I get in the Tart with everyone and lock the door.
please see my gift on table talk. I believe it is for Theodore and the Inverse.
  King Tut
Here's my round 2 post...I have 1 more written.

This piece begins as a rap, and then switches over to rave style. So no faerie fire or obscurement until it switches over. I'll use a horizontal line to denote the change in style.

"My jams knock the Bentley
Girls peepee when they see me
Nava-hoes creep me in they teepee
I lay beats like I lay pipe."
"Don't stop can't stop
Until I get my
Until I achieve my
When will you ever come to consciousness?
When will you ever come to bed?
Vin rouge vin blanc
Just keep on going."
  CCC: Begin Round 2
Steve, if I had a nickel for every time I thought that...


Hey, so, my girl got in two days ago, my brother yesterday, and my mom gets here in about 30 minutes. So I won't be posting for a while. Maybe tonight. Maybe tomorrow.


But while I'm here, let me say that when you guys finish, the crowd goes nuts. That was just superb. Back behind the curtain, some other guys get out there and don't do so well. There's a draped-off chamber heavivly guarded back stage. Through the tentcloth, you can see lights and silhouettes. A guard motions you over.

From within the tent, you hear a husky voice.

"Well done.

But not good enough.

If you want to match skills against the real playas, you need more feeling.

More heart. More soul.

Get back out there and show me what you got."


Round 2 begins with the lot of you. Go for it padres.
  King Tut
You are all taking too long. Post by the end of the day or you are out.
  CCC: Round 1
Thak, right now your words are 'secret' (saved as, not published). You gonna break that stuff out?

KT, there are 2-3 rounds left, so hang on... always feel free to add more, but if you're holding the big guns back, you might want to see who else is a contender, as Lyle and NE weren't really that fantastic.

Pause here for station identification for a sec...
  King Tut
How many more rounds are there? I have 2 rhymes already lined up...should I just type them out now or wait? I have them all planned out, and the shows to go with them.

If we are going to be a team, how about this name: TiteKrypt & KrypTonite. (TK & KT).
Beat Box check: BR 5 on a d20. That beats any attribute score I have. Let's just say I lay down a SERIOUSLY wicked beat-backdrop to the lyrical masterpiece being painted by my TK & KT brothers.
  King Tut
I spend all my money on girls that can dance and a cardboard cut out of a Bentley. I also recruit my other druid buddies to be my posse. I'll spend a little of the money to buy some scrap metal and make myself an outfit like the Road Warriors from old WWF (Google them and Hawk or Animal if it helps). I also get some pieces of wood and I'll use Warp Wood to make them into cool shapes...like a Bentley...

I'll also use Faerie Fire, Obscurement (like a big fog party), and Charm Person to rock the house. I highlight some of the dancers, and myself at opportune times. And I make some Goodberries and throw them to the crowd (yummy!).

We can all be on the same team, or KT can roll solo. But he's got the rhyme and the rhythm in his heart, and it's got to come out.

"Hello everybody
Yes it's me
the diabolical,
the K to the T.

I come here
to ask you
if you parlez vous
if you do,
gimme a HEY.

Fresher than Snuggle,
cleaner than
hand sanitizer,
KT's the one who
flies you there.

If dreams are like movies,
then memories are films about ghosts.
Say merci beaucoup
cause KT rocks it the most."
we sell, we will get one of our priests to cast detect magic first of course....

dwarf's smith hammer
crappy spear (-1)
crappy broadsword (-1)
three crappy knives (-1)
two crappy shortswords (-1)
two awful knives (-2)
one suit of tattered padded armor (AC:9)
dwarf helm
one wooden shield
2 black cloaks
two crummy short bows (-1)
20 crummy arrows (-1)
a greasy comb
some hair gel
a photo of a dwarf lady
a sweaty bandana
a copper muscle bracelet
pair of dice
Are my Hp better? If not I would swing by the temple and see if they could help me out. I also would encourage that all of us go to the temples of both apollo and mercury and venus before the show and make the obligatory offerings....
I will drop a gold on offerings to offer if we can go back to that.....as to the present.......

I will be acting as Mr. Koppels personal bodyguard this evening. While he is on stage I won't be too far away, I will not however enter the spotlight. I will definately be scanning the backstage area and the immediate stage front area for potential problems. Well some wis checks don't go so well..15 / 20 / 5. Ah well. I would also try to stay within 10 feet of him....How many people are back stage? Are there private rooms in the area?

Nice start Teddy. I think we should include the word lucubration, and the motif of poor lighting perhaps being responsible for their inadequate presentation...
  Theodore Koppel
Um, yes. Indeed.

Tha name is KOPPLE!
And sucka MCs gonna topple!
Watch em dropple!
Watch em dribble!
As I drop my rhymes they gonna nibble
On they nails!
Cause my skillz and beats be off the scales!

