and Tut are shot. Tut, you still gotta roll your saving throw vs. poison. Regardless, you head up and cast a CLW on Theo. He'll be right at 0 then but still poisoned. Theodore begins to shake.

Thren, you start to return fire. The archers have great cover. You shoot, hitting, and getting hit in the process with a bolt. You take 4 and make a save vs. poison. It's not totally fast acting though, so you get another shot off the next round. The sniper drops. The third one goes running.


Meanwhile, Thak is rushing the first sniper. Round 1, miss BR:9. Round 2, miss BR 7. Round 3 is interesting. You fairie fire, miss the jump, get hit with a bolt (BR12) for 4 hp, fail your save vs. poison, take 2 more pts. from the fall, and the assassin, a hooded half-orc, pulls out a long knife and jumps down on you. He misses (BR:4).

Hrm... this poison feels familiar. You feel a creeping chill up your legs...

You're now in melee, alone. Good luck hero.
Okay. Two round on fat gnomes, one of whom is wounded? Their AC is 9? Check.

BR 2 and 8 first round. One hit for 7 points.

BR 10 and 9 second round. Two hits - first for 4, second for 6. I fire on the wounded gnome until it drops, and then the other one.

If both are down I go outside to return sniper fire. If not I stay inside till those two are dealt with. It sounds like our wounded companion is getting some medicking, so that's okay.

Next round - BR 5 and 14, hits AC 9 and 0. BR 1 and 3 for 3 and 5 hp damage (or 2 and 4, if on snipers more than 30' away).

The round after that, unless something else happens - BR 19 and 8, which hits AC -5 and 6. BR 2 and 5 respectively - for 3 and 6 hp of damage if the snipers are more than 30' away (if they're closer, bump those up by one each).

Again, I'll fire at a sniper until they drop, and then move to another target. How many snipers? What's their distance and AC?

And do I know what Mr. Koppel is doing?
  King Tut
He doesn't need armor, I just need raw metal of decent quality. Tut is an armorsmith peeps...keep it real.
  Dag - Revised
Damn skippy these scoopers are going down.

Attack Round:
BR 18 hits for 8 (BR 7 -1 +2) and BR 20!!! for 10 (BR 4 -1 +2 x2).

( forgot to add specialization bonus)

Attack Round:
BR 9 Miss and BR 1.... ahhhhh crap.

"Don't worry Theo... We're comin for ya!"

I pause for only a second as I hear the faint, too-familiar song in the distance...

'poor poor poor Gadianheim'
  King Tut
CLW for 5 on the gnome. That's why Tut hangs back.
  Sniper Fight: The Situation
Thren, you've got two rounds to make up in the fight vs. the fat gnomes. One is wounded, one is full.

When those two rounds are over, that's about when the snipers appear, surprising you. Theo took a hit and went down. Thaka was missed. Tut, who's outside, seems to be the target of two shooters, and took a hit.

Dag is presently downstairs with you guys. Thak and Theo went upstairs, and Tut is right outside. Azoth is chilling somewhere in the mysterious void.

So, your options are to head upstairs (which probably was your plan until you heard the shots outside), or head out and take care of the two archers below. These guys are serious and don't seem to care who's been Tarted or not!



Dag: 6/10
Thak: 16/22
Theo: -2/8 and dropping, plus poisoned
Thren: 6/6
Tut: 15/18 plus make a save vs. poison


Thaka, okay, we'll retroactively apply those Arena rolls. Two more fights done. Yeah, you net 5 sp each day working for the Daughters, and do well in Bloodkeep, winning both your fights. This raises you to Rank 2, and you turn your 6 sp into 12 sp (i.e., you gain 6 more sp).

The Daughters look into getting armor for you. For a metal breastplate, it'll be 50 gp, which is mostly bribe money to House Chordhelle. That works out to your total wages for 200 days, yikes. However, if you work for a month, Mother Teresa offers to get the armor for you, and go half-and-half on it; you can pay as you go. Hmm. A month.


I love the DiD icon that appears on the browser tab.
  Theodore Koppel
Well, Ms. Threnody, as for my part, I am pulling a Gadienheim* on the roof.

*Please see Dag for details.
Hi all,

I'm a bit lost in all the action. It's my understanding that we were watching Theodore K as he went inside, and then heard some casting, and now everything's gone to shit. I may have shot a couple of gnomes, too. Plus there's talk of snipers, which seems like my job.

Can I get a short description of the action, where people are, hp check, etc? KTHKZ
I'm sure you'll be fine, Dag is on his way up.... I hope.

and I uh think someone should really take care of these snipers......
  Theodore Koppel
Hrm, and I remember something about not earning experience when one fails to act chivalrously....
hrm, remember that time those guys had that knife to my throat..........

