Gettin you out!

I need to get Dave and Mark out of their cells. The gaurd is blind, so I'm going to take on of the old bolts (the one that didn't splinter) and backstab him with the poisoned bolt (I better get a huge bonus to do this).

When (if) he dies, I'm gonna grab the keys and unlock Dave, then Mark. That's my plan. If there are no keys, then I'll attempt to open locks on the cells when the gaurd is down.

I rolled a 1 on a 20 sider to hit. Fuck.
  Brogg's spells aren't "weird"!:
Ok, maybe Speak with Animals isn't paying off just yet, but I am a Priest of Grisbane Dave, not a nurse!
Oh geez... sorry, man. I shoudn't have said that. This situation has just got me edgy.

Seeing as a '3' on my strength check doesn't bend these bars, I lay down on the ground real quiet like until Cinder wakes up from his daydream and opens my cell. If possible, I will crawl over to him and nudge him to get his attention.

Is there anything in my cell besides me, my pants and rope?
  "The Fury of Grisbane" Lasts 2 Rnds/Lvl
Apparently Grisbane isn't so furious today.

Dave, maybe the smack-talking about Mark's god should wait until after the combat. Unless by insulting him, you're hoping to do a similar "Turn Undead" rage kind of thing. Because currently, Brogg and Dave are having trouble escaping from their cells. The bars are metal, not paper-mache.

Ed and Mike are pause-and-studying. (Pausing-and-studying?) Well, Mike is still running down the corridor. Ed's just sort of looking around all slack-jawed I guess. Talk about a couple manic-depressive thieves. Looks like someone forgot to take their prozac before being locked in the Grito jail.

Anyway, the guard fires again at you Dave... missing. The second poisoned bolt ricochets off the wall, splintering the wood but you can clearly see the black oil. He readies a third bolt, yells again... but then gets all real quiet like, like in the movies when the blind ninja is trying to sense his enemy using "second sight". He closes his eyes and puts up one hand, getting all serious and tilting his head slightly.

You just know he's about to kick your ass.
Nope - I'm fresh out of cures. What were you thinking, taking all those weird spells, and only one CLW?

I try to bust out of my cell, unless Cinder's picking my lock. Are there any other prisoners in here?
Ha! Now that the guard has tasted the fury of Grisbane, I am going to slap myself with uh, no Cure Light left, huh... Cinder, open my cell!
I try to break out: d20; 3 on the strength check?! Open, dammit!
Dave, Fist of Odin, got any cures left?
  Shoot That Poisoned Arrow
You cast some spells.

Dave, you Cure Light Wounds on yourself and Ed (I guess Ed moves on over so you can touch him between the bars). Okay, you guys are cured. Mark, you still have 1 hp and 2 spells left, Dave you're at 8/14 with 2 spells left, Ed you're at 6/12. Brogg thinks quick and casts Light. The guard gets a 13 for his save but that doesn't cut it and he yells "Hey who turned out the lights?!" in surprise. Mike, still turned, shambles past the guard out into the hall. Dave, the guard aims at you... missing with the poisoned bolt. He loads another bolt into the crossbow and backs into wall. Oh, he yells for help too: "Help guys! There's a zombie and it's dark!"

Your move.
  Bad News Indeed
Well, I pop another cure on myself, and then one on Ed. Or Cinder, I guess. Geez - now I've got a whole 'nother set of names to learn, and I'm having trouble with the one's I need to know already.

If we have a Zombie in the party, I guess I'll have to start learning some Cause Lights to help our Zombie friend. (A very special ABC after-school movie, starring Scott Baio - 'Our Zombie Friend'. Watch as Aaugh learns to make his way through high school as a new zombie in town.)

Plus, I hope you don't mind the turning too much, Mike, as it seems to make you all feisty and shit, like the Hulk.

Anyway. I cure myself for . . . 7, says the die rolling thing, and then Cinder gets . . . 5. Pretty Good! But now, I only have one spell - Summon Monster Pal, for two rounds. Uh-oh!

Great, I turned Mike! Good thing that I am not high enough level to destroy him.

Alright, I am going to cast light on that guard's eyes! Sure it isn't original, but that black gooey stuff has got to be bad news. Taste the Wrath of Grisbane, zookeeper!
  Zombie Rampage in the Grito Jail
Yes indeed. "Descent into the Depths" of despair, as it were.

