Hey Hey We're The Bugbears!
Okay, Stanislaus makes a call and tells his secretary to get the bugbears and dust of disappearance ready for you guys at the entrance to his tower.

As far as Stanislaus knows, Greetles is back working for Vrill.

Marivhon, Stanislaus doesn't have a potion of change self handy, but your question gives him another idea. He'll cast an illusion to disguise you as you move through town. "Be careful though... in two hours, the spell will be over, and you'll be revealed for who you are."

He casts a spell and turns you all into bugbears!

In there's nothing else, you take your leave and head back down. "Just press 0E on the keypad." At the entrance are four other bugbears: Pedro, Chulo, Eduardo, and Tony. Tony gives you the dust of disappearance, Cinder.

You're wondering if wandering through Grito as 8 bugbears is really a good disguise though.
I drink some scotch. I ask if there has been any word on ronald greetles....we could use a safe place to work from and either or the blackwalls should be able to help. Does stan have a potion of changeself around.....?
Fuck it I sit down and meditate....
"Thanks Stan. I like the new look too. You're such a badass."

Do we get all that stuff, or is it a 'pick one' kind of thing. Cinder will take that dust of disappearance if no one minds. And hell. He'll roll for those bugbears:

BR:4!!! Shit yea. Cinder requests fresh bugbears though, cause the ones we just beat up (uh, sorry Stan, we used the flat of our blades though, which is kind of above and beyond for us...) might be a little hesitant to work with us. Bad group dynamics.

Also, Cinder wants to find the Blackwall thieves here in Grito, and let them know about the fake Cinder, and find out what fake Cinder has been up to.
  The Bugbear's Tie And Othe Things Of Consequence
The bugbear was wearing a pretty nice tie. Not +1 nice, you think, but it's probably worth 15 gps or so. Green and red plaid. I wouldn't call him a snappy dresser though, being that all the bugbear was wearing was a leather tunic and a nice tie.

You enter the throne room of Stanislaus the Illusionist. His throne is raised a good five feet up in the air. Stanislaus looks rather old, wicked, and his eyes glow red. He wears a golden crown of power.

"Hello there. 'Twas not long since last we met; just a few months ago, when the last of the construction of my tower's exterior was completed this last summer." Hmm.

You explain what's happened and ask some more questions. The story begins to come together. Piecing things together, you seem to have been gone for over a year, maybe 14 months or so, as it was November 204 when you went to Greyhelm and it's January 206 now. Last spring, Vrill came up to Grito and began to take over. Then in summertime, the Knights of Armek destroyed Greyhelm. The Greyhelm royals fled to Port Fflar, and most of the citizens who survived came here to Grito. Others went to Durth, which is now fully under charge by the MoP. Durth is building a huge wall around itself for protection (in the name of progress). However, the Knights haven't done much else since then, and no one really knows who they are, where they came from, and what they want.

Vrill, however, has re-started his owlbear project and has been stepping it up. Some of Stanislaus's gnomes were laid off and joined Vrill. He's now the 'Burghermeister' of Grito.

In answer to some of your more specific questions:

Yes, Stanislaus has met the other yous. Except the other Brogg. He thought they were the real yous, because they've done a pretty good job of impersonation and they're not illusions. Stanislaus would know if they were illusions.

No, he doesn't know who the Knights of Armek are. They also aren't illusions, if that's helpful.

Yes, Mike the zombie is hanging out with Vrill now. Not sure what he's doing there.

No, Stanislaus wouldn't mind if Vrill was killed. Vrill seems to have taking a disliking to the Master of Illusions and his tower; doesn't really seem to appreciate what Stanislaus is doing. Wrote a letter to the editor of the Daily Grito saying that Stanislaus wasn't a 'team player', and the tax laws should be revised to tax the enormous eyesore that is the Tower of Illusions. He then sent some owlbears in, but they didn't make it past the second level. That's when he installed the red dragon illusion, to keep out all but the most serious adventurers. Normally, he wouldn't allow adventurers up to the top, but hey, he knows you guys from before.