I chase. ouch. made 12, made, 13, made ( uh I mean miss) 20. When I had range I would drop a faerie fire on the guy so I would be able to more easily follow them, and so they couldn't hide in shadows. If I need a save here you go....hrm a 2.

If I land on the ground I'm gonna look for doors and depending on how hurt I am I'll go from there......

  Jump Motherfucker Jump
Thaka, you've got infravision, not the ability to see perfectly in the dark.

However, judging from the heat given off by the buildings to keep them warm, you'd say the shooter is three buildings down and one building over. You'll have to make a Jump check (a DEX check) to make it across each one.

Go for it dude. Of course, right at your feet, Theodore is bleeding. He's at -2 I think and dropping.
how far apart are the buildings....?
  Up On The Rooftop
Sorry Theo, as you dove behind the desk, Barnabas opened the window and moved out. As you entered the office, Barnabas made his climb. Not giving line of sight through the window- off to the side just a tad. If you had a pistol, you could lean out of the window and shoot his leg as he finished getting to the roof. Unfortunately, you can't shoot like that with a bow.

Wasn't trying to storyline you here, just trying to speed combat along. I figured you'd be pursuing along the way; there was no time to stop and get a shot off at him.
  Theodore Koppel
Hey, what if I didn't want to follow Barnabas, but shoot him while he was climbing. -I think he'd be an easy target that way. I mean, I am at 2 hit points, and he is really wounded.

Well, if I must climb to the roof and get shot, here's my save BR:2. Nope.

However, if I can shoot the climbing Barnabas, which seems like a good plan to me... BRs:20,12. That's 6 and 2 points, respectively.
Okay Dag, you drop the guy solidly with a double damage. Gnome brains ooze out onto the ground. It's totally gross.

The last gnome misses you that round, as Thak bolts up the stairs.

You wound the other gnome, and he BRs 17, smacking you a good one for 4 hp.

Next round, the gnome BR:10 is a miss.


Theo, you rush into the office, accompanied by the other illusionary Theo. Going out the window is the Barnabas Theodore who's clearly real, unless that's auper great illusion. You get in there as he scampers on through.

Up you go, out onto a small overhang. Barnabas climbs up onto the roof! You keep chasing him upwards...

You climb onto the flat shingled roof of the brick Factory, right in time to have Barnabas collapse at your feet. Whew, guess the guy was pretty exhausted from all that fighting and running and... all the blood, and the...

No wait...

TWANG goes the crossbow. BR 14 is a hit. You take 4 hp, and make a save vs. poison.


Downstairs, outside. Tut, two crossbow shots on you, from two different sources. One bolt lodges in the doorframe. The other bolt hits you in the shoulder: 3 hp and you too please make a save vs. poison. You hear Theodore yelp on the roof above you.


Thak, as you get upstairs, you see two Theodores rush into another room. One of them climbs out the window, and one suddenly disappears. You hear Theodore yell as you climb out, and... BR:6 is a miss. The shot seems to have come about level with your rooftop... it's just barely within your long 12" infravision range. A single shooter. You hear two more crossbows go off down below, one out of sight, and the other another shooter, ground level, with big cover.

Uh oh.
I keep whoopin' on the leather aproned scoop patrol. As soon as one falls, I just move on to the next one. I give a bit of a yell (not enough to wake the neighbors, but enough for KT to hear):

"Yo K to the T! I could use a little help in here homie!"

attack round:

BR 9 miss and BR 20 for 14 points

attack round:

BR 13 hits for 4 points and BR 19 hits for...well... I rolled a 1... but my staves are -1 on damage... so I guess I landed a good solid bitch slap.
  Threnody Draws Four
Okay Dag, you bludgeon a fat gnome with your staff. "Oof," he says. "Imma gonna eat you!"


Wow is it taking forever for you guys to finish off four gnome guards. Two left, one is wounded. I guess it's up to you Dag, unless you can jump around them too like Thaka did. Go ahead and post multiple rounds of combat, and we'll see if you can handle by yerself there.

Tut's just relaxing outside, and Azoth and Thren are playing Uno in the Retard Cart.
Some one needs to figure out the missing html tag to stop the italics madness... Rob, it might be your "I've been there" post. I tried to just add the end tag to my post below, but it won't let me add an end tag without adding a start tag... hmpf.