Yo I gots more flava than my Ice Cream
An' ladies I favor they all scream
Cause TK in tha sheets is like a dream
And when you knock with Royale you’s a Queen
Know what I mean?
I know you do!
Yeah, sweetheart, TK’s talking to you!
Oh yeah, and you! -I can handle two!
Hell ladies, Bring tha whole crew!
It’s nothing new.

But just a moment, gals, I got bitness
Cause Lyle and ELF are all up in this
And suckas thought they might win this
If they made sure you didn’t witness
The skillz of my crew
And the things that we do
But suckas dream didn’t come true
And now we got to beat black and blue
Them and they crew
So here’s part deux for your review

Mr. Tut, a word from you?
  MOMO Was A Xenosaga Character Who Provided A Lot Of 'Fanservice'
Tut, well, hmm. Yeah, I guess it makes sense to be able to memorize 1st level spells in place of 2nd. However, since all your healing is 2nd circle, and you can't yet cast 3rd circle, not sure why you'd want to.

I dunno who's taken what. Just tell me exactly what you're selling and I'll give you a price.

You can't find Lars, Thak, Actually, you're not sure where he lives. The girls will hang out with you but only if you pay them, because that's kind of their job. Nothing personal.

Thren, yeah, this Lyle guy doesn't really seem like a major player here. You untie him and boot him out. He limps down the street.

Thren, stuff taken. You've made 6 more.


You rest up, have a drink, then make your way to Bloodkeep. Entrance fees are 1 gp each; to keep the weak M.C.s at home. Pay up or shut up. Tickets to the audience section are 1 gp, 1 sp, 1 cp, or free depending on where you want to sit.

There are a lot of people here- a significant fraction of the town has turned up. Maybe 5000 people in the crowd! Those of you with 'TK' are back behind the stage with some of the others.

A local favorite, the (sorry guys) Notorious E.L.F. takes to the stage and is your host tonight. No sign of 'Greathelm' whoever that was. Notorious starts it up.

Welcome y’all
So let’s kick off the ball
And come one and come all
Raise the roof, deck the hall

I'm the Notorious E
E's for all my ladies
That's the L, to the 'F'
For Fuck Haters, sho 'nef

I’ll smoke a blunt or smoke two
And then I’ll write a haiku
And I’ll sing it for you
Well, for the ladies beaucoup

We got a party to start
Fuckin’ get out of the Tart
Cause y’all think you so smart?
Let’s see the top of the chart

It’s the Cold Cut Collective
With our rhymes all invective
And our beats cut selective
And our J Hats protective

It’s Cold Cutlery style
To entertain and beguile
But there ain’t no mic denial
Pick it up yo… it’s Lyle!

Lyle- the wounded fighter from the Factory- limps his way onto the stage! He and the elf touch fists and Lyle picks it up in the same style.


I’m back from my quest
With an anthem or two
Lost & locked in a chest-
Unheard words is brand new.

Cause I’m unable to rest
With this party to save
Gonna white lotus this mess
Return the rave from the grave

Now that I’m here yo
The party’s complete
So quit yer ‘lean back’ shit
And start jackin the beat

I’m like Rudolph the DJ
All saving Christmas and shit
Yo, your mom gave me a BJ
And now she’s part of my dit

I was jumped, been knocked down
Worked odd jobs round the town
Hustled bitches and clowns
Now makin gps by the pounds

Cause my two-step’s the New Step,
The True Step, in the club
Your mom called, it’s true, yep
She needs me to come give a rub

To all the sucka PCs
You need more than you got
You need some skills and some frills
Like a MOMO panty shot

I rock the discotecque with your mom
And her friend from the salon
We all makin’ out on the lawn
Cause yer daddy is gone

I just came from her house
I mean ‘in’, ‘on her blouse’-
I rock all the haus fraus
Use my third leg to dowse

You’ve heard my anthem unique
My technique and physique
Rapping past your critique
So step up son and speak.
Check - I'm taking the longsword, a suit of leather, and the three doses of poison. I'll write 'em on my character sheet tomorrow unless I hear otherwise. Rob - have I made any more arrows yet? If not, I'll grab 10 of the crappy (-1) ones to replenish.

We need a cool name like the Cold Cut Collective. Oh - shit, sorry. I mean we need a cool name. The Cold Cut Collective has a name, but it's not cool.

Here are some ideas - I doubt any of them are cool enough, but I'm just starting the brainstorming off:

The Peter Principle Posse
TK and the PKers
The Haiku Is The Most Perfect Poem (or THIT - MoPP?)
Nahrboring 3k
Manchester United
Egregious Aggregate
Spike Lee's Joint

I dunno - yeah, those all suck. Maybe TK and the PKers. Or KT and the . . . . and the . . . . I dunno, but Tut and Theodore both have the CHA, so one of them should be the front MC, I think. Keep the 5-cha elf in the back is a good policy - I'll lay down some beats, and show up in a bra or something to distract from my . . . abrasive personality.
  King Tut
I think Tut still has some heals left...also, can I memorize 1st level spells in place of 2nd? Or must my 2nd level slots be 2nd level spells? Either way, I think I should have enough time to heal the party before the CCC, I think I get 4 1st and 2nd level spells per day.
just chilling, I would like to invite Lars to hang for the evening, as well as any of our streetwalker friends. I'll clean up my gear, take a bath and get ready. Take a nap, get some more Hp back.

