4 Hit Points?! -You would think I would feel worse...

Well I blow what I think is my last Cure Light. BR:1. Oof.

Dave, Fist of Odin, could you help a brother out?

Anyway, seeing that Greg and I are out of healing, maybe we should back up to these bars and have a rest.

Even though something very wicked appears to be taking place below...

(Rob, I'll get to work on that Hit Point thing.)
  I Wish
50 *pp* Brogg... this dude carried platinum.

You hear a far off scream, and from down below, what sounds like an evil chuckle. On a WI check at -6, plus Alertness, you'd hear a totally evil, menacing voice say "Yes... not too much further... and the sceptre shall be mine! Ha hah ahahahahahahha."

Here's the hps:
Brogg: 4/27
Cinder: 26/26
Dave FoO: 9/39
Marivhon: 17/17
Mike 1k: 17/17
Renwick: 6/9

(I wish we could have a hp counter on the sidebar, so I wouldn't have to dig through a million back posts every time. Mark? Could you grant this wish?)
Bummer, dude.

I think I need a Hit Point check.

I will also pocket that 50gp.
  That Dwarf Is As Flat As A Pancake!
Okay, it looks like the first victim was the dwarf cleric. Looks like he was stomped bad by the knight guy's horse. Stomped into a puddle of dwarf cleric goo. The guy who just got lanced was the paladin of King Arthur's Round Table. You go investigate him, and discover that he's not quite dead.

"Please..." he coughs, "I... I'ven't much... much longer." You consider healing him, but he seems pretty happy in his death throes and monologue, so you patiently listen to his last words while you loot him.

"Tell... Sally... she deserved better. I was... faith... faithful." Pause. Is he dead yet? "Faithful." Nope.

"Please... donate my... temporal be... belongings... to my church. King Arthur's brave knight. Knights. C'est le fin... le morte... J'arrive... Je vais aller maintenant..." You hope so.

Cough cough. "One... one last thing." Okay. Gregolas checks his watch. "There's..." Coughs, spits blood, starts over. "Sally... please... 100 gp would... it would suffice." You have no idea what he's talking about. Gregolas says "Yeah bro, this is moving and all, but we got some shit to take care of here." Finally, the paladin dies.

He's got plate mail, a two-handed sword of silver, a pouch of 50 pp, and an enormous gold holy symbol of King Arthur. 100% blingin', it's the size of a dinner plate. There's also a lipstick stained handkerchief.

That's that. Steve and the hobbit are long gone. It looks like about six feet in the corridor past the bars is a wheel to operate this porticullis. But you can't reach it or operate it from where you at.

The chasm goes down into darkness. You hear a faint sound of running water down there. You're guessing it's quite a drop.
check fallen guy and see if he's ok

yell at steve and the guy who went with him to come back and let us know whats going on the guy is gone

examine chasm.

sit meditate
  Moving On
Okay Dave FoO, you and the dust devil kill the last owlbear zombie dead. You continue your progress deeper into the depths.

Down and down you go! (My prose is considerably weaker these last couple months... I think that rap battle took all the good words right out of me.)

You pass through a hallway with signs of prior combat... a massacre of several other undead owlbears, and stranger constructs that are more difficult to identify now that they have been hacked to bits. Nous continuons.

Anyway, you come again to the top of some stairs down. You hear what sounds like battle below! Down you go some more! (See what I mean?)

You enter a large room, the left side of which is basically gone- you seem to be at the top of a large chasm. You see the other adventuring party! Fighting what looks like a badass guy in black plate on a black, flaming horse! Actually, it's not so much 'fighting' as 'getting their collective ass kicked by'. The knight spears one NPC through the face. Another NPC and Apprentice Steve run out of the room into a side corridor. Steve does something, and iron bars sink to the floor, blocking off the passage. The knight looks at them, and launches his horse off the side of the cliff. Steve looks at you- he looks really freaked out- and runs into the darkness. All is now quiet.

You seem to be in a dead end- bars block Steve's corridor, plus, chasm. Your command, sirrahs.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
What? More hp! That really gets my goat. Or rather, that really gets my mace, with a BR of 17 (AC 0) for 8 hp (BR 5).


Hit Point check? I think I'm feeling a tetch poorly. How are you?
  WI Check Failed
Uh, okay Brogg, but you know that Marivhon killed the owlbear mage already. There's only one undead owlbear left, that's the one on Dave FoO who's been MIA for a while now. I'll take this opportunity to have the UO slap DFoO for 4 more hp!
I summon a Dust Devil on the othe side of the Web!

Dusty has 8 Hit Points and a lot of Dust. He's kind of like a dirty Nerf ball in the face.

BR:18! 3 points of dusty damage for his part.

For my next round, I shoot a bolt. BR:4. It misses.
  It's Not So Much A Question Of Gumption Or Motivation, Cause The Kid Has Those In Aces- Rather, I'd Just Like To See Him, You Know, Out In The Field
Erase one dart.
I back off and throw a dart. BR 11.
  You Have Enmity With OWLBEARZ
Okay Marivhon, you totally roundhouse the owlbear lich and knock his undead head right off. A torrent of gore, grey-green fluid and chunks of decaying tissue, gushes from the massive neck stump where the head used to be. The massive body amazingly stays standing, but the owlbear is definitely no more.

One more undead owlbear to go guys!
Well I don't know what round it is, and I'm not going to read all this to find out. If I'm on round 3 I miss. If I am onto round 4 well, I hit with a 20 for 20 points of Damage and with my other attack that round I hit ac 6 for 8 pts of damage. That would be it for me on round 4. I think I'm at full hp.
Okay Brogg, you die. JUST KIDDING THERE BRO. You actually get poisoned and have a -1 to all physical stats! With your double damage, you kill the undead owlbear on you though. Nice work.

Note that there's a web in the way, preventing anyone besides Marivhon and Spider-Cinder from attacking in melee the owlbear mage! But Renwick you can Magic Missile him just fine.

You do.
I take a potion. Br 1 for 3pts. Up to 6hp.

I magic missile the undead owl bear mage for 4pts.
Quickstrike?! Death Magic?! BR:1.


Well, if I am still up, I drink a Potion of Healing for 4.

Then I chop that bastard twice, BRs:20,12. Oh yeah! Deadbear gets 25 points of damage!

(BTW, check out the Toughie comment. Free Playboy!? Wow, thanks!)
One of the undead owlbears has Quickstrike! Brogg, he pulls out a shortsword and hits you for 6 hp! Make a save! Vs. DEATH MAGIC!
  A Toughie?
Okay Brogg and Renwick, damage dealt. Brogg, your ring does not seem to work!

Marivhon, you dodge the web but miss. Cinder, good thinking. You are now a spider.

Renwick, the owlbear lich Magic Missiles you for 6 hp! You are down to 3!

Dave FoO, owlbear hits once for 4. Brogg, owlbear hits twice for 8! This is a toughie!
Wisdom Czech: 17. Sonufabitch!

Alright, time to go old school.

I chop an Undead Owlbear for BR:14, 10 points.
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