Taste the fury of Grisbane, Priests of Pity! Pity your own fate!

Brogg unleashes his scroll of Flamestrike centered Rupert! 6d8 BR:28 points to those at the controls!

After that, Brogg rushes to melee with those three, broadsword swinging.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Hokay. Brogg, Cinder, there's naught I can do against the big three fuckers up at the top, 'cuz of this curse thing I got kicking. But those fuckers downstairs I got no problem with the killing . . .

Badger, Bobcat, Hold Person, and Clobbering. I drink a healing potion, too, for ... 6 points, total, or 20/22. My targeting order for the hold is weird monkey-gnome, little kid, chicks in weird veils, and middle-aged guy. And then, the clobbering. Here are some to-hits and damages:

20 and 7. No Lie! I love the Bloggroller!

17 and 2.

5 (and 4).

12 and 6.

19 and 6.

That should be enough for a little bit. If anyone is wondering what I'm talking about, it is that. That is what I'm talking about. The clobbering!
Initiative = 3.

To the Ogre: "Thanks buddy." Pointing to Rupert, "That's the guy that chained me up! Can you kick his ass?"

Ok, Here's my plan. I'm a wounded dude with no armor and no weapons, so my main objective is to stay out of melee with any fighters. There are a lot of pillars, and I assume many shadows since there is all this lightning arcing around. I'm gonna slip behind one of those and hide in shadows, BR: 20%
I'm gonna differ just a bit.

It appears that at least some of the old grito clan are mad at Vrill too, so if I see any of them casting on Vrill's group, I'm not interfering.

That being said, I'm gonna go after any spellcaster that's not going after Vrill and Co.

  And That Monkey's Name Is "Payback"
Okay, I'll just assume Dave is charging up with Brogg and the zombie twins.

Cinder, actually, because you failed that last save, the '77' is how many Con points you lose. You die. Your son dies. Your grandson dies. The line of Cinder is no more. The power of the lightning ball!

Just kidding, the 77% is a system shock check. You passed. From missing save three, though, you take 6 hp and flail around. It feels like you just stuck your tongue in an electrical socket. Fortunately, Ogre John grabs you, hefts you into the air, himself now surging with electricity! He rips the chain in two, freeing you from the horrible lightning torture. There's another BOOM and then everything is strangely silent for a second. That's just long enough for Brogg to yell as he hurls some flaming oil! Of course, it's not clear just what he's hurling it at, so I'll assume the control panel, which bursts into big flames!

Vrill yells "No... NO!" He's got some skillpoints in that by now. "You fools... what have you done?!" He turns in rage and points down to the lot of you, screaming at the Two Of The Jug. "See that?! I TOLD YOU SO. And now they've got an ogre, that's just great. Do something!" Rupert draws a crossbow as Sarah and Vrill ready spells.

Just before combat's about to begin in a flurry of initiative rolls, you hear more voices below! "We finally meet," you hear a young voice say. Looking down, just entering the room you see... some people you've never seen before. No, that's not true... you recognize the gnome clerk from the Potion Guild? WTF is he doing here? With the gnome is a young boy- the speaker- along with a middle-aged guy and two women, one of whom is wearing a black veil. The gnome yells "Oh my god... it's Master Vrill! You... you.. son of a bitch! I'll kill you all!" At first you're kind of confused, as you remember this gnome was a spellcaster, until you chopped his arm off, thus ending his involvement in that line of work. You have a hard time concealing your surprise and bemusement when he pulls back his cloak, revealing... a small monkey! In short purple robes. The gnome begins to chant a spell, while the monkey performs the somatic component!

The boy says to you "We won't let you get away with this. You've destroyed our lives. Now it's your turn. Payback's a bitch." He pulls out a slingshot and takes aim.

Hmm... damn instrument of wizardry. Should I cross off a charge?

Anyway, that's fine. I grab a vial of Greek Fire from my pouch, and charge up the stairs towards the control panel. I assume I can pass up Mike the Zombie and Abbey.

That statue is all yours Ogre John! Just get it out of those chains!

Dave, Fist of Odin, got a light?!