I don't want any of the stuff. I say we sell pretty much all of it. Keeping the average quality eq is cool, and of course the pentagram, dice etc.

If you want eq speak up now.....or it's sold.
Thren... uh, what? What orc? You captured a human fighter named Lyle. It sounds like you can go ahead and take the stuff you want, but maybe you might want to not take all the poison.

If he was a lycanthrope, he'd be a pretty bad one, getting all banged up without you guys needing silver weapons. You severely doubt it.

Likewise, Dag, Theo, and Az, stuff nabbed.

Az, everything you owned was taken from you when you first came to Twilos. Actually, it was probably taken from you in Gorgos, so don't be expecting to find a chest somewhere in the guard quarters above with your gear nicely preserved. Weapons, armor, comic books, pocket lint- everything is gone.

Looks like you CLW on Thak. Thak, you've now up to 15/22 hp.


Still waiting to see what else you guys want to do beforehands... if I hear nothing by tonight, we'll proceed to the CCC.
The badass pentagram earring is mine. Nice.

I'll drop my last cure for the day on Thaka or Tut, whoever says they need it more. It's a BR 8, too.

Say, did we lose our armor when we came here, or just our weapons?
  Theodore Koppel
I take my cash and the 5 average arrows.

After that, I go up to the office to work on my rhymes.

Cue the 8 Mile music...
Unless there is any objection, I nab one of the black cloaks.

I spend the morning resting up for the CCC - are doing this?
I would like the longsword, but as I'm not the main front-line fighter I'm okay with not.

Same for one of the suits of leather. Let me know if anyone else wants dibs.

And, I do a lot of damage - but I have the best THACO in the party, so maybe I should get the poison? I'm leaving it up for discussion. If I don't get anything from this fight that's cool - right now, it seems more important to maximize our effectiveness with a minor amount of gear than to get greedy. So - longsword would be nice, but not crucial. Leather armor would be nice, but again - maybe the front-line people should get it - and I've got an AC of 6 from my DX. The poison would be cool.

This orc guy we've got is just a punk. I say we let him go with our good wishes - I don't think we'll get much out of him, and even if he told us who hired him I dunno if it'd help us. He was working, and it went bad, and we bandaged him up so he's probably not gonna bite us in the ass.

I hate it when the orc bites us in the ass. But - uh, is he a lycanthrope? I look for the tell-tale signs.
  Custodians Of The Dead
Nice touch Thak. A contingent of War God worshippers come within the hour. About six of them, heavily decked out, including the massive ogre twins Claude and Grappa. They collect the dead for blessings and dressing before the Zelbites come. The ogres load the bodies onto a wagon and carry them off.

You watch as they leave. Oddly, before they get to the end of the road, three tall, pale, almost inhumanly thin figures meet them at the corner. Some discussion occurs, too faint for you to hear. The three gaunt figures, all in heavy brown robes carry off one of the corpses in the opposite direction from where the cart is going.

Huh. You head back to the Factory and get some rest.


The Collective is being held in the Arena, Bloodkeep.
just after the fight I would like to get a kid to take a note to the temple of mars in town, I'll give him 1 silver if he gets a priest of mars here by morning. The note will say.....

"I hope the evening finds you well Martian,

I have recently been involved in a battle near the Ice Cream factory owned by the Koppel Corporation. There are near a dozen bodies there, if you as Martians would find it appropriate, they are yours to have. They either died well or are doing so now. We have some items from the field that may not be up to your standards, but they could be sold by you more easily than by myself.
Humble Daughter of The Jewel of Mars, Noble Venus
The Chevalier Thaka

The Red Rocket.......
Where is the CCC event being held....?
  CCC: The Morning Of
Alright, you guys collect the loot, tie up the fighter, and drag everything into the Factory. The bodies of the others, you leave the street to rot. A couple of the thieves are still alive too, just barely- you can capture them, kill them, or leave them as you wish. I'll assume you do nothing and leave it to the gods unless I'm otherwise notified.


You get:

dwarf's smith hammer
average longsword
crappy spear (-1)
crappy broadsword (-1)
three crappy knives (-1)
two crappy shortswords (-1)
two awful knives (-2)
one suit of human sized leather (AC:8)
one suit of tattered padded armor (AC:9)
dwarf helm
one wooden shield
three black cloaks
three vials of poison (+1d6 dmg, 1 shot)
two crummy short bows (-1)
5 average arrows
20 crummy arrows (-1)

some personal effects:
a greasy comb
some hair gel
a photo of a dwarf lady
a sweaty bandana
a copper muscle bracelet
pair of dice
badass pentagram earring

and just to keep it simple, you EACH get 1 gp, 10 sp, and 20 cp in raw change.


