I also want to see if one of the Travel stores has a map of the airport for sale. This place seems weird enough that there might be a market and someone to meet it's needs.

I ask at the footlocker if they only deliver within the airport, or if they can ship things to other planes and iff so what company do they use? Is there a ups guy walking around?
I buy a frickin robe.

"So freddy, you seen a guy named Vrill around?"
I describe vrill as I hand over a grand.

I also check in with Shi Jukka and ask about how he died and if the MOP are doing anything I should know about.

See if he needs any help.

I ask Shi what he's been doing in the airport, like work kinda stuff, Or if this is part of some quest he's on etc.

If he seems cool, and I know he is, cause he's trained me before, I tell him all about whats going on. He might be able to help with the terminal B sitch and with finding Vrill.
  Day 1, Afternoon: The Food Court 2
Okay, food acquired. That'll be six dollars and ninety-eight cents.

The Footlocker has some pretty good stuff. You can get some Nike trainers for 800 gp that'll up your movement rate by 1". Or, if you want the top-shelf kicks, pay 2500 gp for +2" to movement and +1 to DX. Only one pair of those available guys, so don't all try 'em on. The ogre in the black-and-white checkered referee's shirt says "Uh, yeah, those are some pretty good sneakers. Uh, can I have your zip code please?"

You can get some magic knee braces that'll give you a +1 save to paralyzation for 200 gp. Or a sweet aluminum bat for 50 gp. You can also buy some steroids (+1 to ST and CN for 1d20 rounds, cumulative per dose up to 4) for 150 gp per dose. Or some sweat socks, 3 pairs for 10 gp. Finally, it looks like they have some Pilate's training videos or something. You'd bet each video, going for 300 gp each, set of three, would give you a +1, +2, and then +4 bonus total to your acrobatics.

As for lodging, hmm. Doesn't look promising. You see a lot of guys just sort of nodding off in their chairs or on the floor.


Marivhon, on your 1 WI check, sure enough you find Freddy 5, the cube modron selling magic robes. "1000 gps, you get a +1 robe of protection. Only got three of these babies, gotta sell 'em now. Move along if you don't likey-likey." His four eyes look around in a 'shifty' kind of way.

Marivhon, also, you see what looks like that guy Shi Jukka in line at Panda Express. He seems to be doing well, well enough at least to pay the dollar extra for the fried shrimp.

Brogg, you see your clay golem sitting in what looks like an uncomfortably small chair in the food court.


So, there's no Chili's here that you can find. No Coffee Chateau neither. Most importantly, I guess, no Vrill. You ask about both of these places at the terminal M information desk... terminal M seems to be for straight up dead humanoids, lots of orcs, humans, goblins, halflings, all just hanging out. But the place is the busiest yet, so you wait in the queue for quite a while. There's this halfling three guys up from you at the desk, some hotshot priest of Yolanda who's all like "No, really, look, I'm about to be Raised any minute, like any second now." He checks his watch and sighs in exasperation. "So can you please- no, wait, lemme finish- can you please just tell me where the Resurrection waiting room is? No I don't need some food stamps, I'm about to get out of here, just as soon as my goddamn friends get me out of that dungeon." It goes on for a while. The lizard man in front of you turns around and rolls his eyes. He says to you "Can you believe this guy? Sure you're gonna be raised buddy. Sure..."

Eventually you make it to the front, and ask about the coffee shop and Chili's. A tired dwarf lady at the end of her patience says "No no no, you want terminal Y. Head down there and ask them. NEXT!" You ask again about libraries. She glares at you. "Terminal V, terminal B, and the temples in A and Z. Plus Border's here and there. Including RIGHT OVER THERE." She points towards the food court, where sure enough, there's a small Border's. Huh, the Mysterious X's book is featured on their display table.

You ask also about accomodations, and the lady says "Yeah we used to have a Marriott off terminal B, for visitors, but it's all closed now. You might find some cots at one of the shrines."
Ooh, Panda Express!

