"Friend David, truly Odin guides thine hand!" (Except for the level draining part I guess...)

Cinder turns towards Dwayne with bow drawn. Two 14s unmodified.


4 and 7 damage bitch.
  Dave, fist of Odin
Here we go, chummer. Dwayne's going down so hard that every direction for him will be up. I roll with this dagger . . . a 20! In your face, fuck-o! I mean, I actually do intend to stab him in the face, and my leet rolling skills will back that up.

For damage, I roll a 3. +1 for magic, +1 for Str (15 gives a +1 damage - we're not playing basic here...) so 5 points of knife wound. Times two for the crit? How we playing that?
  Level Dwayned
Hey, I'm just the inpartial observer here. Don't hate on the gamemaster, hate on the game. Well, maybe not the game either.

Dave, miss.

Brogg, good one, a solid hit with the shield. Dwayne didn't expect that. 7 points of shame-fueled damage. Dwayne's none too happy and takes another... 1 hp as the flames die out.

Dave, Dwayne says "I took the life of your floating pet, and I'll take yours as well PRIEST" he spits that last word like it tastes bad. Dwayne kind of has a "spray it don't say it" thing going on. Swing with the mace... hit! Touch with the feared level-draining hand... hit again! Oof. You take 6 hp damage, plus lose one level and the 8 hp you got! Sorry chummer, from 22 down to 8. Dwayne laughs "Yes! The power is mine!" To make matters even worse, the mace seems to suck some of your life and give it to Dwayne! He's healed for... 1 hp. Well, it's the thought that counts.

Brogg, with the shield bean you've now earned Dwayne's wrath. Again. Go.
  Brogg is NOT a pussy!
Alright, it is one thing to be called a pussy by an undead hermit as you torch his bible, but to be called le pusse de Grisbane by a short little Santa Claus-looking puppet master... well, fuck.

Dave, Fist of Odin, you owe us for this one.

Brogg, might be a half-breed, but he is all man. I swing my +1 shield into the jaw of the wight Dwayne Reddings. BR: 19! No shit! Yes!

God, I am so misunderstood.
  Dave, fist of Odin
This Dwayne guy has a mace that I'd like. He called us pussies. He mocked my god.

If ever I have been enraged before - I am truly the fist of Odin today, and what I know is that this undead bitch is going down! I tell Dwayne that, by the way, as I grab the dagger out of the air and I cut him with it - non-proficient? I just don't care.

I roll a 3 to hit. Ah, well. Hey Brogg - Cure Light Wounds spells hurt the undead. You know what I'm saying? I got the AC, I'm going toe-to-toe with this guy - dodge and weave, is what I'd suggest. I'll sacrifice a couple of levels to put his ass down! Nobody - I mean, NOBODY - calls Dave, fist of Odin a pussy and mocks my god.
  A Wight A'Light
Cinder, the first arrow hits, the second arrow misses by one. Dwayne's AC is 7 for those of you rolling at home. The wight burns for another 3 hp of damage this round... he's taken 12, not bad folks. The missed arrow... is salvageable.

Dave and le pusse de Grisbane, you get actions before Dwayne the wight goes. Dave, Ed tosses you the +1 dagger although you're non-proficient.
  It's come to this.

"By the gods, he's leaving his tomb!"

"Fist of Odin!"
I toss the Dagger of Thuul his way.
"Its magic is strong!"

"Brogg! Remember thine shield is enchanted! Bash his fucking skull in with it!"

As for Cinder, two +1 arrows Dwayne's way:
12 and 19 modified. 6 damage on the definite hit, and if the 12 hits it's for 4.

Rob, is he continuing to burn for damage this round? (It's gonna matter I have a feeling...)
  Dwayne Likes Your New Plan
So, before y'all head back to the pub, clap yourselves on the back, "well done chaps!" kind of thing, I'll bring to your attention that Dwayne is following you, Brogg, on fire and yelling, out of the tomb. Cinder, great, you've got Running and two rounds so you're ahead of the game. Dave, you're in plate mail, so you can slowly move wherever you please.

