The Short Quest Of 7-11
Ezekiel looks at your broken spear. "No offense, but that's the worst treasure I've ever seen. You can keep that or just put it on the floor... eh, whatever." He takes the spear halves and sets them off to the side on the ground. "Don't feel so bad about it. I'm sure there's, uh, I dunno, a conniving ducal assistant out there somewhere who could use a stern talking to. Just come back when you've got a magic spear or something and try again."

"Or, a baby. That works too."


Sorry there Thaka, but since you're wearing armor, your movement rate is decreased from base. You're as fast as 711, not faster. You cast the darkness and rush out after that guy. Uh, that's right, in the darkness, the spider just barely misses you now Azoth, so ignore said dmg and said save. The spider will still track and follow based on sound, so everyone's trying to hit AC:0 while the combat occurs in the room.

Thaka, Mr. 7-11 flees the Master's Chambers and heads into the Experiment room. This seems to be long series of rooms- essentially a long hall partioned into different sections. The first section contains some lab benches, desks, etc. 711 runs on by to a glass door sealing off a metal hallway. As he enters it, the door seals behind him. There are three crystal buttons by the door: red, green, and white. The door closes and the white crystal button begins to glow.

7-11, behind the door, is in a circular chrome chamber. Another set of controls is inside the chamber, and you can see another glass door leading from it. You see a red crystal glowing on the opposite door, and 7-11 frantically begins working controls, looking up at you every now and then, and frowning. He's beginning to sweat real bad.

You commands sirrahs.
I stare pretty hard at the demon.
I break my Lance and hand it to him with a bow. He has defeated me as far as I'm concerned.

Back to the Present
I'm gonna drop an innate darkness right on the spot I'm standing which is probably next to Azoth. Hopefully the spider won't be too bright and it won't notice as I try to get past it, and after the guy.

Dex check you say... My dex is a 4 right now, Well I got a 2!! I am trying my damnedest. (how the fuck do you spell that) to keep up with the 711.

If it's a chase I move at 15 as my base movement.

sorry about the darkness guys, but I think it would have made Azoth ac 1 which means the spider would have missed. I think this might give you guys a chance to back off, or get around the spider with me. The Darkness is just set on the spot on the ground I was standing on.

Thaka, the demon telepathically responds, saying: "Well I'm not like a philosophy guy or anything. Good and evil? I dunno. But maybe it has something to do with eating babies. Demons just love eating babies. If I had a baby right now, damn I'd eat it up in a New York minute."

"Mmmmmmmm." The demon reminisces about baby-eating times past.

"Plus, good and evil are all relative, ya know? Priests of Demongorgon, God of Demons- not Demogorgon, that's a demon, but Demongorgon, God of Demons- they think demons are alright. Not to mention the freaks who worked here and summoned my ass."

"And, bummer about that, lady. Good luck with that thing."


Okay Theodore. You enter the authorization command.

WeatherVane 3.1 (tm)


Thank you goodday.


Azoth and Theodore, you guys continue the search. Nothing else in the office part of the Master's Chambers. You hear a rustling, and move into the next room!

You're in a cluttered bedroom. At the back of this large room, you see another man, searching under the bed! He looks gaunt and has a shaved head, looking a lot then like the dead guy upstairs. Next to him are a wooden box and another spider automaton!

He stands, looks under the pillow as you enter, and looks alarmed to see you. He grabs a large crystal eye from under the pillow, snatches up his box, and flees into the third room of the suite across from you! As he goes, he says a command word, and the gobot spider activates, and rushes into melee with you! You catch a flash of his robe as he flees, and read the numbers 711 on the chest.

Again, one prep round for a quick, noncombat action. The spider is fast, and engages Azoth! BR16 is a solid hit for 4 Az, and make a save vs. poison.
  King Tut
  Theodore Koppel

I can't believe I needed authorization.

This place rocks. I agree with King Tut. I think we should rent this place. Great view, seaside, weather control...

I give a good look about. BR:10. Hmm. not quite wisdom.
back in time a bit...

In my head "can you hear me demon? If so why do all the religions of the civilized cultures, that I know of, assume your people are Evil? Do you think it is right that they do? If you would answer me that I would be thankful."

I explain to the demon why I am not speaking out loud, in my head, if he can hear me.
Alright, I check around the master's quarter to see if I can find the eye. Wis Check BR 19. Geeze, can a homey get a break?