When I get into throwing range, I let the vial fly. BR:13, that's a 14 if my strength counts towards it.
  Ogre Sent
Okay Cinder, Ogre John looks pretty surprised to see you up there.

"Hey, check it out. There's a magical lightning man statue up there. And whoa, it TALKS?! I got dibs on that one guys." Ogre John bounds up the stairs to come help you out.

Mike the zombie and his floating head also head on up. 'Head on up'! Hell yeah I went there. Just waiting on Brogg and Dave to chime in to get this bitch a-rollin'.
Oh man, I didn't slip out of the circuit in time?

Alright, let's kick some Blogrolls.

Save #1: 15
Save #2: 16
Save #3: 7
Percentile: 77

I better not lose a Con point.

Cinder looks at the big-ass Ogre and yells "Hey buddy!! You with Brogg n' Dave? Do me a huuuge favor and rip this chain off that ring for me would ya?"
  Rescue At The Weather Station!
Okay, let's get this one started.

Cinder, as you're coming to, you tug at the chains and try to slip out of them. You can get your arm free pretty easily- it's clear these things weren't meant to hold people. You yank at the leg chain- that's a bit trickier, as they really had to squeeze this thing around your leg. LIkewise, the neck chain- that was put on by Rupert directly, and is locked tight. No good. That's right about when Vrill yells "Yes!"


Backing up, Brogg, Ogre John takes the potion no problem. "Hey thanks pal. This stuff is pretty good. If you got any more, just let me know."

"Ogre hunters? What the... Who hunts ogres? What'd ogres ever do to them? Oh that's not right... that's just not right." Ogre John seems sincerely shocked anyone would hunt ogres. You might as well have said 'baby hunters' and it'd get about the same incredulous reaction. "Well let's just show those ogre hunters that ogres are pretty nice guys, huh?" Apparently his plan to do that involves strength and a bladed staff. Ogre John has a pretty bizarre world view, but you'd guess it's mostly self-consistent, in a weird way. And yeah, broadsword returned, no problem, plus Cure Light Woundsed.

In you go to Command Center 5.


Okay Brogg, you've got a nice one-liner there as you pull out the Wand, aim for the ball, and... nothing happens. Apparently, the giant metal lightning ball is not a half-breed, construct, or chimerical monster. Now you know, and if knowing was half of this battle, you'd be in pretty good shape.

On the plus side, Vrill apparently doesn't hear you, and finishes flipping the last switch!

The giant ball shakes and there's a loud BOOM right above you Cinder. The ball begins to rotate, shooting lightning at the metal poles! Each one it hits lights up with a creepy blue glow. Oh yeah, Cinder? You're in the circuit now. The ball is drawing life energy off of Cinder! Cinder, make three saves and roll d%. Good luck there. Guys? Cinder thinks this would be a good time for plan B. Ogre John says "Whoa! That's pretty neat. Hey, dibs on the ball."

As soon as they head up to the controls, I'm gonna try to weasel out of my leg and arm strap.


That should do it for the straps I think. I dunno, the neck shackle might be harder with no tools but...

BR:72% to pick the chains with no tools. Hmm.
Strength Check:2 to try and yank the chain off.

Let me know. At any rate, I get my body out of that nook pronto. How much length to I have on my neck chain?

Alright, I guess that Ogre John is coming along. After we reach the weather station, I am going to Cure Light on myself. BR:6, that puts me at full. I tell Ogre John that he could probably use a Potion of Healing and give him my Potion of Friends, hopefully that will keep him in check.

Assuming he takes the Potion, I am going to tell him all about how bad Vrill is, and how Lord Rupert and Lady Sarah are ruthless Ogre hunters. I also mention that Vrill, Rupert and Sarah are incredibly rich. Oh, and I'll kindly take my broadsword back.

As for the CR5: Upon entering, Brogg grabs his Wand of Deconstruction, points it at the metal monolith, yells "No, Vrill that was the last step!" and wills it to discharge!
  The Donkey Had No Treasure
Hell yeah that character sheet is fucking sweet! "Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown" is the best.