I remember an adventure in Sarpagal, third campaign we did summer of '99 I think, in which this assassin guy picked off all five or six PCs because they fled into the woods at night, and slowly, due to progressive failures in CN and DX checks, they all separated. You burned Dwayne's book, not to mention his cloak and 'do and Dwayne himself, and he's rip-shit pissed. It's understandable. But guys? Good luck.
  Descent into Depths!

I've got a couple of rounds saved up huh?

Well I could fire 4 arrows...or I could get the fuck out of here. Cinder doesn't have a god to dissappoint. I'll recede up the stairs giving bow cover to my comrades as needed.

"Friends! We are not ready for this foe! Let us return from whence we came and live to fight another day..."

I have a plan for next time. It involves a barrell of water and the blessings of Odin and Grisbane. Then my arrows and Brogg weilding the Dagger of Thuul. What say you all?
  Grisbane Owes Odin A Dollar
Dave, flaming whisky is a go. Direct hit and Dwayne, Dwayne's cloak, and Dwayne's hair ignite. Dwayne's powers of perception are at full blast- must be that high WI for being a priest- as he yells "EEEAAUGH! I'M ON FIIIIIIIRRRRE!" He takes 3 hp of hot burnin' love damage this round.

Okay, then you cast Summon Animal I. The bobcat furiously floats back down into the tomb and slaps Dwayne a couple times with his paws. While he doesn't have enough HD to do damage to the wight, immune to non-magical paws and all that, your bobcat gives it the old college try. Dwayne reciprocates by beaning Johnannon Trois with his mace, 7 hp, oof, and then touching the bobcat, level-draining his only HD away and turning him into dust.

Mike the zombie turns and slaps Dwayne ineffectually, but doesn't seem to mind.

Cinder, you've got a couple of rounds to do something useful saved up. On the other hand, you might just take "Holding Myself" as a non-weapon proficiency?

Okay Brogg, well I guess Dwayne was right when he called you a pussy. While Dave and your friends the thieves stay and fight, you run. Grisbane is shamed. I guess that's what you get when you're the "God of Halfbreeds". Only half a man and half a fighter. Maybe with your half-a-cleric class you can give them last rites.
  Brogg turns tail:
Uh, Dwayne can energy drain... I wouldn't touch him Dave, Fist of Odin. Perhaps we should better prepare for this foe.

For his part, Brogg quickly ascends to the top of the stairs.
  Dave, fist of Odin
No god is above him, hunh? Well, no-one's angrier than a priest of Odin, bitch!

I douse Dwayne with Whiskey, and set him on fire. Then I summon the angriest, craziest Bobcat I know. That's right - M.S. Johannan 3 is in the house!

Then - I dunno. Probably a Cure Light on his ass...

For my Whiskey, I roll a ... 16, and for the torch, a . . . 17. Yeee-hah!

Although, maybe a flaming wight is a bad idea. Ummm, Cinder? Magic arrows?

If Dwayne's on fire, I'm gonna wait until he burns down a bit before trying to smack him upside the head with my cure light wounds. I dunno - maybe I'll try smacking him with the Zombie's mace first . . . When it comes around on the guitar, I roll a ... 15. No lie - is that blogroller broken? I've been getting some hella sweet rolls on it...

I sure hope the thief's got something going on with his bow, 'cuz otherwise we're a bit on the fucked side, here...

Hey - and summon angry Bobcat (or friends) isn't on the old-school 1st level priest's list, I see. Neither is Charm Person or Mammal. Rob - what's the call on that? An angry Bobcat is pretty sweet, especially with the graphic - should I keep the spells as I took 'em? Can I take 'Spiritual Weapon' instead of Charm? (Kinda cheesy, I know...)
  That Book Was Basically The Only Thing Dwayne Had Goin' On All This Time
"You... dirty... bastard" is what Dwayne says, his grin disappearing when he sees you torch his book. He begins to visibly shake, and, with effort, rises from the throne. "No... god... is... above me! No... mortals... shalt... defile MY TOMB!" He screams in rage. You guys figure he's about one round from breaking the turning effect! What will you do?
Pussy!? I'll show you, you otherworldly flatulence!