The Tower is going well, thanks. Stanislaus can't himself help you out, but he can give you some stuff if you want:

1d4 bugbears
1d6 "potions of healing" (illusionary, so you have to fail a disbelieve check for them to work)
1 pinch of dust of disappearance
a nice drink of scotch

He'd give you some more stuff, but since none of you are illusionists, you probably couldn't use it.
"And! who are these fucking Knights of Amtrak?"
"And, where is Mike 1k, you know the Zombie?"
"And, is Gregory fucking Vrill anywhere around and would you mind if we killed him?"
"And how has the Tower of Illusion business going?"
that's all sorry I meditate some more, as I listen to his response....
"Yeah uh," I sit down. "Have you uh met the other Marivhon?, and what Cinder said too."

I sit and contemplate this predicament....if that's how you spell it.
"Greetings Stanislus. Tell me. How long has it been since we met last, and what has transpired since then?"
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Whoa whoa WHOA! Wait a minute, Rob! There's some stuff going on in the elevator that I want to deal with!

What color is the bugbear's tie? He look like a snappy dresser? I ask him who his tailor is, where to get a nice suit, that kind of thing. 'Cuz Dave, Fist of Odin is nothing if not a snappy dresser.

Ha! No, I generally just throw on the platemail and get ready to clobber. I'm just joking about the tailor stuff - I spend my time making sure not to make eye contact with anyone in the elevator, looking at my greaves, that kind of thing.

'Hey there Stan - how's it going? Things seem a little weird here.'
  Going Up
Okay, with the last of the bugbears smacked down, you leave the room and head down to the end of the hall.

You enter a large rotunda containing some great illusions and works of art. There are four doors, red, black, silver, and gold, along the circular wall. You head to the red door and step into a small square wood-walled room. Sure enough, there's a little keypad on the wall by the door, but nothing else in the room.

Marivhon types in the code '666W' and the door closes. Nothing else happens. You try the door again, but it's locked. You wait.

After about 5 minutes, the door suddenly opens. You begin to leave, but standing there in the doorway is a bugbear! He's wearing a tie and carrying a large blue binder. He steps into the room with you, types something on the keypad, and the door closes again.

There's an awkward silence for the next few minutes. The bugbear coughs and straightens his tie.

The door opens, the bugbear steps out into a long marble hall. The door closes.

Finally after a few more minutes, the door opens. '666W' flashes on the keypad. You step out into a long marble hall, tiled black and white and red all over. Way down at the end, you see a large throne room.

You walk on down to the throne room, and there sitting on the throne is Stanislaus. "Hello," says the master illusionist. "How's it going?"
Cool I'm maxed at 11hp. If everyone is in the elevator 666w.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Odin smiles on the clobbering, more than the slughtering, so I'm fine.

Thanks for asking, Cinder.
You know, Cinder's not lawful good or anything, but he's glad we didn't kill Stan's bugbears. I know that was tough for you Dave, FoO.
Alright, a big broadsword slap for the last standing Bugbear. BR:20 Ha! I love Blogroller! Damage? BR:7, That's 12 doubled, 24 points of broadsword flat!

I hope your Union has gotten you good dental, pal!

After that, I'll hop into the elevator with Marivhon. He gets a heal, BR:5. I get two heals, BR:3,2. I think I am down by 11, then.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Yeah, okay. Ooh - a scary red dragon! What a surprise! I'm on fire!

And then I smack some bugbears. BR 20, bitch! BR 1 for damage, so . . . . ah, well. What's the bonus on my magic mace? Is it plus eight?

And I guess it's kinda to subdue. I don't feel right about it, though, and if there's combat negatives I'm just clobbering. Rob - I leave it in your hands as to what happens.

Let me know if I need to roll some more, or if we put those bastards down. Hit point check? I give Marivhon a CLW, and me one as well. For Marivhon - BR 4. That's a straight d8, right? So 5 (RoBH). For me, BR 7, for 8.

I mean, that's in the elevator. If there's more bugbears I clobber. That's really my area of competency, you know.
AFTER they kill the Bugbear I go to the end of the hall, red door on the left, After everyone is in I enter 666W- that's six-six-six-W-as-in-wanda- into the keypad.

"can I get a heal please?"

  Paging Bugbear Chaco
Cinder, okay, you swing and knock out Bugbear 2. Round after that, you hurt Bugbear 3, but he's still up. In retaliation, Bugbear 3- well, Bugbear 3 critical fumbles.

