Ok, well I picked the Nunchucks in hopes of a good Monk Weapon so keep that in mind if we win.

"I just thought that I had heard you weren't the Champion anymore and I was wondering if that was true..."

"If it is what can we do to get the Title back in your hands?"

I drink a potion 2d8+3 I get back 12 and I'm at full.

I attack openhanded 4 I miss, that was for the round I got attacked.

for the upcoming round 15 hits ac 1. for 6 hp of damage.


Ok, Cinder attacks the wounded ninja that Brogg hit first with both swords. I hit AC 2, and well...critical fumble. The wounded ninja takes 3 points of damage.

If that doesn't kill him, then I'm assuming Brogg will finish the job this round, so here's some attacks on the ninja that hit me:

Hit AC:3 for 5damage, and a miss

Next round: hit AC 1 and 0 for a total of 16 points! (Max damage!)

and one last round: Hit AC 3 for 6 damage, and a miss.
  When You're In, You're In
Wow, Mage Armor sucks in 1E. In 3E, it's +4 AC for 8 hrs. But this is 1E...

So Cinder and Renwick. Sounds like you guys are IN. Let me make it clear. There's no place to hide when you're IN. You're in a flat, shadowless arena. The edges with the statues are OUT, and when you're OUT, you can't jump in and fight. It's MAGIC that way. POWERFUL MAGIC.

Still in? Thought so. Four ninjas appear.

Dave FoO, which L3 summon do you want? You can roll randomly, if you'd like (1d8). Remember you can bring in a larger amount of L2 creatures with the L3 spell.

Renwick, check, Mage Armored.

Brogg, nice shot, you hit a ninja hard. He's looking bad but not down with 24 hp damage. This is VII remember! Heh heh.

One ninja on each of you except Renwick.

Brogg, one hit for 4 hp.
Dave, one hit for 3 hp.
Cinder, two hits for 10 hp.
Marivhon, two hits for 9 hp.

Pretty solid first ninja round. Go.
I Cast Mage Armor, while hiding away from the action.

If I get another action. Ninjas are such well known cannon fodder that even a 3hp mage will go after one. If there is still a ninja on his feet I blog roll 12 -1 for str. is 11. If that hits ( it might I mean whats wussyer than a ninja) 4pts of damage.
With adrenaline coursing through my veins (I never even punched anyone before) I'll skitter off to hide behind a statue again.

If the fight ends and Brogg is motioning for me to finish off a subdued ninja I'll politely decline cause I don't think that I can kill a guy who's down, even a stupid ninja.
Alright, I have a plan. Subdue the last Ninja.

Then, we'll let Renwick do him in. As the VICTOR then Renwick can get the next prize.

I show a Ninja what the Wrath of Grisbane is all about. BR:20. No shit. That's 24 points!

What was that talk about the "Former Champion of Grisbane", Marivhon? Did that cockiness come with the Halberd, or was that extra?
  Dave, Fist of Odin

Here are some rolls:

15/3, which hits AC 2 for 6 damage.

11/1, which hits AC 7, for 4 damage.

20/6, which hits AC -3 for 18 damage, bitch!

1/3, which, umm . . . . hits me, I guess.

If there are more than 3 ninjas, I bring in a level 3 summons the first round.
Ok, Cinder is IN.

Still hidden in shadows and in.
ok I BR a 5 +1 for big heals and I get 6 so I think I'm down 1 hp putting me at 16 as I place the Nunchucks with the MC.

I do this as whomever wishes to be in the ring is in the ring.

time to make Banana Cream Pie.....wish Renwick was here. Homemade crust how hard can it be?
Okay, there are a couple points to clarify for how the arena works.

Cinder, alright, given that you were out of combat, the ogre didn't really do that. It's fine. Actually it's not entirely clear that you were out of combat, it sounded like you were waiting for an opportunity to jump in. Because with this arena, you're either in or out. No starting out and tagging in. It's not WWF. It's just magical like that. So you guys need to pipe up and say 'in' or 'out' before the next combat gets underway.

