As Do All Things Fade
In answer to your earlier question, you can get Potions of Extra Healing for 250 gp each.

In answer to your present question, you have no horses. No one here is a ranger, so tracking is out of the question, but in the gloom you can still see the glowing embers of the black rider's horse's hooves. They grow fainter with the passage of time, as do all things.

Abbey is here.
Miiiiiiiiiiiiike, the Zombie 1k!

WTF was that?

Alright, we need to go after that guy. Do we have any horses? Can someone track?

Let's go get Mike the Zombie 1k!
  The Adventurer's Code
Nice thinking guys. You use different sources in a search for a solution to the world's problems, or at least some better magic items. That's sort of the adventurer's code: no problem that better magic items couldn't fix.

Brogg, you find out that some old religious texts were sequestered by the temple of Zelba, and only now are the scribes beginning to dig through the new discoveries.

Marivhon, you Google Scholar these new findings and dig up a reference to the Ark of Thule, also called the Half-Shadow Crucible. That sounds good to you. You and Brogg go ask Grettin and Shettin about it. He tells you that the Crucible is a fabled artifact, long thought to be lost in the stuff of legends...

"And Thule and his Shadow fought along the spires and cliffs for three days and three nights, spilling blood and froth deep into the murky depths below."

The High-Priest interrupts at this point, saying that the Shadow was the Contrarian, a doppleganger created out of Thule by ancient magicks.

"At long last, the Gift cleft in two, Thule and his twin ceased their ceaseless battle. Taking the halves, the shards, and their weapons, they sealed all into a mighty Ark. Hefting its weight together, it was sunk deep into the depths prepared by their blood."

The Gift, G&S explain, is never revealed in the text. Since antiquity, Grisbanic scholars have debated its meaning. The standard interpretation is that it was an elixir of potency that the Champion and the Contrarian were racing against each other to deliver to the dying Chieftain of Old Greyhelm. Furthermore, scholars consider the laying of the weapons to be an act of peace between the Champion and his evil twin.

Regardless, do the depths mean 'sea'? Do they mean 'caves'? Do they mean hell, or a pit by the side of the road? No one can say for sure. "If only the Oracle could help us now," sighs the High-Priest, but after your less-than-satisfying experience with his prophecies, you wonder if it's just been a while since G&S talked to the Oracle. Heart grows fonder, and all that.

The High-Priest also tells you that possibly a small party could go scout out Greyhelm, to glean what the Knights are up to. It's a very dangerous mission though. Durth has walled itself off... if only there was a way for Grito to protect itself. The Owlbear thing, hey, fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice... Maybe a rather charismatic party, if you feel that's yourselves, could go to the fairie island paradise and try to drum up some support.

There's also always the Arena of Kyuss in the City of Spiders.


You muse over your limited options at the Griffon's Claw, also celebrating Renwick's new spells and hps. It's a PCs night out, Gregolas, M1k, Greetles and some Blackwalls ordered some pizzas and are playing some weird multiplayer GameCube game where you're a little animal in a village.

You finish your drinks and stumble home drunk. You see a light on in the back- Mike the zombie is doing his midnight gardening. That's when you see a flash of dull light and a terrible sound...

A massive horse and rider has crashed through the gate into Shady Orchards' orchard. With a terrible, I mean terrifying voice, the rider announces:

"Thou Art The Last."

And spears M1K through (what remains of) the zombie's stomach. In one smooth motion, hefting M1K's twitching body high on his lance, the black rider turns his steed around and gallops into the darkness.

At the sound, Gregolas and some Thiefs come running outside. "Wha happen'?"

I'm going to see If I can buy a wifi laptop and maybe an online library card to do some research into quests. May be a lost grisbanic holy thingy, monk shit stuff like that. I'll also try and look into any reports that may have been posted by survivors from the attack on Greyhelm to try any find anything interesting.

Alright, I am going to head over to the Potion Guild, and get three Potions of Extra-Healing. -Just tell me how much.

Let's get things back on track here...

Greg, that TV kicks ass. I play some Holocaust Selector. I know the super-shields code. Good times.

