I don't have invisibility memorized. Plus, she's acting a little sketchy; I think leaving her alone and invisible means -POOF-.

Is she able to walk? Then I say we bring her with us. If not, I vote two of us go to get TK, and two stay behind with Princess Pretty. Is KT's spiderbot too conspicuous on the streets? If not, I say he and I go to the 'Mada, and Dag and Az stay back.
I give him three more for his EVER so useful information.


  Theodore Koppel
First off, I bandage Bekkers. Can he walk?

Huh, I guess I get 19gp and some plain old guard stuff.

I just realized I forgot to write down the plochops 3 steroids from the Armless One. Do I have them? If so, -I give one to Bekkers.

Anyway, I take the Yellow Pages and look for the Airship Hanger. I call the front desk and say that I need a cab going to the Hanger ASAP. -I need a luggage cart too, if Bekkers can't walk.

I tip the busboy the 10gp for his cooperation. 9gp for the cabbie.
  How Do I Shot Bow?
Theodore, nice shotting there. You totally kill the guard.

The Ambassador bleeds some more. You search the hotel room; sure enough, you seem to be in a Ramada Inn. Here's what you find:

1 bottle shampoo/conditioner mix
1 shower cap
3 towels (2 damp)
1 Gideon's Bible
1 Fairy Paradise Island yellow pages
1 'Welcome to Ramada Inn!' souvenir pen
some sheets and pillows

Roll a d4 to see which guard you killed:
1) guard stuff, Captain's Gun!
2) guard stuff
3) guard stuff
4) guard stuff, keys to the van

Guard stuff is a suit of human studded leather with the symbol of Onze on it, a long sword, a crossbow, and misc coinage worth 1d100 gp.


Dag, the guy shrugs and says "Fuck if I know. Try the donut shop over there, Dunkin Donuts? I bet those fucking pigs are there." He takes your 5 sp for this useful information. Sure enough, there's a Dunkin Donuts.
Ok Thren, I say you cast invisibility on the real princess, and then we try to find theo.

I say to the hooligan:

"Hey buddy, you got some time? I've got 5 silver for ya if you can help us find those cops. Where would they go in this town?"

Between the hooligan and the spider-bot, we ought to be able to find TK.


  Theodore Koppel
I squeak in my most Princess-like voice, "I just can't help myself" as I plug the guard again, BRs:14,16. BR is on fire. Seriously, we should analyze its output someday.

Anyway, that's 2 and 5 points on the guard.

I'm thinking that will drop him. If that's the case, I do a quick scan of the room for useful/valuable items. What's the room like? Doors? Windows?

For the search: d00:91, d6:3.
  The Downtown Ramada Inn...
The downtown Ramada Inn. Right. In a massive postmodern explosion, you check the internet and read the DiD Campaign Summary for clues after Theodore posts to the blog that he's alive. The DM apparently mentioned that Theo is being held in the 'downtown Ramada Inn'.

Okay geniuses, where's that? Why don't you fucking MapQuest it? Just type in Fairy Paradise Island Ramada Inn, Downtown hotel, and get back to me when you've got some directions.


Theo, you shoot the guard, and the Ambassador swings a horribly weak punch at the surprised guard. Amazingly, all connect. You launch another arrow and there's another punch which also somehow hits.

The guard is still up but looking bad. "I'll save you Princess!" he yells, still not getting it, and stabs the Ambassador, who goes down again.

Your move.


I'm down with the 'Mada plan. Training? Not yet - first, to arms! To save our . . . ummm . . . gnomish friend.

Our GNOMISH friend? Isn't that racist? Would someone call me their ELVISH friend?

No no. They would call me their crazy archer-with-spells friend who HATES LYCANTHROPES. So I suppose we should go rescue our wacked illusionist friend.

Anyway. Not much of a battle-cry, there, so TO ARMS!

Two people have checked in on the plan, so I'm thinking that's enough for quorum. I still have a couple of spells - see invis and levitate - and my trusty bow. Off we go!