You wake the guy up. Not sure what you're gonna ask him, but as a first pass, you get out of him that his name is Lyle Johnson but people call him LJ.

He's from the fairy paradise island of all places, and god did it suck so he did some crime and some graffiti art and got caught and deported here to Twilos. That was about 6 months ago, and he's been working odd jobs around town. Then he gets word that for a few gp, a gang of guys are gonna go stick up some drunks. That was supposed to be you, but Lyle guesses it didn't go so good, huh?

You keep watch that night and heal up as best you can. Here's a hp check when you wake up the morning of the CCC... (By my count, Az has one more CLW left before rest too, so Az, give someone a d8 to boot.)

Az: 6/13
Dag: full
Thak: 7/22
Theo: 3/8
Thren: full
Tut: 7/18


Anything you want to do first, or shall we proceed to the CCC? Get past the contest, and you might be able to train...
  King Tut
I bandage, cure, and bind the captive.
so what did these guys have?
Tut, no worries about time. I just posted on DiD:TT that the next two weeks iz a little hectic... more than a little hectic with lots of family stuff. I'll try to be a good Dice Master and check in daily. Anyway, you're at 5 hp. You fall unconscious at -1 hp, then Dag heals you for 2 up to 1, then you cure yourself up to 5. Still feeling a bit rough there. At least it seems that there are no annoying paralytic after-effects of the poison this time around.
  King Tut
I make one save and fail the 2nd. In between, I'll drop a CLW on myself for 4. So I believe I'm at 3?

Nothing else to add. Sorry work has been very busy and there's been lots of girls around lately. Things should return to normal tomorrow.
  Dag Plays His WIS
Alright Dag, good thinking. The human fighter is knocked out, not killed. He's lying on the stone floor clutching his head, softly moaning in pain. The guy's leg is also broken, so he's not going anywhere anytime soon.

You drop 2 Cure Lts on Theo, and save his life. Don't forget that you gotta choose a god one of these days. Although you don't necessarily have to- only if you want 3rd level spells some day.
  Theodore Koppel
Blaarrgle!! Oof! ...feh.
maybe that would be a good time for Threnody to cast sleep on the guy...
First things first. I did call for the last hit on the last guy to be for subdual, so either the dwarf or the human should only be knocked out - not dead.

As soon as Theo hits the ground, I drop everything and run over for a CLW for 3, then again for 4, then I bust one on Tut for 2. that's all the spells I have for the day. I know that leaves them unconcious, but hopefully no longer dropping. That's the best I've got for now. As quickly as possible after the heals, I start dragging Tut, Theo and our new prisoner back to the factory. I restrain the prisoner... with my belt if necessary.
  A Climatic Twist Ending
You guys are engines of destruction. The human and two thieves drop. The sniper behind rushes off into the darkness of Twilos.

But just as you're about to celebrate/interrogate victims/chase escapees...

Theodore, as you're lobbing firebombs and shooting arrows down below, you don't notice the assassin sneaking up behind you on the roof.

A knifeblade rips your throat open, and the half-orc kicks your body down onto the crowd below.

You take 12 from the backstab, and another 4 from the fall. You're at -8 and dropping.

Guys, Theodore is gasping for dear life, thick blood gushing out of his neck and filling back into his exposed, opened windpipe. He begins death throes, his limbs spasming and writhing uncontrollably as the precious second tick away. In about ten seconds, Theodore will be dead.

Failing your poison save earns you 5 more pts of damage. Thak has 1 hp, Az has 4 hp, and Tut has 4, -1, or -6 hp.


"You not sing yo' song tomollow!" barks the half-orc from the roof, Theo blood dripping from his razor-sharp knife. "Sing yo' song and mo' of you rill die!"

He turns and flees on the rooftop.
Round 3: Attack the human BR 15 hits AC 4 for 8 points and BR 7 I am sure misses...

Somebody take out that sniper!
Save vs. Poison BR 1. Oy.

I cast CLW on Thaka, BR 7.

If I can get any shots in at the backstabbers, here they are:

BR 20-1= 19 for 6 damage ([4-1]x2)

BR 8-1=7 for 5 damage if it hits

BR 15-1= 14 for 7 damage
  Theodore Koppel
That d20, BR:14.

Two shots on another thief below, BRs:8,10. Hmm. AC:10 for 1?
  Thak, 3hp.
Um, I'm at 3 hp now... Save vs Poison is a 5, great.
I will take my 2nd round attacks.
Longsword a 10 and a 16, 6 and 8 if they hit.
I will give the flail to another guy, if I can. Well with a 5 I can't.