But you don't have time to despair. Thinking quickly, Mark, you Turn Undead on Mike the zombie. Mike flies into a rage, smashing through the door and into the short hall connecting all the cells. Ed, you try to escape from your bonds. It's pretty tough, but you think you can do it. You do. Dave, betcher ass Odin's the god of self-reliance. With a mighty yell you break through the ropes. However, all of you are still in the cells. Ed, you can pick the lock with a bit of work. The cells are like 'county jail' style- the walls are all made of bars with bar doors. You get the gist.

Ed, you escape from the cell just in time- as the exit door opens. In comes a guard! It looks like he was sent in to finish the job; he's got a loaded crossbow. Dave, apparently you're not the man of this person, as you notice that the crossbow bolt seems to be covered with a black oily substance.

The guard says "A ha! Uh... a Zombie?"

You are all free of bonds. Ed and Zombie Mike are in the hall. Dave and Brogg still in cells. Everyone's at 1 hp, except for Mike, who's 100%, ah- well, as well as could be expected. No equipment except your rope bonds and pants.

What do you do?
  Uh-oh, indeed
Well, I'm a 'man of the people'. Hopefully, some of those people will be coming for us, and might help us out.

But I'm also a priest of Odin, and Odin basically doesn't give a shit about his priests unless there's some statue to destroy or something - so I'm going to scream a (muffled) exhortation to Odin, and try to bust out of my bonds. Percentage? The die roller thing gives me a '6'. I dunno if that's good or bad, for a strength check - so many editions, so many rules . . . Do I still have my spells? Two cure lights and a summon, but it won't do too much good being gagged and tied up.

And bummer, Mike, although if anyone can play a Zombie, it's you. Maybe not so good for the hiding in shadows, but immunity to mind-affecting spells is pretty good.

I miss my plate mail, man.
  Think quick, Brogg!:
Crap. This is bad.
I wish that I hadn't taken "Speak with Animals" today.
Ok, summoning the might of Grisbane, I try to break through my bonds. I rolled an 11. If that doesn't work, and if I am near Mike's cell, I see if he will chew through my bonds. If not, I am going to turn him, dammit. Maybe that will drive him crazy and he will chew through someone else's offered bonds.
Cinder, you can erase that "Descent into Depths!" header that is in all of your blogs. I took the liberty this time.
  Descent into Depths:
"you do"

Wow did that go badly. So good, then so bad.

Well. I'm a thief, so I attempt to get out of my bindings when they leave. Uh...open locks on my wrists? I don't have a PH, but I rolled a 33.

Cinder curses under his breath and spits upon the ground.

Does zombie Mike go with them?
  Sleep is the most cheap-ass spell...
...and when you wake up in your dank little cell, you remember why...

But first, okay Dave, sure you cast a cure light wounds. I mean, everything's easy when you have a time machine and stuff, why not cast a bless while you're at it? Please remember to deduct your savings from 5 gp, 7 sp to 5 sp as previously mentioned in the good annals of this weblog.

Then those guys from the Potion Guild show up with their kobold buddies. Ed and Dave, okay you're going pretty fast. I guess you heard them coming down the stairs. Mark manages to go even faster at 17, I guess Brogg brought 'Wired Reflexes 2' during his special training? Uh huh... 1d10 is fine guys. Mark, you swing low and cut off both legs from kobold #1. He momentarily looks in horror at his leg stumps as he falls the 0.5 m to the ground and flails around. His last action on, er, your planet, is to grab his severed legs with like a sad little look in his eye.

Ed, you backstab. It looks like you've got a doppleganger, who heads back into paradox world and does some stuff in there. While I'm being a tightass, I'll say that I found some stuff posted on your new blog- nice color scheme by the way, really- and I'm not sure if that's meant to be "in-game" or whatever? You stick the gnome pretty good though, for 8 hp and he's down; he yells "Jerry!" (or maybe "Jelly"?) and looks at the human magic user next to him.

For future notice, either you can roll for hide in shadows, or you can tell me what you rolled, or we can go back and forth. Doesn't really matter so much- that applies to all rolls for all players. And you don't have to use Mark's html thing even though he probably worked pretty hard on it guys. Throwing chalk at the blackboard is a legitmate form of randomization. Well, at least as legitimate as anything else here.

Then it kind of goes to shit. The other Potion Guild guy casts Sleep. He rolls pretty good too, 6 HD of sleep. Mark, Dave, and Ed, you guys go down. No save. We can take a minute here if you'd like to consult your Player's Handbooks to confirm this cheap ass lack of saving throw.

It looks like Mike must save the day!

But he doesn't. The other two kobolds kick him in the groin and he's down.

You wake up some time later... have hours passed? Days? Sunlight streams in through a window blocked with bars. You guys are in separate cells, bound and gagged, basically with all your stuff missing, and feeling like hell.