Back to the scuffle:
After the cures, I break out the asswhoop on these leather aproned fools: BR 9 misses and BR 17 hits for 4 on the dude who "scooped" Thak.
Hey guys help out Theo and I.

no Dave would have cast it on Theo before Theo went in alone. That way we would know exactly where he goes. So if the bad guy takes Theo down, we could hopefully find him. Usually people like myself would say give Theo 10 minutes and then if he wasn't out to go in looking for him.

Since everyone seems to be taking a break here are some arena rolls....
I would fight in the Arena only if I had time off from the Daughters. Time spent in the Arena would mostly be for the experience of fighting people, not so much for the crowd. I would not use darkness though so they could still watch.

longsword rolls, I get 3/2
14 3pts
20/15 for 8/6pts
11 for 7pts
3/18 for 5pts
13 for 2pts
3/13 for 4 pts

flail 16 for 4pts
11 for 4pts
13 for 2pts
14 for 3pts

make sense...? I hope so. I would faerie fire every fight. so their ac would be 2 better. I hope the stadium lighting isn't too bright, or well I have a harder time. The die rolls above are unmodified for light or faerie fire, but the damage includes +1 on the longsword due to str, and (1d4+1) +1 for str and -2 cause the flail is shitty.

I'd prolly bet something like 3 silver per tourney. I make 5 a day from the daugthers yeah? Alright. Can the daughters get a price for me for breastplate, or chain.....?

PS Dave left town for a bit so I think Thren gets on the Tart.
So would a magic missile or a sleep spell though.


(I mean, yeah, I get how it'd be sort of useful here. But then Theo'd have to cast Detect Magic to even see it, and he doesn't know that spell. Two 1st level spells, over two rounds, just to try to follow some guy?)

(Pausing to let downstairs peeps catch up.)
hey Rob this is where my detectable trail spell would come in handy......
Sorry I thought I was closer than that.

I will try to get past the guards, they are beneath me. STR 10 DEX 5

If I get past I run towards Theo.

If I attack something it's a 13 to hit for 3pts and an 11 for 5pts

Int or Wis to find the real Theo is a 16.....heh. I don't think my name has been said yet in the fight so I would trust a Theo that said my name.
  I've Been There
Theodore rushes into the office...

Like a butterfly's last breath
Believe me, I know

(Theo, looks like your friends just can't be bothered. Except for Thaka. Maybe they're saying thanks for running away at Mareznoch? Just kidding there fella!)
  Theodore Koppel
Ah, he knew that I'd know!

I rush into the left office. If I see Barnabas, I shoot. BRs:1,17. Ugh, snap? BR:7. Whew. Ok, 6 points of damage!
  Tut 'Leans Back'
Okay Tut, you hang out while your friends get attacked.

That's fine for replacing your stuff, especially given Bushi scrounge abilities. Really, there's no place better for scrounging than here. Let's just say you make some checks and find a beat up lamp, a backpack and a lighter, and some old tools. And you got the tea.


Theodore, you dive under the desk... but the illusion is gone. He wasn't there! You hear scraping sounds coming from the left office...


While Tut leans back, the gnome fight goes on. Thak, 2 more hp dmg. Second fat gnome misses. Fat gnomes are AC:9.


Thak: 16/22
Theo: 2/8
Thren: 6/6
I just chill out, doesn't look like I'm needed for anything.

What's the range on Warp Wood? Can I take out enemy archers, or is it touch? If it has a decent range, I'll memorize it, if not, replace it with a Heat Metal (I don't really want to use the spell thought, maybe a 2nd CLW is better? Or Goodberry? Not that there are any berries here).

I docked myself 2g of the money I made to replace what I had on my character sheet. I'm keeping the green tea! Let's just say I keistered it throughout my search and imprisonment.
  Theodore Koppel

The least probable is the most likely! -I had that lesson in Trickster school, Mr. Barnabas!

I run around the desk and plug the hiding Theo. BRs:13,6. One hit, I think, for 1.
  Factory Fight, Continued
First off, KT, here's the link to cheap spell descriptions:

If you've got some links you want quick access to, and you don't just want to bookmark them, send them all to Mark. He'll add them to the 'DiD Links' page, over there on the right sidebar. The MJ Young page is also there under my name.


Anyway, back to our show.

Thak, since Barnabas and Theo are fighting in an upstairs office, and Barnabas is doing a pretty good Theo impression, how would you know to dispel the Light spell? I don't buy it, doesn't happen.

Also, the gnomes are wearing leather aprons, giving them AC:9. You miss.

KT, to make some Goodberries (as per the link above), you need to cast the spell on a handful of freshly picked berries... that ain't happening. Nice thought, but looks like Dag can provide the healing right now.

Dag, okay, stuff retconned, very nice. You heal Thren to full and Thak a bit.


