I do want to keep whatever kid answers the door by the door in case anyone shows up. I stand menacingly with the firepoker he's tied up because I pull the rope up from the window etc. I think we should also ask about tomorrows appointments in case someone is going to show up early in the morning this could take a while but we have some good hostages.
Sounds good, Cinder.

Mr. Caruthers, would you please step into this room with me?

I sit Willowby down. Look Mr. Caruthers, I don't want to hurt anyone. I just need some information. That's all. So, let's be cool, and just talk. I'll ask some questions, and you will answer them to the best of your ability. Ok? Otherwise, Mr. Caruthers, I think that my friends are going to have to do unspeakable things to your two boys. That would be bad. So, do we have a deal?

Assuming we do, I ask him the following questions:

How long have you known Mr. Gregory Vrill?
Where is Mr. Vrill now?
Where are the papers concerning Mr. Vrill's case against us?
Where are all of the papers you have concerning Mr. Vrill?
Have you heard of the Knights of Armek? If so, what do you know about them?

And, after I get what I want about Vrill:
Have you ever heard of the Oracle of Gryss? If so, what do you know about him?
Have you ever heard of the Monks of Progress? If so, what do you know about them?

And finally,
Do you have any beer?

I guess that I want some answers before I decide the next course of action.
"Pl... please d-d-don't hurt us! I'm just an old lawyer and sons!"

"We won't hurt you or your kin old man...if you cooperate..."

First things first. Cinder seperates the three sons and Caruthers. Let's interrogate Caruthers in the next room. Brogg, why don't you handle that while the rest of us watch the sons. Cinder points to the three sons "Let him know that if he screams or doesn't cooperate, we'll take it out on them."

After the interrogation, we'll bring Caruthers back in the same room, and have Dave and Brogg search (they have highest wisdoms) for any documents pertaining to Vrill, us, knights or Armeck, or anything else, starting with any info that Caruthers provided us. If we have time, the rest of the pary will then search as well while Dave and Brogg gaurd.
  Welcome To Caruthers And Sons
Okay Marivhon, the gang's all here, except for Dave who's still running defense outside.

You tie up the old man and the kids. Turns out that sure enough, these are 'Caruthers and sons'; the old man is the lawyer, and the kids are, well, his sons. "Pl... please d-d-don't hurt us! I'm just an old lawyer and sons!"

So what's it going to be? Huh? Huh? What's it gonna be?

(Oh, Mark, thanks for the NPC bios. I actually wrote something similar, but whatever. I'll send it to you on Tuesday, it's mostly a faq-type thing with a brief 4-page summary of the campaign, and a short paragraph on what's going on now.)
Well with all the knocking out we blindfold and tie up everybuddy and start asking where important papers are. We search the place, let in Brogg. I stay by the fron door and have one of the kids with his hands tied with me in case anyone approaches I can have him get it while I threaten his friend with a fire poker. I guess the old man will show everyone around the place. etc.
  You Just Beat Up Two Teenagers
Hey Cinder? Can you find the 1st edition 'blind fighting' skill anywhere? There aren't NWPs beyond languages and optional arts and crafts skills in the DMG.

Let's roll a d4 to see who you knocked out in the darkness... 1: old guy, 2: stunned kid, 3: up kid, 4: Marivhon. 3, well whatever, I think it would've been totally funny if you'd sapped Marivhon, but you didn't. Let it be known that I don't fudge my blogrolls.

Okay, both kids are knocked out now. There is a bit of ambient light so it makes sense; Cinder, you're not totally blind. Twang! Another crossbow bolt, Cinder you take 4 hp.

Just to fast forward things along, Marivhon, Cinder, and Mike the zombie take down the old man.

Brogg, you're hanging out by the front door downstairs. Now what?
  Dave, Fist of Odin
I don't want anyone to think I'm a slacker for not posting every day. I keep doing what I've been doing.

When Brogg moves up, I try and lead attention away from the building. Maybe into the street? We're getting kinda tipsy.

The guards on the beat
Keepin homies on their feet
Fightin brigands in the street
You know they're Greyhelm's elite

Well - not my best work, but like I said, I keep on, keepin on, and I don't stop 'til the break of dawn.
Hey, the three thieves are inside! Great!
Ok, Cinder is a couple rounds behind.