After a while, the only door opens and... Master Vrill enters, with the human and the gnome from the temple! The gnome looks pretty pissed and has a bandage on his head. His "Ask Me About Potions" button is a bit tarnished. Master Vrill is holding one of the scrolls from the temple that Brogg sold him! Strangely, the door behind those three closes- apparently of its own volition!

Gregory Vrill speaks. "I bet you guys think you're pretty cool, killing some kobolds and owlbears, saving the day and everything. Well, you're not. You don't even know what's going on. I'm the one saving the day." His two pals nod.

He continues "I bet you think I'm just fucking around here. Well I'm not fucking around. I bet you don't even know about the Knights of Armek, huh? Huh?"

The gnome says "Yeah!"

Vrill nods and says "That's right. Well I'm through fucking around. I'm pretty seriously pissed off now. Let me show you how much I'm fucking around." He holds up the scroll!

Vrill looks around and... (rolling a d4) walks to Mike's cell. He then stares deep into Mike's eyes and... Magic Missiles the hell out of Mike. Imagine the scene with the Emperor and Luke and Darth Vader in Return of the Jedi, but without Darth Vader. And with two sets of two magic missiles instead of lightning. That's 4d4+4, no save, and with Mike at 1 hp... sorry buddy...

Mike is dead.

Vrill then laughs and holds up the scroll... "I command the power of life after death! I command the undead!" He reads the scroll and turns Mike into a zombie. Mike stands up and slowly in a zombie voice says "How's... it... going... everybody?"

Master Vrill kind of blinks and commands Mike to join him. Mike sits back down.

Vrill shakes his head and turns to the human- "Apprentice Gerald, prepare my wagon. Afterwards, get rid of these assholes. I must report to Greyhelm." They all leave.

So there you go. Mike, you're now a zombie. You can do stuff, just, well, it's just that you're a zombie now. You all get the feeling that the Potion Guild apprentices will be back shortly... you're bound and gagged (except Mike's not gagged because the magic missiles blew the gag apart).

What do you do?
  From the Shadows!:
OK, I'm logged in!

I step out of the shadows (you wanna roll that for me Rob? Let me know in the future If you want me to take care of that...) to put the stab right on that gnome's ass.

I rolled a...10! for initiative, +1 for Dex = 11. Don't forget my armor class bonus for dex Rob!
Dave, I don't know how you got an 11 for your initiative with your 9 dex., I think that you must be going by 2nd Edition rules with a d20. By 1st, we rolled d10 and added our dex modifier, with highest going first. Do you want highest or lowest? I got a 17 on a d20. Rob? By the way, that is a fine looking treasure map you have got there.

Nonetheless, I am going to lay into one of those kobolds with the business end of my broadsword! Arrgghhh! Glory to Grisbane!
Hey! Whoa! Wait a minute there - before we get back to the depths I want to bust a cure on myself! I don't think that's unreasonable, seeing as how I'm down 8...

I roll a six, if you'll allow it. If not, that's what I'm doing first round, but if we've got a night's trek to a dangerous place, and I'm down more than half, I would argue that it's reasonable that I'd cure myself first.

Anyway. Just doing an initial strike on the arguements. I roll an 11 for initiative.
  Brogg's Blog and Temple Trouble
Okay Mark, you cast Cure Light Wounds and get healed for 6. You and the others then trek back to the Temple. It takes you all night, but no wandering encounters. The temple looks undisturbed since you last left. Sure enough, there's the chest in the front room. It's rather stout and locked with a padlock.

While you're hanging out waiting for the thieves to log in, you hear some voices from the temple entrance upstairs. Down the stairs come three kobolds, a gnome, and a human! Mark and Dave, you recognize the gnome as being the gnome shopkeeper from the Potion Guild, and the human also wears Potion Guild robes. "What are you doing here?!" he exclaims. Initiative...
  Brogg is Party Leader:
Ok, I am going to take the initiative here. It seems that both Mike and Ed have some communication issues. Ed tells me that he is working on it.
Anyhow, I think that Master Vrill and the Mayor are planning some sort of trap at the town hall tonight. Now, we could just walk into the hall and hope for the best, but I am a bit cautious as I am still not sure how I thought selling my shirt for griffon piss was a good idea.
Rob, while there is light left, we head out of town and back to The Temple of Zelba. I hate to think that there is a small unopened chest just sitting in there for the taking.
After that, I suggest that we return and confront Vrill tomorrow, when the element of surprise is on our side.
First off, I give myself a cure light... that's d8, right? I rolled a 6.
Descent into Depths is an old school 1st Edition AD&D adventure run by the Infinity Group.

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