Wtf...beatin on my spiderbot...time for these guys to die.

BR 17 hits for 7 pts.
BR 4 misses

Br 20 hits for 4x2x2
  Theodore Koppel
Damn, that Magic Missile looked so real!

Hmm. I shoot the Dustman, BRs:18,2. A hit for 2.

A powerhouse, I am not.
  Big Combat Round 2
Well KT, you've got some more time to consider how powerful Hold Person is, when the twins rock their saves with 13 and 15.

More disappointing spellcasting comes from Theo. Although sure, the twins might think you're Magic Missiling them, they also think they've got a Shield spell up blocking MMs, real or fake.
Magic MISSile.

Spiderbot gets his attack in.

Thak has a good first round, not so good second round.

NPCs on the spiderbot. Two Magic Missile spells and a Dustman- it takes 21 pts of dmg that round!

Berries eaten, y'all.

Az: 6/13
Dag: 2/14
KT: 10/22
Spiderbot: 11/37
Thaka: 20/30
Theo: 10/10
Thren: -2/10

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hit with longsword br 14 for 3. Hit with flail br 20 for 6.

2nd round is all misses.
  Theodore Koppel
I have 8 berries? I eat 7 then.

It's kind of strange. Somehow I know I need to eat 7 and not 8 berries.

Anyway, I cast a Phantasmal Force Magic Missile at the Twins!. -Two Missiles!

I figure I now know what it should look like, and they should know how much it should hurt.

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Ok, I didn't know I was in melee with them. I'll eat my 8 berries (10/22 hp).

Round 2:
I'll Hold both the mages. Peace out bitches, our party is a little beat up and we can't take much dmg.

I don't want the bot to waste a round closing to melee, can he close and attack? I think thats what the Dustmen did on me. Or, if no, can he just shoot for round 1? W/e though.

Bot: 19 = hit 4x2.

I really don't like hold person, I think it's overpowered, but I think someone will die if I don't cast it. I'd like to find an alternative to the spell.
  Big Combat, Round 1, Fight!
Dustmen are clever and cunning and have a good dex and stuff so they go first. KT, seeing you cast gets both their attacks. You take 10 hp dmg and there's a critical fumble on you.

Okay, KT... BR:7. Well, the guy's charmed. Nice work. The Dustman casually steps aside to permit butchering of his weird pals.

Spiderbot closes to melee.

Az: 6/13
Dag: 2/14
KT: 2/22
Spiderbot: 32/37
Thaka: 20/30
Theo: 3/10
Thren: -2/10

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Ok time to get srs.

I Charm one of the Dustmen, I just want him to move out of the way "Be careful friend, you are in danger!"

If I am successful, spiderbot will melee a caster, if I fail, bot will shoot a caster.
BR 13 hits either way for 5x2.

I like berries as a free action. They are capped at 8 /rd, and you can only carry 8 max (at least, until we get much higher level), so I don't think they are anywhere near as abusive as infinite potions of any type as a free action.

* I definitely want the shuriken gun.
  Little Combat Over, Big Combat Begin
Check it out, we're blogging in blog 2.0 or something! The label for this post is HELL YES.

Okay, let's see. Just got into the office, sipping coffee, looking at combat actions. *sip*


First, retconning.

Theo, no, it's cool. 2 gps is fine for horse crunk. It's enough to put out the mini-Cerebus.

Thak and KT, okay, you guys build the world's first flush toilet. In fact, I'm gonna add that to the label below. Well done. Everyone gains 50 xp for being part of this revolution in sanitation technology. Huygens levels, gains 2 hp, takes 'Dapper' as his NWP.


Back to it.

Thak, yikes, you kill that midget good. If you want him subdued, you can have that too I think, you took that NWP, right?

Dag, okay great. Thren is up.

Goodberries as a free action. Uh, right. Votes? What do y'all think about that?


Anyway. Our brave heroes, having slain the three small fellows, quickly take stock of the situation. You might have captives, but before you can interrogate them, the combat starts up anew! Coming through the door are three... no, four more opponents ready to do battle.

Two of them are very tall, very pale- almost bone white, and dressed in brown burlap robes. They seem to be those Dustmen you observed several days ago carting off bodies from the factory fight. Each of them carries an extremely sharp straightrazor, the kind used for shaving very close.