I set my torch to his Unholy Gospel! Dave, Fist of Odin, throw your whiskey upon this foul-mouthed King of Worms! Let's set him ablaze!
  That's Right, Dwayne Called You a Pussy
Okay Brogg, there's no other obvious exits besides the one you came in. Unless you want to take many rounds and search for secret doors?

The stuff in the tomb you could take: two braziers (both pretty big bronze/iron things), five tapestries (massive, dingy, depicting the glory of Reddings), candle-on-a-skull on the altar next to a book "The Unholy Gospel of Cuthbert". Sadly, it looks like Dwayne has all the good stuff on him. He's getting pretty pissed though at your casual survey of his stuff. "As soon as I rise again, you'll regret seting foot in my dominion! You pussy."
Once again, the might Odin grants his disciple great favor. Dave, Few men can command a wight to take a seat.
But, what the hell do we do now? I have no magical weapons, unless I bash him with my shield.
How long will this last?

I suggest that we take what we can and leave. Dave, Fist of Odin, perhaps you can wrest your mace from Mr. Reddings.

Rob, while Dwayne is seated, I quickly begin to loot his chamber. Are there any other exits?
  He Took His Mace and Went Home
Well, back to that throne at least.

Dave, nice rolling. You swing on Brother Dwayne and hit... but do no damage! "Ha ha!" he laughs "your puny non-magical weapons cannot defuse my unholy presence!" Then you roll a 20 and turn his ass.

Dwayne heads back over to his throne and sits down. "Fool!" he keeps laughing. "How shall I destroy you when you hide behind your idolatry?!"

"Whatever" he says, exasperated. He looks at his watch. "When does this thing end anyway so I can get back to beating the hell out of you?"

You seem to have played to stalemate. Your moves.
  Dave, fist of Odin
If Dwayne's coming after me, I keep swinging. Let me know.

If not, Bobcat's coming online next round! That guy's so crazy.
  Dave, fist of Odin
Well, this motherfucker's going DOWN.

For the dice-off, I roll an eight. Bring it, I say!

For my turning check, I roll a 20. That's right. Nat 20!

Like I said, there's a certain way this dude is going, and it involves towards the center of gravity. For those keeping score at home, the direction is down. My to hit roll for next round? A 14. If I hit, I do 6 points (d6+1 - I blogrolled a 5...)

He's going so far down it's like a bad dream, where not only is it like he's falling, but there are ninjas chasing him as he plummets. DOWN!
  The Wrath of Dwayne Reddings
Brogg, the zombies are both turned. Zombie Mike starts running in circles, and Dwayne's pal backs into the corner. Dwayne looks over at him and frowns, looking back at you with undead loathing in his eyes. "Ha! Your feeble god strikes fear in a brain-dead corpse, but not in my dark heart!" Dwayne steps on up and... the PFE protects you from his wrath. Just so you know, Dwayne gets a swing with his mace and a touch attack with his hand each round.

"Curses! A pox on your god! A pox on all gods! I shall eat the souls of your pals in your stead! Your god has saved you to mourn their eternal doom" he leers and turns towards... Ed and Dave, dice off. If you ain't rollin', Dwayne's a-comin'.

Cinder, le deux twangs. One arrow cracks when it hits the wall, the other is salvageable, hitting Dwayne's big cloak.
  Oh yeah!
Grisbane on high! What foul denizen of the earth's bowels have we unleashed this time!? Alas, Dave, Fist of Odin, he carries the enchanted mace we seek!

I stare hard into the lifeless eyes of the summoned zombie and cry: Back, back you rotting mockery of life! (I try to turn him) d20 BR: 16.

No offense, Zombie Mike.

"Whatever Dwayne."

I hang back and fire two +1 arrows his direction. 11 and 9 modified. Hmm. You just let me know if those arrows shatter or can be collected after combat Rob. +1 y'know...

Cinder hisses "Friend Zombie Mike! Look how that foul wight summons your brethren into servitude! Does it not anger you?! Set upon him and claim that ring for your own, that you may bring zombie friends to comfort you. I know that you are not completely at ease among the living despite our bonds of friendship. YOU COULD HAVE BOTH!!"
  Know A Wight By the Wight-Hair
Down you go, uh, descending into depths.