I hope I get another round.
  Asian Ambush Rounds 2 And 3
Theo, nice, you throw down your homemade molotov and ignite a thief. He runs screaming off into the darkness, now illuminated by his hair and tunic.

Next round, Thren and Theo take out both archers at the end, after they get their shots off into Thak (as already posted). Wow, in two rounds, you guys have dispatched most of them.

This leaves two thieves in the back, one sniper in the back, and the human fighter in the front.

Round 3. Tut, the same thief gets a 20 on you! For 1. Times 2 is 2, plus another save vs. poison. Dag, miss. Az, hit for 4, gimme a save vs poison. Sniper, miss BR3. Human, miss BR2. God these guys SUCK. It's 20s or nothing.

Az: 9/13, plus a save vs. poison
Thak: 3/22, and you gotta make another save vs. poison
Tut: 4/18, plus TWO saves vs. poison

Everyone else at full.


Theo, roll a d20 for me. (The 'and my bow!' thing was hilarious.)
  Theodore Koppel
Damn Eastern Standard Time. I fall asleep, and everyone posts.

Alright, I want a little retcon on those sneaky thieves. At least the one that I saw. -I throw two bottles of cheap flaming liquor on him. BR:1,15. Oops!

I suppose you will want another roll for that 1, BR:9.

I then pick up my bow. In my best British-Legolas voice, I shout: "And my bow!"

I will then shoot a roof sniper, BRs:13,15. That's ACs:7 and 5, for 6 and 2.
BR 14 misses my WS check. Ah, well.

I'm on the snipers, I figure. BR 20 and 8 - hits twice (I'll assume my targets are over 30 feet away) for (BR 5 and 3) 12 and 4 points. If the first shot drops one I'll move to another target.

Next round, BR 14 and 8 hits twice, for (BR 2 and 6) 3 and 7 points of damage. You know how I roll things - taking out snipers first, and then other archer types around, and then guys giving us some grief.

If I'm reading correctly, I can train in fighter right now, but haven't had the time before the CCC match, right? My plan for other stuff is to back anyone up who wants someone good with a bow, and otherwise make some more arrows. I'll keep a shortsword that we got from the gnomes until such time as a longsword appears. I'm -2 to hit with a short sword, right?

And can I get an update on what's going on? 'A crapload' isn't specific enough for me to determine if I should burn my sleep spell here. It sounds like we were hit by some fighter-types, who went down quick, and some backstabby guys, and a couple of snipers. I'l stick with the bowshots rolled for the first two rounds, I figure, but I'm also trying to get a tactical feel for things (in the context of burning that irreplaceable sleep spell...)
  Asian Combo Meal
Whoa. Okay Dag, in the first round, you drop the orc.

The second round, the dwaf goes down (see post below), and the human... makes morale check. He's a brave guy. Stays the course... missing.

Thak, hit with another bolt... it zings you for 3, make another save vs poison!


Guys, this round the thieves do their thing from behind. Tut takes 12 from a backstab. Make a save vs. poison Tut. Three thieves behind you and a sniper behind them. How many of them are there?!
Wisdom - Check! 11

Round 1: Attack the orc BR 15 hits AC 5 for 7 points and BR 20 for 10.

Round 2: Attack the orc (if he is still standing- if not, then the human)BR 9 hits AC 10 for 5 and BR 18 for 7.

If we get down to one opponent standing, I yell for subdual... I want to know who is behind this... and I bet King Tut has some torturing skills somewhere in his repetroire.
  Asian Ambush Round 1
Thak and Az, you guys kill the dwarf in two rounds. Az, since Thak fairie fired the guy, actually AC:11 is a hit. I rolled for your dmg: 3-1 = 2 hp. Hmm. Plus Thak's hit for 4.

Next round, the 20 is still a double damage, and you run the dwarf through like a fat little piggy. He kicks and spits on the stick that you pushed through his abdomen, dwarf innards becoming spring-loaded outtards as you retract the wooden shaft. Part of his large intestine is still stuck on the spear tip, and it all comes out as you pull out the spear. Fat, greasy pink and bloody red entrails dangle from the tip like the macabre standard of a terrible death knight.

Blood spills from the huge open wound in the dwarf's stomach, mixing with yellow and black bile. Acid drips out from the sore, cauterizing the wound open and wrecking further havoc on the fat dwarf's ventral surface. He stares down in disbelief, murmuring and stammering in shock and horrorof his life's blood- his soul, spirit, and essence- squirting out of him like a fountain of nightmarish death.

Az, you're covered in a torrent of gore and intestinal fluid upon retraction of your lethal implement.

An entangle I can't do, but I can help you stab that dwarf. BR 10-1 = 9 for AC 11, which I dont' think even exists. Nice.

Next couple rounds I'm going to keep on hitting the dwarf, unless someone ends up needing a CLW

BR 20- 1 for BR 5-1= 4 points of damage! (spears do 1d8, right?) Does it still count as a critical hit?

