King Tut
Can we get a heal on Moth?

Round 4 I hit my blob twice for 12 pts.

I'll attack moss boy on Round 5:

BR3 is unfortunately a miss. I'll get you next round.
  Blob Fight, Round 4 To 5 Plus A Special Guest Star
Dave, you do some dmg.

Blobs fight back...

Marivhon miss, still at 12/26.
Moth hit for 7, down to -4 hp and falling.
Brogg hit for 6.
DaveFoO hit on the fumble for 8 down to 24/39.
Zom hit for 0.

You see what evil lurked in the greenhouse... a giant, squat shambling form comes lumbering into melee! It's a moss-covered anklyosaurus. It charges into the front ranks.

Into Round 5. Mossy Ankylosaurus is AC:-2!
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Wow. Round four. Okay!

BR 1. Go for it, blobbo. That's round 2.

BR 13. BR 5 for 9 points damage. That's round 3.

BR 10. BR 3 for 7 points damage. That's round 4.

If I'm at less than 15 hit points, I've drank a potion (d8+2). Otherwise, I'm good.
BR10 for the WIS check - what's up over there?
  More Blob Dmg
Okay, MarvBlob and TutBlob hurt. Tut, you get 'im right in the... well, blobs are more like 'Ken dolls' than anatomically correct. Actually how this whole amoeba thing works is pretty mysterious.

Yeah, ZOM-G rolls really, really, really well. He's an Iron Golem with a +3 weapon from another dimension, you know.

Will post Blob attacks soon.
round 3 potion get back 7, hit mine for 12
round 4 hit and miss mine for 9 more.
  King Tut
Rd 3:

I hit for 12 pts (house!). I also attempt to viciously kick my blob (In Cartman's voice) "SQWAH IN THE NUTZ!" BR 20!!!!!! FECK YES! I assume it does 1 pt of dmg, x2 = 2 pts. Or no damage, simply making the statement is enough.

Did ZOMG just do 40 pts of dmg in a round? Hesus have mercy!
  Blobs, End Of Round 3
Tut, actually it looks like these Blobs are taking damage from your weapons. If they were non-magical, it might be a different story, but your party is rather well-equipped with badass magic.

Speaking of, the combined splitting, and efforts of Marv and Schmek take out the SchmekBlob. Parts of it recombine with the other six blobs now around! (ZOMBlob, FoOBlob, MarvBlob, BroggBlob, MothBlob, and TutBlob.)

Tut, thanks, looks like you should've rolled Dave FoO's THACO and dmg also. I'll just do that. He rolls a 2. You hurt your blob, then activate ZOM-G.

BR: 40.

Zom finishes off the TutBlob with a sweeping arc of the +3 Chainsaw. Again, parts add on to the other five blobs, making them a bit stronger.

Blobs attack...
Marivhon hit for 8, down to 12/26.
Moth miss, still at 3 hp.
Brogg miss.
DaveFoO hit for 9-2=7 down to 32/39.
Zom miss.

Into round 4.

WIS checks let you hear a sound of broken glass from over by the greenhouse...
  King Tut
Foo you have to roll d% too. In the interest of time I'll roll DFoO's d% for him. d% = 72.

"Sweet pic ZOMG!"

BR 15 and 7 both hit for 9 and 6 pts. Is there any discernible difference in my blob's health? I have a sneaking suspicion that straight up melee dmg isn't going to carry the day.
ROund one was only 7 points, but round two I get two attacks, both hit for 5 (3 +2) and 3 (1 +2) points respectiveley.

Damn that Blog roller and it's ones...
  Dave, Fist of Odin
I swing on a blob. Whatever one is wounded, that one gets the clobbering. I don't care which one.

And here's a WIS check for Zom-G: 4. Yup, full in effect there, robot.
miss and a hit on Schmekblob for 13.
  Mi-T Foe
Moth and Tut join the fray. There are now five 1/5th blob PCs.