Alright, after a few weeks of Game Cube, I think it's time for some adventuring. However, I am not sure whatis on the table.

I find Grettin and Shettin and ask him what needs doing. As far as I see it, things are pretty F'ed up. We still have these Knights with Chainsaws running about, and the MOPs have pretty much ruined Durth.

Steve is Master of the Potion Guild. These are dark times indeed.

What does a Soldier of Grisbane gotta do?
  DO Is A Most Powerful Spell
Okay Renwick, you take a few weeks to train while everyone else buckles down for the month. Nice going on those spells.

After training, you head on over to Ye Potione Guilde, the new HQ of the Potion Guild in Grito. Master Steve is overseeing the construction. When you go to find him, he's currently overseeing the installation of a new 'foosball' table in the Masters Lounge.

"Uh, hey there Rodrick. Yeah you wanna trade some spells? That's pretty cool, I got some good stuff now. Hey guys, don't play foosball without me yet! I got dibs on the first game!"

You head over to Steve's huge new office. It's sort of weird to see this quasi-chubby, pimply faced 19 year old behind a massive oak desk with a big sign that reads

Master Steve, MPG
Guildmaster of the Grito Potion Guild
"Ye Potione Guilde"

'WE DOIN IT RIHGT' is apparently the new motto or slogan here, or something.

Anyway, Steve tells you he'll trade spells one for one. "Wow Rodri.. oh, right, hey sorry about that I'm not so good with names. Renwick? Renwick. You got some good spells here it looks like. So let's trade and stuff. Hey, Ventriloquism! That's a prety cool spell, don't you think? Yeah I'd like that one. Detect Magic... I got that one too! Hey where'd you go to Magic User school? I trained right here in Grito with Master Vrill. He was a pretty good teacher. He knew lots of great spells and did alchemy and stuff. I got an email from him from Hell! It sounds like he's not really having a great time down there. Not too many spells, owlbears, that kinda stuff."

Steve gets back to looking at your book. "So okay, Ventriloquism. Read Magic, nope I got that one too! Wizard Mark. Hey Renwick what's your wizard mark look like? Mine is this flask I drew that has scary eyes kinda like Caspar the ghost? I dunno, I just drew it one day and I was like, hey, that's a good wizard mark for me. Master Vrill didn't think it was so good, but you know the Magic User's Wizard Mark Rule: Every Magic-User gets to make their mark! So that's mine. Anyway, I got that one... Identification too... I've ID'd lots of stuff. I once ID'd a Ring of Protection +2! You know, to help your saving throws? That's a pretty good magic item. Master Vrill found it on a module he did a way back. He got like 2000 xp for it! Now that I'm like a Master, I don't know if I'll get to go on too many more adventures, but that's okay. I got some more spells to learn. Oh, oh right." Back to your book.

Steve likes Ventriloquism and Strength, so you can pick two 1st levels or one 1st and one 2nd from Steve's list (only spells you don't have are shown)

1) Sleep, Shield, Improve Sales I, Friends, Detect Owlbears, Feather Fall
2) Good Friends, Melf's Acid Arrow, Web

"I can't wait til I get 5th level. I bet you can't either, huh? 3rd circle spells are pretty good. I wonder what it'd be like to cast a 4th circle, no, wait, a 5th circle spell! I bet you'd feel pretty powerful."

Steve fails to learn both spells (BR 86, 79). "Oh well. That blows. Well it was cool hanging out with you. If you get a new level maybe we can trade some more spells? You're a pretty cool guy. Hey, you want a coupon for two free Potions of Healing? You still go on modules and stuff, so you better have some healing so you don't die." Master Steve gives you a coupon you can redeem at the front desk for two free Healing Potions.
[Reposted from Table Talk by the GM.]

Here it goes BR. Hp ouch 1 +3 for 4 more Hps.

I'm taking Streghth and Mirror Image for my spells.

Br for Identify from last level. 42! Hoody hoo.

Br for Strength 38!

Br for Mirror Image 32!