Second thing. You know how the Fightmaster said "the victor may choose only one"? He meant it. Renwick tries to grab the staff but gets a bad shock since he clearly wasn't the victor of anything. Then Marivhon grabs the glove, and both the staff and the bolts disappear. Make sure you all read that:

Marivhon takes the glove, and the staff and bolts disappear. They ain't invisible, they're gone. One prize per combat.

HPs: Let's just say Dave FoO puts a Cure Lt on Marivhon and a Cure Lt on Brogg and everyone's up to full.

Okay, Marivhon picks up the nunchuks from statue VII and takes them over to the Fightmaster. Again, he asks everyone who will fight to step into the arena, and everyone else to leave. In or out. You guys see another gate open and a variable number of ninjas swilling around in the gate.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
I'll bust a CLW on Marivhon. Hit Point Check?

And I'm ready for the next chummer.
WTF is that bullshit? I was out of combat and hidden sucessfully. And, if you recall, Brogg didn't really want any help by specific request. Cinder bandages himself for 18.
And I uh take the glove rob...
"uh yeah, I like having the former Champion of Grisbane helping out. Hey what do you have to do to get that title back?"
If you insist.

I step up to the alter and take the stout black staff.
Renwick, take the staff. I insist.

Marivhon, do you want us to stick around for Mr. Nunchuks? He is number VI, after all. The Ogres were number II.
After Dave FoO heals me I take the guy the Nunchucks.

"well this isn't so bad."
  C-L-Ubbin'! No, Wait...
Okay Dave FoO, you smack down Ogre #2. Good job everyone. Well, almost everyone.

The ogres' bodies disappear. The Fightmaster announces:


Three objects appear on the altar on the back: a stout black staff, a leather glove, and a set of four bolts wrapped in oilcloth.

Then, once you've chosen, if you want to give the Fightmaster another weapon, go ahead and do that too. Maybe you want to heal up first though.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Double-Damages the thief twice? Not on my watch. I interpose, with my mace.

BR 14, hits AC 3. BR 5, for 8 damage.

And then, if I missed a round - or if I miss a round in the future:

BR 10, hits AC 7. Ummm. BR 2, for 5 damage, if it matters.

I say we fight all these motherfuckers, and then take on 4-arms!

What's my name?
Fist of Odin!
Dave, Fist of Odin;
What's my game?

Well, maybe not my best work.
  Tough, Huh?
Yeah, Cinder and Renwick are just sitting quietly in the back because they think it's too easy? Come on Cinder. If you had attacked this round, and last round too, this combat would already be OVER.

You know what? Just because of that, the ogre smells you, walks over to where you are, and... look at that! Double damages you. Huh. You take 18 hp. The ogre prepares to double damage you again.
Cinder quietly grips the hilt of his blade...and hopes Brogg picks something a little more challenging this time.
BR:18 on Mr. 2. He takes 12 points of broadsword.

Nice moves, Marivhon.
Hit ac 0 for 9 hp. "I think I like the poetry of this fucking Halberd motherfucker!"

I am a new monk....thank you for letting me level.
  Ogre 2 Is Monk Punching
Brogg and Marivhon take down ogre 1. Ogre 2 punches the monk for 6 hp.
Hit ac 3 for 10 hp.
"fuck Toto."
  You Can See Why I Was Confused
And oh yeah, remember these classic Geisler lines?

The wild dogs cry out in the night
As they grow restless longing for some solitary company
I know that I must do what's right
Sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti
I seek to cure what's deep inside, frightened of this thing that I've become

Oh yeah that was good stuff.

No... no wait, sorry. That's 'Africa' by Toto. Sorry everyone. Carry on.

Alright Ogre #1, taste the unfettered Wrath of Grisbane! BRs:14,5. That's one hit for 12 points of damage!

Yeah, that bootleg part where Kobold Pete forces himself on the Svirneblin moneylender was pretty F'd up...
Cinder stays hidden, his back pressed against the old altar, waiting for a worthy foe to strike...boy is somebody gonna be suprised.

  I Read On AICN That Cronenberg Was Considered For A Director But Dropped Out Of The Project
Yeah that was some classic stuff. Did you guys ever read the bootleg proof of Kobold Pete with the shocking 'Requiem for a Dream' twist ending? I think I remember why Geisler was mostly marginalized by the Greyhelm Book Club critics.