Can we catch a cab there?
"Hey Guys, lets go down to the Ramada Inn.. no, not the one out in Burbank, the one downtown!!!"
  Theodore Koppel
P.S. Guys, check the Campaign Summary page for a clue on my location!
  Theodore Koppel
I am out of spells and at 1hp. I shoot the guard. Hopefully, surprise will help. BRs:15,16. Yay!

That's 2 and 3 points. Huh.

"Get him Bekkers! Grab his sword!"

I shoot again, if I get the chance. BRs:6,14. A hit for 5?


  Sharing And Caring And Flushing

Since you're the Princess, yeah you still have your stuff. It's pretty easy to slip your bonds and free the Ambassador. You both have 1 hp. Your stuff is over there on the dresser- you get it.

The Ambassador says: "I know you didn't shoot me with your invisible gun, but your friend hit me on the head. It wasn't an accident- he hit me twice. So you'll understand if I have- I still have- trust issues with you and your pals. But as I explained, what choice do I have?"

FLUSH. The door to the bathroom begins to open...



Let's just say for the sake of ease, that everyone's at half hp. I know some people weren't hurt, and some people were at 1, but you all share and care and everyone's at half. No more cures or goodberries left though.
I don't normally espouse the idea of splitting up... but we HAVE to find Theo, yet we can't go walking around with the princess in tow.

Is Theo the only one that can cast invisibility?

Rob, can you give us a HP check?
  Theodore Koppel
"Dude Bekkers, why do you have to be so negative? Seriously, I think you've really got a problem worth looking into. Anyway, if you'll remember correctly, I pulled my imaginary shotgun on the other Bekkers. That was my crazy pal Dag that axed you. -I'm not sure why. I believe your bug-juice story."

I try to wiggle out of my restraints. Open Locks? BR:2! I do not kid. Does that work?!

If it does: Do I have any of my stuff? What's in the room? And, I untie Bekkers.
  The Black Van
KT, you see some blood right there at the entrance to your building, but not much else. Scouting around, the spiderbot detects from fresh tire skidmarks and smells some diesel.

You ask a nearby hooligan what they've seen. He tells you that four pigs jumped out of a black van and beat up this scraggly looking gnome, and kept calling him 'Princess'. They dragged him into the van and it sped off into the city.

You do remember hearing a horn honk just before Guard 4 left the building.


Sorry KT, you're a bit late to get the gun. Guard 4 picked it up before he fled. The Captain's other stuff is still here though, like his silver longsword etc.


Dag, okay, you drop some Cures. People are feeling okay but not physically great. Oddly, everyone mentally feels great. There's something weird about the Princess. Just being around her improves your mood and confidence. In fact, being around her grants everyone one level. That's above and beyond what you just got from experience, but note that Magical Princess Levels aren't permanent, it's only when you're around the Princess.




"Ha ha, nice work Romeo. Looks like your hypothesis was made of fail. Now what?"

"I dunno, damn, do I look like the Captain? Let's just get some food and head back to the half-elf."

"Alright, we'll get some nachos. Nachos good?" Everyone nods.


Three of the four guards leave. The fourth guard, after a while, gets up to go to the john. While he's gone, Ambassador Bekkers spits out his gag.

"Psst. Theodore." The Ambassador tries to get your attention.

"Well, you and your friends tried to screw me again. That's great. Now you and I are going to be carted back to Onze, and when someone with a brain finally gets around to looking at you, and realizes you're Not Actually The Fucking Princess, you'll be quickly killed. This stinks."

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Hm. No sign of anything? They couldn't have gotten far. I think I have 2 more CLWs left. Can I take the gun? That thing did a lot of damage.

I'll scan the area quickly looking for any buildings they could have gone in, any doors that are ajar, or any bystanders who know anything (don't forget the high CHA). Also, if I recall correctly, Theo would have been bleeding pretty bad (he even said "I bleed for my round") so there should be a blood trail somewhere. One of the guards may have been bleeding also.
I drop some CLW's. I have cast two today. How many does that leave me with?

I think I have two... one for Thren, one for Tut. Who is in the worst shape? Here are some D8's:

BR 2
BR 7

how on earth are we gonna find Theo?


  Theodore Koppel
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