The other one, or two- is a set of Siamese twins! A boy and a girl, joined at the hip. They are casting! Protected by the Dustmen, they get two spells off right away. Mage spells from the sound of it, Threnody... But that's the last you hear as two magic missiles pummel you for 7, dropping you back down to -2!

The Dustmen are silent, but the girl says "Not for you, this place. You shan't have come here."

Do something. Dustmen are AC:6. Twins are AC:2 for missile fire and can't be reached by melee right now.

Az: 6/13
Dag: 2/14
KT: 12/22
Spiderbot: 32/37
Thaka: 20/30
Theo: 3/10
Thren: -2/10

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I didn't realize Thren had slipped so low. The next two rounds I throw down two CLW's on Thren: BR 5 and BR7
I'll retcon a toilet check: BR 6. Should be pretty darn spiffy there Huygens. I still think Thak should take Toilet Knowledge as her next NWP, what could be better?

AFAIK Goodberries can be eaten in combat as a free action, up to 8. It's either part of the spell description or something we came up with, we've been doing it all along.

Where did these guys some from? Someone mentioned a trap door, can we get another description.
BTW I thought we were saying to free potions, why do they get to do free goodberries? I don't think we have used them in combat yet, are we setting a precedent? Heh.
save is missed.
hey now, since when do I built toilets? I do no such thing. I did however mention it to the barkeep and to Tut. If they can't work it out I guess your dirty little world will never get the joy of flushing.

round 2 attacks. 17 and 18 with longsword for 8 and 6. flail miss.

round 3 hit ac 7 with longsword for 5 and flail hits ac 1 for 4.
  Theodore Koppel
I feel so... so ashamed.

I spend 2gps on that crunk.
  Dispute A Roll
Alright Theo, you pay what you think it's worth.

However, I'd like to contest your hit with BR 14. The only 'up' opponent is the dwarf midget, who's AC:3. Your THAC0 is 20. You have +1 to hit with bow from DX, and a +1 from Bless. I think you hit AC:4, not 3. Correct?


Az: 6/13 hp
Dag: 2/14
KT: 12/22
Spiderbot: 32/37
Thaka: 20 or 22/30
Theo: 3/10
Thren: -7 or -5/10
  Theodore Koppel
Once again, I'd like to assert that 5gp for some crunk is just way too much. Now, I've made my Street Skillz check and have tried to work it out with Huygens...

As for my save, BR:3. Oof.

I shoot that asshole, BRs:10,14. That's a hit for 2.

Again, BRs:11,17. Another for 3.
  A Little Fight: Round 2 Update
The shuriken storm is for 4, 2 if you save.

KT, okay, Thren is back up and the healer is downed.

Oops, right, Az, you're disease-free. That's gotta be a good feeling.

Dag, you drop the shuriken dwarf again.

Az, those attacks will be coming in to rounds 3 and 4.

Guys, go ahead and post up through then, and don't forget to roll that save.
Eh? I thought I got rid of my rash? Lemme know if I was able to get rid of it, I already took the 30 gp off my character sheet.

S'more blogrolls.

BR 15-1= 14 for 5-1= 4 damage.

BR 20! Apollo smiles upon me! BR (6-1)x2= 10 damage.
Thanks for the heal KT!

Bugger... missed my save vs. shuriken by 1. BR13

Didn't K Tizzle reload us all with some berries? If so, I chug 4 of them.

Attacking Human again:
BR20 for 16 (BR6 +2 x2) [booyah]
BR12 misses [damn]

Rob, once we are down to one opponent I attack for submission. we may need one of these little bitches to find that crown.
Round 2:
Cure Thren for 4.

Spider bot goes for the healer.
BR 18 is a solid spanking. 1x2 = not so solid. "Good luck on your save chump!"

I think I fail my 2nd save with an 11, and spider bot crushes it with a 20.
  A Little Fight: Round 2- More Lucky Stars!
Okay, KT cures Dag. Dag, you're back up to 6 hp. You drop the National Enquirer and draw your staves, leaving the sordid details of Lindsey Lohan's hot party on the cold stone.

Spider bites the dwarf midget.
Threndoy hits the human midget. So does Dag. So does Theo. Oof, the guy takes it hard.

(Thren, because you only rolled one save, then attacked him, I'm assuming that's your save vs Sanctuary.)

He eats some goodberries! Misses you on the fumble Dag.