Summary round 1:
Schmektor hit SchmekBlob for X. Let's just say X is 8 hp.
Marivhon attacks SchmekBlob for 10.
Brogg hits BroggBlob for 15.
Tut hits TutBlob for 11, and activates ZOM-G.
Moth MMs MothBlob for 3 hp.

Marivhon takes 6 from MarBlob.
BroggBlob misses, SchmekBlob misses.
MothBlob hits Moth for 7.
TutBlob misses.. god these blobs just kinda take it this round.

ZOM-G activated.


Sometimes Zom just kinda sucks, apparently. He fires up his chainsaw and awaits a better IQ check.

Round 2:
Moth hits for 3. The MothBlob has not been on any adventures, sorry.

MothBlob tags Moth for another 8. Oof, Moth you're at 3 hp.
ZOMBlob forms and attacks ZOM-G, ineffectually.
MarBlob miss, BroggBlob miss, SchmekBlob hit for 10! This is the last time I'm throwing a blob at you guys. It's Arch-Mages from here on out.

Remember, AC:6 is a hit here. You see some coins in the fountain if you can defeat these mighty foes.
Break off a Moth-shaped blob, I'm joining battle.

I send a magic missile at my clone. BR 2+1= 3 damage.

Next round, I pull out my sword and attack. If he's anything like me, he's an adventurer (hopefully...)

BR 8 doesn't hit...

Round after that another swording.

BR 8 or 10, I can't tell if blogroller rolled another 8 or what. I'm pretty sure a 10 hits. If it went down that way, BR 1 for damage (+1 strength, + 1 or 2 depending on adventurousness of the blob...)
  King Tut
I want to go really blunt-style on these. I don't think edged weapons will do any damage based on these guys' viscosity. (I was going to say viscous but I don't know if that's a word). So, I will not be using the +1 buzzsaw on them. I especially want to try to splash or splatter them.

I think we are going to need lightning or fire or something. Is there any defolianting agent around? They usually have salt and chemicals in them, I think salt is the way to go on these guys.

BR 6 hits for 11 pts. Scrounge BR = 99. Hmm, this whole bushi thing is kind of hit or miss. I'll also activate ZOMG, IQ check 17 (nope) d% = 84. "Go get 'em buddy."
  Three On Three
Okay, every time there's a new PC joining the fight, the blob splits again. Currently I got Brogg, Schmektor, and Marivhon in the combat, for three mini-blob-PCs.

Marivhon, you can attack the one Schmektor hit. 10 dmg done. Forming the new Marivhon and Brogg blobs reduces the size of the original Schmektor blob.

Brogg, dmg done.

Brogg, miss; Marivhon, blob hits for 6 hp.

Remember, blobs are AC:6.
I attack the Brogg Blob! (Blog?)

BR:17. Oh yeah, 15 points!
1st round I hit a wounded one for 10.
  Blobs Move Slow
BR 12 is probably a hit Schmektor, as blobs may have many advantages, but a great AC is not one of them. These things are AC:6.

Schmacks you back for 7 hp.
Empire strikes Schmektor??

"You're not my father!!!!"

I swing with a BR 12 which misses... oof.
  Going Down
Okay, technically you guys are already in the Solarium, i.e., the Solar Observatory, i.e., the 10th floor. I think you're talking about the Botanical Gardens. So down you go to the 4th level.

There's the fountain and main stairs that Otto warned you about, and the greenhouse... both remain unexplored. You head on over to the fountain to see what Otto was all worked up about.

The fountain is rather nasty... the marble is cracked and dirty, and rather than nice, clean flowing water... it's full of a viscuous broth, mostly clear but with odd chunks of things.

As you approach to get a better look, the broth itself rises out of the fountain like a giant blob. You look at each other for a split second, and then it divides itself into different, vaguely PC-shaped sub-blobs, one for each of you. One blob advances on each of you. You guys have init.
Hey, don't count me out!

Let's pick up the pieces and do this thing. Solarium? Sure thing.

However, I have been deeply moved by Renwick's identity crisis. (See TT) So much so that I give Renwick my gauntlets of +1 strength.