No sweat Dave, just waiting to add you back in rotation. Dave, you swing the mace into the ogre's side and he says OOF again. That's right about when he clobbers you on the head. Brogg, critical fumble. You drop your sword, Ogre John picks it up, says thanks, and sticks you in the ribs for 9 more hp. That puts you at -2 hp!

Dave, you and the zombie tag-team Ogre John, temporarily ignoring your dying friend Brogg. Shit, but ogres are pretty tough, huh? Another crossbow bolt and a swing with the mace does it again, and Ogre John drops his staff, looking pretty winded.

You Cure Light Wounds Brogg, as Ogre John says:

"Whoa, uncle, UNCLE! Okay, you guys are pretty good! Sorry about all the blood there. Anyway, it looks like you guys have some good stuff. I'd like to get me some of that! So I'll just come with you for a while and get some while the getting's good. Yeah!"

Well, you can let the ogre come with you, tell it to go away, or basically kill it here. Up to you, but until someone buzzes in, I'll assume Ogre John is in the party.

Brogg, you were healed for maximum! So you have 5 hp now. Dave, your last Cure will put you up to 14/22. Brogg, another Cure will put you to 8/14.

You guys have about one more night- one and a half days of travel to reach Mt. Storm. After resting, you'll be up to 18/22 (Dave) and 10/14 (Brogg). Let me know if you guys want to burn any Cures or change spells before you assault the weather station.

Anyway, you reach it! It's sort of like Devil's Tower, maybe a little more mountainy. Just before you guys begin the ascent, a buffalo walks down the trail and heads off. Anyway, you guys wind up along the rocky trail towards the top! Ogre John says "Oh yeah, this looks like a great adventure. I just know there's some great stuff up there."

Finally, you reach the top! You see the giant weather station towering into the sky, surrounded by four huge metal pillars. There's a lot of grey storm clouds brewing. "Looks like a storm's coming" says Ogre John. "Hey look, a monster. En garde!" Ogre John confuses the pack donkey that Vrill and co. left behind with the first guardian and mercilessly butchers it with a swift club to the head.

You find that the main door is already open, so you go inside a small antechamber. When all of you are inside, the front door slams shut, the chamber shakes, and you rocket to the top in an elevator! Ogre John can't believe it. "Whoa what kind of room is this?" Finally, it slows, stops, and a panel across the room opens, revealing the stark white halls of the Dorov Weather Station.

There are signs of a fight... an empty pair of black robes lay on the ground, along with some blood and a pair of bladed staves. Ogre John grabs a staff and says "Now this is what I'm talking about." He puts on one of the black robes too and says "Huh huh, now I'm the big castle guardian! Or wherever we are."

You can follow the blood trail through the station... you move for about an hour. Occasionally, you come across more signs of battle. You're spiraling inwards and upwards, until you finally reach... Control Chamber 5.


Backing up a bit, Cinder, you will recall we left you entering CC5 also. Here's what you see:

It's a big-ass chamber. I mean, freaking huge. And loud. It's a huge hemispherical chamber- at least 100 feet to the ceiling. A crazy metal scaffold/walkway winds around the walls, towards the center about twenty feet up, and keeps going up for a few levels. In the very center is a giant metal ball, and surrounding that are tons of shiny metallic poles in very tall, skinny black metal cages. Each of the poles goes up about 30 feet or so? Hard to say, and they form a circle around the giant metal ball. The metal ball is covered in blue lightning.

Yeah, you heard me. Covered in blue lightning. And every now and then it discharges a wicked blue lightning bolt into one of those poles. But mostly it just shakes, pops and hisses, and glows blue. You feel that like an Iron Maiden song should be playing somewhere.

Vrill laughs and says "Yes... finally! From here, I shall use the ancient secrets and control the weather!" Sarah looks at him in disbelief and says "Now, you do know what you're doing, right?" "No problem" says Vrill, pointing to the ball. "We have to go up there."

Up you go to the first sub-level. Cinder, you notice that there's another level directly above, where you see what looks like a bizarre control panel, full of giant metal wheels, levers, one of those 'Jacob's ladder' pair of wires with a little spark traveling up between them, all that stuff. Right now though, you're directly below the giant ball, and you see that in the big pillar holding it up, there's a little nook. It's really narrow, about a foot wide, seven feet tall, with a few iron brackets to hold something in place.