Anyhow, I look through desks and shelves and anything here to see if I can find the eye before whatever's rustling around shows up.
"This thing? Naw, it's just a super bounce ball I keep around to pass the time." Zeeks, or Ezekiel, or EZ, or whatever he's called- he demonstrates. Bouncing it down the corridor and back into his hand.

"A retarded kind of fun I suppose. But hell, if you got anything better, sure. Just make me an offer. No, it ain't the... what are you looking for again? Oh, some mystic eye. Shit, I'll trade you for that in a second. That's the Boss's stuff... try looking in his room." The demon thumbs towards... well, the area you enter.
I try to check out that ball the demon is tossing around. Is it the eye I'm looking for? WIS check 20. Damn.

Okay, I'll just ask the demon.

"Hey Zeeks, what's up with that ball you've got there? I'll trade you something for it. What do demons like?"

I ready my sword and shield in response to the rustling sound from the other room.
He's a demon though, he might be lying. He might protecting the master's chambers.

I don't know what we're supposed to do here. I think we should open the box first, maybe there's a journal or something.
  Mostly Cloudy
Okay, you push open the door to the Master's Chambers.


You enter into a suite of rooms. Two other doors lead off from here, but in the main office, you see a large desk. The green glow of a computer monitor radiates out from behind the desk. On the monitor, you see:

WeatherVane 3.1
Authorization request, user 700
0xfa: Sunny to Mostly Cloudy
Confirm? Y/N


After you deal wth this, you hear a rustling from one of the side rooms.
  Theodore Koppel
Thanks, EZ.

It must be the Master's Quarters. Don't you think?
  Three More Doors
"Inspectors, huh? Sure, whatever. I don't care. Just as long as you don't try to go down this hall, we're cool."

"I guess if you really wanted in that other dome, you could swim out there and see if there's a hatch. I don't really know. I was just summoned here with the charge to not let anyone down this hall except... well, I can't tell you who's got the exception, let's just say it's the Bosses, alright?"

The demon steps over the runes and into your room. You all exchange a rapid set of horrified glances, and prepare to fight, flee, and/or die. The demon doesn't attack though- he just leans casually against the wall and picks his teeth.

"Aw, ha hah! I fooled you pretty good, huh? Actually those runes have nothing to do with me, they're part of this automated alarm system or something. 'Magic runes binding a demon' is like only the biggest cliche in the book, you know? My charge is just to kill anyone who tries to go down the hall, glowing blue runes be damned."

"My name is Ezekiel. Call me 'Zeeks' if you want. A buddy of mine used to call me 'E-Z Kill' for obvious reasons, but that's not really appropriate between you and me, right? Zeeks is fine. 'Zeeks the Demon'. Sounds pretty nice."

"That floating squid thing? Pretty creepy, huh? It just stares and stares. The eyes follow you, it's weird. Been here the whole time I have. I dunno if it's the glass, or the water, or it's weird alien brain, but my demon telepathy crap doesn't work on it. Doesn't eat or sleep or even blink. I guess if you live in the water though, you might not have to blink. Hmm."

"Anyway, short version: enter the hall, and you're dead. Sorry, but it's the way things gotta be. Come back when you've got some magic weapons and it'll be more interesting. Right now it just wouldn't be funny, I'm not trying to brag or nothing, it's just that I'm way, waaaay overpowered for the rest of this module. Your DM does that a lot I hear."


'Zeeks' the demon seems talkative enough if you want to discuss things further. Other than that, I'm guessing your search entails you moving on through the iron door deeper into the 'Subsea Station'.

The door opens into a hall, with three other metal doors off of it. Each is closed, and labeled:


HOLDING TANKS -Authorized Employees Only-

  Theodore Koppel
Yeah. Well, we are the inspectors. Just checking to see if everything is up to code. Yeah... Geez, they are sure going to be fined for that crazed golem.

So, Mr. Demon, do you have a name? Your Christian name, perhaps? Ha.

Just wondering, how long has that creepy thing with the tentacles been out there? And, is there any other way to the dome behind you?

Do you guys see that ship?! I think we need some equipment. Let's search this whole place really good. BR:7. That's pretty good.
  Demon & Nautilus
Spot is WIS. No, you don't see a shark out there. You do see a few other things of interest though.

Far off, you see an undersea domed building at the end of the glass hall. Looks like you can't get there without going past the giant demon. Also, it looks like off to the left, there's a drop-off into a sea trench. You see the ruined mast of a sunken ship sticking out from the top. A barnacle-encrusted dragon emblem is at the very top of the mast. That's a good 30 meters off.

