we'll see if he levitates up.

on round 2 I attack open hand, maybe it does nothing because the DM's a cheese and will say that Vrill is immune to stun.

I hit ac -2 for 3 points of damage and ac 3 for 4 points of damage.
I definately don't stand in a way that Vrill could Bolt us both unless he flies down low enough for me to attack with my Halberd.

I see we are playing 3rd edition now allowing people to drink 2 potions and we aren't getting attacks of opportunity it's nice to play fast with the rules when you need to save a favorite npc....

Can we get a dispel on him please.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
I have a few questions:

If Vrill's a lich, he's gotta make a save or take some damage from that megahealing potion. Heals hurt the undead, and I think Master Dickmo is now a Master Lich Dickmo. Plus, those are some killer 'harm' spells R-B's casting - is that really in a priest of Jesus' mileu?

What's the story on the Gloves of the Mime? Is it a full round action, something I can do and cast, something I can do and clobber, something I can do and give Marivhon a potion of levitation? Can I blast Vrill back even though I wasn't affected?

Naw, screw it. I cast Dispel on Vrill and then give M-vhon a potion, either of healing (if Vrill's levitate is dispelled) or of levitate (if not). There's a chance it'll drop the stoneskin too, and any other preps, right? Right - Vrill dropped a bunch of our effects.

Plus, if the levitate goes away, there's some falling damage that'll interfere with casting for Master Lich Dickmo Vrill. Now he smokes the undead choad! That's te worst kind of choad for smoking.

How's Zom-G looking? I hope he's okay. We don't got so much we can do against an Iron Golem here.

And sorry about Pelvis and Femur - those guys were really starting to grow on me. I thought turning was target-specific, but Odin works in Mysterious ways, I suppose.

Ruy Lopez!
  Brogg of the preserves for luck boom
Pelvis, Femur!!!?

Dave, Fist of Odin, maybe you can repay your debt by dispelling this levitating Dickmo.

My lightning save, BR:15. Yeah. I chug a Potion of Healing for 2. Yum.

If Tut offs Ron, I drink another for 2. What's the fucking expiration date on these things?!

If Tut doesn't off Ron, I chop him, BR:10, way yes for 14.
  King Tut, Benevolent Scholar and Keeper of the Phoenix's Teachings
RB must die...

Round 3:
BR 15 is a hit for 12 pts. Guys, can we get a couple of attacks on RB to finish him off while he's stunned? Nice turning DFoO.

I wish I had some kind of useful gear or potions, but I guess I'm just straight up melee. Too bad I'm not creative enough to put all my NWPs to good use.
Sorry again for the lack of posting guys. This will probably be it for me until Monday morning.

Sure, Vrill starts the round by drinking a Potion of Levitation and flying up 30 feet after Mar silences.

Marivhon, no, he's been drinking one potion a round until now, when his full round action is to drink two. Brogg, you do manage to knock down a bit of the stoneskin though. Since it's a potion of stoneskin, you have no idea how much more you have to get through, alas.

Tut, you head on over to Ron and dish out the damage. Oof. Ron begins to heal, but Dave FoO turns undead. Vrill doesn't seem affected, but Ron is stunned this round, and the two hook horrors crumble to dust.

ZOM-G and the metal giant stay at it. Each looks pretty rough after the end of the round.

Once more, Vrill begins to cast a Lightning Bolt. Marivhon and Brogg, make saves. This is in Round 3 though.
  Master Gregory Vrill, MAGE, Lord of the Dream World Etc
Well I didn't know that a Silence was going off. So instead of casting Lightning Bolt, I'll drink a Potion of Levitation. It's legal to drink two potions as your full round action so that's what I do. I levitate up my full mvt, more than 15' above Marivhon's completely cheesy silence thing.

Fuck you guys. I'm a Master Lich now and about to kick your ass. In the beginning of round three, I'll lightning bolt directly down at those two bozos Marivhon and Brogg. Also float up higher and drink a potion of megahealing. I command the metal giant to stop dicking around and kill them too... better to concentrate attacks.

Don't you dare fucking cheese me Rob on this one. I outclass these assholes and you know it. It's not like I can just magically invent some new players on my side, 'oh I need a thief for backstabs, oh he's 9th level to keep up'. Screw that, it's me and RB so don't you DARE fucking pull that Abbey BS on me. Jerk.
  King Tut, Steward of the Phoenix's Knowledge and Wisdom
Posse up on Ron Ball. No point in letting him get off any more big heals.

Round 2:
BR 8, which hits AC 0 with Lopez's help. Hey, +3 to hit is pretty good. BR 6= 13 pts of damage.

BR 20. BR 8 means damage is 8+4(normal bonuses+3(Lopez) = 15 *2 = 30 pts. Wow, Ron Ball, you just got facialized.

That's 43 pts of dmg to Ron Ball in Round 2.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
I turn undead.

BR 20. Eat it, bitches!

Maybe that won't work. Maybe both Vrill AND R-B are LICHES. That would make me sad. Next I silence R-B. Then hold on whoever doesn't get turned.

Of course, if there's any bad spells coming our way, I mime 'em back. If anyone gets tanked, I do some healing. You know how it works with the posting-in-advance.
  Brogg of the Happy Factory Go Racers:
Assuming Marivhon goes silent, I am going to hang with him and attack Vrill. BRs:2,8. Well, the 2 hits AC:5, and the 8 hits AC:-1. (Is the Oracle's spell dispelled? If not, I hit ACs:3 and -3.) That's 15 and 12 points, respectively.

If Vrill is not silenced for some cheesy reason, I lay it on Ron.
did he really drink 2 potions in a single round??
activate and move and cast??
Is he casting out loud???
If so I use my wand of silence.....on me, and I stay on him.

did Ron really just cast a single spell and heal Vrill 51 points of damage? So we got bitched out for fighting an alone 18th level mage and now we are fighting 2 prepared 12th level casters and their friend.....ok great. Don't ever give me shit about attacking abbey, that bitch would have been a lot easier than this is going to be.