Theo, miss, dispel. Chromatic orb! Another hit, he's pretty good with that! Well, only 2 hp dmg. You're looking rough.

Next round, you hit the real Barnabas! He curses, and the three remaining fake Theos all scatter. Pretty darn good illusion. One of them goes left into an office. One goes right into an office. The third dives behind a cluttered desk. They're out of sight, rendering the infravision trick useless.
Current Scuffle:

Assuming I am able to keep up with the others, I CLW Thaka Laba Dula for 4. Next round I CLW Thren for 7.

I train to 2nd level cleric. HP BR 5.... 2 more HP.
For my NWP I take Beat Boxing (should come in handy for the upcoming CCC battle)
BR 16 makes KT's wisdom check to improve my makeshift staves.

Can I cast Goodberry and administer some to Threnody? I don't really know how the spell works.

I just want to provide support for the troops.

Also, is there any easy way to find out what my spells do? E.g. ceremony, goodberry, entangle, etc.
  Theodore Koppel
Son of a...

I shoot two different Theodore's (excluding myself, of course). BRs:3,16. 4 damage. That has a chance to hit the real Barnabas, right?

Next round, two more, BRs:9,16. Well, one more for 2.

Ms. Thaka, Ms. Threnody, up here! Oh, shit... Now I get the Alter Self. -I give a "Well done, fellow illusionist." nod to Barnabas.
innate darkness to cancel the light spell.

3rd round in the combat.
miss and a miss. unless the gnomes are ac 10 in which case I do 5 with my longsword.
  A Sticky Situation
Okay Thak, you hear Theo yell, alert the others, and charge into the factory.

You're met inside by the guards who've been summoned... a group of four gnomes, obese and strong from an ice cream diet.

Thren, I'll put your rolls on a fat gnome. Solid hits, but given his bulk he's still up. The gnome attacks you with a scooper for 3 hp!

Thak, on your fumble... a 20! Max dmg! That's 8 pts you're clocked for. The fat gnome misses for his round.

The two other fat gnomes, well, since you guys are the only targets right here, they go for you. Thak, a miss; Thren, another hit for 1 more.


Meanwhile, upstairs, from the chromatic orb Theo takes 4 hp... oh god, it burns! You lose 1 pt of STR and DEX, reducing your AC. "A ha! Buuuurrrned!" Barnabas cackles.

The next round, Thak wounds the gnome, and Thren finished off the two wounded ones. Two more fat gnome attacks, pair of misses with an 8 on Thren and a 10 on Thak. The fat gnomes are so hefty they're basically blocking you guys from getting up the stairs. You're not sure the staircase would support their weight...

Theo, Barnabas casts a Light in the area, rendering your infravision useless. You shoot twice, dispelling two of the Barnabases... but wait! He's no longer Barnabas! He's carrying a bow, and, uh oh... he looks just like you! All of them do! There are a total of five Theodore Koppels up here now!


Hit point check:

Thaka: 14/22
Theo: 4/8
Thren: 2/6
Ok, I join up with the Daughters of Venus. I would like a longsword please.

Cool, we have some options to send a letter. I guess I need some money.

back the Theo.

wis check 1 and 12

I would hope that Theo explains to me that this is a place is ruining his family name because then I would be present.

attack rolls...1st round sword 1 / flail 18 for 4pts. I have infravision as well.
2nd round sword 11/ flail 13 for 5pts
  Theodore Koppel
I wish I had a spell.

For that save, BR:1. Not so. Is it light in my eyes? Heat?

And yet, I shoot. BRs:11,16. AC:9? If so, 5. AC:4 is 4 points.

Let us rumble, Mr. Barnabas!
  Taste The Rainbow, Bitch
Well, look who rolled his IQ check. Good move Theodore, the real Barnabas shines through like a beacon in the night. Which, really, he is.

Barnabas casts another spell, to some unobvious effect in the darkness.


Next round, you shoot him... a solid hit!

"Ouch, that really hurt Mr. Koppel. Let's see how you like... a Chromatic Orb! Ha ha ha, taste the rainbow, bitch!"

He casts a Chromatic Orb at you... make a save, at a -1 penalty! His magic is strong... could he be...?!?

You also yell for help. "Yes, let's make things interesting, shall we?" Barnabas does something else in the darkness, and you hear a nice little tinny jingle go off. Barnabas dances around the room, probably trying to 'mix things up' with his images.


Meanwhile, outside, make WIS checks guys. Two each, one to hear TK yell, another to hear the jingle. Thren, we'll hold on those rolls.
  Theodore Koppel
Threnody, thanks for the help. but, to be fair, I think you are standing guard outside.