Az, yeah, the bless thing is kind of silly. In table top, we've always played that when you bless, you bless all your friends, regardless of if they're in combat or not. Just ignore that line in the PH. In any case, I'm guessing you might want to take Spec in that spear one of these levels.


Next round:

The dwarf midget goes for Thren! A hit for 6. Down to -2, as he slashes open the back of your calf. Feel free to goodberry as necessary.

The human midget CLWs the dwarf back up! He magic shurikens all of you again! Everyone make another save! Shuriken boy pops some goodberries he just happens to have also.

Threnody and Theodore take down the human midget this round.


Thaka, given that you didn't roll any checks or have any Engineering or Toilet Knowledge or NWPs like that, you basically take some old PVC piping and run it into the cellar. Little bit of caulk, little bit of duct tape, and you smile and rub your hands in satisfaction. Lookin' good!

Within two days, the whole thing is leaking, leaving a nasty brown film on the outside of the 'plumbing' and generally stinking up the whole bar. Huygens takes it down quickly, and dowses the place in amaretto to mask the stench. Lesson learned! Maybe your next toilet will be better.


Az: 10/13 hp + rashy
Dag: 6/14
KT: 16/22
Spiderbot: 34/37
Thaka: 24/30
Theo: 7/10
Thren: -2/10
  Theodore Koppel
Oh, I realize I must retcon a roll vs. the 'false dwarf's' Sanctuary. BR:13. -Aces.
hell yeah...I do want that on the spider bot.

Bot makes save (I assume?) with a 16.
BR 18 for my save, so only 3 down. Speaking of which, holy shit! An undodgeable shuriken smg? We totally need to steal that and mount it on one of KTs robots. That sort of thing on a mechanical spider would be bad ass.

At any rate, I go straight for the shuriken guy with my spear.

BR 7... says probably no.

BR 8 on the other hand... still probably no.

How strictly are we interpreting the whole "bless doesn't work on people in combat" thing? Only folks in melee? Or do I have to cast it before we even meet the dudes we're gonna kill?
  Theodore Koppel
Hey, I am still not satisfied with the price of that crunk. I think I made my Street Skillz check, and Huygens ought to kick in some cash too.

Anyway, as for these Dwarves, I will shoot the false dwarf. BRs:2,16. One hit for 5.

Excellent, once again BRs:18,7. Another for 4.

Apology accepted, Mr. Azoth. In fact, perhaps I should take your mistake as a compliment. -The Master Thief goes undetected!!! -Indeed!

Oh yes, the ninja stars, BR:18! 3 points. -Master Thief, indeed!
Sorry Rob, by "I too am clueless" I didn't mean I was behind on the storyline... I simply meant that my initiative was so pitiful that Dag may has well have been reading the headline "Lindsay Lohan giving a blowjob" on the cover of the national enquirer when the midgets showed up...

Save vs. ninja stars: BR 7 - miss! I take the shuriken in the chest like a man!

"Thanks for the cure K-Tizzle"

I swing on the Human:
Save vs. spell: BR19 [oh hells yes!]
BR 13" hits AC 6 for 10 (BR8 +2)[woohoo!]
BR1.............................[ahh shit.]

If at all possible, I would like to get one of these little bastards down to 1 HP and then toss him against the wall for that last point... nothin says class like dwarf tossing.
I roll - what, a d6 for init? It's been awhile since I rolled init here. Anyway, a d6 gives me a 5.

Just so you know, that's how I roll it.

Also for the save I get a 17. I think that makes it. Then BR 12 and 13 on the almost-sanctuaried midget, both of which hit, and dude takes (BR 2 and 3) 9 points.

Next round - same thing, BR 3 and 13 gives one hit (BR 5) for 7 more points.

Let's see what happens from there. Motherfuckers better be bringing a mage to the table 'cuz I need them shiz-pelz, yo!
You're not even gonna mention that I tried to help get the toilet invented? Wow, just wow.

Save is, I failed.
1 is a failed save.

I cure Dag for 6.

spider hits with a 17 for 2x2.
  Small Combat Round 1
Recap for the clueless:

In hopes of obtaining money, xp, and a ride out of here, the PCs have agreed to help Huygens, bartender of Rats and Razors. He gave them their first job, and is basically the 'newb helper/first dungeon guy' like they always have in MMORPGs or whatever.