I get the Lo Mein, Orange Chicken, and the Steamed Vegetables. No Eggroll, thanks! Yeah, just water. No, not the bottle. Yeah, that's fine.

Hmm. This airport seems unusually large. Wisdom check: 4. Sure thing.

Well, I have Negative Plane Projection. Isn't that kind of ironic? Isn't it? Then again, I am not sure what the spell actually does. -I think it protects against level draining, but it might do other things too. -Is Hello Airport the Negative Plane?

Anyway, we need to find Vrill and pull out his teeth until he talks.

We really need to find an internet cafe or some WiFi. Maybe Vrill's blog could give us some clues...

I go to the information desk, and ask about how many Coffee Chateaus there are, and where they are at.

Do they know of any libraries in the Airport?
I keep my eye out for Vrill. I try to get to the Chilis and see if anybody recognizes him. I also try and look into accomodations. I want to see if I can figure out where he might be staying. On a side note I want to check out the footlocker and see if they have anything that might help me with my acrobatics, my stealth, my armor class, and my movement. Maybe like some Nike Men's Air Zoom Huarache 2K5 OT's for my feet. I also might just find a Miken T22C6 Titanium Carbon Softball Bat useful. I know these things are pricy but I've been saving for just this day. If they have someone who could talk about my joint and muscle problems and recommomend some Knee Braces or something for my ankles back, neck, or arms that might be nice. I could just make a sales associates day.

Wis check is a frickin 1.

await your response with hightened anticipation.
  Day 1, Afternoon: The Food Court
Okay, there are complications.

Marivhon, you take a look at the terminal map again. You're currently in terminal G, which connects to the left to terminal F and to the right to terminal H. Alphabetical order, so far, so good. Terminal G itself though is massive. Maybe a mile or two in diameter. Hard to get a sense of distance here, given the crowds, moving and stationary.

You head over to terminal F at one end and check in at the information booth to look at a map. Terminal F connects to terminal G on the right, where you came from, but- uh oh- connects to terminal Y at the top. Hmm. Back through G to terminal H. Again, massive, and you check the map. H connects to G on the left, where you came from, and to terminals O and H' (that's "H-prime"), at 4 o'clock and 2 o'clock, respectively. You ask the ghost at the desk for directions, to both terminal B and the food court. The ghost tells you that terminal B is under construction and you have no business being there, so despite your great CHA check, no info. However, the ghost will tell you that the food court is between terminals M and N, and if you want to get to terminal M, just pass down through terminal O. Your CHA check nets you a warning- avoid the red halls of terminal O, and certainly don't head into terminal P from O, as that's the Fire Elementals' Graveyard, and they're pretty ornery. Stick to the blue watery halls, and you should be fine passing through O.


You make it through to terminal M (G-H-O-M), taking the ghost's advice and keeping to the blue halls of terminal O (which is decorated a bit nicer than FGH, by the way). You finally enter the food court right as the dinner rush begins. The food court itself is massive, easily the size of Grito. You count a total of three Panda Expresses, for instance. The place is chock full of people, all races, lots of monsters, all somewhat disgruntled and waiting in long lines for food court quality dinner. The place, like all the terminals, is a giant circle in design. At the far end, you can connect on to terminal N.

There are a bunch of stores here too, and a lot of little carts selling a variety of things. For instance, there's a leather goods store, a liquor store, the Zombie Guild, a store selling 'Hello Airport' decal clothing, a Just Magnets, Footlocker, and Make-a-Bear. Looking for anything in particular?

When you're here, everyone roll WI, Alertness type skills applicable.

You are feeling a bit hungry, and are starting to feel just a bit fatigued. The smell of greasy food double damages your olfactory system. Command?
Ok, well I'm going to try and figure out my way around this place. I want to know how to get to Terminal B and try and find the gate. I don't necessarily want to get all the way to it, if there are complications. I just want to make sure that we can find our way around the airport. I will check in at some of the nicer shops in the food court.

in case you want them.
Move silent 44 made
Hide in Shadows 69 missed
Cha roll 6!
Int roll 5!
money spent exp gained.
  Day 1, Morning: The Cigar Shoppe
You enter the cigar lounge.