Brogg and I are going to flank Vrill so it will be harder to bolt us both. I think we should all gank Ron because his healing is going to be a problem. How many attacks does stone skin block?
Sorry guys, still traveling. Will be back 0n Sunday, so this is probably the only post I've got until then.

So yeah, Vrill dispels a bunch of stuff, and the bear can't attack him.

ZOM-G fires up the 'saw and heads into melee, but the metal giant steps up and interposes, actually. They square off and start beating the hell out of each other. The hook horrors move up too, evening the odds.

Schmek, you hit Ron Ball for 7.

Dave FoO, you bring in a bear, but it can't go for Vrill. It goes for the metal giant too.

Brogg and Marivhon, you hit Vrill for a lot, but Ron Ball heals him to full with a single spell.

Vrill laughs, drinks his lame stoneskin potion, and begins to cast again.
  Master Gregory Vrill, Master of the Grito/Greyhelm Potion Guilds and Lord of Croatius' Plane
No, actually I don't cast that crappy spell. That's retarded, why would the D)ouche M)aster make me do something inane like that?

I start by drinking a OneUp Potion, giving me a +1 to EVERYTHING, activate my Ring of Protection from Evil as a free action, move back my full movement rate, and drop a Dispel Magic on the PCs.

Aids GONE.
Ruy Lopez not gone. Whatever.
Potion of Speed, GONE.
Potion of Health, GONE.

Next round I lightning bolt whoever is so stupid to come into melee, and drink a Stoneskin Potion. Ron Ball heals me and Iron Man goes for the healers.
  King Tut, Highlord of the Mighty and Inifinite Phoenix
Your Mom is so dumb that she tried to minimize a 12 variable function to a minimal sum of products expression using a karnaugh map instead of the Quine-McCluskey Algorithm.
plains tap tap white knight Biatch....done.
  King Tut, Lord of the Phoenix
Swamp, Zombie Cannibal, done.
I play a plains. I tap it and play a Library of Leng. Done.
Thanks, Ruy. That's a retcon 18 and 17 points on Vrill.
cool, so that means I hit ac 2 for 16 points of damage, thanks Roy!
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Thanks to Ruy Lopez for his mad chess Skilz
He helps keep us sane and he helps with our Kilz
He's here for ten rounds and then off to pay Bilz,

Ruy Lopez! Ruy Lopez! Ruy Lopez!

He's got an opening that won him mad games
The first grandmaster who got all the dames
When I think of chessman the first of the names

Is Ruy Lopez! Ruy Lopez! Ruy Lopez!

You start with your King's pawn and then move your knight
And then push your bishop to give a big fright
There's lots of defenses but none of them might

Beat Ruy Lopez! Ruy Lopez! Ruy Lopez!

So if you're a Spaniard or if you are not
The Ruy Lopez opening is stellar hot
Your opponent will fail even with all he's got

Vs. Ruy Lopez! Ruy Lopez! Ruy Loooooooooo......

  King Tut
Remember: Ruy Lopez adds +3 to hit, to dmg, and to saves, so please add these.
Great Posting Ponies...let's ride!!

remember Brogg you get 4 attacks next round. Its a 10 round potion of haste.
  King Tut, Lord of the Phoenix
Well, this is not where I expected to be. I would have liked to say a few words to the Oracle... Oh, well.

Ok, once we see Vrill, I drink the Potion of Speed.

Schmektor, not so sure you need to lay into Ron Ball like that. He's a priest of Jesus. Kind of a pacifist, y'know.

Anyway, Pelvis and Femur are taking on that Metal thing. -Do it, boys.

Power up my PFE shield, and attack Vrill. BRs:13,9. That's ACs -4 and -1. 15 and 14 points, respectively.

Hey Vrill, you look gross.
  King Tut, Lord of the Phoenix
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Hey there Mr. G-Vrill
You be lookin' all wacked and you be lookin' all ill
Where you eyes at? Why you skinny? That's the bad kind of chill!
Most people want the freaky get some bling on they grill

Now we be fightin' Xorns and Otyughs to get some mad loot
I even hiked through the desert in a fucking metal suit
So now you're all be-liched with a freakey metal man
And your cleric buddy looks like he's never gonna tan

And dude, you all crazy. You like flies in the wine.
The situation here between us be the opposite of fine.
So now we gonna put you down, gonna show you that it's time
For the rhymes and the skills and the cryin' and the dyin'

I know I won't be online again until Monday morning... so I'll post a little into the future:

Round 1: Attacking Ron Ball - BR 16 (hits AC -5) for 7 (BR 2 +5)
Round 2: Attacking Ron Ball - BR 8, (hits AC 3), BR 16 (hits AC -5) for 11 (BR6 +5) and 13 (BR 8 +5)
Round 3: Attacking Ron Ball - BR 16 (what the hell? How many 16s can I roll?) for 7 (BR 2 +5)
Round 4: Attacking Ron Ball - BR 11 (hits AC 0) , BR 6 (hits AC 5) for 10 (BR 5 +5) and 13 (BR8 +5)

Hopefully at least a couple of those hit. If by chance Ron Ball drops, I move on to the huge metal giant. If I take a substantial beating (25HP or more by round 3) I push back the rolls to round 5 and chug a potion of extra healing in round 4. SOrry to post into the future like this, but I didn't want to miss out on the action...
I take my potion of health I gain 4 con points. I now have 39 hps with the aid included. I miss on my halberd attack against Vrill unlesss he's ac 5 in which case he takes 13 points of damage.
next round we'll see.
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