Marivhon, you run over to the table and answer the phone. On the other line is a woman's voice, soft and sultry, but level and without affect.

"Hello, may I speak to Bugbear Chaco please? Oh, really? He's unavailable at the moment. Yes, I see. And to whom am I speaking? Yes sir. No, no sir. The Master of the Tower? I'll check. Please hold."

As he came into the window
It was the sound of a crescendo
He came into her apartment
He left the bloodstains on the carpet
She ran underneath the table
He could see she was unable
So she ran into the bedroom
She was struck down, it was her doom

Annie are you Ok
So, Annie are you Ok
Are you Ok, Annie
Annie are you Ok
So, Annie are you Ok
Are you Ok, Annie
Annie are you Ok
So, Annie are you Ok
Are you Ok, Annie
Annie are Y...

"Are you there sir? Very good, thank you for holding. Yes, he's available. Please come on up when you're free. Oh, really? My apologies, I didn't realize that. Just go to the end of the hall, red door on the left, enter 666W- that's six-six-six-W-as-in-wanda- into the keypad. You'll see where to come after that. Yes, thank you sir, you too. And please tell Bugbear Chaco if you see him that Orc 47 is running a bit behind schedule, so he shouldn't worry about the treasure chest. Thank you sir, good day to you too sir."
Tumble grumble dodge. I use acrobatics ,roll a 17 (which is my dex), and answer the phone..."Hello..? Tower of Illusion."
Ok last round, and this round where I was just missed:

BR:7 and 6 (on and off-hand)
BR:18 and 2.

This round I subdue a bugbear (a wounded one please) for 7.

Here's next round:

BR:15 and 19! With bonuses (and more importantly penalties for on and off hand) that hits AC 5 and 3! So next round I subdue the crap out of a bear for a total of...9. Hmm. I guess two hits from a thief just isn't that impressive.
  After All You've Been Through, Three Bugbears Shouldn't Be So Hard
Brogg, are you using the white sword or the chainsaw? It doesn't matter though, as your bonus is +1 in either case. Okay, you smack Bugbear 2 for some damage.

Marivhon, whoops. Don't worry though, Bugbear 2 rolls a 6 and misses you on the fumble. He then misses Cinder with a 5.

Brogg, Bugbear 3 gets a 20! He pumps his fist and slams his morningstar into your chest for 12 hp!

Dave FoO, you shriek in fear and pain as the illusionary flames burn you horribly. You imagine your skin crisping and flaking off in big sheets, and fall to the ground pretending to smoulder, trying to stop, drop, and roll. The red dragon's not done with you yet. You look up and see a giant dragon foot coming down- the dragon stomps on you, and stomps you again. You take 15 hp of real damage, change your briefs, and head over to the bugbear room.
Dave, Fist of Odin, it's not real! It's an illusion.

Hey, Marivhion, could you get the phone?

I slap a Bugbear silly, using the flat of my sword, I guess.

Taste the measured Wrath of Grisbane, Bugbear! BRs:3,18. That 18 is good for 11, plus any magic bonus. What is that bonus?
I hope I'm not alone when I wake up...and if I do I ho..hey I have 11 hp I run off with cinder. I stay behind a bit...since I would be at 1 hp. If anyone wants to heal me....I will attack after they do. fuck. BR 1. nice. ok I'm done in more ways then one.
  Dave, Fist of Odin
Sigh. BR: 7 for disbelief. Double sigh. I've got the high wisdom and shit; my friends ran right through the thing; I think it unlikely there's an actual red dragon around; and what's the name of the tower? It's something like 'the tower of Red Dragons that will Totally Kick Your Ass?'

No - it's the Tower of Illusions. But still, maybe I think the thing's real.

Let me know what happens, and when I can fight some bugbears.
  I Can't Disbelieve It's Not Bugbears!
Marivhon, okay, you fail to disbelieve initially. The dragon then breathes on you and you're all like "OW! DAMN! SHIT! OH GOD IT BURNS!" and you fall to the ground dead. But then you realize you're not dead and you disbelieve the red dragon. You rush down the hall to join the all-too-real fight. You do however take 10 hp of damage from thinking you were horribly burned. It's like shock and fatigue and stuff like that. I heard that under hypnosis, if the hypnotist tells you you've been burned that you can actually get like a fake burn on the part of the body he told you you got burned on. So the power of illusion is pretty strong, especially here in the Tower of such things.