Do it Renwick! Join us! Join us fighters!!! Unite us!!!! Freeeeeedooooooom!!!!
  King Tut
Looks like it' s me and you Schmektor!

We could always go back to the Solarium level, and try to kill that thing behind the waterfall, that we avoided initially. I think some good straight up combat and loot might do this party some good.

Who's with me?
  Gone Damn It Gone
Marivhon, that's right. In game, you really have no idea exactly what happened, and might not even remember being killed. You certainly do not know, if killed, how or why you're back. All you know is here you are, and some of your good stuff is gone, damn it.

We're proceeding at PC speed here now. I'm still checking the blog, so those who post, I'll respond of course. Those who, uh, want a cigarette break, well hope to hear from ya soon.
"well, that didn't go very well.....I'm, fuck well, huh....did I die again? Fuck...I saw all of you die...what the fuck is going on?"

I really think Marivhon would be confused about his coming back. If I don't have any more info than this I'm gonna be real confused. Marivhon would think that Zelba sent him back to try and kill abbey again.... We have no information. Just some missing stuff. Abbey could have easily just taken that and then Zelba returned us....

I'm pissed. I'm taking a little break.

Marivhon gets in the tart.

I also take off the con point, I'm not pissed I died, I'm pissed it wasn't played out well.
  Power On
Schmektor, you stand up and head over to the terminal, turning it on. Four large icon/buttons appear on the screen. Moving the cursor over any of them results in a textbox being displayed, asking you to enter a word.

The four icons are a rose, a book, a helmet, and a crown, the four classic 'emblems' of Greyhelm.
I walk over to the computer terminal next to the telescope.

"Let's fire this shit up and get to makin' Vrill's life miserable."
  King Tut
Perhaps it was just a bad dream...
Either way, KT is back up and ready to go. I note that Abbey didn't even respond to my rhymes, which is just about what I'd expect. So, though she may have bested us in combat, "I claim a LYRICAL victory!"

In your face Abbey.

Now, I don't know the story as well as some others, so I'm waiting for some guidance. Too bad ZOMG isn't dead, I want his chainsaw.
  Master Gregory Vrill, MPG, Master of the Greyhelm Potion Guild, 'Mage' Rank Magic-User
It's like I've said all along: your DM sucks. Just quit the game, it's the only way.
  Or Maybe Not
For those of you just joining us, this is a discussion that's going across both normal DiD and DiD Table Talk.

Yes, we all think this situation sucks, for various reasons. Now what?

Do you just want to continue? "Was it all a dream?" What's the solution here? I'm open to suggestions. My objective here is to move the game along; my three goals as DM being in order of importance: to 1) run a smooth game, 2) tell a neat story, and 3) have some laughs. Personally, I thought the whole Abbey thing, short-term bad as it was, was sort of an interesting story twist, one that obviously I didn't expect (I didn't expect you to attack her, no).

I'm open to suggestions.
  Rebuttal 4, Hopefully The Last
Okay, actually, never mind about the CON loss guys. Take your points back. Last time Abbey brought you back you were undead and suffered no CON loss. This time, you're back in flesh, still no CON loss. Call it a compromise for storylining.

I don't think I'm complaining about the choices you make Brogg. I'm trying to explain why I moved things along as I did. I thought that, given the action: PCs attack an Arch-Mage, I followed the logical set of consequences, somewhat generously actually, all things considered. I thought that I had given clues that Abbey was big danger and shouldn't be fucked with. You guys walked away from the Grand Master of Flowers, even though he'd stolen Dave FoO's valkyrie.

And damn it, I always take your god away. You can get your 1st and 2nd from Grisbane just fine anyway... what's a locate object from Zelba gonna hurt? (I kid.)


After this module, it's off to a new land, like the northern islands where all the other NPCs have gone. If you guys are totally sick of all this Vrill/Abbey/Zelba stuff, say the word and we'll end the module here. Otherwise, you gotta get through the mirror somehow. Quorum rules, four players say ENOUGH, and we'll wrap here and begin the next adventure.
Book and Con point subtracted.