Cinder, nothing funny about the door except that above it carved in stone it says: ENTER AND BE DAMNED. I guess that's not exactly funny either.

Dave, rusty zombie mace acquired. Doesn't look too good. You guys open the door...

Your torchlight illuminates the chamber beyond. It's larger than the tomb upstairs, and seems to consist of just one large, hexagonal room. This room is lavishly furnished with tapestries and braziers and stuff like that. In fact, it looks more like a throne room than anything else, especially because there's a big-ass throne in the back. Immediately after opening the door, you see and hear the occupant of this room.

He's a big, hunched over guy who rises from the throne. He wears a tattered cape, carries a fantastic mace, and has huge, crazy hair and a huge crazy smile. He looks undead, in fact you guess he's probably a wight, and thus this must be Dwayne Reddings, cursed priest of Cuthbert.

"yes... Yes... YES!" he cries as soon as you open the door. "I have long waited to feast on the living. My trap long since set has been sprung, and you are the flies caught within my calculated webbing of deceit! With this" he thrusts out the mace in his right hand "I shall cave in your skulls! And with this" he holds up his empty left hand "I shall level-drain the hell out of you and with this" a large silver ring with a black stone twinkles on the fingers of his undead left hand "I shall summon my legions from beyond the grave! Come! C'mon and serve me again! Now to your DOOM!" The ring twinkles, as mentioned, and... a zombie is gated in! Dwayne Reddings steps down from the throne and he and his new zombie pal approach.

Reddings automatically wins initiative, monologuing and summoning a zombie. Go ahead and do something.
  Dave, fist of Odin
My account is settled - there was a paperwork delay at the bank. Sorry it didn't appear on your statement.

Yes - I will lead the way into doom. Let us hurry, good friends - I have a bad feeling about this . . .

And how's that Zombie-mace look? Decent? I'm kicking myself for not taking a detect magic today... I'll strap it onto my belt, though. It's never a bad idea to have a backup mace, is what I say.

Downward to glory!


Cinder will hang in back of the party with bow drawn as we descend and move about, advancing to detect/unlock on doors and stuff, then move back.

"Hmm...'DOOM'...-what do you think it means?"
Dave, Fist of Odin, you bought this treasure map. I suggest that you go first. Let us descent into depths, shall we?

Hurry before my PFE wears off.

Oh, and Dave, Fist of Odin, settle your debts, eh?
You owe 5 gp for your shield. Please deduct.

Brogg PFEs himself. You have a nice feeling!

Okay, you really can't topple the sarcophagus. It's not like some dorky wooden coffin on a pedastal, red velvet drapes with Dracula inside. It's a massive stone coffin built into the stone floor. There are some maces engraved on the outside. But you lift out the corpse-in-a-blanket, dump it on the floor, revealing a trapdoor! It's really big, basically the whole bottom of the coffin. There's a word inscribed into the stone: DOOM.

Cinder, you search for traps.. but don't find any. It's locked. You rolled 2%, good job picking the lock. Apparently you were correct in thinking there were no traps. It opens and you guys get Mike to open the big trapdoor.

It opens with a WHOOMP. There it is. A staircase descending into the darkness. Your torch shows that it goes down about twenty feet and ends in another door.

Dave, don't forget to deduct 5 gp from your character sheet. If you do not, future deductions will come directly out of party treasure, and I don't think your friends want to pay for your financial indiscretions and drinking binges. Friends help friends, but c'mon.

Ok, I'm gonna do another trap/lock sweep when Brogg dumps the body, and if Dave doesn't chime in and unwrap that thing I'll do it myself. Cinder just knows there's treasure in here somewhere.

"Friend David, I'm sure your holy weapon must reside here somewhere...Odin willing we will find it, yes? Unless perhaps foul tomb raiders have set upon this sacred resting place. Those dogs have no shame, robbing and stealing what is not theirs to...uh...um...or maybe it was just a rumor. Probably never was a mace here at all."
  For the Record:
DM>'Hah, what the hell is that picture?'