BR 5-1 = 4. Well, hopefully the 20 killed him...

Once the dwarf is dead I'll go after the human.

BR 17-1= 16 for 2-1= 1 damage.
God I was nervous about that save. I got an 18. So I'm down 16 hp to start off eh? I light up the Dwarf and Orc with Faerie fire. I attack that fucking dwarf.

longsword 13 should hit ac 5 for 4 pts. Flail is a miss. Hrm I'm at 6 hp. I think our plan here would be to have the parties archers back off while I try to distract our attackers with melee, I'm not sure how well that will work with me at 6.

An entangle would really be nice.....
  The Asian Ambush
Well Thaka, given that you're up against a bunch of thieves with Hide in Shadows, infravision doesn't quite trump that. Also, your attackers are themselves hidden. WIS checks are the best way to go here.

I won't wait for everyone to post WIS, as that could take a week in real life. Without further ado...


Theodore, you've got a top-down view of the action. Three big guys rush the front of the party. Looks like at least one is coming from the rear. And oh shit, roof cover from two shooters up top.

Thak, they're on you to begin. Good thing you bought that armor...

Of the three in front- a human, a dwarf, and an orc, only the dwarf connects. Double damages you with his hammer for 10 pts. One crossbow bolt catches you in the arm for 6 more, and make a save vs poison.
Fuck yeah everyone is out of the Tart, let's rock..

I got a 14 fo wis. You might think a "crapload of guys" would set off something on infravision especially if you are looking for an ambush. I hope Theo let's us know what's what before the shit really hits the fan.

I would help out Az in whatever fashion I can with the Temple work....I'm kinda busy but if he hears about anything a Cavalier could work out, like for a baker or whatever, I'm game. I think I would do my daily warmup/exercise and whatnot at the Temple of Apollo then head over to the DoV. Sounds like the Temple might need some physical labor and that raises stats!!

I think I would be in the front of the party trying to look somewhat suspicous of the environment whilst walking my "heavily intoxicated" compatriots "home". Thak doesn't like all these "quotes". Let me know if we have leader types obvious....

whew, exciting.....my plan was more complicated. Still I think it could have worked. anyways......

I give a nice nod and a smile when lars asks if Assassains are sneaky.
  Theodore Koppel
Wisdom check, BR:4. Quite.

I am camped up on a roof with my Moltov cocktails. I arrive there plenty early. -I also make sure that I was not followed. Wisdom for that, BR:6. Indeed!

With cocktail and flint in hand, I watch to see what unfolds in the alley below.
  Az At The Shrine
Az, actually you can't yet train in fighter, but you can (and will have by the time the ambush comes around) in Cleric. Your friends make you a spear that's -1 to hit and -1 on dmg.

Let's make that clear: everyone has 3500 xp coming into Twilos, when you trained. The next time xp will be officially given and the next good time to train will be after the CCC.

Az, the temple of Apollo is up a slope, in a relatively quiet area off of the Zent. It winds up and around, cutting close enough to the surface that a crack in the cavern ceiling, about 100 feet above the shrine, opens to a small sliver of direct sunlight that shines down on the dirt-caked statue of the Sun King.

You take some time to clean up around the shrine, sweeping off the cobwebs, scraping off the mold, and basking in the only natural light you've seen in weeks. It's a remarkably great feeling.

You realize that a lot of people come up here just to gaze at the light for a few moments before heading back down. Most of the people who come up, in small groups of twos and threes, are the most destitute of Twilos: the old and poor. You get a few smiles just from being there in your capacity as priest.

When that's all done, you head over to the Bloodkeep Arena and raise your standing to Rank 1; you're a trained fighter and you can CLW, and that's a big advantage. When all this ambush stuff is dealt with, we'll move on and do some official Arena stuff.

Don't forget guys to give me WIS checks- make your WIS, and you get one short action before all hell breaks loose.
I get out of the tart.

I figure I need some weapons, or at least something to stick in evildoers guts so they'll die-- Maybe you guys could make me a spear?

Some checks: Wis 6 Int 6 Dex 15. Let me know what kind of stabbing implement that nabs me, Rob.

I'll train up in Cleric and Fighter. HP checks: BR 4 on 1d10 and 5 on 1d8, so I'm up by 4.

Man, this place is a total dump. I think it could use some holy light of Apollo. I check out the unmanned shrine to Apollo... sounds like it could use a fixer-upper.

Once that's taken care of, I'm either going to help out Thaka with the Venus people, or if Tut's still interested in the Arena maybe we could do some tag team matches there or something.
  the asian lives in a hose
The wisdom of Lars Ulrich:

hey thaka its me again lars ulrich
na the bar is ownd by a bartender his name is uh well hmm
i guss i dunno but its defanutly this dude
he pors drinks big wons too theyare good
i dunno bout the assian hes prolly pretty sneeky cuz hes an aisan am i rite?!!?
i dunno if he works in a hose but hes prolly livin in a hose


Okay, so this means no one is training just yet then. You guys spend the days working and preparing for the Cold Cut Collective, and the nights drinking at the bar and pretending to get wasted.