Still, I just feel like we are being pushed through this stuff. I mean, you took my God away, What am I supposed to do? Wait until I can kill Abbey later? At this rate, by the time I am her level, she'll be 1293th...

Rob, you complain about the choices we make, but I'd take issue with the choices we have. -Fight Vrill, then fight Abbey, or, Fight Abbey, then fight Vrill. They are both insanely powerful, no?

I would just leave this whole region if it weren't for the fact that my God has been replaced.
  Rebuttal 2
Please read the archives, if you'd like. Look here:

Down at the bottom. You fought Rupert the Death Knight, who killed you all except for Dave FoO and Marivhon. Then Abbey showed up, Power Word: Stunned Dave FoO, and killed both the others. She then brought you all back to life (as undead) and commanded you to enter Hello Airport. Zelba sent you back from Hello and gave you back proper life. So at this point you knew at least that Abbey was powerful enough to cast 7th circle spells.

By the way, if you were wondering, it isn't necessarily the case that Abbey just became super powerful all at once. You guys were stuck for a year of game time in the mirror world, plus you've been adventuring and training for months in Castle Greyhelm. But it is odd that she is so powerful when she wasn't before, or at least didn't seem to be before.

Even as Vrill's daughter, and as a floating head, she possessed the power of prophecy, for whatever that's worth.


Brogg, let's assume you used the teleport page, and left Castle Greyhelm. You could take the other guys in the forcecube with you. Then what? How would things have turned out radically different from there? I'm not seeing it.
I thought she was an undead teenager? When did Abbey do all of this adventuring? Really, I didn't expect she could do anything like that. -Previously making us zombies or not. It just doesn't make sense to me.

And, DBF should have a fireball associated with it, right? At least that's what my PH says. That might've made me think about using my Shady Orchards teleport drawing. Sure beats being in a can with a fireball...

But, if that's how it goes, that's how it goes. Still, I never have been a fan of "no chance, you die" adventuring.
First off, I really don't have to declare what spells Abbey is casting. Mages, or anyone really, can be responsible for IQ checks, casting Dispels, etc. Of course, you had no knowledge that a Delayed Blast was sitting around where she Forcecubed you, so a retconned Dispel on yourselves doesn't make a lot of sense. Even if you had a way out of that, she's got a ton of 3rd level blast magic, and lots of Stoneskin still up.

Second, she cast two Forcecubes and one Delayed Blast. Silently. Could've used items or scrolls, doesn't really matter. All you actually witnessed was her gesturing, and something happened.

In one case 'nothing' happened. She cast a spell and nothing obvious occurred. That was the DBF.

Think that silent casting is unfair? Give me a break... look at all the magic crap you guys have... do you really think that an ultra-high level NPC wouldn't have a way around a crappy 2nd circle cheesy spell? By 'cheesy' I mean render her completely powerless, obviously.

Third, you can do whatever you please for a few rounds in the Forcecube. Unless you're amazingly creative, the end result will be the same. No offense dude, you're a great guy and all Brogg, but you pissed off a super high level NPC. More than pissed off, just blatantly attacked.

Finally... since when does it make sense for a bunch of 6th level (plus or minus) guys to attack a story-important NPC who casually tosses off a 7th circle spell just for a joke? Come on guys, you HAVE played this game before. Many many times. She was trying to help you. You asked for it, hands down. Maybe not all of you, but no one stopped Marivhon initially, nor Tut/Zom from pushing it forward.

It might not seem fair guys, but I look at this the same way as if you'd gone to the Arena and challenged the top statue. Or jumped off the Grand Canyon, just to see if the DM would *really* kill you. You guys committed suicide-by-archmage.

You might argue that 'Zelba made us do it!' No she didn't, not like this. If a god tells you to do something, maybe it's really best to wait until you're actually able to accomplish your task.

I'm open to argument, but you gotta have a strong one. Otherwise, let's not bitch, let's just move on. All that happened, really, was a bunch of avg CONs became a little less than avg.