Dude, that's Zombie Mike. Let's just say that Google's image search is the shit. Doesn't he just scream 'bored, accomodating zombie?'
He just looks like the kind of zombie friend that would get a little bummed when you attack other zombies, but not really say anything to you about it.
What?! Ok, I PFE myself, and with the aid of Mike, I am going to topple this sarcophagus, rolling Dwayne out. Maybe there is something under this damned thing.

Dave, Fist of Odin, perhaps you should unwrap Mr. Reddings and see if he isn't hiding something.

BTW, check out the DiD Reference link, Ed and I are going to construct a page with spell lists and important tables. Geek out! Geek out! Geek out!
  Take One For The Team
Good thinking. Mike is pretty accommodating and opens the sarcophagus lid. He gets hit with the poison needle for 1 hp but is immune to the poison.

All that work to set a poison needle trap on the sarcophagus lid, wasted.

Inside the large sarcophagus... is nothing. Well, there's an old corpse, un-animated, just a dead body wrapped in a big gross blanket. Sorry guys, looks like it's a bust.

Hah, what the hell is that picture?

"By Loki! There is a trap. Hmm...a poison needle set with such skill that it is beyond my ability to disarm."

"Friend Zombie Mike!
Your hands are immune to the poison on this needle. Would you be so good as to open this lid? Your friends stand by you with weapons drawn!"

Rob, I again move to the back of the party and draw my bow. If anything jumps out (if Zombie Mike obliges) I'm firing the +1 arrow right at it. 2 per round this time!
Grisbane favors those who keep the faith! Ahh, the feel of zombie beneath the blade. Thanks be to Grisbane. I stand back and revel in my victory. I pat Mike on the back.

I also watch the door.
  St. Cuthbert Is Sort of an Uptight Prick About Those Things
Brogg, swoosh.

I remember when I was eight years old, third grade I think, on a T-ball team. We watched this girl swing, swing, swing at that T-ball and she just couldn't hit it. All us eight year olds kept slowly moving closer and closer in a semicircle around her because we just couldn't believe it, just swing, whiff, swing, whiff, swing whiff, just staring quietly at her, looking at each other, mouths open. I think that it was the first time the emotion of 'incredulous' registered with me. I mean, zombie, dude. Grisbane kind of looks away and shakes his head juust a bit.

Ed, twang. I assume you're using the shortbow? 2 attacks/round with bows. 3 points into the zombie's thigh.

Dave, donk. You actually only do 7 hp dmg because 15 ST is not +1 damage under 1st ed rules. Anyway, 10 to the zombie is NOT enough to drop him! The zombie retaliates on you Dave, swinging the mace at you for 4 hp.

One more round... I'll just roll for you guys if you don't mind. Mark, I can't believe it. I've been rolling that damn blogroll thing for a while now and you got the first double damage I've seen. Well okay, I retract that whole 'swings like a girl' T-ball story, sorry. A whopping 16 hp damage! You hit the zombie so hard it explodes in a burst of dead bones and organs ALL OVER the crypt. Totally nasty. Zombie Mike kind of frowns and sighs a little.

With the zombie dead, you see that his mace is pretty old and nasty also. If this is the magic treasure, damn was this whole thing underwhelming. The frescoes depict this high priest like guy swinging this huge mace bashing in guys' faces, beaning them in their helms and stuff like that. He's larger than life, kind of like a super hero almost because he's all chin and grinning with a big-ass cape. The last fresco shows him with a big frown though because St. Cuthbert is casting him out of the temple for his greed and womanizing and it says:


Anyway, Cinder, good thinking to search because you find a poison needle trap on the lid of the sarcophagus. You give it the old college try but you can't disarm it! What do you do?
  Dave, fist of Odin
Ha-Ha! I blogroll a 17 to hit the Zombie - the Zombie with the mace, not Mike, our Zombie Friend. Damage? Blogroll says . . . a 6! d6+1 for a mace, +1 for strength is an 8.

8 points of Clobbering damage to the bad zombie. Not the good zombie. Ha-ha!
Oh, I roll a: 4. Sweet.

DM> Zombie Mike *will not be able to fight in this combat*.
For some reason I lost it laughing. So stupid and dramatic.