Vrill smiles at you. "Now, Meefer... now you'll show us what you're good for!" He gestures to the nook. Lord Rupert says "This, uh, this looks kind of small. He's not going to fit in there. Are you sure a person is supposed to go in here? It looks more like, well, where that staff of thunder and lightning we found? Maybe that goes in here."

Vrill scoffs. "You haven't seen the drawings and diagrams of the ancients." He pulls out some documents covered in scrawl. Sure enough, there's a schematic of the ball, poles, lightning, with a little stick going in the nook. "It looks like a stick to me... could be a staff?" says Sarah. "Nonsense," says Vrill. "Don't forget," in sort of a teacher's condescending voice, "these were the ancients. They couldn't draw so well. That's clearly a stick figure representing a human sacrifice to Zeus. You see, the human acts as a sort of capacitor, allowing for the mystical lightning energy to build up... oh, nevermind. Just trust me, I'm a wizard."

Rupert grabs you Cinder, and shoves you sideways into the nook. You won't fit, so he just straps in one leg, one arm, and pulls out some chains he brought to connect your neck with the neck shackle.

Then, up they go, to the controls above. Cinder, your hair begins to stand on end, and you begin to come-to out of the retarded daze of the Friends potions. You begin to get a bad feeling.


Dave and Brogg and friends, just a little later, you push open the door to CC5, revealing what I just described. You can see Cinder chained up below the ball, and Vrill, Rupert, and Sarah concentrating on the controls. It's really loud in here; Vrill et al. haven't apparently noticed you yet, but right as you enter, Vrill pumps his fist in victory and shouts "Yes! YES! Just one more step!"

Now is the time for some heroics. Again, if you wanna backtrack, change spells, cure up, start by telling me about that. I know I don't need to remind Dave that he can't hurt Vrill, Sarah, or Rupert until Sarah's jug is smashed.
Alright, Ogre John. Once again I offer you the business end of my broadsword! BR: 1. uh, mommy...

Check out my kewl character sheet!
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Aw, Geez.

The whole time during Mark's speech, I was grinning all crazy like, and caressing my mace. So that Ogre bitch got two hits in before anything else?

No, I don't think so. I mean, Rob, you're the DM and all, so if you say the Ogre's hasted and shit, well . . .

But as soon as there's clobbering, that's kind of my job, you know? And I take pride in my work.

I take pride to the tune of a 17 to hit! And Bloggroll a . . . 4 for damage, which with the mace is a five. Heh! Take it to the bridge!

Okay - on the second round I'll clobber, if I go first (I roll a 15 and a 6 for hitting and damage, respectively) - or if not, I heal myself, and then bring our friend the Angriest Badger online. Wait - what's that? Do I hear the Ogre asking me to bring it? I am shocked - truly, I would think that a clobbering with a mace and then an Angry Badger would be enough for a party. Ah, well. Allow me to bring a Crazy Bobcat the next round. That is the it that I shall bring.

Then maybe some healing, and some more clobbering. Rob - after the critters, it's healing and clobbering, depending on the situation.
  You'll Have To File A Claim For That Helmet Damage
Dave still on server lag I see.

Okay Brogg, Ogre John takes your broadsword about as well as could be expected. "Hey ther... OOF... what are you DOING?" He seems truly surprised you didn't just hand it over.

Ogre John retaliates by beaning you, now, Dave, over the head. You take 10 hp as he hits your helmet pretty damn hard, denting it, and giving you a king hell case of tinnitus.

Mike the zombie pulls out a crossbow and shoots the ogre for 3 hp.

Oh yeah, and Cinder? Vrill's watch reads 7:13. We'll get back to the weather station just as soon as this ogre business is cleared up. Sorry about that.
Ok, Ogre John! How about I start by giving you my broadsword?!

Taste the wrath of Grisbane you fool! BR: 17, Yes! That hits AC:2. Alright 1d6+1:6, +1 for strength: 7 points, you mountain of dumb!