Cinder, you smack a bugbear silly for subdual- the same one Brogg hit. He's knocked over and out for the count but not dead. This just pisses the other bugbear workers off even more. Brogg, miss. Cinder, hit again for 4 hp.
10 I believe I fail. If you would like another save vs. spells or whatever since I fail that last one. You get a 19! I will also try to acrobatically follow Cinder...
Cinder swings with the flat of his blade

"Guys, don't kill these bugbears. They're working for Stan."

BR:11 and 20 with the offhand. The on-hand hits AC9. The double will, however, totally fuck up one of them for max damage. 7 pts x2 =14.

"We're not illusions, and we just want to talk to the big boss Stanislus. He knows us, so do yourselves a favor and call your boss."
  The Rules Determined That Cinder Takes 5 hp From The Bugbear's Morningstar
Yes, but around here, we have something called rules. Just like Marivhon complained about on the OOG channel, we don't want to present a bad face to the world here. Our game, and our compliance with the norms, mores, standards, and rules of Dungeons and Dragons are exposed for the world wide web and the blogosphere to see.

God I sound just like Gregory Vrill.

Anyway, okay, what I was looking for was 1) an attempt to disbelieve, and 2) a roll showing whether or not you succeeded. You succeeded, and rush up to join Cinder in the latest fracas in Descent into Depths! You tag a bugbear with your magic sword. He gets pissed and dinks you with his morningstar for 4 hp.

While we're taking care of the combat, Brogg, another bugbear misses you, and Cinder, a bugbear hits you for 5 hp.

Over on the table, near the blueprints, a red telephone begins to ring. Brrring.
Oh c'mon... A Red Dragon?

I thought that Cinder dealt with it for the lot of us.

Brogg is not about to believe that Stan was able to capture or hire an Ancient Red Dragon to inhabit the first room of his "Tower of Illusion" dungeon. It is after all, a tower of Illusion.

I disbelieve, BR:15.

I was just reading flavor text and following along. I thought that I was getting attacked by Owlbear workers.
  Brogg Pressed Spacebar Too Fast
Whoa there Brogg. What are you talking about? There aren't any bugbears or Stanislauses around you! There's a GIANT RED DRAGON ABOUT TO FLAMEBREATHE YOUR ASS.

In fact, make a save vs. breath weapon there buddy.

I cleave off a Bugbear's head with my broadsword! BR:14. That's going to hit AC:3, without the magic bonus. And, He's taking 9 points of damage (Not including the white magic bonus). -What is that bonus, anyway?

Taste the Wrath of Grisbane!

I then yell to these guys that we just want to talk to Stanislaus. I tell them to chill out, or more heads will roll.
  The Bugbear Union Won't Be Happy With This
Okay Cinder, you wander down into the depths of level 1 of the Tower of Illusion.

About halfway in, you look into a room, lit by a couple lanterns. Inside, three bugbears in white overalls are wall-papering a 10x10 room. There are some blueprints on a small table against the back; looks like 1d4 orcs and a wooden chest are planned to be installed here when construction is finished.

The bugbears look at you in surprise and try to disbelieve. Failing this, they hurl their wallpaper brushes to the ground, pull out morningstars, and charge you in anger with a yell.
Ok. I head up to the construction.

If there are workers there, I say "Hey, uh. Is Stanislus around? I need to talk with him about some issues regarding the tower. Where is his office at?"
  How Did You Know?
Okay Cinder, you successfully disbelieve in the ancient red dragon. While your friends scream like little girls, you see the mists part, revealing a long hall going down into the depths of the tower. Up ahead, a door is open, with light coming out, and you hear the sounds of construction.
Cinder jumps into the shadows then disbelieves, cause this sure as hell ain't no ancient red dragon.



"My name is Cinder, -where is Stanislus? We would speak with him immediately!"
The ancient wyrm ignores your feeble cries and readies its breath weapon.
Descent into Depths is an old school 1st Edition AD&D adventure run by the Infinity Group.

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