At any rate, I grab the lantern and turn it off.

I am guessing the fake Barnabas' won't give off heat.

Then if possible, I step back and plug this guy. BR:17,5. One hit for 5.

I also shout, Ms. Therenody!!!!
Yeah, I know what this spell is. Two arrows, each at a different one.

BR 12 and 10, both hit. BR 4 and 2, for 6 and 4 damage each.

And I know, maybe attacking isn't in Mr. Koppel's interests, but that shit isn't something you pull if you're amenable to negotiation. That's a defense act that you pull just before bringing in the guns - so I'm thinking he's set the debate on a certain level.

I may not have opened said debate, but I'm certainly aiming to be the one who finishes it.

Next round I aim at two different targets - BR 10 and 16, for 4 adn 7 damage each. My aim here is to disrupt the images more than try for damage (although that's the final thing I'm going for) so I make sure to aim at a different target with each arrow. Us elves know about the magic, see.
  Twilos: Week Two Update, Including A Trip To The Factory

Sorry, but given the time and everything, there's not really a chance to get the 500 xp you need to gain in fighter. You guys have had a great start- keep on this, and after a short adventure or two, when life is back to being a bit more stable, there'll be another round of training for several of you.

Iron weapons are in short supply here, let alone silver weapons. You haven't seen any of those. Asking around, through Tut's connections at the Greenhouse, you can hook up some garlic pretty easily. Wolvesbane, not so easy; again, the chemist in Piccolo is mentioned. You can see why those shape-changing bastards might be prolific. Looks like someone's got to put them down.



Ya, management is the way to go with WIS and CHA. I'll take the first three rolls as IQ, WIS, and CHA checks, and you make all three. In a week of work, investment, and management, you gross a bit of cash, but spend some on bits of sheet metal and strong sinew to make those bows and arrows for everyone.

The next three rolls I'll put towards how well your business partners at the Greenhouse do. They're pretty content to work with you since it seems like you know what you're doing. Harold, with his 20, is horribly inept. Marian is fantastic with a 1, and Dr. Righteous Sun maintains my friend, the Sun maintains.

What you have left over, some of it you invest in the Arena. 10 and 11 are sort of average, so aside from your own skills, you do pretty well. After a week and some investment in capital, you walk away with a net 3 gp and 13 sp. Not bad, all things considered. (You really aren't able to work on this during the week you train to 2nd.)


Arena Update:

Thinking about it, 1-2, 2-3, and 1-1 odds don't really make sense, strictly for making money. Let's not worry about the odds too much. Rather, if you want to bet, it'll be a gambling or pause and study skill check, and the prizes you make from fighting will depend on your rank (i.e., your crowd popularity/personal skill). It still costs money to play, and the amount you make will depend on how you do, your rank, and how much you initially pay. If it matters, if lots of people are doing it, then we can formalize the payoff matrix.


Theodore and everyone:

Okay, bows made, and a few melee weapons as well, you all retire from your jobs, get cleaned up, take a nap, and then head out in one of the quieter times. Given that there is no 'day' or 'night', there are always people around at some time, but the functionally defined 'night' has a lot less people in the commercial areas.

Not that the Frye Factory is in a busy area anyway. It's a little brick building, two stories, with a steampipe that emits a foul black smoke. It's a combination of soot smell and sickly sweet from the interior of the building. Theo pulls out the key, everyone else stands guard, and Theo enters.

Theodore, dim light from the churning of the furnace takes some time to adjust to. You carefully move through the factory: a large open floor plan, with a rickety wooden staircase going up. After finding nothing of easy value- aside from the furnace-powered ice cream machines themselves- you head up the stairs, as sneaky as you can be.

At the top is an office door, with an easy lock (+25%) you manage to pick open (BR: 34, I'll just do it for you here). You creep inside, but soon infravisually see a gnome-sized figure in the darkness!

A lantern clicks on. "Hello Mr. Theodore Koppel. Last surviving heir to the Koeppel fortune. My my, I can only wonder at what unfortunate events conspired to bring you down here to Twilos. No no," he puts up a hand. "Honestly I don't care. Don't bother telling me your little sob story."

A gnome sits in a small wooden chair. He distractedly flips a porkpie hat between his hands, finds a speck of something on the brim, and flicks it off before placing it on his head.

"Barnabas Wattlesworth Frye. Haven't heard of me? Well you don't know your family history very well then, do you Mr. Koppel?" He glares at you. Now that your eyes have adjusted to the sudden light, you see he's wearing a nice green vest, suspenders... he's about your age and size.