And Marivhon, read the post. You're all back alive, I don't care what your funny blogroll was. If I had wanted you all to make your own Resurrection survival roll, I would've said so... I've got a feeling you'd like to make a point with this, but please- let's just move on, that's not the right way to argue this obviously. You can always commit suicide again, you've got some edged weapons to fall on, if you're so keen on dying.

Whew! Okay?
BR 95. Marivhon doesn't come back.

how many 7th circle spells did she cast....by my count it was 4.

-1 Con noted.

"So, uh... what next guys?"
Wait a second. Hell no. I am not going to just sit a couple of rounds in the Force Cube holding myself.

Also, you never mentioned a pre-silence Delayed-Blast Fireball. Nor could one come into the Force Cube. It's not teleport a Delayed-Blast Fireball. -This is some rotten stuff.
Brogg, Abbey can't hear you because you're in the Forcecube, and she's in a Silence spell.

She checks her watch.

A few rounds go by. Then the Delayed Blast Fireball goes off inside the Forcecube.

Marivhon, Abbey magic-missiles you until you're dead. She'll hunt you all over the castle, so it's not really worth either of our time to post that you're running and hiding and stuff, so let's just go with this unless you have something very worthwhile to say or add.


You all wake up.

Your guess is that Abbey brought you back again, although you can't be sure as she's no longer in the room. Scorch marks on the ground indicate where the DBF went off.

You all lose one point of CON permanently from being Raised. Please adjust hp accordingly.

You are missing some equipment:

no scroll of anti-magic
no skull of Zelba
no extra ZOM-G controller, Tut (you only have the one now)
no Book of Bad Dreams
no Book of Familiar Places
no Queen's Crown
no Queen's Sceptre


Ball back in your court guys. Do what you like. Mirror still off, Zom still off.
Hah! That's how I know I am not a priest of Zelba!

Ok... our bad Abbey. Heh. How about you let us go Raise our friends from the dead.

Then we'll go kill your dad for you. Thank you so much. -bitch.
  King Tut
Guess that will free up some study time.
Hope that new set up turns out nice Mark!
Ha! I scoff at death. I look death in the eyes and laugh. I love death. I want to make out with death in the back of my parents' minvan!

"Yo Zelba, I gots to frown
I thought we was koo.
Abbey laid the smack down
Now I feel like a foo.

I layin here dead
all morbid and still
this bitch is all in my head
laid me out yo - dats ill!"

  Ye Olde Divide By Zeroe
Schmektor, we're on the round where Abbey casts Death Spell, and you, Tut, and Moth die no save. (That's how Death Spell works in 1E.) And yes, she casts even though she's been silenced. She then takes her scroll back from Moth.

Marivhon, nope, you still can't attack her. Huh. You wonder why, if Zelba wants her dead so bad, why not just override Abbey's spell? Or why not kill Abbey herself? Or why not just kill everyone and WIN?

You have a round to ponder these things. Abbey then picks up a ZOM-G Controller, and types something into Zom's keypad.

> 1/0

Zom shuts down for a while.

Thoughts, questions, comments? Next round actions, those of you still with us?
Brogg - I did update my sheet already, so my strength with the Aid and the Gauntlets is 17. (and thanks again... it feels GREAT to be this strong)

I keep swinging on her. I don't know what else to do. If anyone else knows how to get past the stone skin, please post. Rob, I think I have already rolled three rounds worth of attacks. Where are we round-wise?
by the way I keep trying to hit the bitch if she's near me.
I pray real real hard and real real well to Zelba to help me do what she wanted me to do, which was kill this bitch.
BR 7 miss.
BR 1 well that sucks.
round 3
BR 2. fuck me I guess I am cursed.

Well maybe I rolled the bad dice our for you Tut. Or Schemktor, or moth....heh. Get the 15th level mage!

If I hear even a bit of noise come through to her I lay another Silence down on myself If It'll fuck with her.
  King Tut
"You're in full effect ZOMG, keep it going."

