Theodore Koppel
Oh shit, an Owlcondabear was in the rafters!

BR:7. Arrghh, the Owlcondabear got me!

Somehow I doubt I can shoot my bow. I try to stab it with my sword, BR:7.

Save vs. Owlbearnaconda BR 7 is a fail.

Attack roll (with my new Thac0 of 16) is a BR 20. Nice, that's (4x2)= 8 damage.

More attacks, if needed:

BR 7

BR 5

BR 5

I don't think any of those are hits...
  Save Vs. Anaconda
By the way, just to answer an older question from KT:

No, you don't have the Guard Captain's gun. Another guard took it and fled, and it wasn't that guard that Theodore ganked. So another guard out there has the gold pistol.

That said- no offense guys, but you're pretty horrible about 1) reading posts in general and 2) treasure collecting in particular. For example, the guard captain's magic sword is still lying there on the floor of the old office building in FPI. No one looted. Someone might have asked what loot there was, but there was no follow-up official looting performed.

It doesn't matter to me, but I feel obliged to point it out in hopes of improving your gear in the future. Loot, guys. It's the adventurer's way.


Anyway, okay, you head into the ruins of the Koppel Kones Ice Cream Factory. You are surprised by a giant anacondabear or owlcondabear or whatever. It suddenly drops from the rafters... everyone make a save vs. anaconda. (I.e., save vs. breath weapon.)


I missed that part. Ok, let's go do that.
  Theodore Koppel
I'll try to get around to posting that spell list, KT.

Dude, let's just fight the Owlcondabear first. We already had a quorum. We will make note of your objection, however.
I trained too, I just don't know what my new spells are. The old post doesn't list them that high.

I say we head to the Dustman complex. "Stavos, what do you mean you are a prisoner? Have they taken over the factory and now are forcing you to build machines for them?"
That is sound logic. Clean ones own house before endevoring to clean others'.

If only the current administration could grasp that idea.

I think you and I constitute a quorum. Let's clean house - off to the factory.


  Theodore Koppel

In the factory? Just a moment, Mr. Holy Cannon of Odin. Let's clean out our home first before we wrestle with the Dustmen.

I believe the Dustman compound is going to be complicated. Also, if we can clean out the Factory, we needn't pay for a inn.

After the party trains, we take a closed look at this Owlcondabear situation.

I hope that's Ok Mr. Dag, Holy Cannon of Odin.
Totally Hookless!!! that is priceless.

I don't leave Bekkers alone with the princess... not even for a second. I don't trust him.

"Hey Tut - is Stavos ok? sounds like he is making the best of a bad situation. I'm down if we need to boost him from the clink?"

I suggest we head for the dustmen compound. Sounds like some mad crazy things be goin down up in their junk.


  The Fucking Great Legend Of The Factory Monster
KT and Theo, odd things are afoot at the Ice Cream Factory.

First off, Bekkers sez that no no, the King and Queen aren't vampires, they're not like Count and Mrs. Chocula, that's fucking cheesy. They're immortal alien psychic vampires. Sort of like bizarre leeches that drain your essence.

Anyway, the Factory is half-destroyed and abandoned. The legend is that after the Dustmen destroyed the place, a mage made a terrible experiment go wrong, not crossing a bear with an owl, but crossing an owlbear with an anaconda. And the "owlcondabear" now lives in the factory and eats babies who wander in with jewels in the night.

ENTER AT UR PWN DEMISE!! sez the sing. Er, sign.

Vanilli CBs you.

hey there hello sir mr my great friend! yes it is me mr stavos vanilli coming through load and clear on the airwaves direct to you! we are doing the workings with the dustmens just down the street. the password for todays password is GREEN SLEEP. come on down you are the next contestant!!!

we are doing the workings on crazy things! is glorious! we have 100% no success but that is how the piragi crumblings am i right? we are doing the time machines building!! totally hookless as they sometimes say!!! i have invented a new slide rule devices to measure going back in time!! measuring the time backwards!!! unbelievable!!! anyway i'm sort of the prisoner here but that is more piragi crumbles. come on in my great friend!! i am eager for the listenings as to your glorious family!!


Theo, okay you level and train. Apparently RockWell is being held in the Dustmen compound as well.

Bekkers thinks that he and the Princess should head off and get as deep into the depths as possible. And if you guys can guard, that'd be swell. Bekkers is excited about a time machine, and thinks that a good idea would be to hide in the past, or the future, or something. "Actually, it'd be optimal if we could find a way to hide sideways in time. They'd never think to look for us there. This Vanilla ice cream maker guy, can he really build a fricking time machine?"


Dag, okay you're now a priest of Odin. Well done. You get one WP for getting 5th fighter, and one NWP for each level you gained. As for getting hand-stamped, eh not really. But the guards who let you in off-handedly mention they're happy to take bribes from you to let you leave.

Labels: , ,

Can we get our hands stamped or something? I would like to actually be able to leave when we want. Just a thought.

In the long voyage across the sea, The truth of Odin's ways sink deep into my heart as I read passages of a brave warrior cleric named Dave Fist of Odin. I embrace Odin as my god.

Twilos baby... YEAH!