C'mon Dave, Fist of Odin, do what you do best!
  Send Me A Beating
Back in swing.

Okay Brogg, so Ogre John is really listening to you as you explain the situation. He's nodding along, eyes on the ground, then looking right at you, saying "Mm... mm-hmm... yup..." as you go. So you think he's really hearing what you're saying.

Then you finish and he beans you on the skull for... 14 hits, 1d6+6 gives 9 hp of damage. You say OOF. Ogre John smiles and says "So, you gonna give me your stuff now?"


And Cinder? Vrill says "My ass you get experience for the ancient guardians. That was all us, winner."
>...and you guys ride this crazy elevator all the way up. Then there's some guardians, and a couple fights...


Cinder kind of rolls his half-concious head around towards Vrill and whispers "you know I'm in your pary right now...I just got x.p. for that..."

leaning back face down on the donkeys ass he lets out a muffled "Bitch."

Well, Ogre John, that is quite the proposition, either we give you our stuff, or you beat our heads in and you take our stuff. Hmm...

Now, Ogre John, I am sure that you based your offer, at least in part, upon our appearances, and I will agree we do look a bit worse for wear. However, Ogre John, let me please give you some information that, upon first glance, you might have missed.

You see this fellow to my left is Dave, Fist of Odin. Dave, Fist of Odin, is not only really into clobbering, but he sits so squarely in Odin's favor, that he has invoked the presence of Valhalla's Almighty himself, right before my eyes.
And that guy a little behind and to my right is Mike the Zombie. Don't let his pallid complexion and awkward gait fool you, Ogre John, Mike the Zombie is a Zombie Master.
As for Mike's floating companion, that's Abbey. To be honest, Ogre John, I have little knowledge regarding Abbey's attributes; however, I myself take animate disembodied children's heads as an ill omen.
Finally, Ogre John, I am Brogg the Half-Breed, Holy Warrior of Grisbane, skilled with both sword and spell… and singing as I might add, and I don't mind telling you: that was a very nice tune that you were carrying…

But, I forget myself. Let me be brief. You see Ogre John, we are on a mission to save our friend Cinder from certain doom upon Mt. Storm. And as luck would have it, we didn’t schedule time for random encounters. So, if we must fight you Ogre John, let's get it started. But, if upon secondary assessment of my companions and me, you are willing to retract your offer and part peacefully, then we have no ill will and wish you Godspeed.

Brogg begins to pass his broadsword back and forth.

Ogre John?
  That's The Worst Elemental Plane You Know
Yeah, sorry about that guys. I was at Dave's graduation doing family stuff all weekend. Anyway, back to the story.

Cinder, Vrill rolls his eyes during your story, and says "You finished? Yes? No, please finish." When you're done, he rubs his thumb and index finger together and makes a sad face at you. "Here's the world's smallest violin playing for you, Little Orphan Annie. Yeah. You've had a hard life. So I can understand how'd you want to, you know, bettray your guild, murder some animals and women. That's pretty understandable... you SON OF A BITCH." He's starting to get uppity again. "Have I told you how pissed I am?! Have I?! Huh?! HUH?!" He kind of shoves you. "I'm so utterly and completely mad... 110% enraged, Meefer! I'm like on the Elemental Plane of HATE!" The priests come over and Rupert smacks Vrill on the head with the horse crop.

"Hey! Yeah, well, you get the picture. Chess Club, huh? So you're doubly betraying the guild, you bastard. Well we'll just see about that."

He opens up a little leather, well, it's basically a fanny pack. He pulls out a potion and drinks it, intoning "I summon thee! Messenger from beyond, take my message across these planes!" He waits for a while with arms outstretched. The two priests begin to get interested when nothing immediately happens, start looking at Vrill and looking around. Then this buffalo walks up. Maybe he said 'plains'? Vrill whispers something in its ear, definitely something about you and the Chess Club you think? Then he says "Go! Take my message!" The buffalo slowly trundles off across the, yeah, across the plains. For some reason Vrill points east or something and says "Yes!" as it leaves.