He is gonna do a listen at doors on the building BR:86. Ok as far he's concerned everybody is sleeping and things are going fine. Is the front door locked? If it is, he's gonna open it with a BR:89. No he's not I guess. Failing that, Cinder scales the wall into an upper window. Climb Walls:03%! At least he can do something right.

Cinder is going to use a combination of his Alertness skill and Blind Fighting skill (By 1st edition, Blind Fighting conveys a bit more than just only a -2 to hit in darkness) to move about and try to locate any enemies. If he does, he is gonna swing on them with his sap to knock them out (straight up 45% chance if he's got suprise) then tie them up and gag them per the scraps of what little plan we had.
BR:09% to move silently and I'll roll to swing on any enemies I encounter with a 17 to hit and a 27% with my sap to knock someone out.

After that, rinse and repeat if it's nice and dark. If another light goes on, same deal, only I attack to subdue with my sword then tie our foes up. You can roll for me if I don't post in time Rob
Ok, I slit Cinder's throat and take his Roos of Holding.

Just kidding. -Not that he would notice, though.

What I will do, is make make my way over to the Law Offices. I tell Gregolas and Orcsides to chill in our inn room. I try to casually walk by Dave, Fist of Odin, who is beat-boxing with the guards. When I get there, I am going to just hang about until someone opens the door. If someone tries to run out, I am going to try to stop them, and push them back in.
  This Could Be A Tough Combat Simply Because No One's Posting But Me
Marivhon, you smash the lantern and run into the hall, while the two thieves downstairs hold themselves. Actually, Mike the zombie says "screw this", and uses Cinder as a human ladder, climbs up Cinder, and enters the house.

Marivhon, the old man turns and fires on you again before backing down the stairs. Miss. Two young men come out from other doors upstairs... you do a flying kick right in one guy's teeth. The 15 year old stumbles back, spitting out his front tooth that you knocked out, and he's stunned for... well, 6 rounds. Okay, don't gotta worry about him. The other kid pulls out a fire poker and hits you for 3 hp.

(Mike the zombie pauses for one round just to search the room for valuables. He'll be out there next round.)

Check it out, so I'm basically like one-for-oneing it with your posts guys. Good thing we didn't pursue the whole 'guest DM' thing, it'd take like a month to run a combat.
I blow the lantern out and follow the guy into the hall. I have acrobatics so I will try to jump down stairs in front if him or behind guards if they are coming up if I can. I will try to kick anyone I can BR 16 to hit which if 5 over yada.
Oh yeah, great rhymes there DFoO... it's late, but the guards on duty are definitely partying down.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Oh - I wanted to bust a silence out on Marivohn, but it sounds like it's too late for that. I don't interrupt my rhymz for casting, of course. I keep on keepin' on.
Dave, okay, you head outside and start handing out drinks, busting rhymes, generally trying to distract the guards from the obvious breakin going on down the street. It basically works.

Marivhon, nice dodge. You roll into the room. There are a lot of potential weapons, things like the lantern on the table, a chair next to the bed, but nothing that looks like a +1 lance or anything. Just an old lawyer with a crossbow. Seeing you tumble into the room he freaks out, and runs out of the room into a small hallway, shouting: "Help! Oh by the gods, there's burglars!"
Monk Missile dodge. 19!
Br to hit open-handed 7 ah well.
I move into the room and into melee with him he has a crossbow right? Can I see any melee weapons I can pick up so he can't?
BR for next round to hit with a kick to the groin 6. I can't fight but I'm a genius, or so i've been told, and I'm not wise enough to figure that riddle out. Next.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Well, maybe some prep spells . . . ah, well. I would like to be outside, though - maybe just hanging around in case bad shit goes down. You know? I might not be a Man of the People of Greyhelm, but I kinda got some sort of vibe going, I think. Plus, I'm this high level priest, see, and I like handing out drinks. That's my main strategy if trouble comes down the street.