Cinder curses the zombie's lack of vital, backstabable organs and hangs back behind the party with his bow. Skipping my initiative roll I Bloggerroll a: 13+1(for dex)=14 to hit. 3 points of damage. Nothing personal Mike, I shoot at guards too.

To Dave: "Oh yes, that's right friend, 'looking back at things' I now recall you did destroy that statue. Odin had me pretty shaken up I guess!"

When this pussy zombie goes down, I check for/disarm traps/locks.

One Zombie?! Are you kidding? I lay into him with my broadsword! Taste the wrath of Grisbane, you rotting automaton!

Uh, no offense, Mike...
  +1d10 Zombies Spoils the Broth
Okay, Mike opens the tomb door. It's pretty heavy so eventually after watching him struggle with it, you help out and then back away as the big door swings open. It's all dark inside so let's just say Brogg, you light another torch.

The room is about 10 x 10, old and musty. In the back you see an enormous sarcophagus. There are some old frescos and stuff on the walls depicting things. However, in the middle of the room are 1d10 zombies! Rolled... a 1. Okay, sort of anticlimatic. 1 zombie. He lurches into action. Zombie Mike initially looked kind of happy, but then looks at you guys and looks kind of confused. Zombie Mike *will not be able to fight in this combat*. The zombie has a large mace! He automatically goes last in initiative. What do you do?
This place gives me the creeps. Dave, Fist of Odin, I hope that the blacksmith was right and some treasure of value lies inside.
It figures that it is getting dark. Let's have Mike open the door.

I have meditated upon the spell: Remove Fear.

I raise my broadsword and wait for some fool, er, I mean someone, to open the door.

That pisses me of about that small chest.
It's just that B1 was "A first adventure: city of Greyhelm" but it was pretty lame so we started at the temple instead. You'd do errands for the baker, fight rats in the sewer etc. Hence now the "return" to Greyhelm.

Cider, I mean, Cindre, sorry, Cinder: okay, +1 Arrows taken. Your potion is a Potion of Levitation. Just so you know, these are all clearly labeled on the litttle Potion Guild bottles.
Okay, you sneak back into the Potion Guild building. Going in while Brogg is delivering all that disgusting dog meat serves as a good distraction. You can't find Vrill's spellbook- he probably took it with him- but you do find Apprentice Gerald's spellbook. It's pretty easy because it's clearly labeled "Apprentice Gerald's First Circle Spellbook". It contains Friends, Cantrip, Sleep, Magic Missile, Make Potion I, Read Magic, Detect Magic, Ventriloquism, Improve Sales I, Identify, and 3 blank pages.

And yes, that was strange... Vrill clearly paced you running up the stairs. Sure the leather armor half-on was slowing you down a bit, but... it's almost as if Vrill himself was a "Runner"!

Dave, taking a look at Mike, you're wondering if the natural process of erosion won't soon be converting him from Zombie into Skeleton. He apparently got pretty banged up in a fight in the hall when he fled from the prison, and whoever dumped him in the trash wasn't exactly gentle. Zombies might have a lot goin' on, but cellular regeneration ain't one of those things.
Dave, please deduct 5 gp for buying your shield. It's normally 10 gp, but you're Of the People plus, hey, hero of Grito, but the blacksmith guild guy is still sort of a dick, so 50% off. 5 gp please.

Brogg, nope, Grisbane doesn't grant you Silence 15' Radius. That's a 2nd circle spell. You're still a 2nd level Cleric. Dave is 3rd level and gets 2nd circle spells, 3 to be exact due to his WI bonus. You just get 4 1st circle spells. You buy chain mail (now your AC is 3 with the +1 shield) and a suit for Mike, plus helmet and custom art. That takes up 85 gp. Mike looks pretty cool now you think.

Right, the statue was destroyed and Odin's charge fulfilled. Okay, all suited up and stuff, you guys decide to head back to the Temple and then on to the Graveyard. But before you leave, Cinder goes to the Griffon's Claw...