"While I'm glad we had this little visit, I'm a very busy businessman. So let's just tidy things up, and I can officially take over in my rightful place as C-"


"O!" He sneers these last three letters, and suddenly hurls a small ball to the ground!

There are now 6 B.W. Fryes standing before you! He begins to cast!
Some retconning, maybe - how close is really close, in 'Threndoy is really close to training in fighter'? 'Cuz if it's a couple hundred close, I'll do some arena fighting and stuff. Although maybe not retconning as much as just conning, now that I have my bow.

And if we're fighting ratmen eventually, we'll need a silver weapon or two, and some wolvesbane. GodDAMN I hate lycanthropes.
1) Well the point of Small Biz Mgmt is that I can leverage work onto other people. Since I'm no good at Alchemy, I try to convince people to "help me out" with my work. My alchemy prof is just so that I can be a decent CEO-type...think of a professor who kind of knows what you are doing and can catch outright BS or stuff that is non-sensical, but if you really wanted to, you could pull the wool over his eyes.

Here are 9 blog rolls: 2,12,7,20,1,8,10,11. So, under WIS/CHA I make 8 checks, 1 spectacularly, and fail 1 check spectacularly.

(Aside: Does blogger seem to love back-to-back 20's and 1's? Or is it just observer error?).

2) I'd like to keep hanging out, making money, and hitting the arena. I don't see why we need to escape from Twilek...there's LOTS of stuff to do here. I also want to try and get a lead on some metal to make Thaka some armor, I have all the relevant NWPs (and even some that aren't clearly relevant but might help, like Eng). CHA check 7 = pass. Somebody has to have some metal...even a simple, light chain mail vest would be a start (AC 6 no mvmt penalty?).

3) I leveled up on my profile, I didn't post the roll. I think I rolled a 6 + 1 for Con. I don't really remember. Pretty sure it was a 6.
  Twilos Is A Busy Place
Okay, we'll go char by char in alphabetical order this time, but Thren is right- ultimately, you probably want to stay together and adventure together.

Note that everyone (except Thren) took a week to train. Then everyone took another week to hang out, make a bit of cash, and make some weapons. We're basically all caught up on those two weeks that have passed while you've been here in Twilos, but we can retcon other basic things as needs be. Making your bows, though, is a full time job, so you won't be adventuring until that is done. The CCC tourney is three days after those two weeks are up, so there's just a bit of time to get stuff in before the CCC begins.

So far, only Theodore and Thak have posted their hp rolls. Are you other guys just not training? Post your hp rolls.

Finally, KT has a good system: you can use other people's equipment boosting skills (Thren's fletching, Tut's smithing, Thak's woodcarving), but you'll have to roll the check yourself. Use common sense for which attribute to roll. And remember to post the rolls direct to the page.



Dag, a couple of staves is no problem. You root around in a trash pile and find a couple of old broomsticks. They are each -1 to hit and damage. Working with Thak and/or Tut, you could raise it to -0 to hit (but still -1 dmg) if they make their skill check. As it says above, roll the check yourself, it's probably a WIS check to improve the balance of the wood.



Okay, Tut, working with Thak and Thren, you guys can make some workable bows and arrows. Given all the supplies you've got, you can make two longbows for you and Thren, and a shortbow for Theodore. You can also make 20 arrows for each of you. Well done. These are all straight up +0/+0.

Given your high WIS and CHA, it's easy for you to fall in with Harold, Marian, and Dr. Sun. Their shop is called The Greenhouse, and you open a small carpentry and woodworking stand on the side, that you toil at while you make the bows for your fellow PCs.

Alchemy being INT based, that's going to be a bit trickier. Also, there aren't any great preservatives around, but Dr. Sun tells you that he knows a strange chemist in Piccolo who might be able to help you out with the Goodberries. The guy's name is Jorg Appleton, and he's an earth elemental. Let me know if you want to venture into Piccolo to seek him out; Piccolo's a weird place and sort of constitutes an adventure unto itself.

Tut, you do great in the Arena. At least, your first two rounds go very well. Rank 1 obtained. Druid magic and spec bow is a kick ass combo, but then the Arena Masters throw in a monkeywrench, and your third fight (blogrolls unposted, but just run with it)- is against a Magic-user who Sleeps you straight off. You'll kick his ass in the fourth fight. So magic is allowed, but generally they try to balance mages vs mages and fighters vs fighters. You're bumped up to Rank 2 given your combination of spells and spec, and things start to get a bit more serious.

So, give me INT, WIS, and CHA checks, and I'll tell you how much money you make at The Greenhouse, and how much you can increase it by fighting at the Arena. Harold and Marian will come on by to watch and make some cash by betting on you as well.