Like so:

Check It!
I'm Dave, Fist of Odin
And I'm rhymin mad slow
Us priests gettin dissed
By some fuckin' monks, yo
But we're passin out the 40s
(Here ya go, here ya go)
And we're smokin all the shorties
Cuz we flow
To and fro
D-d-d-don't cha know.

(Beat Boxin')

Nowwww -
Once before Odin told me
"take this bitch down"
And like I did it to her
I'll do it to this clown
Yeah I'm talking bout some gaytard
Monk of Flowers, in a gown
Smack you up
Make you frown
Take you up- then down-town
Put the hurt on you so hard
Spin yo ass right around

(Like a record?)

Like a record, baby;
Right round round round

(more beat boxin')

Wellllll . . .
Got my homies mad searchin
For this oracular dude
And some Armek Knight Biatches
Yo we're gettin all rude
There's this fuckwad named Vrill
And we got him hella stewed
Yeah I'm Dave, Fist of Odin
(Fist of Odin!)
Fist of Odin representin
My rhyme skilz complementin
Til the break of Armegeddon
In a clobberin mood

Fist of Odin
(Fist of Odin!)
Yeah I'm Dave, Fist of Odin
Fist of Odin
(Fist of Odin!)
Yeah I'm Dave, Fist of Odin
Representin, Complementin
If you fuck with me you're screwed
'Cuz I'm Dave, Fist of Odin
(Fist of Odin!)
Fist of Odin
What's my name? Fist of Odin!
Yeah I'm Dave, Fist of Odin

(repeat and fade)
Sorry Brogg. You're right, the old guy isn't wearing plate mail or anything. However, he does have full cover provided by Marivhon (not to mention, he's inside a room through a window in a building down the street on the corner).

Maybe you missed it in the initial post. You're not directly across the street from Caruthers and Sons. The inn is 'down at the corner', about half a block way on the other side of the street. Good luck making that crossbow shot next time, you basically need a nat 20.
Shit! Alright, seeing as I am watching from my window across the way, I am going to take a shot at that old guy with my crossbow.

BR:13. That hits AC:5. I suspect that he has little armor. That's 2-5, right? BR:3, 4 points of damage!
(As in 'break-into-the-house', not as in 'poppin-and-lockin, electric bugaloo etc'. Although that would be sweet too.)

Okay Marivhon, you're a man of action, and you take Cinder and Mike down the street to the corner offices of Caruthers and Sons with Brogg's rope. Up you go to the second story, throwing the rope down, and you manage to jimmy the window ajar. Not so silently of course. When you open the window, a lantern light goes on! "Wha... what is the meaning... oh never mind, die!" The older gentleman who answered the door earlier today is now facing you, holding a big-ass crossbow. Twang, 4 hp damage and make a save vs. poison unless you do the monk missile deflection thing.

Yeah, I have some rope.

Alright, let's go with Marivhon's plan. I think that we should let the thieves do their thing, and us priests should stay in the room until they have gotten inside. I tell Zombie Mike 1k that if they need help, to pull out his continual light torch and wave it in the window. If the coast is clear, then he can just crack open the door downstairs and pull out his torch down there.

If they can get us in the front door without waking anyone, that's great. Otherwise, they'll have to take care of anyone sleeping inside. -Tie them up, guys. We need to talk to these lawyers.

If we go in, I tell Gregolas to stay in the window here at the inn and watch the front door. Does he have a crossbow or something?
now I'm really pissed because my wireless card lost the connection and my post. Alright the jist was I'm tired of waiting around for 3rd level. I have a priest cast detect magic to see if the building has magical protection. If so then I ask dave to dispel it. If he does then I climb walls successfully, and attach a rope which I hope someone has if not I buy some frickin rope. I fail to hide or move silently but I succeed on open locks if the windows is so. I climb up and open the window, if there isn't any magical protection in place that is. Then we all go in maybe the priests could sanctuary themselves so as not to be so obvious as we go in. Thats my plan, I'm smart but if someone wants to challenge me they better post soon. nuff said.
Yup, the legal district is maybe not the best place to do some door kicking. Of course, maybe if you just started by going into the guard barracks and slaughtering all the guards, there'd be no one to patrol the streets. Lotsa guards around here guys. It's Greyhelm, we're talking guys in banded mail and halberds.