Huygens' problem is that rats are filling up his basement and have stolen his best liquor, the little turds. Your mission was to go into the sewers, kill the rats, and get back the booze.

Turns out the rat problem is out of control even in the sewers. The soi disant King of Rats, Ren, has lost his crown which apparently allows him to control the rats. One solution would be to kill Ren, but instead, he made you an offer: find his crown, and he'll recall his rats. Additionally, he'll give you whatever booze is left, plus let you meet the secret merchant Rapist Jim, who just might have a way off the island.

Exciting adventure or worst episode of Lost ever? Remains to be seen...

Anyway, so Ren told you the thieves who took his crown, who he referred to crypically as Those-Who-Walk, are past the two-headed dog in the hallway. You headed back there, and took out the dog, only to find... a dead end. You then literally took out the dog, and when you came back, apparently the secret door at the end of the passage was opened... and three dwarves had come out!

They're now fighting you because maybe they guessed correctly that you stole their dog and are here on unhappy business.


That's the story. Here's the combat.

The dwarf uses his machine! The metal machine spits out a flurry of spinning shuriken! Everyone make a save to dodge the ninja stars. That's save vs. rod/staff/wand... if you miss, you take 6 pts of dmg, if you make you take 3.

The human midget casts Sanctuary! Save vs. spell if you want to attack him.

The dwarf midget pulls out a two-handed sword (for him) and leaps under your boots, attempting to cut your Achilles' heels. He cuts you good Dag, for 8!

Dwarf is AC:7, human is AC:6, and the dwarf midget is AC:3 because he's like crazy small.

Thak and Dag, whoa, okay, you take down the dwarf in the first round.
I too am clueless.... init 1 on d6

"Hey what's up guys? Why are you hangin' out down in the sewers?"

If dude pulls the trigger... it's on! My round rolls are:

BR 15 hits AC 4 for 10 (BR8 +2)
BR 13 hita AC 6 for 9 (BR7+2)

Kick ASS!!!
1 for init. The spider bot and I are clueless.
I got a 6 on d6 for init. I think I may have a +1 to that.

I attack people who point things at me. To subdue. Longsword miss. Flail is a 20. for 8 pts.
  Never Before Seen In D&D Before
Potential adventures? Uh, well, you're on one, so I'm not about to say 'hey look over there there's some ninjas taking that guy's diamonds' right now. Besides, this campaign was supposed to be all about you guys making your own adventures. Actually you've sort of exhausted what I had initially told you about. Once this is over, I'll storyline you guys some unless someone comes up with something quick.

Anyway, alright KT, you tie up the dog and knock it out. Both of its heads. Meanwhile, Theo finds and disarms a pit trap! Good job there.

Then you guys haul that puppy back upstairs. And then you return to the dead end, now free of pit traps.

Only, it's not a dead end anymore. There's three guys standing there, trying to figure out where their dog went.

"You dere!" one of them yells. They're three dwarfs. No, wait a sec... there's a human midget, a real dwarf, and a dwarf midget, who's like totally small. The dwarf- the real dwarf, not the midget dwarf- is the one yelling at you.

"You dere! Where'd me pooch get off to? What you doin' here! Where's me Harmadukes at?"

He raises a strange metal device, like a small crossbow at you. Initiative.
My apologies, Mr. Koppel. I tend to think of you as an illusionist/ice-cream maker. I spoke in haste.
I will chain up the dog and take it back to my lab. I don't want to hurt it. I have my minions feed it and take care of while they build robots.

Rob can you do a quick recap of potential adventures? This ship needs to get back in the water and get some wind in its sails.
  Theodore Koppel
5gp? I use my street skillz (BR:11) to improve that crunk price. -I think Mr. Huygens should cough up some of this money as well.

Anyway, I tie that puppy up as quickly as he goes down. Hog tied. Sorry puppy.

And, Mr. Azoth? Do you consider me to be chopped liver? I am a thief, Sir. And a darned good one at that.

In fact, I am a Gnome, Mr. Azoth. That means I have an 80% chance to correctly determine whether or not this underground passage is even safe. BR:74. -Is it?


I find/remove traps, BR16! Indeed! Ha!

We should have brought a thief. -Indeed.
I shell out money for the Cure. I'm now AIDS free.

We should have brought a thief.

WIS check BR 19 fails.

INT check BR 20 fails harder.