(Tut, hang on a sec for getting xp and training. There's some time-critical stuff going on shortly, and it's better for you to be a part of the party rather than taking a week off to train to 3rd. It's noted, but if you were to drop everything and start training to 3rd right away, you'd miss out on some adventures and plot stuff.)



It seems like you missed the giant post below ('Thaka Around Town Part 2') where I talk about you looking into message services and getting a job as a guard doing whore protection.

It's a long post, but I think that should answer your questions, ya?



Theo, please note that your friends made you a +0/+0 shortbow and 20 arrows.

This is an adventure, so it's going to be a separate post later today. I'm going to assume Theo is breaking and entering, with the rest of you- all of you- standing guard outside...



Thren, please note that working with Thak and KT, you've got a longbow and 20 arrows. No penalties.

Your problems are largely those of cash. However, you're right- getting a spellbook isn't merely a matter of money. There's no immediately obvious solution to the spellbook problem. Keep in mind that although you are unable to re-memorize, any of the three spells you hadn't cast (I think you cast one sleep and that's all) you're still able to cast. But since it's not clear when the next time you can re-memorize is, you might want to save 'em...

Your fellow PCs can likely use your fletching skills. As for lycanthropes... well Huygens, owner of Rats and Razors, keeps talking about these rat men who steal his booze. He'd like you guys to descend into the depths of the sewers and get back a bottle of Ratskellar 53 that they stole (doesn't matter if it's empty, but he wants the label if it's still intact). There's an entrance into the sewers beneath the bar. Of course there is, because it wouldn't be a damn D&D bar without an entrance into rat-infested sewers that need clearing out.


So, what are the adventuring possibilities?

First, Theodore is going to the Frye Factory. We'll start there later today.

There's the Cold Cut Collective championship, which is in three game days.

There's the sewers beneath Rats and Razors.

There's trying to find the earth elemental chemist in Piccolo.

There's also the Arena, and Frank Burton mentioned some work as well.

Still nothing that instantly screams 'escape from Twilos'...
I'll try to make a more detailed post later.

1)I spend my time hanging out with the druids and fighting in the arena. I should be able to make several high quality bows via my druid connections (all that plant magic). If I win any money, I'll donate 1/2 to the druid crew. I really should be able to make some nice wooden weapons for myself, the other archers, and a flail (or 2) for Thaka. And Dag's battle staves...in fact, most of our guys use wooden weapons.

2) I just want to get 151 xp in the arena, I see that Thaka was able to get about 200.

I'm using blunt arrows, don't want to kill anyone.

Rd 1:
BR 8, 9 would hit AC 10 and AC 9. 3 and 5 pts respectively.

Rd 2:
BR 20, BR 18. 14 and 5 pts respectively.

If there's a 2nd fight:
Rd 1:
BR 8, BR 13 hits AC 10 and AC 5. 5 and 7 pts respectively.

Rd 2:
BR 18, BR 14 hits and hits AC 4. 3 and 7 pts respectively.

I'll use my magic as it's most effective. I can make Goodberries to eat for HP, use CLW/Entangle/Faerie Fire/Ceremony (no clue what this does). In fact, I don't know what most of my spells do. I think I can even summon a creature to help me fight...it will do subdual damage and we'll see if the crowd enjoys it.

3) I'd like to make a little money with my skills, just hiring them out. I'll donate 1/2 to the druid crew, I want to make them a continuing plot line. With my "small business management" NWP, I want to start getting this operation in shape. I also want to figure out a way to preserve Goodberries, basically turning them into a potion that won't "expire." Between Alchemy and my druid buddies, I should be able to. By the way, I want small biz mgmt to be CHA based. I think it makes the most sense, anyone who's worked with a small biz knows it's success mostly depends on relationships and how much people like the owner (arguably the same is true with big biz CEOs too haha).

4) If anyone needs Tut's NWPs, he will happily share them. Please just make the roles yourself. Just look under his profiles for his NWPs and related


out of character comments
1) re Cavalier armor: "Armor is more a badge of station than a means of protection. A cavalier will always seek the highest quality armor without regard for the best armor class. Thus, cursed plate mail is preferable over highly bonused chain mail, even if the chain mail would have a better armor class or the plate mail would subject the character to additional dangers. (Of course, the character may seek magically better plate mail, or trade up to non-magical plate armor, at any time.) Engraving, inlaying, and other decorations are always desired. Plate armor (Full, Field, or Bronze) is always the first choice (the distinctions between them may be a character preference). If this is not readily available to the character (it is difficult to find, time consuming to make, and expensive to buy), the character will choose the first available armor on this list: Plate Mail, Banded or Splint Mail, Chain Mail, Scale Mail, Ring Mail. Under no circumstances will a cavalier wear leather, studded leather, or padded armor, as these are peasant dress, the clothes of thieves and assassins; they are beneath his station, and it would be better for him to fight unarmored. " See MJ Young's site.