I assume I don't have to enter commands every round right? He'll just keep repeating the most recent command?

I will attack Abbey with the buzzsaw.

BR 1 = critical fumble. Oh well, she sucks in melee anyway.

"Sliding in from the East
mag wheels, chrome grill
Hit up In N Out for a maximum feast
Hypnotiq martinis
till I get my fill.

If you got six cars
and you're too drunk to drive
Mainline some H
and let's just fly."


BR: 19
BR: 17
Both hits for 9 and 6 pts respectively. I need a new weapon ASAP.
anyone who needs healing I can give one of my many potions to. But I am focusing on staying on Abbey. I do move really frickin fast. Even if the room is about 50 feet across the most I would need to move is 20 feet. As long as I keep moving it should really hamper everyones spell casting, unfortunately ours as well.
  Silent Casting
I'm going to assume that Marivhon, Schmektor, Tut, Moth, Zom, and a badger are up around Abbey in melee, and that Dave FoO, Brogg, and Renwick are back a bit providing healing and casting. No one else can fit around Abbey anyway.

Badger smacks away part of the stoneskin.

With that assumption in place, Abbey Forcecubes the three casters in (Dave FoO, Brogg, and Renwick). It's not hard given the small number of people.

Those of you who might want to dispute this, okay, but Abbey can forcewall three to five people however she wishes. So let's not make too much of a big deal about it. If anyone actually wants to be in the Forcecube, like Tut for remote control of Zom, or Moth for missile weapons/casting, declare it. Otherwise, we'll go with this plan.

And yeah, she does this non-verbally.

Don't forget, Brogg, if you wanted to Cure, you'd have to do it away from Marivhon, i.e., away from the melee around Abbey, as you'd be in the Silence also.
Hey Schmektor, don't forget, that is +1 to your strength. Not just +1 to hit and damage. BTW, did you update your strength after the book? Do you have an 18 with the gloves? That's +1, +2.

I give a Cure Light to the first person who needs it.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Yah, hang on - when Brogg casts AIDs on Schmecktor, I do the same to Tut. +5 hp, and +1 to hit (and on saves vs. fear.)

Then next round, another AIDs on Moth. +7 hp, +1 to hit, you know the drill.

I think that gets me up current. I'll bring a badger online to see if she can attack Abbey - she's so angry! - and then play it by ear.
  Welcome To Spells
Schmektor, the AIDS is not +1 to damage, only to hit.

Regardless, you hit her, but it's uncannily like hitting a stone wall with your sword, it just bounces right off her.

And she's not bamfing all around like the Mind Flayer was. She disappeared for a round, and then reappeared. She's casting again, too.

ZOM-G heads on up.

> HIT 4 28 PTS
> .
> .
I understand she is BAMPFing all around the room, but as soon as I can, I swing at Abbey with a BR 18. I am almost positive that hits for 8 points of Damage.

(check my math, BR 1 ** sweet** +3 from double spec, +2 from the long sword, +1 from the aid spell and +1 from gauntlets)

I think in the second round I get two attacks, BR 14 and 11. If my math is correct, that hits AC -5 and AC -2 respectively. If those hit, they do 14 and 10.
  Vs. Abbey 1
ZOM-G pulls the ripcord on his chainsaw.


Blogroll 20, cuts Abbey for a lot. She disappears in a shower of blood.

> :O


Not quite. Before you've a chance to do much of anything, Abbey reappears. Other side of the room. Casts a spell, nothing obvious happens. Drinks a potion too.
  King Tut
This stand off is lame.

I move towards Marivhon's Silence effect, and (covertly!) tap into the controller to get ZOMG to attack Abbey.

Int: 11, made exactly.
d%: 51
  Get Ready To Launch
Okay Schmektor, Brogg loans you his gauntlets. Temporary +1 STR. You also get the AIDS... since Brogg didn't roll it, I will... nice +8 hp temporarily. (Aid also gives you +1 to hit and saves vs. fear.)

Abbey looks around and turns off the computer. Mirror returns to gray. She then moves across the room, with Marivhon shadowing her.