Anyone got any ideas?
  Where Are You Guys Getting Your Money From?
Az, a Cure Disease will run you 30 gp, or a month of free labor for House Alaheim. You guys have about two days, so spells are rememorized. 'Xcept Thren, who still doesn't have a book.


Okay Theo, cough up 5 gp and you've got a dose of Horse Crunk. After a couple days back upstairs, which seems pleasant and homey by comparison, you brace yourselves and return to the sewers.

Poison applied to bolt. Thunk. Dog gets an 8 on the save and falls over after about a minute, 'crunked out'.


You tiptoe past the dog creature, and continue into the passage. Finally, you make it to a... dead end! Hmm. The corridor ends about twenty feet past the dog, and you see a big spike here driven into the stone where the dog is chained up.

Okay brave adventurers, now what?
Ah, right, the AIDS.

How much do I need to shell out for the CURE FOR HIV? Can House Alaheim help me out with this? I dunno, maybe they don't want to know their new priest gets strange rashes from hanging out in sewers.

Have we recovered spells for the day? If so, I bless us before the dogfight. If not, I've got one cure in reserve.
  Theodore Koppel
Well, I think it's time to take the initiative.

I tell Mr. Huygens that we can fix his rat problem for good, but I am going to need a very strong tranquilizer, -really heavy stuff, Mr. Huygens. If he needs some cash, I'll provide it.

I also get some rope.

I then get close enough to the dog for a easy shot with a doped arrow. BR:17. -That should do it.

Sleep puppy, sleep. Let's tie the doggie up.
Hm. Is there a monster friendship spell?

Im down for doing anything, I just want to start cranking out xp and have stuff to read :)

What potential adventures do we have left? The rat thing is confusing, let's move on. Where are things to kill and loot to gain?
  Welcome To Piccolo
Az, okay, you sign up with House Alaheim. They send a couple guys out to patrol the neighborhood. You can work on the shrine when you get back and wash yourself off real good.

KT, okay, spells changed. Everyone's back to full and 8 berries in hand.

Az, you still have a disease. You've got an itchy rash right now.


Thak, okay, you decide that the 2-headed dog lives under Piccolo. You take your friends and enter Piccolo. To get there, you have to walk down a rather long, curved tunnel that leads quite a ways- maybe half a mile?- from Oft and Zent.

Oddly, no one's in the streets- er, caves- and their's not a lick of trash or grime to be found. Seems like the nicest part of town.

The town seems to be populated by freaks, cripples, and retards. An old retarded couple answers the first door you knock at. They smile at your note and let you in, but you have no idea if they understand it. You look around at their minimal hovel and leave.

It's totally quiet here. No guards, no kids, no pets, nothing.

You try a few more houses. Some doors aren't answered and won't open. Other doors, crack open slightly, then close in your face. Some let you in. A legless man on a wheely cart. Four old women who look exactly alike. A group of older lepers. A man with a giant, bony tumor coming out of his forehead, hanging down about two feet and six inches around. Barely anyone talks to you, but you get a lot of toothless smiles and nods. You see no children, no dog, and barely any *stuff*. Your story about guards and kids and a dog doesn't seem to be holding water here, and you're not convinced anyone is listening carefully anyway.

There is a lot of inappropriate touching. As you enter people's homes, they can't resist touching you. Gently placing their hands on your arms and back. Not pushing you- just touching. If you flinch away, they keep doing it. What the fuck. The first time it happens, it's weird. The fourth time it happens, it's like a fucking cult down here. What is this place?

Each house is not the same in construction and appearance. That said, there seem to be no shops here. No bars, no warehouses, no 'thief kind' of places. Nothing really to steal anyway. No shingles outside buildings. Not many windows, actually.

You're pretty sure that the dog in the sewers is under the giant building in the back of Piccolo. It's basically a giant stone box the size of a city block. No windows. One large door, sealed. No one answers it when you knock. Besides the door, carved into the stone, is the only adornment- the sign of the Guild of Dust:


Let me know if you want to resort to violence or something. In the meantime, I'll FFW the party back down into the sewers under Rats and Razors.

Note that you have about two days back in town while the party rests up if anyone wants to do anything.


Well, I said that if you took time off, all the rats would come back. But no one wants to go through that fight again, especially me, so they didn't come back yet. You can slog your way down to the 2-headed dog and try your luck. Like I said, everyone at full except Az still is rashy.