Theo cannot change the flavor of a drink. I'll assume you guys are running with the plan Theo and Dag worked out.

The first night, nothing.

The second night, some guys come in- some half-orcs with them, but there are a lot of half-orcs in Twilos, so it's not terribly surprising. They have a drink, keep to themselves, and leave far before you're done.

The third night- the night before the CCC... the bait is taken.


Tut, Azoth, Thren, and Dag pretend to get sloshed and stumble home once again. You guys have been practicing your CCC routine all night, and starting to think you don't have to worry about it so much- maybe you should just kick back a few and begin leveling again. It's not too far a walk from Rats and Razors to the Frye Factory- about 100 yards. You take it slow.

WIS checks again everyone. Unfortunately, you're not being 'tailed', you're being 'ambushed'. By a crapload of guys.
Oh, and I help the ladies.... I also thank Lars with a little pat on the shoulder a handshake and a nod.
In the mean time we can try The Plan....you guys have. I will not however be hiding.....I think it will be convincing if Thaka stays sober "to guard all the drunks". That way I don't have to sneak around ambush people and act like a coward. I will walk next to my wasted friends wary of an attack that will hopefully come.

Can Lars tell me if this Asian is independant or if he works for a house? What about the bar? Is it "privately owned"?
I hav a very good plan on how to deal with this IF Theo can change the taste of a drink from range.....Well can you little buddy? If you can make a drink taste really nasty through a window I've got a well we'll see.
I like Theo’s idea…Here’s how I see the plan going down. We will have to pay Hyugens a little money to be in on the deal. On the given night, we all hang out down at the R&R, livin it up like we just won the lottery, ordering drink after drink after drink. The thing is, we have Hyugens pooring fakes. Anyone there will think we are getting fully lit. Then, like Theo says, we weave our ways back to the factory through a pre-planned set of alleys. Then Theo and Thaka strike.

So as far as my actions, I share the plan with everyone and then ask Hyugens what it would cost to poor us a bunch of placebos. I don’t tell him everything, I just let him know that we need everyone in R&R to think we are hittin' the barrel. In fact, if he is willing, I ask him to cut us off at some point and kick us out… that may make for an even more plausible story.
  Theodore Koppel
Mr. Dag, what is your plan? It seems you mentioned some sort of ruse to catch those who wish to catch us.

Perhaps Ms. Thak and I could do the hiding part, while you, Mr. Tut, Monsieur Azoth and Ms. Threnody could play the bait.

I suggest the four of you walk back to the Factory late one night from the R&R, apparently inebriated, through a chosen alleyway. Ms. Thak and I could then spring a trap when your 'tail' was in the middle of the alley, as it were.

For my part, I would like to drop some burning liquor upon their heads. Ha ha! Indeed!

I purchase two bottles of firewater, as well as some flint and tinder.
  King Tut
Ok, if I have free time from training I'll play the spy games, and try to garner some more info...perhaps the druids know something...

Tut is definitely not all that stealthy so I'll stay away from whatever Theo is up to.

Here's 3 WIS and 3 CHA checks: 19,12,3,4,2,14. 1 WIS check failed.

I'd like to find out more about work that's available to us. I try to associate who this person @ Red Rockets is with associates he might have, and then I solicit them for work. Basically, I am trying to "set us up" into some work assignment where he could have us killed. Since we scoured the town pretty well for work before we hit the Factory, I figure any new jobs available are potential traps, and that maybe we can be the ones setting the trap instead.
  hes an asian, a tuff one too
Theo, I think you mean 'Change Self'. Alter Self is 2nd circle. Change Self has a short, random duration though, so you'll only be out for about a minute.


Okay, well someone give me a more specific plan, if you're going to split up into two groups. The only 'stealthy' person in the party is Theodore.


Thak, alright, you obtain a AC:5 breastplate. That's a big help. You talk to Lars in the morning and he agrees to help you out. When you see him at work tonight, he says:

hey there thak its me lars ulrich
yup i did like you wantd and i went round and talked to sum guys n stuff
theres a bad guy out thre tryin to get u killd
his name is luko or grotto or somethin
hes an asian
and a tuff wun too
hes payin good to get u guys
down at red rokets
they got some good chips there u kno?
i had a coulpa beers that were pretty good lotsa bubbels it was good w chups
gonna kill u befor the big contest or somthn
i dunno why did u maybee kill his mom? i didnit meat him i jus talked to some orks
that suks thak watcha gona do? come on we got sum ladys to help
Ok, I see if Lars can ask around the Half-orc community and see who is being hired to fuck with us. I know he's not too bright but it shouldn't be hard for a thug to ask around about his partner getting hit.