Marivhon or someone. Please provide info on duration of Silence. I'll assume 1 rnd/lvl in absence of further info.
Whoa... ask and ye shall receive...

(sometimes the warped blogger time continuum is cool)
"Point me towards Danger... I'm ready" - said to the party, looking at Dave FoO, Brogg, Mar, Renwick, then at Moth with a 'what do you think we should do?' look on my face.

I know I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but do we have to do the list of commands in order? I mean, I know Killing Abbey is #4, but it would seem that she's standin here... maybe even askin for it. but again, I defer to the folks that have been around a while.

Whether it is here in battle or through that mirror in some far distant cosmic battle, I have read about this "Aid" spell that people keep casting on Brogg and others... any chance I can get something like that busted down on me once in a while?
I cast Aid on Schmektor. And give him my gauntlets of +1 strength.
abbey and I are silenced. I keep making unkind gestures to her. Like choking motions and stabbing motions.
  King Tut
So what are we supposed to do? Attack Abi, or go through the portal, or what?
  Dave, Fist of Odin
I shrug, and take the skull. My position has always been that Odin - and so by extension, his Fist - doesn't really care so much about who owns whose soul - and it kind of feels like some sort of weird deal, where one bank buys your acolyte loans from the original bank, in a weird financial transaction that's fairly invisible to you.

It's a little more complicated than that, sure, but I'm not even writing a different name on the checks I write. You know? Clobbering and rapping, and Odin and (I think) Zelba find favor with that, or at least don't care.

Which mage is taking the scroll? I vote Moth, 'cuz Renwick's got more prep spells. I'll change my spell list tonight, before we go in.
I stay near her and motion with my thumb the slit her throat motion. My beady little eyes begging moth and tut and schmektor puppily.

Just to clarify things.

Marivhon's right. Zelba, in exchange for returning you from Hello, charged you with four tasks:
1) Build her a great temple
2) Kill Gregory Vrill
3) Kill Ron Ball
4) Kill Abbey

You've only done #1, obviously. Here's a reminder:
Look for the giant italic commanding font.

Zelba has your souls, Brogg, Dave FoO, Marivhon, and Renwick. And Cinder too. For the non-priests, you guys might not care so much.

But priests? It means you do in fact pray to Zelba for your spells. If you don't, you can only get 1st and 2nd level spells. Higher circles come from specific gods, and Zelba pwns you now, so you don't really have a choice about it. You can talk a good game about Grisbane or Odin or Quatzlcoatl if you please, but at the end of the day, you know who's bitch you really are.


Brogg, you have diffculty talking to Abbey, because even if you're not in Marv's silence, she is. She looks at you flap your lips, looks over at Marivhon, and shrugs at you, frowning.
Damn you Abbey.

I step in front of our new boys. Hey, hey, lay off now, Abigale.

We'll kill your dad. No problem. Just try not to be so snooty about shit, alright? It really makes a zombie slave of Zelba want to kill you.

Also, you had better be kidding about Mike the Zombie 1k. Otherwise, I am going to make an ashtray out of your freaky head.

And, BTW, I am not a priest of Zelba. I am a priest of Grisbane. Get your facts straight. -I give the skull to Dave, Fist of Odin.

I am ready for the mirror.
You sneak up behind Abbey, and come very close to striking her, but you fail. You're unable to bring yourself to do it.

Abbey shakes her head. She looks at Tut, Moth, and Schmektor and spreads her hands.
I wand of silence myself and stay near her. If I can attack her I do.
Zelba did command us to kill Abbey so I don't know If a gods command might override Abbey's power over us if there is any.

I hit ac 8 for 12 points of damage. I definately stay near enough her that she can't cast verbal spells.
  Level 10: Solar Observatory
The Solar Observatory is a single, large, round room, with a very high domed ceiling. It contains a massive telescope... not a Galileo spyglass style thing, but a very modern looking massive steel cylinder that's about 10 feet across and four stories tall.

There's also a computer terminal next to it.