A vampire in a Lay-Z-Boy laughs to himself as you walk through the glass door. "Velcome to the Vorld of Darkneth!" he says. "Bwa ha ha... ha ha... heh."

You buy a kick ass cigar for 100 gp. It's made from leaves of the Tree of Knowledge, marinated in cognac for 40 years. The elves playing euchre are impressed. "Ya, friend. Dunno 'Vrill' name guy, but ya ya, guy like that, he come here, he play some real shitty euchre, real shite this guy."

"Ya ya," one of the other elves chips in. "This guy like 'owlbear this owlbear that', and he always smile when he get a good hand. We tell him, you not a good partner, ya? You always smile like the big dummy when you get a good hand. Then he try to bluff real good, like laugh too hard and say 'Oh ya this good' when he get a shit hand and all like 'Oh dear' when he get a good hand."

The first elf shakes his head. "Ya, he inhale too. Everybody knows you don't inhale with the cigars, ya? Had to drink a big drink, ya. What a big dummy this guy. Anyway, ya, I saw this guy little bit, over at the Chili's restaurant place. That Chili's restaurant is in terminal K."

"No, the Chili's restaurant is in terminal J," says another elf, smoking a big cigar. "J, ya."

"No, you are the wrong. The Chili's restaurant is in terminal K." Turning back to you, he says "K terminal get to from Y terminal. Just head to F terminal to go to Y terminal, ya. The Chili's, is good." The elves all nod in agreement.

You ask about terminal B, and the elves bicker again about how to get there. "You go to the terminal A, then to the terminal L, then to the terminal L2, the special terminal. You got to take the shuttle bus. Then head over to H and then to the B."

The vampire, apparently listening in to the conversation, laughs and says "Foolth! B! The B terminal... it ith under conthruction! Ha ha ha..." He turns into a bat and flops around, apparently trying to fly away out of the lounge. But he can't open the doors as a bat, so he finally turns back into a vampire and sits down in his recliner. He leans back, popping up the footrest, and quietly laughs "Ha ha ha... ha ha... heh... hmm."

The cigar is great, by the way, and nets you 50 xp just for smoking it, thanks to the knowledge imparted from the magical leaves.


Not much is happening in terminal G in terms of buying great equipment. You do see a modron with Down syndrome standing by a shoe shine place, with a big sign that reads
"CursEd BooTss 200 gp s"

Sure enough, there's a dirty pair of boots for sale. You ask him if he has any better stuff, and he says "No I don't, sorry about that. My cousin Freddy 5 has some robes for sale at the food court though."

You ask at the information desk about duty free shops, and what the hell, the food court. The helpful zombie tells you that there are some shops near the food court, located between terminals M and N. There are some other stores, more upscale places, located in terminals A and Z, although the stores in Z are temporarily closed, as that terminal is under construction. As an aside, the zombie mentions that as undead mainly come on through terminal G, there aren't a lot of stores here. The zombie leans a little closer, and looking off to the side first, tells you that a lot of rabble come through F, G, and H, peddling all sorts of crap they've stolen from any old poor dead guy.
Lets be clear. I have an 8 cha I buy a really nice cigar +4 to the cha. I know you said I can only buy a +3, but hey I just died give me the good stuff. I spend 100 gold on the cigar, if I can. Plus I have some of Gregolas' special blend so maybe that will help with some of the peeps. BR for the cha check to see if anybody has heard of Vrill. Nice I get a 4.

"So I guess I'm dead, any of you guys seen a friend of mine named Vrill? If so I'll buy you a cigar as nice as mine and if not, well I guess you can smoke some of this here pipe "tobacco" with me."