Anyway, you guys hit the ogre for some damage. Ogre 2 is unwounded, but ogre 1 is plenty pissed and not looking so hot. He destroys Dusty before turning to you Brogg. Dave FoO, ogre 2 swing and a miss on you. And uh, ogre 1's loincloth is left unaffected by the rusting mace, much to everyone's relief.

Keep it on!
On the street, trick and treat
Kobold Pete!
He’s discrete, with cat’s feet
Kobold Pete!
Don’t mistreat, or ever cheat
Kobold Pete!
You’ll take heat, and get beat
Kobold Pete!

God, I love when all those Brownies are singing that as Kobold Pete fences with the Hill Giant. Man, so cool...

I guess this Orge reminded me.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Hey all,

Sorry for the brain fart. Am I in? I like to clobber stuff . . . .

Rob, if I'm in, I bash an Ogre. BR 16 hits AC1, BR 3 gives six damage, and if the ogre's wearing armor there's a save. Heh.

But if I'm not in, I talk to the four-arm guy. "How's it going?"
  Renwick Geisler
I heard that there was a third cousin or uncle that was supposed to be an "artist" of some sort. No body ever really want'ed to talk about the guy much. Maybe it's the same guy.
That's the Geisler. Any relation, Renwick?
16 hits ac 2 for 4 points.
  Sort Of Like A Morbid, Fruit-Inspired Gilbert And Sullivan
I walk along the apple orchard picking apple trees
And sipping apple cider with an apple on my knees
She's beautiful and wonderful, she's elegant, and she's
The apple of my apple eye, my muse and poetrix.

In spring it's cherries, summer corn, and autumn pumpkins round
Midwinter's hinter pine tree cones or a truffle underground
Back in spring she's shining sweetly fixing what she's found
Within the kitchen, canning, jamming, until the day she drowned.

The fisher found her floating while a-boating in the bay
It was a beautiful and wonderful and shining summer day
She fell in feeding figs to fish, her footing false and flai'
L'd for help but no help came. My muse a-mused in May.

I walk along the apple orchard picking apple trees
And sipping apple cider with an apple on my knees
It reminds me, binds me, tastes of her, a testament and geas

For I'm still here while she is there, underneath those apple trees.

That Geisler? Imagine it set to music and dance I guess. Hot stuff a couple decades ago.
Dusty moves in for the kill, BR:15 That hits AC:1! 4 points of damage! Go Dusty!

I swing on the same Ogre, BR:2. Dusty shows me up.

Oh yeah, and Renwick, you don't happen to share any relation to Reginald Geisler do you? You know, that guy who wrote the musical "A Tear for Kobold Pete"?
  Dos Ogres
Okay, so with everyone in place, two ogres materalize out of thin air! The Fightmaster announces:


Marivhon misses! An ogre swings on Brogg and hits for 5 hp. An ogre swings on the dust devil and misses.

Oh, and Renwick, don't forget you have to pre-memorize spells out of your book.
I get behind the statue furthest away from the combat. If anyone goes down I'll give them a potion.
Geez guys, I appreciate the support, but I wanted to fight the Ogre solo...

Oh, well. Dusty is AC:4, and has 2 hit points. Really, I rolled 2d8 and I got 2. He does 1d4 damage.

Huh, maybe Renwick should fight Dusty for some xps; he might stand a chance.
staying.....Hide in shadows. 48 made exactly move silent 30 made by 10. Ok Halberd out ready to fight a large monster.
BR to hit a 4 for my first round...ok fine.
  Enter The Dust Devil
Okay, I've got Cinder, Brogg, and a Dust Devil on line for fighting in the arena. Marivhon? Dave FoO? Renwick? You guys in?
"Renwick!! Well met friend. May I suggest as one of your languages, you take whichever one Marivhon speaks? He uses no punctuation! Haha, just kidding Marivhon."

Cinder reaches into his Roos of Holding and pulls out a dagger for Renwick. "I sure hope you never have to use this. Shouldn't have to if we do our job properly, right?"

Cinder then draws his swords and attempts to duck into the shadows while the mists are swirling. BR:32%! Nice.
Alright guys, if it is one Ogre, I want to go solo. If it is two, then one of you guys step in.