Close by, however, you think you see why there's all these nautilus emblems. Floating right near the wall, hovering about five feet above the seafloor, is a live giant chambered nautilus. The thing is huge, about ten feet diameter. Tentacles and two large eyes, each about the size of beachballs, stick out from the end of the shell, staring at you through the thick glass.


"Hah hah," laughs the demon. "Whoa there, I almost got you that time, huh? Yeaaah... I almost got you there. Good one." He bends over and picks up his ball, bouncing it off a wall and catching it absent-mindedly.

"Well I've been here a bit. Not too long, not like 'for a thousand years' or anything. Maybe..." the demon counts on his fingers. "Oh, about a week. Right about when all those fruity weathermen took off. See, I'm supposed to guard this undersea dome, which from the looks of you guys, is a bit over your heads. There's a crazed golem in there. Think you can take a crazed golem? No? Yeah, that's what I thought, no offense. Or, rather, you should take offense? But it's just because I'm a demon, alignment: asshole, and all that."

"So what's your deal? You're not weathermen. This place all go to hell? Ha ha! 'Go to hell', get it? You know, 'cause I'm a demon? That's pretty funny."
Don't worry gnome, if it's wisdom, I gots it covered.

  Theodore Koppel
Does this infernal creature block the undersea hallway? Can I see a shark?

Spot check? BR:6. Is that Wisdom?

Hmm. I ask the demon how long he has been here.
"Oh my god, definitely. I had a bad back once."

I run over to pick up the ball and stop, like a pointer-dog, just barely outside the runes.

Spot check? BR 11 makes Wisdom and fails IQ.
  Down And Down
Good questions, sorry for not being clearer. The strongbox is definitely liftable- it's the size and shape of an unabridged dictionary: about 12" x 12" x 8'. Weighs about 20 lbs. Padlock on the front clasp. Made of iron, and you can hear something heavy slowly sliding around inside.

You take it with you, and head all the way back down. Then, into the basement.


You descend into a small room. A series of empty rooms leads off, but there's also a stout door carved with what looks like a large nautilus shell. It leads into a small... metal lined room? A room of chrome, it seems. There's a large blue button. You look around, search some more, turn up nothing, and shrug, pushing the button.

The room shakes, and descends. You seem to be in some sort of elevator.


Down and down you go. The walls of the cylinder you're descending in are all chrome-lined also. As you drop, a soft blue light illuminates the elevator shaft.

You estimate you go down about 30 meters or so. Another nautilus door stands before you.

You push it open. "Welcome to Subsea Station One," says a soft, pleasant feminine voice.


Stepping out into the hallway, blue lights automatically turn on. It's a soft, soothing light. You're definitely underground- and, wow, under water. Blue lights continue to turn on in the room and hallway beyond.

You exit the elevator into a medium-sized room. Three of the walls are white marble, and an unlocked, iron door leads off to the right.

Ahead of you is the fourth wall, of glass. Outside, you see the seafloor. It seems that the lights are illuminating the room from lamps placed outside, shining in. You get an amazing view of the bottom of the Gorgos sea. Spot checks, y'all.

The glass wall has an opening in the middle, and a long, long hallway stretches out and down along the sea bottom. The hallway itself is semicircular, curved at the top, and glass all the way down. Steel reinforcing bands periodically line the hall. Right at the entrance to the hallway, on the ground and all along the walls, are tiny blue runes. On the other side, an enormous horned demon paces, and looks at you, smiling.

The demon drops a shiny ball that bounces and lands just on the demon's side of the runes. The demon bends over a bit, and makes an exaggerated grimace. "Oh, my aching back. I can't get that. Be a dear and fetch my ball for me, will you?" It smiles, all teeth.

How big is the strongbox? Is it liftable?

I help Thaka down the stairs. She seems in a bad way; I hope that poison wears off pretty soon.

Down to the basement we go!
The sailors will steal it if we put it in the boat, let's do it last.

I'm ok with going downstairs. I'll stay in the back with the lantern and my bow.

We should take this place over.
how big is the strong box? Could it be removed by us? If so we should take it back to the boat. I motion to Azoth and Thren to help me pick it up. It's probably worth a fair amount if it's big and well made. It might also be possible to lower it from the top of the tower with ropes and pullies from the boat.

After we remove the safe, I say we proceed down the stairs.

Dex 4 isn't so good but I'm in this. It doesn't give hit penalties so screw it.
  Theodore Koppel
Strong box?! BR:82. Hmm. It's secure.