Either way good times to be had. I ask around about the terminals. Like how far is it to terminal B? Plus I'm dead and I have a lot of money. Are there any gift shops around like maybe some duty free shops I can get some really nice shit for a monk at. Say the Concordant Boutique?

I ask my questions of the boys in VIP and do some looking around.
  Day 1, Morning
You look around, trying to adjust to your new situation and lifestyle.

You are all standing in the arrival terminal of what appears to be an enormous airport. The place is packed, with all sorts of humanoids, all of whom look tired, bored, and mildly annoyed. Some bustle around, some slowly wander here and there, many others lounge or nap in somewhat uncomfortable vinyl chairs. A large sign announces your new home:

Welcome to Hello Airport
So there you are, sure enough.
Your heads are foggy, as though you just woke up. It takes a bit of effort to recollect your identities, your memories, and your lives. Looking around, you see your friends, restored to flesh as they were just before death: Dave, Fist of Odin, looking sharp in magic platemail. Brogg, half-breed champion of Grisbane. Cinder, cunning Blackwall Thief. Marivhon, warrior monk of the Grisbane temple. And Renwick, powerful magic-user. No Mike the zombie, though.
You do seem to have all your gear, minus the potions expended in the final battle vs. Lord Skullbones. Your spells are as they were before, that is, you're mostly out of spells. While the experience you gained from the final battle in D1 has been noted, and some of you surely leveled, you cannot train while in the underworld.
Dave FoO clues you in as to Abbey's words and deeds, as he's the only one who was aware of all that. You have one week. You get to work.
You begin by heading to an information desk. A zombie clerk- yes, there are many undead workers here- turns to address your questions. He nods and pages a few names on a crackling, noisy intercomm. Nothing immediately seems to happen.
Marivhon, nearby is a large map of terminal G, which is where you are now. Apparently there are terminals A..Z altogether, and various hallways run off the edge of the map to connect to the other terminals. Sure enough, there's a VIP lounge called 'Captain Charley's Cigar Bar'. There's no obvious internet cafe listed though, but you do see a cofee shop 'Carbunkle's Brew'. Dave FoO, you can't seem to find a wireless internet connection, so you can't IM Vrill.
Carbunkle's Brew has lattes, cappucinos, mochas, and chai lattes, but no internet terminals either. You see a minotaur clumsily typing away at a laptop that's way too small for his huge hands, and you think he's playing some online FPS, but it turns out it's just his screensaver. Huh.
You head to the cigar bar in search of Vrill. There are a couple pirates, a fighter, four elves playing euchre, and a vampire. Marivhon, you enquire about him... make a CHA check. If you want to buy a cigar, add a +1 bonus to your check for every 15 gp you spend on the cigar, maximum of +3.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
I would argue that Odin is comfortable with the undead - having been one Himself (although there is some disagreement about if he actually died on Ygdrassil), but, from Wikipedia:

Odin sometimes acts as the instigator of wars, sending his valkyries to influence the battle toward the end that he desires. At the battlefields, the valkyries are also charged with selecting the dead in order to gather the best warriors in Valhalla.

And, as the high priest of Odin, I'm pretty sure I Death Knight, you know.

Anyway. I tell Brogg to page "Michael Hunt - but he goes by Mike." Heh.

And then I go to the internet cafe and look for Vrill.

Hey - do we look like zombies here, or are we fine? Do we still have all our gear? I'd like to get a coffee. I know, I know, whiskey's more important to a priest of Odin, but I've got something to do. Whiskey later - Vrill first.

I ask about all my gear because if I still have my Mac, I'll try to IM him if he's not in the cafe.
I go check out the airport map and legend. I look for the vip lounges. I bet Vrill has been trying to buddy up with some real plyers.
Wha? I'm a Zombie?!

Hey, I'll be damned if, wait, no. I be damned again if some freaking Undead Dork thinks I am going to pray for him for spells. Hell no! This priest is not for sale, flesh or not.

Anyway, first things first.

Did I level? Is Mike the Zombie here?

