Day 2, Evening: Hello Jim
Okay Cinder, let's just say you, Dave FoO, and Renwick sign up to work. You work until night, when the Factory all of a sudden shuts down and all the robots take the elevator back to the Sleep Chambers. Ever seen 'Metropolis'? It's a lot like that, the worker scene I mean. Everyone make saves vs. breath weapon. If all of you work all day tomorrow, too, you can get enough creds among the lot of you to get three books/tapes, or two books/tapes plus Cinder's jambox repaired.

Marivhon and Brogg head upstairs to find Jim. Sure enough, outside Sleep Chamber D, this dinky robot stops and says: "Yeah, I'm Jim the robot, what's all this about Library books?". You explain the situation. Jim's a little ticked, and tells you that he'll have to go to the foreman tomorrow and get the downloads deleted and his account re-credited. And his damn password changed. Jim doesn't really seem psyched about you printing out the books from his terminal.
Well Shit,

Either way, some creds will come in handy. Cinder signs on for a half day's work. You guys keep checking around, and at least when you're done, I'll have some creds to burn chummers.

I have Dave FoO join me in work. Mar and Brogg can check other leads.
Ok does the clockwork chicken talk robot? It doesn't really matter but since things aren't going my way or anyway even, I am just going to spend a day waiting outside of sleepchamber d with a sign written in my blood on my old cloak saying.

"I'm looking for Jim, could that be you?"

If I find Jim I mention there was some mix up and some of his books from the library got mixed up with mine. I was trying to get some books and they went to him. Sorry about the problem. If I need to I will work the time off his account for him instead of getting into the bureaucracy. CHA 11 which fails. Christ my cha is an 8.
  Day 2, Afternoon: Where Is Jim?
Okay Marivhon, Terminal V is really massive and there are a ton of robots here. Three failed CHA checks does not a 'Find Jim' make. In fact, you're really not sure just *how* big this place is, as you get in the elevator to head up to the lobby and you see a robot typing in 'Floor 231', and another robot types in 'Floor -27'. That's a lot of floors. Random Jim searches seems unlikely, but roll d%, and if you get 00, you'll stumble into Jim.

It is also interesting to note that in the two days since your last post, no one took any actions beyond asking questions.

Brogg, Scott says to you: "Yeah, error thirty-three, that means that the Library Brain couldn't find a copy or only found a corrupted copy. Lemme know what book it is and I'll put in a extra-dimensional request. But don't hold your breath. Basically, the Library Brain knows everything, but only has limited access to actually providing you with primary sources."

"If you lost your library card, just tell me your name and PIN and I'm happy to issue you a new one. Fee of 5 credits."

Scott chuckles at his 'don't hold your breath' comment. Silly mouth breathing meatbots.
Hey Scott, what does this error message mean?:


I was trying to get a book, and that's the message I got.

And, if I lost my Library Card, what would I need to bring to get a replacement?
Well the not posting for a couple days hasn't worked out for me. I guess I'm going to look around for Jim all over this place and try to work something out with him.
Here's a couple of Cha checks.
ok 13 failed
14 fails and 18 really fails.
well you guys better do somthing sweet cause I'm tapped out. Tapped out I wonder how Gregolas is doing. hrm.
  Day 2, Afternoon: Foreman Scott
Okay, you head out of the Sleep Chambers and over to the massive Elevator. After asking a few robots, one of them tells you that Scott can be found on level -11. You get in the elevator, along with about 30 other robots, and notice that the elevator goes both up and down from floor 0. Down you head to floor -11, enter a smoky tunnel- think penultimate scene from Empire Strikes Back- and, after winding your way through, come out onto a large factory floor. A ladder takes you up to a walkway and over to a small office marked 'Foreman Scott'.

Scott tells you that to get a library card in the first place requires 10 credits, or about one afternoon's work from one person. Work for meatbots will be tedious and dangerous. Scott looks suspiciously at the clockwork bird... make a IQ check and CHA check to fast-talk him into it (anyone can roll). Even if it goes, the bird can't work that much, or even do that much that's useful, so it'd be a full day's work for the bird. And that's only to get the card, not to pay for downloads.

Turns out 'P.I.C.' stands for Personal Identification Card, of which you have zero. The Library Card serves as one form of P.I.C. valid mainly at the Library. It comes with a PIN number you have to type in, so they're operating on a 'bring something, know something' kind of security. The price of download is highly variable, but on average, one book or tape is one day's work by one robot.

Hmm. You're definitely on the right track, but is this the solution?

Cinder, you pass a large Repair Dock, and stop on in. The mechanodroid, Stew: "Sure I can repair your radio there buddy. Just give me a day and 50 credits, half now."
Ok. Cinder just had a downright crazy idea.

"Brogg. We probably won't be able to get library access cause we're human. We'll try, but it might not happen yo. But what about your clockwork bird? It's all mechanical. Maybe we can get it a card, and you can make it check out what we need. I dunno. Worth a try."

Cinder heads to Foreman Scott to inquire about library access and the rules that govern it. If we can't get access, Cinder asks about the clockwork bird.

Can anyone fix a crystal jambox in this joint? Cinder asks around on that too.
  Day 2, Afternoon: Hanging Out With The Robots
Robots Steve and Al walk by.

"Get a job!" yells robot Steve.

"Yeah, really. Lameos," says Al.