Sweet Puppy!I go and talk to steve about trading spells. I've got haggaling as a NWP now. I'll tell him everything I have in my book.
  Too Late
It looks like Gregolas is going ahead with his plan. "Hey bro, don't worry about that 8-5 gps. I got it from some other Grisbane priest I know. Old Greyhelm hookup, yup." He holds the door to the farmhouse open for a couple guys, who bring in a massive 64" TV and a couple other boxes (including a 12 pack of Heineken). Seeing you notice the booze, Gregolas nods and says "Glass bottles dude. Glass bottles. Ol' Gregolas is steppin up in the place, cause it just... you know, it just seems that drinking out of a can is high-school shit. Save it for the teens, I got a man's drink to get on." He cracks a bottle and sits down on the sofa while the guys from Best Buy install the TiVo in your farmhouse.

Ronald Greetles the kobold comes downstairs and stops in mid-stride. Mouth slightly open in amazement, he shakes his head, hunts around for a pen, and heads back upstairs, pausing at the stairs only to look back and do a double-take at Gregolas' new purchase.

Gregolas starts flipping through the manual. "Shit dude, I gotta make like hella IQ checks to figure this shit out. I think a light-up, smoke-down is first in order of operations. That's my M.O. today. Figure- this- shit- OUT." He packs a bowl while the guys from Best Buy finish up. Greg tips them each 1 pp and tells them he'll be back in a couple weeks when 'Holocaust Selector 2' comes in. "You guys got that comin' in, right? Hella sweet game. Shit, now I gotta hook up my GameCube to this baby." Gregolas goes over to the huge TV, rests his beer on it, and looks behind it. "Hella IQ checks," he repeats. "Screw this. You guys know Brian? It's cool if Brian comes over, right? I got this fat plan."

Gregolas calls Brian.
  Sausage Fest
Dave, keep your 100 gp. Renwick's been sported. Read a post called 'Sport' for details. As for calls on the mace and shield, you mean from the dwarf priest of the Dwarf God? Yeah, those radiate magic. Actually, Dave, cross off that 100 gp, that'll pay for identification. You can get your shit ID'd at Master Steve's Ye Potione Guilde. The mace is straight up +1, the shield is also +1, +2 vs. stone creatures. If you want to liquidate, the mace'll fetch 500 gp, the shield 600 gp.

The Griffon's Claw is happy to entertain you and your gps. Cross off however much you'd like to spend.

Marivhon, you demolish Gregolas in Magic. He manages to dink you a couple times with his Thallid Shooter. "17 life. That's bullshit. Hey Greetles, lemme borrow a couple of your biz-nastee Magic cards, huh? I got a word on my brain and that word is PAYBACK." Greetles skeptically hands over a leather-bound binder full of 1st edition cards, and he and Gregolas bicker back and forth about what Gregolas can use until Gregolas finally throws up his hands and says "Aw man, just forget it... no I don't want no Ornithopter. You never play with these cards anyway, what's the f-in point of having them if you ain't gonna have fun?" Greetles cleans his glasses and puts his cards away.

Gregolas laughs way too hard when he hears about that shield. "Nasty, bro. Remind me not to smoke down before I battle you gladiator-style. Hey, can I borrow 80 gp? Best Buy has this TiVo sale going on right now. You know I'm good for it, and you can have some extra space on the hard drive, as long as you ain't DLing crap like that... shit, what's that movie I'm thinking of? There's like this big ass dog, he's like Mozart or something. There's like a million of those movies. Shit, maybe we should just embargo all dog movies. Except Old Yeller, that movie is fuckin' sad." Gregolas likes that word. "Em-bar-go. That's a crazy word. Actually, if I can borrow 85 gp, I'll pick up a brick of Heiney's and we'll get this party started. You know any chicks we could invite over? They'll totally love the TiVo, chicks like shit like that. I mean, you guys are cool and all, we've been all over the world having totally crazy adventures, but this is like a sausage fest."
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Hey Brogg - I mean, Halo's cool and all, but check this shit out. Marathon on a Mac. It's the shit.