Alas, the 2-headed dog counts as a monster, not an animal, so he resists your spell, and snaps and barks loudly at you. Sorry but that's how it goes. Since it didn't work, you can still have your spider going. The dog is on a chain, else for sure he'd be rolling initiative. If you wanna be startin something, you gotta be startin something.
Ok I have a bit to do.

To the barkeep.
"What were you doing with the chamber pots while your basement was unavailable? Anyways, I think, hey wait, why not brick it up and have some sort of pipe running from you chamber pots directly to the sewars so you don't have to empty them. That way you get rid of an access point to the bar and you don't have to change the pots manually. You could even have a keg of water or something to flush the shit down the pipe."

Have I just invented toilets for twilos? Sounds like a great organization. Hey Tut maybe all your engineering skills could help out on this idea....

Next thing...Hey Tut can't you deal with the dog being a Druid and all?

I'm also going forward with my plan. I rest up and get healthy then off I go. I will try to figure out roughly where that dog is stationed and search the area around there above ground. I'll go door to door and try to look around... People who let me in to look around get a couple of coppers for their time. I will have a note written up explaining that I am searching for some dog someone has that has 2 heads and has been causing some trouble attacking children and that the guards aren't doing anything about it. I just need to look around their premises and make sure it's clear. I will pay them after I look around. I'll also ask if anyone has seen a 2 headed dog in the area, or if they know someone who might have lost one. I'd like the whole party to come so I guess I put them on the Tart and carry them along. Most people probably wouldn't refuse 5 armed people who just want to have a look around and then give them some coin, those who do might be worth meeting. Hopefully we'll find the dumb crown that way. Then I say we go looking for Jim the Rapist and have a little sitdown.

first I'll just kinda watch the area for 2 days (wis check is a goddamn 1!", then I'll start with buildings that seem to be more likely to be involved. Bars, warehouses, thief kind of buildings.

I'll be pretty passive aggressive with people, nodding to them and just putting my hand out to move them out of the way, while I give them some copper. I would assume the Crown is magic so some detects might be nice guys.

I would like to know what Daughter Lionel has on JtR.

That's what I gots right nows.
I'll rest up, rememorize spells (with 2x Animal Friendship), refill everyone on berries, deactivate teh bot, and try to tame the 2 headed dog. I'll bring some food with me, and try my Friendship.

I'm ok with staying in Twilos, lots of stuff here. We have like 3 more quests ready to go.
Hmm... I figured we had a lot more adventures in Twilos ahead of us. At any rate, I'm with the party, no matter what. That being said, we're going to have to get this rat-thing's stupid metal hat back no matter what, so I say we do that.

"Anyway, now we need to figure out how to get past that freaky tw0-headed dog. I'm pretty sure there's a bigger version of one of those in the underworld. If they're related, music is the key to putting it to sleep. Or, failing that, swords, spears, that sort of shit ought to "put it to sleep" just fine if you know what I'm saying."

I accept House Alaheim's offer.
  We Interrupt Our Scheduled Programming
For some rad shit. Check this out:

Isn't that fucking sweet? Mark drew it. It's Ed fighting a dragon, although it looks more like a 70s porn star fighting a T Rex, which is even more awesome.

Anyway, rats, and escape and stuff. C'mon guys, blog's stuck in neutral here.
  The Guy Hustles
Dag, Ren says all business-like:

"Leave Twilos? Why would anyone want to leave Twilos? That's weird. But I guess you could talk to Rapist Jim, he does stuff with people who come and go all the time. But nuh-uh, you wanna talk to Rapist Jim, you gotta get me my crown!"

For a king, this guy sure is a little bitch.

KT, okay, you ask around about the crown. "Rat King? Ren? Huh?" Your pals at the Greenhouse and the Factory haven't the foggiest, although one of them has heard of ol' R.J. "Yeah, I knew a guy who knew a guy. Used to party with this guy with the worst name, Jim the Rapist. Like, why woulda guy be named that? His parents hated him or something? Is 'Rapist' a new class or something, like 'Tim the Ranger', 'Arch-Mage Jeffers', 'Jim the Rapist'? Sheesh!"

"Anyway, guy's a hustler."
Asking Ren:

"I don't normally play bitch to any rat king. But I might make an exception this once if you can arrange safe passage through the sewers to get us out of Twilos. Do you know a way to get us out of here? We would need transportation on the other end as well - A boat to get us back to Gorgos. If you want your crown back bad enough, I think that you will see that this is a reasonable request."