Bartender> Hello brave hero(s) welcome to the griffons claw.
Bartender> What THIEFS are you meaning?
Bartender> The blackwall thiefs are a deadly gang of thiefs!
Cinder> AGAIN
Bartender> The blackwall thiefs dont really operate in grito they work in the city.
Cinder> AGAIN
Bartender> Hmm
You roll a: 14 vs CHA. Nice thing!
Bartender> I heard a rumor that the blackwall thiefs operate out of a bar called HAGGIS PLACE in GREYHELM look for a man named YURI.
Bartender> No thank you.

You leave town and trek a day back to the temple. Wandering encounters, 3, okay, no wandering encounters. You get to the temple, light a torch and head back down. Sorry guys, it looks like those Potion Guild guys must have opened the chest when they beat your asses last time... the chest remains, but is open and empty!

Cursing in defeat, you rest the night before continuing along the map to go to the Tomb. You walk through hills along a little road at the edge of a pine forest. In the afternoon, you're walking along the top of a pretty steep slope; down the slope like 1/2 mile away you see the remains of a city! This is Nyuss City of Spiders and the whole place is deserted but covered in large webs. Imagine a small city covered in webs, I mean COVERED and there you go. Pretty creepy.

Just up ahead though you see the Cemetary of Scythes. It's called that because there was a war with a lot of peasants a long time ago and when the peasants died, they couldn't make gravestones, so just planted their scythes above their graves. You see what looks like a couple acres surrounded by a rusted metal fence. There are some normal looking tombstones, a few large mausoleum vault things, and a shitload of upright scythes planted in the ground.

The entrance to the cemetary is a rusted metal gate, recently chained shut, but you can easily pick the lock and enter. In the far back along an overgrown path through the graves is one of the vaults about the size of a workshed that reads "The Tomb of Dwayne Reddings, Cursed of Cuthbert". There's a heavy stone door. It's beginning to get dark. What do you do?
Dave, Fist of Odin, I think that we should soon follow your map. However, as Cinder has noted, there is the matter of the small chest in the Temple of Zelba.
Additionally, I have the feeling that Gregory Vrill might visit the Temple before clearing out of town. That is a generous reward that Mayor Broderick has posted.
There is also the possibility that we could find Vrill at the ancient weather station atop Mt. Storm near Greyhelm. However, there is little doubt that he is destined for the Greyhelm Potions Guild.
I say this: Let us open that small chest, fetch your mace +1, and then find Gregory, first looking at this weather station, and then in Greyhelm.

And, who are the Knights of Armek?

Oh, and I have learned how to sing.
Ah, but Cinder - I did as my god bid me. Do you not remember the Bec-De-Corbin, 'for the blest'? I took that fucker and WHAM down went the statue, that was so offensive in mine god's eyes.

And if the blackwall thieves got anything going on - let me know. I'm not saying I want to work up the ranks or anything, but I can always use a little taste of the action. Know what I mean?

So - when are we off for the cemetary? I got this treasure map, and a hangover, and that's the one-two punch for heroism...

Damn! This just takes me back to haveing to pee during a huge combat at the gaming table. You're gone for one moment and the situation when you come back is nothing like you left it!

Well Cinder is pretty pleased with the outcome, though he is unsure how Vrill got away since his non-weapon prof is in Running...what the hell. We'll meet again I'm sure. But Cinder does need to take care of something before leaving the building. Slipping away into the shadows if his Hero status doen't do it for him, he scours the bodies and offices for the mage's spellbook(s). In the mood for a little non-fiction I guess...

Cinder suggests to Dave that the +1 arrows would serve us best served up from his short bow, and adds them to his sheet.

And I roll a 20 for a random potion. Damn I wish I had a 1E DM's guide...After getting the rest of my stuff back, I special train and roll a 2 for hit points, +2 more = 4.

Cinder decides to capitalize on his new Hero Status, and sets to work searching for the Blackwall Thiefs. He tells them that as a Hero, he is in a position of trust in the town that could possibly be exploited...for a price.

Cinder reminds Dave:"Friend...we have resources now. Few are the days that I have set foot in Temple, but your mighty Odin charged you destroy that statue, and you should be mindful. Frankly I'm scared shitless, and I don't want to be anywhere near you when he comes back to ask why you haven't done this yet."