This is a cool place. I wonder about those buoys...

If we are going to the sublevel, I am in back with my bow.
You return to the top floor with the glowing warning message. Ignoring it some more, you climb up the ladder.

It is all dark up there. Another blinking switch provides faint illumination, and cautious adventurers that you be, you flip it.

The room floods with light as the shades are automatically drawn. A mechanical 'whir' signals the motorized shields all around the circular room being drawn up into the ceiling.

The withdrawal offers an impressive view of the ocean surrounding the Institute. The sea, a hundred feet below you, crashes against the little rock this thing is built on.

Down below, you see the Bronze Dragon, still docked. A few of the sailors, tiny, can be seen playing cards or something.

Off in the distance, faintly, you see the Ivory City of Gorgos.

Also, in the water, you see what seems to be a series of buoys, stretching off in a line off from the island. They seem to go at 100 m intervals, and there are nine of them. Each buoy has a tall metal rod sticking up from it. Huh.

You can head up one more flight, to the very top of the GMI. A large beacon is up here, apparently able to act as a lighthouse. It is off.

Controls for the lighthouse beacon are down below, and fairly easy to figure out. Some more monitoring equipment, off, is here, and rather complicated-seeming. Other than that, you find nothing. Nothing but a locked iron strongbox, that none of your keys fit.

It's out or down the stairs into the sublevel.


Excuse the typing if there are any imperfections. I fucked up my back and am typing from a semi-prone position on my bed. I'm still going to get to Portland, painfully, but ugh, what a mess.
  Theodore Koppel
If no one wants that scroll, I'll hold on to it.

Let's look up top. That sounds like it might be L12. I'll do my best to help Thaka along.
Tut, okay. In a desk drawer you find a small key that lets you in the two other locked rooms. All told, with the two open doors you passed by, and the door Theo opened, you can explore the five other midlevels.


The place seems deserted, but not rapidly so... three of the levels are living quarters, and are devoid of equipment or possessions. One of the levels is like the one you first entered- an empty workspace.

Tut, more search/scrounging turns up another, different small steel key marked "L12", plus you find a discarded robe with 10 gp in the pocket.

The fifth level, however, has some alchemical equipment intact. Looks like stuff for water quality monitoring and purification. A Scroll of Purify Water can be extracted from a locked cupbaord, easy to jimmy open or smash apart.

In short, nothing too exciting in these non-highlighted levels.


Alright guys, you can either make your way up the ladder to the top, or descend the stairs into the basement. Or, leave.

In any case, Thaka is still having mobility issues. Thaka, your DEX is 4 for the moment.
  Theodore Koppel
Hmm. I wonder what 85 is...

Anyway, there are more doors going up, and the basement. I bet the basement is going to be unfriendly.

I'll try the next door up, BR:21. Excellent.
  King Tut
Where can we go from here? Is there a basement or something?

I'd like to use Engineering skill to garner any clues, and search and scrounge.

IQ check failed with a 16, Scrounge is a 30 which would succeed in a "large village" or "small city," and d6 = 2.
  A Change In The Weather, Part 1
Thank you sir.

A change in the weather in: 24:00 hr(s).

(Awaiting Subsea Station confirmation.)


That's really all you can do here.

Now what?
  Theodore Koppel
I raise an eyebrow and rub my calf. (not my baby cow)
85 = 0xfa

  Theodore Koppel
Theodore, you boot up the system. The equipment and moniors flicker to life, and the room is filled with an eerie green glow. The cursor blinks awaiting your input...

GMI WeatherVane 3.1 (tm)
Hello, please enter value (1-100):
  Theodore Koppel
Excellent, I flip the switch.
  The Switch
Okay, Thaka is partially healed. Thaka, yes it looks like the body was killed, and then partially ripped to shreds, by the spider.

Theodore, you jimmy one of the doors open. Instead of finding an empty office, you enter into a strange, dark control room. Machines and monitors cover the back wall. A desk is in front, with a small chair and an ashtray on the desk.

A small switch softly glows green. Other than that, all the equipment seems to be off.
I give a little bow to Azoth. Pick up my dropped weapons and get ready to do that all over again.

cool I'm at 9, I think. I head down the stairs after everyone is done doin their thang.
I drop a cure on Thaka. BR 5.

I follow the gnome... he seems to know how to deal with these doors.
  Theodore Koppel
I will try to unlock the next wooden door above us, BR:68. Hmm. Maybe the next, BR:27. Indeed.

How is Thak? Is there a doctor in the house?
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