I hope that we can tell in 10 seconds.

C'mon Fightmaster, what do you got?!

Let the Fury of Grisbane shine!

Hey, if I have 10 seconds, I am going to cast a Dust Devil.
  The Combat Begins!
Brogg presents the Fightmaster with Weapon II.

(I just love that sentence for some reason.)

Anyway, a gate begins to open in the middle of the arena! You see a few swirling forms... it looks like an ogre! Or maybe two? Hard to say.

The Fightmaster announces:

Anyone staying or leaving?
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Welcome, Renwick. Glad to have you with us!

My name's Dave, Fist of Odin. Yes, that's right, I am a holy man of Odin, charged with clobbering those that Odin finds distasteful, and drinking heavily, and busting phat rhymz. Once Odin appeared to me, smote my foes, and commanded me to destroy something unholy, but since then I've kinda been on my own in deciding what's distasteful to Odin - which is basically anyone except y'all that's frontin'.

Here - have a flask of Holy Ale, consecrated by the big O himself. Or at least someone channeling his power, which with Odin is as close as you get.

So - are we fighting as a group here? What's our foe?
I bring him the huge golden hammer, carved with intricate runes, glowing with power.

Just kidding.

I bring the little guy the stout staff. Bring it Ringmaster!

Step back, boys!

Barring anything too crazy (like all the Statues attack me), here's my first attack: BR:4. Huh, AC:10?
  The Arena Of Kyuss
Brogg, your sword bounces ineffectively off the metal man. The four armed warrior looks at you and says:


There are twenty statues surrounding the arena. Of these, sixteen have weapons. The other four are empty handed. The statues additionally are numbered.

I: A simple spear.
II: A stout staff.
III: (empty)
IV: A trident.
V: A rusted scimitar.
VI: A pair of nunchuks.
VII: A sharp canine tooth.
VIII: A wizard's spellbook.
IX: A silver longsword.
X: A vial with a skull engraved on it.
XI: (empty)
XII: A glowing black flail.
XIII: A bigger spellbook.
XIV: A huge spiked club.
XV: (empty)
XVI: A giant horn.
XVII: (empty)
XVIII: An enormous black sword, a foot in breadth, covered with white runes.
XIX: A flaming cat-o-nine-tails, with a skull pommel.
XX: A huge golden hammer, carved with intricate runes, glowing with power.

In between statues X and XI, there is an altar against the wall. The altar is also covered in scenes of gore and battle.
Welcome Renwick! We would love if you'd tag along on this adventure.

However, I'd advise that you be careful. Maybe it would be best if you just audited this one. You know, sit back, watch and learn, but don't get yourself into the mix. -Maybe you'll pick up some residual xps...

Anyway, back to the 4-armed Metal Man's Challenge.

I draw my Broadsword, step up, and say "I will fight!"

Taste the Wrath of Grisbane, you rusty freak! BR:9. Hmm, that's AC:5. In the event of a hit, I do 8 points of damage.
Okay Renwick, yup you only have 2 hp. 15 DX gives you AC 9 (-1 to AC), no init bonus. Your spells are Burning Hands, Mage Armor, and Ventriloquism. Good luck with that.
  Renwick Geisler
I roll a 2, 4 and 7. No Max hit points at first level? if not I have 2 hp. What is the modifier for Ac from Dx 15?
Thanks Marrivon your more than generous. Geez fellas thanks for the invite fellas, you seem pretty swell. I'd love to go adventuring with you.
Alright, I run at the little guy jump over his head, do a backflip off the wall behind him twist.. and land facing him. BR 7 dex 17. "hey buddy not bad.....heard better though....you should come meet some guys. You want some treasure eh?...well you should probably get some potions....here's 500 gold for 2 potions of healing." (d8+1) "oh and my name's Marivhon... Whats yours?"
so we get him some shit and uh we go....
"So have you fought giant spiders before?......it's cool...maybe you should borrow a magic dagger from someone or something ok?...any questions?
Alright, so ya you guys meet this 1st level mage and think he's pretty cool, go to a bar, talk some shit, and by the end of the night you're like "WHOA DUDE YOU THE MAN! YOU ABSOLUTELY GOTTA COME DOWN WITH... WHOOPS, YEAH SORRY, SORRY, GOD YEAH, SHIT I'M GONE DUDE, THAT JAEGER SHOT WAS LIKE IT. BUT YEAH YEAH CHECK IT OUT WE'RE GOING ON LIKE THIS ADVENTURE. YEAH, I KNOW, YEAH! IT'S OLD SCHOOL, STRAIGHT UP MODULE, YOU GOTTA COME WITH US."