I sport Renwick the 100 gp. Did we get a call on the mace or the shield? I use both a mace and a shield. I kinda like my maces, but . . . whatever.

What's next? I'm getting drunk at the bar. Are there girls there?

I have a plus 6 knife against ogres.
"The Genie is restricted? Come on have you seen the new shit it's totally fucked. I mean black/white creatures that do anything you could ever want for no mana cost. I guess they figured they balanced the cards by adding some that cost a shitload to cast and suck. Wow that game has really moved away from it's core. Maybe I'm just too old school for the new kids."

Later after the TV talk.

"Greg you're a really complicated man."
Geez, sometimes running in low on Hit Points is a bad thing.

Oh well, I think Steve needed it more than we did.

I take er' easy while Renwick is training. Maybe I play some Halo.
Renwick, Gregolas will sport you the 17 gp. "No problem, just hook up that spellage."

HPs, spells, do it.
I pick up the god dam dagger.

With the dagger and my hundred, and my share of the 83gp reward I'm exactly 100gp away from special training.

Any one got a little dough for me?

Ya know, I'm a money grubbing mage, what can I say.

Sorry I voted to rest. My bad I guess, I was out of spells.
  Hella Cheesy
Marivhon, to your statement Steve says "There was a ton of undead guys here. Oh yeah, uh, I found like this Staff of Fireballs. Um, it was pretty sweet. I guess you had to be there. It had like a ton of charges and I used it all up." He looks around and points to some burnt wood. "I think that that's the, you know, like the staff? Out of charges now from all the Fireballs." You make Steve nervous.

Grettin and Shettin say "Brother Marivhon, we are greatly troubled by this revelation. It seems that an ancient temple of Zelba once stood here, which we knew, but the depths to which it ran comes as a surprise. We had sanctified the upper grounds when we first took over here, but it seems our work is not yet complete. Thanks be to all of you for your assistance in clearing the foulness from these grounds." He lays a huge ettin hand on your shoulder, not in a gay way, in more like a fatherly or grandfatherly kind of way. "Grisbane go with you."

You can haul out all those weapons and armor if you want, and you'll get a cool 500 gp (that's 100 gp each) for your troubles. As you're doing this looting while the Grisbane contingent is still down there, a couple of the officials in the back look at each other and smirk. As you walk by carrying all the old arms, one of these guys pulls out a dagger and drops it on the ground in front of you. He looks away and takes a step away from it, while the other guy tries hard not to laugh. The first official looks down at the dagger, up to you, and makes like this shrug gesture like he's waiting to see if you're going to pick it up. The second guy says quietly under his breath "Hey that's like 4 silvers each right there! What a bah-gin."

Do you pick up the dagger?

Waiting for Renwick to train up, then some stuff happens.


Gregolas plays a forest. "Shit dude. I've got all these one-twos, so I got nothin else this round. Where my Wall of Wood at? Can I get some Lan-o-war action? Shit."

Next round. "That's what I'm talkin bout." Forest, Llanowar Elf. "Sol Ring my ass. Nice restricted genie. You got hella cheesy cards there bro."

Tres. "Prepare for the end times, Marivhon my friend. End times." Another forest, tap tap tap, and brings out a Thorn Thallid. He puts his finger on the Elf, but then looks at your Djinn and sighs. "Hang on a sec," he says, and grabs some extra land and a Sharpie. "I got to make some proxies for all the good cards that, you know, I didn't bring in the dungeon. Mana Birds and Green mox and shit." Gregolas gets to work forging Magic cards.