I'll buy him lunch and give him some money to help loosen some mouths...1 gp spent

I give the rats and razors guy a gold as well for letting me get back on my feet. if he hears anything we might find interesting we'll be around. He should let us know, and if he needs anything...again let us know.

That leaves me with 14 gold. I will hand that over to the DoV and get the breatplate. That means I owe a month of work to the DoV and another 10 gold. So I get to work. I'm gonna stay at the factory. I will let Lars know that things might get a little hectic and I hope he's ready for some fun.

So this place aint cheap.

To the temple of Mercury guy....

"I'm not that worried about a reply, I just want to make sure it gets there. It would be nice if we didn't put my name or location on the outside of the letters."

I'm up for some recon games when not at work. Some checks.
wis- 15 /4 /9
  Theodore Koppel
Well, no one did speak up, so I pocket the crystals.

I try to learn Darkness, BR:83. Hmm. That's a tough one. Perhaps next level.

I am going to memorize Alter Self, and at least once each day, conspicuously appear as Mr. Barnabas in front of the factory.

I am up for Mr. Dag's plan. I will follow your lead, Sir. -Upon this day, I will memorize Chromatic Orb.
  Spies Like Us
Good idea Dag.

If you guys are running counter-espionage, gimme checks.
I vote for staying at the Factory - put up a "Closed for Renovation" sign on the front door. If the Fed Ex lady shows up, we just dress Theo up as Barnabas and he can sign for the package.

What's up with the CCC battle? I am not too lyrical, but I am ready to blogroll some beat boxing checks.

Ok. As far as these spies are concerned, I missed my Wis check by one. I assumer KT gives us the lowdown. I say we launch a reverse espionage campaign. One day, several of us can leave for the day while some of our smaller, more stealthy comrades linger behind. As soon as the other spies pick up our trail, our spies picks up theirs. Follow them for a while, or just work out some code word that Theo could shout and let us know when to turn around for a flanking attack. Anyone else up for a little spy game?
Well, before you start selling stuff, writing love letters, and training, you head over to The Greenhouse. Dr. Sun can cure the poison no problem.

On the way out, Tut, that's when you realize you're being watched. You guys have armloads of stuff you're gonna start to pimp out to the various second- and nth-hand stores in Twilos, but you head back into the shop to grab a pencil so that you can crunch some numbers.

Exiting, you see a group of three cloaked figures you saw before, on the way back from the Factory. They scatter before you can do much of anything. You rejoin your friends and hustle your goods.


Let's just call it a round 15 gp apiece, taking all the cash, selling the shortswords, crossbows, bolts, and ring, and subtracting the message costs. Not bad!

Dag, you strap on an apron. Theo, you greediliy collect the spellbook.

Thak, okay, you make three copies of the same letter and entrust them to the temple of Mercury. When you say that two of them are going to Onze, the cleric raises an eyebrow. "We've been having trouble getting things to head out that way, as it's rather far from the main shipping lines. Doesn't mean it won't happen, but I wouldn't expect a reply from His and Her Highness anytime soon. Captain Stefan will probably be easier to find, as many of the Kingdoms' captains all know each other."


Tut begins to train apparently. Azoth, Dag, and Thren can also train up their fighter levels if they want. But you don't get any spells, skills, or hp until a full week of nothing but training has passed. And, we're slowing down time here. So those of you who want to start training, put bags over your heads and you won't be doing shit in game until further notice- I'll tell you when a week is up. Because it's just getting started...

So where are you guys staying? At the Factory, or at R&R?
total cash before sales is 15 copper 110 sp and 22 gp.
take 3 gold off the top for letters and then divide the rest by 6 and you get. by 6 is..

5 gold and 25 copper each I believe, or its 2 and a half copper I didn't check my math so well.
  King Tut
BR 10, KT crushes it.
missed wis with a 17.

I send the letters while recuperating.

I say we sell the crossbows and bolts, the silver wedding band, the 20 bolts.

Is anyone actually proficient with shortsword? We might be able to trade them for something, or use the metal to make some stuff that doesn't suck...

can Tut get the poison off the bolts so it can be used at a later date?
Before anything else happens, gimme WIS checks people.
  King Tut
So how much gold do we end up with? I don't care if the 2g comes off the top. I think the letter is a great idea. I agree with Dag that Theo should keep the Barnabas outfit, for possible plot lines later.

How much xp do we get? I train. BR 7 +1 = 8 hp.

According to 11/16 TT, Neutralize Poison is 3rd level, and I can cast it now. With my Wisdom bonus I can cast it 2x in 1 day, so I'll do that ASAP. Maybe my druid buddies have some herbs or something to keep these fools kicking till then...bring out the leeches.
  Theodore Koppel
Ms. Thak, nice letter. I agree to send it.

I will take the Spellbook, of course. And 3gp. Please, someone take the crystals or I will.

My time is short now. I will say more later.
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