And then: I go to the nearest information desk. I ask the clerk to page Gregory Vrill.

-Please, tell Mr. Vrill that Martha Fokker and Will Kikuras will meet him at baggage claim.
  A Stunning Conclusion
Okay, there it is. This post will conclude D1: The Rod of Orcus...


Dave, Fist of Odin, is surrounded by the corpses of his friends. Facing off against the mighty death knight of Orcus, Lord Roderick Skullbones, he lets out a mighty battle cry and double damages the undead antipaladin of evil. "Ugh!" cries the death knight as he falls to the ground, his evil black sword falling beside him as his dead body collapses in an evil bony heap.

That's right about when the other Power Word: Stun goes off. Dave FoO, you spin around as the first syllable begins, wondering how the death knight managed to pull this one off, but no, wait, your bear just got stunned... Then you see.

It's Abbey.

She Stuns you and you stand helpless, watching the little girl walk over to you. Out of the corner of your eye, you see the clay golem, victorious at last, begin to smash the bones of Skullbones into paste. Laying at the golems feet is your buddy Brogg, a smoking black hole in his chest where his heart used to be. As Abbey moves across Piccolo Grave, Rodger the Ranger's dog comes over to her and puts the death knight's wand in her hand. She stands atop a pew and knocks you out with the wand.


Dave FoO, you wake up, paralyzed, but in no pain. Abercrombie is licking your face, and Abbey's there, leaning over you. You're still in the Grave, you see your friends motionless around you, not much has changed except now you're on the floor.

"Okay, you're up. We don't have a lot of time, so let's get this thing moving," Abbey says to you without affect. "I was hoping that the mage would be one of the survivors, as the safe bet is that he's smartest among you, but you'll have to do." Abbey looks around, and you catch a slight wave of despair over her young, innocent features.

"Remember my words well, priest of Odin, as you'll be dead soon and your brain, mind, and memories will begin to rot. You'll be joining your friends in death- those that weren't killed by the death knight, I'll kill myself. I need to convince you of a couple things so you'll take me seriously, so you see this half-elf monk friend of yours, Marivhon?" Marivhon's body, faintly breathing, is lying near you. Abbey grabs Marivhon's hair, holds up his head, pulls out a dagger, and slits his throat. Deep. Thick, oxygen-rich blood pours out of Marivhon's neck, bleaching his skin and cheeks in a matter of moments.

"All dead, priest. But I'll bring you back. As undead servants, so you can serve me. I have a job for you to do, and if you do it, I'll make sure you all come back into the realm of the living as well. But time and resources are limited." Abbey drops the dagger, wipes her hands on the back of dead Marivhon's tunic, and walks back over near your face.

"Just like I'll re-create you, my father made me. My father, who you sent to hell. Not the greatest or most clever of men or mages, but he made, and re-made me, and that took some work. But he's hidden a few things, things that I need, things I can't find. And just like you'll be powerless to affect me, I'm powerless against him. For technical reasons I won't get into. But you won't be. Powerless, that is, against Vrill, in the underworld."

"I don't care how you do it, or what you do to him. But I need you to find my father and learn from him the location and words to unlock the- now, this is important, this is what I need you to remember, as your mind begins to decay- I need to know how to access the White Book, the Book of Poppies. The White Book, priest- get this information from Vrill."

"You see, the Temple of Zelba isn't yet unmade and cleansed. If you work fast- one week is all you'll have, remember priest- one week. If you can find my father and wrest the knowledge of the Book from him in one week, you can return through Terminal 713B, and I'll restore you and your friends to flesh and blood. Fail, and you'll be trapped as undead either in this plane or in his."

"We're off to the temple soon, soon as I kill you and reanimate you. Test me if you like, try and kill me. I wouldn't waste your powers. Your skills, your abilities, even your possessions will accompany you into the lands below, although you speak only the language of the dead now... your friends here in the world will see you only as skeletal abominations, to be destroyed. One final thing. You, and your other priest friend... expect no help from your gods, being the undead horrors that you're soon to be. If you want priest magic..." and here Abbey laughs, "you'll have to pray to the undead gods- Zelba or Orcus. Only they will hear your dead prayers now."