To the others (out of earshot of the 'King'):
I am with TK on getting the hell out of Dodge. If Rat King can help us, so be it- I vote for re-nabbing the previously mentioned nabbed crown. It could be our ticket out. If he pulls the "wah" card, then I say bag it, and we find another way out.
I ask around about the crown, Cha check 8.

I don't think we should fight the rats. They are too powerful, and we are guaranteed to get diseased, which is expensive to cure, and we are low on money. We need to fight guys that don't cause nasty conditions :)

What else did we have as a posibility? Wasn't there some problem with mechanical creatures that the druids mentioned, in a forest somewhere? I say we go after the mechanical creatures, I can memorize 2x Neut. Poison at least.

By the way, what level is Cure Disease, 3 or 4?
  'Johnny Rapes' Has An Awful Ring To It
Thaka has some conversations.

With Ren: "Uh, no, actually I am the Rat King. Had a crown to prove it until it got nabbed. I'm not sure why you really want to argue about that. Is that something that's important to you? Can you go get my crown now?" He says this all in a voice like melting Dairy Queen soft serve, eaten in the back lot by the fly-encrusted dumpster.

Thak leaves and goes back to the bar. "Hey, thanks," says Huygens to you Thaka. "But nope, can't really 'brick over' the entrance to the sewer... where am I going to dump the chamberpots and dirty water? Out in the street? We're not animals here you know. Here, have one on me." He pours you a nice warm one.

Sorry Thak, right. Temple of Venus. Lars Ulrich the ogre works for House Chordhelle. Not many people have heard of Rapist Jim, but one of the elder Daughters has, Daughter Lionel.

"Oh sure, that guy. Also goes by 'Jim the Rapist' and 'Johnny Rapes'. Sells a bunch of weird stuff that he gets from the Dustmen I think, and finds in the odd corners of Twilos. He's got some connections too... there was a guy who'd come from Stygensport just to buy Johnny's meth. You want some crystal meth? He's holding if you do."


Theo, the gate out is just across from the bar. It's supposed to be guarded by about ten guys and two iron golems, but it could just be a legend. You have to go aways down a long corridor, past some checkpoints, and every now and then a group of armed soldiers brings in a bunch of poor newbs, once a week or so.


I'll hold on Threnody talking to people over the next month for now, as it's not clear what you'll be doing later this afternoon, let alone two weeks from Thursday.

I've heard a lot of hypotheticals but not much else in the way of action verbs.

At least when you get storylined, interesting things happen and people post. Just sayin'.
I think Thak is maybe ok with trying to kill the Rat who would be King, she has her suspicions about him. She wouldn't bring it up, but she would follow along.

She has no interest in getting the Crown back for him, but we should be able to find the thieves without too much difficulty. We have a vague idea of where they are above ground, because I have the Dwarven underground abilities, and could judge rough distances to the dog from up top and then we should be able to search door to door within say a range of 100 yards of that area. We could ask people to let us take a look around. If they let us, which I would since we are 5 well armed people, we can assume that they aren't in on anything. We give them some copper ad wish them a nice day, maybe even tell them we are looking for some thieves who have caused some problems with some rats. People might have heard some shit. If they don't let us look around in the house, we would have to play it by ear. Maybe offer some coin. That would probably get us in the door to where the thieves are, just so they would try to take our stuff.

I think this plan is ok. If anyone wants to second it I'll implement. Please don't make it take till next monday for us to do something.
I guess just to wrap things up.

"if your people won't listen to you without your crown, then you aren't a king. If you can't reason with them, then they aren't people. If you can only rule using your crown then I suspect you are a tyrant. I have no cause to help you Mr. Rat. I am leaving now. If your people continue to cause trouble with the barkeep it will not be apprectiated. If your cause is just despite the appearance otherwise, I wish you luck in it. Goodbye"

I leave. I tell the barkeeps what's what. I guess that there is an entrance to the sewers from his basesment no? Well his basement has been cleared of giant rats as promised, perhaps now is a good time for our barkeep to brick that opening up eh?

I go back to the Temple of Venus where I work, not house chordelle because I don't work for them. I'll ask around a bit about this Jim the Rapist fellow...
What - so there's a job, involving loot, and we're backing away? Really? I mean - we gank that dog thing, go in there, straighten some shit out, find a crown, get the booty. Isn't that kind of what we do?