Business: 4th Level Hit points BR 8 and BR 5 means I get 6 more HP. Princess gives me 8 more on top of that. Spells are up to 4 - 1st, 3 - 2nd, and 1 - 3rd per day. Do I earn any WPs or NWPs at this level?


  Theodore Koppel
Wow, that's pretty awesome about the Princess-level thing. Even so, I am only updating my profile to 4th/5th. -I think I'll have to switch it back soon anyway.

I've got 18hp now.

I swing by the Ice Cream factory. What's going on with Mr. RockWell? I bet he wants a paycheck.

Ok, everyone train.

I ask Bekkers what he thinks we should do.
Nice! I think I get new spells, but I don't really know what. I check in with Vanilli--what's happening bro! How are the projects and business going? I give him a promotion.

Next, I go looking for work...any rats need killing? Any Norwegian whale princes need protecting? Any Princes need juic....well, I guess I'm too late for that one.

Have there been any disturbances or ruckuses in the town lately? Any signs that the "vampire rulers" are looking for their Princess?
Nice, you're in. They let you back into the prisons.

Welcome back to Twilos y'all.

Don't forget to train.
Who would we have to speak with to talk about getting back down into the prison?

I, for one, do not think they would turn away Father Azoth and his righteous companios, come to visit and tend to the congregation of Apollo.

If I still have any papers showing my affiliation with whatever great house it was that I signed on with, I show those. Otherwise, I'm working the kindly priest come to take care of his flock angle and hoping it gets us back in.

CHA check BR 2.
  Sandcastles On The Shore
Okay, you manage to finagle your way onto a ship bound for Twilos, with the Princess and Ambassador Bekkers.

Of course, Twilos happens to be a prison guys. Just like they don't let you just walk out of prison if you're an inmate, they usually don't just let you go and hang out if you're a visitor.

You're free to hang out 'topsides', but in a small bungalow near the shore, not in the main fortress, unless you've got a good reason for that too.

Go ahead and train, but remember- you ain't going IN or DOWN unless you've got a good reason. And simply rolling 'Street Skillz' ain't gonna work here- you need a reason.


In case it wasn't clear, the presence of the Princess grants you each a bonus level. So here's the current level listings- make sure you're trained all the way up. The Princess level only sticks around when she's around- I'll inform you if/when that level goes away

Also, the Princess level gives max hp, so don't roll hp for that level(s), just take max.

Azoth: Cleric/Fighter Levels 5/5
Dag: Cleric/Fighter Levels 5/5
KT: Druid Level 7
Theodore: Illusionist/Thief Levels 5/6
Threnody: Fighter/Mage Levels 5/5

And remember that each level of mage/illusionist gives you two more spells in your books, of the highest circle or lower that you can cast at that time. (So when you train to 5th from 3rd, you can't take four 3rd circle.)

And no special training neither.


Ambassador Bekkers spends his time engaging in paranoid behavior. The Princess wanders here and there, building sandcastles on the shore and such.


  Theodore Koppel
Ok, I am down with heading to Twilos. Let's do it.

We take the Princess and Bekkers, of course.
Sean Connery has inspired me.

Ok, assuming we have no information about the veracity of Bekker's claim about vampires, we still don't know who to trust. I say we train here and then hop a ship back to Twylos...that's right, Twylos. Maybe Vanilli has some info, and we have a good base of operations there. Also, there was work that we could (we skipped some adventures) and that's where this princess story is going to play out. I hope the rest of the party is down with that?

On the sly, I head over to a local tavern and ask for work...perhaps it would be better to lay low and do some minor adventures while waiting for this thing to blow over.

Or, we could make a big show of getting on the boat to Twylos, then sink it, and all jetski to safety on the spiderbot...fake our own deaths? That might be brilliant...then they would stop looking for the princess. In fact, I think this might be the best thing to do.

I'm kind of at a loss on the plot, and I think the rest of the party is too, so I think it's time to get back to regular old clear-the-rats-out-of-the-cellar adventures (phat lootz??).

Did we loot that gun off the guard?
  Sean Connery

Let's pick it up, boys.
  Theodore Koppel
Wow, really?!

Ok. Let's get the Princess and Bekkers somewhere safe and heal up. Then we can ask the Ambassador what he wants to do.

Or, better yet, let's get the hell out of here and train. Is there a cantina nearby? Let's find a low-profile ticket out of here. Seven tickets in fact. -I use my Street-Skillz.

Anyone leaving to Yrdras?
  Back Once Again
Theodore, nope, the Ambassador can't walk. In a remarkable display of efficiency, you bind his wounds, get a luggage cart and a bellboy, hire a cab, and head for the drydocks.

On the way there, you see your friends fucking around.

Okay, if you want you're all back together now. No reason to go to the Ramada.

Threnody, the spiderbot is about as conspicuous as you'd imagine. Kids point, babies cry, dogs bark.
I go to the Ramada to catch up with TK. Tough luck on the blog DM, but that's how the cookie crumbles. Maybe I saw it on a different blog; someone who saw it go down wrote about it. Anyway, I hit up a local computer terminal, type an expose about what's up with the royalty, Bekkers, etc. under an anonymous pseudonym, and hit the hotel.
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