"Remember- one week, terminal 713B, find my father and learn to access the White Book of Poppies. One week, or you'll be forever lost to the lands below."

Abbey picks up the dagger, and the world goes dark.


Sometime later...

You're all back, conscious, full of hp if not spells. Congratulations, you defeated the death knight! You've gained some nice treasure and a ton of xp. This concludes module D1: The Rod of Orcus...

...but no, wait- something is horribly wrong. You're back down below the temple of Grisbane, where Apprentice Steve somehow defeated tons of undead. And, looking at each other- it's true. You're undead as well. What flesh remained hangs off your bones. You have all your equipment, although it's ill-fitting. You try to speak, but only gutteral, scraping, tooth-grinding sounds emerge. You're all standing on the blasted altar, before a glowing portal made of stone and black light.

Abbey is here. She nods her head, and points, commanding you forward into the gate. You try and resist her, she opens her mouth and speaks some words, but you cannot understand. With another spell, that seems to drain her abilities, she commands you again, and you all step forward, into the black light, through the gate, and into...

D2: Hello, Airport.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
So - hit point check? Is it moot?

I drink a 2d8+5 potion, for 16 back. And remember - my plate mail absorbs the first d4 damage from any foe, so if he hits me it's - well, it's a little less, anyway.

Next, I'm PISSED. This motherfucker gonna get my metal! BR 17, 4 for 7 points damage. I think I have another round of attacks: if so (or next round), BR 20, 5 for 16 points.

That's how we roll it, Odin style!

Then, in case I get lagged, BR 15, 2 for 5 points damage (to AC 2). But depending on the HP check I might drink a potion, or give a potion, or cast some sort of spell...

Oh - and his AC just dropped by one.
  Pre-emptive Browser Cache Search
Ha, hold that thought... you don't know exactly what's coming next...
Looks around the airport, then heads towards the internet cafe and goes to the counter.

"Hey, anybody see a dorky looking mage-type that likes to download celebrity iPod playlists?"

Cinder also checks the browser history for potion-guild links and notes the days and times.

BTW, my hasted Clay Golem should cream that Type II demon. Clay Golems are badasses.

Kill, Skull..bone...ssss..Mr....Bill... ugh.

p.s. Brogg's last thought: I'd better not be reincarnated as a FUCKING EAGLE!
  Almost Done
"I'll roll two more and take the best"? I dunno. But I feel bad not giving it to you also, given how unfair this battle is. Tell you what, you can do half damage on that last attack. That's a crapload of damage- you guys might actually do this thing, which I didn't think would happen. Anyway, Lord Skullbones looks almost dead after your onslaught. He begs for you to join him though, and Brogg? Power Word: Kills you. "No... no no no. I'll see you back in hell, you son of a bitch. Save me a seat." Brogg, the death knight says a single word of power and your heart explodes.

Dave FoO, the death knight, out of most good offensive magic, turns to you with his black sword raised...

Who shall be victorious at the end of D1: The Rod of Orcus?!
Pink cloud, pink cloud! I am a pink cloud.
Cinder is dead?! Nooooooooo!

Alright, I guess I clicked 'cast' twice by accident. Damn lag...

Anway, I'll slash Lord Skullbones instead! Taste the Fury of Grisbane, you foul Wretch! BR:13. That hits AC:0! For, oh, shit! Maximum of 14 points! Yeah.

And, for this round, I chop, chop! BRs:18,18. Oh, I shit you not. Or, did I not click good enough? Hard to tell with BR... I think I did. -Tell you what, I'll roll two more, and take the best. BRs:8,19.

18,19 it is. And for damage: 12 and 13.

My name is Brogg the Half-Breed, and I come to you now at the turn of the tide...