And a familiar looking, grayed-out ornate mirror. A long SCSI cable connects the computer to the mirror.

And Abbey.

The room is brilliant with sunlight, as the dome is open. Golden rays stream in and reflect off the rather shiny walls.


Abbey is a young half-elven lady, somewhere in her teens, with massive scarring all around her neck. She's not wearing the old gown Mike gave her, she's just wearing normal clothing.
For those of you not familiar with the details of Abbey's life, please check the campaign summary page linked on the sidebar.

Dave FoO asks some questions.

"Fight? Each other? I doubt it. I'll remind you that I brought most of you back to life, and as such, you're incapable of harming me. New people, hello, my name is Abagail Vrill. I'm..."

> HI

Abbey pauses, looks at the party and Zom, then continues: "As for the..."


Abbey Forcecages ZOM-G to shut him up. You see the little guy take his chainsaw, tap the walls testing them, then just stand around.

"Wow," says Abbey. "So is this your new entry for Worst NPC?" She shakes her head and looks at Zom. "Well, I guess with my father and Gregolas Half-Elven, the competition is pretty steep."

"Anyway, speaking of friends, your pal Mike, no, he's no more. He's likely in Hello or The Abyss- you might be able to visit him there."

"You want to leave the Castle. To get the shield to go down, you'll have to kill my father... he's the last remaining member of the group who built it. I'm here to facilitate that process. Just go through the mirror and find him. You've been in there before, so you know what to expect."

Abbey types some stuff into the computer and the mirror shimmers, opening a gateway.

"To make your job easier, here. Here are a couple things to take."

Abbey gives you a scroll, of Anti-Magic shell- three rounds protection from magic in a 10' unmovable radius. You cast within the shell, just not across it.

She also gives you a rune-covered skull, and explains that this will allow priests (of Zelba) to rememorize spells in the other dimension. She reminds you, Brogg and Dave FoO, that you're still technically priests of Zelba.

"I suppose it's customary to say 'good luck' or some such phrase. So... 'good luck'."


Abbey drops the forceshield, and crosses her arms. Zom heads over to the mirror and looks at it quzzically.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Well, Vrill continues to amaze. I am truly in awe at his posts. Odin tells us that when someone is at the top of their game - even when that game is being an annoying cockmongering douchebag - that level of expertise is worth acknowledging.

So props to Vrill. I'll leave the pictures-of-pussycats jokes alone, because I'm not sure I could top that level of . . .. . well, what he does.

So Abbey - how are you? That dress looks much better on you now that, you know, you're not a floating head. Are we fighting here? What's going on? We just want to get out of this fucking tower. Any ideas?

And hey - how's your dad? Have you seen Mike the Zombie 1000 lately?
um, ok. So what does this room that abbey is in look like?
  Master Gregory Vrill, MPG, Master of the Greyhelm Potion Guild, 'Mage' Rank Magic-User
1. I'm doing fine. Thanks for asking. Don't need any more help than I have in here.

2. Yes let's try to resolve our issues politically. Of course, I once tried to resolve our issues- such as murder and sabotage- legally, which led to you invading my house, destroying two of my businesses, and butchering my family.

3. I'm not a cockmongler- you are. I'm a wizard.

4. So there's a new feature on Blogger that I've discovered, where you can upload pictures. Here's a picture that summarizes my thoughts on these matters:

Hmm... well that didn't work. That's not the picture I tried to upload.

Let's try this:

What's going on? That's still not right. One last time.

Well, whatever. It was supposed to be a picture of a guy making a funny face with a gesture. Instead I guess I 'spammed' your web blog with a lot of dumb cat pictures. Blogging is lame, anyway.

My thoughts exactly, Dave, Fist of Odin. -Fuck you Vrill.

Hey, this Book of Familiar places is great!

I'm ready to go. BTW, do I get a new NWP? My damned multi-classing has me all confused.

ZOMG controller noted. 1k? geez.
Descent into Depths is an old school 1st Edition AD&D adventure run by the Infinity Group.

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