They shake their heads and move on to do something productive and proactive with their time.
  Day 2, Morning: Hmm
The security droid is getting concerned that you guys are loitering.

Very concerned.
  Day 2, Morning: The Droid Calls Cinder A Meatbot
The security droid says:

"Please see Foreman Scott for advanced Library access. Downloads are available for work credits obtainable in the Factory, meatbot."

In case you're wondering, DFoO, the security droid can't... or maybe won't... help you find Vrill or the Book of Poppies.

You head upstairs to Sleep Chamber D. On your way, the halls bustle with all sorts of robot activity. The robots seem to be pretty serious about their work. The door is open, revealing a massive room containing lots of recharging bays, the description of which is left as an exercise to the reader.

The robots seem to all have pretty mundane names for how flashy they look. You know, names like John, Ralph, Mark, Ed, Chris, Paul, Dave, and hey look, there's 'Jim'. A terminal flashes 'Jim: your library downloads are ready. Please swipe your P.I.C. and enter your code for access.' Marivhon, you type in the numbers, and pretend to swipe your hand, but the terminal reads: 'Error, please swipe your P.I.C.'

The robots coming in and out of the chambers ignore you, but this whole lack of meatbots thing is beginning to creep you out. Terminal V is definitely not a great place to grab a latte, read the paper, fight over rubies. A massive security droid enters the Sleep Chambers and slowly, silently, patrols the bays.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Why would a robot need a PDA? That's weird.

Unless . . . oh my god - that's not a PDA, that's a HUMAN HEAD!

Oops - no, my bad. It's just a PDA after all.

Anyway. Still looking for an official-looking person to grab, here.
Cool, I go to sleep chamber d and enter Jims PIC and try to pick up my books. er ah his books whatever. if you need an open locks or that kind of roll I get a 44 which doesn't make much for me.
btw leave the library very un-in-the-need-violence kind of way.
  Descent into Depths!
This book might be for reference only

Cinder asks the security bot "How do I obtain a library card...err, or access...?"
  Day 2, Morning: Problems In V
Brogg, read the post again. Notice anything weird about the terminal display for the White Book that wasn't there for the others? Marivhon was never actually given a choice to download the Book of Poppies, he just got the error message and was sent back to the main menu. I cut out some filler text, space-baring through it if you will, just to make the post a bit shorter and more readable. But nope, no option for downloading the White Book.

Anyway, you're out of the library. The security droid stands at the entrance.

El Greco has no idea about this place. "Sorrrry neiiiigh-borrrr." You don't recall seeing an information desk either, just that map downstairs. Hippies take note: terminal V seems organic-unfriendly.
Hey, wait.

WTF? Why didn't The Book of Poppies get sent to Sleep Chamber D for Jim?

Dude, if they have that book, we only need to get a library account and order it. -Screw Vrill.

I ask El Greco if he knows where I can get a Library account. Is there any reception desk in the Library? I want an account.
  Day 2, Morning: Security Droid
Okay DFoO, you successfully cast both Detect Magic and Summon Love Elemental. Spells seem to work fine so far.

You seem to be a bit late, though- perhaps if you tried this in another terminal, you'd have better results. However, the 'crowd' here happens to be a long line of unemotional robots. Or, if there's any emotion here, it's utter boredom and tedium, for having to wait in a huge queue to use the one library terminal first thing in the morning. The robots neither respond to your questions, nor react to your songs. Except for one robot, who punches something into a PDA. Quickly, a security droid steps out of line and escorts your party out of the library and down the hall.

A word on the security droid. This is actually the first 'security' you've seen in Hello. It's rather impressive- basically, an Iron Golem from the future. It's a 10' tall bipedal robot, with hydraulics for legs, a torso bound in shiny black metal, and what looks like a small cannon sitting on the shoulder. A metallic armband reads 'V'. The robot simply shepherds you out of the room, grabbing each of you forcefully and bodily moving you, if you fail to move on your own. If you resist being moved, you hear the sound of the cannon powering up. Let me know if anyone plans on resisting more than that. You spot a couple other security droids in the hall, and a floating spherical droid that seems to be an aerial video recorder.

Terminal V, it seems, is the Robots' Graveyard.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
All right - I cast Detect Magic to see if I've got the mojo. If that works, I bring in a Love Elemental to:

a) make sure I've still got the 3rd level Mojo
b) see if I can summon stuff here
c) entertain the crowd:

(Beat-boxing for a minute, then summoning...)


My name's Dave, and I'm the Fist of Odin
And this is Ms. Love come to give you a spin
We're looking for a chap by the name of Vrill
'Cuz we lookin for a book and get it on we will

Ms Love got the dancin with the moves that are fine
And we hope that this morning y'all be feelin divine
Or at least as happy as bots and dead can be
It's a Poppies book we searchin for in terminal B

Now if this lady wants to give you a kiss
I don't care if you're just metal why you wanna resist?
And you say that you're dead? Hell we all are too
But that don't stop us doin' what we gotta do

So help a brother out. Hey you got any beans?
Any clues from the dead guys or from the machines?
We just adventurers on a little break
And I'm Dave, Fist of Odin
Yeah, the Fist of Odin
Word up, the Fist of Odin, don't you make no mistake!

While I'm rhymin', I look at the crowd. Anyone look like they recognize the name Vrill, or the reference to the Book of Poppies? Or even terminal B?
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