"Next battle your ass is SO going down dude. Hey, did you catch The Sopranos before we left? Fuckin' intense! Kinda nice that our inn has free HBO. When we get a new pad, I'm totally gonna hella TiVo shit. There's been like, no shit, a TV revolution going on now that reality TV is dead. Know what I mean? All those shows sucked. But I gotta say that America's Next Top Model, I kinda got sucked into it, you know? That one chick, the half-elf lookin' one, she got a nice 'do and a great ass. Right? You're hearing me. She's like that short Southern chick. Not that I'm into like Southern chicks necessarily, Gregolas plays the International Stage if you get me. Anyway, there's just like too much to watch, I need to like hire a guy to watch some shows for me and give me like the executive summary... like I'd all wake up, and this guy would hand me a xerox that says 'The cripple dude on Lost just got offed. Prison Break is crap. Simpsons still not funny. Real Sex 21 tres bien, it's TiVoed. Have a nice day sir.' That'd be so money. How much you think a dude like that would cost? I mean, torch boy, what? Couple royals a day? TiVo Boy just sits around on his ass looking for funny shit and titties, and he don't gotta worry about 10' pits and hydras and crap like that. Fuck dude, if I weren't all sick with the Grisbane shit, I'd..." Gregolas pauses, with a far-off look in his eyes. "You know what? I think Gregolas just had a million dollar idea." He finishes making his proxy Magic cards, hunts around for some scrap paper, and starts writing down some thoughts.
in front of the two headed leader of the church of grisbane, with steve there in the heat of the moment I say.

"so steve, what happened here? I didn't know you could cast fireball."

this would be before we leave the shrine and all that.

I also ask the two headed leader.

"did you know this statue was here buried beneath all this?"

I untap the island and the sol ring. Then I play an island. I then tap the sol ring to cast a felwar stone. With the island and the felwar stone I cast time walk. I untap the 2 islands and the sol ring and the felwar stone. I play an island and tap all that shit to summon a Mahamoti Djinn. good luck.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Well, I would have voted to check it out, but . . . ah, well. That's what I get for having my avatar take finals, I guess.

What's the other booty? Shield, mace - anything else?

I get drunk. If there's girls I want to do them!
  Well Then
Okay, you guys decide to camp out. At first it's a little hard to go to sleep, with the sounds of combat and explosions coming from the chasm below, but after an hour or so, it stops, and you all pass the night in deep, restful sleep.

You wake up, wipe the sleep from your eyes, decide which ties you want to wear today, have a mimosa (or maybe two!) and finally get around to packing up camp and heading through the cullis.

You wind your way through tunnels that switch back and forth... you're clearly descending along a route parallel to the chasm not far from you. Finally after about twenty minutes or so, you come out on the bottom of an immense cleft in the rock.

The smell of smoke and crisped flesh penetrates your nostrils.

This clearly was once an enormous shrine. You can see a large altar in the back, complete with a huge gate-like arch. The place is full of dead undead- bones and corpses litter the ground. Everything looks blasted away... Renwick, you'd have to guess that a massive fireball or two did the trick.

Inspecting the altar, you find it horribly defaced, and recently too. What the fire couldn't damage, brute physical force did. It looks like there was once a huge female statue here, since defaced, beheaded, and de-armed. What religious icons remain are somewhat disturbing... you see a couple skull carvings that escaped destruction.

You begin to loot, but it looks like most of the valuables have been taken. There is a shitload of weapons from the decimated undead army here though, you collect everything in a big pile and you can take what you want. Most wood and even some metal, though, has been melted or burned away. Nothing radiates magic.

3 halberds
10 long swords
4 short swords
2 TH swords
3 bastard swords
4 maces
6 daggers
3 suits of chainmail
one suit field platemail
13 shields

Right as you're finishing up your pile, though, you hear voices! Human- or humanoid at least... you ready yourself for the final climatic battle, that of course every dungeon has to end with... and you're sure that this one will be no different!

It is, though. The people entering the chasm are friends of yours from Grito... Grettin and Shettin, some other clergy of Grisbane, some Grito officials, including Ronald Greetles, and central to the group is none other than... Apprentice Steve?

Grettin and Shettin are congratulating Steve on a job well done. "Thank you, Apprentice... nay, shall we now say... 'Master' Steve? Of the soon-to-be restored Grito Potion Guild? By the gods, look at the destruction here... it must have been a mighty battle!"

"Uh, yeah, it sure was. Jeez," says Steve.