"...and there is the matter of a small chest..."
Shit, potion of friends. Just what I wanted.
Anyhow, I will buy 2 suits of chainmail with the horse money. One for me, and one for Mike. I also get a helmet for Mike, preferably one with horns. I suit him up. If there is any extra cash, I want to get a nice big skull symbol on Mike's armor. That should look great.

Dave, Fist of Odin, I am not Lawful Good. Do you really take me to be so naive? However, when I swear an oath to Grisbane, Lord of Half-breeds, I do not speak lightly. I would not hesitate to rid this world of dogs to make good on a promise, if need be. I think that you know what I am talking about, eh? Nudge, nudge. We fundamentalists are so misunderstood.

I can live with the kobold working the farm. It should raise the property value, and he seems quite content. I just don't want to see the poor guy in leg irons or anything.

I shall meditate upon a new spell: Silence 15' radius!
I upgraded my character sheet. I tell Mr. Greetles that there's a 10gp bonus in it for him if he can get the farmhouse fixed up.

Who's getting the arrows? Can zombies use bows? Maybe we should boil Zombie Mike until he becomes Skeleton Mike - those guys are quicker. Lose a hit die, sure, but what can you do. Mike - are you up for the boiling?

And good adventure, Rob! The picture of the bobcat was the high point for me. So Angry!
  The Kobold Is Reading Slightly Above His Grade Level
Taking care of town stuff.

And hey, thanks, the wrap-up took a bit longer than I thought. Anyway, there's a lot, but if you read carefully you'll see that the mayor said "one item each" not "all the items". But what the hell, you talk him into it, you get everything, the Rory's, farm, kobold, all that.

Brogg, check, dog meat and shirt. At first, the butcher's like "we don't really sell *dog* meat here sir" but your enthusiasm is infectuous and pretty soon he's got his boy rounding up lots of dogs and putting them up on the block. Dalmatian, beagle, Weimereiner- 100 gp buys a crapload of dog meat. They give you a litttle wagon to cart it over to the Potion Guild, who's generally none too happy with your "special delivery to cell block A".

The rat seems generally appreciative if a little overwhelmed:

Rags the Rat> Damn son that's a lot of meat. You know, I didn't really mean dog or just dog, but what the hell, it's still steaming. Thanks a lot. Can't promise I'll do the ol' "in-out tango" with a lady mouse, but if I swing that way, I'll think of you. Hey, you don't think this whole lack-of-dogs thing isn't going to lead to a big spike in the cat population by any chance?

Actually, you just have sort of a sneaking feeling that all those "Potions of Friends" added up and the townsfolk of Grito will do whatever you want. At first you might just chalk it up to town heroes, sure, "Man of the People" and all that. But *everyone* in Grito just seems so damn accommodating.

Anyway, sure Brogg, shirt check. Dave, shield, okay. The blacksmith guild guy patiently explains to you again that he doesn't have a magic mace. "And yeah, I just checked. Nothing came in stock. Remember that map I sold you? I could sell it to you again if you like." Maybe the Friends Potions ran a little thin by the time they got to the Blacksmiths.

Brogg, you should only be getting the one bonus non-weapon proficiency for a total of one, unless you special trained last time. You can get 200 gp for the horse. Buy whatever PH armor you want. Dave, in addition, the mayor gave you each 100 gp cold hard cash.

Potions. Dave, you get a Potion of Water Breathing. Brogg, Potion of Friends.

Kobold and the farm. Okay, you guys find that the mayor has bequeathed you a little ranch on the outskirts of town. It's about the size of Mike's place in real life with a small cornfield tacked on. Not bad, but definitely a fixer-upper, in the after-school special kind of way. The kobold's name is Mr. Ronald Greetles and he was Vrill's slave around town. You go to pick him up at the Potion Guild and explain the situation about working on the farm. Greetles shrugs, grabs a little pack, a commemorative Potion Guild mug, and a Dragonlance novel, and follows you to the farm, where he begins weeding the lawn.

As soon as Ed chimes in, you'll be off to the tomb of Dwayne Reddings! Remember Dave and Brogg, need to pre-memorize your spells, including those new 2nd levels Dave.
Descent into Depths is an old school 1st Edition AD&D adventure run by the Infinity Group.

What type of dice? How many dice?

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4 Sided

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