Now that is some hate.

My friends, Grisbane is with us. Grisbane is with us.

And, I'll chug my last Po. of Xtra Healing to preempt the pain that is coming. 8 Points. I should be at full.

Hit him, Dave, Fist of Odin, Hit him!
First things first.

Monks don't get new saving throws where originally none are allowed. There's no opportunity for a successful save, meaning that you can't save in this case for no damage, i.e., ,when there's no saving throw in the first place, as in Ice Storm. This is 1E canon, although it may not be explicitly clear in the PH. So, as the title of the post indicated, Ice Storm is no save, meaning Marivhon takes the full 21 hp.

Second, Wall of Ice can be cast as an Ice Storm. It's sort of weird- why would any mage take Ice Storm when another 4th circle spell gives you all that and more? But anyway, there's the Ice Storm for you.

Third, I didn't realize that the Wall of Ice was an innate ability, thanks for clearing that up. That round, the death knight will also Power Word: Stun the polar bear that round, taking him out of commission for the fight.

Fourth, there's no 5' fear effect going on. So either you aren't fighting a by-the-book death knight, which would be perfectly valid, or two, something weird is going on, which is probably true in any case. (See below.)

Fifth, I think it's completely fair for one summoned creature to interpose with another, especially given the geometry of the combat- how many people can be surrounding one medium sized creature in the back of a room? Plus a golem? The demon gets in the way. And yes, the demon's attacks are considered blunt weapons- unarmed attacks are automatically classified as such.

Brogg, you already cast Invisibility to Undead, but if you took it twice and want to re-do it, go ahead. Of course, if you'll read Paul's post, you see that death knights can Detect Invisibility, but cast what you'd like. Potion drank. Actually, I just looked at your character sheet. You only took this spell once, so please choose another action.

Looking at stats, a hasted clay golem probably has it over the demon, and it looks like the golem is winning, but they're still presently engaged.

Renwick, BR 98, the first Magic Missile gets through. "Ouch," says the death knight. The second round, BR 5, it's reflected back. You take 6 this time, and the death knight laughs. Third round, which brings us current, you MM Skullbones for 9, it gets through, and now he looks pissed. "Here's some magic for you, asshole," he says bitterly, and 20d6 fireballs you.

Oh, and yes, Cinder took that 21 hp, so he's dead too. Marivhon and Rodger the Ranger slip lower, and it's up to the two priests to cleanse the world of this outrageously powerful and overmatched evil. Skullbones looks hurt though, so it might be possible- you've done 38 to him so far. How will D1: The Rod of Orcus finally conclude?
Hey if this fucker starts reflecting and resisting my spells I'll back up and do something else.

Just read that table talk entry and it might change my plans.
I magic Missile for 6 and again for 6.

12 pts of damage.

I'll do it again next round for 9pts.

If we survive this, I am going to buy a Fiend Folio for Cinder.

I think he is safer at 0.

It looks like a Clay Golem and the type II demon are a good match. Just curious, what kind of weapon is that Type II Demon using? My Clay Golem takes no damage from non-blunt weapons.

Also, My Clay Golem reserves the right to Haste himself in madness. I suggest that he does.

And, since I am in control of the Clay Golem, I suggest he attack Lord Skullbones.

Also, if Lord Skullbones is straight out of FF, how can he Ice Storm? My copy says he can Ice Wall, but nothing about a storm.

Anyway, assuming the Ice Storm was real, I chug a Potion of Xtra-Healing, drop an Invisibility to Undead on myself, and step back. 13 Points for that Potion. I am at 19.
save BR 15 I take no damage from the ice storm. If you have questions you can read the below.

On any successful save against any attack form which does damage counted in hit points (e.g., not those which paralyze, petrify, or kill outright), the monk takes no damage, even if the attack form would normally do half damage to those who successfully save.

I attack. hit ac 5 for 9 hps.
Descent into Depths is an old school 1st Edition AD&D adventure run by the Infinity Group.

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