2) Can we please get a permanent, direct link to MJ Young's page in our little link area? It's always a hassle to find.

3) Let me know how the arena fighting goes. I can keep doing more fights if it goes well, magic probably gives me a HUGE edge around here (coupled with bow spec).
I will also provide lookout/backup for TK Royal.

In the two weeks of training, am I able to scrounge up two broom sticks or table legs that can be used as my main attack weapons. I concede that they are far from the quality sticks I have grown accustomed to.
  Theodore Koppel
Hmm. I agree with Threnody. Let's stay together.

Ms. Threnody, will you look out for me when I break into the ice cream factory tonight? It might provide us with some sorely needed funds. Thank you, I appreciate it.

Very late that night, with my companions looking out, I open the Frye Factory with the key.

My intention is to look for anything valuable and take it.
I'm curious as to how my other ideas about getting a message to the king or queen of Onze plays out.

We have a couple the priests of Zelba coming and going, and I'm not sure how the temples work as far as the relationship with the temples outside the city.

I think we should work together to find adventure hooks, but that will require some independant investigation we can all undertake.

so, how about the whore situation, the arena questions I asked, and the corrupt guards? (who have armor and weapons)
Hunh. I'm looking for, in order:

A spellbook
Cash money
A bow and some arrows
A longsword
Some armor

The spellbook - well, I dunno. Maybe that's not going to be so easy to find, hey?

Cash money - if the bartender has something, I'm game - if there's other bouncing or fighting duties I'll try to find them, and if any of you find something where you need someone to watch your back, let me know. Perhaps backing your play in the raps? I wouldn't classify my rhyme skilz as 'mad', but they're certainly at least 'annoyed'.

It looks like making a bow is out of the question, and I've got no cash to buy one. But I've got flectching as an NWP, so maybe that'd be a revenue stream. Anyone need a fletcher?

And the sword and the armor - again, I need that cash, yo.

My other skill set has to do with lycanthropes and how much I hate them, so if there's a need for that I'm the elf for the job. Is there a need for that? I ask around, when I'm looking for work as a fletcher.

Once I get a bow, I'll enter the arena, but right now I'm just an elf-about-town.

Hey - so everyone's talking about what they're doing, personally - but what are we doing as a group? We've worked together well in the past, so I'm thinking we should try to stay together. Do we want to get equipment individually, and then set out as a band of adventure seekers? Do we want to find something to do as a group? We worked as bodyguards before, and it seems like there might be some coin to be had as a band in that field here. What d'ya say? I'm good at figuring stuff out, but I'm certainly not the front-woman of the group for getting hired...
  Bows And Jewels
Okay Theodore, well sterling silver ain't the world's finest jewelry material. You figure it's worth 5 silver or so. The BFF inscription alludes you though... maybe if you can understand the arcane meaning, you might be able to boost the value to the right buyer.

A shortbow is 30 gp. You can get a crummy one, at -2 to hit, for 4 gp, or a mediocre one at -1 to hit for 10 gp. Arrows are 1 sp apiece, for all wood, which will be -1 to hit and damage. Iron-tipped arrows are currently 7 sp each and in limited supply. There are 20 total available; the elf behind the counter will sell them all to you if want (for a total of 7 gp).
  Theodore Koppel
That's 2gp, and 3sp. I appraise the necklace, BR:5.

Wisdom check, BR:19. Not so much.

What's a real shortbow and 20 arrows going to cost me?
  Theodore Around Town
Okay Theodore, you sign up for the Cold Cut Collective. After you finish training, you've got about three days before it goes down.

You keep low, but try pilfering some stuff. Okay, you manage to collect 1d3 gp, 1d10 sp, a little pouch of herbs, and a sterling silver necklace engraved with the mystic runes: "BFF".

Plus, give me a WIS check.
  Theodore Koppel
I think your idea to release a single about how the Prince of Onze was juiced is brilliant, Thaka.

Let's call it 'Prince Juice'. I sign up for the CCC under the moniker 'TK Royale'.

Besides that, I keep a low profile. If the opportunity presents itself, I practise my trade.

Pick Pockets, BRs:15,42,85,8. -I have a 40%.
Descent into Depths is an old school 1st Edition AD&D adventure run by the Infinity Group.

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