I suppose we could go do some more arena fights, and work stuff out - but this rat-king-thang seems pretty straight-up.

I'm just throwing my two coppers down - if we're not down with the bizness, I'll go along with that and make some more bows and arrows and fight in the arena and shit. But I'm jonesin' for a spell-book, and there's a better chance finding one past that dog thing than anywhere else I've seen.

Whatever we decide, my Job One is getting the fuck outta Twilos. Rob, over the next month I make some inquiries, and try to get a cash value on passage out of here for the lot of us, if such a thing is possible.

Talking pretty to folks isn't exactly in my core competencies, though.
  Theodore Koppel
Hmm. I agree with Mr. Tut. It seems like a lot of effort for a dirty cellar.

Twilos has me a bit confused.

Where is the gate out of this place? What does it look like? We have one pass out, no?

I say that we get out of Twilos. Then we either find Bekkars and finish our job, or go to the GMI and investigate that sunken ship.
"Uh yeah no thanks. I'm the king, I need my crown. Unless I get it back I can't keep my subjects from going upstairs. They'll just be in your cellar, eatin your dudes."


I hear you KT, hey- whatever adventures you guys want to try, go for it. I figure I'm still waiting to hear exactly what the plan is... sounds like Thaka wants to leave, which means more rats to fight if you want to come back down here.

People, it's been a few days. Whatcha wanna do?

"Perhaps you would prefer a bodyguard, or companion, instead of a crown? Jewelry is overrated. I could build you a companion that would stay by your side, and protect and entertain you."

I'm starting to think this crown-thing is lame. I think the xp/hour we'll gain by pursuing this line isn't very high, and I'm not sure if people are very interested either (judging by the dearth of posting since Friday).

Can we get a few people to weigh in on some options:
1) Give him the robot (if he wants one).
2) Try to regain his crown (if it doesn't take long).
3) Rest up, load up on poison, and come back and gank him.
4) Same as #3, but try to pawn off an imitation crown on him first.

I think there are some very cool other adventures out there, and it's probly time to wrap this up soon.

Rob: I was thinking of making robots for those undead Duster guys, or w/e their name was. I want to get to know them a little better...they are probably pretty powerful.
  The Quest Continues, Sort Of
"Those sneaky Those-Who-Walk thieves stole in here, distracted my guards, and snatched the crown right off of my head. It was lame." Understand that you and this guy are having a nice sort of conversation with the dead, bleeding bodies of his guards in a huge pile around your feet. Maybe Ren ain't the most observant? Or just doesn't care? Or doesn't quite, eh, see the trees for the forest or something like that.


KT and crew, okay, you leave.

Thaka, I take it you're leaving the sewers, and this part of town entirely, to head back over to House Chordhelle?

What is everyone else doing?
ok, I guess nobody is taking the initiative, I'm not taking the bait, but I'll play.

I say in skywriting.

"If your rats continue to be trouble at the bar then we will have no choice but to do something about them. The barkeep helped us out and seems as good as man as barkeeps trouble. I will tell him what you said and see if he is amiable to waiting a bit while you try to get your crown back. If you have information about its whereabouts, perhaps we would help you retrieve it, but not until the attacks on the bar cease. I will do what I can topside to keep this from causing more bloodshed."

I go upstairs and talk to my orc buddy and some of the whores I know. I also let the keep know whats what. I want to see if there is any info on this Rapist Jim. Anyone know a rapist jim?
Ok, I head back upstairs to get to work finding this crown. How the hell did someone take it?
  Their Best Song Was 'Anthem', And It Really Was.
Yawn. Ren the Rat King stretches his awful little human-like rat paws and yawns.

"No, it's a crown. It's not a ring of vermin control." Ren's head is about the size of yours, actually. Like I said, he's a big-ass rat, rat-thing, rat-king, whatever. About five feet long, two feetish to the shoulder. A curious lad could ride him.

The room is big. One main exit, where you came from, although you might be able to squeeze into the opposite crack that Ren came from. Ratmen had iron weapons, you can take them.

4 old iron longswords
1 o.i. shortsword
1 o.i. broadsword
2 o.i. spears

Descent into Depths is an old school 1st Edition AD&D adventure run by the Infinity Group.

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