"Well, look who's here! Fellow brave adventurers, won't you join us in thanking Steve for his brave deeds last night, and join us in consecrating the restored Temple of Grisbane! Well done Steve! Although we know you're too modest to ask, your rewards are waiting in your manor above." You can join in thanking Steve if you like, or not. Long story short, apparently Apprentice Steve, APG, came down here and took out the army of undead and closed the gate to the Realm of Zelba that was making all the undead. Steve has sort of a bashful, shit-eating grin on his chubby face.

"We understand you were instrumental in killing a few undead owlbears," says the High Priest to all of you. "Thank you for this assistance. In reward, let us present you with 83 gp and a Dagger +1. Oh, and you can keep whatever potions you didn't use, and the donkey if you like. Well done."

Everyone leaves the temple, and the Grisbanic clergy prepares to move back in. So much for the undead plague over Grito. For your efforts, you each get 1000 xp, which I think levels only Renwick. Renwick, go ahead and take 3rd level, special training is 300 gp remember for +2 hp and a bonus NWP. Plus you get 2 spells, probably 2nd circle.

That night, you dream of gray clouds in the sky, blotting out the sun.
I now vote we camp, just because we can do that without waiting, then you can assume that we move on after Steves group. Or not, We rest and on we go. I'll carry Dave and Cinder.

I play an island and tap it to play a Sol Ring.
  Gregolas Just Bought Two Packs From The Latest Expansion
Gregolas can dump some CLWs. Brogg, you're healed for 8, Dave FoO, 6. Current HPs:

Brogg: 13/27
Cinder: 26/26
Dave FoO: 15/39
Marivhon: 17/17
Mike 1k: 17/17
Renwick: 6/9

Gregolas says "Well, I'm all tapped out now. Need to drop another land, huh huh. Black lotus and shit, huh huh."

Okay, there's one vote to keep moving, one vote to stay. Gregolas abstains. Whatcha gonna do? And wow was there a little flurry of not-reading-the-posts. At least I communicated the facts that 1) there was a 'cullis, and 2) at one point in time, it was closed. Maybe I can be a writer after all!
Hmm, I don't feel well.

Do you think these dungeons could have asbestos?
Maybe I have mesothelioma. Maybe it's peritoneal mesothelioma. Just what is mesothelioma? Do I need some mesothelioma lawyers?

Hmm, I wonder where I could find some useful information about peritoneal mesothelioma?

Ok, last time, Dave, Fist of Odin, do you have any heals?
The gate is open. We can rest if you like but it sounds like some things are going on guys. Things might be worse if we wait. I follow the other guys lead on this, after I move them to the side of the gate that steve went through and then close the porticullis.
Lets rest please.

Rob we rest.
Bend Bars/Lift Gates!

BR:80. Dammit.

Hey, Dave, Fist of Odin, do you have any healing left. Otherwise, I need to take 5.

Cinder is gonna pick that there lock mechanism. However it is that he does that thing he does.

BR:22 out of 57 needed. Will that do me for a gate like this?
Okay Marivhon, you can't make it across the room (it's long) before the gate closes, but you can manage to reach the halberd in there and finagle the wheel... just a bit. It's enough to give some leverage, and with the combined help of burly Brogg, you can get the bars up... just a bit. It's enough to give you clearance, and you slip underneath and open the 'cullis the rest of the way.

The dwarf was stomped well and good, there's a lot of broken glass and blood, it's sort of an awful mess. However, you see his shield has remained intact- it's got a huge frothy mug of ale on it, the icon of the Dwarf God of course. Plus his mace is good too. Take it and move on, oh travellers.

From the depths, a cry and an explosion. Something is going on down there.

Are you resting? Healing? Or descending down deeper into the dark depths of this dank demon's demesne-cum-dungeon?
Just a thought. I have all these crazy circus style NWP skills and a shitty con. On a dex check could I make it through the porticullis? I have an awfully small frame. Well if you would allow it I try. 17 is not so good but it's my stat so hey, I try. If I get through I open the gate.I have open locks and a Halberd that would prolly reah the wheel as well so. BR 13 to open the gate using the Halberd. If either tactic works I open the porticullis. Did the Cleric have any goods?
Descent into Depths is an old school 1st Edition AD&D adventure run by the Infinity Group.

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