Lady Sarah says "Excuse me, Gregory? I'm not sure we've, you know, got a lot of time budget available for these sorts of enterprises, whatever that was. I think Master Meefer appreciates the depth of your suffering. Maybe we should get to the station, yes?"

Vrill looks at her, Rupert, then back at you and says "Yeah, sure thing. Meefer, I guess it's time to go. No hard feelings, right old pal? That's right... let's be Friends." He gives you a few more potions and away you guys go.

Up to Mt. Storm you go. There's a long winding trail that wraps around it. It's raining pretty good here asa you might expect, the clouds are all overcast, it looks pretty cool. Finally after like a full day of hiking (well Cinder, you're riding the donkey still), you reach the top, and make it to the ancient Dorov weather station!

It looks exactly like the cloud city from Empire Strikes Back, so you know it looks awesome. There's also four large pillars surrounding it, reaching up into the clouds, they're like fucking huge. See, I just saw Empire Strikes Back this weekend, and I thought that it would be a pretty good design for the weather station here. So rather than gloss it over, try and bullshit you, 'appropriate and modify' and all that, here you go: it's exactly like the cloud city. Now you guys know exactly what it's like. Well, okay, not exactly, it's not floating over a gas planet, it's connected to the earth but all surrounded by grey storm clouds just about to burst. No Lando or any of that crap either. So maybe it looks like the CN tower? Except that's kind of lame, so it doesn't. Cloud city. If you're not imagining something totally sweet, you've got it wrong.

Cinder, they knock you out nice and good, so a lot of this is a blur, but the first thing that happens is Vrill unlocks the huge front door, and you guys ride this crazy elevator all the way up. Then there's some guardians, and a couple fights that look pretty tough! It's sort of blurry, but the guardians are these cool all in black robes guys wielding bladed staffs. But big, not like ninjas. Having left the donkey outside, they drag you through the halls and chambers, which are pristine and white. Around and up, and finally, you reach a door "Control Chamber 5", and in you go... Holy shit. Vrill says "Yes... YES! Okay, let's get to work." Sarah says "I sure hope you know what you're doing" with a really worried look on her face. Rupert says quietly "you can find me in da club/ bottle full of bub... Why... where'd I get that song in my head?"


Brogg and Dave. How's it going? So you guys are hurrying across the plains. You're almost there to the mountain, camping in a gully so that Vrill and co. won't see you. Anyway, as you break camp, you hear some singing:

Do you believe in heaven above
Do you believe in love
Don't tell me a lie/Don't be false or untrue
It all comes back to you
Open fire on my ogre heart
I've never been lucky in love

It's pretty quiet. You guys pause, concerned, but then you don't hear it for a while, so continue packing up. Right as you're about to leave, the song continues, louder, closer. It's in a really deep voice:

Ogre's get in your eyes
Ogre's making you cry
Don't know what to do/Don't know what to do
Looking for love/Calling heaven above...

Send me an ogre
Send me an Oh-gre
Right now

"Hey there!" calls the deep singer's voice from the top of the little bluff. It's a very big humanoid. He's carrying a big walking staff and a little pack. You guys warily ready your weapons.

"Ho ho! How you doin." says the ogre, walking down the hill towards the camp. "My name's Ogre... Ogre John. How you doin." he says again. "You guys look like you're down on your luck. Wanna know how I know that, huh? I bet you wanna know." He grins wide.

"Because you just met me. Give me your stuff," he says, holding out his hand. "Or, I can smack ya," he says, holding up and out his big staff. Then he kind of moves his hands back and forth, like you're supposed to consider his deal: stuff...staff...stuff...staff.

Cinder uses sleight-of-hand to try and sneak a peek at his pocketwatch that is probably in Vrill's pocket now...

"So uh...is this weather station like, gonna happen? I mean, you need that other key right? That must be it. We could just kind of head up there and get situated and stuff. I'm sure the guys will be by pretty soon."

kinda hummin low "...go shorty, it's ya birfday, gonn party like it's ya birfday...find me in da club, bottle fulla bub, know I'm inda sex, I'm not inda makin love..."

Descent into Depths is an old school 1st Edition AD&D adventure run by the Infinity Group.

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