You do.

Okay Renwick, just roll 3d6 6 times and arrange the stats how you want. Plus roll a d4 and that's hp. I think mages get 2d4 x 10 starting gold, plus 1 weapon prof, plus your IQ determines your languages and NWPs.

As for spells, you've got a spellbook with Read Magic, Detect Magic, Wizard Mark, and one offensive, one defensive, and one misc spell. Please roll 1d8 three times, tell me the numbers, and I'll tell you what spells you have.

You probably want to buy some rations, because you're about to head off to Nyuss, City of Spiders, to the Arena of Kyuss!

You do.

It takes a week, so cross off a week of rations each. You can't really swing through Grito on your way down unless you want the guards to attack you. You ever play Ultima, where you kill some merchants and open chests, and then the guards come after you, and then for the rest of the game, if you enter that town, the guards are just all over you from the get go? It'd be like that.

The road there is pretty uneventful. After your week, following Dave FoO's old treasure map again, you finally find yourselves back before the City of Spiders. You stand on a hill, overlooking a giant ruined city. It's difficult to make out most of the internal structures, because the entire city is draped and wrapped in white spiderwebs. This must have been- or continues to be the work- of enormous spiders! But thankfully, at least from your vantage point at the hilltop, you can't see any such beasts.

Marivhon's map is a rather poor map of the city itself, but it has a few defining landmarks and notes you can use to determine which building is the Arena. It's a broad, squat tower near the edge of the city, fortunately, so you won't have to proceed too far into the depths of the cursed ruins.

Carefully you enter Nyuss. All is quiet. There's a strange unreal quality to the place, echoing some of the bizarre lands you were in beyond Vrill's mirror. You make it to the Arena, and following the instructions on the treasure map, you push the spear held by a great web-wrapped statue of a warrior. A giant stone door opens, pulling webbing off with it, revealing a dark passageway into the massive round building.

Lighting a torch, you enter a dark stone hallway. The entrance slams shut behind you! Along the walls are frescoes depicting scenes of battle; gladiators facing off against increasingly bizarre and powerful foes, from orcs to slaadi to what looks like Odin himself! A massive double door stands at the end of the hall. You push it open...

And step into the Arena of Kyuss. It isn't open to the sky, being that this is an enclosed tower. But you can't see the ceiling; you can see rings of balconies surrounding a large central opening. Two staircases swing off on either side of you up towards the higher levels.

The arena floor is covered in ancient bloodstains, and marked and scorched with what must be the remnants of battles past. Here on the ground floor, in a ring around the entire arena, are a set of statues, twenty in all. Each depicts the same warrior- the same as outside, and apparently the same guy who was fighting all those monsters (in different scenes each time, not all at once). But each statue holds a different, real weapon (not part of the statue).

In the very middle of the arena stands a tall metal four-armed mannequin. As you step up, you hear a loud, commanding voice from the metal statue:

  Renwick Geisler
You see a little guy in shabby black robes walking by you down the streat. He's bustin a little ryme under his breath which you can overhear

Renwick Geisler is my name.
Spells and magic are my game,
enemies go down in a hail of flame
piles of gold and lots of dames.
All the world will know my name

But I need a posse,a fighter and a theif
allies on my side, to spread fear and grief.
Some guys to watch my back
while I perpatrate attacks.
Some friends to help me out
while a city I shall sack.
Hmm. Spiders?

What is the Blackwall rate on cure poison potions? I want to get a couple of those before we go, as well as a couple of healing potions. Then Cinder's good to go.

And Romeo's goin down in the Triple C. That's my word.
Descent into Depths is an old school 1st Edition AD&D adventure run by the Infinity Group.

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