Sure, there's an inn down on the corner called "Hang'em High". It's a charming local undertakers' bar. There are 8 of you, someone cough up the 8 gps for room and board.

Okay, you get a room (8 gps, thanks), and take turns keeping a watch out the window. Sure enough, after about an hour, a teenage kid leaves the building, heads down the street. Comes back ten minutes later with a knapsack and a baguette. Sun goes down, lights go on both downstairs and upstairs. Curtains drawn in the windows. Eventually, downstairs light goes off. An hour later, 9 PMish, upstairs light goes off. It can be later that night or the next day depending on what you guys wanna do.
I give Orcsides a look.

What's the scene here? Is it the kind of place in which a door being busted in would cause an immediate stir? Probably, huh?

Any inns nearby? If there are, I suggest that we get a room and watch this place. Perhaps at night we could either shadow Caruthers, or do a little B&E. That's my plan.
  Caruthers And Sons, Strike One
You head to a nice part of Greyhelm to Caruthers' address. You knock on the door. A moment or two pass, and then the door is opened a crack, but still chained shut. You begin to say, well, something, but the old man inside says to you rather sharply:

"I'm sorry we're a private legal office. If you have business with the courts, please direct your attention thereabouts. If you have pending legal business with Caruthers and Sons, we ask that you address it in writing to the present address. Thank you." Door closes, hear sounds of door being bolted shut.

Brother Orcsides mumbles something about how the Oracle of Gryss is unlikely to be here. "Or was the plan to subpoena the Oracle," Orcsides says somewhat passive-aggressively.
Hey, I already suggested that we were going...

But, great, we are in Greyhelm! Alright, using that return address, let's go to the office of Caruthers and Sons.

I would like to speak to Mr. Willowby Caruthers.
  Fuck It, You're There
Cinder, what? You just up and decided to pick Halfling Dan's pockets on what evidence? He's not like walking up to everyone saying "Hey I just picked your pocket, rock-paper-scissors, I win! Gimme gold!" And then you say "Hey that's not fair I'm gonna pick your pocket!"

But if it's what you really want, you get Halfling Dan's lighter. Bon appetit.

Okay, searching through the ballots, you find that about 12 votes were cast from Greyhelm, 6 for Greetles, 2 each for Nephew and Blacksmith, 1 for the Illusionist, and 1 for "GULDMASTR MASTER GREGORY VRILL" (writein in bad handwriting). Hmm, they all arrived in a bundle sent from Caruthers and Sons office on the return address.

Spinning wheels here guys. Halfling Dan makes good on his word, Cinder, please deduct 50 gp. Dave you're next. You know, anyone can buzz in and say where the party is going. Anyone. I feel like Alex Trebek on 'Celebrity Jeopardy': "Just write a number. Any number will do. How about a 1? How about a 3? All you have to do to win is write a number, it's not that hard."

You know what? Nevermind. Marivhon said: "I'm off to Greyhelm" so I'll take that to mean do NOT stop at the City of Spiders, proceed to town.

Okay, you're in Greyhelm everyone! Gregolas and Brother Orcsides came along too, so there are 8 of you: Abby, Brogg, Cinder, Dave, Marivhon, Mike, Gregolas, and Orcsides. What a freakshow.

What now?

(Cinder, don't forget to add one lighter but deduct 50 gp.)
Vrill> " I could always count on Mr. Greetles to get the job done, done well, and done on time. So I'll be voting for Mr. R. Greetles come election day. By absentee ballot of course."

"Hey Greetles. I need to check out the spent ballots."

Cinder grabs the boxes of absentee ballots and begins to sort through them untill he finds Vrill's card. He then takes it to the Grito Post Office and inquires as to where the postmark on the ballot originates.

"Hey there friends, we might be able to find out which city he's in. If we can, we need to move fast before he reads our blog."

What does the postman say?

Oh, and Halfling Dan gets his pockets picked. BR:14. I don't know how it works w/thieves, but if he tries that shit on me I've got alertness.
Descent into Depths is an old school 1st Edition AD&D adventure run by the Infinity Group.

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